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Archive-name: Fantasy/drm-fant.txt


Archive-title: Dream Fantasy

    Galen headed down his favorite trail, breathing in the familiar

scents of the forest.  He'd been down this trail countless times

before, but somehow this was different; this time there was something

else there, something egging him on.  As he scanned the underbrush

with his ears perked up and eyes focusing on anything that moved,

he suddenly realized that he was looking for something -- but he

didn't know what.  He passed quickly through the clearings on the

trail, several occupied by girls picking the newly blossoming

berries.  One girl, picking cherries off an odd tree that was

planted here ages ago, looked up at him as he passed.  Her eyes

widened as she recognized him, then she cried out in anguish as he

kept going.  "Silly girl," he thought to himself with a chuckle,

"someone should get her a cherry picker for herself."

    As he kept the same ground-eating pace up, he noticed that he

was looking for signs of people... camp remains, voices, the smell

of cooked meat.  He puzzled over this for a while before his

attention drifted to something else.  He reached one of his trail

markers and slowed down, recognizing it as the edge of the area he

had explored.  He had been warned away from this area by friends

and family, but was never given a reason why, and the warning was

soon pushed out of his mind by other random thoughts, such as the

fact that he really liked the way it felt to have his balls flapping

between his legs, and wondering why he had never noticed it before.

He continued on with his search, still not knowing exactly what he

was looking for, and getting more and more distracted by the feeling

from his genitals.

    After another half hour or so of searching, Galen heard splashing

and a young voice laughing.  Orienting on it, he picked up speed

until he was forced to slow down because of the lack of a trail.

Coming up to a clearing and stopping short, he looked out at the

source of the voice and splashing, and laid eyes on the most

beautiful boy he'd ever seen, swimming in a lake.  The boy was

blond haired, and his chest and back were smooth and tanned, and

for a moment Galen could do nothing but stand and stare.  Galen's

instincts then took over and pulled him back a step and to the

side, concealing him in the bushes.  As he watched the boy, a

strange feeling grew in him, warm and fuzzy and tingling all over.

He realized he was falling in love.  He then felt a new feeling

joining the first, but centered farther down, as his mind started

sending him thoughts of "LUST!".  Confused by the two feelings and

not knowing what to do, he sat and watched.

    He suddenly realized that the boy wasn't alone on the beach;

two men were walking purposefully down the beach toward the boy.

Galen watched the two men, seeing that the boy hadn't noticed them

yet.  They ambled right up to the edge of the lake, then called

out to the boy.  Their voices weren't friendly, and Galen seemed

to sense that their intentions were even less so.  The boy turned

to face them, and got a scared look on his face.  Galen saw this

and was enraged; he bellowed, charging out of the forest at the

two men.  They hadn't been expecting anything, much less an attack

from behind, and when they turned and saw a white locomotive charging

at them with a golden horn aiming for something they held rather

precious, they took off as fast as possible.  Galen snorted and

then turned back to look at the boy, who had used Galen's distraction

to start moving back to shore.  Galen watched him climb out of the

lake, looking up and down the beautiful body, and felt his lust

rising higher.  He clamped his eyes shut and tried to hold it back,

not wanting to do anything that might scare the boy off, but his

overpowering sex drive filled his mind and...

                              *  *  *

    Kelly had been told time and time again never to swim here.

His mother had made vague references to a den of corruption, but

never gave him any details, and what she had told him just served

to pique his interest.  Today, that interest combined with an

overwhelming desire to be alone and to sort out his emotions.  He

had been noticing that he didn't share the same feelings as his

friends seemed to; as they would talk about this or that hot date

or the girl that makes their mouths (and other organs) water, he

would be watching them, scanning their bodies, and undressing them

in his mind, wondering what they would look like swimming or in a

shower.  He undressed absently, leaving his clothes up on the beach

near the forest and wandering down to the lake.

    As he entered the water, the icy cold hit him like a brick and

he grinned foolishly, starting to splash around and dive under the

water.  His frolicking and the noise it made let the two men come

unnoticed on the beach; he didn't notice them until he heard their

shout of "Hey, cute-ass!"  He turned around as they started yelling

at him to come out of the water so they could have a look, and

loudly discussing what they would do to him when he came out.  He

felt utter fear for the first time in his life when the men grimaced

and started towards him.  When they were halfway to the water,

shirts already off and hands going to their pants, all three were

startled by a bellow from the forest.  The men turned around,

blocking Kelly's view, until they both screamed and ran at full

speed back along the beach.

    Kelly found himself looking at a unicorn right behind where

the men had been, sides heaving from the exertion.  As he stared

at the creature, the 'corn's eyes swirled around, as if looking

for something, then they focused on him and stopped moving.  Kelly

found himself wondering about the 'corn; it was smaller than he

had expected, only four feet long, with its shoulders only three

feet off the ground.  The 'corn's coat was whiter than newfallen

snow and provided a sharp contrast for the copper-red horn jutting

from its forehead.  Kelly couldn't take his eyes from the beautiful

animal, and he started wading back to shore, amazed that the unicorn

was staying where it was.  Weren't they only supposed to go to

virgin maidens?  Why was this one looking at him like that?  For

some reason he felt no fear even while his mind was telling him

that something was wrong, that this shouldn't be happening.  He

walked out of the water, aware of the 'corn's eyes travelling up

and down his body, then he saw the unicorn's eyes close and felt

a sudden mental blast; every nerve started screaming "LUST!" at

him as his erection grew.

                              *  *  *

    But his overpowering sex drive filled his mind, and he gave an

empath shout crying for "LUST!"  He heard Kelly's gasp and his eyes

snapped open in alarm.  He looked at Kelly and saw his erection

and his mind went crazy with lust.  With the passion coursing

through his veins growing more insistent by the moment, he moved

close to Kelly and dipped his head down...

    Kelly gasped at the 'corn's first lick; by the third the boy's

limbs were trembling out of control.  A sudden hunger leapt in

Galen, and he took Kelly's vibrating shaft in his mouth, tasting

it and caressing it with his tongue.  Kelly's moans brought his

lust to the fore again, and he pulled his head back and whinnied

loudly, startling the boy.  Moving around, he leaned his head down

and pushed at the back of Kelly's knees, causing him to fall forward

and land on all fours.  Galen's tongue soon drew more moans of

pleasure from the boy as he used it to lubricate Kelly's bottom.

Finally, his body telling him that it can't wait any longer, he

reared, landing with his barrel pressing down on the boy's back.

He pressed his cock forward, eager to feel Kelly's flesh around

it.  The end of the 'corn's throbbing erection pressed against

Kelly's hole brought another set of moans, mixing with Galen's

pleasured whimpers as he felt his cock slowly being engulfed.  The

pressure on the 'corn's erection eased as Kelly's muscles gradually

relaxed, until suddenly the muscles let go and Galen's cock pushed

forward to bury itself completely in the Kelly's backside.  The

two gasped simultaneously as Galen started humping the boy forcefully,

rocking Kelly forward and back on his knees and making his erection

flap against his belly.

    This lasted only a few seconds before Kelly cried out in

pleasure, his seed shooting into the sand and his ass constricting

around the 'corn's cock.  At the additional pressure, Galen whinnied

loudly and plunged his pulsing shaft deep within the boy's gut,

feeling the force of his first orgasm.  As he was overwhelmed in

the passion of orgasm, Galen began to feel something new, like a

fire inside, warming his body and giving him new enegery.  He

realized that this is the `magic' that the elders told the young

'corns about, that he had scoffed so.  In his mind, he began

exploring this new mental wilderness, feeling its shapes and forms,

until he was pulled back to reality by Kelly collapsing under him.

Eyes wide with compassion, he pulled back gently to let his slowly

shrinking erection slip out of Kelly's backside.  He leaned his

head down and nuzzled the back of the boy's neck worriedly, until

he was rewarded with another groan as Kelly mumbled, "God that felt

good..."  Galen blinked in surprise as he realized he understood

the boy's speech.  He whinnied love and thanks to Kelly and was

surprised again to hear it come out in the human tongue.

                              *  *  *

    "... felt good..."  Oh did it feel good!  Kelly had never felt

anything like it before, the wonderful filling sensation combined

with the pleasure from his orgasm still in his mind.  His reverie

was suddenly broken as he heard someone say "Thank you, love" and

realized with a start that the unicorn was speaking.  He turned

over to find himself almost face-to-face with the 'corn, and he

smiled and put his arms around Galen's neck, hugging him tightly

and pulling him down on top of Kelly.

    Galen snorted in surprise at the unexpected hug and snuffled

the side of Kelly's neck, carefully laying down on top of him at

the boy's urging.  His mind suddenly brought forth a memory from

his youth, one of the few times he had ever seen an elder performing

magic.  As he thought about it, he felt that otherwarmth suffuse

him again, picking the image out of his thoughts, and suddenly the

world seemed different.  He looked again at the boy laying under

him, feeling Kelly's skin against his own (skin? No fur!) and smiled

at him.

    Kelly watched as the 'corn was surrounded by a glow the same

color as his horn, then yelped in surprise as the glow retreated

leaving Galen in human form.  His surprise was rapidly replaced by

happiness and love as he looked at the boy laying on him, and he

put his arms around Galen's back and hugged him close, giving him

a tender kiss.

    Galen watched with amusement and felt his lips responding to

Kelly's kiss, enjoying it thoroughly.  Feeling something press

against his lips, he opened them, and Kelly's tongue slipped inside

his mouth to touch and tease his.  Galen responded in kind, and

the two explored the art of kissing and each other's mouths.  After

several minutes, Kelly finally broke contact and said with a smile,

"You know, I think I'm in love with you and I don't even know your

name...  I'm Kelly."  Galen just smiled and said in a soft musical

voice, "I'm called Galen, and I know I'm in love with you."  Kelly's

response was simple; he pulled Galen's head back down to kiss again,

for a long time.


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