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Archive-name: Fantasy/draglove.txt

Archive-author: Lothie

Archive-title: DragonLove

[Fade in.]

[Curtain opens on Gregory sitting on his stool, behind a desk. On the desk is

a manual typewriter, and a large stack of paper. Gregory finishes tapping out

a few words, then rips the paper out of the typewriter with a flair, and puts

it on top of the pile.]

There... it's finished. My first submission of fiction to the ASB community. I

honestly haven't a clue how good it is, because... well... because it's as 

much a headtrip as it is a story. I would appreciate comments, critiques, and

cash, in small unmarked bills. *wink* 

Honestly, folx, let me know what I did right, and what I didn't... oh, and a

bit of a warning to y'all: I tried to write the sex tastefully, so if you're

looking for "fuck suck cunt cock dick lick pussy"... keep looking. :) With

that said, I'll leave my copies of my story with you, and you can pick them

up on your way out... happy reading!

[Gregory gets up, and exits stage left, then returns to the desk.]

Almost forgot my typewriter... it's an heirloom.

[Gregory picks up typewriter, and exits once again, stage left. From offstage,

you hear the sound of something heavy being dropped, followed by lots of little

pinging sounds, as if dozens of thin metal rods were bouncing around on the


"*sigh* Good thing I didn't use my computer..."

[Curtain close.]

[Fade out.]



   Aliksandr found her in the meadow, just as his ancestors had found others 

in the past. Even from his point of view, dodging in and out of the 

underhangs of the clouds in the sky, he could see that she was scanning the 

skies, as if searching for him, though she could not see him at his present 

altitude, had she been able to see at all. Aliksandr flew towards his mountain 

home, quickly descending to the level of the forest treetops before 

approaching the meadow again, swooping over the trees before settling 

down near, yet behind, the frame that had been built in the middle of the 


   As the dragon landed, the girl turned her head to the side, so she could 

hear him approaching. She was blindfolded and gagged, as was the ritual, 

though Aliksandr could never understand why it was necessary, as it took 

away from what he assumed would be a beautiful face (they always picked 

the beautiful ones... another part of the ritual that he could never 

understand... why not keep them for themselves?)

   He slowly lumbered towards her, taking his time to admire the well-

formed, if not a little buxom, body twisting in a vain attempt to gain some 

freedom from her bonds. The girl was in the middle of a stone frame shaped 

much like a doorway. Her feet were spread an only slightly uncomfortable 

distance apart, and secured to the frame by a couple turns of chain around 

her ankle, then bolted to the frame itself. Aliksandr noticed the bruises on 

her ankles that the chains were leaving, and wondered how long the girl had 

been left there, struggling in the middle of a field, miles away from the 

nearest village. The girl's arms were chained together at the wrists, and 

attached to a hook in the top of the frame. Her wrists were also bruised from 

her struggles, and he could see a small trickle of dried blood down one of her 


   The girl stopped struggling as the dragon got within a few feet of the 

frame. Now she just stood shivering, her breath causing her nostrils to flare 

with each inhale. As he moved closer, she started whimpering softly behind 

the gag... a small mewling sound quite unlike anything he had heard before. 

Aliksandr leaned his head in closer, and the sound rose both in pitch, and in 

volume, becoming more like the whining of a small pup that has been left 

without its mother.

   The dragon examined the bruises on the girl's wrists a little more closely, 

then gently licked at the trail of dried blood. The girl squealed from behind 

the gag, and tried to pull away from him. Aliksandr merely waited a 

moment, then licked more, until he had cleaned the blood somewhat. He then 

nudged the chain up off the hook, then let it, and the girl's arms, drop in 

front of her.

   "You may take off your blindfold and gag, my dear."

   The girl jumped a little bit, then moaned as her movements aggravated her 

bruised ankles. Slowly she raised her hands, more out of fear than the 

weight of the chains on her wrists, and tugged at her blindfold. The strap 

was attached very tightly, and she had to pull hard enough that the buckle 

pressed against the back of her head made her cry out until she had 

managed to raise the front of the blindfold up over her head, freeing her 

vision. She dropped it to the ground, then opened her eyes, crying out once 

again as the daylight blinded her painfully. The girl closed her eyes again, 

and tipped her head forward, shielding her eyes further with her hair. 

Aliksandr took this moment to examine her hair; it was the color of winter 

chestnuts, but the sunlight brought out a color that was closer to the coppery 

edging of his own wings.

   "And the gag."

   The girl brought her hands up, and tried to move them behind her head 

before she remembered that her wrists were bound together. She gave a 

little strangled scream as the cold chain pressed against her throat, then 

pushed her hands away quickly. Once she regained her composure, the girl 

raised her hands up over her head, then worked on the buckle of the gag 

from behind. After a few moments, it fell away from her mouth, and took a 

place on the ground next to the blindfold.

   By now, the girl had stopped blinking furiously against the light, and 

brought her hands back over her head to rub her eyes, trying to get them to 

work again. Aliksandr waited for her to stop, then lowered his head to her 

level before she could open her eyes again. They opened, and the girl gasped 

as she looked into the dragon's deep green eyes staring into hers.

   "Hello, my dear," Aliksandr said. "How are you feeling?"

   The girl dropped her head and shivered for a few moments, then said 

weakly, "I... I... I am ready."

   "Ready for what?"

   The girl raised her head again, and looked into the dragon's eyes with a 

confused expression on her face.

   "I am ready... for you... to accept me as your... sacrifice." She dropped 

her head again and started sobbing quietly.

   Aliksandr reached forward with a claw, and raised her chin up so that he 

could look into her eyes again. They were blue, but light, almost grey, in 

color, and open very wide. This had the effect of making the girl look very 

vulnerable, and very lovely.

   "And do you understand what that means, my dear?"

   "I think so... I know what the Elders told me, once I was chosen."

   "And what was that?" Aliksandr was amused by the idea that the 

supposed wise men of the villages could possibly understand a ritual as 

complex as this, and even more amused by the thought that they could 

explain it to a child.

   The girl stopped, and looked into Aliksandr's eyes for a moment, as if 

trying to understand why he was asking her so many questions.

   "I..." The girl hesitated, then her face took on an expression of someone 

who was just remembering something taught them long ago, and only now 


   "I am to be your sacrifice. I am to die, so that my people may live. If I do 

not give myself to you without question, my people will suffer your wrath." 

It was said not in the tone of a girl, but in the slow measured speech 

patterns of an adult - the tone of blind obedience to an ancient custom, 

followed for reasons long misunderstood.

   The dragon nodded slowly. "And did they also tell you exactly what will 

happen to you, once I accept you as my sacrifice?"

   This question shocked the girl noticeably. Aliksandr knew that they hadn't, 

because they had no idea what happened. The dragon, reached down with a 

claw, trailing it down her leg to the chain around her ankle, causing the girl 

to shiver and wince. His claw left a faint red line down her leg as a 

remembrance. He then slipped his claw into a link of the chain, and 

shattered it easily, allowing the girl to take her foot out of the bond.

   The girl still stood there, silent, as Aliksandr repeated the process on her 

other leg, leaving another red line, this time a little darker, down her leg. 

The girl didn't pull away this time, however, which caused Aliksandr to 

smile inwardly. He popped a link on the other chain, and allowed the girl to 

take her foot out of it as well.

   Aliksandr hrmphed quietly. "You have not answered my question yet. Did 

they tell you what will happen to you, once I accept you as my sacrifice?"

   The girl looked down at her now-freed feet, then back up into the dragon's 

face. Her own face was a mixed mask of confusion, fear, pain, and... curiosity?

   "No... m'lord Dragon... they did not. What... what happens?"

   Aliksandr smiled, turned, and took a couple steps away from the girl 

before he spoke again. "You needn't know just yet..."

   "Yes, m'lord Dragon."

   Aliksandr turned his head to face the girl again, and just looked at her.

She was freed from her bonds, and yet she made no attempt to escape, 

choosing instead to simply stand with her head down, silent, unmoving. 

Perhaps it was because she knew the futility of an attempt. Perhaps it was 

because she knew that if she was successful in he escape it would bring "her 

people to suffer his wrath". Perhaps it was because his last comment 

intrigued her enough that she would stay...

   The dragon lumbered back towards the girl, and hooked his claw in the 

chain running between her wrists. He raised his claw, pulling the girls arms 

upward, and over her head. It was not until her feet were starting to be 

raised off the ground that she looked up at him again. He lowered her feet to 

the ground again, but kept her arms raised.

   "It is time."

   The girl showed a look of confusion again. "Time... time for what?"

   "Time for me to claim you as my sacrifice, my dear."

   The girl shivered visibly at these words, but did not move otherwise, nor 

did she lower her head. "Yes, m'lord Dragon."

   "Put your arms around my neck."

   Aliksandr lowered his head, and started nudging his muzzle between the 

girl's arms. She winced as she felt his rough hide rubbing against her arms 

and it took some work to get his head the entire way through; for some time 

her head was bent back at an uncomfortable angle, pressed against the 

bottom of the dragon's muzzle, as he worked it through the ring of her bound 

arms. Finally, Aliksandr worked his head through, and the girl's arms slipped 

down around his neck, which had the effect of pulling her against him.

   "Are you comfortable, my dear?"

   "Yes, m'lord Dragon."


   Without giving any other indication, Aliksandr unfolded his wings and 

with a single flap, he and the girl were airborne. The girl gave a small squeal 

as she was lifted off the ground, and tried to cling to the dragon's chest, 

looking for somewhere to put her dangling feet. She closed her eyes as they 

climbed higher into the sky, feeling only the wind on her skin, and the 

rhythmic undulations of the dragon's body against hers...

   ... then a warmth and a hardness between her dangling legs, as the dragon 

unsheathed himself and settled the tip of his sex against her groin. The girl 

gasped, and tried to move herself away from it, but without any real 

leverage, her struggling only served to lodge the dragon's cockhead that 

much more firmly between the lips of her own sex.

   As Aliksandr flew higher and higher, the motion of his wings flapping 

caused his shafthead to rub back and forth between the girl's nether lips. 

Soon, the girl gave up working against him, as the warmth she was 

experiencing spreading outwards from the core of her being took control of 

her emotions, and her motions.  She  moaned gently as she was taken higher 

by the dragon, both in altitude, and in arousal.

   Soon Aliksandr had reached a sufficient height, and he started gliding and 

circling slowly. With the change in his motion, the girl was able to find 

footholds on the tops of the dragons  legs, and from there clung to him as 

tightly as possible, her eyes closed against the wind that still buffeted her 

body, whipping at her garments, tossing her hair about as if it had a life of 

its own.

   The dragon bent his head down next to hers, and whispered in her ear, "It 

is time."

   Then he dove.

   Faster and faster the pair fell through the skies. Aliksandr folded his 

wings against his back, causing them to pick up even more speed. The wind 

was screaming around them as they plummeted, and the girl shivered 

uncontrollably, as the force of the wind pressed her harder on top of the 

dragon's shaft. Although she could not see it, the girl could *feel* the earth 

rapidly approaching beneath them, threatening to dash them to pieces 

within seconds. She clung to the dragon even more, waiting for the end to 

come, hoping that it would be mercifully short... then he swooped.

   Aliksandr spread his wings, and pulled them out of their dive, arcing 

within meters of the ground. They turned upwards again, and the dragon 

could hear the girl's sigh, even over the wind. Then, as he took a giant flap 

with his wings, to start them skyward again, he bucked his lower half 

forward, thrusting deeply into the girl, then completing his entry with the 

next wingstroke.

   The dragon's first thrust snapped the girl out of the hormonal daze she was 

in, and she was suddenly immediately aware of exactly where she was, and 

why.  His second thrust tore a scream from the girl's throat, as she was fully 

impaled on the dragon's shaft. Each flap of Aliksandr's wings took the two of 

them further skyward, and gave the dragon a fraction more penetration, 

which served to raise the girl's scream in both pitch and volume. As they 

flew into the clouds, Aliksandr leveled off his ascent, and began flying 

towards his home. Now that they were level, the dragon's motions in 

flapping his wings served to consummate his union with the girl, as he began 

a slow pistoning of his sex in and out of her nether-mouth.

   The girl's screaming eventually died away, and was replaced with a choked 

sobbing, with an occasional gasp as Aliksandr's areal maneuvering would 

alter the pattern's speed, angle, or depth. Soon, they reached the dragon's 

cave in the crags of Mount Thuslim, and as he landed, Aliksandr curled his 

wings around the girl, still keeping her mounted on him, as he gently lay 

down in his nest, with her still pressed against his belly.

   As she lay shuddering against Aliksandr, the girl began to feel the same 

warmth that she felt before her mind was shattered by the dragon's final 

claiming of her as his lover. She involuntarily moved against him, and his 

scaly skin rubbing against her own flesh somehow felt stimulating, so she 

continued to move, at first, very little, but as she fell more and more under 

the spell of this rekindled arousal, her movements became more pronounced. 

Soon her rubbing served to move the tatters of her gown away from her 

breasts, and the girl rubbed her hardening nipples against Aliksandr's 

leathery hide, gasping and cooing as she did so.

   The dragon watched her arousal build, then, as fuel to the fire, he gently 

raked a claw down her back, hard enough to leave a strong mark, but not 

enough to break the skin. When the heat from the scratch hit the girl, she 

arched her back, moaning loudly, and sliding forward on his shaft. This last 

motion evoked a squeal of pleasure from the girl, and she quickly pushed 

back down on the dragon's member. Immediately, the sensations caught up 

with her, making her moan and want to slide forward again... within 

minutes, the girl had worked herself into a frenzy, riding the dragon's sex 

like a bar wench on a tavern-goer with some extra gold.

   Aliksandr raked his claw down her back again, and the girl screamed 

again, but this time, it was a scream of wanting. She bucked against the 

dragon, bringing her hands up to pull on and rub her nipples harder against 

his hide. Soon, she started throbbing around the dragon, and her screams 

rivaled the roar of an enraged Dragon as her orgasm hit. The girl fell 

forward, her screams choked off by her own body, and continued to rub as 

much of her body as could maintain contact with the dragon's skin. At last, 

the orgasm began to subside, and the girl's movements with it, until she lay 

curled up on Aliksandr's belly, her breath coming in short gasps.

   The dragon wrapped his wings around the girl and pulled her up towards 

his chest gently, allowing his shaft to slip out of her, and resheathing it. As 

she lay against his chest, in the first stages of a light doze, Aliksandr bent

his head and whispered gently in her ear.

   "You have shared the love of the Dragon," he whispered to the girl, "and it 

is now a part of you. I claim you as my Love, and as my Rider, and together, 

we shall spend our days in the skies. To you, I give your name, which is 

Tarion. I also give my protection, my devotion, my life, and my name, which 

is Aliksandr. It is by these names that we are thus bound; two souls, one 

force. Now rest, Tarion, for tomorrow we ride."

   By the time Aliksandr had finished speaking these words, a low purring 

rumble was coming from Tarion's throat, and her chest rose and fell gently, 

as that of someone deep in slumber. The dragon smiled quietly, and lay his 

head next to Tarion's. <>

   Upon these thoughts, the dragon slept, holding his Rider safe.


|     Gregory Daniels: CrystalMaster, "Insatiable" Top, Part-Time Dragon,     | 

*                      Scoundrel First Class, and all around MEAN BEAST!!! ;) *


*          "I've always wanted to be eaten by a Dragon..."  - Lothie          * 

|                                                                             |


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