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Archive-name: Fantasy/desertwo.txt

Archive-author: Carl `Dragon' Norden

Archive-title: Desert Wolf

     Wylf opened her eyes and stretched lazily.  Around her,

the dark blue walls of her tent protected her from the

bright late morning sunlight that beat down upon the

surrounding sands.  Beyond the walls, she could hear the

faint sounds of the surrounding town, a permanent camp in

the middle of a vast desert.  For once, the responsibilities

of running the town had disappeared, allowing her to sleep

late.  The wolf settled back into the soft, silken pillows,

slowly skritching her paws through the soft russet fur of

her sides.  She lay in the dim light of the tent, enjoying

the tranquillity while it lasted.

     From somewhere outside, she heard wing beats approach,

then footsteps.  The flaps to the tent whipped open, and the

shadow of a large griffon moved across the blazing light.

The door closed and darkness returned.  Shiltarm squinted,

trying to see.  He had a rough idea of where Wylf would be,

but could only make out vague shadows.  He stood by the door

and waited.  "Mistress?" he called quietly.

     Wylf yawned and looked up.  Casually, she eyed the

captain of her guards.  Unlike Wylf, who was wearing

nothing, he wore a crimson and black sash across his chest.

Tight black pants covered his muscular legs, and a long,

scimitar hung from his belt.  Gold-feathered wings hung

behind him.  He was panting from his flight.  Wylf knew that

he realized how dangerous it was to fly in the heat of the

day, so he had some reason to get here quickly.  "What is

it?" she asked eventually.

     "Herril has now vanished, and we still haven't found

any sign of Tar'thom or Rit'ko.  Even their horses are still

missing." He paused, wondering if she was listening.  "A

sword was found, and I think it belonged to Herril," he

said.  He moved closer to Wylf, standing just in front of

her.  "Also, a foreign ship has anchored in the northern


     Wylf yawned again and sat up.  Her drowsy eyes stared

up at the griffon.  "Who cares?" she thought.  She was too

tired to worry about that right now.  She grinned

mischievously as she thought of something else that she

found more interesting.  With a smirk of pleasure, she

reached out for Shiltarm's belt with her foot.

     Shiltarm's beak dropped as Wylf's rather agile feet

started undoing his buckle.  Trying not to let himself

become too aroused (but failing), he sputtered "That ship

could be a minor threat."

     "Perhaps," replied Wylf absently, pulling the belt away

from his waist.  Over the past few months, she had gotten

quite good at using her feet for things like that.  As his

loose pants and sword fell to the ground, she kneeled before

him, and glanced up to the griffon's face.  His wings and

tail quivered as the wolf's paws rubbed through the golden

fur on his legs.  Wylf growled softly, massaging his balls

gently with one paw.  With a grin, Shiltarm sighed and

growled back as the wolf aroused him further with her

tongue.  "Almost too easy," Wylf thought as she kept herself

amused with the griffon.  Casually, she forced his hardened

penis into her mouth, still rubbing and teasing with her

tongue and fangs.  "Perhaps he's gotten too used to this,"

she thought, hearing his quiet roars.  "Something will have

to be done about that."  With one final lick, she pulled her

head away from him and looked up over the chest of the

panting creature.  "Maybe."

     She kneeled, and rubbed her paws further up his body,

over the fur on his stomach and chest, up to the soft

feathers of his neck.  Leaning back, she pulled him down

onto her bed.  He landed over her on all fours, and she

pulled his beak to her muzzle for a kiss.  Their tongues met

and intertwined as Shiltarm's tail started rubbing around

Wylf's legs.  She pulled away from the kiss with a gasp.  He

tickled her thighs with the fuzzy end of his tail and felt

Wylf shudder as he brushed it across her pussy.  While his

tail continued to excite the wolf, he leaned forward and

started biting gently at her ears.  Lost in her growing

excitement, Wylf's paws clawed frantically at his back and

the base of his powerful wings.  She grabbed his waist and

pulled his hips toward her own, desperate for satisfaction.

His hips gave way, but only far enough to allow the head of

his penis to rest against the rim of her vulva, which was by

now begging, practically screaming, to be filled.  After a

deliberate pause, Shiltarm started a slow entry into the

passion-filled wolf beneath him.  Wylf howled with pleasure

as she felt herself taking in the griffon.  With one gentle

push, his entire length slid into Wylf, and Shiltarm stopped

for a bit to allow the sudden wave of ecstasy to subside.

     Like a wild animal, Wylf began biting at Shiltarm's

feathery neck and growling in his ears.  Matching her

growls, the griffon started thrusting himself deep into the

wolf.  Wylf tried to muffle her cries and howls as she felt

ripples of pleasure burning through her innards each time

the griffon's hips impacted on hers.  The bucking of his

hips became harder and faster as Wylf bit at his ears.

Feeling the griffon sliding though her summoned powerful

surges of ecstasy that built up inside of her until she felt

all her control ebbing away.  A howl escaped her lips when

she felt her whole body tense and quake from Shiltarm's

frantic thrusting.  Somewhere above her, she heard him cry

out as well, and she could almost feel the white heat

burning inside of her from the griffon's orgasm.  She was

dimly aware of the heavily panting griffon falling gently

onto her chest, and felt his hot breath on her face.  A

numbing silence was all she felt for some time.

     Slowly, Wylf felt herself regaining control, and

started to calm down slightly.  She had felt like a mindless

animal beneath him, compelled by instincts she couldn't

understand, almost as if this mating with Shiltarm was

something she was forced to do.  Her body quivered slightly

as she thought about how much she enjoyed that feeling.

Shiltarm, on the other hand, always seemed to remain rather

calm and controlled, something Wylf found rather unexciting

about him.  Sometime soon it might be time for her to find a

new `toy' to replace him.  Sometime, maybe.

     Two hours later, they were riding across the desert,

arriving at the harbor soon after.  Along the ocean the

desert was very much different.  Trees and thick bushes grew

along the hilly shoreline.  Instead of powder-dry sand, the

ground was solid, even damp in some places.  More of her

guards were already there, about 40 of them, sitting in the

shade waiting.  They sprung to attention when she arrived.

Shiltarm dismounted from his horse, and stood in front of

his other guards.

     Wylf looked to the ship.  It was a large sea ship, made

for crossing oceans through any weather.  Cannon barrels

peeked out of the sides.  All the sails were rolled up on

the gaffes, except for a few loose pieces which flapped in

the breeze.  An anchor chain lead down from the bow into the

dark water.  Across the back, glinting in the sunlight, were

the letters `Amnidar' in gold.  There seemed to be no

activity on the deck.

     Shiltarm spoke.  "No one has left the ship since it

arrived.  It seems to be waiting for something."

     "But for what?"  Wylf asked.  She tried to remember why

the name `Amnidar' sounded oddly familiar.  "Can you take

that ship?"

     "Of course!  The crew seems to be very small.  It may

be a decoy, but I doubt it."  He looked to the ship.  "Their

only weapon seems to be those cannons, and they would be

useless against us if we flew to them."

     "All right, do it then."  She got off her horse as the

griffons drew their weapons.  "There is little point in

waiting until dark.  They would expect it then.  Go!"  The

aerial army took to the air and advanced on the ship.  Wylf

stood in the shade by one of the trees and watched.  Just as

the griffons reached the ship, a hand came out of the brush

behind her, grabbed her mouth, and yanked her back.

     She struggled while she was dragged through the trees

to a small clearing.  Her attacker pushed her to the ground,

and removed the sword from her belt.  "So you're in charge

here," came a voice.  "I must admit, you're much prettier

than most leaders I've run into. As for your hospitality,

well... Attacking my ship?  No matter... Those whimps of

yours won't get far."  Wylf turned to look to the voice.

     Standing over her was a stocky reddish-pink dragon.

The black pants that he wore were more like shorts now, the

tattered bottoms hung just above his knees.  An old crimson

sash tied about his waist held them in place.  His face was

red from sunlight; he obviously wasn't used to this

environment.  A childish smirk crossed his face, and emerald

green eyes stared into her own.

     "I thought that ship sounded familiar.  Captain Dranga,

the legendary fear of sailors," she growled, concealing her


     He grinned and bowed.  "It's nice to be popular."

     "If you think you have any chance of getting anything

out of my-"

     "Ha!  Are you serious?  In all my travels, I haven't

come across anyplace more boring and useless than this

place, including that town of yours."

     Wylf ignored the insult.  "Then why are you here?"  She

rubbed her chest, and began toying with her necklace.

     "Amusement.  I'm having a race with Atom, Chavara, and

a few others of my crew.  Raced across the continent, to

here.  And since I seem to be quite early, I'm now after

entertainment."  He grinned maliciously.

     "If you touch me..." Wylf started.  Dranga suddenly

noticed the attention she was giving her necklace, and leapt

onto her and ripped it from her throat.  He looked closely

at it, and let out a loud growl.  "It's just a necklace,"

she said.

     "I doubt that."

     "Are all pirates this paranoid?"

     "Perhaps, which could explain why I'm not the one who's

just been caught."

     "Yet," she mumbled.  Dranga remembered the griffons.

Grabbing her arm, he bolted back into the brush, dragging

her along behind him.  Darting quickly through the trees,

they reached the shore in no time.  He held her tight, leapt

onto one of the horses and spurred it on, leading it toward

the hills nearby.

     He pulled her in front of him and held his claws

against her stomach.  "Now stay put!" he growled.  As he

glanced over his shoulder, he saw the griffons moving away

from the ship.  He must have been right about the necklace.

Soon after, the horse raced into the small mountain range

above the desert, and the harbor was out of sight.

     Dranga wedged the necklace under the saddle.  His legs

came up along the wolf's waist.  He crossed his feet in

front of her, and squeezed, cutting off her breath, forcing

a cry of pain from the wolf.  "Try anything, and you're in

big trouble," he said as he let her breathe again.  His

wings snapped open, and he drove one set of his claws into

the horse's side.  The mare panicked, leaping forward in

pain and fear.  Dranga's wings pulled him and his wolf

captive into the air.

     They ascended far above the ground.  Wylf felt relieved

that she didn't have a fear of heights.  She still remained

nervous knowing that Dranga could drop her at any time, and

a fall like this could kill her.

     Dranga flew for a while, high enough to keep his

captive frightened, but low enough not to be seen.  He

veered toward the cave he had used as a shelter and swooped

into it.  Once inside, he dropped the wolf, and landed by

the small pool.  He shoved his face deep under the frigid

water, and splashed more on his body.  He was not accustomed

to the desert heat.  Doing almost anything made him hot, and

a flight like that overheated him quickly.

     Wylf tumbled across the floor, and crashed into the

wall.  She lay there, dazed for a bit.  They had dropped

down a steep shaft which was probably impossible to climb,

meaning her only escape was from outside help.

     The sound of the dragon splashing around in the water

caught her attention.  She sat up as she watched him cool

off.  "Getting a bit hot for you, eh?" she thought with a

slight grin.  "I'll have to remember that."

     As her eyes adjusted to the light, she looked around.

A small fire burning near the center of the cave kept the

chamber from getting too cold and provided enough light to

see.  Off in the corner, she noticed a large pile of bones,

three red and black suits, and a pair of swords.  "Tar'thom,

Rit'ko, and Herril," she said quietly.

     "Yep," replied the dragon.  "And their horses."  He

patted his belly.  "I must say, you raise tasty griffons

here," he said, licking his lips.

     A surge of rage overtook Wylf, and the spell passed her

lips before she knew it.  One of the swords flew across the

room into her hand.  She hesitated for a bit, angry at

herself.  Using any magic, even such a simple type, was

dangerous when not in total control, and using it

automatically could be just as dangerous.  She forgot about

it for now, for the dragon was more of a threat.

     Dranga saw what happened, and leapt to his feet.  He

was only partially sure about what happened.  Normally,

Wylf, with or with out the sword or magic, wouldn't trouble

Dranga, but if he wasn't careful, he would overheat again.

     Wylf held the sword toward him.  Dranga stood, waiting

for her to move.  As soon as she took a step toward him, he

blew a cloud of fire at her, and leapt through it onto her.

The fire startled Wylf, and his collision with her caused

her to stumble back.  Falling, she swung the sword at him,

and it caught his wing.  The blade tore a large gash through

the soft flesh of his wing.  "Yahh!!" he cried with pain as

he struck out at her wrist.  Claws sliced across her arm,

and the sword fell from her hand to the floor.  The fight

was now just a matter of strength and agility, and the

dragon had her out matched.  In a few minutes, she was

pinned down.

     Breathing heavily, Dranga held her down with one foot.

He reached for the sword with his tail, pulled it closer,

and picked it up.  "So you like playing with swords?"  He

looked at the blade as she glared at him.  He grinned

sadistically, and placed the blade into the fire, under the

glowing embers.  Her mouth dropped open in fear, watching

him withdraw the sword, its blade glowing brightly in the

darkness.  With his free hand, he tore her shirt near her

stomach open, and waved the sword close.

     "What are you doing?" she cried with fear.

     "You want to know?"  He pressed the blade into her

fur..  She screamed loudly as it sizzled against fur and

flesh.  Almost instantly, he pulled it back.  A large patch

of blackened fur remained, but aside from the pain, he had

done nothing more.  He flipped the sword to his other side,

and held it close to her skin again.

     "That's just a singe.  Want a more permanent one now?"

     "No!  no..." she whimpered.  Her side was still in

pain, and she shuddered the thought of another burn.

     "Well... are we going to try that trick again?"


     "Good."  He tossed the sword into the pool.  With a

splash of water and a hiss of steam, it vanished into the

shadows of the pool.  "Now remember," he pulled her head

near his, and looked into her half open eyes.  "Your friends

were just griffons, and you're just a wolf.  It really makes

no difference to me."  He dropped her back to the ground,

and looked at her again.  "Except... you happen to be a

girl." he continued with a wicked grin.  He began to tug at

her loose clothing.  Wylf struggled furiously, but aside

from him delaying to strike her across the face with his

paw, it hardly hindered the dragon's efforts.  He tore her

shirt off, and yanked off the pants she was wearing.

     "NO!  Please!" she screamed.

     "Oh?  Why not?  It might be fun," Dranga teased, and he

began to let his paws wander across her fur.  As he amused

himself, she became furious.

     "How dare you try this?" she growled.  No one ever even

dared to disobey her, let alone pin her down and try this.

She was powerless.  All she could do was get angry.  "Get

your paws off of me."

     "You know," he chuckled, "you're beginning to get

annoying.  I'll have to find some use for you."  He held her

down with one hand, and began to undo the sash about his

waist.  With a yank, his own pants came off, and he tossed

them aside.  With a snarl of anticipation, he crouched over

her.  Wylf looked at him with fear and anger.

     "Don't even think about-" she started angrily.

     "Your voice is getting tiresome.  Perhaps I should plug

your mouth with something?" he said as he grabbed her muzzle

and forced her mouth open.  He brought his waist up toward

her face, and Wylf shuddered when she felt the dragon's

erect penis brush against her chin.  "Now if I feel one bite

from you," he warned as he positioned himself over her,

"you're going to wind up following your three griffon

friends.  Got that?"

     Before she could answer him, he brought his hips down

and stuffed his swollen maleness into her mouth.  Out of

fear, she felt forced to keep him pleased.  As the dragon's

waist slowly bobbed up and down, Wylf rubbed her tongue

along his length.  As she continued hearing his grunts of

enjoyment, her anger toward him grew, though not enough to

overcome her fear about his threat.  She also began to feel

angry at herself for starting to feel oddly aroused.

     With a sudden push from the dragon, Wylf's head was

pressed against the rocks behind her, and was held there by

his body.  Growling with determination and anticipation,

Dranga started forceful thrusts over the wolf's tongue.

Again, Wylf felt forced to allow him to continue due to her

fear, but also due to some unexplainable desire.  She almost

wanted him to do this, almost hoping he wouldn't stop.

Hearing the intensity of his growls and snarls increase, she

shuddered with fear about what was to come, but

unconsciously tightened her lips around him.  A few more

quick, violent bucks of his hips brought the loudly roaring

dragon to an orgasm inside her mouth.  Wylf felt her own

body tense up in an almost pleasurable way as her mouth was

suddenly filled with a heated, salty ooze.  Dranga sighed

with satisfaction and pulled himself away from her to rest.

     As Dranga rolled off her, she spat the whiteish liquid

out and scowled at him with blatant hatred.  Being used like

this was something she had never imagined happening from

anyone.  Being raped or treated so roughly was something she

found unthinkable.

     So why did she enjoy it so much?

     Her thoughts were again cut short as she noticed that

the dragon seemed to be stumbling around, as if drunk.  A

confused look crossed his face, and his eyes seemed unable

to focus.  He suddenly fell forward onto her with a gasp.

Something seemed wrong with him again, but Wylf remained


     In a few seconds, Dranga recovered, partially.  He

still felt hot, and was beginning to get weak.  He crawled

away from her and moved toward the pool.  His head was

spinning badly.  His internal temperature was way to high.

That fight got him hot enough, and playing around with her

made it worse.  In a few days he'd be adjusted to this

temperature and environment, but until then, he had to be

more careful.  He collapsed into the pool.  His eyes had a

hard time focusing on anything, so he just closed them for

now while he cooled off.

     Wylf stood up, watching him.  She had guessed that the

heat was getting to him again, for the dragon didn't get a

chance to cool down after their flight.  He seemed almost

helpless once he overheated.  "I wonder..." she thought as

an idea crossed her mind.  Grabbing a mid-sized rock, she

stepped closer to him.

     Dranga heard something, and sat up.  He was cooler now,

but he still felt dizzy.  He opened one eye, and saw Wylf

leaping at him.  Startled, he tried to move out of her way,

but couldn't react fast enough.  As Wylf struck his head

with the rock, Dranga growled in pain.  Everything he saw

was fading to a whiteish color.  His body crashed onto the

rocks by the pool.  Though the waves of pain, he tried to

get up.  All he could feel was the throb of pain on his

head, and he fell back over.  He saw Wylf as she stood over

him, and he could just barely make out the grin on her face.

With a sadistic laugh, she struck the rock against his head

again.  This time, he blacked out.


     Dranga slowly felt himself regaining consciousness.  He

wasn't in the cave anymore.  He seemed to be lying on

something soft.  He opened his eyes, but all he saw was a

blur.  Somewhere nearby, he could make out vague movements

and muffled voices.  He tried to sit up, but fell back down.

His head still was spinning, and he felt weak.  Slowly, his

vision cleared, and he was able to look around.  He was in

some sort of room.  It was rather dark, the area only being

lit by two braziers.  A soft bed of pillows was beneath him.

Looking around some more, he noticed a griffon nearby,

presumably one of Wylf's guards.  "Only one guard?" Dranga

thought.  He sat up again, and felt the ropes on his arms

and legs.  "Ah.  I thought it was too easy."  He sat back,

hoping the pounding in his head would stop.

     Sometime soon after, Wylf walked in.  Shiltarm motioned

for the guard to leave, and took his place behind Wylf.  She

grinned as Dranga looked up at her.  "I'm glad you've

finally woken up."

     "Nice to see that one of us is," he groaned.  His head

still hurt.  She walked over to him, and reached out to his

neck.  She had something in her hand.  "What are you doing?"

     "Restraining you.  This necklace is a little present I

fixed up for you."  He felt her fastening it around her

neck.  It felt a bit tight already.  "There.  Now you're a

bit more under control."  She pulled a knife from her belt

and cut his ropes.

     As soon as he was free, he made a quick attempt at

grabbing her wrist.  Shiltarm reached for his sword, and

stepped closer.  Wylf just smiled and concentrated on the

necklace.  It began to close around Dranga's throat, cutting

short his breath.  He released her with a startled choke,

and it loosened.  Reaching up to feel the necklace, he found

that it was just a thin chain with a small crystal, but the

material seemed very strong.  Judging by the feel of it, it

was probably a lot like the one Wylf was wearing, but hers

hung loosely with a small crystal attached.  She smiled.

"Now, I expect you to remain here until I've sent for you.

If you think of trying anything, make sure you think of that

necklace first."  With that, she and Shiltarm left.

     Dranga was furious.  He paced around the tent.  This

had never happened before.  No one ever dared to try

anything like this.  Yet she was doing a lot more than

trying, and he couldn't stop her.  He threw himself onto the

mound of pillows with a growl of anger.

     A short time later, another griffon entered.  She was

carrying a large tray of food, filled mostly with fruits

that he vaguely recognized.  After setting it down on the

pillows beside the dragon, she stepped back and watched him.

He looked at the tray, then at her.

     "What is that?" he asked.

     "Wylf told me to get some food for you.  There are some

of the fruits we just received."

     Dranga snickered.  "You're joking.  She said to bring

me food.  Go get some sheep or a horse or something."

     "We don't have horse steaks just lying around." she


     "A steak?  Forget that.  Get me a live one."

     "What, you'd eat a whole horse??"

     "Yeah.  I've done it before."

     "I can't get you one.  Wylf has enough trouble with her

guards trying to eat them.  This is all you get."

     He eyed the tray.  The food it carried looked quite

good, but he felt like harassing her.  "That stuff looks


     The griffon frowned.  "Wylf also told me to make sure

that you ate."  She walked toward him, and grabbed his arm.

     "Hey!"  he cried as she tried to force his mouth open.

"If it wasn't for this damn collar, I'd-"

     "That is the point of the thing," she said calmly.  He

stopped struggling, and let her feed him.  It was a lot

better than he expected (though not as good as he hoped),

but he still complained just to annoy her and to amuse


     It wasn't too long before his hunger made him forget

about trying to irritate the griffon, so he just attacked

what was on the tray.  He was dimly aware of her presence at

his side, needlessly hovering close by to make sure he ate.

The tray was quickly emptied.  Dranga sighed happily,

feeling both content and tired, sprawling himself out on his

stomach for a quick nap.

     He had forgotten about the griffon, until he noticed

that she was still sitting by his side.  He was trying to

think of something else to complain to her about when she

started lightly scratching his back.  He completely forgot

about what he wanted to complain about as he enjoyed the

feel of her paws scratching, which slowly changed to


     "Being a captive might not be so bad," he thought as

she gently rubbed the muscles around his wings.  "So what

else did Wylf tell you to do for me?" he asked casually

between groans of pleasure.

     "Oh, nothing."  With that, she stood up and left.

     He stared after her.  "Hey, wait a minute," he said,

but she was already gone.  "That wasn't supposed to happen

that way," he growled.

     The rest of the day went quietly, until evening.

Dranga stirred, hearing the doors of the tent whipped open.

Sitting up drowsily, he was surprised to see only Shiltarm

standing over him.  He tried to stand, but an abrupt punch

from the griffon collapsed him back to the bed.  "Enjoying

your stay, Captain?" sneered the griffon as Dranga sat back

up growling.  Dranga heard the sounds of several guards

still outside, then remembered his collar, and restrained

himself from returning the attack.  He was hardly alert

enough to try anything anyway.

     "Well, I've had better," he mumbled through clenched


     The griffon belted him again.  "Watch you're tone of

voice," he growled.  Dranga managed to catch the blow, and

this time swung back, striking the griffon square in the

face.  Shiltarm roared in rage and leapt onto the dragon,

knocking the wind out of him.

     They struggled briefly before Shiltarm managed to get

Dranga pinned down under him.  "That wasn't so hard,"

taunted the griffon.  Shiltarm cuffed him again, and Dranga

dropped into the pillows, ceasing his struggles.  "Hardly a

fair contest," Shiltarm laughed, "But the pleasure of

humiliating you seems a fair prize."

     Dranga groggily forced himself to his hands and knees,

shaking his head.  Amidst the pounding in his ears, he heard

the sound of the griffons belt being unbuckled.  When he

finally realized what it was, he quickly straightened upward

to his knees.  "Wha-", he started.

     With a painful crack, the leather belt was struck hard

across his back.  Dranga collapsed forward again with a cry

of agony.  He felt the griffon's hands on his back, roughly

pulling him to his knees, and felt his hot breath along the

back of his neck.  "A very easy conquest," rasped the

griffon.  Dranga snarled and tried to struggle free as he

suddenly felt what had to be the griffons erect and ready

cock pressing up under his tail, but Shiltarm's grip on his

waist held him in place.  All at once, Shiltarm bit down on

Dranga's shoulder with his beak as he thrust himself

forward, forcing his penis into the dragon.  A sharp cry of

pain escaped Dranga's mouth as he felt himself taken, and

his cries slowly faded to whimpers as Shiltarm kept pressing

further, not stopping until he had buried his entire length

within his prize.  The griffon rested briefly, lowering his

furry belly onto Dranga's back.  He held tightly to the

dragon beneath him and licked at the blood that was starting

to dribble along Dranga's shoulder.  "What's wrong,

Captain?" Shiltarm sneered.  "Aren't you pirates used to

this?"  Dranga trembled under his captor as he felt the

griffon's cock being pulled almost completely out of him,

then harshly thrust back in.  The griffon bit into Dranga

again, his breath becoming erratic as he screwed harder, his

hips crashing into Dranga with greater force.  The grip on

his waist tightened as he heard the griffon peaking.  Dranga

cried out in pain again as he felt the razor sharp beak

closing on the back of his neck.  Shiltarm shuddered,

muffling his shrieks of ecstasy into the dragon's neck as he

thrust himself into the dragon a few last times before

falling back to rest.

     Dranga tried to leap away, but suddenly felt Shiltarm

pulling him back by his collar.  "You're not through yet,

cretin!"  Shiltarm yanked, and Dranga flipped back, his head

landing against the griffons leg.  "I'm still having fun."

Shiltarm tugged Dranga's head upward toward his stomach.

Dranga growled, and was struck across the head again.

Shiltarm grabbed the dragon's head in both hands.  "Let's

see how that tongue of yours is."  Thumbs on either side of

Dranga's jaws forced his mouth open, and Dranga saw the

still erect cock of the griffon bobbing before him.  "If I

feel one fang," scowled Shiltarm, "I'll be using your hide

as a saddle."  Shiltarm pulled Dranga's mouth over his penis

and forced his jaws closed over it.  The dragon shivered and

worked his tongue over the shaft, unwillingly pressing it

against the back of his throat.  Shiltarm growled softly,

rocking his hips slightly and sliding his cock through

Dranga's mouth, pressing it partway into his throat.  A few

more licks from the dragon's tongue and the griffon came

again, filling Dranga's mouth with the hot salty ooze.

Shiltarm sighed contentedly, and slid his shaft from

Dranga's mouth, but his paws held tightly around his muzzle.

Dranga struggled slightly, but the griffon held, laughing.

Reluctantly, Dranga swallowed the mouthful of griffon semen,

and was rewarded with another harsh cuff on the head,

sending him crashing into the pillows.  Shiltarm laughed as

he pulled his pants back on.  "Enjoy your nap, Captain," the

griffon sneered, laughing more as he left.  Dranga struggled

to a position that felt a bit less uncomfortable, seething

with a blurry rage as he collapsed into unconsciousness.

     For Wylf, however, things were going much better.  For

the first time since she returned, Shiltarm wasn't pestering

her.  He had followed her, constantly inquiring about

whether or not she was harmed in the struggle with Dranga.

Luckily, she hadn't seen him all day.  Finally last night he

had disappeared, allowing her to rest.  She had seen him

once while out this morning, and was quite glad to see he

was busy with something else.

     Deep down inside, she had a sneaking suspicion that

Shiltarm was getting really jealous about the fact that she

had taken quite a bit of interest in this new toy she

acquired.  The thought infuriated her.  It should be of no

interest to him what she did or thought.  She cursed herself

quietly for giving the griffon too much attention.  Still,

with this new `playmate', she should be able to set Shiltarm


     She entered her tent and climbed back onto her bed of

pillows.  After tossing all her clothes into one corner of

the tent, she lay back and thought about sleeping before

dealing with more of the day's responsibilities.  After

rolling around for a while with little success, she decided

that she was too hungry to sleep.  She sent for a late

breakfast, which her servants brought right away.  Soon

after, she decided to have Dranga sent in also.

     Her guards arrived at Dranga's tent almost immediately

after.  Though he was not in the mood to wake up, he was

glad to have a chance to get out of his tent.  As the two

guards lead him to Wylf's tent, Dranga got a good look of

the camp.  There were dozens of tents, and most of them

seemed to be set up somewhat permanently.  Many guards were

scattered around also, most of them being griffons, but

there were a few others scattered about in various ranks.

"Wylf seems to like something about griffons," he mumbled,

not really caring why.  All around were all types of

different creatures, all going about their daily business,

barely taking notice of the dragon.  "This isn't a camp,

it's practically a small city," he thought.

     A few moments later, they came upon a tent that was far

larger than the others.  He guessed that it had to be

Wylf's.  As he walked toward the door, the griffons stopped

and let him enter.  He stepped through the door out of the

hot sun into the cool darkness of the tent.  Once inside, he

could smell the food she was eating.  What ever it was, it

smelled a lot better than the vegetarian nightmare he had

gotten before, and his hunger returned slightly.  His eyes

slowly adjusted to the dim light, but he kept walking

blindly forward.

     In his own cabin, he carefully left the path in front

of his door clear just for this reason, and he assumed that

Wylf did the same thing.  As his foot struck some unknown

object which sent him careening through the darkness, he

realized how wrong he was.  He crashed into the side of

Wylf's bed and fell to the floor.  Wylf laughed.  She had

been watching him in silence since he entered, hoping

something amusing like this would happen.  "Perhaps you

should stay down there," she said.  "You'd make a nice pet

that way."  He groaned and climbed to his feet.  His eyes

had adjusted a bit more by now, and he could see her lying

on her bed.  She rolled over and laid on her stomach.  "Rub

my back," she ordered.  With a sigh, he kneeled by her side

and began massaging the wolf.  From time to time, she

growled happily.  After a few minutes, she rolled away from

him.  He stood back up and watched her.

     She rolled up against some pillows and sat up a bit.

"Come here," she said quietly.

     "What, in the bed?" Dranga asked.  It wasn't quite what

he was expecting.  She nodded in the darkness.  Carefully,

he stepped closer.  When he reached the side, he stopped,

and sat down on the side, still only barely able to see.

She snickered quietly, and kneeled beside him.  "Now what do

you want?" he asked.

     She moved herself even closer.  "What do you think?"

she purred in his ear.

     Dranga thought for a bit.  He knew just what she wanted

to hear, but trying to provoke her might be more fun.

"Well, since you asked," he started with a grin, "I think

you desperately want anything you can't have."

     Wylf slapped him hard across his face.  Half

instinctively, half curious about what would happen, he

punched her back, striking her muzzle.  His punch wasn't too

hard, but it caused her body to twist away from him, or so

he thought.  In a flush of anger, she had spun herself

around, and still unaccustomed to the darkness, Dranga

didn't see what she was doing.  Growling, she raised her arm

as she spun, and her elbow struck Dranga hard on the side of

his head.

     "GUARDS!!" she screamed as he crashed to the floor,

again.  As he climbed to his knees, a pair of griffons

walked in.  "Take him," she ordered.  "He's not quite ready


     "This is going to be a long day," he thought as the

griffons dragged him out.

     Some time later, the hot sun blazed over the group.

With his arms bound in tight ropes, Dranga stood facing Wylf

and about ten griffons.  Behind him, Shiltarm stood pounding

a long spike deep into the sand with a heavy hammer.  Beside

the first stake was a second, and both entered the sand at

odd angles forming a rough `X'.  A large stone, weighing

about one quarter of his own weight, was tied to his wrists.

A long rope ran from his wrists to where the griffon stood

pounding.  With a final bash, the griffon set down his

hammer and began to tie the ropes to the two spikes.  Dranga

looked at Wylf.  "Well, the sand is certainly getting the

point, but I don't."

     "Don't worry, you will."  Dranga heard footsteps behind

him.  He looked back, and saw Shiltarm advancing upon him,

wielding the large hammer.  As the huge guard wound up for a

swing at the dragon,  Dranga leaped upward.  The hammer flew

through empty air, missing by inches.  "He's been instructed

not to leave the ground," Wylf said, "but to hit you any

time he can."

     "With pleasure too," growled Shiltarm.  Dranga hovered

over him.  The rope let him stay about 20 feet out of range,

though the rock made flight difficult.  Then it struck him

what Wylf was doing.  Flying like this would overheat him,

and he couldn't land.  He tugged on the rope to try and pull

the spikes from the sand, but the angle of them prevented

him from loosening them.  The griffon swung again, just

missing.  Dranga had floated down a bit with out realizing

it.  He darted higher and tried to think.  Already, he felt

too warm.

     An idea crossed his mind.  He flew as far as he could

from the spikes and lowered himself.  Shiltarm lumbered over

to him, and tried to hit him again.  Quickly, Dranga flew

back to the spikes and desperately tried to pull one free.

Before he could even get one loose, he had to leap aside

from the griffon.  The head of the hammer impacted into his

leg, sending the dragon spinning into the sand.  He leapt to

his feet, shook off the pain, and bounded up away from his

assailant.  As he flew upward, he felt dizzy.  His body

temperature was soaring above normal.

     Below, Wylf watched with a wicked grin.  She was

surprised that he was agile enough to reach the spikes and

avoid the griffon while carrying that rock around.  He

couldn't go on much longer though.  Already, his flight was

erratic, and his reactions were getting slower.

     Dranga tugged weakly at the rope.  There was no way he

could break free.  His wings were numb, but he couldn't stop

them.  His whole body felt like fire.  His breath felt as if

it were burning his throat, every breath becoming more

painful than the last.  Desperately, he tried to cut the

rope with his claws again.  Suddenly, with a cry of pain, he

felt his wings give out.  He crashed to the ground, smashing

his head on the rock he was carrying.  Barely conscious and

quivering in pain and fear, he watched the head of the

hammer as Shiltarm raised it high above him.

     A cold breeze woke him.  He opened his eyes a bit.  He

was back in his tent.  In the dim torchlight, he recognized

the female griffon who he had met earlier.  Suddenly, he

remembered what was happening.

     "The hammer!!" he cried in sudden fear.

     "It's all right," the griffon said soothingly.  He felt

her gently rubbing his shoulders, and lay back, shivering

slightly from fear and the breeze.  Seeing him shiver, the

griffon pulled a quilt up to cover him, and whispered, "It's

over," softly.  As she gently rubbed his chest to calm him,

he realized that she was under the quilt with him.  The

feeling of her soft and warm fur gently rubbing against him

slowly pushed the fear from his mind, and feeling the soft

feathers of her face brushing against his shoulders did so

even faster.  A quiet gasp escaped him as he felt her beak

gently nip at his ear.  Her paws slowly moved down to rub

his stomach.  Dranga's confusion slowly gave way to his

arousal.  He nuzzled her feathered cheeks amidst soft growls

of pleasure.  In the semi-darkness, he watched her slowly

slide herself up onto him, until she was lying on his belly,

staring into his eyes, teasingly rubbing the fuzzy end of

her tail along his thighs.  She rubbed her legs gently along

his, the soft fur warming and gently tickling him.  His paws

came to her side, and they held tightly to her as she deftly

brought her tail end to lightly brush against the dragon's

erection.  He gasped quietly, tensing, forcing his hips

upward, trying to feel more of her tail.  With a slight

shudder of pleasure, the griffon felt the dragons' shaft

meet her between her legs.  Dranga moaned softly as he felt

her, and continued pressing harder, unable to suppress a

quiet cry of pleasure as he felt himself engulfed by the

warmth and tightness of the griffon.  She arched her back

and cried out at the ceiling, pressing down onto him and

taking his entire length all the way into her.  Dranga

gasped quietly for breath, staring upward at her as she

slowly leaned far enough forward to gently nip at his ear

again, slowly lifting herself off his firmness, nearly

releasing him, then pressing down, taking him in once again.

He felt the tuft of her tail teasingly brushing along his

thighs and balls, her beak carefully biting his ear, and her

smooth tight warmth sliding around over him, pressing faster

and harder each time.  He howled out, reeling in pleasure

while she continued, biting gently at his neck as she felt

his body starting to tense.  A cry of pleasure, a sudden

squeezing pressure from the griffon, and the dragon felt

himself losing his control all too soon.  A soundless cry

escaped him as she brought him to a peak, his seed spilling

into her in spasms of ecstasy.  She never slowed, extracting

more and more until Dranga finally collapsed back into the

pillows, panting from exhaustion.  She stopped, and pressed

her body against his, feeling his hot breath of fatigue

blowing though her feathers.  She lay silent, smiling as she

listened to his panting breath slowly subside.

     Soon, he sputtered something, trying to ask a question.

She just hugged him tight, saying "Wylf and Shiltarm had to

leave the camp for a bit, but Wylf will be returning soon.

She left me to watch over you, and to make sure you were

comfortable and kept happy when you woke."  Dranga nodded,

amused by her interpretation of the instructions.  He

stretched out onto the pillows as she climbed off of him,

moving to sit at the side of his pillow-bed.   With a yawn

and another stretch, Dranga relaxed further into the

pillows, with the same satisfied look on his face.

     Slowly he remembered what happened to him earlier, and

that he wasn't supposed to be enjoying himself here.

"What... What did happen to me earlier?" he asked slowly.

     "During Wylf's punishment, you crashed and passed out.

You've been comatose since then."

     "Oh?  How long have I been asleep?"

     "Nearly two days."  His eyes widened.  "We were afraid

you were going to die."

     "Heh... dragon's don't die eas-  What to you mean,


     "Well, Me and Wylf."

     "Her? Worried about me living?" he asked after a brief



     He nodded with a cynical grin.  "She just doesn't want

to have to go and find a new toy, that's all," he said and

lay back onto the pillows.

     "No, it's more than that.  She really does likes you,

maybe even loves you."

     Dranga laughed.  "She shows it real well," he said

sarcastically.  "Every damn female who likes me tries to

have me smashed apart by one of her thugs."

     "Shiltarm got a bit carried away.  He wasn't supposed

to hit you.  Wylf just wanted to scare you."  Dranga

snickered at her comment.  "No, I mean it.  I've known her

for a long time now.  She's never quite seemed happy, not

until you kidnapped her.  She's always been used to everyone

obeying her.  She always got what she wanted.  She got

command of this whole desert from her father just because

she wanted to have it.  You were the first one who ever

disobeyed her.  You made things difficult for her, and she

liked it.  Oh, she was angry, but she's been in a far better

mood most of the time since then.  She was almost in tears

when she thought you might die, though she hid it well.

She'll be relieved when she returns and learns that you're

all right."

     Dranga sighed, trying to push the thought of Wylf from

his mind.  "What about you?  I'm sure you've heard about

what happened to some of Wylf's guards, so why would you be

worried about what happens to me?"

     With a slight grin, she replied, "It's nothing new.

With her temper, Wylf's guards tend to have a... risky job

anyhow, especially those in high positions.  Some of us are

taking bets on how much longer Shiltarm will survive."

     "Not very, if I get my claws on him."

     "I doubt you'll have much chance for that."  She

smiled.  "Well, Wylf will like hearing that you've still got

some spirit left in you."

     "Good. Then she won't be too disappointed when I find a

way out and get back to my ship."

     "What?" the griffon asked, in a disapproving tone.

     Dranga remembered what the griffon said about Wylf.

"The idea of staying doesn't thrill me that much.  I don't

like it here.  I'll admit, Wylf is nice, though a tad bit on

the sadistic side.  But I hate being a captive like this.

First chance I get, I'm leaving, no matter how many of her

guards stand in my way."

     "She'll be angry... and upset."

     "Well, what do you want?"

     "I want her to be happy," she said.  With a grin, she

added, "Maybe you should take her with you."  Dranga stared

at her, unsure of what to say.

     The griffon broke the silence.  "Hungry?"

     Dranga thought about that for a second.  "Starved."

     "I have a surprise for you."  She walked out, and

returned a moment later.  She lead in a sheep.  Dranga

suddenly felt real hungry.  "I couldn't find a horse, but I

thought this might do."

     "Yeah," he said, hardly concealing his hunger.

     "Well, have fun.  I have other tasks."  With a wink,

she left the dragon to his meal.

     Most of the rest of the day was uneventful.  Dranga

spent most of his time eating, sleeping, or pacing around.

As night was falling, he learned that Wylf had returned when

one of her guards told him that he was expected in her tent.

He was a bit surprised when he realized he was walking

alone, not being escorted this time.

     Through the short walk, his thoughts kept wandering

back to what he and the griffon had talked about, and to

what she did to him just before.  "Yipes, I never even

learned her name," he thought with a grin.  "No matter.

Hopefully, I'll be leaving soon.  Or maybe, we will?"  He

thought about that for a bit as he walked through the

cooling dusk air, quickly coming to her tent.  He felt

strange knowing that Wylf actually felt something for him,

and it seemed that he would be a bit more comfortable if she

only thought of him as a plaything.  "Well, if she did,

leaving would be a lot easier..."  Folding the sides of the

door back, he walked into Wylf's tent.

     Once again, the tent was dark, but since it was getting

dark outside, his eyes were a bit more adjusted.  Wylf

looked up.  "Well, there you are.  I hope that this time,

you will behave yourself."  Dranga nodded quietly.  "Good."

She waved a paw for him to come closer.  He stepped

carefully to the side of her bed.  His eyes widened as he

saw what she wasn't wearing anything, and his jaw dropped

unconsciously.  She kneeled up and pressed herself against

him.  "The nights around here get cold," she said quietly as

she rested her paws on his waist.

     "Yes, I had noti-"  Without warning, she leaned back,

pulling at his breechcloth, and pulling him onto of her.

"Whaa??!!"  He landed on top of her.  She wrapped her hands

around his back, and began kissing him deeply.  For a

moment, he kissed back.  Then, abruptly, he stopped and

pulled his head back.  "Now hold on," he said, a bit unsure

why he had stopped himself.  She stared back at him with a

soft grin.  Forcing himself onto all fours, he said "Look,


     "Oooh, stay like that." she said with an even bigger



     "Don't move.  Not at all."  He groaned as she began to

slide out from under him.  She kneeled by his side, and

began rubbing his back.  Her paws began wandering.  She

scratched at his back, his stomach, his arms and legs.

Soon, she pulled off his breechcloth.  He looked quietly at

her, and she just smiled back, and let her paws continue to

roam.  She let out a soft growl as her paws gently played

along his cock.  With a sigh of pleasure, his head fell

between his arms as Wylf massaged him.  With a louder growl,

she lay on her back, and slid under his chest from his side.

Her mouth gently kissed him between his stout legs.

     "Yow, this feels nice," he thought.  He growled happily

as her tongue slid around on him, exciting him more.  "Even

though I feel a bit like a horse."  he looked between his

arms at her.  "Or perhaps, another wolf."  He shivered, and

howled quietly with pleasure as she gently forced his entire

length into her mouth.  Above him, his wings quivered

quietly.  Wylf grinned as she toyed with him.  She enjoyed

him; he followed orders well.  After the conditioning he got

yesterday, he should.  The sudden thought about how much she

enjoyed him when he wasn't in control was quickly pushed

from her mind.

     Dranga looked over his shoulder at the wolf's body.

The shadows made it difficult to see most of her clearly,

but he liked what he could see.  However, after thinking of

yesterday's events, he restrained the growing desire to mate

her before she allowed him.  With a silent snicker, he

decided to try hastening her.  His tail bent around and

began teasing her, rubbing it slowly up the length of her

legs.  She gasped and released his shaft from her mouth as

he brought his tail further up her leg and against her sex.

He tickled and teased with his tail, watching her squirm

from the feel.  With a loud moan, she took the head of his

member back into her mouth.  The dragon tensed and

unconsciously thrust forward, forcing his hardening penis

all the way to the back of her throat, pushing her head back

onto the pillows.  As she lay under him, working him over

with her tongue, he pressed his tail harder against her,

forcing the end slightly inside.  Wylf flicked her tongue

out far enough to brush his balls.  Dranga winced in

pleasure and thrust forward again, desperate for the feel of

her.  She clawed at his tail as he felt her smooth warmth

around it.  Wylf howled around his shaft, and finally pulled

her muzzle away to gasp for breath.

     "Frisky tonight, aren't we Dranga?" she asked between

heavy breaths.  As he nodded, a musky smell struck his nose.

"Good." she replied.  "We can have more fun that way."  She

turned around, dropped down on all fours in front of him,

and smiled back at him.  Without any delay, he leapt forward

and kneeled behind her.  "Now I really feel like a wolf," he

thought.  He growled softly at her as he leaned forward and

lay his stomach on her lower back.  He wrapped his arms

around her chest and held her arms while he gently bit at

one of her ears.  One slight thrust of his waist brought the

end of his cock against her vulva.  He tensed, squeezing her

body between his arms, and pushed harder,  sliding deep into

her with little resistance.  Wylf groaned as he first

started entering her, arching her back and growling quietly

as she felt him sinking deeper into her.   Dranga bit harder

on her ear and shuddered.  He thrust forward again.  Wylf

felt the pain of his fangs in her ear, but it only enhanced

the amazing feel of the dragon's penis within her,

stretching her as it slid through.  With a loud gasp of

pleasure, she felt his waist finally press against her.

Groans of pleasure escaped the dragon as he pulled himself

almost completely out, and shoved himself back in again,

burying his throbbing cock all the way into her.  The fur of

her legs tickled his thighs at every thrust, heightening his

pleasure almost beyond what he could withstand.  Below him,

the wolf felt helpless, every stab of the dragon sending

ripples of fiery pleasure through her stomach and chest.

Her back and neck arched back far enough to nip at the top

of his neck, and lick at his jaw.  Her tongue sent shivers

down his spine, and in his mounting pleasure, he felt

himself nearly tumble over.  He stopped his thrusting to

resteady himself

     "Enough of this, " he thought.  He backed out, and with

a rough shove, he pushed the wolf over onto her back.  She

looked up at him, startled by what he was doing, but not

objecting.  He fell forward onto her, pinning her back to

the pillows.  A gentle thrust forced the head of his

awaiting penis partially into her, and with a puff of

pleasure, he sank his whole shaft into her.  Rocking his

hips brought almost instant uncontrollable pleasure to him.

Amidst his thrusts he was barely aware of Wylf's claws

scratching fiercely at his back, and of both of their howls

of pleasure.  Wylf tensed, whining as every penetration

rippled through her, and finally she cried out in

uncontrolled ecstasy, clawing deeply at Dranga's back and

pressing his chest tightly against her.  Dranga was aware of

her claws, but felt nothing but fiery pleasure as the wolf

suddenly tightened around him.  His back and tail arched

while he roared out, the heat of his ecstasy being released

within Wylf's pleasure ridden body.  With a gasp for breath,

he fell forward, exhausted, and lay on the equally exhausted

wolf.  Aside from the sounds of their panting and occasional

whimpers of happiness, everything was silent for a long


     Wylf hugged Dranga tightly, and giggled.  "I think the

whole camp heard you with all that noise."

     "Yeah, sorry," he said between gasps.  "Well, some of

your cries were loud too.  I'm sure someone knows what we're

up to."

     "I don't care.  I enjoyed it too much to worry about."

She thought back for a minute.  She enjoyed that more than

she ever enjoyed mating.  Something about that seemed odd.

Maybe she liked this dragon too much.  She gave him a kiss.

So what if she liked him.  She could do as she pleased.  He

was her toy.

     "Heh, I really don't care either."  Dranga too was

wondering why he enjoyed that so much more than before.

Perhaps the griffon was right.  Maybe Wylf did love him.  He

kinda liked her too.  Perhaps a short stay would be good

idea.  "Maybe someone else can run things on the Amnidar,"

he thought.  "I could use a vacation.  Maybe I won't need to

escape yet."  With a yawn, he decided to worry about that


     A cool breeze blew through the door across them.  "That

feels nice," said Dranga.

     "It'll get cooler," she said.  "Since you did so well,

I'll let you stay here in bed with me instead of on the


     "Thanks," he said.  Putting up with her wishes would be

something that might take time to get used to.  He kissed

her again.  In a few minutes, they were asleep.

     Just before dawn, Wylf awoke.  She heard someone

approaching.  Dranga kept sleeping as she sat up a bit.  He

was curled up next to her, resting his head on her chest.

As she looked to the door, Shiltarm walked in.  The griffon

tried not to get too alarmed at what he saw.  "Mistress?" he

asked calmly.

     "Yes?" she asked, and started to climb out of her bed.

She gave Dranga a gentle shove.  He woke, groggily moved

over, then tried to fall back to sleep.

     "The squadrons from the south have arrived.  I've

positioned them by the harbor, and they're awaiting my order

to attack." stated the griffon.

     Wylf climbed to her feet before the griffon, looking

around for her clothes.  "Attack? On who?"

     "That ship."

     "Ah."  Still drowsy, she didn't realize who's ship they

were discussing.  She heard Dranga stirring, but didn't know

he was listening intently.  "Why have you returned?"

     "To see what you wanted done with the contents of the


     Wylf shrugged.  "Bring whatever looks valuable back.

And get rid of the ship.  I don't need it."

     "And of what remains of the crew?" asked Shiltarm with

a hopeful grin.

     "Try and bring them back.  They might be useful."

     Shiltarm nodded.  "A few might have to be killed, just

to set an example."

     "Whatever," she started.  "That'll make things-"

     "You sadistic bastard!" roared Dranga.  The loud

snarling startled Wylf and Shiltarm.

     "Shut up Dranga," the wolf said angrily, alarmed by his

suddden rage.  Dranga was suddenly on his feet standing on

her bed.  "Dranga!  Sit down!" she screamed.  One hand

reached for the crystal on her necklace, causing Dranga's

necklace to constrict, but it seemed to have no effect on

him.  Shiltarm reached for his sword.  In a blur, Dranga

leapt across the tent toward the griffon.  Before Shiltarm

could even get his sword free, Dranga was on him, sending

them both tumbling to the floor in a scuffle.  Roaring with

anger, he slashed his claws through the flesh of the

griffon's chest.  "STOP IT!" Wylf screeched as she forced

his collar to tighten further.  "GUARDS!!!  HELP!!"

     Several griffons were already rushing in, trying to

pull the enraged dragon off Shiltarm.  It took eight of her

guards to finally drag him away and pin him down.  Even

then, he still struggled under them all, wheezing for breath

around the collar.  Shiltarm stood nearby and watched.  His

face and chest was torn apart, but he was still standing.

Streams of blood poured from the wounds as he tried to hold

them shut.  Seeing his need for help, Wylf struggled to keep

her anger controlled as she applied a quick spell of healing

to the griffon.

     "You damn fool!" Wylf growled when she finished.

Again, she forced the necklace tighter.  By now, the collar

should have been cutting off all his air.  "This time, you

are really going to-"  Several of the guards cried out in


     From somewhere under the guards, a shimmering light

appeared.  The light brightened, and rapidly swelled larger.

The abrupt expansion hurled many of the griffons away,

almost as if the light was a solid thing.  The glow had the

same shape as Dranga at first, but it was changing as it

grew.  Wylf and Shiltarm stepped back.  With a distinct

snap, the collar that was around what was Dranga's throat

snapped.  At the same time, the crystal on Wylf's necklace

shattered.  The glow soon faded.

     Standing in Dranga's place was a much larger creature.

He stood on four powerful legs, and was almost 30 feet high.

Huge, dark wings stemmed out from his back, and an enormous

tail thrashed around behind him, knocking away support poles

and demolishing the tent.  A sudden puff of flame aimed at a

cluster of griffons scattered them, searing those not quick

enough to leap away.  Stray flames ignited the walls of the

tent.  Wylf just stared up in alarm and fear as her burning

tent began collapsing around her.

     Dranga laughed loudly as he looked down upon everyone

in the tent.  "Now it should be real easy to leave," he

thought.  The words of the female griffon crossed his mind.

Perhaps he should take Wylf along.  He stepped toward her

with a malicious grin.

     Shiltarm watched the dragon moving toward Wylf.

Drawing his sword again, he leapt between them.  Dranga

growled at the menace, but kept advancing.  Shiltarm looked

up at the huge creature that towered over him, and a

desperate idea crossed his mind.  He leapt up toward the

dragon's throat, intending a quick attack and retreat.  He

misjudged how quick Dranga could react.

     Dranga saw the griffon leaping at him, and lowered his

head.  With a cry of fear, the griffon found himself leaping

right into Dranga's open mouth.  Dranga snapped his jaws

closed and caught the griffon.  A loud shriek of pain came

from the dragon's mouth as Shiltarm's sword bounced

harmlessly to the ground.  He tipped his head back and, with

a quick gulp, swallowed the struggling Shiltarm whole.

Wylf, along with several of the other griffons who were

cowering with fear, stared with horror at the squirming

bulge that slid down the dragon's throat and into his body.

     Dranga looked back at Wylf.  She tried to back away.

With a careful lunge, he grabbed her in one huge paw, and

leapt upward into the sky.

     Once outside, he flew rapidly upward.  Looking back, he

saw a few guards beginning to come after him.  He laughed

and flew onward.  He could easily outfly them.  They would

be back to the Amnidar in no time.

     Wylf sat quietly in the dragon's paws, still only

partially sure about what had happened.  She looked down at

the town as it quickly receded into the distance.  Her

guards would never be able to catch them at this speed, and

once she was on Dranga's ship, she would have to find her

own way out.  She remained silent as he carried her across

the morning sky.


     Shortly after, the ship was in view.  Dranga swooped

downward and dived toward his boat.  He came to a stop just

over the deck, and dropped Wylf.  She landed hard, but

unhurt.  Someone nearby helped her to her feet.  She looked

up and saw that he was a large gold triceratops.  He smiled

at her before looking back up at Dranga.  With a shimmering

flash, Dranga changed back to his normal form, and landed

gently on the deck.

     "It's about time you got here," said the triceratops.

"It's been a few days since I won."  He snickered.  "I've

sent Fantom to get you some clothes."

     "Thanks, Chavara.  I ran into a bit of trouble.  Namely

her," he replied, indicating Wylf.

     The dinosaur smiled.  "We've had some trouble also.  A

rather unfriendly bunch of griffons keep makin' a nuisance

of themselves."

     "Well, get used to it.  They're hers, and sometime soon

they're going to try getting her back."  Just then a young

fox came up onto the deck carrying a small pile of clothes.

Dranga took them, and started putting them on.

     "Krestin ain't back yet.  He was way behind last I

knew.  Atom just returned, though in bad shape.  Sputtered

something about the griffons, and has been dozin' in has

cabin since."

     "Yeah, well, keep an eye out for Kres.  And watch for

those griffons.  They might try something soon."  He

suddenly felt very tired in spite of last night's long rest.

"I'm going to my cabin for some sleep.  Fetch me if anything


     "Aye, sir."

     Dranga lead Wylf below the deck and to his cabin.  She

resisted now and then, but when he gave her a strong yank

she stumbled onward.  Once they were back in his cabin, he

gave her a quick push and sent her tumbling into his bed.

He shut the door and walked over to his desk.  After

withdrawing a length of rope from one of the drawers, he

walked back.  As she sat up, he began tying her hands


     "What are you doing?" she growled, and began struggling

to undo the knots.

     "I don't trust you.  This is to keep you out of

trouble," he replied as he began to tie her feet together.

He dragged her from his bed over toward the widow of his

cabin, bringing two extra ropes with him.  With one, he tied

her feet and ankles together, though he left them about a

foot apart.  The other he threw over one of the crossbeams

that ran near the ceiling, and tied tightly around her

waist.  Once she was secured, he stepped back to watch her.

"Now don't go anywhere," he said, smiling as he tugged his

shirt off and climbed back into his bed.

     Wylf looked back at him.  "You're just leaving me

here?"  She was expecting him to tie her to his bed, not out

here.  Deep inside, she had wanted to be bound near him

rather than left alone.

     "Of course not.  I want to sleep."  He was lying.  He

did want to keep her close, and seeing her tied up like that

aroused him greatly.  For the moment however, he found his

bed too comfortable, and was content with sleeping.  Leaving

her there would probably annoy her more than keeping her

near, so he left her as she was.  He could fool around all

he wished later.  With a chortle, he lay back and soon fell


     Wylf struggled against the ropes.  What ever she did,

she found herself uncomfortable.  She couldn't stand, for

the rope from her wrist to her feet was too short.  She

couldn't sit or lay down either, for the rope from the

crossbeam to her waist was too short.  All she could do was

to just hang by her waist.  She tried propping herself up

against the window sill, and she felt a bit more

comfortable.  Hoping for something to cut the ropes with,

she looked around his room.

     Dranga's cabin was fairly large.  In spite of the light

that shined in from the windows, the cabin seemed dark.  The

walls were made of dark wood.  The floor was covered in a

deep red rug.  It was dark, but not gloomy.  If she wasn't

tied up and a prisoner here, she might have liked it more.

Against one wall was a large desk that was covered in

papers, maps, old bottles and dozens of trinkets that Dranga

had kept with him.  On the floor nearby was more stuff that

had fallen off his desk and hadn't yet been retrieved.  Next

to the desk was a large open chest stuffed with his clothes.

On the opposite wall was his bed, a large pile of pillows

inside a wooded frame, looking almost like an oversized bird

nest in which he slept.  Two chairs were near the center of

the room, one facing his bed, the other overturned.  On the

far wall, in the corner, was another pile of assorted junk.

Wylf couldn't clearly see what most of it was, but she could

make out a pair of small crossbows that appeared loaded.

Unfortunately, they were far out of her reach, and with her

hands tied, there was nothing she could do to bring them

closer.  With a sigh, she settled back and tried to rest,

and slowly, she fell into a restless sleep.

     She awoke to the smell of food.  She groggily looked up

and saw Dranga lying on his bed munching on something.  He

was also toying with one of the crossbows she had noticed

before.  She had been asleep for a while, but she wasn't

sure for how long.  Outside, the sun looked like it was in a

late afternoon location.  She tried to move, but her stiff

muscles hurt too much.  Dranga noticed the movement.

     "Hungry?" he asked.  She nodded weakly.  "Tough," he

replied, and kept eating.  With a quiet snarl, she tried

propping herself against the window to get a bit more

comfortable.  When she looked back at him again, he was

pointing the crossbow right at her.  She tried not to look

too nervous.  "Ever hear of some human called William Tell?"

He raised the crossbow up a bit and aimed at the rope.  "He

was quite good at this sort of trick."  With a `Twang!', he

shot the bolt from the crossbow at the rope that held her to

the ceiling.  He missed by a few inches, and shattered one

of the window panes behind her.  His eyes widened.

"Whoops."  Tossing the weapon aside, he leapt up toward her,

and untied the rope from the ceiling.  Wylf fell back to the

floor, relieved.  Her arms were sore from hanging for the

past few hours.  He untied her hands as well, then climbed

back into his nest.  Slowly, Wylf untied herself, and

crawled against the wall.

     Dranga snickered again.  "You know, you mentioned

something about pets a while ago.  That sounds like a neat

idea," he said, munching on a piece of meat.  Teasingly, he

tossed a piece of food down on the floor near her.  She

tried to ignore it.  She didn't want to satisfy him like

this, but she felt too hungry.  She gave in quickly, and

crawled over to get it.  He grinned and began tossing more

pieces to her.  Each piece he threw to her lured her closer

and closer to his bed.  Soon, she was up against the side of

it, and Dranga began scratching her head as she ate from his

other hand.  "I always hear stories about some people who

have pets, about how they have something that looks after

them as they sleep, or keep them company."  He reached down

and gently picked her up, and pulled her into the bed with

him.  She lay back, stretching her sore muscles as Dranga

crouched by her.  With a grin, he crawled onto her.  "I also

get told interesting tales of what they do with their pets

when they are bored," he whispered.  She smiled weakly as he

ran his hand gently over her face.  Dranga leaned forward

slowly, licking her shoulders as his hands slid down, gently

taking hold of her wrists.  She struggled slightly, but he

easily pinned her gently beneath him while he ran his tongue

slowly up along her neck.  Wylf shivered slightly when he

lowered himself, resting his belly on hers, and she began

licking his muzzle lightly, as if silently begging him to

continue.  His knees pressed down between her legs and

forced them apart, and he brought her wrists together above

her head.  A gasp escaped her when she felt his tailtip

teasing along her thigh, slowly rubbing higher.  He held her

wrists with one paw and ran the other down her arm, then

slowly across her chest.  "If they behave, those pets often

enjoy it," he whispered, licking her ear.  Her response came

as a soft moan when she felt his hand rub over her breasts

and his tail brush across her sex.  Her hips unintentionally

raised, eager to the feel of his tail.  Dranga growled

softly, squeezing her nipples between his fingers, and

pressed his tail lightly into her vulva.  The penetration

sent shivers through her.  With a louder moan she raised her

hips again, unable to ignore the growing pleasure the

captain was causing.  There was no way she could stop what

he was doing, which she found frightening, but equally


     She soon felt Dranga pull his tail away from her.  She

sighed, panting slightly, disappointed that he had stopped.

Dranga shifted slightly, and she felt the head of his cock

sliding slowly along the length of her crotch, and her

passion instantly returned.  She howled out as his penis

found the entry to her pussy, stretching her as it slowly

forced into her.  Dranga rocked his hips slowly, and every

thrust sent ripples of desire through her as the dragon's

shaft slid deeper and deeper into her.  He growled in

pleasure, his breath rising to loud pantings as one hard

thrust sank his entire cock completely inside the wolf.  He

bit gently at her ear while he mated her, his shaft pumping

harder as he felt a fire of ecstasy starting to burn within

him.  He licked along her muzzle, feeling her hot breath on

his face.  Amidst the pleasure of feeling herself engulfing

the dragon's cock with his every thrust, Wylf dimly noticed

Dranga bringing his muzzle along hers, his mouth forcing

hers open and pressing against it.  His forked tongue

slipped into her mouth, meeting hers.  With a whimper of

pleasure, she pressed her tongue forward, exploring over his

fangs.  The waves of pleasure that were rippling over her

grew to an intense level, and she broke away from the kiss,

tipping her head back and howling as her back arched.  The

captain nipped at her throat, thrusting harder into her,

feeling her clench around his penis with every thrust.

Grunts escaped his mouth with every breath, and he felt the

desire in his loins swell out of control.  Dranga's head

tipped back and he let loose an ecstatic roar, an

unintentional puff of flame leaping from his maw as his

violent thrusting pumped his fiery seed deep into the wolf.

His grip on Wylf's wrists released as he trembled through

erratic thrusts, finally stopping as a blissful exhaustion

quenched his desire.  The dragon relaxed and lay spent,

panting for breath while he rested on his pet.

     Wylf lay quiet, enjoying the bizarre tingling she felt

as Dranga slowly licked at her ear, then lifted his head

upward to kiss her deeply.  Something deep inside her was

enjoying this.  She never had anyone force her to do

anything, and no one ever even thought of treating her like

an animal.  Even Shiltarm, whom she was much less strict

around, would never try anything like this.

     She began thinking about him.  Poor Shiltarm.  What

remained of her loyal captain was being digested deep in the

belly of this monster that lay resting on top of her.  The

thought repulsed her, overcoming the pleasure of feeling his

seed steaming within her.  She broke away from his kiss and

tried to push him away.  He growled and tried again.  She

pushed him away once more.  He sat back with a frown.

     "Would you rather be tied back up again?" he snarled.

His words seemed to have no effect, and she continued to

struggle away from him.  "Or should I find a better use for

you?  Perhaps I should give you to someone else in my crew

for a while?"  She glared at him.  Dranga smiled, watching

her discomfort.  "I'm sure someone would love the chance to

play with a new toy.  In fact, I'm sure the whole crew would

be glad to share you.  Do you want something like that to

happen?"  She lay back quietly, appalled by the idea of

being treated like property.  Being treated as a pet was

tolerable; this was too much for her.

     He had been bluffing.  He really didn't want to give

her away.  That bothered him a bit.  Normally, any prisoners

he acquired would often be `lent' out to other crew members.

It kept morale much higher.  But not with her.  Something

within him wanted her to himself.  The words of the griffon

echoed through his head again.  He snarled at his confusion,

and leapt up out of his nest.  He walked over to his clothes

and put them on.  He looked back at her and cursed quietly.

He didn't want to leave her, but something kept bothering

him.  Maybe being away from her for a little bit would help.

     Wylf looked up, not quite sure what had happened.  She

saw him get dressed, then leave the room.  Nervously, she

worried that he might be doing as he threatened.  A minute

later, the door opened again.  She cowered back under a

blanket when she saw that it wasn't Dranga, but the gold

triceratops that she heard Dranga call Chavara.

     "'Allo," he said calmly.  "The capt'n's gone off for a

bit.  He wanted me to keep an eye on you.  Doesn't want you

wanderin' off I guess."  Wylf watched with a surprised look

as the huge dinosaur sank himself into one of the chairs,

pulled out a book, and started reading, totally ignoring

her.  She was confused by his apparent lack of interest in

her.  Even weirder, she felt a bit insulted.  She lay back

in the nest and thought for a bit.  An idea formed in her

mind, one that should get her free. She looked to the stocky

frame of the triceratops.  "It just might be enjoyable as

well," she thought with a smile.

     She climbed out of the bed and walked over to Chavara.

He noticed her moving, but kept reading.  Quietly, she

looked over his shoulder to see what he was reading.

     "Isn't that book getting a bit dull?" she whispered

into his ear.  Her hands fell gently on his shoulders, and

rubbed down over the bulging muscles of his arms.

     "It's na' that bad," he replied, obviously lying.  Wylf

slid her paws around to rub his stomach, sliding her paws

over the smooth silk of his shirt, nibbling on his ear.  He

set the book down.  Chavara grunted and snickered to

himself, thinking this is what the captain meant by her

being dangerous.  He gave up trying not to admire her.  "But

it certainly doesn't compare with you."

     She smiled, and moved back to the bed, tugging gently

on the dinosaur's tail.  She gracefully fell onto the bed,

stretching herself out, her tail barely concealing the

darker patch of fur between her legs.  Climbing to his feet,

Chavara tossed the book aside and stepped over to her, his

well built frame towering over the lithe wolf.  She purred

softly and rolled into the middle of the captain's nest,

beckoning him to follow.

     Somewhere below decks, the captain lurked around in the

shadows.  He soon wound up in the aft hold, resting on one

of the crates.  "What am I doing in here?" he thought aloud.

     "I was wondering that too," came a whisper from

somewhere near him.  From behind a pile of extra sails

crawled a young, dark-furred fox.  As usual, Fantom Phox was

sneaking around unseen, avoiding most of the crew.  "Hiding

perhaps? Like me?"

     Dranga chuckled.  "No, not hiding."  Fantom was one of

the few of his crew that Dranga really trusted, and Dranga

was one of fewer that Fantom could trust.  "I just happened

to be alone in here."

     The fox smiled.  "You've caught y'self such a fine

prize, and you're not back in yer cabin to enjoy it?"

     "Perhaps I just needed a breath of fresh air."  Fantom

looked meaningfully around the musty hold, but said nothing.

"Ok, ok!" the captain snickered, "Maybe I am hiding."

     The cabin boy lay back into the pile of sails, getting

comfortable.  "What ever for?"

     Chavara sat sideways on the side of the bed, looking

down on the enchanting wolf that lay sprawled out next to

him.  His paw reached and slowly rubbed his fingers through

the soft fur of her stomach.  Wylf growled softly, almost

purring as she ran her hands up along his arm, then across

the soft silken shirt that covered the muscles of his chest.

She ran her paws down his sides, and slid them under his

shirt.  With an graceful motion, she lifted the shirt

upward, quickly tugging it over the horns of his head and

off his arms, then resumed rubbing his chest.  The skin of

his chest was much lighter than the dark gold of the rest of

him, and was almost white on his portly belly.  Wylf's hands

slowly moved down over his stomach as Chavara's moved upward

to the curves of her chest.  Wylf gasped softly as he

soothingly squeezed her breasts, and she moaned when he

stroked them.  Her paws quivered as they fell to the soft

fabric of his pants, rubbing slowly over the rapidly

enlarging bulge she felt underneath the thin material.  She

reached up to loosen his belt.  Chavara growled loudly as

she tugged the belt from his waist.  He climbed slowly to

his feet, letting his pants fall to his ankles, exposing the

erect cock Wylf had felt.  He climbed back to the bed,

sitting on his tail as Wylf's paws wrapped around his penis,

stroking him with painfully sluggish strokes.  Wylf leaned

forward and crouched on all fours before the massive

Chavara, letting her whiskers brush slowly up along his

thighs.  The dinosaur groaned when he felt her warm wet

tongue slide over his balls.  With a grunt, Chavara fell

back into the pillows while Wylf slid her tongue up his

shaft.  Wylf licked her tongue thoroughly over his cock,

amazed that he was also so warm in spite of being a reptile.

Hearing Chavara whining in delight, she slowly brought the

head of his length into her mouth, slowly pressing downward.

Letting his member slide along her tongue and fangs, she

pressed his shaft back, feeling her throat forced open

around the head as her tongue reached out where her mouth

couldn't.  As wylf enjoyed the sound of his ecstatic noises,

she eyed the crossbow that lay on the floor where she saw it

earlier.  It was well out of her physical reach, but

magically, it was very close.  As she flicked her tongue out

over Chavara's balls, she slowly wrapped her mind around the

crossbow, trying to hold tightly before she tried moving it.

     Wylf's back arched, and she nearly screamed as a sudden

wave of pleasure hit her.  She lost her focus on the weapon

as she felt the dinosaur's tail rub up her leg and teasingly

brush over her sex.  His tailtip rubbed, circling around her

crotch.  She lifted her mouth off his penis with a loud

moan.  The tip of his tail pressed forward, easily sliding

into the moist wolf.  She shivered, forcing herself back

against his tail.  Her head thrust forward, taking his cock

back into her mouth again, pressing it into her throat as

Chavara wriggled his tail deeper into her.  Wylf stroked

Chavara's cock a few more times with her mouth, massaging

his balls with one furry paw, before she felt an explosion

of ecstasy erupt with in her.  Her head lifted away from

him, and with a howl of pleasure she straightened up,

forcing herself further onto his wriggling tail.  Chavara

sat up, wrapped his arms around her back, and leaned her

back into the pillows, still tormenting her with his tail.

She pulled his stocky frame onto her.  His tail slid out

from her, and was quickly replaced by the throbbing head of

his penis.  With one smooth thrust, Chavara's cock filled

her, stretching her more than she thought she could take.

Wylf whined and howled, squirming in his strong arms, unable

to contain her pleasure.  Huffing and puffing, the dinosaur

rammed his cock into her, his every lunge feeling more

wonderful than the last.  All too soon, he felt himself

peaking.  He bellowed out blissfully as his last powered

thrusts sent his semen gushing deep into her, then

collapsed, holding the wolf tightly, feeling completely


     Wylf rested very briefly, then reluctantly seized her

chance.  She reached out with her mind again, grabbing the

crossbow and pulling it across the room.  It landed smoothly

in her hand, pointing right at Chavara's head.  "Get up,"

she growled, from under his bulk.

     "Wha?" he groaned, startled by the tone of her voice.

Then he saw the bolt aimed at him, and he pushed himself up

to kneel over her, raising his hands.

     "Turn around," she said as she climbed to her feet,

standing on the bed.  Turning nervously, he thought he heard

her whisper "I'm sorry."  A second later he felt the butt of

the crossbow striking the back of his head, knocking him

into blackness.

     "You like her, don't you?" asked the fox.

     "I do not!" shouted the captain.

     Fantom chuckled.  "You came back to the `Amnidar' from

wherever you've been in your large form.  That's something

you never do unless you're in serious trouble.  And, if

during that time of serious trouble, you went out of the way

to drag her along..."  His voice trailed off.

     Dranga sighed.  That fox is sometimes too clever.  "Ok,

maybe I like her a little."

     "Maybe a lot."

     "Would you shut up!"

     Fantom grinned. "But since you do like her, why are you

out here and not with her?"

     "Perhaps I just need to be away from her for a bit."

     "Ah-ha! So you do like her!"

     "Shut up!" Dranga shouted.  This was how most of their

arguments went.  Half of what was said was meaningful, and

the more fun part was this senselessly bickering.

     "So why be you hiding?"

     Dranga sighed.  "I'm not sure what to do about Wylf."

     "You? Baffled by one of your own captives?"

     "Aww, what do you know about this kinda stuff anyway?"

     The fox grinned.  "Obviously more than you."  Dranga

chuckled.  "I think you need to stop tryin' to force each

other around.  You know, maybe charm?  So that she doesn't

feel like a prisoner?"

     They sat quietly for a moment as the captain tried to

figure out what the fox was saying.  Off in the distance,

they heard the crew, on deck, raising quite a commotion.

"Sounds like they're fighting again." mumbled the fox.

     Dranga grumbled.  "Again? Time to see what's bothering


     Fantom leapt to his feet.  "I'll check.  Maybe you

should check on Wylf?"

     "Perhaps, yes," he said as the fox hurried off.  He

remained a minute more before climbing to his feet and

heading back to his cabin.

     Dranga opened the door to his cabin.  Chavara was lying

in his bed, rubbing his head and groaning something

unpleasant.  "Chavara?" he shouted as he leapt over to him.

"What happened?"

     "Wylf kinda... distracted me."

     Dranga noticed the dinosaur's clothes on the floor, and

chuckled.  "Quite an exciting distraction.  I told you she

could be dangerous."

     "Yeah, but she's well worth that risk," he snickered.

     Dranga smiled.  "You're damned right.  Where is she?"

     "How the hell should I know?  She kinda knocked me out.

In more ways than one!"

     Dranga laughed.  "You rest here.  She can't have gone

too far."  Chavara collapsed back into the bed as Dranga

leapt to the floor and bolted for the deck.

     The deck itself was in chaos.  Everyone was running all

over the place.  Much of the rigging seemed to be falling

apart, and most of the crew was struggling to hold it

together.  Dranga saw Fantom running by, and grabbed his


     "What happened?" he shouted.

     "That wolf of yours.  She came up from below and fired

up a storm, making a mess of the rigging before anyone even

saw her.  She's severed most of the lines, and two of the

booms have swung loose.  They're still trying to get some of

the crew out of the water."

     "Yes, but where'd she go?" he asked after a second.

     "Dunno.  I think she leapt over the side.  What ever

you did to her, it wasn't exactly charming."

     Dranga growled at him.  "When Chavara gets up here,

tell him to take his time re-rigging the sails.  We won't be

leaving for a while."

     "Aye captain." the fox said.  "What are you going to


     "I'm going after Wylf."

     Fantom winked at him.  "As I thought.  Good luck!"

     Wylf had swum to shore.  It wasn't a long trip, but

after being tied up for the night, the swim was difficult.

Luckily, she quickly ran into a small patrol of her guards,

and they had horses.  She was soon riding swiftly back to

her camp as the darkness fell.  With any luck, Dranga

wouldn't bother looking for her.  She'd never have to see

him again.

     Wylf never even heard Dranga's approach.  He had been

flying over the area, guessing that she would be trying to

get back to her camp.  He heard the sound of hoofbeats, and

flew closer to investigate.  Upon seeing that it was her, he

dove down at her.  He crashed into her, knocking her off the

horses back and they both tumbled into the sand.

     "Get away from me!" she screeched.  After a short

struggle, Dranga had her pinned down below him.  "What do

you want?" she shouted angrily.

     Dranga suddenly realized what he was supposed to be

doing.  He was intending to ask her if she had wanted to

stay for a while, trying to charm her as Fantom suggested.

Now all he was doing was getting her frightened and very

angry.  He leaned back onto his feet and crouched over her.

"Uh... well... I wanted to see if you wanted to stay on the

`Amnidar' for a little bit with me."

     "What?" she snapped.  He sounded very confused about


     "Look.  I'm sorry about what I said about lending you

out to my crew.  I never would have.  I was just trying to

frighten you."

     "It worked," she thought.  Something in the dragon's

voice had changed.  He almost sounded sad.

     "I was going to ask you if you might have wanted to

stay on my ship for a little while, a-- as a guest."  He

blushed faintly.  "I've sort have gotten to like you.  But

after I saw you had escaped, I was too anxious to find you.

I kinda forgot about being nice, and just grabbed you when I

saw you here."  He looked down and shut his eyes.  "I'm

sorry about what I did to that griffon.  I know you liked

him, but..."

     Wylf sat up.  "Well... he was getting to be a nuisance

for me anyhow.  I would have had to deal with him somehow.

I think I spoiled him a bit too much.  Besides, after what

he did, I imagine you wanted some revenge anyhow."

     Dranga laughed awkwardly.  "You could say that."

     A cool breeze blew by quietly, and both shivered

slightly.  "It'll be cold soon," Wylf said quietly.

     "How far away is that town of yours?"

     "Not far, but the guards will have a fit if you just

walk in, even with me there."

     Dranga frowned.  "After the havoc you started on the

ship, it might be best if you gave the crew time to cool off

before you showed up."  He looked around.  "So now what?"

     "How about... a vacation?"  Dranga peered at Wylf as

she spoke.  "I know I wouldn't mind hiding from some of my

responsibilities for a bit."  She paused.  "Care for some...

shore leave?"

     "Now that you mention it, I would.  Right now perhaps?"

     "You'll just abandon your ship?"

     "For a bit.  Chavara's used to me vanishing briefly

from time to time.  This whole race was his idea.  It's his

fault I got into all this.  Making him take control will

serve him right."  Dranga thought for a bit.  "But where

might we go?"

     Wylf smiled.  "To the northwest is an old fortress just

at the edge of my territory.  It's right on the coast."  She

smiled.  "I could send all the guards back while we're

there, and we'd have the whole place to ourselves.  We could

make all the noise we wanted."

     Dranga snickered at that comment.  "Ok."

     Wylf stood up and pulled him to his feet.  The horse

she had been riding had slowly returned, and she reached out

and grabbed his harness.  "Come on.  It's a short ride,"

Wylf said as she climbed on.  Dranga climbed up and sat

behind her.  She spurred the horse onward.

     "You know," said Dranga, "If I carried you, we would

get there faster."

     "I know, but when we get there, you may be hungry, and

I don't want you eating any more of my griffons," she said

with a smile as she patted the side of the horse.  Dranga

wrapped his arms around her and hugged her as they rode on

into the night.

"Desert Wolf" Copyright 1992, Carl `Dragon' Norden.


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