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Archive-name: Fantasy/conted1.txt

Archive-author: The Phantom

Archive-title: Continuing Education, Part 1 of 4

A point:  The following works did not come from my pen.  They came

from the Phantom.  I am only her publicity agent and go-between.

If you have comments, questions, etc, please mail to me for forwarding

to the Phantom.  Thank you!                    

				Lisa the Lustful . . .


I should state beforehand that THIS IS AN EROTIC STORY written by a

woman, and not science fiction strictly speaking.  This is an

exploration of an arousing character, not hard SF.

Copyright 1993(c) by the author.  All rights reserved, but if you

want to pass it around, just don't make money off it, okay?

                       CONTINUING EDUCATION

Julian looked at the other man, attired nearly identically to his

Lady, with more than a little trepidation, still holding his Lady's

hand, the hand that held the chain to his collar.  He wore nothing

else, as was required by his training.

"This is Rala, my friend, Doctor.  He will be helping me during your

next lesson."  Julian swallowed.

"How?"  His voice wavered slightly, betraying his uncertainty.  He

felt his Lady's arm around his waist, protective and caring, as she

stood behind him.

"He will help teach you the next lesson, how to give yourself freely."  

His head turned; his eyes sought hers.  "I trust Rala," and she took

the other man's hand in hers, kissing the palm, "implicitly."

"I only wish to merit your trust, Lady," Rala replied, his own voice

rich and deep.  He was slightly shorter than Julian, level with his

Lady, and his hair was the color of ruddy sand, his skin fair.  Large

eyes were set over a straight nose and sensuously full lips.  He was

well-built, with the waist and chest of a South Seas pearl diver,

narrow and strong.  Between creamy hips was his own sex, slightly

erect, surrounded by tow-colored curls.  A perfect round peach was

his buttocks, right down to the coat of gentle fuzz.  His long legs

looked strong, at least what Julian could see of them that was not

also covered in his dark tan boots, a contrast to his Lady's jet


Julian looked up then to see that the other man was examining him as

closely as he was being examined; he felt blood go to his face and

heat rose from his blushing cheeks.  His hand tightened on his


"You have never tasted a man?" Rala asked him softly.  Julian only

shook his head.

"I . . . I've never . . . wanted to before . . . " he stammered.  His

Lady came up behind him then, and he felt her against him, felt

himself drawing strength from her nearness, her warmth.

"Doctor," she said, "would I ever lead you into something that would

harm you?"  Again, his eyes sought hers.

"No, Lady," he replied, with perfect trust, complete sincerity.  His

eyes went back to Rala, silent and watching.  His Lady's hand rose to

his warm face, and her lips closed on his.  She felt the thin sweat

on his upper lip as she kissed him, and wiped it away with her thumb.

Then, she turned and nodded to the other man.

Rala walked forward, placing one gentle hand on Julian's bare waist.

His dark stomach tensed and his eyes widened with apprehension.  Rala

drew nearer, and Julian's Lady stood close behind him, against him,

until he could feel her breathing.  "I'm right here, Doctor," was all

she said, all she needed to say.  Rala said only:

"I will never hurt you, Doctor" -- and kissed him.

Julian closed his eyes, shivering, and felt his breathing rate

increase.  Rala's lips moved against his, and he would have whimpered

had he not felt the calming presence of his Lady behind him, stroking

his stomach lightly.  He could smell the other man's maleness, feel

an arm slide around his back and hold him against a hard chest.

Warmth enveloped him from all sides.  Gentle but firm bodies were

against him.  Caressing hands seemed to cover every inch of his skin.

Almost without realizing it, he found himself returning the man's

kiss, felt his own lips move against Rala's, felt his own hand rise

to take sand-colored curls in his fingers.  The gently pressing

bodies against his moved closer and embraced one another around him,

and he felt as though he were losing himself.  Deliciously, he felt

himself pulse and awaken, felt himself pressing against the other

man's body, becoming firm against his firmness, and with a wondering

jolt, he understood that he was being held against a body like his


Rala's tongue traced out his delicate lips, and his own did the same.

Hesitantly at first, they began toying with each other's tongues.

The room seemed filled with the soft sounds of their mouths against

each other, their playful tongues exploring one another's mouths.

Julian moaned softly, a light feathery sound.  Then, Rala pulled

away, and Julian felt the warmth against his chest fade.  His heart

was pounding.

His Lady put both arms around him then, against his slim chest.  "I

would never expose you to anyone not gentle, dear Doctor," was all

she said.  He lay his head back against her shoulder as the other man

regarded him, hearing only the deafening quiet that seemed to settle

on the room.

Then, the light vanished, and he could not see.  His head flew

upright and he gasped.  A gentle hand laid itself against his

stomach, and he could not tell whose it was.  Moments later, he

became aware of the blindfold that had been placed on him, soft and

entirely blocking his vision.  His muscles were rigid and stood

outlined in the candlelight.  Reflexively, he reached for his Lady's

hand.  "Lady . . . " he said, but before he could continue, he felt

only a soft mouth against his, and the scent of a man rose up to his

nostrils.  Rala.

Without thinking, he returned the kiss, and felt the mouth trace

itself down to his neck.  He gasped, and felt his head fall back.

Another kiss awoke his lips -- his Lady -- and he felt a tongue push

its way between them as another tongue drew whirls against his toffee

skin.  Then, that was elsewhere also against his neck, and joined by

the other mouth and tongue, the other gentle lips.  Softly, he felt

the mouths, the fingers, meander over the surface of his body,

wandering and kissing and fondling until he could no longer tell them

apart.  His knees buckled with the pleasure, and two sets of firm,

gentle hands caught him and lowered him softly to the floor.

All traces of hesitation vanished; each mouth, each tongue was

another to enjoy, another to please.  All over him, hands wandered,

and he felt overloaded with touch.  An electrifying sensation of warm

wetness embraced his now rigid sex, and while it was not the gateway

of his Lady, he had no idea who it belonged to, and did not care.

All he could think of was drowning in the tender pleasing mouths all

over him and pleasing them when they arrived at his.

                   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It had been a long day, too long once he had seen the arrival

schedules for the station.  It had been an achingly long five months,

and the minute the date had turned, he had begun searching through

the schedules every day; the terminal in his quarters as well as that

in the infirmary had been set to search for her ship's name ever

since she had left.  At first, he could not keep himself from

checking them constantly, but as the long weeks had dragged on, he

had stopped doing it for the most part.  Today, the terminal in his

quarters had beeped at him, as it had done hundreds of times since

she had departed last, and he had walked over to it, wondering whose

prescription was up to be renewed, or what offloading of medical

supplies had to be signed for.

And it had blinked quietly up at him, showing only one line:

Ariad.  15:40 hours.  Bay 1.

His hands had trembled then, as he stared at the screen.  A keystroke

would have cleared it and left it in memory to be accessed later, but

he couldn't touch the keypad, had to keep it glowing quietly up at

him, making her arrival seem more real.  He closed his eyes, and

brought two shivering hands to his face.

What did he remember of what she had taught him?  What would she say?

What would *he* say upon seeing her?  Would she still want him?  And,

if she did, what . . . what would she teach him now?  He rubbed at

one fist with his palm, and a flood of memories ran over him, washing

at his feet.  The unity.  The electric warmth and acceptance.  The

gentle discipline.  He shook once, and his back tingled with the

awakened memories of the spots of candlewax against his skin, the

tingling of her blows.

The ungentle discipline.

A glance at his schedule confirmed that it would be a busy day -- two

prenatals, six physicals, and seven returned test results from the

lab.  At least he wouldn't be left by himself, like he had been the

last time, wondering what was going to happen.  He smoothed his

uniform nervously, and licked his lips.  His face felt cool, and his

hand went to his upper lip; he was sweating.

She's here, he told himself, almost not believing it.  She's almost

here.  He would never be able to eat anything for breakfast; his

stomach was in knots.

What if she has forgotten me? he asked himself, the question that

threatened to paralyze him.  He had to confront it, had to ask it of

himself or he would be unable to function the entire day.  He

wouldn't do that to his patients.  What if all that I read, all that

I researched means . . . nothing?  He ran through the files he had

accessed on Ishtarian women and their training in his mind, all that

he had read compulsively after her departure.  All that he had

studied against the day she returned.  Might I never put it to use?

What if she has found someone else?  What if one of her pupils after

me was . . . more than I was?  Better?  All the unspoken fears ran

through him, gibbering, and threatened to overwhelm him.  With a hard

snap of flesh on plastic, he struck the keypad, bringing up the day's

medical schedule.

The first prenatal was in the morning, he saw.  One of the Bajoran

civilians on the station.  Her fetus was of a different blood type

than she was, as common in Bajorans as humans, and she needed some

special monitoring; one of the station midwives and he had conferred

the night before about the case.  No cause for concern, but seeing it

steadied his nerves.  Something medical.  A chord had been struck in

him, and the knowledge of what he would have to do, the actions he

would take, passed before him like a mantra, calming him.

And, he would see what happened after that.  He was off duty at 18:45

hours.  Perhaps he could call her ship . . . ask after her as she

approached.  Still nervous, he walked briskly out of his quarters on

the way to the infirmary.

By lunch he was ravenous, and had downed enough food to march an army

on.  It threatened to make its presence known again after he had

eaten it, though, and he had beaten a hasty exit from the replimat.

After returning to the infirmary, his nerves had steadied again, and

he took the opportunity to lose himself in the work offered by the

returning test results.  By the time 15:40 hours had arrived, he was

standing over a vat of bubbling viscous material that would have made

anyone but a medical researcher queasy and poking at a tricorder.

His combadge chittered at him.  Absentmindedly, he struck at it,

leaving a streak of the medical stew on his smock as he did so.

"Bashir."  His greetings sometimes degenerated when he was


Kira was on the other end.  "Doctor.  There's a shipowner just

docking who'd like a word with you."

And he had almost dropped the tricorder he was holding right into the

vat.  "What?"  It's her, he repeated to himself, over and over, it's

her, it's her.  He gripped the sides of the vat, closing his eyes.

"The ship is called the Ariad.  Should I pipe it down to you?"

"Yes!"  He steadied his hands, and put down the tricorder.  Seconds

passed like centuries --

"Doctor!"  It was her voice, her beautiful voice.  Still clutching

the sides of the vat, he raised his eyes to the ceiling and sighed in


"Yes!" he replied.

He could almost hear her smile across the circuit.  Then, "My

beautiful doctor," she said to him in a voice filled with affection,

with caring, and his heart convulsed with the same dedication he had

felt the last time he had seen her.  She hadn't forgotten him.  She

still wanted him!  "It's been a little longer than five months.  I

hope this hasn't been . . . inconvenient for you."

His mind's eye spun back to the last time he saw her, framed in the

entranceway to her craft as he stood with his collar in his hands.

He saw her face, could see her lips moving now, speaking the words he

was hearing.  "No . . . no."  He swallowed.  "I saw . . . the docking

schedules today.  I -- I saw your ship on it and . . . "  He trailed

off at this point.  The vat of goo was nearly forgotten; once his

shaking hands placed the stasis field around it, it was completely

so.  He couldn't trust himself to concentrate while even hearing her

voice.  "I get off duty at 18:45 tonight."

Quiet.  He could hear muted voices on the other end.  Then, "19:00 it

is, then, Doctor.  Unless . . . "  Another pause.  "Is this

satisfactory?  You have nothing else planned?"

"No!  I mean . . . yes!  I mean . . . "  He stopped himself before he

lost all coherency.  A gulp of air steadied him.  "That will be


"Do you still have the collar?"

He could feel the smile dawning on his lips and was glad he was

alone; he felt himself go scarlet to his hairline.  Impishly, he

replied, "Of course, Lady."  The smile widened.

He heard her smile in her voice as well.  "19:00 then, Doctor."  She

chuckled.  "My lovely doctor . . . Until then."

"Yes, Lady, " he replied, and the communication ceased.  Some small

part of him wondered if Kira had eavesdropped, and the larger part of

him did not care if she had.

If he had thought the previous part of the day passed slowly, that

was nothing compared to the crawl it had slowed to now.  Desperately,

he wished for some patients, some interaction.  The silent goop in

front of him offered no conversation, no opportunity for distraction.

Again and again, he found himself making the same measurement several

times, checking and rechecking figures he would normally be able to

hold in his head with no effort.  Finally, he called the computer

and asked it to pipe in some music.  His first choice was doumbec,

but the throbbing rhythms only made things worse.  Finally, he was

forced to choose the spare ornamentation of Bach, and hummed it

softly to himself as he worked.

In the middle of the Partita No. 3, the quiet alarm broke in, its

gentle beep sounding like a klaxon to him.  He looked up at the

chrono on the wall over the entrance.  18:45.

In minutes, the smock was thrown off and he was out the door, on his

way to his quarters.  The collar was in a drawer; he had not worn it

since the last lesson.  He remembered seeing it there each time he

opened this drawer, picking it up, holding it -- but never wearing

it.  He couldn't bring himself to put it on.

He entered his quarters, opened the drawer.  The collar lay there,

the chain slightly tarnished, the soft kid leather slightly stiff.

With trembling fingers, he picked it up.

A faint scent of jasmine still clung to it -- or was he imagining

that?  His eyes went to the chrono near his bed.  18:48.  He

considered just heading straight for Bay 1, but caught a reflection

of himself in the mirror over his dresser that stopped him.  Smiling

slightly, he ran his hand over his uniform.

No.  His lips curled wryly as he remembered.  He fingered the

synthetic fabric, black and brilliant royal blue.  Quartermaster

would want to know why he needed two more uniforms after less than

six months, and he certainly couldn't explain that.  Quickly, he

removed the uniform, and realized while pulling the tunic over his

head that it would also not do to appear at his Lady's ship still

carrying whiffs of medical sludge on him.  Stilling his shaking

hands, he dashed into the shower, unable while there to keep from

running his hands over his bare skin as the steam surrounded him,

imagining them as hers.  He might have lingered over the

anticipation, the wanting, but wanted nothing so much as to see her

again, hear her voice, feel her on and around him.  Anticipation be

damned -- he wanted his Lady, wanted to be near her, see her eyes on

him, feel her hands, her mouth, her body . . .  and please her with

his own.

He jumped out of the shower, dried himself, and pulled on a crisp

white shirt, blue trousers, and his uniform boots.  The chrono

blinked at him.  18:56.

He turned.  His hand went to the collar, picked it up once more.  He

looked down at it in his fingers, and as he considered her parting

comment about how it might fit her, he was unaware that his eyes had

begun to glitter with something that was not surrender.  Standing at

the mirror, he slowly raised it up and held it against his neck,

wrapping it around his skin, still moist from the heat of the shower.

He did not fasten it there.  His eyes closed, and he felt the subtle

throbbing, the insistence at his thighs.


His reflection gazed back at him, holding the collar again as a

talisman against his chest.  He swallowed, turned, and exited, the

door closing over him.  With only a little trembling in his legs, he

walked to the docking ring, to Bay 1.

His fingers still trembled at the chime.  Seeing them took him back

to the night, centuries ago, when he had last done this, last awaited

entrance to her ship -- ignorant and completely unaware of what was

to come.  Briefly, he considered that he was now more knowledgeable,

more urbane, but as he stood there, not pressing the chime, he

realized that that was not the case -- nowhere near it.  He still was

uncertain, and knew nothing of what was to come.  He knew only that

she was on the other side of this airlock, and that he belonged on

that side, with her -- with his Lady.  But, he thought, we will see

how the collar fits her as well.  His mouth curled upward in a dark

little smile of which he was unaware.

He might give her a few surprises.

Julian pressed the chime once.  In breathless anticipation, he

watched the bay door roll away, and saw the entranceway to her ship

part before him, welcoming him into its dim, ruddy depths.  In one

corner, he could just see one of the standing flame lamps.

As if sleepwalking, he moved, his body seemingly taking him forward

of its own volition.  Lightheaded, he moved out of the airlock, into

a place beyond normal space, normal time, into the protective circle

of his Lady's ship and his Lady's presence.  The entrance slid closed

behind him, cutting him off completely from the station.  The same

voice that had commanded him so beautifully during the past time of

surrender and desire floated at him from nowhere.

"My beautiful doctor . . . " and trailed off.

"Lady . . . " he murmured, looking around himself.

Then, "Put on your collar."

He did so, and felt the leather around his neck again, stiff but

still a good fit.  For long moments, he simply stood there, aching to

see her, wondering when she would come to him.

Again, then, the voice from behind him.  "That's better."  He spun.

She was directly behind him, and held the chain to his collar in her

hands.  "In your bonds, I can greet you properly."  He only stood,

feeling himself fall forward, into her eyes, her welcoming smile.

Her hands reached out to him.  "My lovely pupil."

She still wanted him.

He bent one knee before her, a knight, and the only thing he could

utter was, "Lady . . . "  She was before him, warm and accepting,

clothed only in her hair, longer than it had been when he had seen

her last.  It was a satiny black cape, brushing the tops of her

thighs.  Aside from that most beautiful of cloaks, she wore nothing


She chuckled again, low and velvety.  Standing before him, she

touched his hair softly as a mother's kiss.  She did not kneel, but

only looked at him, memories also taking her for the time.  Her

fingers toyed with his dark waves of hair, her hands ran over his

slender shoulders, the crisp whiteness of his shirt shining like new

snow against his deep skin.  She traced his jawline, his neck, his

brow -- as lost in thought as was he.  Moving closer, she took his

head in her hands and drew it close, holding it against her hips.  He

turned his head and laid it there, feeling her fingers in his hair,

caressing him.  Her own ebon curls tickled at his cheek, and he

kissed them.  Raising his arms, he embraced her, feeling her strong

thighs under his hands.  "Lady . . . " he whispered again, drinking

in the sensation of acceptance that washed over him in a cool tide.

He raised his eyes to her face, smiling down at him, and tugged

firmly and steadily on the chain she was holding, his chain.

Now is as good a time as any, he told himself.  Do it.

She saw that his expression had altered slightly, impishness and

something darker shining at her out of his eyes.  She stood still,

and felt his hands grip her own forearms, and pull her downward.  At

first, she resisted, but then felt herself drop until she was eye

level with him or perhaps a little lower, as he was taller than she.

"I've waited . . . " he began, "I've waited . . . " but he could not

continue.  His hands wreathed her face, pulling it toward his own.

She placed her hand on his chest again, but he overruled her with his

own hands, kissing her deep and strong, pressing himself into her.

He ran his tongue over her tense lips hungrily, hearing her wordless

protest, and parted those lips -- probing deeply into her warm mouth.

Toying with her tongue, he let himself be submerged in the soft

sounds, the scent of her, the feel of her hair under his hand, her

tense body against his, even through the clothing.

His eager boldness grew.  One hand slid down her back to her own

buttocks, pressing them to him, pressing his hips to hers; he could

hear rough sounds of friction, his clothing against her jet hair.

Her hands were around his upper arms, gripping them like steel, and

he waited.  Waited for her to relax into him, as the files on

Ishtarian training he had perused during her absence had advised.

For long minutes, they were like that, tasting each other, he gently

moving his hips against hers until he felt himself again pushing to

be released from his clothing; he knew she could feel his occasional

pulsing.  Time passed.  He tightened his grip on her buttocks,

feeling the soft skin give under his hands, and felt her own grip on

his arms slacken just a hair.  Now, he told himself.  He pulled away

then, ending the kiss, and could feel her body leaning into his,

watching her face closely.

It was there, just as he had hoped -- surprise, desire, a hint of

frustration -- as she caught her breath.  He could see all of what

she felt running over her face, through her eyes.  He smiled at her,

the impish little smile he had worn in the airlock.  "Lady . . . I'm

ready for my next lesson."

Her chest was rising and falling quickly, and she raised one hand to

her neck.  For a moment, she did not reply.  Then, she smiled, and a

new realization shone from her tilted eyes -- a gauntlet had been

thrown.  "Yes," she said simply, her voice breathier than she would

have wanted.  "You may indeed be."

His eyes ran over her face, and he pitched his voice sensuously low.

"I am."  He pushed himself into her more closely, pressing her

backwards, digging his fingers into her soft skin.

Slowly, her eyes began to smoulder, and he saw then the challenge in

them, the arousal and the strength.  She looked through him, and her

gaze nearly melted him on the spot.  Steam rose from her, or seemed

to.  "We will see."  Her eyes narrowed, and she smiled at him, the

smile of new respect.  "You have been reading during my absence,

Doctor," she remarked, appraising him.

He blinked, unsure of how to respond to this.  She had seen what he

was trying to do quickly.

Leaning closer to him, and grasping his own buttocks firmly, she

whispered, "I spent years studying to be what I am."  His eyes darted

down to her lips at his face, caressing his clean cheek.  "I couldn't

fail to recognize the technique."  Her tongue darted out, tracing out

his sharp cheekbone.  She pulled back.  "You are what I imagined

you'd be, Doctor.  One of my most dedicated pupils."  Her sibilant

voice was soft and gentle.  "Remove your clothing."  She released his

chain, and he felt it fall against his thigh; he jumped slightly.

This commanding tone was not what he had expected -- but then, again,

he was forced to admit that he still did not know what to expect.

"What will you teach me?" he asked.

"Remove your clothing, Doctor."  She stood, and he followed after

watching her body rise before his eyes.  "I will return shortly."

And she left the room, leaving him there wondering what to do.  Voices

floated out of the other room, his Lady's and another's -- the new

voice low and quiet.  He strained to make sense of what they said,

but could determine nothing.

After waiting for several seconds, he pulled his shirttails out of

his trousers and hesitantly tugged the shirt off over his head.  Cool

air struck his slim chest.  His previous boldness had begun to

dissipate, and he began to wonder what she had planned, and what form

any reprisals would take.  She would take up his challenge, he was

sure of it, and he hoped he could bear whatever she put to him.  A

slight tug, and his hands moved down his hips; he felt the fabric of

his trousers sliding along his skin as they fell to the floor.  He

was again as he once was -- unclothed and uncertain, in his collar,

on her ship and at her mercy.

Gathering himself, he promised that it would not be so . . . one-

sided this time, but it was easier to be bold and promise her a new

pupil in his mind three months ago, he safe and clothed and sitting

in his quarters, than it was now.  His certainty vanished like snow

on hot ground when she entered again with her assistant . . .

 . . . and he was now enduring the overload of sensation that this

newest lesson -- or the beginnings of one -- had brought.  Writhing

blindly, the floor cold and hard against his back, he felt his spine

curve as the moist warmth enveloped him further.  His wrists were

seized and held, not confined but merely held, a reminder of his

bound status.  A nimble tongue traced out the outlines of the head of

his sex, and he felt every movement of it, each slow, deliberate

millimeter's worth.  Pulses ran shuddering through him from there,

and the soft mouth took him in completely, and pulled back, took him

in yet again, and pulled away again, seeming to know exactly what he

wanted.  The other mouth was against his neck, almost unbearably

sensitized, and the firm and gentle hands seemed everywhere else.

His wrists were pinned against his sides; he badly wanted to bring

his hands to the head of the unknown person pleasing him so

wonderfully and could not.  Expressions of gratitude were confined to

his soft voice, wordless, growing stronger as the overload continued.

He turned his head, felt smooth thick hair against his cheek, and

understood with a shock of pleasure that Rala was the one pleasing

him, taking him in, teasing and delighting him.  The realization

coursed through him like hot fire, making him throb even harder, the

tension and horrible ache tripling.  In his mind's eye, he could see

himself, abandoned and twisting, on the floor with his Lady's mouth

on his, and Rala at his hips -- his body arching, even his

expression.  It was etched on his eyes as if in glass.

He could hear himself moaning.

Voices sang in his mind, and he felt the mouth at him retreat

completely.  His teeth clenched in frustration, but he recalled the

final lesson of his last time with his Lady -- patience.  Limber

fingers stroked at him, keeping him aroused while other fingers, both

mouths, concentrated on the rest of his body, awakening every nerve,

every square centimeter of skin.  Gradually, strong hands began

kneading him, relaxing him, one set working at his thighs, another at

his shoulders; he felt a wet warmth at his stomach and knew his Lady

to be straddling him, her firm hands working the muscles in his

chest.  Slowly, the tension and mad wanting he felt began to ebb into

a melting feeling.  Soft lips kissed at his genitals, and he started

at them and at the warm tongue that traced out the textures of his

inner thighs, also being kneaded by firm, strong fingers.

The moist warmth at his stomach departed, and he was just barely

conscious of being lifted from the floor and held against a strong

hard chest.  Rala again, his strong arms supporting Julian, taking

him to something he knew not what.  His own arms now free, he wrapped

them around Rala's chest, holding himself more closely to his Lady's

assistant, his mouth and body sweet and shockingly different,

shockingly the same.  He felt also his Lady's hand at him, keeping

him aroused and rigid, while he buried his face in Rala's warm flesh,

pulling himself up to run his eager tongue over the other man's neck.

He felt Rala's head turn to face him and his hand ran over the other

man's cheek and neck.  Again, the sweet mouth was on his, gently

devouring, the moist probing tongue against his lips.  Hungrily, he

lifted himself in Rala's arms further, pushing the man's face against

his while their mouths pressed together.

A voice was at his ear, and he gasped, turning his head blindly.

"Doctor," it whispered, the sensuous voice of his Lady, "you learn

quickly, my beauty."  Another gentle kiss against his cheekbone,

another soft set of lips to toy with.  He felt his body against

something soft as he was laid on his back on the bed that he had been

seeing for so long in his dreams.  The blindfold was removed, and he

opened his eyes to Rala beside him, releasing him from his arms.  Of

its own volition, his hand moved to touch the other man's pert sex,

close by his head and so like his own.  A smile crept over his face

as he gazed at this, delighted in some part of himself he could not

name, amazed at this so like his own body.  Out of the corner of his

eye, Julian could see his Lady smiling on them both; now, though, he

had eyes only for Rala.  An unspoken current of understanding,

mutuality, flowed between them.  "Like me," he murmured.  Rala

nodded, and as he gently touched Julian as well, replied with a

tender smile, "Like me, as well, Doctor."  The smile grew into

impishness, and Julian returned it.

He turned his head to see his Lady, watching them both with a

delighted expression on her face.  "My pupils," she said, low and

rich.  "You must spend some time alone as well."  She sat back

against the headboard; Julian could close his eyes and still feel it

against his chest like icy fire the time she had disciplined him.

"But for now, Doctor, we must begin the lesson."  He sat up, and she

took the chain of his collar on her hands, not bothering to bind his

wrists to it.  "Your hands may remain free this time, Doctor," and

she shared a look with Rala that he could not decipher.

"What is this lesson to be?" he asked as she placed her hands on him,

pulling him toward her until he was facing her; Rala was behind him,

and warmth began like a little fire in his chest and spread out at

the feel of her hands on his hips and Rala's at his waist.

She shook her head as she faced the men.  "You will see."  He cocked

his head at her.

"I will see?"

"Yes."  Her hands rose from his hips to run over him and her eyes

became lost for a moment.  "I had forgotten.  Oh, I had forgotten

. . . " she said quietly, almost to herself, as she felt his skin

under her fingers, saw his slender body before her, a slim and

graceful caramel sculpture -- hard chest, beautiful tense stomach,

his hips and thighs only slightly lighter in color than the rest of

him and giving the impression of buttery cream, his long graceful

arms and legs, and . . .  Her lips were at his neck, his willow slim

neck, long and sensuous, and she nearly moaned as she inhaled his

scent and found herself carried back months ago to the last time she

had buried her face in him.

She pulled him to her more closely, and he felt Rala tilting his hips

forward with his hands.  He, too, was drinking in the scent of her,

letting it touch his memories and arouse them.  Her skin was against

his, and he could feel her moving underneath him.  He felt as well,

with an electric thrill of anticipation, Rala behind and against him,

gently rubbing himself against the soft skin there.  His hands

tightened in his Lady's hair, and his eyes closed as he fell forward

into the want.  Strong man's hands ran lightly over his outer thighs,

caressing every curve, and Julian again felt himself pulsing and felt

the thirst begin.  He wanted to say something, to express this, but

could not -- could not think of who to tell, which one's sensations

against him and all over him were the more delicious.  In the end, he

simply sighed, softly and lightly, and just let the pleasure and

anticipation wash over him and take him.

Rala's soft undulations were growing more forceful.  Julian matched

them, feeling the two bodies against his, the two warm bodies.

Opening his eyes, he saw his Lady silently reach to her bedside and

take two little jars; one he recognized, one he had never seen.  With

no further preamble, she took his hips firmly and guided him with

infinite slowness into her.  The faintest of liquid sounds

accompanied her movement, and he could only gasp when she stopped

short, allowing only the head of his rigid sex into her.  He watched

her silently, questions in his dark eyes, but the inquiring

expression on his face was wiped away utterly as she gripped at the

head, massaging it with herself, squeezing at it over and over.  He

pushed himself forward against her hands, but was unable to overcome

both sets of arms that had immobilized him.  He could only stare as

she clutched, and as Rala leaned into him, pressing his chest against

Julian's back, rocking back and forth.

Then, the two sets of hands resumed their motion, and he felt himself

entering her completely, seeming like hours; he could feel each slow

millimeter's liquid progress until his hips were at hers and he was

again inside his beautiful Lady, taken in by her.

Rala reached past him with negligent grace, taking the second of the

little jars behind Julian's back.  Julian tried to follow it with his

eyes, but was prevented from doing so by his Lady's grasping his head

and turning it to her own.  He then saw only her mouth approaching

his, felt only his tongue parting her lips and hers doing the same.

Soft sounds danced around them as they toyed with each other, almost

but not quite masking the soft sounds Julian could hear behind

himself.  He felt a firm hand in the small of his back pushing him

forward and making him arch his spine; he flowed forward into his

Lady with it, and started when he felt Rala's limber fingers at him,

gently painting him with something cool and moist.  His own hands

tightened around his Lady's arms and his eyes were wide.

"What . . . " he asked, but did not continue.  She placed a finger at

his lips and picked up the other jar, the one he knew.

"I can feel you softening, Doctor."  Rala stopped then, but at a nod

from her, continued.  Julian's eyes were alive with uncertainty and

just a little fear, his body tense as wire, and she kissed him

gently, caressing his cheek and jaw.  In her hands, his face moved,

his head lifted, and he bit his lower lip only for a moment until she

smoothed it with her fingers, as he felt Rala's fingers softly

probing, preparing.  His Lady's fingers wandered down his neck from

his face, lazy and delicate.  She could see Rala over Julian's

shoulder, see his arms moving as he finished preparing himself and

the doctor.  In his eyes, she saw something like what she herself had

felt when she had first seen him, centuries ago.  Amazement at his

beauty.  Desire.  Gentleness.  Rala smiled at her past Julian, who

shivered once, and nodded -- he was ready.

She opened the jar and took out something he had not seen before -- a

tiny silver spoon.  Taking a mound of the kamireh in it, she held it

before him, watching as, with his eyes, those eyes, on her he took it

between his lips and pulled back slowly, taking the sweet cream in

his mouth.  He swallowed and closed his eyes, awaiting the surge of


It was strong, powerful, more than what he had remembered.

Immediately, he became firm, and felt himself stretching the moist

skin of his Lady.  She heard him moan, and saw the expression of the

other man behind him as he too witnessed Julian's reaction.  Hunger

awoke in Rala's eyes, and she held out another little dollop of

kamireh for him too, taking a small taste for herself as well.

Then, barely aware, Julian saw her pick up a smouldering censer.  He

was only slightly conscious of her holding it, waving it, under his

nose, but felt his reaction to it, whatever it was.  As the hot

thirst from the kamireh swelled in him, another part of him became

detached, serene, and a wonderful sense of flowing filled him as

well and made him even more aware of the fiery glow, made it more

intense as like a relaxed reed he bent against swiftly flowing water.

Lightly panting, he flowed into two sets of arms, and felt an

astonishing sensation of acceptance himself as Rala began to enter

him with utmost tenderness.  A wave seemed to break over him, and his

eyes opened wide in amazement.  A thin line of sweat was drawn down

his back, and he could feel himself pushing back, withdrawing from

his Lady's wet embrace into another, different embrace, one in which

he was accepting.  It was his turn to leave nail impressions in his

Lady's skin.

"As gently as you wish, Doctor," Rala whispered to him from behind

one shoulder, and Julian nearly melted at the sound of his voice.  He

felt the strong hands at his hips, pulling him back slowly, slowly,

and he felt himself filling with delicious ease.  He released his

Lady's arms, felt himself pulling out of her, felt himself being

filled and stimulated in a way he had never experienced before.

Depths in him were slowly being touched and awakened, and he felt

his upper body rise to lean back against Rala's supporting chest.

His eyes were closed, his lashes fluttering, as Rala pressed his

buttocks against his hips at last, and his head fell back against a

fair shoulder.  He was panting lightly, with hot sweat breaking all

over him, making him shine.  Rala embraced him around his chest,

running strong hands over him, supporting his slender body as it was

taken by training.  Very gently, so as not to remove him completely

from his Lady, Rala rhythmically rocked his hips a fraction of an

inch back and forth, back and forth, lifting Julian in his strong

arms mere millimeters.  A gasp met his actions, followed by the most

delicious moan Rala had ever heard.  His arms tightened across

Julian's bare chest, and he gazed at his Lady past one smooth

shoulder.  He is beautiful, he said silently to her.  She smiled, her

own eyes barely able to tear themselves from Julian's shining body,

stretched and oblivious before her.

I know, she replied silently.  Her hand reached to Julian, and she

touched his stomach, dabbling the sweat there softly.  Then, she

began to massage the head of his sex, still inside her, as Rala also

rocked back and forth.  Their combined actions were met only with

wordless, though not silent, astonishment.  His moans were nearly

cries.  If he thought his nervous system was overloaded before,

months ago, it was nothing compared to what was crackling and

crashing over and through him now.  Every movement of Rala's, every

rocking motion, every push or pull, was mirrored inside him, and he

had never felt anything remotely comparable.  Rala moved, he felt it

in him; as the other man undulated his hips so slightly, Julian could

feel himself do the same, inside, and he had never known that was

possible.  He felt submerged in a thick soup of cloying vapor, felt

as if he no longer had conscious control over his body, had no idea

what was happening outside his own skin so amazing and intense were

the things bursting and burning inside.  Like an icy and prickling

spark of voltage, he felt as well the clutches and grasping of his

Lady as she took the head of his thirsty sex and massaged it in her.

It was barely inside her, and the slightest backward movement would

remove it completely.  He felt balanced on the head of a pin, as if

he were teetering, barely supported, and relished the feeling of

exquisite instability it created in him.

The rhythm of Rala in him was matched by a rhythmic sensation inside

as he was touched in depths that had never before been stimulated.

His head tossed from side to side, and he only retained the barest

awareness of strong hands running over him, running all over him,

over his chest and stomach and waist, over his thighs.  Panting and

lips slightly parted, he turned his head to nestle in Rala's warm and

moist neck and felt a warmth between his lips, a wet probing.  Dimly,

he understood that Rala had placed his tongue in his mouth, but he

could not manage to return the kiss.  He could only moan, strongly.

His hand reached to Rala's head, gripped his hair as he moaned.

Then, he felt the hands at his hips go away to be replaced by another

set and he began to feel himself pulled forward.  As the astonishing

sensations behind him began to draw back, those before swelled and

washed over him.  Limply, gracefully, he released Rala's sandy curls,

his nerveless fingers dragging along damp fair skin.  He could again

feel himself entering his beautiful Lady, stretching her gently as

she pulled his hips to hers, feel the wavelike contractions of her

muscles as she squeezed at him, seeming to pull him more deeply into

her.  Then, he was against her, and Rala only barely inside him,

still moving gently and rhythmically.

Oblivious, he could only lean against her, feeling her at his chest,

feeling her soft breasts at him, her lips on him, her beautiful voice

in his ear, telling him something he could not make out.  The scent

of her hair overwhelmed him, the tickling of it at his face was like

an icy skittering, and he grasped her arms firmly as his voice became

more urgent, more pleading, more abandoned than before.  He felt only

overload and could not have told how much longer he could withstand

what he was feeling without losing consciousness.  Like an upwelling

of coherency, he suddenly made out some of her words, graven on his

mind with utter clarity:

"You can withstand much more, Doctor.  You are strong."

Beyond gasping, beyond pleading, he only felt his body melt further

into hers.  She held his dark head, with his hair curling into wet

ringlets wreathing his face and the back of his neck, and embraced

him firmly, whispering soft assurances that were lost to him.  Then,

with agonizing acuity, he felt her hands pull away from him, and his

hips were once again grasped by Rala and pulled slowly and inexorably

back.  He slid out of his Lady with a liquid sense of emergence, and

again felt the fullness of holding another man inside himself.

Again, the sensation shook him, consumed him; he felt as Rala rocked

his hips with more force and further than he had before, pulling

Julian's body up as masculine arms wrapped around his chest to

support him, yet allowing him to remain just barely inside his Lady.

Rala rocked himself backwards, sliding forward and tilting his hips

until gravity pushed Julian down on him more firmly; he was nearly

melted himself by the other man's moans and gasping.  Under his

hands, he could feel the slim chest rising and falling, the sweat

running over the dark skin, darker by far than his own.  He embraced

Julian with all his strength, burying his own face in the warm skin

at his neck, fondling it with his tongue, tasting the salty sweat.

Rings of damp hair brushed his own face, and he felt Julian tighten

around him in response to what he knew he was feeling, to what Rala

himself had felt many times, what he had given others, men and women,

many times.

Steadying himself against what he too was feeling, he leaned back and

braced his arms and, with care so that Julian would yet remain in his

Lady, Rala flexed his strong legs, jounced his hips, and tossed the

other man's body very slightly upward.  Were it not for his Lady's

grip on the chain of his collar, Julian would have fallen back and

away, oblivious.  As it was, she had to reach forward and grasp his

slim upper arms to keep him from toppling.  Rala tossed him again at

a nod from her, and his own eyes closed as he felt the other man

clutch and tighten at him, as he felt his round buttocks drive down

onto him.  Julian's astonishment was beyond moaning; he could only

inhale slowly, shudderingly.  His Lady ran one hand over his chest

and neck, caressing his skin, drinking in the sight of him stretched

and shining, being buffeted by the pleasure she and Rala were giving

him.  He began to undulate his hips himself, bucking softly against

Rala, growing stronger and stronger, and his gasps took on the same

cadence.  Acutely, he felt slim fingers at his sex, still tenuously

held and gripped by his Lady, felt her coat the shaft with something,

knew it to be kamireh though he could not think the word.  For a

brief few moments, he took control of himself, just long enough to

throw his upper body forward and against her, still pressing himself

over and over into Rala.  Without waiting for her hands to guide him,

he pushed himself into her, exhaling with a soft cry as he did so;

her words had flown from his conscious mind, but their flavor

remained.  He knew that he was unable to stand any more, and wanted

his hot and nearly panicked thirst slaked.

Rala's hands dragged down his back as he felt Julian withdraw from

him and caressed his sides, making the other man moan and buck even

more.  He withdrew from his Lady then, and pressed himself against

Rala once more, tight and urgent.  Then forward, to his Lady, who

could feel him becoming more and more wild, could see Rala over his

shoulder, eyes closed, becoming wild as well, grasping Julian's

slender waist with a grip of iron, his own body taut and shining.

While Julian was still forward, hot and hard against her, she reached

past him and pulled Rala to herself as well, drawing him against the

other man until Julian lay against her chest and Rala against him.

Their hips were together, each inside the other, Julian's thrusting

back and forth, back and forth, pressing hard to overcome the

closeness, the constraint.  She could see the muscles along his sides

tightening as he pushed himself back against Rala with hungry

strength, felt his arms around her pulling himself against her body

and driving into her wildly.

And he continued, over and over, growing in strength.  Pushing to the

man, clasping the woman to himself.  Being drawn back and accepting

the body of Rala prone against him and lightly moaning, and losing

himself in the warmth and wetness of his beautiful Lady, whose eyes

were closed and lips parted.  Julian pushed his tongue between them

and felt hers toy with it, felt Rala's against his flushed skin, his

exquisitely sensitive neck.  Against, between, her lips he moaned

strongly, a quivering cry that grew in volume as he felt the soft

tongue of Rala against skin so sensitized he felt that the slightest

further stimulation would send him plummeting down to a warm bubbling

waterfall of sensation.

His hips bucked back and forth, wildly.  He felt his Lady's breath at

his neck as she whispered one outrageous word at him: "Patience."

Seconds passed as his overloaded brain, preoccupied with touch and

taste and scent, understood her.  His hands raised to her head, and

he took her hair in his fists; he felt Rala's hands gripping his arms

like steel as he pushed himself against him.  His eyes did not open,

and only a bare few words could he manage.

"No . . . patience . . . " he said through clenched teeth, then

plunging his tongue more deeply into her mouth and pressing himself

into her with all his strength, crushing his lips against hers.  His

hand was at the nape of her neck; her head was immobilized.  His

breath came in short powerful bursts as he drove himself inside her

stretched gateway, drove himself against the man behind him.  Every

muscle in his body was tense as he lay against her, hot and covered

in his own sweat and hers and Rala's as the other man's weight on him

pressed him down.

All of his skin was touched, covered, and the heat from the other

bodies surrounded him in a cloying fog.  The tight embrace was a

total one, like nothing he had ever felt.  His hips pounded back and

forth, stretching his Lady, stretching himself.  The peak was nearing

for him, and he could feel the tightening, the awful tightness,

beginning to grip him.  He heard two wordless cries, one Rala's and

one his own.  A third joined them -- his Lady.  He felt Rala tensing

and driving harder, further, touching him even more deeply and the

wildness pushed him closer to the peak.

Then, Rala threw himself against him, crying out and clutching

Julian tightly.  His back curled and his hips drove so deeply into

Julian that he thought he would hold Rala in him forever.  Over and

over, the powerful muscles of the man behind him hammered into him,

driving his own hips even more deeply into his Lady, their bodies

jarred by the mad thrashing.  Once, twice, the hammering kept going,

and Julian felt himself finally tighten to the breaking point, adding

his astonished voice to Rala's, as his Lady added her own voice to


                     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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