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Archive-name: Fantasy/blackout.txt

Archive-author: Boris Lafkin and Kitty Pride

Archive-title: Blackout (erotic horror)

Warning:  This is not your average sex is a work of erotic horror,

and should be avoided by the faint-hearted.  This *is* my own story - "Boris

Lafkin" is my local BBS handle..


                      By "Boris Lafkin" and "Kitty Pride"

                          @ Filly Flix (215) 722-1482

      Mary Blaine looked at the clock.  1:19 PM, and Kristin STILL hadn't

arrived.  She'd been the one who'd made this lunch date; the least she could

do was show up.  Disappointed, Mary got up to leave when she saw Kristin

rushing in the front door of the cafe, disheveled, wearing a dress,

sunglasses, and a scarf.

      Looking very embarrassed, she said, "I'm sorry I kept you waiting so

long, Mary, but I just woke up.  There was this man last night..."  She


      Mary grinned wickedly.  It had been a long time since Kristin had

mentioned sex, and Mary knew this was because her luck with men had been

terrible.  Now, it seemed, her luck had changed, and she was ripe for teasing. 

"No apologies necessary, Hon.  Just details, lots of juicy details!"

      Now Kristin's expression grew concerned.  "Mary, I don't remember what

happened!  I wish I did, from the way I felt when I woke up this morning,

whatever happened must've been really good.  But I don't have a clue what it

was...I'm worried, I just had a couple of drinks - I've never had a 'blackout'

from drinking before."

      "You sure you're not just holding out on me??  I know you don't like

your old, married friend getting her kicks by listening to you talk about your

love life."

      "Honest, Mar, I don't know what happened.  I remember meeting this guy,

we had a couple of drinks, I invited him over...then BLANK!  What's even

weirder is that I don't feel hung-over..."

      Realizing that Kristin was telling the truth, Mary became concerned, and

was subdued throughout most of lunch.  Kristin didn't say much, but

practically inhaled her spinach salad, soup, and sandwich, and drank about 6

glasses of water.

      Watching all of this made Mary feel a little better.  She even laughed

to herself as she thought of just how good the sex last night must have been,

if it left Kristin so drained.

      Over coffee, she brought up the subject again.  "So when do I get to

meet Mr. Stud?"

      "His name's Stone, David Stone, and you'll probably see him next week at

the party."

      "Oh, you're bringing him to Andy's birthday bash??  I don't care what

you say, he must have been good last night; you never bring your boyfriends to

our get-togethers!"

                                    *  *  *

      After lunch, Mary and Kristin said good-bye, and Kristin promised Mary

that if she remembered anything, she would let her in on it.

      When they parted, Kristin watched carefully to make sure Mary drove

away.  Then she started walking, not towards home, but downtown.  She'd

managed to keep one secret from Mary: David was coming over again tonight, and

she had decided to make sure that this night was...memorable. 

      Still, last night's blackout continued to worry her.  Sure, she'd drunk

some wine David had ordered; she might even have been buzzed when she invited

David to her apartment.  But she never got drunk enough to blackout.

      As she walked, she carefully rehashed what she did remember.  She had

met David at a cafe last night.  Seeing him across the room had been like

touching a live wire; she was astonished at the reactions in her body to this

man.  She found herself walking over and introducing herself, and was mildly

surprised when he invited her to join him - although men asked her out on a

regular basis, she had to admit to herself that she tended to attract men who

wanted mothering and caretaking.  David was a man clearly capable of taking

care of himself.

      David had been ordering cups of decaf for each of them, then suddenly

ordered champagne.  She grew watchful - was this guy just trying to get her

drunk??  But when she looked at him, she decided to keep going, but to watch

how much he drank - before she became drunk enough to be pliant, he would be

too drunk to do anything about it.

      Actually, they had only had two drinks each, and when Kristin shocked

herself by inviting him over, she was only feeling a little light-headed. 

They had walked back to her place...

      After that, nothing.

      Kristin groaned.  It wasn't just that she didn't like not remembering,

but she could just imagine David's face tonight when she asked him what had


      "He'll probably get insulted and leave," she thought.  But how could she

go on not knowing what had happened?

                                    *  *  *

      That night, Kristin was dressed demurely, but underneath the purple

sweater and black skirt was the most provocative underwear she could

find...that she could bring herself to wear, she added.  A black lacy bra and

panties, a garter belt, and stockings.  This was pretty daring for Kristin,

and David had better appreciate it...She grinned.  She hoped he showed his

appreciation, too!  And she was resolved not to get drunk tonight.

      The doorbell rang.  When she opened the door, David was there, looking

simply beautiful.  She'd never used that word to describe a man before, but

for David, it fit.  He was six feet tall, with long curly black hair,

penetrating blue eyes, and a wide, sensuous mouth that was unbearably

kissable.  Before she could start worrying about consequences, she put her

arms around him, and kissed him.  He quickly responded, and his arms wrapped

around her, and slid up her back...

      Oooooohhh, yes.  Now a memory floated back from the night before.  She

had complained of a sore back, and David had offered "services as a masseur." 

Somewhat apprehensively, she had allowed herself to be convinced, and soon she

was lying down, a towel over her legs and buttocks, offering her bare back to

this strange man.

      But it had felt so good!  She remembered his long strong fingers working

her tired muscles, massaging all the tension out of her body.  Well, not some

of the tension...His touch was getting her very aroused, and she was now

hoping David had ulterior motives in this backrub, because she intended to

tear off his clothes...but not before he finished...

      Blank again.  But now Kristin was certain that she had probably gone to

bed with David, and that she had been a little overwhelmed by him, but not


      Meanwhile, what was originally a "hello" kiss suddenly turned very

passionate.  "I don't think we're even going to get out for dinner," Kristin

mused internally.

      But when David scooped her up and started to carry her into the bedroom,

he tried to put a stop to it.  "Hold it, now, honey, slow down..." she

started.  Then his eyes caught her, and her voice faded away.  Once in the

bedroom, he let her down again, leaned forward and began kissing her again,

and thoughts of dinner, of propriety, of doing anything but making love melted

from her mind.

      His kisses soon wandered across her face, and down her neck.  She moaned

as he found the very sensitive spot on her neck, and let his tongue tease her

skin.  She found her way back to his mouth, and began kissing him fiercely,

deeply...Her own desire startled her, but she continued to return his passion

in full.

      She felt them tumble on top of her bed, and her hands fumbled with his

shirt; she just had to get it off him - she knew he was about to do the same

to her, she wanted to feel his skin against hers...She felt a small surge of

triumph as she succeeded in getting the shirt off.  She admired his trim,

powerful build, though she wondered why someone so obviously concerned with

keeping fit was so pale.  "Does he wear number 80 sunblock?" she wondered,


      After kissing and caressing all the parts of her face and neck left

vulnerable by her sweater, he easily lifted it over her head and tossed it

away.   Kristin wanted to stop him when he went right for the skirt as well,

but again his eyes paralyzed all thoughts of protest.  When he had her down to

her lacy underthings, his eyes wandered over her and she felt his response

against her.  "Oh, shouldn't have," he murmured appreciatively.

      "Terrible liar", she retorted.  She felt triumph that she had pleased

him...It didn't occur to her at the time that these were his first words to

her this night.

      This time, when David began kissing her, it was on the shoulders and the

exposed tops of her breasts.  Her response was to wrap her arms around him

fiercely, and to draw him closer.

      Another flashback to the night before.  David had completed the backrub,

then done the backs of her legs.  When he started on her buttocks, she had to

strain herself to stay put - his hands had driven her wild!  When she had

thought she was as aroused as one woman could be, he had turned her over and

started massaging her breasts, almost making her scream.  He had eventually

worked his fingers over every part of her body, from eyebrows to fingers to

toes and everywhere in between.  She remembered orgasming at least three


      David's mouth on her breast jolted her back to the present; while she

had been lost in reverie, her bra had been removed and discarded, and now her

lover was gently nursing from her left nipple...then her right...then her his tongue slowly traced a circle around each breast, travelled the

full length of the hollow between, then returned to the nipples to begin

nibbling slightly...

      By now Kristin was in heaven.  It soon became apparent that David's

skill with his hands and fingers was equalled with his lips tongue, and teeth. 

And he repeated the thoroughness of the previous night - there soon wasn't a

single spot on her body that hadn't been graced by his mouth.

      When David reached the moistness between her thighs, she cried out in

relief as her first orgasm shot through her.  He had been building up for so

long, she had wondered just how patient this man was.  As he had continued

moving over her, she had managed to get him as naked as herself, and she saw

his arousal, was certain he wanted her, and yet he just kept

on..."MMMMMNNNNNnnnn," she moaned as he brought her pleasure to another peak. 

This man was just too much!

      She was beginning to wonder how long he would hold out when his tongue

began a long upward climb, past her belly, ribs, breasts, shoulders...She felt

him against her thigh, then he covered her mouth with his own and swallowed

her gasp as he eased himself into her body.

      She moaned and writhed, she had never felt so good...even last night,

she thought.

      Now, it seemed, everything came back to her.  They had made love last

night, and it had been almost this good.  She lay back and looked up at her

newfound lover, looking at her with such love, such passion, and she felt her

pleasure rising within her.

      "Oh, baby, please, do it faster, I'm going to come!" she cried.  And

just like that, his tempo increased...his thrusts became harder...deeper...

      "MMMMMMMM...OOOOO...UUUUUUUNGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Her orgasm was

overwhelming, like a tidal wave crashing over her.  Her heart pounded in her

chest, her back arched, and her legs gripped David's body.

      Then David's hands locked on her shoulders, his face moved close,

kissing her enraptured face, moving down her cheek...then suddenly, through

the immense pleasure, she felt a stab of pain in the most sensitive part of

her neck.  She screamed again, this time in pain and terror, and fought

desperately to escape, but her lover's hold on her was like steel.  The nails

being driven into her neck fused with the thundering in her belly, and the

roaring in her ears, and she collapsed.  As she felt her blood ebbing out of

her, she moaned again, then sighed, as the world faded away...

                                    *  *  *

      As David Stone drank, he thought to himself, "This one is special."  Her

long-untapped sexual potential, unleashed by orgasm, made her blood sweet and

powerful.  He gained little pleasure from the sex (attaining an erection was

in fact a major task), but it was worth it as he fed on the ripened fruit that

was Kristin.

      When he finished, he looked down, almost lovingly at her.  And he sent a

message to her unconscious mind:

            +Soon, my sweet, you will be one of us.  For now, you will

            remember none of this, as before.  You will wake up feeling warm,

            satisfied, and happy.  And you will be eagerly looking forward to

            tomorrow night, when I will take you the third time, and bring you


      And with that he rose, dressed, and vanished into the night.

                                                                  BL & KP

-- --

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