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Archive-name: Fantasy/aview.txt


Archive-title: Another View

Keywords: vampire

    Walking along the dark street, I thought for a moment to

the recent occurrences that seemed to dominate the news.

Numerous bodies had been found in the recent weeks.  Bodies

savaged physically, and sexually.  Bodies of mostly women,

but a male or two as well.  Grinning to myself I walked on,

shrugging my shoulders and pushing my hands deeper into the

pockets of my overcoat.  The tabloids were shouting about

rampant vampires and wolfmen.  Right.  Even though the

reputable papers did mention, from time to time the

disturbing fact that the victims did seem to be a bit on the

anemic side, the whole thing seemed pretty outrageous.  Here

at the turn of the 21st century, old ghost stories were

dominating the papers.  Chuckling lightly to myself, I turned

and started across the street, heading toward the little bar

that I usually frequented.

    As I walked in, swinging my coat of my shoulders and

hanging it on 'my' coat hook, the bartender gave me a nod.

As I reached my stool, I found a draft waiting for me, and I

casually tossed back a swallow, looking around the bar.  The

TV was on, over the end of the bar, and the late news was on,

more jabbering about yet another body found just after

nightfall today.  Pity, I thought to myself.  "It's your

buddy at work again Slade", the bartender jibed toward me.

    "Can't you put some other trash on Tom?  Don't you get

sick of this shit?" pushing my empty mug toward him, he

picked it up, and soon, I found it back before me.

    "You know I only put it on to annoy you Slade," he

grinned broadly at me and went to the other end of the bar,

taking a drink to an old man sitting there.  He always bugged

me about this shit, knowing how I felt about sensationalism.

We had talked often of how these losers would pull some cheap

stunt, grab some publicity, and get credit for being so

strange.  And a vampire impersonator certainly had the

attention of the city now.  "You know they found that gal,"

he gestured toward the screen which showed a body being

carted into a waiting ambulance, face covered, "about a mile

from here?"  He grinned at me, and I just shrugged.  No sense

feeding his mirth.

    "Yeah?  You're hitting them close to home, eh?"  He

laughed as I ducked the wet bartowel that soared toward me.

Eventually, thankfully, the news changed to more mundane

matters, and I watched silently as one little tragedy after

another was shown.  Pity.

    After about an hour, and several more beers, I heard the

door behind me open, and in the mirror behind the bar I saw a

tall woman walk in.  Casually, I picked up my mug, and

turning my head slightly as I drank my beer, I saw her cross

the floor and go out of my vision behind me.  Turning back

toward the bar, I saw that she took a spot two seats down the

bar from me.  Tom came along, and after glancing in my

direction, he took her order.  Walking back with the beer, he

started "This ones..."

    "I'll pay for my own drinks, thank you" she said.

Quietly but with a certain strength that interested the hell

out me.  Raising my mug, and eyebrows, I nodded to her, and

she returned my toast.  She then turned back to the bar,

ignoring me completely.  Looking her over, I was impressed.

Tall with dark hair, almost pitch black, she could easily be

a model.  Her pale white skin looked perfect, and as she

removed her leather jacket I saw that she was stacked as

well.  Wearing black skin tight jeans and a black corset like

top, she was easily one of the most attractive women I'd ever

seen.  I noticed with some pleasure that her nipples were

rock hard and poking through the stiff material of her top.

I realized, to some surprise that I had been staring and I

saw that she was looking at me, or glaring at me.  I wasn't

sure.  It seemed to be a look that she used alot.  "You see


    "Not really, but I guess it will have to do," I mumbled,

surprised to find that my mug was slipping from my hand.  I

raised it again, and shrugged.

    "That depends" she replied, and turned back to watch the

screen.  I saw Tom raise his eyebrows and turn to wash some

glasses, grinning from ear to ear.  Nothing was said in this

place without him hearing.  "Someone is hungry tonight" she

said, looking intently at the screen, which showed a number

of police cruisers, lights flashing clustered around a street

corner.  I noticed with some shock, that the location was

about six or seven blocks from here.  The newscaster was

explaining that another body had been found just 15 minutes

ago, abandoned beside a dumpster.  A young girl of 18.

    "Jesus!" Tom exclaimed "This is getting out of hand."

    "Copycats" she said.  I looked over at the woman to my

right, seeing that she was intently listening to the

announcers words.  "Different MO's.  Some people have no

imagination.  There's more than one killer."

    Tom raised his eyebrows at this, and stepped back a bit,

looking at her strangely.  I grinned, as this had been

somewhat along the lines of what I had been discussing with

him earlier, though I doubt I sounded as peeved by it.

"Interesting, that's what I was saying earlier.  You'd think

they would come up with something more original than a

vampire."  Grinning I tossed back the last of the beer, and

Tom automatically came and refilled it.

    "Oh?" she said softly, "So you don't think such things

exist?"  Her grin was almost terrifying.  On someone less

attractive I'm sure it would have been repulsive, but on her,

it sent a shiver of excitement along my spine.  "There are

many things that the light of science can't understand."

    Grinning, I laughed a bit, took another sip at the beer,

and nodded.  "Yeah, I guess you are right, but don't you

think this is a bit much?  Really!"  I turned back to her,

and saw that she had moved down the bar to sit next to me,

and I smelled her light perfume, a tangy flowery smell.

Light and soft.  The only thing light and soft about her, was

my guess.  As she swung around to face me, her knee brushed

against mine, and as she put her right hand against the bar,

her knee settled against my leg, and I felt a hand on my


    I sat there, a bit uneasy about the way things were

moving.  I wasn't used to aggressive women, and I was sure

this one was used to playing games.  Right now I felt like a

mouse, and I knew who was the cat.  "Come on," I said,

standing up.  If she wanted to play games, I'd play them.  My

way.  Throwing a twenty on the bar, I grabbed her hand and

started toward the door.  A little to my surprise, I found

her following along.  I didn't look back, but I would have

loved to see the look on Tom's face.  Looking back wasn't

part of the play though, so I pulled her along, and felt her

long nails dig into my arm.

    Exiting onto the street, I turned to her, and said simply

"Where?"  She nodded her head to the left.

    "Your place.  Now." I started to take her hand but she

reached out first, taking my arm in the strongest grip I'd

ever felt from a woman, and she smiled that wicked grin of

hers.  My apartment was a block down to the left.  She didn't

ask for directions as she turned and walked into the dark

access corridor.  The lightbulb had been missing for days and

no one seemed interested in changing it.  As we hit the

darkness, she released my hand, and shoved me against the

wall roughly.  Catching my balance, I let my coat fall to the

floor and found her upon me.  Her cool lips sought mine and

we kissed each other hungrily.  Running my hands along her

back, I pulled her to me and any lesser woman would have been

crushed as I eagerly drew her to me.

    Impassioned, I pushed her back, and thrusting her against

the opposite wall, I ripped her top down off her generous

breasts, and began to run my hands roughly over their

firmness.  She sighed and her nails dug into the back of my

head as she pulled my head down to her left nipple, which I

took in my mouth and bit at lightly at first.  As her nails

ran through my hair, I heard her pant "Harder" and I began to

chew on it with greater vigor.  As I worked at her breast,

she ran one hand down my back, and pulled my shirt up as her

nails, hard as iron, dug into my back, scratching deeply as

they came along.

    Releasing her breast, I pushed against her and slid up

her body, driving my hips between her thighs as she lifted

her left leg, placing it along my ribs, and I thrust my torso

against her, feeling her heat through my pants.  I pulled the

remainder of her top off, already ripped, throwing it aside

carelessly.  She wanted it rough, she'd get rough.  Pulling

her to me, I dug my fingers into her ass, and she moaned

lightly, her teeth at my neck, biting lightly there.  This

surprised me as I was sure she would clamp down on anything

she would get her teeth on, but I didn't think much of it as

she reached down and deftly undid my belt, and then quickly

popped my fly open.  Her hand snaked in my pants, grabbing

roughly ahold of my engorged member, pulling it out and into

the cool air.  Her hand pulled and tugged at me, as I bit and

chewed lightly on her ear.  I reached down and started to

remove her pants, but she thrust my hand away and within a

second she was wriggling out of her pants.  I reached down,

and took her mound in my hand, feeling the fire there.

Sinking a finger into her, I was rewarded with a gasp of

pleasure and she thrust her hips against my hand roughly.

    "Now!" she screamed, "Do me now, God I'm hungry, I want

it," disregarding her words, I pulled her to me and she

straddled my hips, impaling herself on my thick cock.  She

screamed with pleasure and wrapped her legs around my waist,

as she wiggled her hips ever so slightly in a circular

motion.  Slapping against her I drove deeply into her,

feeling the wall shudder slightly as my weight pressed her

against the wall. The thought of someone entering the hallway

never concerned me for a moment.  As I drove into her, I felt

her teeth at my neck again, and I smiled to myself.  "Now," I

thought, "She wants to bite?  I'll show her a bite!"  I

placed my mouth over her shoulder and as I started to close

my mouth, thrusting into her harder than before, slamming her

against the wall, I bit down, and as my fangs entered her

shoulder, I was surprised to feel her teeth sinking into my

neck.  Long, sharp canines.  Like mine.  Then I heard the

laughter echoing in the night.  

          Hers and mine. 


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