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Archive-name: Fantasy/arifirst.txt


Archive-title: Ariel's First Night

In the tradition of "Peter Pan and Tinkerbell", "Robin Hood", and "Belle et

Bete", here is an inspired by an animated Disney movie. This

is my first attempt to post a story.  Warning: Do not read this if you are

offended by nudity, sex, small furry things from Alpha Centauri, or the

unlicensed use of copyrighted characters.

Ariel's First Night

Almost as soon as the door clicked shut behind the evening maid, Ariel

jumped up out of the bed.  Sebastian had gone off somewhere, and she was

determined to enjoy his absence.

The day had flown by since she had entered the Sea Witch's lair, became

human, met Prince Eric, and had been invited to his palace.  If only he

would recognize her!  But that was a problem for tomorrow.  Ariel had

always been curious about humans, and now that she was a human herself,

she was determined to answer some her questions about them.

She quickly pulled off the nightgown and underclothes that the palace

servants had given her and silently ran across the room.  The sensation of

cold stone and soft rugs against her new feet was wondrous.  She stopped in

front of the big mirror and looked at herself.

From the waist up she was still the Ariel she knew.  But from the waist

down, everything was different.  Her waist flared out, and then split into

two long "legs", with a couple of joints down their length and ending in

"feet".  She wiggled her toes again, and silently giggled.  Instead of

scales, her legs were covered with skin, and where they split apart there

was a wisp of curly red hair.

She turned around and looked over her shoulder.  She noticed that she was

not as flexible as before.  Looking at her backside, she noticed that there

were round muscles on the tops of her legs where they split.  She reached

behind and put her hands on them.  They were soft yet firm.

She then turned to the side and picked one leg up, standing only on the

other, and watched how her new muscles moved.  Suddenly, she felt a little

dizzy, wobbled and fell over onto the rug.  Thump!  Ouch!  Now the leg she

fell on hurt!  She had never had to worry about falling before.

She carefully stood back up and looked at herself again.  Even though this

human body was still a little strange, she thought it looked okay.  She

wondered if Eric liked it.  She smiled to herself as she thought of him.

She ran her hands down her hips and then the fronts of her legs.  That felt

good.  She parted her legs and put her hand in the crotch where they

joined.  Strange, there was a slit there, kind of like a mouth.  She didn't

know humans had another mouth!  She slipped a finger inside.  No teeth...

Oh!  That felt really good.  She moved her finger again and shivered.  She

had never felt anything like that before.  She suddenly noticed that her

nipples where stiff and sticking out.  That had never happened before. 

She touched one with her other hand.  That felt good, too!

Humans were so lucky that their bodies could feel so good.  Ariel quickly

ran back to the bed and jumped on it.  As fast as a sea snake her hands

were between her legs again, caressing the lips and insides of this strange

mouth.  The pleasure became so intense that she threw her head back into

the pillows and silently moaned.

She felt her crotch and her fingers get wet.  Frantically, as if she were

possessed, she rubbed her crotch, her legs, and her breasts, as the rest of

the world faded away, leaving only this new pleasure.  Soon, she felt as if

she could take no more, her heart was pounding, the feelings where so

intense.  Suddenly, as she silently screamed, her legs and belly spasmed,

and the sensations exploded...

A few moments later she came to, laying on the bed, sweaty and gasping for

air.  She heard the "tick-tick-tick" sound of Sebastian coming.  She jumped

up, threw on the nightgown and jumped back into bed, just as her crabby

friend appeared in the window.


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