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Archive-name: Fantasy/alilover.txt


Archive-title: My Alien Lover

     I pondered for a while, pencil in mouth, until I

decided on the language of my latest journal entry.

Finally, I wrote:

          "I have finally learned the sexual

     differences in the Lati.  I learned this

     because Alli gave birth today, though I had

     thought her to be male.  The Lati are very

     casual in their garb, and since Alli was one

     of those with the closest thing to a penis, I

     had assumed her to be male.  That leaves me

     with an interesting question about their act

     of procreation.

          "Lar is coming by today, Lar who I

     thought to be a male, but is actually Alli's

     brother.  He (I must learn to think of Lar as

     'he' not 'she') has promised to help me learn

     what I wanted to, and now I have a good


     Lar tapped on my door at this time, and I bade him

enter.  The door opened, and again, I marveled at their

human-like appearance.  In all the five hundred explored

worlds to date, the Lati are the closest to human.  Lar

looked to be a smooth-skinned human male of youthful

appearance.  I had learned to tell their years, and Lar

was twenty Terran years, though he appeared fifteen,

downright boyish.  His muscles were also that of a human

adolescent, small bulges in his arms, chest and legs.

No nipples adorned his chest, and he looked like a blue

rendition of a human statue.  But Lar was NOT human.  I

had learned today not to take that resemble to much to

heart.  "Greetings, Norton." Lar chirped at me.

     "Greetings, Lar." I responded.  We used "greetings"

to say hello because it was quite similar to a Lati word

that meant about the same thing.

     "I would like to." Lar grinned, and I sighed as I

pondered the exact meaning of "gre tin" in their

language.  Alien languages have no real connection to

human tongues, and for a linguist like myself, it is a

long struggle to piece together their language and

compare it to our own.  My life's work would result in

a single book, a Lati-to-Terran dictionary.

     I gestured to Lar with his grin (which means, thank

God, the same thing to Lati as it does to us, humor) to

sit down and he did, his groin flap (a solitary

rectangle of cloth on his middle that wrapped around to

their back) hung wide open, and I frankly stared at his

organ.  How did this impregnate a female?

     It resembled mostly a human male penis, but was

bigger around, and quite empty.  A limp flat rectangle

of skin lay on the cushion.

     Lar looked at me looking at him, and said, "You

have question, Norton?"

     "Yes." I said.  "I know that Alli gave birth."

     "Birth?" he asked me, his yellow catlike eyes

smiling at me.

     "Alli now has given you a nephew."  We had

discussed relationships, so important to the Lati, and

so Lar knew the word, nodded.

     "Alli has made me a nephew." He agreed.

     "But I am confused.  I thought you were female,

that you would one day give birth."

     Lar laughed, an imitation of laughter he had

learned from me.  A Lati only smiled, but Lar used his

laughter to consciously convey appreciation for a good


     I was hurt.  "I don't know the words in Lati for

'man' and 'woman.  And the way you have acted when I

say, to you, 'greetings'.  'Gre tin' means 'let's fuck'

and...." my voice trailed off.  "I see." I said.

     Lar shrugged.  "This thing is not important to us."

he said.  "If you wish gre tin with someone," he

shrugged again, another human trait he had adopted for

me.  "You do it.  It does not matter."

     "Why doesn't it matter?  Don't you care who a

child's father is?"  I realized I didn't know their word

for "father", though Lar knew what it meant.

     Lar said, "The mother is the one who bears the

child.  It does not matter who the fa-ther is.  The

child is hers, not his."

     "I see." I said.  Matriarchal societies have

several analogues with human cultures in history.  "So

it doesn't matter who you gre tin with, then?"

     "It matters to me.  I must like him or her."  Lar

stood, approached me with a thrust to his hips.  "I like


     I goggled.  Lar and I had been honest with each

other, but this!  But Lar was almost my only friend

among the Lati.  What was I to do?  My college classes,

some scant five years before, hadn't told me about how

to fight off an amorous advance from an alien!

     But it had, I realized.  The Krith were squidlike

creatures, but their form of greetings was, to put it

bluntly, to have sex with them, a brief enough affair

for the Krith with its quick squirt of sperm into the

female's sexual opening.  But humans had to copulate

with them at every meeting, or face explusion from their


     Morals vary from planet to planet, even among

humans.  I had to be sure.

     "I like you, too." I said.  "But I'm not sure...."

     Lar looked exasperated.  "I have watched your body

when we swim together.  I have watched your eyes.  You

watch me.  Do you not want me?"

     Want a beautiful teenaged boy?  Man, that is? "Of

course I want you."

     "Then that is enough." Lar said, and kissed me.

     I kissed him back, stooping down to match faces

with him (Lati stand only five feet high), and I felt

his tongues slide into mine.  I matched his two slender

tongues with my bigger one, and felt them wrap around my

tongue as they were more prehensile than ours.  Lar

tugged gently at my tongue, much as we would suck a

tongue into us with our passion and the tug at the base

of my tongue was enough.

     I pulled myself back, not letting go of my hug, my

arms around him and his around mine, and said, "It's not

enough!  I look at you, and I don't see how we're going

to do it!  Damn it, we're not built alike!"

     Lar said, "I will manage, and so will you.  Enjoy."

he said and pressed against me, and I felt his sex

organ, stiff and erect (!) push against me at mid-thigh.

I gave it up, and let Lar pull my jumpsuit open, him

tugging at the unfamiliar zipper but managing, bringing

it down to my waist, his hands reaching in to play with

my nipples, those extraordinarily fascinating things to

the Lar.  He pinched them pretty hard!

     "Ouch!" I said.  "Easy, Lar, they're delicate."

     "I'm sorry, Norton." Lar said and reached down to

kiss them in apology.  His dual tongues lapped at the

nipple, and I groaned in appreciation.  He had such

control of those tongues, and used them as though expert

in how to please a man.

     I shuffled the jumpsuit down from my arms, and it

fell down around my knees.  I didn't wear undershorts

(not in the hot Lati climate!) and so my penis pushed

against his stomach.

     Lar knelt then, a pretty boy on his knees in front

of me, and his tongues darted over and around my cock,

tugging gently at it, his tongues manipulating the

foreskin like gentle, flexible fingers, warm and wet.

I was soon so hard it hurt, and Lar stood up.  "Now you

do me." he ordered.

     I knelt down and pulled aside his groin flap, and

Lar undid it, tossed it aside, was naked to me.  I

studied the erect organ with fascination.  It was a

hollow tube, perhaps three inches across.  What do you

do with a hollow penis?

     I treated it like any cock I had ever sucked,

taking it all in my mouth and working it back and forth.

Lar seemed indifferent to this, his organ drooped.  I

experimentally stuck my tongue inside it and Lar groaned

out "Ih!  Ih! (Yes!  Yes!)", so I now knew what to do.

     I lapped inside Lar's cock as hard and fast as I

could, the taste of it slightly salty and moist, but not

at all unclean or unpleasant.  This tube had no other

purpose than sex, unlike our own penises.  It stayed

perfectly clean, closed tight until the Lati male was

stimulated, and so it would open to allow entrance.  But

to what?

     No matter, Lar enjoyed my lapping inside of him,

immensely, and soon was bucking and groaning in a way I

thoroughly understood.  He was close to orgasm.  I

pulled out and stood up.

     Lar gasped and kissed me, hard.  I picked him up

and carried him to the bed.  I had another idea on how

to make love to my blue alien lover.

     Lar lay back on the bed, his "e-tar-a" (penis) a

rigid tube standing above him, fully eight inches high

from his small frame.  He looked at me with his catlike

eyes, irises dilated to wide circles, looking at me in

awe.  "What do you want?" he asked me, eager but afraid,

as though now-unsure of how we humans made love.

     I smiled.  "I will not hurt you." I said, and I

reached for the tube of lube I kept (though the only

human for a thousand miles at this time, it never hurt

to be prepared!), slathered my penis carefully and

liberally.  "I want to try this." I said.

     I knew that the female Lati had a penis-like organ,

which is why I had first thought them males, and so I was

going to do what the Lati couples obviously did.

     I carefully sat on his thighs and reached for his

e-tar-a, guided it down to align with my penis, carefully

inserted it.

     Tight!  Tighter than any human ass I'd ever fucked.

Lar squirmed beneath me, not in pain or fear, but trying

to accomodate my huge, alien penis in his e-tar-a.  The

lube helped, and I got the head inside (glad I am uncut,

if I'd had to force a naked cockhead in, I probably

couldn't have done it).  I gently pushed inside, and Lar

said, "Wait, let me." and pushed me back until I was on

my knees.  Lar got on one knee, and thus raising himself

until our organs matched, reinserted my cock into his

e-tar-a, this time gently pushing it until the base of

my cock touched the lips of his e-tar-a.

     The pleasure!  I cannot describe it other than to

say that the Lati must have muscles inside their

e-tar-a, to be able to do what he did, which was to work

my penis in repeating ripples that milked it downwards

into his body.  Was it conscious, or is that how Lati

made love?  I didn't and don't know, but I know that it

was wonderful, better than any human mouth could have


     We sat perfectly still, face to face, kissing while

Lar's e-tar-a milked at my cock, the rippling effect

gradually growing stronger and stronger, the ripples

wider and thicker, milking me harder and faster with each


     I panted out, "Oh, Lar, that feels so good!"

     "For me, too, Norton!" he gasped.  "I want you to

feel the pleasure I feel.  You are so big!"  This isn't

true, exactly, in human terms I am average sized, but to

the smaller Lati, I was built bigger than their females.

Lati seemed to like it, though, and he grabbed me, the

talons on his hands, usually retracted, came out and sunk

into my back.  I felt eight pinpricks that turned into

needle-jabs, and the pain added to my pleasure, and I

jerked, came, shooting my come into Lar's e-tar-a.

     And I felt Lar buck hard against me, the ripples in

his e-tar-a reached hard and swift against me, and I felt

my cock smothered in a slimy wetness.  We rested our

heads on each other's shoulders (a reach for Lar), and,

as passion released us, fell onto the bed.

     We lay together, joined, Lar's e-tar-a maintaining

a death-grip on my cock, not letting it go.  I made a

perfunctory attempt to withdraw it, and Lars said, "No,

no yet.  It takes a little while, my friend, before my

e-tar-a will release you.  Rest my friend, and you will

soon be free."

     So I kissed him, and we talked about it.  The Lati

e-tar-a would remain hooked onto the female organ for a

few moments, so that the male sperm would have time to

fertilize an ovum.  I realized that some Earth animals,

such as dogs and wolves, experienced this as well.  Lar

and I were stuck together for about ten minutes, before

his e-tar-a jerked, spit out my soft cock.

     I felt and looked at my cock. It was coated with a

bluish fluid, Lati sperm.  I reached down and pulled it

off onto my fingers, licked at it, the taste of a copper

coin on my mouth.  Lar squeezed his e-tar-a and my sperm

poured out onto his palm, and he looked at the palm-full

of white sperm in astonishment.  "So much!" he gasped.

     I guess Lati females don't leave so much liquid in

their mates, but Lar licked at it in imitation of me, and

I watched his tongues work together in concert to scoop

it up, interlacing to form a hollow like cupped human

hands.  He smiled at the taste, and lapped it all off his

hands quickly.  "That tastes good." he said.  "Like ocean


     "I'm glad you like it." I said.  "I like yours,


     Lar said, "I had wondered what it would be like, you

and me.  I was--cur-i-ous?"

     "Curious, yes." I agreed.  "Me, too."

     "I think I want to do it again, soon." Lar said.

     "Anytime you want, my friend." I replied, and kissed

him intimately, and again felt his tongues wrap around


     Lar looked at me.  "You would take me as a prena?"

he asked.

     "Prena?" I asked.  I knew the term.  A young Lati

male or female left his own village and joined another,

taking a mate apparently chosen for him or her at that

time.  They called the new addition a "prena".

     "Yes." Lar said.  "I was told by my mother and aunts

that it was time for me to become a prena.  They

suggested a village for me where I would be welcome, but

I chose to come here.  I hope you will take me as your

prena." He gulped, looked at me intently.  "If you do


     He didn't have to elaborate.  Prenas rejected by the

village they went to were outcasts, doomed to spend their

lives alone.

     "Yes." I said, kissing him.  "I want you to be my


     "Then we are now a family." Lar said.  "We must have

a tira (feast or celebration) to show how our peoples

have become one.  Your people and my village (actually

a word meaning "extended family") are now joined into one

super village (super family)."

     "I am glad." I said heartily to him, and we kissed

again.  But as I held him close, consternation took over

my features.

     What would my professors think about this!

                        THE END


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