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Archive-name: Fantasy/ali4some.txt

Archive-author: Manly Bubba     (c) 1991

Archive-title: Alien Foursome, The

         aka "uh oh! serious-time at the fuck-me corral"

"My heart is somewhere else tonight", said the furry region of Pat's

softly glowing penis-shaped Richard Gere Gerbilmaster 2000SX and

all-purpose Personality Stripper.

    The aliens's claws fondly stroked the detached penis as he frenzily

explored Frank Zappa's prostrate with all the super-powers he'd never

reached orgasm with.

    "I'm sorry," you sensuously croaked; "I'm not worthy to share this

ecstasy," so I stamp out, bursting with sexuality and desire that can't

be restrained by the steel-like manacles of iron.  "Do me anyway!", you

implored, sweating like a black windowless van relaxing in the shadow of

the tall rubberized steel cumtrees of this planet.  He unleashed his

relaxed, limp member which unwound like a pythonoid love-firehose after

an amorous week in Hawaii.

    She lay back on the silk sheets, her sex wet the flowing juices of a

nearby electrical cable.  "So!  You want to PLOOG me baby!!!!" you

screamed as you ravished my gaping cephalopodal love-sphincter with the

GerbilMaster.  The toys FIRST!!!!  You caressed them slowly and

painfully greasing the dildo for the inevitable Channel swim.  "Stop!" I

bellowed non-orgasmically, not having attained the necessary level of

hormones to be aroused by mere human beings.

    Call me sick, but I love the feel of moist grass on top of my face

while it enjoys the nourishment of my decaying lips.  "Why do condoms

come in threes, but rubber pantyhose come in on the asteroid so late?

And why hasn't anyone taken your cherry yet?", you wheezed, cruel yet


    With that umbrella, I could've poked you just the way you poked her

slender wound, you deserve it!  It was time to make you into a mature

little slave.  Whips, tripods, every utensil of the trade perverted my

raging desire to love you.

    Then, it happened.

    "Yes!  Yes!"

    "Stop!  You can't!"


was electric.

    "But what about the wire over there?"

    "It hurts SO GOOD!"

    We moved over onto the floor.  The pod bay smelled like fruit, oddly

enough; however, Chris didn't mind.  I manoovered my tentacles between

her steaming, inviting crevice.  She squealed and squeezed my tendril

into her mouth.

    You masterbated my organ to conclusion.  She fondled your balls and

inserted her clitoris within your navel.  Sighing and gasping, frenzy

thrashing my legs, Roger David Carasso watching through binocs, walked

toward me holding a large sack of wet, cut up donkey livers and a


    "Help me, oh you stud, you black-windowless-van-driving stud, silly

boy!  Cut out this nonsense.  Unleash your throbbing-14-inch-loverod!"

    Peeling a banana, and placing it between my teeth, I lost my

erection and then beat you with the banana peel, while fondling myself.

The flowing juices covered his left buttcheek, and the effervescent

smell pervaded the whole damn dam, and my left thigh ran for pubic

orifice.  LAY IT ON fuck me now YES yes YES!!!!  Lick my futon NOW roger

NOW in the zendo!  Her juicy bung hole glistening with hair-styling gel

and dipped his prodder into her quivering bowl of Jell-O.

    "I'm a Republican!"

    "I've always loved republicans"

    "Register my vote!!!"

    "Register THIS, you slick-juice-covered barely-nubile fuck-thing


    "The animals will run in fear from us!"  Oomph!  UNNNGGHH!!  "I

came," Roger said, "uh, sorry about spilling the dog droppings in your

collection of severed penises.  But that's just dandy."

    She invited me with her glistening unsatisfied cuntlips to watch

"America's Most Fuckable" and disgusting semi-pervert bestialists

invaded our dreams.  



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