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Archive-name: Fantasy/aimee-g.txt

Archive-author: Elf Sternberg

Archive-title: Aimee - g - Chapter 5

AIMEE'                                                            Chapter V

~~~~~                                                             ~~~~~~~~~

     Darryn looked up from his desk.  Aimee' had entered without knocking 

this time, just as he had asked, and was now scanning his bookshelves at a 

furious rate.  He cast a small spell to examine the titles she was looking 

at, paying attention to the ones she lingered over.  He frowned when he 

noticed most of them were healing spells.  Still, if that was what she 

needed, she had every right to copy and learn them.

     She selected one and pulled it down, reading through it.  He paid her 

little attention, dedicating himself to the spellbook before him on the 

table; the way of Deists and their spells was still beyond his ken, 

although he now understood some of what the Essentialists did.  He looked 

up once in a while, noticed her penquill flying at that furious rate that 

even he envied in her, then returned his attentions to his studies.

     The next time he looked up she had fallen asleep in her chair, her 

personal spellbook open but lying across her chest.  He rose from his desk 

and walked over to her.  "Aimee'?" he said, touching her shoulder.

     "Huh?" she said, startling awake.  "Oh, sir.  Forgive me.  I just... 

needed to rest."

     He nodded and patted his hand on the shoulder he touched.  "That is 

perfectly okay, Aimee', I understand."  He smiled at her.  "So, no more 

storms at Bethsany's place, right?"

     She shook her head.  "No, sir.  I've got it under control now, I 


     "Good," he said.  "I should tell you, Aimee', that you are someday 

going to be the most powerful mage in the world at the rate you learn, but 

that power and skill must be tempered with learning and maturity."  He 

smiled at the shock on her face.  "It is true, Aimee'.  Few people 

recognize it, because your talent, like mine, is sexual, and therefore 

generally overlooked.  In fact, are you willing to listen to one more story 

by an old man?"

     "Oh, yes sir!" she grinned, sitting up and onto the edge of her chair.

     "Good," Darryn commented.  "Remember where my stories left off..."

     It came to pass in the Spring of my 24th year that I left my beloved 

Ryuchia, just as I had left my beloved Thomorr.  This time, however, much 

of the reasons for going were my own, not those of a master shooing me out 

the door.  It was true; Desa had little more to teach me.  I had grown 

beyond the peak of learning, and all was now a straight and understanding 


     I travelled down the road on horseback, armed with spells of defense 

for most of the travel.  Just once, the day after leaving the mountains of 

the Megassi, was I assaulted by brigands.  There were six of them, all 

told, who descended upon my and demanded I stand and deliver my gold and 

posessions.  They never got within a horse's length of me before three 

dragons descended from the sky.  [You are protected by the will of Desa,] 

one told me.  [You will reach Barraminum safely.]

     They slaughtered the brigands and consumed them, leaving their 

possessions upon the ground.  I learned that day to be a practical man and 

recovered their gold and their horses.  At the next town I sold them all 

and left a wealthier man.

     I made my way across the rocky terrain of the northern steppes and 

found myself in Barraminum after only two months of travel.  It was not an 

easy two months, but it was uneventful.  I learned some hardness on that 

trip that I wish I had not, but I am also glad that I did.  I still have 

not decided on the good or bad of casting 'Stroke' upon a rabbit, holding 

the spell while creeping up on it, and then slitting its throat in its 

moment of ecstasy.  The idea still bothers me greatly.

     But it kept me fed until I reached Barraminum's gates.  The guard at 

the gate wished to treat me roughly.  "What do you want?" he said.

     "Directions to the College of Mages."

     "Haw!  And who's your patron?"  He was a foul-faced fellow, all 

pinched and dirtied.  Missing a few teeth, too.

     "I have none," I said.

     "Go on, get on your way," he swore at me.  "Nobody gets to the college 

without a patron.  What do you think you're doing here, anyway?"

     I reached into my cloak.  "I have here a signed letter from Talen 

Silisto inviting me into the college as an unfettered student."  I showed 

the illiterate fool the seal and quite suddenly he was nice to me.

     "Yes, sir," he said.  He seemed more than a little distraught, an 

effect I found rewarding.  "I'll bring a boy to lead you to it."  He 

swallowed and walked away.  As he did so, I turned my sense of hearing to 

him and I heard him mutter, "One of these days I'm going to say the wrong 

thing to the wrong mage and I'll be spending the rest of my days searching 

Mrs. Right Toad."  I tried not to laugh.

     He did find me someone to lead me through the city.  I dismounted my 

horse as he led me through the gates and to the College of Mages.

     Ah, the College.  I'm sure by now you're as familiar with it as any 

student, but at the time the high stone walls and the beautiful spiraling 

towers within.  The open-air main building, it's roof nothing more than 

magic itself, allowing in the sun and air but not the rain, the frame of a 

roof raised on great stone pillars.

     Once my invitation was acknowledged to be genuine, I was given a place 

to stable my horse and then led into the Main Hall, through a hallway and 

to an office, where I waited for Talen Silisto to meet with me.

     Finally, he did.  "Ah, Darryn, you have arrived.  You have no other 

name?"  I shook my head.  "Fine, fine.  I am Talen Silisto."  He was a tall 

man, reedy thin, with fine, strong feature.  A well-shaped face with a 

sharp nose and inquisitive blue eyes.  "Come into my office, would you?"  

He directed me towards the door, walking behind me; once he  was in, he 

locked the door.  Needless to say, this made me nervous.

     He sat back in his chair behind his desk and examined me closely.  I 

felt probed, inspected, dissected by his careful vision.  He finally 

pressed his fingertips together.  "So you have recently come from Desa 


     "Yes, sir."

     "How is Desa?"

     "Fine, sir, although in his dragon form he does not get out much these 

days.  I only saw it once in the 25 months I lived there."

     "I see," he said.  "Still, it is nice to hear that he is alive and 

well and teaching again.  For a while I though I should never hear from 

him.  Instead he sends me you.  A student not even 25 who has already 

created an incredible spell base.  And, he tell me in private, you have 

mastered another spell base that has been nobody's knowledge for 


     My jaw dropped when I heard that.  "Sir?"

     "The genetic bases.  Nobody has been able to learn those; they're 

almost strictly dragon lore, and now you wander into my college knowing 

them!  Inconceivable!"  He leaned forward.  "Tell me.  If I asked you to, 

could you write them down?"

     Taken by surprise, I nodded.  "I could.  Given time."

     "Do you think anyone else could learn them?"

     "Sir, if you're asking me to pass on my knowledge, I will gratefully 

to students who can use it.  But I will not simply turn my studies over to 

a book for irresponsible students to leaf through at their whim."

     His expression took on a pall of surprise, and then he leaned back in 

his chair.  "I see.  Desa has taught you very well."

     "Thank you, sir."

     He clasped his hands together on the table.  "I have no illusions 

about your spell-base.  'Pleasure' is as powerful and as dangerous a Base 

of the Mind as any I have ever seen.  Most of the mages who viewed it felt 

the same way.  We have downplayed its existence because of that very power.  

I also understand that your power is chanelled by sexual arousal, so I will 

be sure that your teacher is one of discretion in this matter, as well as 

one acceding to your needs.  I would take you as  a student myself if it 

were not for my age and my preference for buxom young women instead.  You 

have all the makings of a researcher, Darryn, but you must learn to protect 

yourself as well."


     "I am assigning you to Lien Pappen.  Lien is a sexual spellmaster of 

no little skill who will teach you the ways of defensive and offensive 

magics.  We will work around your trance-state methods."

     "None of the other students here will have knowledge of who you are.  

Many are here on anonymous patronages; the patrons don't wish their 

neighbors to know they are financing a household mage here at the college.  

You will simply be one of those, richer than the rest, I suppose, because 

of the accumulated patronages you already have.  Yes, indeed, both Thomorr 

and Desa have forwarded to me significant amounts of renumeration to keep 

you here."  He smiled.  "I have my doubts, Darynn.  You are young, 

undisciplined, and overpowerful.  Your power derives from that most 

dangerous of all human drives, sex, and not only that, the release of that 

power proffers you to be a sodomite!"  He pounded the table with his fist 

while shaking his head.  "Your life is going to be difficult, Darryn.  Your 

teachers are putting a great deal of trust in your hands.  Do not 

disappoint us."

     He reached into his desk and pulled out an envelope.  "Here.  This is 

your new-student orientation material."  On the back, he wrote out a name.  

Opening the packet, he pulled out what appeared to be a map and wrote on 

it.  "And this is where Mage Pappen lives."  Finally he wrote out a note 

and placed it in an envelope.  "And this is the letter of introduction to 

Mage Pappen."  He rose from his desk; sensing a cue, I rose from my chair 

as well.  We shook hands as he handed me the packet.  "Welcome to the 

College, Darryn."

     Nervous, it took me a moment to remember my voice.  "Thank you, sir," 

I finally managed to say to him.

     I followed the directions on the map, walking high and low amongst the 

buildings until I found the one I was looking for.  A short wooden building 

on a stone foundation, it had a comfortable look to it.  I walked onto the 

porch and rang the doorbell.  The door opened to reveal a young woman 

wearing nothing more than a short skirt about her waist, and that skirt was 

made of leather.  The only other mark on her was an intricate scrollwork 

tatoo over her heart.  "May I help you?"

     "I am Darryn, late of Megassi.  I was instructed to hand this to Mage 


     "Allow me."  She reached for the envelope.

     "Are you Mage Pappen?"


     "Then I will not hand it to you.  My instruction say to give it to 

Mage Pappen."

     "Brand, let him in."  The new voice came from a taller man whose age 

was indecipherable.  He looked twenty, thirty, even forty.  He looked 

strong.  "I am Mage Pappen.  What did you identify yourself as?"

     "Darryn, late of Megassi."

     "The dragons?"  He seemed surprised.

     "The same."

     "There must surely be some mistake.  I've no ken for dragon lore."  He 

opened the letter and began reading it.  "Or, perhaps not."  He smiled at 

me.  "How old are you?"

     "Twenty-five, sir."

     "Unbalance me."


     "You heard me.  Unbalance me."

     It took me a moment to get up the courage to follow his command.  I 

have never simply demonstrated my skill in public before; it's not often 

one is commanded to masturbate publicly.  Which, in effect, is what I 

needed to do to move that spell at that time.

     I dropped my pack and robes.  Leaning against my staff, I reached into 

my pants and found my penis, stroking it softly.  It came to life quickly, 

and in less than nine seconds I found myself breathing hard enough to 

summon power.  One second later I formed the base in my head, the second 

after that I built an Unbalance over that base, and in the twelfth second I 

opened one eye, looked at Mage Pappen, and released it.

     The Mage looked happily unbalanced.  "You are he!"

     "Yes, sir.  I created the 'Pleasure' base."  I blushed, embarassed.  

"I realize I have acheived a bit of notoriety from that."

     "Yes.  We'll have to work on that arousal pattern you have, get it 

down from twelve seconds to one."  He grinned.  "You'll have to find your 

arousal in the satisfaction of the act, not the other way around.  We'll 

manage."  He looked at my staff curiously.  "Is that staff yours?"

     "Yes, sir.  It was given to me by Desa Megassi, Master Mage of 


     "Well then, Mage Darryn, welcome to my home.  You are once again 

Student Darryn as well, you understand."  I bowed my head, agreeing to the 

term.  "Excellent.  Brand, show Darryn to room three, would you?"

     She nodded.  "Come with me."

     Lien Pappen, it turned out, was considered the sexual mage on Campus 

simply because he was the only mage of advanced skill who could do sexual 

work.  Sex was a consuming passion with him and what he preferred, but it 

was not what he did best.  Where his expertise lay magically was in process 

work.  When I described the spell I had cast on myself and my beloved 

Ryuchia, he postively glowed.  "Darryn, I must ask that I see you perform 

this spell process."

     "With whom, sir?"

     "I would ask that you perform it on me.  I cannot ask you to perform 

it on Brand since she is a woman, and therefore not to your liking."

     "Yes sir."

     I explained the procedures necessary, and he agreed to them.  We 

arranged a space in his basement in which to build the equipment necessary.  

I felt releived to be in my own element again; it had been three months 

since my arrival at the campus and I had begun to feel depressed.  I was 

without lovers here, a state not to my liking and certainly discouraging to 

a mage of my studies.  Unlike dragons, the people in Barraminum regarded my 

preferences as disagreeable and limited my attentions to the boyhouses by 

the waterfront.  And although my allowances would certainly allow me to 

wander down there once in a while for releif, I did not relish the idea of 

purchasing relief.  I craved friendship and a friendly bed, not what these 

places offered.

     Lien joined me when I announced I was ready.  He removed his robes to 

reveal a handsome body underneath; thin, strong, and a touch pale, his body 

radiated with an inner sense of composure that comes from being a mage.

     I knew my role' here well as he lay down on the bed.  I crawled 

between his legs and lowered my mouth to his groin without preface, burying 

my face between his legs and inhaling deeply.  He gasped as his cock grew 

to full proportions.  I stared at the purple head wavering before my eyes, 

then smiled as I slipped my mouth around it, sucking at the silken skin of 

his cockhead, then feeling press against the top of my mouth, rippling as 

it touched the back of my throat and slid further downwards.  He gasped, 

his hips bouncing against the bed.  I closed my lips upon the warming 

shaft, sucking his cock for all it was worth.

     It was more than skill, Aimee', it was pleasure.  Pleasure from the 

relief of sheer need.  I needed him.  It was more than his cock, Aimee'; 

there was something to his carriage, to his whole being, that fulfilled me.  

And as I pumped my head back and forth on his cock, I felt that fulfillment 

deep within me.

     He groaned slightly as I stopped my sucking, reaching for the ointment 

and applying it to his shaft.  He looked at me apprehensively as I knelt 

over his hips and aimed his cock upwards.  I pressed down upon it, feeling 

it against my anus, feeling it fill me as it penetrated me.  He was within 

me.  I picked up my staff and held it out.  "Take it," I said.

     He nodded and reached up, taking the staff in his hands even as I did.  

I began casting the spell, stroking his cock within me all the while.  I 

was interested in letting him in on the spell, so he cast it right along 

with me.

     Together, our bodies continued in patient mating as we explored his 

genetic code.  He marvelled at the process, and the sub-processes that 

allowed me to explore more than the visible.  He gasped with pleasure at 

the spells I had learned, then told me to "End it."

     I did.  The spell collapsed.  Unlike with Ryu, I had no need to see 

his climax, and as the skilled sybarite, neither did he.  We ceased our 

coupling and sat down on the bed together.  "Marvellous," he said, panting 

slightly as he cleaned himself off.  "Simply marvellous.  You did not write 

any of that yourself, I take it?"

     "No sir," I said.  "I adapted some towards my particular method of 

invocation, but I did not write the spell myself."  I explained where I had 

found it and what notes I had had to take in order to make it useful to me, 

rather than to dragons.  I also explained the changes I had had to make in 

order to make it work on him since he was human and not a dragon.

     "Astounding.  That you could take such a dangerous spell, render it 

into components in just such a manner.  My friend, you will go far."

     "Thank you, sir."

     I learned, several months later, that I had a rival.  By now knowledge 

of both my invocation speciality and my preference in partners was common 

knowledge, and I often took abuse because of either, and often both.

     But it was not until late that coming December and the first snows had 

begun falling on the ground that I began to appreciate how much hatred 

Brand was sending in my direction.  As a woman, she felt that her capacity 

for multiple orgasms naturally made her far better prepared for  the kinds 

of magic I was quickly excelling at.  However, as we both found out, that 

was hardly the case.  She was simply a good student without the natural 

skills that I had lucked upon and without the incredibly teachers of 

Thomorr and Desa Megassi to back up those natural talents.

     However the signs began to show.  Resentment, mostly.  I understand 

that.  I had wandered in where she had once been the center of attention 

and quickly established myself as her superior.  Where she still wore robes 

of black I had already earned those of green.  

     Then things began to get ugly.  At first, even the ugliness was 

somewhat mundane, consisting of shortsheeting and the like.  The rumors 

started up that I preferred little boys, children below the age of puberty.  

That all sexual mages were destroyers of everyone they touched and claimed 

to love.

     What friends I had stuck with me, and I'll grant them that.  Although 

more and more I found it hard to associate with my peers, simply because 

they wished to have no association with me.

     Then came the violence began.  There is simply no term for it; I was 

spat upon, at first, and then I became the target of thrown stones.  The 

attacks grew more and more severe as time went on.

     Magicians, however, are resourcful.  "Don't you worry," Mage Pappen 

reassured me, "They won't get you, but we shall get them."

     Mage Pappen did indeed help me.  And to his credit we eventually did 

turn in most of the miscreants who comitted their abuses upon me.  Some 

were discharged from the school.

     It was at this time that Brand received her green robes.  Much to even 

my surprise, she announced that that was sufficient to her and that she was 

heading back to her home to resume her life there, now a fully- accreditted 

mage wearing the green. 

     I was surprised; I had fully exepcted her to stay and earn at least 

the blue I now wore.  I asked Mage Pappen about this.  "You know how it is, 

Darynn.  Some simply want to know all they can, and some simply got when 

they think they know enough."

     My studies continued.  The attacks on me lessened, in part because 

Pappen and I had decimated the ranks of those who did not approve of me.  I 

started casting some spells of import, too, ones that caught the attentions 

of my fellow students.  Although it took me sixteen hours to cast, I did 

one day succeed in an alteration spell that allowed me my first wereform.  

For six days afterwards I could, completely at will, take the shape of a 

wolf.  I remember the feelings of fear that created within me, fear that 

the wolf shape would gain control.

     Also, for some reason, requests from my fellow students for love 

potions blossomed, apparently on the theory that a sex magician should be 

good at them.

     All of this changed one night when I was walking through the city.  I 

had, sadly, succumbed to my needs, and gone travelling down in the lower 

blocks of the city, looking for a street boy who would take my money in 

exchange for a candlespan of attention.  I wanted someone, something 

specific, someone for whom I would feel something, and then later feel 


     I walked at odds with myself, accepting than rejecting one, then 

another, never sure of what I really wanted, knowing that in truth I was 

missing Thomorr and Ryuchia and that Pappen's attentions were nothing more 

than that of a teacher, not a lover.  I missed love, Aimee', truly that is 

what I missed.

     A hand grabbed me by the shoulder.  "'ey, m'lord, are you lookin' for 

somethin' friendly?"

     "Yes, but I'm not sure-- "  I never got to say another word.  As I 

turned to face the man who addressed me, a fist pounded me in the stomach, 

knocking the wind from me violently.  I was pushed, shoved, and carried 

into an alleyway, where three men hit me further and then carried me in 

through a back door into a small room.

     A cloth was fitted into my mouth to prevent me from speaking.  I was 

thrown across a solid wooden table, where rough ropes tied my hands  to the 

supports.  The room was dark, dingy; only two lanterns lit it up.  The 

three who had carried me in were all large and hairy men wearing the common 

clothes of laborers.  They tied ropes about my feet, too, but instead of 

tying those down, they tied them up to a beam that supported the roof, 

exposing my ass to their rough hands.

     "He's not a virgin," one said, his voice cracked with the twin abuses 

of tobacco and alchol.  "Look a' tha' 'ole."

     "He's been had by dragons.  But he'll do you quite well."  I 

recognized Brand's voice.  What was she doing here?

     "Dragons?" the one said.  "'dor, 'e'll ne'er e'en notice us!"

     "It's been a while."

     One of the men approached and touched my ass with his palm.  "Smooth 

as a babe's butt," he replied.  "Does nothin' with it but sit on it all 

day, I reck'n."  His hand was rough and calloused, the fingers themselves 

thick with the muscle of manual labor.  On touched my anus.  He pressed 

inwards without spit or grease.  I felt like I was being entered by a pine 

cone, his hands were so rough.  The pain made me cry out, but the cloth in 

my teeth dampened the sound to nothing.  His finger penetrated me to the 

knuckles and I groaned.  "Yeah, t' first inch is tight enough fer me."  He 

pulled me across the rough table, granting more pain as the raw wood 

scraped on my back.  "Take this, lad."  With a rough shove he penetrated 

me, his cock mercilessly barelling into my guts.  "Could use a little 

wetness, though."

     "Ha' this, then," one of the other men said clearly.  The one within 

me laughed, and I felt something cold splash about my balls and hole.  It 

felt cold, and then burning filled me.  The smell told me what  he'd used, 

and I began to cry from the pain.  Rum.  Alcohol.  These men cared less if 

they killed me.

     Another one, to my left, climbed out of his ragged pants and 

approached me, pulling off the gag.  "Suck it, boy," he said.  "Suck it 

well and maybe you'll live."  He pulled back his foreskin and stuffed the 

fetid thing in my face.  The smell was ghastly, as if he hadn't washed in 

weeks, and I couldn't bring myself.  He grasped my head in one hand and my 

nose in the other, waving that evil club before my eyes.  Finally, I had to 

breath, and he shoved his cock down my throat.  "Bite it and I'll hurt you 


     I gagged on the torturous thing.  About the only mercy for me in this 

was that the alcohol which ruined me within also entered my blood and 

lessened the pain.  I choked while the two men raped me, used me in their 

laughter.  The one's cock sawed in and out of my burning asshole, the other 

fed me his cheesy meat until both grunted their climaxes and finally pulled 

out.  The one who had been within my ass presented his cock to my mouth.  

"Clean it, boy."

     Another cock entered my anus.  Gone in pain and alcohol, I barely 

noticed either of the two cocks being used on me.  I felt, dimly, the feel 

of the third man's balls as he plundered my anus, raping the juiced hole 

created by the man whose cock I now washed with my tongue.  I could not 


     And then they, too, were gone, and a slim, delicate hand was probing 

at my anus.  "Darryn, can you hear me?"

     "Brand...  Why are you doing this?"

     "Because," she said as three of her fingers slipped into my asshole, 

"You deserve it, you perverse monster.  The Sodomite Mage.  You had to be 

younger than me, prettier than me, better than me."  Her hand pressed 

against my burning asshole.  "I'm going to give you what you want, Darryn, 

and what you so richly deserve.  I'm going to remind you of your dragon 

LOVER," she snarled as her arm slipped into me, "and then, from within, I'm 

going to kill you."

     I needed to stop her.  My mind raced with all the things I could do to 

stop her.  I knew spells that would kill her, but they took time to 

prepare.  I needed to handle her companions, too.

     I thought of a Base, a combat Base, that would help me.  I imagined 

what it might look like completed, as complete as a Base can be.  I needed 

to be right, once, because that was all the chance I would get.  "Brand," I 

snarled at her.

     "Goodbye, Darryn."

     "No."  I summoned the base.

     She screamed as the bones in her arm snapped.  She looked up, stunned, 

as I poured power through the base.  One of the men rushed me and lightning 

danced around him, knocking him against the wall, screaming.  Another 

picked up a bottle and I struck him, too, with the lightning.  Just as the 

base 'Pain' could be turned into 'Pleasure,' too can the bases for healing 

be turned to suffering.  Brand pulled her arm free of my body, her hands 

unable to clutch anything at all.  She backed  away from as I willed her to 

bleed freely; it ran from her nose and she coughed it from her mouth.  She 

shook her head, and in her bubbling throat I heard her say "You... you 

can't.  This..."

     I was developing an erection even as she said it.  My combat master 

had taught me well; the satisfaction of commiting a spell need not have 

arisen from pleasure, but instead, the pleasure of winning came from the 

satisfaction of committing the spell.  I had won.  I burned her, blasted 

her, bled her, and broke her.  And then I blacked out.

     "And then?" Aimee' asked.

     "I was rescued.  One of the men who had been busily having his way 

with me ran out into the street, and the screams attracted the attention of 

the local guard.  I was taken back to the college, where I attracted a lot 

of attention."  Darynn smiled and leaned back in his chair.  "Now, I've 

taken away from your studies again to tell you a rather dull and boring 

story."  He yawned to make the point.

     His bait worked; she yawned along with him.  "See?  I've managed to 

put you back to sleep."  He leaned over and kissed her forehead.  "Why 

don't you return home?  We'll continue this later."

     She sighed and the sound tore at his heart again.  "Yes, sir.  

Goodnight, sir."

     "Goodnight, Aimee'."


"Aimee', Chapter 5"

Aimee' is copyright (c) 1993 Elf Mathieu Sternberg.  This story may be 

freely distributed by electronic media; hardcopies are limited to single 

printings for personal use.

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