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Archive-name: Fantasy/aimee-a.txt

Archive-author: Elf Sternberg

Archive-title: Aimee - a - Introduction

        It's been a long time since I've released a notably new story 

to the 'net.  No real reason for that other than that I've been 

really busy in life and haven't had all that much time for the 'net.

        However, somewhere along the way I got the idea in my head to 

write a story entirely without using the very "to be."  Just a short 

story.  "Just a short story."

        Trouble is, as always, I liked the characters too much.  I 

ran with it.  The first story is still entirely in E-prime, but I 

dropped that requirement after the first chapter.  So I wrote wrap 

and kept going.

        Ten chapters.  Well, nine and an intermission between 

chapters four and five.

        This is not a Journal Entry.  It's something not so entirely 

different, and I had a lot of fun writing it.  As for The Journal 

Entries, well, I've got a few new ones hiding somewhere on my 

harddrive.  (In fact, a quick look at W4W shows that I've got 41 

unreleased.  Wouldn't you like to know... :-))

        _Aimee'_ is dedicated to Tom and Tasha.  Two people who don't 

know each other, but who, in their own ways, are the parents of this 


                Elf !!!


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