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Archive-name: Fantasy/advyoung.txt

Archive-author: Furrball

Archive-title: Advice for the Young

Disclaimer: This piece of work is entirely ficticious. It would be hard to 

even call it a fantasy, but that is probably what it is nevertheless. All 

names, places, and things are made up, figments of my imagination. 

Thank you.

To a Young Gruikk


	As the eighth cycle of  Urundi passed on its last wave of 

warmth, my mental self began to wake. Like most young ones, at first I did 

not understand all the stimuli that pounced down upon me, and I 

instinctively withdrew. Inside, I felt safe. Here no other one could touch 

me, nor could wandering thoughts accidentally strike me. The outself had 

put fear into me, so much that I could not comprehend that others opened 

their minds to this. Slowly I extended a mental thread, just to be 

bombarded again by activity. It took me another cycle to fully come outself 

and admit others to my domain. At first I was afraid of them, but they 

sensed that I was still young, and so did not bother me. I began to explore 

my domain, the area which my creators had left me. Nothing  besides me 

was allowed in without my consent. The Gruikk are peaceful, and don't 

wish to harm another by forcefully intruding upon anothers domain, 

against its will. 

    As I grew in mental powers, I started to realize that there

was more to me than my mind. I began to gain a sense of shape, of 

physical being. I registered things that were part of me, that I could 

control. They sent feedback into my mind. At this point, two whole cycles 

after my creation, I realized that I was me. I had a definite shape, and more 

senses than I had believed were possible. I could register vibrations in the 

air, and by stretching my mind, I could become aware of dead things 

around me. My physical form could send me information on various things 

in the surroundings. I realized that outself was much more expansive than 

I thought. I could barely move, since I was squeezed in on all sides by 

various dead things, made of many different materials, of many shapes and 

sizes. Many things gave off particles that one of my senses shrieked at. A 

few of the things about me had once been a living one, however not a 

Gruikk. To test my new-found mobility, I decided to make to make some 

space around my body. I began to push the dead things away from me, in 

all directions. At first I hesitated about doing this, but I rationalized that 

since they are all dead, they won't mind. Others seem to have done the 

same thing, and I could detect large areas where there was nothing but 

space to move in. It required much physical effort, yet after a bit I could 

move my body. I realized that not only could I move parts of my body 

about, but I could move the whole thing, if I'd want to. 

    I began to explore my shape. I had five appendages, some

of which seemed to serve different purposes. Four were definitely for 

locomotion, since they all had the ability to grip onto things, and were 

quite powerful. The other one was quite different. It was long and thick, yet 

had no obvious function. I held it up to my mental threads with my primary 

appendage in order to get a better view of it. I noticed that it reacted 

differently to the touch than any other part of my body. Other parts would 

register the contact, and inform my mind of it. Yet this, this was different. 

It is hard to describe... it registered a feeling of wanting, of  longing with 

my mind. It was a feeling that I had never experienced before. I held it 

tight, and grabbed it with my secondary appendage as well. When I 

squeezed it, it made my mind blink in an odd fashion. I wanted to rub it, to 

intensify those strange yet wonderful signals that my mind was getting. But 

something was trying to stop me from doing that.  The Gruikk are 

extremely focused on the mind, and it is a sin to let go of  the matters of 

the mind, and give ones self over to the physical world. The mind must 

always be in control. This idea is so deeply embedded in the Gruikk that it 

could be called instinct. Yet this was incredible, and after many cycles of 

being locked up in my mind, and not even knowing about the physical part 

of myself, I could not help it. I squeezed my fifth link, and almost lost 

contact with the outself. Wave after wave of goodness washed over me, and 

almost swept me with it. Rubbing it back and forth increased the pleasure 

even more, to such an extent that I could no longer rely on my two free 

appendages to keep me suspended. I had to let my body touch the dead 

things at the bottom of my cave. I rubbed myself into a frenzy, so that I lost 

total contact with the outself. Soon I barely knew who or what I was, I was 

so consumed by my own pleasures. The waves became real, and I could feel 

them washing over me. However they were not cool, but hot. Yet they did 

not sear, they brought even more pleasure. Suddenly everything went red, 

and I felt myself going into convulsions. My body spasmed, and I'm afraid 

that I let some sign out that something was abnormal. I think that must 

have happened, since after I regained my senses, I was no longer in my 

domain. I had been brought in front of the elders, in the common area. 

They were obviously not very happy, since I had broken one of the oldest 

rules of the Gruikk, without even knowing it. First I had broken the mind 

over matter rule, which was a big a sin enough. But more importantly, I 

had toyed with the secret of the cycles. I had also let out large amounts of 

radiation. According to the elders, we were not alone. Other beings lived 

alongside us. They could not pick up mental signals on their own, but the 

elders had detected dead things that could receive our signals, and tell 

these other living things about us. That scared me. It must have scared the 

elders much more, since they told me never to do what I had done again, 

and broadcasted the message of shame across the entire colony. Cloaked in 

shame, I was ordered back to my domain. Here I snuck into my cave, and 

shut the opening into the rest of the colony. 

    What the elders had said made me think. There were

other thinking, living beings near us. The thought had never crossed my 

mind. If it were true... wouldn't that mean that I could pick up their mental 

signals? But the elders had said that they were incapable of communicating 

mentally. Yet their minds, if they were as intelligent as the elders thought, 

must give off some sort of radiation nevertheless. I set out to discover one 

of these others. I decided that they could not inhabit this clump of dead 

stuff that we did, since no Gruikk had ever seen one up close. Yet after a 

while I learned to lock out the other Gruikk's babble, and could concentrate 

on other things. I began to pick up something that sounded wholly foreign 

to my mind. Most of it was so incomprehensible that I attributed it to some 

other thing, perhaps alive, but not intelligent. I could detect a need of 

nourishment in a few, and others just radiated pure stupidity, and disregard 

for the mind. Yet after a cycle or two, I came across something that 

reminded me distinctly of something. It took me a while to figure out what, 

until it hit me over a mental thread. It was the same waves of goodness that 

I had experiences, and then was reprimanded for. Yet it did not feel 

Gruikk. It felt entirely alien, but still it was the same. I reached out to try to 

locate where it was coming from. Upon closed examination, I realized that 

there were two sources, both emitting similar signals, which were only 

slightly different in dialect. The idea that they might be pleasuring 

themselves too intrigued me. I decided to dig towards them a bit, so that I 

might get a picture of what they were. It took a bit, but I had gotten quite 

skilled at moving the dead stuff out of my way, and so got much closer to 

them in little time. Strange rays peeked through the dead stuff at times, 

and they became more and more frequent as I neared the source of the 

mental waves. These rays, which were quite physical hurt my threads. I 

had to pause to let them get used to the new stimuli. When I could see 

again, the pleasure waves had increased in magnitude, but were only 

coming from one source. I dug a bit further. Finally I got a clear picture of 

what was happening outside the colony. What I saw took my mind entirely 

off what I had been tracking. There were vast amounts of the bright, 

bright, irritating stuff. It hurt so much that I instantly retracted into myself, 

and surely gave off some waves that I shouldn't have. It took a bit for me to 

get used to them after I extended my threads very carefully. All that space! 

There was much dead stuff out there, but SO much more space! Space 

everywhere! There were a few large, seemingly artificial constructed 

objects, and off in the distance I could see more, but the amount of space 

put me in shock. Suddenly I remembered why I was out there. The source 

of the waves was just a few lengths away from me. They were living 

bodies, with four appendages. Two of them were on the ground beside each 

other. They were the same, yet slightly different. I sensed that one of them 

had a rod as a fifth appendage, whereas the other did not. Currently the 

one with the rod was bent over the other one, and seemed to be pleasuring 

it! Both were emitting waves of goodness, but the one on the ground was 

giving off much stronger ones. It did not have a rod, but in place of it, 

seemed to have an opening. The other one was madly touching the opening 

with the tip of a round thing on top of its body.


    I had brought Jessica out here because I knew it was safe.

My house wasn't safe, 'cause my dad would be home. He'd scare her right 

off. Man, that would suck. I wanted to fuck her bad. I'd met her just last 

week at a friends party, but we'd hit it off pretty quickly. She was gorgeous, 

and made me feel great. I seemed to have a similar effect on her, since 

she'd been calling me ever day since then. I'd crawl into my room, 

dragging the phone behind me, cuz my parents would never let me talk to 

some girl over the phone. I'd asked her if she'd want to meet me at the mall 

today after school, and she said yea, sure. We went to that one place with 

the big yellow M and I bought her a value meal. After a rather unsatisfying 

meal, I brought her out to the landfill, which was a good ten miles from the 

city limits. No one ever came out here, 'cept for the garbagemen, but they 

wouldn't care about us. We snuck on top of one of the larger piles, and 

settled down in a rusty lawn chair, that still had some plastic strips on it, so 

it wasn't too uncomfortable. I had brought a large towel along, that I spread 

over it.  I gently touched Jennifer's cheek with my lips, and licked my way 

over to her mouth.  I licked her lips, savoring the flavor of her ruby red 

lipstick, which incidentally had an incredible strawberry flavor. I  poked 

my tongue through her pert lips, and parted them oh-so-gently. Our 

tongues played with each other , and then I proceeded to lick the inside of 

her mouth. As we kissed, I reached up under her shirt, and started to caress 

her left tit. She had knows that a bra would only get in the way, so she left 

it at home. Her breasts were not yet fully developed, but at age fifteen, they 

weren't small either. Nicely firm and pert, with no sag. I played with her 

hard nipple, and moved over to her right breast. They were just as smooth 

and succulent as I had imagined them to be. I wanted to unbutton her shirt. 

It had those tiny little buttons, that are impossible to get undone unless you 

devoted your entire attention to them. I sadly broke off the kiss, and got to 

work. After all the buttons were undone, I slowly opened up her shirt. I had 

never seen such beautiful breasts in my young life. Perfect half-melons, 

with small, light aureolas with little pink nipples sticking out from the 

middle of them. I bent over them. God, what a choice. I decided on the left 

one. First I took her nipple between my lips. I chewed on it with my teeth 

grinding my lips together. She started to squirm beneath me as I gently 

squeezed her right tit with my right hand and played with her nipple. 

Slowly I sucked her left nipple into my mouth, gently rubbing it with my 

teeth. She loved it, making slight furry sounds under me. I played with her 

nipple with my tongue, running it over the hardened nub circling it with 

my tongue, flicking it back and forth. Slowly I released the enflamed 

nipple from my lips. I ran my tongue down her soft left breast, and nuzzled 

the beautiful valley between her tits with my face. Slowly I slid my tongue 

up her right breast, until it found her other nipple. I encircled it with my 

open mouth , and started to pull it into my mouth, making slurping sounds. 

I suckled on it like a little baby would, just the way instinct told me to do. 

Jennifer was breathing faster now,  nearing orgasm. I ran my tongue 

around her nipple, and then softly nibbled on it with my teeth. Her 

sensuous moans drove me on. I slid off my T-shirt, and threw it off onto 

the pile of junk. It had had it anyway. I moved down to Jennifer's cut-offs. 

They were quite tight, so I had to squeeze to get the top button open. I 

slowly slid the zipper down, making sure not to touch her white panties. 

She lifted her ass, so to make it easier for me to slide them down. I slowly 

pulled them down, first tugging on the left leg, then on the right. Slowly 

the rest of her wonderful panties came into sight. They were high-cut, 

which really turned me on. (not like I needed any more turning on.) 

Towards their bottom, a large wet spot became apparent. I inhaled. The 

heavenly smell went straight to my heart. I almost keeled over right there, 

out of pure lust overload. But I restrained myself. I pulled her cut-offs off 

entirely, so she just lay there in her undies, in all her nude glory. I still had 

my pants on, but that bothered neither of us. I lowered my face over her 

glorious chest, and returned to her right breast. I began licking the bottom 

of it, and slowly proceeded downhill. I moved down to her belly button, 

which I stuck my tongue into, digging for any bit of Jenny that I could get. 

I ran my tongue all the way down to the edge of her panties. I nibbled 

around the material, but then I moved to the inside of her left knee. There I 

began to suckle the inside of her thigh, slowly progressing upwards. She 

spread her legs so I could get my head in position. As I licked, sucked, and 

kissed my way upwards, I played with her left tit some more, pulling on it 

just ever so slightly, making her moan ever so softly. Before I got to her 

panties, she spread her beautiful legs wide. A large wet-spot presented 

itself in front of my face. I breathed the yummily scented air for a while, 

before slowly extending my tongue, and touching the wet spot on her 

panties, making sure not to push any further in, so I made almost no 

contact with her open vagina. I gently licked her panties, and softly pulled 

them in my mouth with my lips. They were stretched away from cunt, as I 

attempted to bring as much soaked material as I could into my hungry 

mouth. I chewed on the soft cotton, trying to get out every drop of girl 

juice. She lifted her ass again, in an obvious gesture to me that I should 

remove her panties. I brought more and more material into my mouth, 

slowly moving down her legs, bringing the undies with me, and getting a 

rather full mouth. I pulled them off her right ankle first, and stuffed that 

corner into my mouth. Finally I got them off her left leg, and happily 

chewed on Jennifer's panties which were entirely in my mouth. I reached 

up again, and started caressing the naked girls breasts again with my left 

hand, while caressing her earlobe with the right. I took her panties out of 

my mouth, and threw them out onto the pile of junk as well, thinking she 

wouldn't want to have them anymore anyway. Jennifer reached down and 

slowly undid my pants, grabbing my cock once the zipper was down. I, 

being rather impatient, grabbed my pants and ripped them off. Jennifer 

started rubbing my cock slowly, staring at it as if it were some kind of 

animal. It wasn't anything special, as far as I was concerned. I had 

compared with my friends back when we were in eighth grade, and mine 

wasn't abnormal in any respect. So I didn't know why she was looking so 

scared... I kissed her again, this time our tongues didn't play, they did the 

lambada. I never knew that a simple kiss could instill so much passion in a 

human being, but it was so. I reached down behind her, and started 

caressing her ass cheeks. They were almost as soft as her tits, and nice and 

round too. She slid her hand down my back, and stuck it under my briefs. 

She gently scratched my butt, which made me think  I'd come right there 

and then. I extended a finger between her ass cheeks, and searched for her 

nether hole. She yelped when I touched it. I slowly rubbed it, up and down, 

and in circles. She stopped rubbing my ass, and just laid there and enjoyed 

the sheer pleasure I was giving her. I poked my finger in her asshole and 

moved it around a bit, but without lubrication I felt that I was hurting her.   

Slowly I broke off the kiss, and once again moved down her perfectly 

shaped body. I moved my hand from her anus to the side and downwards, 

forcing her leg up. Once she realized what I was trying to do, she helped. 

She spread her legs, and lifted them up, pulling her knees toward her 

shoulders. I caressed the upper bottom of  her pure white thighs, as I kissed 

my way down to where the fuzz began. She didn't have much of it. Either 

she shaved, or it just hadn't all grown yet. Jennifer's clitoris was sticking 

out prominently between her vaginal lips. I kissed my way around her 

pussy, to the right, avoiding her outer lips. I licked up and down her 

innermost thigh, first on the right, then on the left. She must have come for 

the first time that day, since she suddenly gasped and shuddered lightly. I 

didn't let it distract me. Slowly I moved closer to her pink hot lips, so 

lewdly parted, showing me her deep insides. I nuzzled her outer lips, 

tasting the wonderful dew that had collected on the thin fuzz. I moved 

towards the inside, first just running my nose up and down her crack, 

making sure not to touch her engorged clit at the top.  Then I kissed my 

way up and down the insides of her opened lips, finally stopping over her 

opened hole. It was glistening with juices. I placed my mouth over it, and 

sucked.. I stuck out my tongue and ran it around the opening of her cunt, 

not pushing in. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, moving left and 

right, but still not touching her clit. She was moaning quite loud now, but 

didn't really know what she wanted. I positioned my tongue over the 

opening to her inner depths again, and pushed in ever so slightly, rolling 

my tongue into a tube first. I jiggled and wiggled around, but couldn't get it 

in very deep. I moved up to her clit, but without touching it, teased poor 

Jennifer by running my tongue in circles around her enraged clit that was 

just straining to get some attention. She began to realize that that was what 

she wanted. Jennifer started pushing her cunt up towards my face, trying to 

hit me with her clit. But I wouldn't let her. I held her down by holding her 

hips, and continued my torturing of her clitoris. I placed my left index 

finger on her cunthole, and gently pushed. All her lubrication let my finger 

slip in easily. I pushed it in up to the hilt, and let it rest for a few seconds. I 

moved it in circles, first just small ones, but gradually expanding, trying to 

open up her hole for what was to come. I stuck in another finger, and 

started to gently fuck her with my two fingers. He vagina made a very 

erotic slurping sound as I pulled my fingers out. Her inner lips were forced 

into her cunt as my fingers dove deep into her, and they tried to keep my 

fingers in as I moved them back. I increased my fuck speed, as I toyed with 

her clit, just not quite touching it. This all was driving Jennifer wild, as she 

bucked against my hand and mouth, trying to get the itch that was her clit 

satisfied. I was still playing with her tits with my right hand, pinching and 

squeezing her nipples every once in a while, making her yelp. Finally I 

thought I had made her wait long enough. Still finger fucking her pussy, I 

surrounded her clit with my mouth, and chomped down on it with my lips. 

She screamed, and bucked so hard I almost bit my tongue. She had never 

come this hard, and was quite unused to the sensations she was feeling. I 

managed to get an extra helping of the delightful goo that came dripping 

out of her hole along with my fingers. I sucked what I could off my hand, 

and attacked her clit again, and again she came, screaming like a banshee. 

This time I held tight, and sucked on it with all my might. I toyed with it 

with my tongue, flicking it back and forth, and trying to suck it as far back 

into my mouth as I could. I lost count of the times she came... in fact, I'm 

not even sure if it was several orgasms or one huge one. Whatever it was, it 

was something that I could never experience as a man, and envied her for 

it. I inserted my finger into her cunt again, wiggling it around, loading it 

up with Jennifer's cum. I pulled it back out, and slowly traced a path down 

her slit, to her anus. I gently played with her hole, trying to loosen up her 

sphincter. Slowly, slowly I pushed my finger in, constantly wriggling it 

about, trying to get her to relax. I returned to her clit, and while sucking it, 

pushed my finger as far up her tight ass as it would go. I moved it around 

in circles, and started to fuck her rectum with my finger as I sucked her 

soaked pussy. It Didn't take her long to come again, from the intense 

treatment she was receiving. Slowly I pulled my finger out from her 

splayed ass-cheeks and wiped it off on the towel. I continued to lick and 

suck her vagina for a bit, but no longer with the intensity that I had before. 

I came up from between Jennifer's legs, and kissed her again. She reached 

down between my legs, and slid her hand inside my briefs. She started 

pulling on my cock, and then my scrotum. She lightly scratched it, until I 

had enough, and ripped off my underwear. We both lay there, naked, next 

to each other, in the warm afternoon sun. I still had my hard-on, which had 

not yet been satisfied. I asked her if she would like to take me in her 

mouth, but she didn't particularly like that idea. She'll learn some day... It 

was better that way anyway, since I have trouble coming twice in one 

sitting. But I was still horny as a bull, and wanted to fuck her like nothing 

else in the world. "You've done it before?," I asked her. She nodded 

slightly. "Good, you sure didn't act like it," I said. She didn't answer. Her 

legs were still in the spread position, and her hole was about as slick as 

anything I've ever seen. I rolled on top of her, pressing my cock against her 

belly. We just lay there like that for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth of 

each others bodies against the other. 

    Slowly I slid down, until my dick was resting with the tip

on her clit. I toyed with it a bit, rubbing the cock-head against her slick 

little nubbin. I grabbed my sheath, and rubbed it up and down the length of 

her slit, gathering up moisture wherever it went. I attacked her clit again 

with my cockhead, this time rubbing the knob which was sopping with her 

juices and my own over the entire top of her pussy, making a mess of her 

blonde pubic hair. She came again, but it was more of an aftershock in 

comparison to what she had experienced before. Slowly I positioned my 

cockhead over her vaginal opening. I rubbed it up and down a little bit, 

making lusty wet sounds that I just love. I held it still over Jennifer's hole 

again. I pushed just a little bit, just until half of the head was in her cunt. I 

pulled back out, and pushed in again, this time until the whole head was 

in. Her hole squeezed my cockhead, making hew heat seem ever hotter.  

Good god, she was tight. I stuck it in just a little bit, and pulled out again 

maybe five or six times, mostly for my pleasure. I love the feeling of my 

foreskin being pulled back by a tight cunt. By now she was begging me to 

stick it in. I pushed in as far as I'd been before, and kept pushing. It went 

in slowly, but finally I got the whole thing in. I just kept still, as we both 

stared down at our united crotches, where our bodies had joined. I started 

moving, using only small thrusts. I moved back only an inch or so, and 

pushed back all the way in. Then I pulled al the way out, and slammed 

back in, making her yelp. I left my cock all the way in her, and laid down 

on her, grinding my crotch into her clit, making her purr like a leopard. I 

pulled back out, and started pumping Jennifer with a steady rhythm. I 

slapped against her splayed cunt-lips with increasing vigor as I felt my 

orgasm beginning to build. She got into the rhythm, and began humping 

back against me as my balls slapped against her soft ass cheeks. I leaned 

down and suckled on her left nipple some more, drawing her entire breast 

into my mouth, releasing it, and drawing it back in. I'm not usually one to 

be able to hold his load back, so I felt it coming soon. I fucked her hard 

and fast, and she liked it. She was breathing in short, fast pants, rolling her 

eyes back in a kind of drunkenness that only sex can induce. I couldn't 

think of anything else but my dick sliding in and out of her sopping wet, 

hot, hot, hole. She wrapped her legs around my ass, and pulled me even 

deeper into her womb as she raised her smooth ass to give me a better 

penetration angle. I slammed my hips hard against her groin. Suddenly I 

could hold it back no longer, and I felt the first gush of semen charge 

through my penis, flowing deep into Jennifer's vagina. Again my dick 

contracted, and shot more thick cream far into her cunt. Several more 

times I went off, until I could no more. I collapsed on top of Jennifer in a 

happy stupor. Slowly my dick shrinked, and slipped out of her pussy with a 

very erotic sloshing sound. I slid down her sweaty hot body, and attacked 

her cunt with my tongue, paying no attention to not trying to hit her clit. I 

licked up and down, in her hole, trying to get every last drop of our sex 

juices. I nibbled on her clit, and on her pussy lips, nuzzled them with my 

nose and chin, and went back to her clit. I gently blew on it, and suddenly 

bit. Hard, but not hard enough to get blood flowing. Jennifer shrieked as 

she came, with one of the most intense orgasms I've ever witnessed. She 

shuddered a few more times as the aftershocks hit, as I looked up at her 

beautiful face.	

    I crawled back up to her, pressing my naked body into

hers. I was still aroused, but my cock didn't feel like coming back to life. 

We lay there for a while, just enjoying what makes humans human. The 

sun had started to go down, and I realized that I ought to be home before 

my mom comes home from work. Dad will think I was out panhandling or 

something, but mom wouldn't even accept that as an excuse. I slowly 

pulled myself off Jennifer, and put my underwear and pants back on. My 

shirt was lying off in the junk somewhere, and I sure as hell didn't want to 

go get it. I helped Jennifer into her cut-offs, no underwear this time, and 

arranged her shirt back on her torso, trying to make it look as fresh as 

possible. We clambered down the hill of trash, and ran hand in hand out of 

the landfill, towards the city. We kissed a final good-bye as our ways 



    The two beings did many things to each other, and were

emitting waves of pleasure that increased in magnitude as time flowed by. 

The one with the fifth appendage took it, and stuck it into the other one, 

where it had the hole. They moved rapidly in this position, which seemed 

to give both extreme pleasure. This was most interesting. I looked at my 

rod. It did not look very much like the one of the other being, for it was 

about the same size as my other appendages,  it just served a different 

purpose. What this purpose was, I had yet to find out. They licked each 

other some more, and then parted from the colony. Yet they left parts of 

themselves behind. I snuck over to where they had tossed their skins, and 

picked them up. The large piece looked like it had been ripe for shedding, 

but the small one still looked good. I took both and crawled back to my 

domain. There I rested and pondered what I had seen. Those two beings 

had obviously liked what they had done very much. It was similar to what I 

had done, for which I was punished with great shame. But it was good, not 

bad.. why should I get punished for something good? It made no sense to 

my young mind. I began to examine my rod again, this time more closely. 

It was on my left side, and stuck our from the rest of my form 

perpendicularly. I couldn't really move it, or do anything with it, besides 

give myself pleasure. The mystery of my appendage took up much of my 

thought for the next cycle. I became bored with my domain, and began to 

roam what was known as the common domain. Few Gruikk as young as me 

dared roam about freely, and those older than me disregarded my presence. 

    About two cycles after I had seen the other beings outside

the colony, I accidentally met another my age. It was called Chra. We 

decided to explore together, and dug many tunnels around the colony. A 

very few times we dared to go where all the space was, but it took too long 

to get used to the great energy that was out there, so it wasn't worth going 

out there too often. Never again did we see the two beings, although we 

saw other, older ones from a distance. I began to question Chra whether it 

had ever examined it's fifth appendage. Chra replied that it hadn't. I told 

Chra to touch it... Chra did, and also found it highly exciting. We tried 

touching each others appendages, which felt even better. Around that time 

I noticed a fold of flesh on Chra's right side, that I could stick an 

appendage into. At first, I did not think much of it. But then an idea struck 

me. I remembered how those two beings had stuck a rod-like appendage 

into a hole that the other one possessed. They liked that even more than 

just being stroked. Perhaps we could work something out. Chra pointed out 

that I, too, had such a fold of flesh, that turned out to be a hole. We found 

that when stimulated, it too would give off pleasure! This was to us a great 

discovery. We snuck off into Chra's domain, and shut it off from the rest of 

the colony, both mentally and physically. Here our discovery of the secrets 

of our race began.

    Chra and I were still too young to be initiated into the

Gruikk community, and the ways of Gruikk life. Young Gruikk were 

considered a nuisance, and were to keep out of the way of the adults. We 

knew enough about cycles to know that they happened regularly, and that 

is how we kept time. That was all we had to know. So once we were locked 

in Chra's domain, we did something we knew must be a horrible sacrilege 

against the Gruikk elders. First we started to gently nuzzle each other, 

since that is what I had seen the other two do, and it gave them happiness. 

I began to stimulate Chra's organ, and it stimulated mine. That started to 

feel much better. With another appendage, we massaged each others 

openings. We felt ready. Chra pointed out that a liquid was forming in my 

folds, on my right. I noticed it on Chra as well. I touched it, and was 

surprised. It felt slimy, slippery, and very odd. We stood opposite one other 

and directed our fifth appendages into each others holes. They slipped in 

very easily, creating liquid vibrations in the air. We both felt like gods. The 

pleasure waves filled Chra's domain, and felt like they would burst the 

shield. We pushed into each other, and started moving like the two on top 

of the colony had.: to and fro, increasing our speed as we went on. My 

appendage started to pulsate within Chra, and I could feel Chra's pumping 

within me. We were lost in each others pleasure. We started to feel 

convulsions within each other, which grew as we pushed and pulled harder 

and harder, not wanting to stop. The pleasure kept coming on in greater 

and greater magnitude, and the pulsating grew stronger. I felt the waves 

coming toward me again. Chra must have too, since it looked almost 

delirious. Both of us were spewing waves of goodness all over the place, 

and, I thought, had our shield not been up, the elders surely would have 

eliminated us. Suddenly the waves came crashing over me, and send me 

and Chra twirling to the bottom of his pit. We lay there, pulsating against 

each other in increased warmth, with our members deeply buried inside 

one another. Slowly we slipped out of the other and came back into our 


    This had been ten times as good, and pleasurable as

when I had been punished. I thought we would not be discovered, but little 

did I know at the time. I had not knows that we had committed the act out 

of cycle. That was the biggest crime there was in Gruikk society. The 

elders felt it, and so did all the adults. They came crashing down upon on, 

and condemned the two of us. Chra was spared any pain, since it was 

mostly my plan. I, however, was sentenced to become the Gruikk historian 

for all eternity. I am not allowed to visit the outside, and am not allowed to 

die when I please. I must keep going, keeping and organizing records for 

generations of Gruikk to come. I am writing this for any young Gruikk to 

see, to learn from, so they do not commit the same grave mistake I did. I do 

not know what the elders will do to me if they find out that I have written 

this, but whatever it is, it cannot be worse than this.

    Good luck, young one.

        Kewsch, Historian of Gruikk



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