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Archive-name: Slaves/yours.txt


Archive-title: Yours

I am sitting in front of my vanity waiting. The only sound that I hear is my

heart pounding. Ever since you called me this morning I have been thinking

about you and tonight and what it will bring.While I was taking my shower

just a few hours earlier , the tought of you coming for me was overwhelming.

As the hot water washed over me, I smoothed the soap onto me. Slowly up my

arms and down my sides, my belly and my legs, I slowly bring my hand up

between my legs and gently fondle myself as my othe r hand feels my breast

and its hard nipple. I suddenly hear the word "No" in my mind and my eyes fly

open and my hands drop to my sides immediately. You have told me I am never

to give myself pleasure unless you tell me too. I see your face and remem ber

the first time I had taken it upon myself to give myself pleasure. The anger

in your eyes and the harshness of your voice. I remember position two and the

hours you made me kneel like that with my hands tied behind my head while you

laid on the b ed and watched T.V. Only once did you come over and check on my

hands your hand running down my back to my ass and giving it a couple of hard

smacks. Finally after 3 hours of waiting you allow me to stand up and you

untie my hands, then hold me close to you telling me you are the only one who

will ever give me pleasure.I continue to wait, my hands in my lap. I look at

the necklace laying there, all shiny and gold. You gave this to me when you

decided to take me as your slave. Only being aloud to wear it when you take

me with you.Then I hear your car arrive out side the house and listen for

your key in the door. I hear the door close and as your coming up the steps

my heart feels like it is going to come out of my breast. You come into the r

oom, I don't dare turn my head and look at you, I only stare at the necklace.

I hear you move behind me and see your hand reach down and pick up the

necklace. I feel the coolness of the gold on my throat as you hook it in the

back. The choker is a ge ntle reminder of who I belong to. As your hands rest

on my shoulders I start to relax a little, knowing that you are pleased with

the way I look and how I am dressed. Your hands slide down my arms and you

pull me up and turn me to you. You kiss my mo uth gently, coaxing my mouth

open with your tongue. As your kiss deepens you pull me even closer. My body

sways and leans on you, it feels like your kiss is taking everything from me,

right down to my soul. When you do release me my lips feel like th ey are on

fire. You take my arm and lead me out of the room and down the stairs. You

pick up my bag and hand it to me as we go out the door to your car. Opening

the door for me, I get into the car and you lock and close the door. Finally

on out way, we talk and tell each other how our day has been. We laugh and

smile, I love to see you smile.We arrive at the party and before we leave the

car you turn and look at me as your fingers brush my cheek. With out saying a

word I know what you expect of me. Never speak unless spoken too always stay

a little behind you, all the unspoken commands, I know them all.We enter the

party and it doesn't take long before we are separated. Smiling and chatting

with friends. Time flies by. Then I feel it, your eyes are on me and I know

it. I turn and search the room for you and find you. The tightness I feel in

my chest is unmistakable,and I can hardly breath. The people around us seem

to fade away. Someone calling my name make me break eye contact with yo u.

When I did I knew it was wrong. Soon I felt you beside me taking my arm and

excusing us you lead me from the room and up the stairs. You take me to a

room at the end of the hall and close the door behind us. I start to plead

with you and tell you I am sorry but I know it will do no good. You take me

over to a chair and you sit down pull me over your lap. You whip my dress up

and my panties down. I try to wiggle away from you but I know that will only

make it worse. You start smacking my ass u ntil it is red and hot. Finally,

you stand bringing me up with you. The tears in my eyes run down my cheeks as

you say to me,"You are never to look away from me first, do you understand? I

whisper,"Yes". You look at me and say "what"? I say,"Yes sir" . You go to the

door as I fix my dress and I follow you. You stop and look at me and

say,"Give me your panties". Without one word I take them down and off and

hand them to you. You smile as you put them in your pocket. Walking down the

hall the dress rubs on my ass and makes it sting all the more. Even though it

hurts I love the feel of it. I can feel the wetness between my legs as we go

back to the party. The rest of the evening I stay with you never leaving your

side.When we reach home I go st raight to the bathroom and undress and wash.

Turn and look at the cheeks of my ass and they are still pink and warm. I

brush my hair and come out into the bedroom. I see the case on the bed and I

see the dresser pulled away from the wall and nothing on it. You are standing

there naked with the cuffs in your hand. I can feel myself flush all over. I

walk over to you and offer my hands to you. You place the cuffs on my wrists

snugly. You pick up the blindfold and I start to back away from you. "No " I

whisper to you."You know how much I hate that!" You grab the chain between

the cuffs and pull me close and turn me around. You slip the leather

blindfold over my head and fasten it. You move me in front of the dresser and

tie my legs to the feet of the dresser then leaning me over the top of the

dresser you tie one end of the rope to one dresser leg, run it through the

cuffs and tie it to the other dresser leg. I feel your hands running over my

back and my ass. Your fingers slide down my wet slit and you find my clit and

stroke it bringing me to an instant climax. I tell you the ropes are too

tight but you tell me to be quiet or you will have to gag me. Coming around

in front of me your fingers rake through my hair as you life my head u p. I

feel your cock brushing against my lips as I flick my tongue out and catch

that drop of pre-cum on my tongue. Holding my head you slide your cock into

my mouth slowly. All the way in. Then out nice and slow. I hear you groan as

I feel your cock moving in and out faster now. Harder and harder you fuck my

mouth, but you stop just before going over the edge. You move back behind me

and I feel your cock rubbing up and down my dripping pussy lips. Then in one

quick thrust you ram into me hard. I cry out as your cock sinks into my cunt.

Your hands are on my hips pulling me back to you. I try to push back but I

can't move. Harder and harder you pound into me. "Tell me what you want" you

say to me. Hardly being about to speak I try to say it.  Harder you thrust

into me "Tell me" you shout at me. Finally I say,"I want you to cum inside of

me". "What" you shout. I scream "I want you to cum inside of me, please

Master. I moan as I feel your cum shoot into my pussy. You groan and thrust

hard a s the cum pours out and into me and out and down my thighs. Totally

spent, you slump over my back breathing hard. You catch your breath and

slowly stand up. You pull out of me slowly and walk around in front of me.

You stoop down and take off the bli ndfold. I blink my eyes a couple of times

and look at you. "Tell me what you feel," you ask me. "There is no other way

I want to feel," I tell you. "I want to be completely controlled and

possessed by you. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. As long as you

keep me for your slave and let me love you and satisfy you".



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