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Archive-title: The Wife-Slut Course

                          The Wife-Slut Course

                            Table of Contents


                          Course of Instruction



   Part One: Rules (Defining the MASTER/slave relationship)

               A: Rules for the MASTER

               B: Rules for the slave

                  1. General Rules

                  2. Rules on clothing

                  3. Rules concerning body positioning

                     a. General rules

                     b. Rules for submissive positioning

                     c. Rules concerning body positioning in the

                        presence of others

                     d. Rules concerning body positioning for anal,

                        oral and vaginal usage

                     e. Rules concerning the positioning of the

                        slave for discipline and punishment

                  4. Rules governing the slaves conversations

                  5. Rules concerning pornographic material

                  6. Rules concerning sex "toys"

                  7. Rules concerning sexual relations for

                     the slave

                     a. General rules

                     b. Rules concerning the frequency of sexual

                        relations for the slave

                     c. Rules concerning masturbation

                     d. Rules concerning sex with MASTER

                     e. Rules concerning sex with others

                     f. Rules concerning sex with animals

   Part Two: Training (the training of the slave in pleasing MASTER)

               A:  The Importance of the Trained Slave

               B:  The Goal of the Training Process

               C:  Training Techniques

               D:  Self-Image and Slavery

   Part Three: Encounters (the MASTER and slave together alone)

               A:  The Role of the Slave in Encounters

               B:  The Role of the MASTER in Encounters

               C:  Announcing a Coming Encounter (MASTER)

               D:  Requesting an Encounter (slave)

   Part Four: Adventures (the slave sent out in the world)

               A:  The Role of the Slave in Adventures

               B:  The Role of the Master in Adventures

               C:  Announcing an Coming Adventure (MASTER)

               D:  Requesting an Adventure (slave)



                            The Wife-Slut Course


         The Wife-Slut Course, hereafter referred to as the course or the

   program,  is  a  well researched and planned training program designed

   to  allow  the  candidate to discover who she is sexually and what her

   sexual  limits  are  in  the  context  of  a loving and caring marital

   relationship,  and  to  furthermore  allow  her the freedom to stretch

   those  limits  to  whatever extent possible within the confines of the


        The requirements for admission to the program are as follows:

   1.    The  candidate must express both a willingness and an ability to

   become the wife of her MASTER.

   2.    The  candidate  must have exhibited in her past relationships an

   ability  to  be  loyal  to  her  husband  and  must vow an unswavering

   devotion and dedication to her marital relations.

   3.    The  candidate  must be the type of person who appears to others

   to  be  the "Madonna" type, but must have the inner desire and ability

   to allow herself to be a "whore, slut, tramp, slave" to her husband.

   4.    The  candidate  must  be physically attractive, comfortable with

   her  own  body and sexuality, and must display an inclination to enjoy

   sex  for  the  sake  of  sex  itself  and  at  no time view the sexual

   relationship  between  she  and her husband as an obligation or a gift

   from her to him.

   5.    The  candidate  must  be  intellectually and emotionally able to

   diferentiate  between  fact and fantasy and must be able to accept her

   husband's decision as to where fantasy ends and fact begins.

   6.    The  candidate  must be able to trust her husband explicitly and

   must  be willing to both allow him to share his fantasies with her and

   to share her fantasies with him.

   7.    The  candidate  must at all times have an open mind about sexual

   encounters  of  every type, but must also freely communicate her likes

   and dislikes to her husband.

   8.    The  candidate, after the proper indoctrination, must display an

   ability  to  be  totally  submissive to her husband sexually, and must

   furthermore  display a hunger for that submissiveness.  She must agree

   to be a "slave" and for her husband to be her MASTER.

   9.    The  candidate  must understand and accept her role as a "slave"

   and  all  that  her indenture will entail, with the understanding that

   it  is only in the area of the sexual relationship that this dominance

   by  her  MASTER  will  be  in effect.  The wife may at any time freely

   communicate  her  real  life  wishes  to  her husband and may never be

   forced to do something which is against her "real" will.

   10.   The  candidate must love her husband and must in addition to the

   MASTER/slave  qualifications meet the normal qualifications of a wife,

   being  able  to nurture her husband, respect and admire him and having

   the  ability  to enjoy the many other wonderful aspects of life as she

   interacts  with  her  love  in  the  context  of  their  shared  lives


         The  course  itself  is  a continuing program which one does not

   graduate  from  at  any  particular  time  or  after  the satisfactory

   completion  of  certain  tasks.   Many  portions of the course will be

   repeated  often,  in  order to continually reinforce the impact of the

   course on the candidates life.

         The program may be seen for purposes of description to have four

   aspects  or  divisions.   These  divisions often intertwine and should

   not  be  thought of as being detached from each other in any way.  The

   divisions are described as follows:

   RULES:    A  list  of  do's  and don'ts and required actions which the

   candidate  will  learn and promise to obey at all times.  This list of

   rules  may  be  ammended or changed at any time if the MASTER believes

   it  to  be  in the best interest of his slave or of the marriage to do

   so.   The  wife may suggest changes to these rules at any time, but as

   a  slave  has  no  input  to  the  rules and is expected to at no time

   question  them  or  fail to obey them.  Failure to obey the rules will

   result in the punishment of the slave.

   TRAINING:   The  slave  will spend many, many hours of training at the

   hand  of  her  MASTER.   This  training will be in accordance with the

   RULES  and  the  purposes of the program.  Its major thrust will be to

   enable  the  slave  to  be  please her MASTER totally and will involve

   both  the emotional and physical ability of the slave.  TRAINING  will

   involve  the  use  of  films,  magazines,  stories,  sex  toys, books,

   bondage,   "performances"   by   the   slave,   assignments,  behavior

   modification  in  both private and public settings, and involvement in


   ENCOUNTERS:   ENCOUNTERS  may be defined as those times when the slave

   is  in  the  presence  of  her MASTER in a private setting.  This will

   include  but not be limited to the sexual sharing that the couple does

   in  the privacy of their home alone.  ENCOUNTERS will also include the

   sexual  sharing  that  the  couple does outside the home whenever they

   are alone and not in the view of others.

   ADVENTURES:   In contrast to ENCOUNTERS, the ADVENTURES segment of the

   program  refers  to  those  times when there are others present.  This

   portion  of  the  program  may  include those times when the MASTER is

   absent  and when the slave is performing required tasks at the whim of

   her  MASTER,  and may also include times when the MASTER is present to

   observe  or  actively participate.  As an example, if MASTER and slave

   are  fucking in the back seat of their car and no one can see them, it

   would  be an encounter.  If however MASTER is finger-fucking the slave

   in  the  movie  theatre  with  others  around  them  it  would  be  an

   ADVENTURE.    A further example of an ADVENTURE might be if the MASTER

   required  the  slave  to  wear certain clothing on a shopping trip she

   took  alone  and  required  her  to buy certain items to bring home to


         Hopefully  this introduction to the program has answered many of

   the  questions that you may have had with respect to just exactly what

   it  entails.   Congratulations  on  being chosen as a candidate to the

   program.   Further  information  regarding the program may be found in

   the  RULES section of the program material or in private conversations

   with the MASTER.



                            The Wife-Slut Program





         This  section  of  rules is divided into two sections; rules for 

   the  MASTER and rules for the slave.  Understandably the rules for the 

   MASTER  are  very limited, while those for the slave are quite complex 

   and may be expected to become even more so with the passage of time.


                            Rules for the MASTER


   1.   The MASTER will at all times keep the emotional and physical well 

   being  of  his  slave  upermost  in  his mind.  No activity whatsoever 

   which   might   permanently   harm  the  slave  either  physically  or 

   emotionally will ever be sanctioned.

   2.   The  MASTER  will always seek to use his slave in such a way that 

   she  is  consistently  brought  to a zenith of sexual stimulation.  He 

   will  encourage  her  to stretch her limits of performance and will be 

   most pleased when her orgasm's are continuous and extremely strong.

   3.    The  MASTER  may  from time to time withold sexual gratification 

   from  the  slave in order to ultimately enhance her experience, and he 

   may  also  from  time  to time take advantage of her submissiveness to 

   enjoy  things  which he alone finds sexually stimulating...but he will 

   always  be aware of her desires and wishes and will at no time require 

   her  to  do  things which he knows as a wife she is unwilling to do as 

   his slave.

   4.   The  MASTER will accept those changes to the RULES which are made 

   by  the  husband  and  wife  and  will  adhere to those changes at all 



                             Rules for the slave


                           Part One: General Rules


   1.      The  slave  will acknowledge her complete and total submission 

   to  her  MASTER in all sexual things and when acting as his slave will 

   do   ANYTHING   and  EVERYTHING  her  MASTER  commands  that  she  do, 

   regardless  of the degree of humiliation, embarrassment, or pain which 

   may accompany it.

   2.    The  slave  will  accept  gladly  the  TRAINING which her MASTER 

   provides,  aware  of  the  fact  that  her training will enable her to 

   better please her MASTER.

   3.    The  slave  will  eagerly  participate  in  ENCOUNTERS  with her 

   MASTER,  and  will  accept  his judgement as to the frequency of these 


   4.     The slave will eagerly participate in ADVENTURES at the command 

   of  her  MASTER  and  will accept his judgement as to the frequency of 

   these adventures.

   5.     The  slave  will accept the punishment she deserves for failing 

   to  obey  any  of the rules her MASTER has been so good to provide for 


   6.      The  slave  will  offer,  present  and display her body to her 

   MASTER at any time or in any way which her MASTER may choose.

   7.      The  slave will allow her MASTER total freedom in deciding for 

   her  how  her  body  will  be  clothed  and  will  wear  anything  and 

   everything  her  MASTER  tells  her  to wear no matter how sluttish or 

   revealing it may be.

   8.      The  slave  will  accept instruction from her MASTER as to the 

   positions  her  body  should  be  placed  in  at  all times.  Upon his 

   command  she  will  assume  any  position which he requests of her and 

   will maintain that position until he has allowed her to change it.

   9.    The  slave will position her clothing in any manner described by 

   her  MASTER  and  will  leave that clothing in the prescribed position 

   until and if her MASTER tells her to change it.

   10.    The slave will perform for her MASTER whenever he requests that 

   she perform and she will stop the performance only upon his command.

   11.    The slave will learn "routines" taught to her by her MASTER and 

   will be able to perform these "routines" at his command.

   12.    The slave will learn any and all codes which her MASTER teaches 

   her  and  will  at  all times be alert and watching for coded messages 

   her  MASTER  might  send  to  her.  Upon recieving a coded request for 

   action  from  her  MASTER,  the  slave  will immediately carry out the 

   required action.

   13.    The  slave  will  at  all  times  be spoken to by her MASTER in 

   whatever  way  he  chooses.  It is understood that he will use filthy, 

   dirty  words  in  referring to her and that there are no words or word 

   pictures  which  he  will  not  feel free to use with her.  The MASTER 

   will  often choose the most revolting words he can imagine in order to 

   enhance the submissiveness of his slave.

   14.    The  slave will use any words or word pictures which her MASTER  

   commands  her  to  use,  will  say any word or combination of words he 

   tells  her  to say, and will, as a part of her training, learn various 

   combinations of words which she will recite upon his suggestion.

   15.    The  slave  will  never forget that some things are "dirty" and 

   will  be reminded by her MASTER that many of the things she enjoys and 

   needs to do are "dirty" things.

   16.    The  slave  will  never  refuse to do anything which her MASTER 

   requires  her  to  do  simply  because it is "dirty".  She will at all 

   times  admit  her  sluttishness  and  her status as his slave and will 

   both  expect and agree to do terribly "dirty" things simply because it 

   will please her MASTER for her to do them.

   17.    "Dirty"  things are understood to include but not be limited to 

   the  eating  of  cum and cunt juice, the licking of cocks, pussies and 

   assholes,  the  hunching of inanimate objects, the display of her body 

   in public settings, and the drinking of piss.

   18.    The  slave  will  accept  whatever punishment or discipline her 

   MASTER  chooses  to give her, and will assume the prescribed positions 

   for  that  punishment  automatically.   She  will  aid  her  MASTER by 

   bringing  to him objects to enhance that punishment whenever requested 

   to do so.

   19.   The  slave will accept punishment or discipline without need for 

   an  explanation  and  understands  that  there  will be times when her 

   MASTER punishes or disciplines her simply because it pleases him.



                         Part Two: Rules on Clothing


   1.    The  slave will understand and accept that as a slave she has no 

   inherent  right  to cover her body at any time.  Clothing is therefore 

   something   which   her   MASTER  uses  as  a  way  of  enhancing  her 

   submissiveness  and  slutishness  and which he may enjoy seeing on her 


   2.    The  slave  will  understand  and  accept  that the clothing her 

   MASTER  allows  her  to  wear  will  often be clothing which has been 

   chosen  because  it  allows  various  parts  of her body to be exposed 

   either to himself or to others.

   3.   The  slave  will  at all times arrange her clothing in any manner 

   which  her  MASTER  may  require  of  her.  She will unbutton buttons, 

   raise  her  skirt,  pull  her panties to the side, or any other action 

   requested  by  her MASTER, regardless of the circumstances surrounding 

   his request.

   4.    As a general rule, the slave will understand that panties, bra's 

   and  slips  are not items of clothing which are to be worn under other 

   items  of  clothing,  but are to be worn alone with nothing over them.  

   Only  with  the  permission of her MASTER may such items be worn under 

   dresses, pants, skirts, or blouses.

   5.   Certain  outfits  may  from time to time be designated as special 

   purpose  outfits.   As an example, a certain garter-belt and stockings 

   outfit  might  be referred to as "Your ass-fucking outfit".  The slave 

   will  memorize  the names of these special purpose outfits and will at 

   all  times  be  prepared  to  put  on  whatever  outfit her MASTER may 

   command her to put on at his request.

   6.    The  slave  will understand that she owns no clothing of her own 

   and  that the clothes which her MASTER allows her to wear from time to 

   time  belong  to  him and him alone.  This ownership of course implies 

   the  right  of  the MASTER to make gifts to others of various articles 

   of  clothing from time to time, including but certainly not limited to 

   the slave's dirty panties.

   7.    Should any item of clothing fail to please her MASTER, the slave 

   will  make  every  effort to modify it in whatever way he suggests, by 

   trimming, cutting out, hemming or any other suitable means.

   8.    The  slave  will model any clothing which her MASTER may request 

   that  she model and will do so at any time in the presence of whomever 

   her MASTER may allow to be present.

   9.   The  slave  will at all times make sure that there is an adequate 

   supply  of  stockings  and  panties  for  her  to wear at her MASTER'S 

   request and will inform him if at any time her supply is getting low.

   10.   Pantyhose  are generally speaking an abomination and will not be 

   worn  by  the  slave  without  permission  from  her  MASTER or at his 

   specific   request.   The  slave  will  keep  an  adequate  supply  of 

   crotchless pantyhose on hand for use in some public situations.

   11.   In  addition  to  an adequate supply of clean panties, the slave 

   will  keep  several pair of recently soaked panties available and will 

   replace  them  at  any  time  should  they  lose their aromatic value.  

   Dirty  panties  which  are  an obvious favorite of her MASTER'S may be 

   rejuvenated  by  fingering  herself  and  pushing  the  crotch  of the 

   panties up inside her wet pussy.

   12.   The slave will sleep in whatever clothing her MASTER may request 

   her  to wear, regardless of her thoughts as to the suitability of that 

   clothing for sleeping or of its comfort

   13.   The  slave  will  learn that there are particular motions of her 

   body  or particular positions which she assumes when she wears certain 

   articles  of clothing which excite and please her MASTER, and she will 

   memorize  these  motions  and  positions  and  use them regularly when 

   wearing those items of clothing.


   Rules-Second Chapter



                            The Wife-Slut Course


                       Rules for the slave, continued


                 Part Three:Rules concerning body positions


                        General rules of positioning


   1.    The  slave  will  understand  that her body may be positioned in 

   different  ways for different reasons and to achieve differing results 

   at  different  times.   Some  positions  will  be positions which will 

   enhance  the  slave's feeling of submissiveness.  Other positions will 

   simply  be  pleasing to her MASTER because he enjoy's the sight of her 

   body  in  that  position.   Positions will be used to display her body 

   and  her  sexual  organs  to  others.   Positions  will  be helpful in 

   permitting  her  sexual  orrifices to be filled properly.  Still other 

   positions   will   be   required   when  administering  discipline  or 

   punishment to the slave.

   2.      The slave will learn the various positions required of her and 

   will  at  all  times  move  quickly and surely to assume the positions 

   required of her by her MASTER.


                      Rules for submissive positioning


   1.    The  first  and  most important position the slave must learn is 

   the  position  which  she  will normally use to present herself to her 

   MASTER.   This  position,  which  we  will  refer  to  simply  as "the 

   position",   is in common use among submissives and their MASTER'S and 

   has  proven  its  usefulness  through  the  years.  The slave presents 

   herself  naked  and  sitting  on the floor in front of her master with 

   her  legs  bent  back  and her ass on the floor between her feet.  Her 

   legs  are  spread  and  her  hands are clasped behind her back and her 

   head  is  lowered.   This position displays the slave's pussy and tits 

   and  creates  proper  body  tension  through  the  stomach  area.  The 

   slave's  feeling  of  submissiveness  is enhanced and her nudity taken 

   advantage  of.   Her sexual organs may be both seen and touched easily 

   by those with her MASTER'S permission to do so.

   2.    Another  often  used position is one in which the slave presents 

   herself  naked in a standing position, her legs spread approximately 2 

   1/2  feet  apart  and her hands behind her head. This position has the 

   effect  of  giving  easy  access  to  her  whole  body and thrusts her 

   breasts  out  forward  making  the  examination  or stimulation of her 

   nipples  quite  easy.   The  slave will easily learn this position and 

   must  be ready to assume it upon being given the command to assume the 

   "standing position".

   3.      The third position the slave must become familiar with and use 

   automatically  is  the  "passenger  position".   This  position is the 

   position  the slave will assume when riding as a passenger in the same 

   seat  as  her  MASTER  in  an  automobile,  whether  it  be  a private 

   automobile,  a cab or a limousine.  The slave may be excused from this 

   position  under  some  circumstances  if there are others present, but 

   will  not  automatically  assume that she is excused from it under any 

   circumstances.   She  will  recieve  a  coded  signal  from her MASTER 

   should  he choose for her to not assume the position. (For more on the 

   coded  signal see the section of rules concerning coded messages).  To 

   assume  the  "passenger  position"  the  slave sits with her legs open 

   wide  and  raises her skirt all the way to her waist, making sure that 

   her  crotch  is  easily  visible  by  her  MASTER.  Once the slave has 

   assumed  this  position  she may not change it without permission from 

   her  MASTER,  regardless of the circumstances, and it is considered to 

   be  in  very bad taste for the slave to request a change.  Undoubtedly 

   such  a  request  would  involve puhishment of some type, except under 

   very  rare  circumstances.   Should  the  slave  be  wearing slacks or 

   jeans,  she  will  ask  her  MASTER if he would like for her to remove 

   them,  and  will  assume  the  open  legged position regardless of his 


   4.   The  fourth submissive position is called the "feeding position".  

   It  is  modeled  somewhat after the position of baby birds who must be 

   fed  by  their  mothers,  and  is useful when the MASTER has something 

   which  he wishes to feed his slave.  In this position the slave kneels 

   in  front  of  her MASTER, her back straight and her hands in her lap.  

   Her  mouth  is  open,  her  head tilted back slightly.  The slave will 

   assume  this  position  whenever  her  MASTER says "I have cum to feed 

   you"  and  will  also assume the same position next to the bowl in the 

   bathroom  when  waiting to clean her MASTER'S cock after his urination 

   or when hoping to be allowed to drink some of his piss.

   5.      The  fifth submissive position is more a category of positions 

   which  the  slave must be accustomed to assuming automatically without 

   any  command  being given and for that reason we will simply call them 

   the  "automatic  positions".   Because of the flexibility required and 

   the  often changing circumstances of these positions the slave will be 

   required  to  be  inventive  and  to always keep the anticipated usage 

   that  her  MASTER  has  for  her  uppermost in her mind.  The value of 

   these  positions  lies  mainly  in  the readiness with which the slave 

   assumes  them  and  the  fact  that  she  does have to be commanded to 

   assume  them.   This  both  pleases her MASTER and impresses those who 

   might  be  watching  her  performance.   An example of such a position 

   might  be  if  the  MASTER states that his slave needs to be fucked in 

   the  ass, and the slave automatically gets on her hands and knees with 

   her  ass  in  the  air.  Another example would be when the slave, upon 

   having  returned  with  the  dildo  that  her  MASTER sent her to get, 

   automatically  lays on her back with her legs spread open and her cunt 

   exposed  and  ready.   The  circumstances  and  possiblities  for such 

   positioning  is  limitless  and the slave is merely put on notice that 

   her inventiveness and compliance in such situations is expected.


               Rules for positioning in the presence of others


                                General Rules


   1.      The  major  rule  which  must  always  be  obeyed  when in the 

   presence  of others is that the slave will always endeavor to position 

   herself  in a manner in keeping with her station and her understanding 

   of  her  MASTER'S  desires  under  the circumstances.  The MASTER will 

   make  his desires clear to her either vocally or in coded messages and 

   the slave will obey her MASTER in every way.

   2.      There  are  three  major  divisions  of  rules  concerning the 

   positioning  of  the  slave  in  the  presence  of  others.  They are:      

   1.  Restrictive positioning, 2. Relaxed positioning, and 3. Instrutive 

   positioning.   It is imperative that the slave learn the disctinctions 

   between  the  different  divisions  and  be  able  to follow the rules 

   explained below at all times and in every situation.


                 Rules concerning "Restrictive Positioning"


   1.     The   slave   will   automatically   assume  that  "restrictive 

   positioning"  rules  are in effect unless in the circumstances spelled 

   out  below  in  the  subsections  to follow.  Whenever there is doubt, 

   "restrictive positioning" rules will be followed.

   2.      The  slave will never allow other men  to see up her dress nor 

   will  she be careless in crossing her legs or uncrossing them while in 

   the  presence  of  other  men unless she is performing in a prescribed 

   way at the behest of her MASTER.

   3.    The  slave  will  be  concious of the positions of her legs even 

   when  wearing slacks and will normally be very careful to not open her 

   legs  in the presence of other men who would surely look at her crotch 

   and fantasize about her cunt.

   4.      The slave will be careful not to bend over with her ass facing 

   another  man  when  she  is wearing slacks or jeans because of the way 

   her ass is displayed to the man and the thoughts he might have of ass-

   fucking her or of spanking her.

   5.      The  slave  will not allow other men to glance down her blouse 

   or  the  top  of  her  dress  and  will  make  sure enough buttons are 

   buttoned to preclude them seeing her breasts.


                   Rules concerning "Relaxed Positioning"


   1.      The  MASTER  may  inform his slave either vocally or through a 

   coded  message  that he is allowing her "relaxed positioning" while in 

   the  presence  of  others.   The  next  series of rules apply to those 

   periods  of  "relaxed  positioning".   This type of positioning should 

   not  be  confused  with "instructed positioning" which will be covered 

   in the next section.

   2.     The  slave  will always be allowed "relaxed positioning" in the 

   presence  of  other  women as long as other men are not present.  This 

   is  in  recognition  of the fact that many women have bi fantasies and 

   that  the  slave  may  in  fact  find  herself  being  excited  by the 

   difference  in  which  she  is  allowed  to  position  herself  in the 

   presence  of  women.    The slave is permitted to position her body in 

   such  a  way as to tease, excite, embarass, or arouse the curiosity of 

   other  women  who  might have bi-tendencies, but is of course expected 

   to  tell her MASTER of any and all of her actions and the consequences 

   of such actions.

   3.      When  being  allowed  "relaxed positioning" in the presence of 

   other  men,  the  slave  will  be allowed to position her body in ways 

   which  she is aware may stimulate the men who look at her.  At no time 

   should  the  slave  be  obvious  in her positioning or acknowledge the 

   fact  that  the  other men are becoming excited by her positions.  She 

   will   look   to   her   MASTER  for  instructions  regarding  further 

   positioning  should  it  become  obvious  that other  men are becoming 

   aroused by her.

   4.     When  being  allowed  "relaxed  positioning" in the presence of 

   other  men the slave will never allow her dress to rise above the tops 

   of  her  stockings  or  to  allow  them  to  see her garters.  She is, 

   however,  encouraged  to let her dress or skirt rise to the very limit 

   of  this  restriction whenever possible, and to continuously cross and 

   uncross her legs and to touch them with her hands as she does so.

   5.      When  being  allowed  "relaxed positioning" in the presence of 

   other  men  the  slave  may  feel  free  to open her legs or bend over 

   displaying her ass as long as she is wearing slacks or jeans.

   6.      When  being  allowed  "relaxed positioning" in the presence of 

   other  men  the  slave  need not be concerned about whether or not the 

   men  can  see  down  the  top  of her dress or whether her buttons are 

   buttoned to preclude them seeing her breasts.

   7.    When  riding  in  an automobile in the presence of other men the 

   slave  upon  recieving  the  proper signal from her MASTER will revert 

   from  the  "passenger  position" to relaxed positioning and will cross 

   her  legs  letting  her  dress  ride  up no higher than the top of her 

   stockings,  but  no  lower than a position six inches above the top of 

   her  knee.   If  not  in  the  presence  of her MASTER, the slave will 

   always  assume relaxed positioning in automobiles and will always keep 

   her   legs   crossed,   unless  otherwise  instructed  by  her  MASTER 


   8.   The  slave  will  only  wear  two  piece  bathing suits, but when 

   wearing  one  the  slave  will come to her MASTER before putting it on 

   and  will  say  the  following  to  her MASTER:  "MASTER, I am a dirty 

   little  tramp slave slut who wants other men and women to see my whore  is  for  this  reason  that  I  have  chosen  this  bathing 

   suit...may  I wear it please?"  While wearing a bathing suit the slave 

   will  be  admitting her desire to expose her nakedness and will not be 

   required  to  obey  the rules regarding positioning her body.  All who 

   see  her  will  know  that she is a slut and will be free to enjoy the 

   view of her whore body.

   9.    There  may  be  occasions  when  her  MASTER  allows her to wear 

   pantyhose  and/or  no  hose  and short skirts when relaxed positioning 

   will  enable  the  slave to let her skirt ride up higher than it might 

   when  she  is  wearing  garters and nylons.  While relaxed positioning 

   will  allow  this  under  those  circumstances,  the  slave should not 

   construe  that  to mean that she can open her little legs and show off 

   her  pussy  or pantied crotch to other men when being allowed "relaxed 



                 Rules concerning "Instructive Positioning"


   1.     It  should  be  clear that because of the nature of a slave and 

   the  scope  of  the  above rules that there is really no such thing as 

   "free  positioning"  for the slave and that in fact all positioning is 

   instructive  positioning  as  far  as her body is concerned.  However, 

   for  the  purposes  of  illustration  and  to  make training the slave 

   easier,  we  have attempted to break down the sections into their pre-

   mentioned  divisions.   "Instructive  positioning"  in  this  section, 

   therefore,  refers  to  positioning  which  is commanded by the MASTER 

   either  vocally  or  through  pre-arranged  coded messages.  The slave 

   will  at  all  times  be alert and attentive and ready to recieve such 

   commands   and   will   carry  them  out  with  eagerness,  speed  and 


   2.      It  will  be the decision of the MASTER and his decision alone 

   when  to  use  vocal  commands  or  coded  messages in giving commands 

   regarding  "instructive positioning".   There are certainly times when 

   it  will  be embarrasing or humiliating to the slave to be given vocal 

   commands  regarding  her  positioning  and when she would prefer coded 

   messages,  but  her  position  as  a slave precludes her being able to 

   choose.  In every instance, the MASTER will decide.

   3.      When  the MASTER has decided to use vocal commands he will use 

   any  and  all  combinations of words that he chooses to use regardless 

   of  what those present will think of the slave for allowing herself to 

   be  spoken  to in such a way.  The slave will comply submissively with 

   all   commands  and  will  show  absolutely  no  surprise  with  being 

   commanded  in  such a tone of voice, other than any understandable and 

   permitted   physical  expressions  such  as  fear  or  extreme  sexual 


   4.      It  should  be  understood  by  the  slave that the purpose of 

   "instructive  positioning"  is  to  allow  the  slaves  body  to be an 

   instrument  of  visual  and/or  sexual  pleasure to someone other than 

   herself.    There   is  no  guarantee  that  the  postioning  will  be 

   comfortable,  pleasing, or sexually exciting for her, nor that it will 

   not  be  embarrasing,  humiliating  or painful.  The only guarantee is 

   that  it  is  her  MASTER'S  desire  that  she  position  her  body as 

   requested and that to fail to do so will result in punishment.

   5.     There is no part of the slave's body which will not be involved 

   in  "instructive  positioning".   Her  MASTER will freely position her 

   body  for  whatever  purposes  and  for whatever reasons he chooses in 

   whatever situations may seem pleasing to him at the time.

   6.    Because  of  the different atmosphere involved in vocal commands 

   and  in  coded  messages,  the  slave  will approach the postioning in 

   different  ways in each situation.  When vocally commanded to assume a 

   position  the  slave  will  have  little  to  hide  about her MASTER'S 

   intent.   However  when  coded  messages  are being used, her MASTER'S 

   intent  will  not  be  obvious to others, and the slave is expected to 

   assume  the  commanded  positions  with  finesse  and without allowing 

   others  to  realize that she is being commanded to assume the postions 

   by her MASTER.

   7.    In order to be able to adequately please her MASTER with respect 

   to  "Instructive positioning" when receiving coded commands, the slave 

   will  study  and  memorize  all  vocal  codes, hand signals, and other 

   means  her  MASTER  may choose to use to convey those commands to her.  

   These  codes  will  be  found  in  the section on Codes in the  course 



   Course-Chapter Three


                            The Wife-Slut Course


                       Rules for the slave, continued


           Part Three-Rules concerning body positioning, continued


        Positioning the slave's body for anal, oral or vaginal usage


      The  slave  is  aware  that  there  is almost an endless variety of 

   positions  in which two people may have sex, and of course that as the 

   size  of  the group is expanded to include other men and/or women that 

   the  variety  of possible positions is also increased. It is therefore 

   not  the  intent  of  this  section to limit the possible positions in 

   which  the slave may find herself, but merely to spell out some of the 

   positions  her  MASTER  will  require  her to assume most often and to 

   allow  her  to  learn  the  proper  way of positioning herself for his 

   pleasure.  The  rules  concerning  these positions may be conveniently 

   divided  into  seven  subdivisions:  1.  The slave on her back, 2. The 

   slave  on  her  side, 3. The slave on her stomach, 4. The slave on her 

   knees,  5.  The  slave standing, 6. The slave sitting, 7. The slave in 



                            The slave on her back


   1.    There  is  little need to expound on the virtues of the position 

   of  a  slave  slut  on  her  back  except to say that this position is 

   useful   in   training   situations,  for  purposes  of  display,  for 

   masturbation,  and  for  both  private  and  group  sex, allowing easy 

   access  to  her  sexual orifices at all times.  The position is easily 

   adaptable  to a number of locations including but not limited to beds, 

   floors,  tables,  the  back  seats  of  cars,  blankets,  and  doctors 

   examining  tables.   The  slave  who is reading this would hardly be a 

   candidate  if  she  did  not  already  know how to lay on her back, so 

   little  more  will  be  said  except that the slave will automatically 

   open  her  legs  wide  whenever  laying  on  her back unless otherwise 

   instructed by her MASTER.

   2.    The  sight of a naked slave slut lying on her side is a pleasing 

   one  to  any  MASTER  and  the  ease  with which oral, anal or vaginal 

   entrance  may  be  achieved  is  quite  satisfactory in both group and 

   individual  situations.   The  natural  position of the legs bent in a 

   sitting  type  position  while  the  slut  is  on  her  side offers an 

   attractive  and  enticing  view  of  her asshole and cunt to those who 

   observe  her.   This  position can and will be enhanced by the binding 

   of  the  slaves  ankles  and wrists and at times by the insertion of a 


   3.     Madonna  types  through  the  years  have been reassured by the 

   availability  of  the  position of laying on their stomachs, believing 

   that  the fact that their breasts and cunts were not exposed gave them 

   some  type  of  protection against penetration.  The slave however has 

   no  such  misconceptions and is very much aware that her tender bottom 

   is  exposed  and available to her MASTER for spanking and/or whipping, 

   and  is  also aware that her asshole is readily available for entrance 

   by  whatever  objects her MASTER may choose to insert there.  The well 

   used  slave  will  find  this position often taken advantage of by her 

   MASTER  and  no doubt will cringe just a little at hearing him command 

   her  to  assume  it.  As opposed to the requirement of her legs always 

   being  opened  when  she lays on her back, the slut will keep her legs 

   together when lying on her stomach until asked to open them.

   4.    Ahhhh,  the  slave  on  her  knees!   What  a rich and wonderful 

   position  the  kneeling slave position is!  There is no other position 

   which  implies  more  nor  which  offers more to the innovative MASTER 

   than  this  position.   The  candidate  will find herself on her knees 

   often  for  numerous  purposes and will come to find this position one 

   of  her  favorite  ones  although  not  at all times "enjoyable".  The 

   slave  will  be  fucked  doggy  style  while on her knees, will finger 

   herself  for  her  MASTER  while  on her knees, will be examined often 

   while  on  her  knees,  will fuck cocks, dildos and vibrators while on 

   her  knees,  will  be fed cum and piss while on her knees and be eaten 

   and  will  eat  pussy  while  on  her knees.  She slave will also find 

   herself  being  disciplined  while  on  her knees and will always feel 

   submissive  whenever  she is commanded to assume this position whether 

   she  is  kneeling  upright  or bent over with her ass in the air.  The 

   slut  will  assume  this position always upon hearing the statement "I 

   have cum to feed you".

   5.     Often  the  slave will be needed for purposes of display or for 

   the  quick  and  uncerimonious  dumping of cum.  In such instances the 

   standing  position is quite useful.  The slave may be pushed against a 

   nearby  wall,  her  skirt or dress lifted and her cunt filled.  Or she 

   may  simply  be  made to stand and disrobe in front of others, turning 

   around  so  that  they can easily observe her ass as well as her tits.  

   For  display  to  large  groups  of people or for bondage in extremely 

   confined spaces the standing position is hard to beat. 

   6.    The  sitting  slave  can  be a highly pleasing slave.  To either 

   watch  or  feel  a  slave slut impale herself on a hard cock in either 

   her  cunt  or her ass is a very satisfying thing, and in that position 

   she  may  either  masturbate herself or use her mouth on the crotch of 

   another  person  at  the same time she is being fucked.  This position 

   also   has   the   advantage  of  allowing  her  breasts  to  be  used 

   simultaneously  with  the rest of her body.  The slave will sit on her 

   MASTER'S  cock  often  and  will  also  impale  herself on two pronged 

   dildo's designed and built by her MASTER solely for that purpose.

   7.    There  are  those who would argue that "The slave in bondage" is 

   not  at  all  a  position,  and  I  suppose  they  would be semanticly 

   correct.   Bondage  may  in  fact  be  a  part  of the other positions 

   previously  mentioned  and  often will be, of course.  But as a way of 

   positioning  a  slave  for  the purposes of sexual usage, bondage does 

   take  on  a  uniqueness which causes me to include it in this section. 

   The  slave  will  understand that bondage includes the usage of ropes, 

   scarves,  hand-cuffs, ankle and wrist cuffs, gags, stretching devices, 

   and  any  and all other devices which may enable the slave to be bound 

   in  a  useful  way  for sexual purposes.  Bondage will be necessary in 

   many  instances for training purposes to allow the slave to be brought 

   slowly  to  a  fever  pitch  or  to  make  sure that her squirming and 

   wiggling  does  not  cause  the  intruding members to do damage to the 

   holes  in  which they are being inserted.  Bondage can be particularly 

   helpful  in  aiding  a slave to take a fist in her cunt, a cock in her 

   ass,  or  helping  her  to  learn  to  enjoy  the  pleasures of nipple 

   stimulation.   When combined with sensory deprivation in the form of a 

   blindfold,  bondage  can  create  a  feeling  of submissiveness in the 

   slave  which  nothing else would be able to help her feel as strongly.  

   The  helplessness  that  a  slave  feels when bound can also be useful 

   when  it  is  necessary  to discipline or punish her and of course for 

   long  periods  of  continuous  sexual stimulation little else works as 

   well.   The  bound  slave  may also be exposed and displayed to others 

   easily and the sight is often quite exciting to both men and women.


             Positioning the slave for discipline and punishment


   1.   There are two major positions which the slave will be required to 

   assume  when  punishment  or  discipline  is required.  The slave will 

   assume  these  positions  quietly and quickly and without any argument 

   when  her  MASTER commands her to assume them.  They are:  The bending 

   over  position  where  the  slave  bends over with her legs spread and 

   grabs  her  ankles presenting her ass to her MASTER and the across the 

   lap  position where the slave lays across her MASTER'S lap to give him 

   ready  access  to  her  tender  cheeks.  If the slave is wearing pants 

   when  she  recieves  the  commands  she will remove them and lower her 

   panties  midway  between  her  ass  and  her knees.  If however she is 

   wearing  a dress or skirt she will simply assume the position allowing 

   her  MASTER  or  his  accomplice  to  raise  her  skirt  and lower her 


   2.   Discipline  may  also  include the display of her body in various 

   and  sundry positions or the deprival of certain types of satisfaction 

   for  varying  periods  of  time.  Whereas punishment is in retaliation 

   for  disobedience,  discipline  is  merely  the enforcement of certain 

   actions  in  order  to  further  acclimate  the  slave to her role.  A 

   typical  disciplinary  technique  might include a  period of time when 

   the  slave  would  be  allowed to climax only by masturbation from her 

   own  hand  and  at  the  same  time  be  required to take her MASTER'S 

   ejaculate  in  her  mouth  whenever  he chose, whether the preliminary 

   stimulation  of  his  cock  had  been by her hand, mouth, cunt or ass.  

   The  length of time of such a disciplinary measure would be unknown to 

   the  slave  and  would  of course be increased if there was reluctance 

   felt which needed to be overcome.

   3.    The  MASTER  may  from  time  to  time  prescribe other forms of 

   punishment  for  the slave which will require her adapting to new body 

   positions.   The  slave  will  in  all  instances  obey her MASTER and 

   assume   the   positions   necessary  for  the  carrying  out  of  her 




   Course-Chapter Four



                            The Wife-Slut Course


                               Part One: Rules


                         Rules for the slave, cont.


   4.Rules Governing the slaves Conversations


         The  slave  will  learn the importance of the spoken word as her 

   training  progresses.   She  will learn that her conversations and her 

   use  of  words  in those conversations can have a great deal of impact 

   on  her  role  as a slave and her performance quality as she endeavors 

   to  please  her  MASTER.   The following rules will be followed by the 

   slave at all times.


   1.   The  slave will use proper english at all times.  Nothing is more 

   disconcerting or less attractive than a slave who uses poor english

   2.    The  slave  will  present  the "Madonna" image unless instructed 

   otherwise  by  her  MASTER  in  her choice of words and the things she 

   says  to  others.   Using  words like "fuck" or other such four letter 

   words  in normal conversations takes away from the "Madonna" image and 

   depreciates  the  value  of  those  words  when  used  in their proper 


   3.    The  slave  will learn to use words effectively when involved in 

   an  encounter  with  her  MASTER or when being sent on an adventure by 

   him.   No word will be too dirty or too embarrasing for her to use and 

   she  will  make  a  wise choice of when and where to use words such as 

   Cunt,  and  Fuck  and  Slut  and  Whore,  etc. in order to enhance her 

   perception as a slave or her degree of sluttishness.

   4.    The  slave will learn the phrases and strings of words which her 

   MASTER  particularly  enjoys  hearing her say and will use those words 

   to  excite  him and to bring him to an orgasm whenever she senses that 

   they would be helpful.

   5.   The  slave will guard her conversations with others, and will not 

   reveal  to  anyone  without  the  prior consent of her MASTER anything 

   concerning  her  relationship  as a slave to him.  She will in no way, 

   either  through the spoken or written word indicate to others, without 

   his  permission,  that  she  enjoys  or  finds exciting such things as 

   Dominance and Submission.

   6.   The  slave  will not discuss the sexual habits of others, her own 

   sexual  habits  or  preferences,  or  anything of a sexual nature with 

   anyone  other  than  her  MASTER,  without  his  knowledge and consent 

   unless  in the case of a conversation with another woman the slave has 

   reason   to   believe  that  such  a  discussion  might  result  in  a 

   relationship  of  some  type  with the woman for either herself or for 

   her  MASTER.   In  that  instance  if the slave is sure that the woman 

   will  keep  her conversation confidential and if she believes there is 

   no  chance  that  another  man  will  hear  of  it,  she  may pursue a 

   discussion   of   sexual  matters  for  the  intent  of  the  possible 

   procurement  of  the  woman  for  sexual purposes, and must inform her 

   MASTER  within  three hours of the conversation, giving her MASTER the 

   woman's name and address and general physical description.

   7.   If  in  the  course  of  general conversation a man begins making 

   suggestive  remarks  to  her  and she believes he would enjoy having a 

   sexual  relationship  with  her, the slave will change the subject and 

   avoid  such a discussion, but will also advise her MASTER of the other 

   man's  interest  in the event that her MASTER should choose to include 

   him in an adventure at some time in the future.

   8.   At no time will the slave follow up on a conversation of a sexual 

   nature  with  any  other  person  without  her  MASTER'S knowledge and 

   approval.   In  the  case  of  another  woman her MASTER may choose to 

   allow  her  to  make  the  contacts,  but  at all times in the case of 

   another  man,  even  if  he  chooses  to  require  her to dress or act 

   seductively  in  the  man's  presence,  the  MASTER will be the one to 

   engage the man in conversation concerning sexual matters.

   9.    The  slave  will  engage  in  no  telephone  conversation,  or a 

   conversation  of  any  other  type,  including computer conversations, 

   with  another  man  or with a person on a computer service or line who 

   has  not  been  proven  through  voice  verification  to  be  a  woman 

   (regardless of their handle) without her MASTER'S approval.

   10.   The  slave  will  not  engage  in  communication  via  postal or 

   electronic  mail  with  any  member  of  the  opposite sex without her 

   MASTER'S permission.

   11.   If  requested  to  do so by her MASTER, the slave will engage in 

   any  type  of  communication  with  any  person male or female for any 

   purpose  which  her  MASTER wishes her to and will allow her MASTER to 

   watch  that  communication and share it in any way he so chooses.  She 

   will  furthermore  follow  his  suggestions and leads in directing the 

   conversation  in  whatever  manner  he chooses her to direct it.  This 

   may  or  may  not include computer sex or phone sex with other men and 

   women at her MASTER'S request.



   5. Rules Concerning Pornographic Material


         Material  which  the  MASTER   and slave find exciting and which 

   they  enjoy  reading  or seeing on film or in magazines will be a part 

   of  their  relationship.   Whether  it  is  generally  construed to be 

   pornographic  or  acceptable  or  unacceptable  to  others  is  of  no 

   consequence  and  will  not  be  considered.   Material which involves 

   children,  killing,  or  sexual  relations with the dead or other such 

   despicable  behaviour  will  not  be a part of the relationship at any 


          The  slave  will  be required at times to watch movies in which 

   men  display  their sexual organs and present their bodies in sexually 

   appealing  ways.   Her  MASTER may choose to require her to masturbate 

   while  she  watches  or may choose to stimulate her physically through 

   other  means  while  she  watches.   He  may  also  choose  to ask her 

   questions  concerning  her interest in the men on the screen while she 

   watches,  expecting her to admit the excitement which she feels as she 


         The  slave  will  also be required at times to watch movies with 

   women  in  them  and  will  also  be  physically  stimulated while she 

   watches the women. 

         The  slave  will  be  required at times to stimulate her husband 

   while  he  watches  other  women  on  film  or on television, and will 

   administer  to her MASTER'S needs at any time regardless of the source 

   of  his  interest in being serviced.  Oral sex, hand jobs, and vaginal 

   or  anal  entry  may  be requested by the MASTER at such times and the 

   slave  will  provide  those  services  gladly  for  as  long as he may 

   request  them.   While the slave is perfoming such services the MASTER 

   will  feel free to discuss the physical attributes of the women on the 

   screen  and  to  talk  to  the  slave about sexual encounters he would 

   enjoy  with  those women or which he would like to see the slave share 

   with the women.

         The  slave will be required to do a certain amount of reading at 

   times  in  material  of  a highly salacious nature, both orally and to 

   herself.   During  some periods of discipline the slave may be read to 

   each night before she is allowed to sleep.

          The  slave  will  be  required  at  times  to  perform  writing 

   assignments  which  include highly blatant sexual comments.  These may 

   be  in  the  form  of  sentences  which  she will be required to write 

   repetitively  a  large  number  of  times,  or  may include letters to 

   others  which  may  or may not be sent at her MASTER'S discretion.  At 

   all  times the slave will write exactly what her MASTER directs her to 

   write  and  will  assume whatever position or dress in whatever manner 

   her MASTER dictates as she writes.



   Course Chapter Five


                            The Wife-Slut Course


                               Part One: Rules


                         Rules for the Slave, cont.


   6.  Rules Concerning Sex Toys


         The slave should understand that "toys" is a rather generic term 

   which  her  MASTER  uses  to include any object which he may choose in 

   connection  with  the  domination,  sexual  usage or punishment of his 

   slave.   It  should  be  further  understood that he alone will choose 

   which items or "toys" will be used and when he will use them.


          At  no time will the slave object to having any item her MASTER  

   may  choose  inserted  in  her  sexual orrifices.  She will understand 

   that  her  holes  belong  to her MASTER and that he may fuck them with 

   cocks,  dildo's, flashlights, candles, vibrators, fingers, tongues, or 

   any  other  animate  or  inanimate  thing  he  chooses  to  use.   Any 

   complaint from the slave will result in her immediate punishment.


         It  should  also  be  understood by the slave that such items of 

   bondage  and  discipline  as  paddles, handcuff's, wristcuff's, nipple clamps  and  clips,  clothespins,  bobby  pins, ropes, chains, leather 

   restraints,  whips,  dog  collars, leashes, halters, straps, harnesses  

   canes, and belts will also be used whenever the master so chooses.  


         The  slave will not only offer her body to be used by her MASTER 

   with  sexual  toys,  but  will  actively search for new toys which her 

   MASTER  might  choose to use on her whore body.  As she goes about her 

   normal  daily routines she will view items with their potential sexual 

   usage  in  mind,  and will inform her MASTER of any items which arouse 

   sexual  interest  in  her as she views them, or which make her tremble 

   whcn  she  considers  their  usage on her body.  Concern that the item 

   might  cause  pain  or  discomfort  or embarrasment to the slave is no 

   excuse for the slave failing to mention such an item to her MASTER.


          Should the slave find an item which she finds herself hungering 

   for  as a toy for her MASTER to use on her, she will not merely inform 

   her  MASTER  that  such  an  item  might  be  useful, but will beg her 

   MASTER   to  use  that item on her body.  Such begging will please her 

   MASTER,  but  of  course  will  not  gaurantee that it will be used on 

   her.   There  will  be  times  when  the  MASTER will avoid using that 

   particular  toy  on  his  slave  simply to discipline her, and when he 

   will  often tease her with a particular toy simply because he is aware 

   of  the sexual hunger the horny little slave slut associates with that 

   particular toy.


          In  addition to the slave allowing her MASTER or those to  whom 

   he  is  granting  permission to use her with toys, the slave will also 

   use  whatever  toy's  her MASTER instructs her to use on herself or on 

   other  sluts  whom  the  MASTER may choose to include in an ADVENTURE.  

   She  will  fuck  herself  with  whatever  her  MASTER chooses, or fuck 

   others with whatever toy he may dictate.


         The  slave  will  always  freely come whenever she desires while 

   toys  are  being  used  on  her,  regardless  of  the  humiliation  or 

   embarrasment  which  might  be  associated with having an orgasm while 

   being  fucked  with  such  a toy.  She will never try to hide the fact 

   that  that particular toy is making her come, but will simply admit to 

   those  observing  that  she  is  tremendously excited and will give in 

   completely  to  the  feelings the toy has created in her slut body and 







                            The Wife-Slut Course


                               Part One: Rules


                         Rules for the Slave, Cont.


   7.  Rules Concerning Sexual Relations For The Slave


        a.  General Rules


             It  should  go  without saying that sexual relations for the 

   slave  are important to both the slave and her MASTER.  The slave must 

   understand  at  all  times  that  her  MASTER has her best interest at 

   heart  at  all  times  and  will  make decisions concerning her sexual 

   relations  which  will benefit her in the long run even if it does not 

   appear so at the moment.


         b.   Rules  concerning the frequency of sexual relations for the  


               The slave will in general have sexual relations more often 

   than  normal  women.   She  may  be  assured  that there will with few 

   exceptions  be  daily orgasms for her except in certain periods during 

   which  she  is  being  disciplined by her MASTER.  Generally, when the 

   slave  is  pleasing  her MASTER adequately, she will find that she has 

   multiple  orgasms daily, sometimes at her own hand, but usually due to 

   the  way  her  MASTER  has  chosen to use her at that time.  The slave 

   will  undoubtedly find that the more orgasm's she experiences the more 

   she   hungers   for  them,  and  will  find  herself  turning  into  a 

   nymphomaniac  whore  who  her  MASTER  can  make  come  at any time he 

   chooses,  but  whom  other  men  cannot  satisfy  without her MASTER'S 



         c.   Rules concerning masturbation


                The   slave   will   become  even  more  accomplished  at 

   masturbation  than  she  is  at the beginning of her indenture.  It is 

   her  MASTER'S   wish  that  she masturbate often, not only for her own 

   pleasure  but  for the pleasure of himself or others whom he may allow 

   to  watch.  The slave will masturbate at any time her MASTER tells her 

   to  and  will  follow  his  directions  as  to how and where she is to 

   masturbate  as  well  as  to  what  she  is  to  think  about  as  she 

   masturbates.   She  will  learn to be efficient in masturbation of her 

   asshole  as well as her cunt and will even learn to climax merely from 

   the  stimulation of her nipples.  Often her MASTER will require her to 

   vocally  share  her fantasies with himself or others as she plays with 

   her  body  and  will  expect complete honesty and candor at all times, 

   even if her openess results in punishment for the slave.


           The  slave will often be sent to her room to masturbate by the 

   MASTER,  and  when  such an event has occured she will perform any and 

   all tasks her MASTER requests her to perform during the masturbation.


             The   slave  will  inform  her  MASTER  not  only  of  every 

   masturbatory  act  she performs but also of the dirty, filthy thoughts 

   she thinks as she masturbates.


              In  addition  to  masturbating  herself  for  her  MASTER'S 

   pleasure,  the  slave will masturbate other men or women or animals at 

   her MASTER'S request.


            d.  Rules concerning sex with her MASTER


                  The  slave will of course engage in sex with her MASTER 

   at  his  command whenever or wherever he may choose.  There will be no 

   type   or   quantity  of  sex  in  which  the  slave  will  refuse  to 

   participate,  nor  will  she  complain  about  any  sexual request her 

   MASTER makes of her, under threat of punishment.


                    The  slave  will  be  allowed to climax only when her 

   MASTER chooses, but may beg for such relief at any time.


                   The  slave  will take cum from her MASTER whenever she 

   has  been  informed that he has cum to dump, and will of course assume 

   any  and  all  required  positions he has instructed her to assume for 

   the  purpose  of receiving his ejaculate.  Unless otherwise instructed 

   by  her MASTER, the cum he spills into her body will be retained there 

   until her normal bodily functions eliminate it.


                 "Sexual  relations"  with respect to activities with her 

   MASTER  may  include  anything  and  everything  her MASTER chooses to 

   include.   The  slave  should understand that the term includes but is 

   not  limited  to  fucking,  sucking,  hunching, display, masturbation, 

   performing,  bondage, discipline, punishment, eating, being fed, being 

   washed,  enema's, douche's, the elimination of body wastes, posing for 

   nude  pictures,  the  positioning  of  her  body,  and  the wearing of 



               e.  Rules concerning sexual relations with others


               The slave should understand that her MASTER will always be 

   the  one  to  decide whether or not she has sex with others.  Under no 

   circumstance  should the slave assume that because she is a slut slave 

   that  she  will be able to have sex with anyone other than her MASTER.  

   By  the same token, she should never assume that she will not have sex 

   with  other people of both sexes.  The decision is totally that of her 

   MASTER  at  all  times, and although the slave may and surely will beg 

   at  times  to  be  allowed to fuck others or to eat juicy pussies, she 

   must  accept  the fact that such begging will not automatically result 

   in  her  wishes  being granted.  She may expect no predictability with 

   respect  to her wishes being granted, for to do so would deny both the 

   slut  and  the  MASTER  of  the  excitement  connected  with surprise.  

   Therefore  the  slave should never fail to beg for a relationship with 

   another  person  if  she desires it, regardless of the fact that often 

   such begging will result in the punishment of the slave.


                Should  the  slave  ever  engage in a sexual relationship 

   with  anyone  of  either  sex  without the expressed permission of her 

   MASTER,  she  will automatically lose all status as his slave and will 

   be  subject  to  the most extreme disciplinary measures, including but 

   not   limited  to  the  expulsion  from  the  MASTER'S  home  and  the 

   possiblity   of   the  complete  and  total  divulgence  of  her  past 

   experiences with her MASTER.


                f.  Rules concerning sexual relations with animals


                 The  slave  may  rest assured that her MASTER will never 

   require  her  to do anything which might be harmful to her in any way. 

   She  may  also  take  confidence in the knowledge that her MASTER will 

   pay  particular  attention  to  the wishes of the wife with respect to 

   this  most  unusual  of  sexual  practices.   It  is doubtful that the 

   MASTER  would  ever wish to involve his slave with animals in any way, 

   and  he  as  included  this section merely to cover the fantasizing of 

   sharing  his  slave with animals which is something which from time to 

   time  he may choose to do.  The slave is encouraged to play along with 

   her  MASTER  whenever  possible  in  this  regard  and  to  voice  any 

   displeasure  she  may associate with such fantasies as the wife rather 

   than  as  the  slave.  At no time may the slave fuck or suck an animal 

   without her MASTER'S permission.





                            The Wife-Slut Course


                             Part Two: Training



   A:  The Importance of the Trained Slave


            Once  embarked on by two people the MASTER/slave relationship 

   is  not  something which is easily ended.  When properly approached by 

   both  parties  there should be no need for an end to a relationship of 

   this  type.   To  assure that longevity is a part both of the marriage 

   and  of  the  MASTER/slave relationship, both the MASTER and the slave 

   must  take  their  roles  seriously.   While the MASTER must always be 

   sensitive  to  the  ultimate goals of the relationship, the slave must 

   be  willing  to  submit  to  his  training  in  order  to  assure  the 

   accomplishment  of those goals.  For her to fail to submit or to apply 

   herself   fully   to   the   training  he  supplies  is  to  doom  the 

   relationship.   The  well  trained  slave will find herself growing in 

   all  areas  of her life and will find her ability to please her MASTER 

   constantly  enhanced.   This  will result in a more rewarding life for 

   herself as her MASTER directs them toward their goals. 


   B:  The Goal of the Training Process


         An  athlete who trains trains for several reasons.  He trains to 

   condition  his body and to prepare it to do the things he will have to 

   call  on  it  to  do during the performance of his assigned tasks.  He 

   trains  to  condition  his mind, in order that his attitude and mental 

   concentration  will  be  at  their peaks when he needs them to be.  He 

   trains  in  order  to be able to compete with others who would like to 

   have  his  position  on the team or those on the opposing team that it 

   is his challenge to beat.

         So  it  is with the slave.  She must train in order to condition 

   her  body  to  allow it to do the things her MASTER will require it to 

   do.   She must train in order to condition her mind to have the proper 

   mental  attitude  and  concentration  to be able to fulfil her role as 

   the  slave.   She  must train her body in order to continually be able 

   to  please  her  MASTER  more  than  others who might like to have her 

   position as his slave.

         The  goal  of the training process is then to allow the slave to 

   both  learn  the  necessary  things  which  she must learn in order to 

   please  her  MASTER,  and to condition herself mentally and physically 

   in order to carry out his commands.


   C:  Training Techniques


          One  who  applies  himself  or herself to a study of successful 

   people  in  any  walk  of  life will discover that there are two major 

   areas  where  much  emphasis  was placed by those people at all times.  

   Those two areas are Attitude and Emphasis on the Fundamentals.

          The well trained slave will also find that much of her training 

   is  in  those  two  areas.   Techniques  will  be chosen by her MASTER 

   because  of  their  ability to create or maintain the proper attitude, 

   and  they will be chosen because of their ability to assure the proper 

   performance of the fundamental tasks of slavery.

         The creative MASTER will always endeavor to use techniques which 

   will  keep  the training of his slave an exciting process for both the 

   slave  and the MASTER.  Many of the things he requires the slave to do 

   will  be repetitious in nature, but he will require that repetition in 

   such  a  way  as  to  eliminate  the  boredom  which  might  otherwise 

   accompany  it.   As an example, the ability to perform a pleasing hand 

   job  requires  a  degree  of  competence with respect to both physical 

   dexterity  and  the  proper  attitude.  To assure the proper degree of 

   physical  dexterity  in  the  muscles  of the hand a certain amount of 

   repetition  is  required.   Too  much  repetition  of that act however 

   would  almost  certainly  result  in  boredom by the slave which would 

   affect  her  attitude, resulting in an undesired level of performance.  

   The  challenge then to the MASTER, is to provide for enough variety in 

   terms  of  times  and  situations  that  his  slave is able to stay in 

   condition  but  at  the  same  time continue to approach that act with 

   enthusiasm and patience.

         One  technique  which  the  MASTER   will  find  useful  is  the 

   technique   of   witholding  information  from  the  slave  concerning 

   activities  in  which  she will be involved until just prior to  their 

   occurance.   He  may  of course hint at certain activities to make the 

   slave  wonder, or even at times worry, but he must always feel free to 

   lead   the  slave  in  one  direction  mentally  and  to  require  her 

   performance  in  another  direction physically.  Such flexibility will 

   result  in  the  element  of  surprise  which  in  the realm of sexual 

   relations is often quite an aphrodisiac in itself.

         At  other  times  the  reverse  technique will be employed.  The 

   MASTER  will  give  the  slave  notice  well in advance that a certain 

   performance  will  be  required  of  her and will allow her excitement 

   concerning  the  event  to grow bit by bit, insuring that her attitude 

   will be good by the time the performance is required.

         The  MASTER  will at times require the slave to write in her own 

   handwriting  various  and  sundry  sentences which refer to either her 

   level  of  submissiveness  to  him  or  to  actions  which she will be 

   admitting  a  desire  to  perform.   This will be done in a repetitive 

   fashion  and  the  impact  on  the mental preparedness of the slave to 

   carry  out  that  action  or  to  submit  to  a  proper degree will be 


         Another  often  used  technique will be the reinforcement of the 

   specialness  of  the MASTER/slave relationship.  By allowing the slave 

   to  consider  what  those  who  do not have a similar relationship are 

   missing,  or  allowing  her  to  see the happiness of others who enjoy 

   similar  things,  the slave will continually value what she has in her 

   relationship  to  her  MASTER, assuring the proper attitude.  This may 

   be  done  through  the use of books, video tapes, or the observance of 

   others in real life situations.

         Another  technique  which the MASTER may find helpful is the act 

   of  giving  the  slave  assignments  to  complete for him by a certain 

   date.   These assignments might include the study of a particular type 

   of  sexual  encounter  in  both  written  material  and  film,  or the 

   questioning  of  her  friends concerning their experience and interest 

   in  certain  types  of  sexual  behavior.   A slave has been having an 

   attitude  problem  with  respect  to  anal  sex,  for example might be 

   assigned  to  study  the possible physical dangers of engaging in anal 

   sex,  or  might be required to question a certain number of her female 

   friends  concerning  their enjoyment or lack of enjoyment with respect 

   to  that  sex  act.   Should  the study result in the slave being less 

   interested  in  some particular area , the MASTER may of course choose 

   to  require  the  slave  to  repeat  the  assignment  until the proper 

   attitude  is  obtained.   (The MASTER will be reminded here however of 

   the  old  axioms  about  beating  dead  horses  and  leading  them  to 

   water...or  is  it  vice  versa?)  Seriously, the slave and her MASTER 

   should  both endeavor to keep an open mind about any activity in which 

   they  have an interest and should both be willing to study the history 

   of  and  the  future  of  such  activities as it might relate to their 




   D:  Codes for the Slave


           As  mentioned  earlier  in the training material there will be 

   numerous  occasions  when  the  MASTER  and slave will communicate via 

   coded  messages of various types.  The number of codes and the variety 

   which  are used between the MASTER and slave will no doubt increase as 

   they  become  more  experienced  in  their  roles.  Generally speaking 

   however  they  will  be of two types; either spoken coded messages, or 

   messages  given  in  code  by  the  movement  of various body parts in 

   certain  ways.   For  the  purposes  of  illustration we will describe 

   these  codes  as  either  voice  codes, or physical codes.  (It should 

   perhaps  be  noted here that there may be occasions when written coded 

   messages  will  be  used,  however  their  employment will with little 

   doubt be rare enough that we may exclude them at this point.)

         Men  and  women  have  used  coded  messages with each other for 

   years,  and  our  adaptation,  while perhaps a bit more complicated at 

   first,  is  simply  a  concrete and spelled out approach which enables 

   the  MASTER  and slave to move ahead of others in this area who do not 

   have  a  structured approach to communicating in this way.  The reader 

   who  doubts  such  a statement will be wise to consider the ability of 

   those  who  have  been  married  for many years to seemingly read each 

   others  minds.   It  is the proper reading of physical signs and voice 

   codes  to  which  they have becomed accustomed through the years which 

   makes  such  a  thing possible.  Our approach simply allows the MASTER 

   and  slave  an enhanced ability in communication in the area of sexual 

   relations,  allowing  them  to  enjoy many things which they might not 

   otherwise  be  able  to  enjoy.  The remainder of this section will be 

   devoted  to  spelling  out  some  of  the  codes which the MASTER will 

   employ  and  explaining  them  for  the  slave so that she might learn 



        1. Physical Codes


                Generally  speaking,  physical  codes will be used by the 

   MASTER  and  slave when in the presence of other people to communicate 

   either  desired  actions  which the MASTER is requiring that the slave 

   perform,  or to enable to allow the slave to communicate her desire to 

   perform  certain  actions.    The  MASTER  could  for  example wish to 

   require  his  slave  to  slide  her skirt up higher in order to excite 

   those  others  who  are  present in the room at the time.  Or, a slave 

   might  wish  to  convey to her MASTER that she would very much like to 

   be  the object of a group fuck with some or all of those people in the 

   room as participants.

         The  observant reader will at once notice a very real difference 

   in  the  two examples given.  In the one instance the coded message is 

   from  the  MASTER  to  the  slave,  and  as  such  is  an "instructive 

   message",  or  one  which describes an action which the MASTER expects 

   the   slave  to  carry  out,  subject  as  always  to  punishment  for 

   disobedience.   In  the  other  example  the coded message is simply a 

   statement  of  desire  from  the  slave to the MASTER, or a "statement 

   message"  and  as  such may or may not result in a carried out action.  

   While  both  types  of  messages  may be used by the MASTER, the slave 

   will be limited, of course, to the "statement message".

         The  following  hand  signals are codes which the MASTER expects 

   the slave to learn and to be able to obey at any time.  


          a. Hand Signals From the MASTER


              1.   The  raised index finger (right hand):  This code will 

   indicate  to  the  slave that her MASTER wishes to allow her to change 

   from "restrictive positioning" to "relaxed positioning".


               2.    The  index  finger  pointing  downward (right hand):  

   This  code will indicate a reversal of the above, that is the changing 

   of the slaves positioning from "relaxed" to "restrictive".


               3.    Two fingers pointing upward (right hand):  This code 

   will  indicate  to  the  slave that her MASTER wishes for her to cross 

   her  legs.  A repeat of this code will be an indication that the slave 

   is to recross them.


               4.    Two  fingers  pointing  downward (right hand):  This 

   code  will  indicate  to  the  slave that her MASTER wishes for her to 

   uncross  her legs.  If the fingers are held together then her legs are 

   to  remain  together.  If the fingers are held apart, then the slave's 

   legs  are  to  be  spread  apart  as well.  If the MASTER continues to 

   display  this  code  after the legs have been uncrossed then the slave 

   will  arrange  her skirt in such a manner as to allow others to see up 

   it,  either on the sides if her legs are together, or up the middle if 

   the legs are apart.


                5.    Three  fingers  pointing upward (right hand):  This 

   code  will  indicate  that  the  slave is to raise her skirt until the 

   MASTER  stops  giving the command.  When the coded signal is no longer 

   displayed  to  her  the  slave will stop the raising of her skirt.  If 

   she  reaches  her  waist before the MASTER discontinues the display of 

   the code she may assume that her MASTER wants the skirt at her waist.

   This  code  may  of  course  be  used immediately after the two finger 

   command  resulting  in  either  a  raised skirt with legs crossed or a 

   skirt raised with legs open effect.


                 6.   Three fingers pointing downward (right hand):  This 

   code  will  indicate  (right,  you're  catching on now, huh?) that the 

   slave  is  to lower her dress until the MASTER is no longer displaying 

   the  code.  Should he flash the code quickly the slave will understand 

   that  her dress or skirt is a very small amount too high to please her 

   MASTER.   If  he  should  continue  to display the code, the slave may 

   assume  that  her  MASTER wishes for her to lower the hem of her skirt 

   or dress to its extreme lower limit.


                  7.   Four  fingers  pointing upward (right hand):  This 

   code  will  indicate that the slave is to play with or rub her breasts 

   with  her hands.  She will toy with the buttons on her blouse, rub her 

   hands  over her breasts as if picking lint from her sweater, press her 

   hand  to  her  chest  as  if  she  is  readjusting her bra, and as she 

   observes  her  MASTER  continuing  to  display this code will make her 

   actions  more  explicit  as  he  continues  to  display it.  Should he 

   continue  to  display  the  code  the ultimate action would be for eht 

   slave  to  pinch  and twish her nipples and openly squeeze her breasts 

   until he discontinued the display of the command.


                   8.  Four fingers pointing downward (right hand):  This 

   code  will indicate that the slave is to rub her legs with one or both 

   hands.   She  is to rub her legs to the limit imposed by her hem until 

   the  discontinuance  of  the  code by her MASTER.  The ultimate action 

   here  would be if she had been previously commanded to raise her skirt 

   to  her waist and was then commanded to rub her legs, resulting in the 

   rubbing  of her legs all the way to her crotch.  In the event that the 

   slave  is  wearing  shorts  while  given this command she will rub her 

   legs  always  to  the  limit  of  the  bottom of the shorts during the 

   duration of the code.


                    9.   Five fingers pointing upward (rignt hand):  This 

   code  will  indicate  that  the  slave  is to insert her hand into her 

   blouse  or  top for the purpose of rubbing her breasts or tweaking her 



                    10.   Five  fingers  pointing  downward (right hand):  

   This  code  will  indicate that the slave is to insert her hand in her 

   panties  or  under  her  skirt  and  rub  her cunt.  Unless previously 

   advised  by  the  MASTER  this  coded  command  will  usually  include 

   permission to finger-fuck herself as well.



   Continued in Chapter Eight....






                            The Wife-Slut Course


                          Part Two: Training, Cont.


                        D:Codes For The Slave, Cont.


                   a: Hand Signals From The Master, Cont.



   11.-20.   Codes  eleven  through twenty are codes to be given with the 

   left  hand  and  are  variable in nature, often being explained to the 

   slave  in advance of a particular adventure.  For this reason they are 

   not spelled out in this portion of the course.



        b:  Hand Signals From The Slave.


        1.-10.   Codes  one  through  ten  for the slave will be the same 

   codes  as  those  used  by  the  Master.  The slave will display those 

   codes  if  at any time she would like direction from the Master, or if 

   she  would  like  to  perform  some  act and wants to ask her Master's 

   permission.   For  example,  if the slave-slut is becoming excited and 

   would   like   to  change  from  restrictive  positioning  to  relaxed 

   positioning,  she may display the index finger pointing up hand signal 

   to  indicate  that  desire  to her Master.  If her Master returns that 

   same code she will then know that her request has been granted.


        11.-20.   Codes  eleven through twenty are given with the fingers 

   of  the  slaves  left  hand and are to communicate the slave's current 

   state  of  arousal  as  well  as desire that she may feel at the time.  

   They are as follows:


        11.   Index finger raised:  This code is a simple reminder to her 

   Master that the slave recognizes that she is a slut.


        12.   Index  finger  pointing down:  This code is a communication 

   from the slave to her Master that her pussy is wet.


        13.   Two  fingers  pointing up:  This code tells the Master that 

   the  slave  would  like  to  suck a cock.  If the slave points the two 

   fingers  toward a person in  the room after showing them upraised, the 

   Master  will  understand  that  the  person  pointed to is the one the 

   slave would enjoy sucking off.


        14.   Two fingers pointing down:  The slave who diplays this code 

   to  her  Master  will be telling him that she desires to fuck.  If the 

   fingers  are  then  pointed  to  a  particular  man,  the  Master will 

   understand that the slave is saying she would like to fuck that man.


        15.   Three  fingers  pointing  up:   This  code indicates to the 

   Master  that  the  slave  would like to eat pussy.  If the fingers are 

   then  pointed at a particular woman the Master will understand that it 

   is that woman whom the slave would like to eat.


        16.   Three  fingers pointing down:  This is an indication to the 

   Master  that  the  slave would like to be eaten.  Pointing the fingers 

   will indicate who the slave would like to eat her pussy.


        17.   Four  fingers pointing up:  This code tells her Master that 

   the  slave  would  like to suck more than one of the cocks in the room 

   at  the  time.   Pointing the fingers will indicate which of the cocks 

   in  the  room the slave would like to take into her hungry little slut 



        18.   Four  fingers pointing down:  The slave giving this code is 

   indicating  that  she  would like to be fucked by more than one of the 

   men  in  the  room.  She may then point to the men whom she would like 

   to fuck her.


        19.   Five fingers pointing up:  The slave is indicating that she 

   has  a  very strong need to be used by her Master...that she is hot to 

   fuck, or needs to be fed cum, or wants to come over and over again.


        20.   Five  fingers  pointing  down:   The slave is indicating an 

   extreme  degree  of sluttishness here, saying that she needs very much 

   to  be  used  over  and  over  by everyone in the room at the time and 

   perhaps  others  as  well, both men and women.  She is saying that her 

   pussy  is  running  wet with fuck juice and that she is admitting that 

   she  is nothing but a pussy eating recepticle for cum who loves cocks, 

   balls, assholes and juicy pussies.



   E:  Self-Image and Slavery


        Throughout  history  it  has  been  made clear that those who are 

   subjected  to  slavery  are  robbed  of  their identity and that their 

   worth  as  a  person  is  denigrated  by  those  who  subject  them to 

   slavery.   In  the  MASTER/slave  relationship  however  the  slave is 

   choosing  to  be  submissive  to her MASTER and both parties enter the 

   relationship  with  the  understanding  that it is only in the area of 

   sexual  matters  that  the relationship exists.  The MASTER does "use" 

   his  slave, but he does so with her permission and always endeavors to 

   "use"  her  n such a way that her own needs and hungers are met in the 

   process.   While  there will certainly be moments when the slave feels 

   dirty  and  used  those  emotions  are  brought about only to make the 

   slave  more  submissive  and  to allow her to experience the zenith of 

   sexual  excitement.   If  at  any time the slave has negative feelings 

   about  the  ways  in which her MASTER chooses to use her and if at any 

   time  she  begins  to  confuse the slave in her with her real and true 

   identity  as  a  worthy and highly respected and loved person she must 

   in  her  role as the wife communicate those feelings to her husband so 

   that  they  can  be dealt with in a satisfactory way.  It is never the 

   husbands  desire  to do anything to destroy or endanger the self-image 

   or  feeling of worth of his wife through their mutual participation in 

   the MASTER/slave relationship.

        Just  as  there  are  many men who like to think of themselves as 

   MASTER'S  and  have  no real talent or ability to in fact be a MASTER, 

   there  are  also  many  women  who  like  to  think  of  themselves as 

   submissive  women  who  are  completely unable to assume the role of a 

   wife-slut.    The   MASTER   is  very  much  aware  of  that  and  his 

   appreciation  for  his  slave's abilities is very great.  The wife may 

   take  pride  in her ability to please her husband in this way, knowing 

   that  he  values  this  ability  and desire of hers highly.  The well-

   trained  Wife-Slut  is not just another slave to her husband, but is a 

   very  special  extension  of  himself  who gives him the freedom to be 

   totally  himself  sexually  when  with her.  Other slaves may have the 

   potential  of  being  submissive but do not have this ability to allow 

   him  the  freedom  to be honest and open about who he is at all times.  

   The  obedient slave will always be valued and desired above all others 

   by her MASTER.


   Continued in chapter nine....





                            The Wife-Slut Course


        Part Three: Encounters (The Master and slave together alone)



   A:  The Role of the Slave in Encounters


        It  goes without saying that the slave is expected to be obedient 

   and  submissive in all encounters with her MASTER.  Her role will vary 

   at  times  within the encounter itself.  At times she will be required 

   to  be  attentive  and  studious  as  many encounters will be training 

   experiences  for  her.  At other times she will be a performer for her 

   MASTER  displaying  her  body  in  various  ways in order to excite or 

   please  him  and  ultimately  herself.   There  will be times when the 

   slave  will  have  to  be  blindly obedient and trusting and do things 

   which  her MASTER asks her to do even though they may seem at first to 

   be silly or embarassing or humiliating.

        The  privacy  of  the  encounter  gives  the MASTER and slave the 

   opportunity  to try new things and to spend long periods of time doing 

   specific  things  which  the  MASTER may determine need to be done for 

   various  reasons.   There  will usually be some things which will only 

   be  done  in the encounter type situation and often these will be some 

   of  the  more  elicit  and  "dirtier"  things  that  the slave will be 

   required  to  do.   Encounters  will  often  change  from a very heavy 

   MASTER/slave  encounter  to a tender and loving husband/wife encounter 

   as  well,  something  which  will  not usually take place in adventure 


        The  slave  will  find  that  if  she  allows  herself  to  be as 

   submissive  as  possible  in  encounter  situations that there will be 

   many,  many  new  and thrilling moments for her and that she will find 

   herself  learning  to "fly" ever higher and higher.  The slave is also 

   granted  more  freedom  in  slipping  in  and out of the slave role in 

   encounter  situations  and may enjoy the freedom of discussing various 

   things at times as the wife rather than simply as the slave.


   B:  The Role of the MASTER In Encounters


        The  MASTER   will  view  encounters as special times between him 

   and  his  slave.   He will endeavor to use the time wisely in order to 

   help  his  slave  learn  more  about who she is sexually.  He will use 

   this  time  to train her in the various things which she needs to know 

   in  order  to  be  a  more  pleasing  slave.   He  will delight in the 

   enjoyment   of  her  body  and  mind  as  she  performs  for  her  and 

   demonstrates  what  she has learned in previous training sessions.  He 

   will  critique her performances and offer alternative approaches where 

   necessary to improve them.

        The  MASTER  will  at  all times be patient and understanding and 

   will  dominate  his  slave  in  such a way in encounters that she will 

   grow  through successes.  He must never fail to provide the leadership 

   which  his  slave  requires  nor  may  he  tire  in being creative and 

   demanding as he puts her through her paces.

        While  the  MASTER  may  also feel free to slip out of the MASTER 

   role  and  be simply the husband, he must be able to be firm enough to 

   discipline   when   discipline  is  called  for  and  to  punish  when 

   punishment is called for.

        The  MASTER  must  always be in total control of his emotions and 

   his  mind  when  in  encounters  with  his  slave.   Her emotional and 

   physical  safety must always be his major concern and he must never to 

   anything  to  endanger  her  in any way.  The use of alcohol and drugs 

   when  in  encounters with his slave is prohibited except in very small 

   quantities  as  those  substances  could impair the MASTER'S abilities 

   and  or  judgement.   Anger  must  also  be controlled and the husband 

   should  never  participate  in  a MASTER/slave encounter with his wife 

   when  he  is  truly  angry at her.  This is not to say that the couple 

   may  not or should not have sex under such circumstances, but that the 

   MASTER/slave  enounters  should not be participated in at those times.  

   In  short,  the  MASTER  must  be  truly  and completely in control of 

   himself before he can effectively control his slave.

        The  MASTER  must  provide leadership at all times in encounters, 

   but  must  also  be able to "tune in" to the slave's state of arrousal 

   and  mental  and  emotional  state  as  well.   All activities will be 

   guided  by his reading of her condition at each stage of the encounter 

   and  he  must  always  be  alert  to  changes in that condition as the 

   encounter  continues.   He must end any encounter which seems to be in 

   any way endangering the slave in any way.


   C:  Announcing An Encounter


        The   MASTER   will   at  all  times  inform  his  slave  that  a 

   MASTER/slave  encounter  is  about  to take place.  He will not assume 

   that  she  is  aware  that such an encounter is about to happen or has 

   been  planned  by  the  MASTER.   While  he  does not have to formally 

   announce  an  encounter  in  so  many  words, the MASTER must give the 

   slave  sufficient  instruction  for  her to understand implicitly that 

   such  an even is occuring.  This may be done through coded messages or 

   through  written  or  spoken  commands which will indicate to the wife 

   that  she is being led into an encounter.  The well-trained slave will 

   recognize  many  phrases  or commands that will indicate the beginning 

   of  an  encounter.   If  at  any  time  there  is  any  doubt about an 

   encounter  beginning,  both  parties  will  assume  the  obligation of 

   clearing  up  any  doubts or questions which may exist.  The MASTER is 

   of  course  not limited to any particular time or place for encounters 

   and is not required to give any advance notice of any kind.


   D:  Requesting An Encounter


        The  slave  may  request  encounters when she so desires.  She is 

   free  to  make  such requests in any manner she chooses as long as she 

   does  not  expose  her  MASTER  to any potential embarassment in doing 

   so.   At  no  time  will the slave request an encounter vocally in the 

   presence  of others in such a way that they can hear her request.  She 

   may  do  so  through  coded messages of various types or by asking her 

   MASTER to join her in a more private area first.

        The  slave must realize that simply requesting an encounter is no 

   guarantee  that  one will be granted.  She may of course beg and plead 

   for  such  an  encounter  as  well  as  offer to do various and sundry 

   things  for  her  MASTER if he will grant her wish.  All requests will 

   be  done  in  a submissive way, and often will include the positioning 

   mentioned  in  earlier  portions of this course.  The slave will learn 

   the  proper  phrases  and  ways to ask her MASTER for an encounter and 

   will use the proper approaches at all times.

        The  slave must remember that there will be times when the MASTER 

   will  require  the  slave  to abstain from being satisfied in order to 

   discipline  and train her.  At such times he will not be able to grant 

   her   wish   for   an  encounter  and  though  she  may  feel  extreme 

   disappointment,  she  must  always accept his leadership and patiently 

   wait until such time as her MASTER decides to use her once again.


   Continued in Chapter Ten.....





                            The Wife-Slut Course


           Part Four: Adventures (The MASTER and slave in public)



   A:  The Role of the Slave in Adventures


        A  public  outing  may  or may not be an adventure for the slave.  

   Often  the  slave will understand in advance that such an outing is to 

   be  an  adventure,  at  other times she will find out after the outing 

   has  begun  that  it  is  to be an adventure.  Once the slave is aware 

   that  she  is  involved  in  an  adventure she will obey her MASTER in 

   every  way.   If  for  some  reason  she  is  unable  to obey she must 

   indicate  to  her MASTER the reason for her failure.  If the reason is 

   not  acceptable  to her MASTER the slave may expect punishment for her 

   failure  to  be  obedient.   Any  very  real  and serious desire to be 

   excused  from  the  adventure  should be made clear to the MASTER in a 

   private  communication  so  as  to allow the MASTER to terminate it as 

   easily as possible.

        Since  adventures  imply  the  presence of others, the slave will 

   understand  that  other  men and women who may or may not be strangers 

   to  her  will  be involved in some sexual way with she and her MASTER.  

   At  times  this  involvement  will be passive on their part, i.e. they 

   may  not  be  aware that there is an adventure occuring and may simply 

   be  observers  of whatever the MASTER requires of his slave.  They may 

   see  her  raising  her  skirt  higher,  for  example,  but may have no 

   knowledge  that  her  MASTER  has  directed her to raise it.  At other 

   times  they  may  be very actively involved in the adventure with full 

   knowledge  that  the  slave is obeying her MASTER.  An example of this 

   type  of  adventure  might be a situation in which her MASTER commands 

   her vocally to suck all the men in the group off.

        The  slave  must  be  alert  to the situation as it exists at the 

   moment  and  conduct herself in such a manner as to keep the adventure 

   within  the bounds prescribed by her MASTER.  If the other parties are 

   passively  involved,  the slave must not allow them to become actively 

   involved  until  and  if  her MASTER allows  or demands it.  If on the 

   other  hand it is active involvement of the others that her MASTER has 

   proscribed,  the  slave  will  conduct  herself  in  such  a way as to 

   provide for their active involvement.

        The  slave will at all times react eagerly to the commands of her 

   MASTER  in  adventures.   It  is  important  that  she  be  especially 

   vigilant  in displaying her submissiveness to her MASTER in order that 

   his  status  as  her  MASTER  will  be  respected by the others in the 

   group.   She  will  refrain  from  allowing herself to control her own 

   body  and  actions  in such situations and will look to her MASTER for 

   direction  as  the  adventure  unfolds.   While  the slave may express 

   delight  and  joy  at  the  performance of others in the adventure she 

   will  direct  such  expressions to her MASTER rather than to the other 

   individuals  involved.   For example, the statement "His cock fills my 

   slut-cunt  very  full,  MASTER!" is preferred over the statement "Your 

   cock  fills  my  slut-cunt  so  full!"  addressed  to the owner of the 

   cock.   This  provides  room  for the slut to express her pleasure and 

   for  the  other participants to feel pride in their perfromance but at 

   the  same  time  protects  and  enhances  the  slave's  status  as her 

   MASTER'S  slave-slut,  preventing any sense of surrepticious ownership 

   by  other  participants.   The  slave  who  fails  to  conduct herself 

   appropriately   in  this  respect  will  be  subject  to  very  severe 

   punishment  and  will find that she has limited her future involvement 

   in further adventures.


   B:  The Role Of The Master In Adventures


        As  in  encounters  the  MASTER  must  take seriously his role as 

   leader   and   protector   of  his  slave  when  she  is  involved  in 

   adventures.   The very involvement of others creates a situation where 

   the  slave's  condition  must  be more closely monitored by the MASTER 

   and  where  his  leadership  skills  and  control may be tested to the 

   fullest.   He  will  at no time relenquish this control and must stand 

   ready  to  take  whatever measures are necessary at any time to assure 

   that he maintains it.

        The  MASTER  will not involve his slave in adventures which could 

   be  harmful  or  dangerous  for her at any time.  He will choose those 

   who  participate  in  adventures wisely and will monitor the adventure 

   closely  as  it  unfolds to make sure that it is progressing in such a 

   way as to be both pleasing to his slave and to himself.

        The  MASTER  will be sensitive to the emotions and desires of his 

   slave  in  all adventures and will whenever possible allow her desires 

   to  be  granted  in  such  situations.   While  he will be aware of an 

   sensitive  to  the  needs  and desires of others in the adventure, his 

   primary  concern  will always be his slave's needs and desires and the 

   pleasure  that the two of them are recieving through their involvement 

   in the adventure.

        At  no  time  will  the  MASTER involve the slave in an adventure 

   which  he  believes  can  be  harmful  to  her,  nor  will he allow an 

   adventure   to  continue  if  it  appears  to  have  possibly  harmful 

   consequences.   When  properly  planned  and  conducted  no  adventure 

   should  ever be followed by feelings of remorse from either the MASTER 

   or  the slave.  Any such negative feelings will be discussed openly by 

   the  wife  and  husband  following  such  an  adventure  and  will  be 

   considered in the planning and execution of all following adventures.


   C:   Announcing An Adventure


        The  MASTER  will  indicate  in  a  clear way the beginning of an 

   adventure  to  the slave.  At times she will be advised far in advance 

   that  an  adventure is to occur.  At other times she will only be told 

   at  the  actual  onset of the adventure.  This is due to the fact that 

   there  will be times when the MASTER will want the slave to anticipate 

   the  coming  adventure  and  other times when the MASTER will want the 

   slave  to  experience  the  surprise and shock that she is momentarily 

   going  to  be  involved in an adventure.  The MASTER will at all times 

   be  the  one  to  decide  how  much  notice  the slave is to have with 

   respect to notification.


   D:   Requesting An Adventure


        The  slave  may  find herself fantasizing about particular people 

   or  situations  which  she finds exciting.  These people or situations 

   may,  at the option of her MASTER, be included in adventures from time 

   to  time.   The slave will advise her MASTER of such desires to enable 

   him  to  decide  if  her fantasies will be realized.  The MASTER knows 

   that  the  slave  is  a slut and she must not at any time be afraid to 

   share  her  fantasies  with  her  MASTER.  The well-trained slave will 

   share  her  fantasies at all times and will refrain from making direct 

   requests  for  adventures  with  those about whom she fantasizes.  She 

   will  simply  inform  her  MASTER  that  "I've  been fantasizing about 

   Timmy,  the  delivery  boy...I  think  about  what it would be like to 

   seduce  him  and fuck him" and her MASTER may or may not then consider 

   allowing  her to seduce and fuck the delivery boy.  The slave will not 

   however  say  to  her MASTER "I want you to set up an adventure for me 

   with  Timmy  the  delivery  boy...I  want to seduce him and fuck him".  

   The  slave  may be assured that she will have sufficient opportunities 

   to  have  her fantasies realized that she will not have to make direct 

   requests  of  that  nature.   Following  these guidelines will help to 

   prevent  disappointing situations for both MASTER and slave and leaves 

   the decision making with the MASTER where it belongs.

        The  slave may simply request an adventure without specifying who 

   or  where  the  adventure  is  to occur.  This merely tells her MASTER 

   that  the  little  slut  is  anxious to participate in an adventure of 

   some  kind.   The slave may as indicated in the coded messages portion 

   of  the  course  material  use  hand signals to communicate particular 

   desires  which  she  may have, but must realize that the decision will 

   rest  with  her MASTER at all times.  All communication concerning the 

   slaves  wishes  for an adventure will be confidential in nature unless 

   the  MASTER  directs  his slave to express her desires openly in front 

   of those who are present, in which case the slave will comply.



                           Part Five:  Conclusion



        The  very nature of the MASTER/slave relationship and the role of 

   the  Wife-slut  makes  it  impossible  to include in this course every 

   detail  of  training to which the wife will be subjected.  This course 

   material  is intended to serve as a guideline to the types of training 

   and  situations  involved  in  the  relationship  and  to  offer  in a 

   concrete  form  instructions and a general over-view of the philosophy 

   behind  the  Wife-slut  concept.   As the couple grows in togetherness 

   and  in  an  awareness  of  each other's needs various portions of the 

   material may change or be eliminated entirely.

        Since  the  sole  purpose  of  the  course  is to provide for the 

   maximum  in  happiness  and  pleasure  for  both  parties it should be 

   understood  that  there  is nothing in the course material that cannot 

   be  changed  if it is in the best interest of the marriage.  While the 

   author  believes  he  and  his wife can find pleasure and happiness in 

   this  type  of  relationship,  he also is aware that needs and desires 

   change  from  time  to time, and his greatest hope is that the marital 

   couple  will  be  able to openly and honestly communicate their needs, 

   desires,  fantasies,  hopes,  sorrows,  disappointments  and joys with 

   each other at all times.

        The  bonding  that  such  honest  communication  and  caring  can 

   provide  should  provide  for a relationship to be treasured above all 

   other  things.  It is this relationship and not any particular type of 

   sexual  activity  which  is the author's goal and greatest desire.  He 

   pledges  his  devotion to that relationship and his willingness to put 

   the  good  of the relationship ahead of any private and personal goals 

   which he might have.



                               *---THE END---*

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