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Archive-name: Slaves/whim.txt


Archive-title: At His Whims for the Night

    The phone rang at her desk.  She answered it.  He whispered to her to meet

him on the corner in five minutes.  Don't wear any underwear or else.  She

dashed into the ladies room, rapidly divesting herself of her bra, panties and

stockings.  She was grateful that she'd worn that long, silky dress that

buttoned up the front today.  Otherwise she never could have undressed so

quickly.  Then, she would have been in big trouble.  She rushed outside,

praying that she was there before him.  The last time she was late, he made her

pay dearly.  Seconds after she arrived, she saw his Porsche quickly approaching.

    He screeched to a halt at the corner, opening the door for her, ordering

her inside.  He looked her over carefully for signs of underwear.  Reaching

over he strapped her in, his hands wandering over her loose breasts as he

snapped the seatbelt tight.  His hands brushed her tits once more.  He noticed

her nipples beginning to make little peaks in her blue silk dress.  He handed

her a pair of sunglasses and ordered her to put them on.  They covered her eyes

all around and she discovered she couldn't see anything through them.

    She wondered what he had in mind for her this time.  She could feel herself

beginning to heat up in anticipation.  She loved these fantasies they had

started playing out last year.  As she felt the car pull away from the curb,

she heard his low sexy voice tell her to unbutton all but two of the buttons

going up the front of her dress.  Slowly she started unbuttoning them, first

the top one, then the next, then the next.  Looking over he could see more than

an outline of her luscious breasts.  Now, leave the next two buttoned, he told

her.  Then she started unbuttoning from the bottom.  First, the last one, then

the next.  That must be all, she thought, if I'm supposed to leave two buttoned.

The wind from the slightly open car window rustled her dress exposing more of


    The Porsche had speeded up, no longer stopping and starting.  She figured

they must be on a freeway now.  Where could he be taking her?

    Suddenly she realized he was talking to her again.  She had been lost in

the fantasies.  What was he saying?  Slide down in the seat, he said, and

spread your legs open.  Ah, yes, now I can see those delicious parts of you I

like, he said in a low voice.  Sit yourself so all of the lower part of you is

against the leather.  I want that wet pussy of yours to make prints on the

seat.  She did as she was told, feeling the leather cool and smooth against her

ass.  She felt so exposed, naked practically in the car.  She was afraid men in

other cars might see her like this.  She only did this for him, not anyone

else.  Listening to the road noise, she thought they must be traveling quite

fast.  She still had no idea where they were.

    Play with your tits, show me how you turn yourself on, he demanded.  She

took a breast in each of her hands.  She had very petite hands which only

covered about a third of each of her full, heavy breasts.  She caressed them,

her hands rubbing all over them.  He leaned over slightly and took her left

nipple and began to roll it between his fingers.  Pulling and pinching it

slightly, it was getting stiff and hard between his fingers.  Do the other one,

he told her.  She began to play with her nipple, flicking her forefinger back

and forth across it.  Now lick it, he ordered.  She leaned over and took as

much as she could into her mouth.  She licked it all around, her wet tongue

making everything glisten.  Show me how you suck it.  She held her breast in

both hands so that she could get her mouth around it.  She suckled like a baby

on her own boob.  Bite it, bite it, he urged her.  She nibbled gently.  He

could see her tit between her teeth.  She was really getting turned on.  She

couldn't believe how wet she was getting.  She wondered how hard he was.  She

wanted to reach over and measure the bulge in his jeans but she knew she didn't

dare be aggressive right now.

    She could feel the heat building inside of her.  She wanted to feel the

slick wetness between her legs.  She started to sneak her hand down towards it.

She hoped he couldn't see her.  She didn't want to get in any trouble.  She

couldn't resist the temptation to touch her pussy, feel the honey oozing out of

her from loving her own breasts.  Not only that but the car was starting to

have the smell of sex.  All of her senses were aroused.  As her finger moved

closer, she kept licking her lips, her tongue circling them unconsciously.  Her

breathing quickened as her finger started to enter that hot hole.  Her juices

were flowing so much that she hardly had to move her finger for it to slide in

and out.  Little moans escaped from deep in her throat.  Oh, no, she worried,

he'll catch me now... The car was slowing down, he was pulling over to the side

of some road.  It was dark outside now and she could smell trees, pine,

perhaps.  He hadn't said anything to her in a long time.  He had been content

to watch her play with herself in that sly way but now he had other ideas.

    She had been so preoccupied pleasuring herself, that she was surprised to

feel the car roll to a stop.  Unexpectedly, he grabbed her free hand forcefully

and ordered her to keep playing with herself with the other.  He took her

closest breast into his mouth, sucking the nipple hard, his tongue rolling

around it.  The sensation was intense, the moans stopping in her throat, she

tried to remain silent.  He kissed and licked up and down and around her tit,

making it wet.  As his tongue moved up her body to her neck, he stopped

periodically to take her flesh between his lips and teeth, sucking and making

visible love bites.  As he heard the sweet sounds of her finger moving in and

out of her hot pussy, he could tell she was very aroused and getting close to

cumming.  Reaching down he took hold of the hand she had been working on her

hot hole and began to lick each finger savoring the taste of her.  In heat, a

moan escaped from her mouth.  She wanted more, now, but he was in no hurry to

give it to her.  Instead, putting her arms at her side, he slipped her wrists

into the cuffs at each side of the seat and made them fast so she couldn't move

them.  He returned to loving her breasts, first one, then the other, until she

began to move her head from side to side in ecstasy.  Abruptly, he thrust his

long, thick tongue into her mouth, kissing her powerfully and deeply.  His hand

rubbed her pussy and a finger began to probe deeper inside.  She felt it pushing

something inside her.  He continued kissing, her sucking gently on her lips,

licking all around her mouth.  She could feel him fingering her now ultra-

sensitive clit, her juices pouring out of her onto the leather seat.  He rolled

her clit between his fingers, her body twitching with the little electriclike

shocks which were running throughout her body.  She had begun to pant, her

breasts heaving...

    Now he had her how he liked her - super hot and horny, wet and wild for

him.  He put his now slick finger into her mouth.  Lick it clean, he said, taste

yourself.  She did as she was told.  She was on fire, wanting to be satisfied.

His fingers started buttoning her dress closed.  He felt her succulent breasts

through the silky fabric of her dress and rubbed his palms across her nipples

until the outline of them could be seen quite clearly.

    He spoke to her for the first time in what seemed like hours.  I'm going to

free your hands and remove the glasses so that we can go inside here and have a

drink.  You are not to speak unless I tell you to, ok?  And, I've left a little

present or two in that snatch of yours so that you don't cool down too much.

If either of those little balls leave your pussy, who knows what might happen

to you next.  When we're inside, you are to look down and not make eye contact

with anyone but me, understand?

    Opening the car door, he got out and went around to let her out.  Walk in

front of me, he said, I want to watch how you move that ass of yours.  He

reached out and ran a hand over her cheeks.  She felt herself blush, hoping no

one could see.  She could feel those little balls inside her move as she

walked.  She felt as though she were in a state of constant stimulation.  He

pulled the door to the tavern open and ushered her inside.  They sat at a

little table at one side.   Spread your legs a little now, he ordered.  She did

but had to tighten her pussy muscles as she did so.  She was so wet and

slippery, she was afraid that the little balls would slip out of her.  You're

the only woman in here and I want all those men to see what they're going to

miss out on.  Stay here, I'm going to get us something to drink.  He walked

away, noticing the hungry looks on the other drinkers faces.

    Left alone all she could think about was relieving the tension that had

built up inside her ever since she had gotten in the car.  Surreptitiously, she

tried rubbing her thighs together aware every moment of the little balls inside

her.  She worked her pussy muscles, tightening them, releasing them carefully,

hoping she could get off before he came back.  She was afraid she might push

the little balls out if she worked those muscles too hard.  Her skin and nerves

were on edge from the constant stimulation and attention that had been paid her

so far that evening.

    At the bar, he ordered their drinks.  The bartender leaned close to him,

remarking on what a fine looking lady he was with tonight.  I wouldn't mind

getting to know her better myself, he said as he poured.  Now, that's an idea,

the man said to the bartender.  Is there somewhere the three of us could be

alone together?  There's no one in the room with the pool table right now, how

about we meet there when my shift ends in a few minutes?  All right, he said,

picking up their drinks to take back to the table.

    Approaching the table, he could see the glazed look on her face.  Moving

quickly, he sat down before she had succeeded in achieving her goal.  If

anything, all she had done was to get herself flushed and even more turned on.

She stirred and realized that there would be no immediate relief in sight.  She

sipped her drink, hoping she could regain her composure quickly.  Turning to

her, he said, in a few minutes, I want you to get up, walk very seductively

across the room and go into the room where the pool table is and wait for me

there.  You understand?  She nodded her acknowledgement.  She wondered what he

had in mind.  This was something new.  Now, go!, he said.  She took the last

sip of her drink, stood up and started to cross the room.  He watched her walk,

her ass swaying sensuously in the silk dress.  He glanced at the other men,

some licking their lips as they followed her movements.  He knew that they

could see her full breasts press up against the front of her dress as she

walked.  Even the dark triangle of her bush was visible as she walked.  She

reached the doorway of the game room and entered it.  Her breath came unevenly

since the little balls moved inside her increasing the friction and excitement

with every step she took.

    Swiftly, he got up, walking firmly towards the doorway.  Once inside the

room, he gently closed the door as he dimmed the lights to almost darkness.

Taking her in his arms, he kissed her fully on the mouth, his tongue pushing

through her lips.  Grabbing her ass, he pulled her to him, rubbing his hard cock

up against her.  He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a silk scarf

which he used to blindfold her.  Running his hands all over her hot body, he

unbuttoned once again the top buttons of her dress, pulling the material to

each side so that her beautiful breasts were exposed to the air.  His big hands

fondled her breasts as his long tongue began to lick her starting at her navel

and working its way up her body.  Taking one of her already hard nipples in his

mouth, he sucked at it, flicking his tongue across the tip.  He did the same to

the other one.  She could hardly contain her moans.  Leaning against the pool

table, he turned her around, lifted the back of her dress and freed his bulging

cock from his jeans so that it was hard against her ass.  All this time, she

kept remembering that she didn't dare let go of the little balls inside her.

She was so turned on and yet she couldn't let herself go.  She didn't want to

get in trouble that way by losing them.

    Her pussy juices were practically running down her legs, she was so hot.

She was so engrossed in keeping her pussy muscles clenched tight enough that

she didn't hear the door open and close as the bartender joined them.  He

padded silently up to her and started licking and nibbling her breasts.

Startled, she realized that someone else had joined them.  Her lover's hands

roamed her asscheeks, lightly pinching them.  He moved her hands to the

bartenders crotch, rubbing them around as the bulge in the pants got larger.

Getting the idea, she unzipped the bartender's pants, taking his big dick in

her hands.  Behind her she felt her lover rub his cock all around in her pussy

juices.  The bartender pushed her head down to his dick.  She took the tip of

it between her lips and ran her tongue around the head until it was all wet.

The bartender's hands ran through her hair, firmly and insistently moving her

head, forcing her to take more of him into her mouth.  Her mouth worked his

cock, her tongue teasing against the head, running up and down the ridge.  Her

hand gripped the base of his cock, moving it in rhythm as she sucked.

    Behind her the engorged head of her lover's cock rubbed up and down her

crack.  His hands spread her cheeks open as he pushed the head into her

butthole.  She groaned as he entered the dark tunnel.  He rested briefly,

waiting for her ass muscles to relax around him and accept his hardness.

Feeling the resistance leave, he began a slow in and out movement.  Several

times, he pulled himself almost all the way out and then thrust fully into her

ass.  Her body was trembling with excitement.  A finger started stroking her

clit, bringing her ever closer to cumming, then stopped.  The bartender groaned

loudly with pleasure.  She knew exactly how to use her mouth and tongue to

pleasure him.  Suddenly, he pushed her head down futher, forcing her to take all

of him in her throat.  She could feel that hard cock in her ass start to shoot

hot cum deep inside her.  Hearing groans in front of her and behind her, the

bartender started spurting inside her mouth.  She was surrounded by noises of

relief and pleasure...and she was even more teased and turned on, the little

balls practically floating in her pussy juices.  If she didn't get to cum soon

she didn't know how much more of this she could take...but, then, she didn't

have any other choice tonight but to go along with him, did she...


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