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Archive-name: Slaves/tonixmas.txt

Archive-author: Jamie    (c) 1988

Archive-title: Toni's Christmas

          Toni had been mine for almost 6 month's now.  We had spent the

          entire summer in training, teaching him to perform for me and

          my friends at my will.  He had spent many a hot summer night

          hanging from the rafters in the old, dark, musty barn out

          back --- to break whatever will he might have had left.  His

          tight, muscled little boy butt had been tightened even more

          through Marine like training and exercises that I put him through

          on a daily basis.  He was used to getting whipped, spanked,

          bound and gagged for days at a time.  He had learned to obey

          my every command.  He now knew that he was mine, to do with as

          I pleased --- to share with others as I pleased.  He was as much

          a piece of property to me as my car or house.  He knew that I

          owned his tight little ass.

          Toni performed well these days.  He kept the house spotless, the

          yard perfect with flowers and trees, and his body toned to

          perfection.  He remained totally naked at all times, in order to

          be ready at a moments notice to serve or service me.  His long,

          blonde hair had almost grown to reach his hot, tight little ass and

          I liked that.  When I chose to make love to him, I could run

          my fingers lovingly through his golden, always perfect locks ---

          and when I had to discipline him, I could hold him, pull him and

          restrain him with the same beautiful blonde mane.

          I often shared Toni with close friends of mine, during his training

          period --- just to let him know that he could and would be used

          by me and shared by me, just like any other possession which I had.

          He was mine --- to do with as I pleased, whenever I desired.

          Now it was time to present Toni to the public.  I belong to a

          private club in the city --- and this coming weekend was the

          biggest Christmas bash of the season, at the club.  All of the

          other masters were bringing their boys out, many for the first

          time, as was I.  I had to get Toni ready, to make sure that he as

          well as everything about him was perfect for his public debut.

          I decided that, rather than the traditional leather restraints, I

          would deck him out for the holidays.  Toni would wear a simple

          chamois loin cloth, cut to barely cover the crack of his ass and

          cock and balls --- as long as he didn't move too quickly.  There

          would be no pouch to hold his more than ample cock and balls.

          They would remain out in the free and open --- for anyone to touch

          or do with as they pleased --- covered only with this free falling

          piece of chamois which would be held up with a rawhide string,

          tied loosely around his slender, tanned hips.  His oversized ball

          sack would be bound in a rawhide lace, tied off at the top and

          wound around, tightly, to force his young balls right down to the

          very end of the sack.  It made them look like the pendulum of

          a grandfather clock, swinging from side to side and back and

          forth with every step that he took.  His young, tender 18 year old

          nipples would be clamped in stainless steel tit clamps, which I'd

          purchased just for him --- complete with rings which made it very

          easy to hang just about anything from, or simply to clamp onto for

          additional restraint.  The tit clamps would be connected with a sprig

          of mistletoe --- and weighted down with heavy glass Christmas

          ornaments.   Around his neck would be a white fur collar, covering

          his usual leather slavery collar (which would never be removed).

          Yes, now Toni was ready for his public cumming out.  Once we'd

          tried on all of his costume and I was please with his appearance

          and accessibility, I told him to carefully strip off all of

          the gear and pack it neatly in the drawer.  He did this quietly

          and obediently, moving quickly because he knew that I was very

          impatient if he took too long to accomplish an assigned task.

          I turned to leave the bedroom, as Toni finished cleaning up, and

          instructed him to meet me in the kitchen as soon as he was done.

          He responded with his usual "Yes, sir." and I turned and left the

          room.  Toni followed, shortly thereafter, knowing that I didn't

          like to be kept waiting.  He appeared at the kitchen door, naked

          and hard --- and waited for permission to enter the room, as

          usual.  I, eventually, acknowledged him and told him to present

          himself before me.  Once he was in position, before me, I grabbed

          his young ball sack and pulled it down, squeezing his young balls

          at the same time.  Holding him with my left hand, I turned him

          side ways and told him to bend over the kitchen counter and spread

          his legs --- presenting his tender young ass for my use.  I told

          Toni that getting him ready for the party had made me very horny

          and that I was going to fuck him, long and hard --- because I

          needed his tight asshole wrapped around my hard, throbbing cock.

          I released his balls and guided my hard piece of meat to his opening

          and teased him with the head --- moving it up and down his crack

          and around the little, tender rose bud.  He began to moan, with

          pleasure as I slapped first his right ass cheek and then his left.

          Then, in almost the same motion, I grabbed his huge ball sack,

          pulled on it and slammed my cock all the way into his tight ass.

          Toni let out a scream and I pulled harder on his balls and slapped

          his ass with my free hand.  He moaned with the pleasure of being

          controlled and used for my pleasure.  I grabbed his hips, firmly,

          and began to pump my cock in and out of his ass rapidly ---

          pounding hard against his ass with every thrust.  He moaned and

          whimpered that he would like permission to cum.  He said that

          he was very close and would like to be able to cum at the same

          time that I filled his tight hole with my hot man juices.  I reached

          up and squeezed and pulled on his red, erect boy nipples, twisting

          hard with every thrust of my hard cock into his ass.  He moaned

          and begged permission to cum once again.  Finally, when I was just

          about ready to pump another load into my boy, I agreed that I would

          like for him to cum at the very moment that I did.  I told Toni that

          he could cum, only if he did it at the very same moment that he

          felt my load filling his gut.  At that moment, I gave one final

          thrust and began to shoot...... he did too.  Together we became one,

          one in the sensation of sexual frenzy.  Eventually, I withdrew and

          allowed him to get up off the table.  He remained standing, facing

          away from me, awaiting my next command.  I grabbed his tender young

          balls, squeezed them and slapped his ass hard..... then I released

          him and told him to go to the shower, clean himself up and call for

          me when he was ready to do the same for me.  He disappeared upstairs

          and I heard the shower begin to run.  Minutes later the call came

          that he was ready for me, whenever it was my pleasure to join him

          in the shower.  I headed upstairs, hard once again, thinking about

          the hot sex toy that was waiting for me in the shower.

          Toni did his usual good job of washing and drying my off.  Once that

          was complete, I instructed him to go downstairs and prepare dinner

          and that I was going to take a short nap.  He prepared the bed

          for me, before he left the room --- knowing full well that that was

          expected of him, even if he wasn't told to do it.

          Toni left the room, after massaging my entire body, and went down

          to prepare dinner.  I drifted off to sleep.

          The remainder of the week passed rather uneventful.  Twice I

          had to punish Toni and suspend him from the rafters in the old

          barn, during the heat of the day.  It really turned me on to see

          his young slender body hanging, just off the ground, glistening

          with sweat from the musty heat of the barn.  To see his tight little

          butt crisscrossed with the welts from the old horse whip ---

          to see his young 18 year old cock standing straight up, and knowing

          that all of this punishment was really turning him on --- knowing

          that he loved to he suspended, helplessly from the rafters while

          I whipped and tortured his young, tender body.

          The weekend finally arrived and we woke up Saturday morning and

          began, just after breakfast, preparing everything for the evening

          which was ahead of us.  The time was here to present my boy to

          the club.  It was his cumming out.  Toni was visibly nervous about

          what was to happen to him, this evening.  This was the first time,

          since I'd taken ownership of him, that he'd been allowed to leave

          the farm.  This was his first experience with being in public

          as my slave boy.  I took him into my arms, hugged him tightly

          and told him that he shouldn't worry.  He'd trained well and would

          be able to perform perfectly tonight.  I then pushed him away and

          slapped his ass, real hard, and told him to go off and take care

          of his regular chores --- otherwise he'd have to be punished.

          He left the room and I didn't see him for several hours.

          At noon time he appeared in the kitchen to prepare lunch.  We didn't

          speak all through lunch.  Once he'd cleaned up, he once again

          disappeared for the remainder of the afternoon.  I went about some

          chores of my own, outside in the warm southern sun.

          After dinner, I instructed him to clean himself up and prepare

          himself for the evening events.  He showered and shaved his entire

          body, from head to toe, and gave himself a long, hot enema, to

          be sure that every part of him was perfectly clean for my use

          later on.  Once he'd prepared himself, he presented himself for

          my inspection.  I ran my fingers over his shoulders, through his

          long hair, and down over his chest and back.  I paid particular

          attention to his cock, balls, and ass, making sure that all were

          free of hair, etc.  His entire body was as smooth as a baby's ass.

          Once I was satisfied that he was ready and had passed my inspection,

          I instructed him to prepare the shower for me.  He got in first,

          started the water and got it to the right temperature, soaped himself

          up, once again, rinsed off and then called for me, saying that he

          was now ready to wash me.  I joined him and he soaped me up, from

          head to toe, paying particular attention to my cock, balls and

          ass.  Once I was completely washed, he left the shower and dried

          himself and called to me when he was ready to do the same for me.

          I put the gear onto Toni and then dressed myself.  Finally we were

          ready to venture into the city.  It was time.

          I instructed Toni to go outside and wait for me next to the car.

          I finished preparing myself and met him there in about 5

          minutes.  He followed me around to the drivers side of the car and

          opened it for me.  Once I was inside, he closed my door and proceeded

          to open the back door and seat himself directly behind me in the

          back seat.  I could see from his expression in the rear view mirror

          that he was still very nervous.  Let's face it.  This 18 year old

          kid was about to be driven into the city while almost naked, and

          be put on display for hundreds of strange men.  It was all new

          to him and somehow very frightening.  But, having trained well over

          the summer, Toni didn't say a word, he followed my orders as he'd

          been trained to do and that was that.

          It took almost an hour to get to the club.  Once there, I parked the

          car and instructed Toni to get out and open my door for me.  He did

          so and I had him stand before me for one final inspection prior

          to heading inside.  He was flawless.  Just perfect, shiny, hairless,

          and ready to serve.  He followed me to the door of the club, his

          skimpy chamois loin cloth flapping in the light breeze which was

          blowing this evening --- showing off his cock, balls and ass to

          everyone who passed.  He followed me, obediently, with his head

          looking towards the ground and his hands clasped behind his back.

          We entered the club.

          It was already 11 P.M. and there were at least several hundred

          men and their boys, already partying, celebrating the Christmas

          season, sharing their young possessions with everyone.  Toni gasped.

          He'd never seen anything like this.  He quickly relaxed, however

          and I sent him to get me a drink.  He wasn't allowed to drink, yet.

          Most of the boys were buck naked, with the exception of their

          slave collars, some attached to a leash which was being held by

          their respective masters.  All were standing at attention, and

          being groped by others in the crowd, or by their masters.  Toni and

          I joined a small group of my friends --- he immediately became the

          center of attention, not only in my small group, but with the

          entire group in the club.  Toni was different.  Innocent looking and

          very different with his long, blonde hair and little chamois loin

          cloth.  Everyone wanted to touch him, and most of them did.  Although

          he was still a bit nervous, he certainly was enjoying being used and

          felt up by all of these strange men.  He actually started to enjoy

          being shown off.

          Soon, I decided that we should dance.  Toni was a great dancer,

          and had all eyes on him once we hit the dance floor.   He moved

          his body, seductively, as he worked himself up into a major

          sweat.  Gawd, he looked HOT!  His smooth, hairless body glistened

          in the lights of the dance floor.  His eyes glowed with the

          pleasure which he was getting out of knowing that all eyes were

          glued to him.  This hot little 18 year old was becoming the star of

          his cumming out bash.  After a few minutes of this, I motioned to

          him that I wanted him to drop the loin cloth, so that all could

          see his body in its entirety.  He, as usual, followed my order

          and seductively removed the slight covering from his cock, balls and

          ass.  His huge cock and balls bounced with the rhythm of the

          dance music.  His body shined with sweat.  His muscles pulsed in

          time with the music and lights.  He was perfect.

          After a while, I decided that I'd had enough and motioned to Toni

          that we were leaving the dance floor.  I instructed him to go to the

          bar and get me another drink.  He began to slip back into the loin

          cloth.  I slapped his ass, hard, and told him that he was to remain

          naked for the remainder of the evening.  He handed me the meager

          cloth and headed off to the bar.  Toni returned with my drink,

          to a table which I had sat down at in the lounge, and sat on his

          knees, hands folded behind him and head down --- as he'd been

          trained to do.

          Several times during the next hour, friends and total strangers

          passed by and asked to examine Toni.  I proudly obliged, instructing

          him to stand, turn and bend over, so that all of him could be seen

          and felt by anyone and everyone who wished to see and touch him.

          He certainly did draw attention.  He was HOT --- all tanned and

          perfectly toned and perfectly obedient.  Toni had passed the test

          of the club.  (At least the first test of the evening.)

          At 1 A.M., the lights of the club flashed, signaling the beginning

          of the Christmas boy of the year contest.  All slaves were instructed

          to strip themselves of all remaining clothing and accessories (with

          the obvious exception of their respective slave collars, which would

          never be removed) and they were to be brought to the stage area

          of the dance floor.  Toni stood at attention, while I removed the

          remaining parts of the costume which we'd dressed him in and I took

          hold of him, by his balls, and led him to the stage.  Once there, I,

          like all of the other masters, left him, alone, in full view of

          everyone.  Toni stood at attention, with the other boys, for all

          to see.  Then, once all the boys were in position, the HeadMaster of

          the club took center stage and announced that each of the boys would

          be instructed to perform, solo, for the men.  Once all had performed

          a panel of judges would decide on 5 finalists in this year's

          Christmas Boy of the Year contest.  Toni was number 12.  When

          his turn came up, he was instructed to masturbate himself while

          dancing for the crowd.  At first, he was a little bit shy --- moving

          slowly around the stage and moving his hands all over his body,

          paying particular attention to his nipples, cock, balls and ass.

          The crowd began to clap along with the beat of the music and this

          got Toni going.  He started to get really hot --- between the

          pulsing beat of the music, the flashing lights and the clapping

          and cheering of the crowd.  He squeezed and pulled at his nipples,

          cock and balls, and began to finger his ass, first with one, then

          two, then three and finally with four fingers.  The crowd was going

          wild, right along with him.  The more he worked his body, the

          hotter he was getting.  He was gyrating, in a sexual frenzy in front

          of 1000 hot men and their slave boys.  Finally, he couldn't stand it

          any longer and shoved his entire fist up his tight, tanned boy

          butt and pulled down on his huge ball sack.  Without even touching

          his cock, Toni began to spew cum all over himself and the stage.

          He collapsed onto the stage, right in the middle of his cum ---

          his muscled chest heaving with the pleasure of sex.  The crowd

          was screaming with approval.  Toni just lied there, heaving and

          panting.  Finally, he got up, the crowd cheered once more and he was

          led off the stage to a group shower area in the back, to clean

          himself up.  He did so, and joined me back on the floor, being

          groped by almost everyone whom he passed to get to me.  He smiled

          at me and whispered in my ear "I hope that I have pleased you and

          made you proud of me tonight, Master Jamie."  I smiled and motioned

          for him to take his place, naked and at my side.

          The rest of the boys finished their performances and the judges

          decisions were announced.  Toni had been chosen as the Number One

          Christmas Boy of the Year.  I was proud of him, and of the job

          which I'd done in training him over the past several months.

          I sent Toni to the bar to get me another drink, only this time

          I told him that he could have one as well.  He'd earned it.  It

          was now his chance to party in the Christmas spirit.  He proudly

          walked, completely naked, to the bar, ordered our drinks and returned

          to his place, at my feet, at the table.  Toni had passed, with

          straight A's and he knew it.  He also knew that he owed his

          popularity and success to me, his Master.  He smiled, meekly,

          and wrapped his arms around my leg.  He was proud to be my boy, and

          I was proud to be his Master.  He'd performed well, this year.

          He had every right to be proud.

          The festivities ended around 4 A.M. and Toni followed me to the car.

          Once we got home, Toni got out of the car, still completely naked,

          and came up front to open my door for me.  He got down on his knees

          and kissed my crotch, saying thank you --- thank you for permitting

          me to perform for you this evening --- thank you for training me

          so well that others envied the job that you did with me.  Thank you,

          sir, for keeping me.  With that, I smiled and ordered Toni to

          go into the house, go upstairs and clean himself off in preparation

          for going to bed.  He cleaned himself, and then me.  Once ready

          for bed, I told Toni that he was to spend the night, all night,

          in the bed with me.  I fucked him and he sucked my cock, then

          I invited him to spend the night, in my arms, in my bed, with me.

          He smiled and fell asleep with his long blonde hair draped down

          over my shoulder.  He slept in my arms, me in his.

          The next week was Christmas.  After our usual morning tasks,

          I led Toni into the living room and sat him down on the floor.

          I went under the tree and pulled out a package which had his name

          on it.  He kissed my crotch and thanked me for my kindness and

          then, once I gave him permission, opened the package.  It was

          a gold slaves collar, engraved with the words "TONI - Property

          of Master Jamie".  He smiled and tears streamed down his boy

          face.  He cried and thanked me for teaching him to be so good.

          I removed his old, leather slave collar and placed the new one

          around his neck.  The clamp was locked in place with a small, light

          gold lock.

          Merry Christmas Toni.


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