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Archive-name: Slaves/toni.txt

Archive-author: Jamie    (c) 1988

Archive-title: Toni

          It was getting to be late in May, and the local colleges were

          letting out for the summer.  I'd been lucky, this past winter,

          and had won the Lottery.  Things were going fairly well for me,

          as a result, and while sitting by the pool in the back yard I

          was dreaming of what I might do next to pamper myself.

          Having won all that money, I'd bought a new car, a new house with

          lots of land around it (and lots of privacy as a result) and now

          it was time for my next move.

          I've had many fantasies in my 35 years, but one kept coming back

          to mind, each time I walked around my new house or around the

          acres of land which had come with it.  It was real nice, here.

          Real nice, but real lonely at times.  I decided that I needed

          a companion --- not your usual lover or house-mate --- but a

          special kind of companion, one I could have complete control over,

          one who would take care of my every need --- when I wanted it

          to be taken care of.  I'd decided that my foremost fantasy must

          be fulfilled --- and now I had the place and the means to do

          something about it.  It was time for Jamie to have his little


          I ran an ad in one of the top gay magazines in the area, in the

          personals section ---

                                  HOUSE-BOY WANTED

               House-boy wanted for rural suburban home, west of Boston.

               You must be 18 - 24 years old, tight and smooth, no body

               hair, blonde (preferably shoulder length or longer) and

               you must be willing to serve in every way without

               question.  Applicants must call to demonstrate your

               ability to be obedient and to serve.  Call 555-1119 for

               an interview.  Ask for Jamie.

          Well, a month went by and there was no response at all to the

          ad.  Then, one Saturday morning in mid June, the phone rang.

          I answered and the meek, almost sweet voice at the other end

          simple said "May I please speak with Master Jamie, sir?"

          I was a bit unprepared, and hesitated just a moment, and then

          replied that I was he.  Then the voice came back and said

          "May I please arrange to interview for your position as

          house boy.  I believe that I can handle what you're looking for."

          I was a little surprised by all of this, I'd long since given up

          on the idea of having my little house slave, but this sounded

          too good to pass up, so I asked what his name was.  He replied,

          simply, "My name is Toni, sir."  Well, I asked him several more

          questions and he seemed to be, at the very least, honest and

          interesting --- so I told him to be at my house at 9:00 A.M.

          tomorrow morning.  "Now don't be a second late, Toni.  I don't

          appreciate being kept waiting!"  He replied that he'd be here

          exactly at 9 for our interview.  I hung up the phone without

          saying good bye.

          The next morning I woke up at 6:00 A.M., just to make sure that

          I was completely ready for Toni's arrival.  I wasn't even sure

          that he would show up.  That could have been a crank call, from

          someone who read the ad and just thought that it would be funny

          to set me up.  BUT, no sense in taking chances.  If he did

          show up, I wanted to be totally prepared for him.

          About 8:45, I started to get a little nervous.  What if it was

          a set up and what if a bunch of gay bashers were going to show

          up, instead of this meek little slave boy whom I'd talked to on

          the phone.  What if............. well that feeling could go on

          forever.  I'd made the arrangements and would now have to live

          with the results.  Anyway, Toni sounded extremely sincere on the

          phone --- and he sounded very very cute.  It was now 5 minutes

          before 9.  I was really starting to wonder if he was going to

          show up.  I decided to go out back and walk a bit, just to

          calm down.

          Just as I stepped out of the back door, I looked up towards the

          barn, and there stood the most beautiful, young boy I'd ever

          laid eyes on.  He was standing there, in skin tight 501's, a

          skin tight cut-off "T" shirt and shiny white Reebok sneakers.

          His stomach was tight and rippled and hairless, except for a

          thin blonde line running from his navel down into those hot

          501's, of which the top two buttons were undone.  He had long,

          flowing, straight dirty blonde hair which fell half way down

          his V shaped back and deep, wide, round brown eyes which begged

          for something.  He didn't seem to mind that I hadn't said a word,

          yet, and that I was checking out every inch of his seemingly

          perfect young body.  Finally, I broke the silence of the warm

          spring morning and said, "You must be Toni.  Come over here and

          into the kitchen so that we can talk."  He didn't say a word.

          He just followed my instructions as I led him into the kitchen.

          He stood right in the middle of the big country kitchen and

          faced me, waiting for his next instruction.  I told him to turn,

          slowly, so that I could check out the rest of him.  As he pivoted

          and his back came into view, I saw for the first time his tight

          dimpled boy butt.  It was, without a doubt the hottest little

          ass I'd ever laid eyes on.  He was, seemingly, perfect.  BUT, I

          hadn't seen everything yet and as he returned to a position facing

          me I looked at him and moved a little closer.  "Toni, you'll

          have to strip, so that I can see what I've got here."  He didn't

          question.  He began, slowly, to lift his cut off "T" up and over

          his head and finally off.  Then he, carefully, folded it and placed

          it at his feet, on the floor.  Next he bent from the waist, keeping

          his legs straight, and untied and removed his sneakers from his

          feet and placed them, neatly, next to the "T" shirt, on the

          floor.  He then stood up straight and unbuttoned the remaining

          buttons on his 501's and slid them down over his darkly tanned,

          slender thighs and stepped out of them.  Once the jeans were

          neatly folded and placed on the floor next to the rest of his

          clothes, he stood, bare assed naked, before me for inspection.

          Toni was a sight to behold.  He was tanned, from head to foot,

          without any sign of a tan line at all.  His young, smooth body

          was tight with slender swimmers muscles, from head to toe.

          "Toni, turn around slowly again, so that I can see you."

          He began to turn slowly flexing each boy muscle as he moved.

          When he had his back to me, I instructed him to bend over and

          grab his ankles and spread his legs, so that I could see his

          tight little boy butt.  He did this, like everything else I'd

          ordered him to do, without question --- without uttering a

          single word.  Finally, I told him to stand up and face me.

          His balls hung low and long, as if they'd been stretched with

          heavy weight.  They were beautiful.  His cock stood straight out

          at attention --- a good 9 inches of tender, cut boy meat.

          I figured that it was now time for him to speak.  "Toni, I need

          to know some information about you.  You will stand there, as

          you are, and answer every question completely and honestly. Do you

          understand, boy?"  He replied "Yes sir, Master Jamie."

          "Toni, how old are you?"  "I'm 18, today, sir."  "Have you ever

          served anyone, before me, Toni?"  "No sir, but I've thought about

          it for a long time, now and I know that I can do it well."

          "Toni, have you ever had sex with a man or woman before?"

          "No sir, I'd like you to be my first, sir. I'd like to serve you

          and take care of your every need, sir."  "Toni, you do realize that

          you'll have to serve me and do your chores, as I order you to, and

          that if your performance isn't satisfactory that you'll be

          disciplined and punished for failing to satisfy me, don't you?"

          "Yes sir, that's what I want.  I want to serve you and to have

          you teach me how to be good.  I want to please you, sir."

          With that, I decided that Toni was to become my boy.  I sent him

          out to the back yard and told him to wait for me, outside,

          by the barn door.  He did as he was told, without question.  I went

          upstairs to my bedroom, got a wide, heavy, studded leather collar

          from one of the drawers, along with a large, heavy padlock and

          headed back outside.  When I got outside of the back door, I

          noticed that Toni had followed my instructions perfectly and was

          standing, buck naked, in front of the barn door, face down.

          I walked over to him and placed the collar tightly around his

          slender neck, fastened it in the back and locked it in place

          with the heavy padlock.  Toni had been "hired".

          I took Toni into the old barn, and hand cuffed his hands over his

          head.  I then attached the hand cuffs to a hook which was hanging

          from the loft and tightened the rope so that his feet were

          barely touching the ground.  Then I said to him "Toni, I'm going

          to have to whip that tight boy butt of yours, just to let you

          know what you'll have to face, should you fail to please me in the

          execution of your duties.  I don't want to hear a whimper from you.

          You're not to make a sound.  Just take the whipping, like a man,

          and then be sure that you please me."  "Yes sir", he responded

          meekly.  "I'm ready to be taught a lesson, sir."  With that, I

          let loose with the old leather horse whip and gave him ten

          wacks right across his tight, tanned butt.  He never made a sound,

          but his young cock came right to attention.  I guess he liked

          getting his butt whipped.  I left him hanging from the loft

          for the rest of the afternoon --- alone in the dark musty barn.

          About 4 that afternoon, I went back to the barn and let Toni

          down from the restraints, removed the hand cuffs and told him

          to follow me into the house.  I had to show him around and

          begin his instruction on what his chores and duties were to be.

          Toni followed, right behind me.  We walked into the kitchen and

          I immediately erupted with anger.  "Toni", I yelled, "The first

          lesson that you must learn is that you don't leave your clothes

          lying around on the floor.  As a matter of fact, boy, just so that

          you are sure not to forget, you'll not be permitted to wear

          clothes ever again.  Now take these out behind the barn and burn

          them.  You'll remain naked, and ready at all times to be used

          by me.  Now, take these rags out and burn them.  You may return,

          once you've completed this and the fire is out --- not before.

          Do you understand?"  "Yes sir, I do understand, sir.  Thank you, sir."

          Toni returned about an hour later, having destroyed his only

          set of clothes and knowing full well that he'd made the commitment.

          The final commitment to serving Jamie.  He was content.

          When Toni appeared on the back porch, I didn't notice him right

          away.  He didn't come into the house.  He waited, standing straight

          and his head facing down, until I invited him to come into my

          house.  "Come in", I said, "and come over here, next to me, NOW!"

          He followed my command and came over and stood about 3 feet

          in front of me, naked and head facing the floor.  "Toni, I need

          to teach you a lesson for leaving your clothes lying around

          like that.  I expect you to keep the house neat and orderly at

          all times.  You can't do that if you're constantly leaving things

          lying around, can you?"  "No, sir.  Please teach me a lesson.  Please

          teach me how to behave and to act properly, sir."  "Toni, bend

          down over my knee.  I'm going to have to spank you."  He did

          just as instructed.  I clamped his cock and balls between my legs

          and held his neck down with my left hand.  With my right hand,

          I massaged his tight boy butt, working it into a sense of false

          security.  Then, when he'd completely relaxed, I let my right hand

          fly at his butt, cracking as it hit --- once, twice and a third

          time --- first one butt cheek and then the other --- until his

          tight, tanned butt was burning red.  Then I barked at him to stand

          up before me and to thank me for disciplining him --- for teaching

          him to behave and to please me.  He did just that.

          It was now time for Toni to have a tour of the house, and to

          be told what his first duties would be.  I showed him to my

          bedroom, told him that he was to be sure that the sheets, etc.

          were clean and fresh, every day, and that everything was to be

          cleaned and dusted daily.  I told him that he was to clean the

          adjoining bathroom and to make sure that all dirty laundry was

          done, daily, and returned to it's proper location.  I then told

          him that he was to begin his chores, that he was late getting

          started today so he'd better be quick about it, because I had

          other tasks for him, once this was completed.  I told him that

          he was to report to me as soon as he believed that he had

          completed these tasks.  I'd be in the living room, downstairs.

          Toni went about his duties and I went down to the living room

          and read for a while.  Finally, Toni appeared at the door way

          and waited, facing the floor.  After a couple of minutes, I

          told him to come over to me and to sit on the floor in front of

          me.  "Toni,  I want you to stay right there while I go up and

          inspect the job you've done --- and it had better be good!"

          He did as I instructed, kneeling on the floor, hands behind his

          back and his head facing the floor.  He stayed that way until

          I returned.  "Stand up", I barked at him.  "You've done a good

          job, Toni.  I think you deserve a reward."  With that, I told

          him to release my cock and then kneel in front of me and suck

          it.  He did exactly as I'd instructed.  He was a little rough,

          at first --- only proving that he'd told the truth about never

          having had sex with anyone else, before.  But, he'd learn.

          Toni was good.  That first night he sucked me off twice and

          I fucked him three times, before we fell asleep.  When we woke

          the next morning, Toni was lying at my feet, still but awake ---

          apparently waiting for his first instructions of the day.  I told

          him to go take a shower and to call for me when he was clean and

          ready to wash me.  He did so, without question.  After a couple of

          minutes, I heard Toni calling for me.  I got into the shower, with

          him and told him that another of his daily duties was to wash

          me.  He did so, with great care.  Toni was good.  Once he'd

          soaped me up, I told him to get out of the shower and dry off.

          When he was done, he was to let me know and that he was to have

          my towel ready so that he could dry me off.  He did so, without

          question.  Once he had me completely dry, I told him to get on

          his knees and suck my cock.  He had learned well, last night.

          I grabbed his long blonde hair and fucked his pretty face until

          I came --- shooting several loads down his velvet throat.  He took

          every drop, swallowing every load I could give him.  I pulled my

          cock from his mouth and pulled him up so that he was facing me.

          I grabbed his ass and pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him.

          "Toni, you're learning well.  Now, get my clothes out, place them

          neatly on my bed and then go downstairs and make my breakfast."

          He smiled, meekly, and did exactly that.

          After breakfast was done, and Toni had cleaned up the kitchen,

          I told him to follow me.  I gave him his instructions for the

          day and told him that I had some errands to run, in town, and

          would be gone for most of the day.  He was to complete the

          tasks which I'd given him and that he was to be completely

          showered and clean and ready for me when I returned.

          I returned, about 6 that evening, to find Toni, kneeling by the

          door.  I told him to stand for inspection.  He did.  I told him

          to turn around and bend over.  He did.  I grabbed his hair, pulled

          him to a standing position and told him to follow me around,

          while I checked to be sure that he'd complete all of his

          assigned tasks to my satisfaction.  He did.  I decided that

          he deserved a reward for doing such a good job, so I instructed

          him to bend over and to grab the bed posts, spread his legs and

          prepare himself to get fucked.  He did.  I stripped off all of my

          clothes and slowly teased his ass with my now hard cock.  Running

          the head up and down the crack of his tight tanned butt, teasing

          the rosebud asshole of his.  He loved it.  His ass was pushing

          back, wanting to be filled with my cock.  Wanting to be fucked.

          I worked some lubricant into his hole, first using one, then two,

          then three fingers.  He loved it and pushed back, seemingly wanting

          more.  I worked the three fingers around for a while and then

          added a fourth and then my thumb and then my whole fist.  He took

          it all. He loved it --- and so did I!  This kid was great.

          I pulled my fist out of his tight boy butt and replaced it with

          my raging hardon.  I started fucking him, like a high school boy.

          Hard and long, in and out of the hot little boy butt --- he

          was moaning with pleasure --- writhing in an effort to get more of

          me inside of him.  Finally, I was about to cum and I pulled out,

          spewing my hot man juices all over his stomach and face.  He started

          to cum as well.  Moaning and screaming that he wanted more, that

          he loved me to fuck him.  "Thank you, sir.  Thank you for letting

          me cum.  Thank you for fucking my lowly asshole and making it

          feel so good.  Thank you, sir."

          I turned him, over my knee and slapped his ass good.  He moaned.

          Toni was going to work out just fine.  He took care of my every

          need.  He kept the house and the yard in perfect condition.

          He kept himself in perfect shape --- for me to use as I pleased.

          I kept Toni.


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