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Archive-name: Slaves/tom.txt


Archive-title: Tom

I crashed this formal party at one of the hotels in town with a girl

friend of mine. As soon as we walked into the ballroom, I noticed this

extremely handsome man across the room setting up some electrial

equipment. He was in a tux -- a nice tight pair of pants! Well, being

the out-going gal that I am, I decided to approach this master*piece*.

His name was Tom. He was there to set up the equipment for a photo and

light show, but my impression was that he was there to have fun. After

we spoke for a while (you know, the surface type conversation: How

about that weather? What do you do for a living? etc...) he asked me to

dance. This is always my little test to see how well a man can move.

He moved so well, all kinds of thoughts ran thru my mind -- "I wonder

what his cock would taste like? I bet he could fuck for hours."

We danced and drank throughout the evening, our chit-chat becoming more

personal. He asked me for my number (which always throws me into a

panic "Will he call????"). He shook my hand and kissed my cheek and

promised he would call. Yea, right! Sure he'll call. A good looking

man like this surely has several women -- why bother with another one?

Guess my self-confidence was a little out of joint.

Come the following Monday I get the call.

"Hi, this is Tom."

"Oh -- umh -- Hello" I fumble.

"So, some party the other night eh?"

"Oh, yea. I had a blast. Thank you for a wonderful time" I'm


"So, would you like to get together for a drink?" Now he's the one

who's fumbling.

"I'd love too. Where would you like to meet?"

"Well, my car is in the shop -- how about you meet me at my place?"

"Fine" I get the directions -- freshen up and practically run out the


I arrive at his place, trembling with excietment, trying to recall what

he looked like and how he felt as we danced. He opens the door and I

thought I would die. Here he was, nice tight jeans, black button-up

shirt, and a smile that would kill. If I would have known him better I

would have gotten down on my knees right there at the door and took his

cock in my mouth! I can't belive how turned on I was (and still am!).

He gave me the grand tour ending with his bedroom. He is an

advertising student and has his work all over the walls. Great work

too, I might add. I commented on how wonderful I thought his pieces

were (I really wanted to comment on the bulge in his pants). He pulled

out his portfolio and led me to sit on the bed. As I turned thru his

work, I could feel his eyes upon me. God he was making me HOT.

Getting a little nervous, I suggested we take off for drinks.

He is new to this part of town so I picked the place. A quiet intimate

little pub off the strip. We ordered drinks and appitizers and

continued our conversation about art.

"How do you feel about having fun?" He asked

"Fun?" as I finger the ice in my drink "I LOVE fun! I Live for fun." Ok

I think, it's time to let him know I want him.

"Me too. As a matter-of-fact, I like to have fun for hours"

Oh my, I'm really wet now. "Well, you're a wonderful man." What a

flirt I am.

"What kind of fun do you like?" Now he's fishing --

"Oh -- I guess you'd say I'm submissive when it comes to fun. I mean,

if I'm interested" which I was very much so "I'll do what feels good."

"Well then," he flags the waitress and pays the tab "Shall we go?"

That's all I needed to hear -- Back at his place he mixes us another

COCKtail. I want him to grab me and kiss me! He turns on the stereo

-- Anita Baker (music to fuck by). He sits next to me on the couch,

looks at me and says "You've got some nice lips."

"Thanks" I reply shyly. Anita's singin out, my blood pressure is

rising. If he doesn't get my pants off soon they'll melt.

"Do you like to have your pussy eaten?" I have never been out-right

asked that before in my life.

"Well, I do, but haven't meet anyone that can make me cum"

"Can I try?" he says with a look of hunger and passion in his eyes --

"Why don't we go to my room and get more comfortable." He leads the

way, being the submissive I am -- I follow eagerly.

He turns on a soft light, I want to suck his cock so bad! He puts his

arms around me and I feel myself melt (Anita is still crooning). He

kisses me! Finally! As he kisses me he bites me, my lips, neck, face,

shoulders -- before I know it I'm naked and so is he. My head is

swimming. He lays me down and covers me with his hot body. I can feel

his cock against the inside of my thigh -- I don't think I've ever

wanted a cock in my pussy this much in my life. He continues to kiss

and bite me. I like the gentleness and pain mix, be bites hard but

then kisses me tenderly everywhere. He moves down to my aching muff.

He licks softly parting my lips. Looking up to me he says "I love to

eat pussy, and I love to do it for hours" I whimper (how cute eh?) At

first (it was for quite sometime but I don't remember how long) he

tounges my clit bringing me close -- he knows this and quickly bites

me. This brings a rush thru my body. It's like being in a place you

only dream of then being brought back to earth with a crash. Anita has

been done for a long time, I've just realized. He gets up and says

"Don't move!" he means it. He goes to the other room puts on Jazz

station and returns with a drink.

"I'd like a drink" I ask

"What are you willing to do for it?" He stands over me, he cock is so

hard and sexy and inviting.

"What would you like for me to do" I can be so cute

He smiles "I want you to go crazy on my cock" he grabs himself and

begins to stroke himself. I love that in a man. I start to rise and

he pushes me down, "let me give you a drink first." he fills his mouth

with the vodka and leans over my mouth, kissing me he lets the vodka

flow into my mouth, I drink as I kiss him -- I never knew I could do

this without choking. He hands me the glass and he bites my neck as I

drink. I fill my mouth with vodka (cold) and grab his cock as he

stands in front of me. With the cold liquid in my mouth I take his

cock. He moans. I suck and drink at the same time, he gets firmer and

starts to pump his ass fucking my mouth. I like how he holds my head.

"Oh God! Thats great" he moans. I suck and lick his cock like my life

depended on it and I love it! My pussy gets so wet when I suck cock --

but with him, its like a gusher! Suddenly I feel his cock get bigger

-- I know he's about to cum, quickly I take another drink and give him

the cold suck treatment. "Oh -- jesus!" I guess I put that cum in


I stop sucking and he falls on the bed. "You are fantastic" He's

sweating and breathing heavy. "I want to fuck you -- but first, you

have to agree to be a good girl."

"I'm not sure I want to be a good girl" I say knowing that if I'm not,

I may get a spanking.

"I want you to get on all fours -- NOW!!!" I comply very slowly, I am

eager inside, but playing the stubborn. "Oh, you want to make this

difficult do you?"

"No, no" I say "I'm just not sure if I want to obey you" SMACK! right

on my ass, that's what I wanted. He smacks my ass again -- the pain is

bringing on the sobering effect so I grab the headboard. He move away

to the other side of the room. I can't really see what he's doing the

light is too dim. He returns to the bed and grabs my wrist -- I'm

still holding the headboard (yes brass). He cuffs my wrist and brings

the other cuff thru the headboard and to my other wrist. Now this is

what I like. He gets up and moves to the other side of the room again.

This time I can't see where he has gone (big room). He returns and is

behind me. I can feel him rubbing the head of his cock on my ass and I

move to try and get him inside me. "DON'T move!" WHACK! this time the

sting I feel is not his hand. Yes, a whip!

"May I have a drink?" I plead

"You haven't been a very good girl,"


"Oh yes yes yes I have -- I'll be better I promise" I whimper the pain

is just a little to much. Tears come to my eyes -- but I do like it.

Suddenly I feel his cock push into my pussy -- he slowly moves in and

out. He begins to pump his meat faster. I feel no pain. His cock is

so big -- I would give anything to fuck and suck him at the same time.

With a jolt he pulls out and begins to use the whip again -- I cry


"Be quiet or it will be worse" My breathing is heavy I can hardly keep

up on all fours. I want to lay down. I start to lay and he whips me

again. "Spread your legs farther, I want to eat some pussy!" I do as

he says, the whip is just a little too much -- I am now afraid of the

whip. He moves down between my legs and gently begins to lick and suck

my clit. I feel much better now -- but could still use that drink. I

don't say anything just escape to the heavnly place. I'm so close to

cumming -- god he gives good head!

"I want to suck your cock -- please let me suck you." I beg. Sucking

his cock would make my orgasm the BEST!!!!

"You will suck my cock when I tell you!"


He continues to suck -- Oh yes, I can feel it now "I'm cumming, oh yes

suck my pussy, here I cum" and with a blast my orgasm begins -- he

stops sucking me and uses his hand to finish the job -- with his other

hand he rubs his cock head against my lips. The at the peak of my FUN

he rams his dick into me! Oh God this is heaven! My pussy lips are

swollen from his sucking and the hold I have on his cock is so tight.

I can feel him so deep inside me -- Oh yes, fuck me fuck me harder! He

continues to pump his hard meat into my pussy, I can feel my cum all

over my ass and legs. With a groan I know, he too is cumming. I

squeeze my pussy muscle tighter and he moans louder with a shudder I

know he has shot me with his load. We stop.

Funny thing -- I don't seem to be tired anymore. He pulls out and I

can feel the juices run down my thighs. God what a man! He kisses my

ass and moves my legs straight so I can lay down.

"Would you like the cuffs off now?" He's so sweet.

"Yes, but first -- can I have the drink now?"

He holds the glass to my lips, as I drink he moves the sweaty hair from

my brow and kisses my forehead. He sets the glass down and starts to

massage my back. Uhmmmmmm this feels great. He rubs my back and ass

softly and gently kisses my back as he works. I can feel his hands on

the top of the back of my thighs. With his hands massaging my thighs

he pushes his thumbs into my pussy. I squeal -- seems I'm quite tender

in this area. He continues to massage me for awhile then unlocks the


It's late and I'm beginning to get tired. I lay in his arms as we talk

of our FUN that evening. He tells me he hasn't been satisfied like

that in quite sometime. My ego is loving this. I, in turn, relay the

same. We fall alseep in the standard position -- his cock resting on

my ass.


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