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Archive-name: Slaves/tobybank.txt

Archive-author: averti -- June 1991

Archive-title: Toby Opens a Bank Account

CONSUMER ALERT: This is another story (5th in the current series)

about my fem-dom Top associate Toby, drawn as usual from real-life 

experience and then shamelessly embellished by me. There really is such an

organization as the Watchers (known by a different name) although of 

course the members do not wear the gaudy secret decoder spy badges 

depicted in this story. More about the Watchers in future stories.

This story contains scenes of psychological dominance, voyeurism,

self-sex, and female homosexuality (of a rarified sort). If such

things offend you, please do not read the story. Otherwise,



Toby didn't particularly enjoy standing in line at the bank, 

but at least she didn't have a job to rush back to after cashing her check. 

She passed the time waiting for her turn by examining the other customers, 

imagining how they would look with no clothes on, or how they would 

look naked, bound, and gagged, straining for an orgasm under her lustful 


Toby also enjoyed knowing that many of the people in the bank were looking at 

HER (although she doubted that any of them shared her particular fantasy). 

Six feet tall, with spectacularly long legs, abundant auburn hair, and a 

strong, dangerous-looking face, Toby was used to being stared at and 

fantasized about by men and women alike.

When Toby's turn at the window finally came, she noticed that the teller was 

a small, dark, intense-looking woman of about 35, with huge deep eyes and 

long, tapering fingers. Toby admired the woman as she shuffled papers behind 

the teller's window, and gave the teller a number of glances designed to tell 

the teller she was being appreciated.

Toby received her cash and was about to leave, when she noticed a bit of 

jewelry on the teller's blouse, almost hidden by an oversized collar. 

Toby stared at the pin. It was a small, ornamental rebus; an eye, superimposed 

over a stylized heart, both of these backed with an old-fashioned pocket watch.

``That's an unusual pin'' Toby said casually, fooling with her money and papers, stalling for time.

The teller looked up and blushed. ``Yes. I just got it last week.''

``And I think that the people who gave it to you had in mind that you would 

wear it a little more prominently'' Toby said with mock severity.

``Er, yes... so, you are familiar with this pin?''

``And what it stands for, yes, I am. In fact, I'm kind of a founding member.'' 

Toby smiled at the woman. ``What time do you go to lunch?''

The teller looked flustered. ``Uh, 11;30, but I don't--''

``Meet me in the park on the corner. Top tier of the ampitheater. Don't be 

late.'' Toby leaned over as if discussing one last bit of financial business. 

``Are you wearing pantyhose?''

``Um, yes.''

``Don't be, by lunchtime.'' Toby turned and strode out of the bank, hair 

bouncing, behind flexing, face grinning. 

The teller shook herself like a wet animal and began to wait on the next 



Toby stopped by the drugstore down the block from the bank and bought the 

following; two medium-size steel mirrors, a roll of gaffer tape, a small 

box of disposable diapers, and a package of common wooden clothespins. 

She spent the rest of the morning prowling around the downtown business 

district and shops. 

11:30 found Toby waiting in the topmost level of the elaborate, 

depression-era ampitheater that occupied the local park. This structure was 

a favorite lunch spot with downtown office workers; the seats, although cold 

concrete, were broad and fairly comfortable, and the tiers were arranged so 

that the backs of one row of seats formed a high screen in front of the seats 

immediately behind and higher up. One could see the whole park, but anything 

from the shoulders down was screened from sun and wind (and the view of others) by this arrangement. 

It was a custom that whoever arrived first and took the topmost tier would be 

left alone, to eat lunch or whatever, those arriving later usually preferring 

to sit closer to the ground. So Toby was all alone at the top, as she often 

found herself to be.

The teller arrived just before 11:30. She kept her gaze averted as she climbed 

up to join Toby, and sat down on the bench near, but not next to, the taller 

woman who had commanded her presence.

``Right on time, uh--'' Toby said. ``What's your name? I'm Toby.''

The woman looked up and met Toby's smile. ``I am Anlili'' she said, softly. 

``I'm very new at this. Please don't be too hard on me.''

``Anlili...that's a beautiful name. And you are a beautiful person, at least, 

what I have seen of you so far'' Toby said, calmly. ``Why would I be hard on 

you? Didn't they explain at the Watchers, this is about fun, games, and mutual 

pleasure? If you're doing this to punish yourself in some way, then I think 

you've got ahold of the wrong end of the idea.''

Anlili twirled a strand of her shiny black hair. ``No,'s just that I 

am very shy by nature. It took a lot of nerve to go through with the 

initiation, and a lot of nerve to wear the pin.''

``I understand. Tell me about your initiation.''

``It's too embarrassing. I can't say those things to another woman.''

Toby smiled again, a reassuring smile with a hint of hot lust around the edges. 

``That's part of the point. You need never worry about being embarrassed about 

talking about your sexuality again. That feeling that bothers you is arousal; 

all your life you've been indoctrinated against `talking dirty' and `doing 

dirty' until your natural erotic nature is warped and stunted.'' 

Toby touched Anlili on the shoulder. ``Here, look.''

The small woman looked over at the tall redhead. Toby took her large hands and 

rubbed the front of her own blouse. She stroked and teased the braless nipples 

under the blouse until two distinct points pushed out the sheer fabric. 

``Tell me that's not nice'' Toby breathed. ``It's not embarassing because I 

don't let it embarass me. I like your looking at my body, at my hard, erect, 

pointed nipples. I'd like to look at yours. Are you wearing a bra?''


Anlili moved her head as if trying to break a hypnotic spell. ``Um, yes.''

``Foo'' said Toby. ``I should have told you to take it off. Well, if you rub 

your tits, will they get hard enough to show through your bra and dress?''

``I don't know. I...guess so.''

``Well, then, get busy.''

So the tiny bank teller, looking around nervously, tentatively began to stroke 

the front of her dress. ``Keep it up'' Toby urged. ``Take your hands away a 

second...Aha! We have points. Good girl! Keep rubbing those nipples. I want you to make them as hard as if a blast of Arctic wind had just blown down the front of your dress.'' Toby continued to stimulate her own nipples, now erect enough 

so that she could grasp them between thumb and forefinger and pull and twist 

them through the fabric of her blouse. The screen afforded by the lower tier 

of seats blocked all but the heads of the two women from view; to passers-by, 

they look like two women having a casual lunch and talk session.

``Now. tell me about your initiation,'' Toby repeated.

Anlili looked away but kept on stroking her tits through her clothing. 

``Well, they made know...`do it'... on top of a table, in front of 


````Do it?'''

``Yes, you myself an orgasm. I had to take off all 

my clothes and lie on the table with my legs spread and-''

``Any accessories?''

Anlili blushed. Her fingers tugged and twisted at the front of her dress as if 

animated by a mind of their own. ``A little plug thing-- a butt plug? Is that 

what...I had to have that in know...'' Anlili caught Toby's glare. 

``IN MY ASS!'' she blurted, then looked around fearfully. Nobody seemed to be 

near enough to hear. ``I stuck a butt plug up my ass, all right?!''

Toby grinned. ``I'm sure it was. How many people watched you?''

``A whole room full, a couple dozen at and women.''

``Did they get turned on watching you?''

The bank teller's large dark eyes widened. ``Oh yes! Everybody seemed to be 

doing it along with me.''

``Like aerobics.''

`Sort of.'' Anlili took a good handful of blouse and nipple and pinched very 

hard. ``One woman was doing it standing up, and she came right up next to the 

table, and she was talking to me, telling me how beautiful I was, and just 

jamming four fingers into herself as hard as she could, and when she came--she 

came right in front of my eyes--a foot away, a big flood of fluid gushed out 

of her, all over the floor, and she fell down and had to be carried away.''

``And how about you? Did you have a GOOD time?''

The small woman nodded gravely. ``I came so hard I passed out. I came so 

violently I strained both thigh muscles and walked with a limp for the rest of 

the week.''


Toby rubbed her mons veneris with her large hand over her skirt. She sighed, 

and looked down and around to ensure that none of the lunchtime park crowd 

had drifted nearer. She grabbed at her crotch with her fist and vibrated the 

fistful of fabric and pussy. Anlili followed suit, in a somewhat daintier 


``Now we are getting into the fun parts'' Toby laughed. ``You know, you show 

me yours and I'll show you mine.''

Anlili bit her lip. ``Suppose somebody sees us?''

``Then we adjust our clothing and go away'' Toby replied. ``Indecent exposure 

among women isn't even on the law books, practically speaking. Besides which, 

that little pin on your blouse means you've got the finest, most expert 

lawyers in this part of the state on your side, if needs be.''

``But the bank--''

``Fuck the bank'' Toby said, with mock severity. She liked the way the phrase 

felt in her mouth, so she repeated it. `Fuuuck the baaank...I'm not interested 

in the bank. You give me any more sauce about the bank and I'll make you work 

the rest of the afternoon with two rolls of quarters up your ass, that's what 

I think about the bank.''

Anlili looked skyward, rolling her eyes . ``One of us is crazy, and I hope it's me.''

``Why you?''

``Because I'd be terrified to up here alone with anybody as crazy as you seem 

to be.''

``All compliments gratefully accepted'' Toby trilled. ``Now show me your 


Anlili hesitated. Toby just kept looking at the smaller woman, a dangerous 

grin on her curved mouth. Finally Anlili slowly folded up her skirt, exposing 

her legs to the junction of her thighs.

``Very pretty!'' Toby exclaimed. ``What wonderful coloring--all pink, and tan, 

and brown...who were your parents?''

Anlil blushed. ``My mother was from Sri Lanka and my father was Irish.''

``Well, they certainly made a beautiful child!...Higher with the skirt, and 

spread your legs; I want to SEE your pussy, not the general area where you 

keep it.''

Anlili silently obeyed. She tucked the hem of her skirt into the waistband and 

spread the folds to either side. Then she shifted her position on the concrete 

bench and spread her legs to a 90 degree angle. Toby stared. Anlili's cunt was 

a continuation of her multicolor, multiracial design scheme, with thick, 

tannish-pink outer lips, a salmon-colored interior, and dark brown inner lips 

from the apex of which peeked a rounded, pink clitoris head. The whole array 

was guarded by a healthy surround of fine, curly black hair.

Toby whistled.``Anlili, with a cunt like that, you're wasting your time in a 

bank! You should be on a pedestal in an art gallery, with two spotlights 

trained on your snatch, and a brandy snifter full of thousand dollar bills 

placed there by drooling admirers!''


The teller looked seriously at the tall woman. ``What you're saying is that 

between my legs is good-looking, right? I mean, not just that it makes you hot 

BECAUSE you get to see it, but that esthetically, you appreciate it?''

``It what?''

``It--my...pussy. Cunt. Twat. Snatch! All right?''

``Yeah, seriously. I've seen, oh, about a thousand or so, and yours is one of 

the two or three most beautiful I've ever seen. Matter of fact, I'm going to 

get a photographer friend of mine to take a picture of it--just `it,' not your 

face--so I can admire it when you're not around. And/or so I can jill off to 

it when you're not around.'' Toby reached down and petted her own secret 

junction. ``Right now, I'm going to jill off to it WHILE you are aound.''

Anlili smiled shyly and gave her pussy a few tentative strokes.

Toby took another long, loving look between Anlili's legs. ``That's some clit'' she said. ``Is it always that big?''

``No, you horrible monster woman, it started getting that big when you came on 

to me in the bank. And damn uncomfortable it is to work like this, too.''

``Oh, I don't know. Being so up-front and all, seems to me like you could just 

rub it against the edge of the counter or something.''


``They don't call me the Thomas Edison of Safe Sex for nothing'' Toby said, 

reaching into the drugstore bag. She took out the two mirrors and the gaffer 

tape, and, checking for sightline adjustments, secured the mirrors to the back 

of the concrete screening wall in front of them, about three feet away. ``Now, 

sit right where you are, Anlili, and tell me what you see in the mirror to 

your left.''

``I see your lap.''

``Good! I see yours, in the mirror on the other side. However, what is 

currently a boring skirted lap is about to become something much better and 

more interesting looking. Like so!'' The tall woman flipped up the front of 

her long skirt, to reveal no panties, pantiehose, nothing but 100% pure 

All-American Toby. Anlili looked at Toby's neatly trimmed pubic hair and 

sweetly swelling pussy lips and supressed a gasp.


Anlili toyed with her inner lips as she looked sideways at Toby. She asked,

tentatively, ``What are you--I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that. 

Are you mostly, with women...?''

Toby chuckled. ``Am I exclusively gay, you mean? No. What I am is a bisexual, 

exhibitionistic, voyeuristic, fetishistic jill-off. My shrink tried to tell 

me that I was a compulsive masturbator, but I set him straight. I am not a 

compulsive ANYTHING; it's just that, when I want to have sex, that's the kind 

of sex I want to have. I get off looking at other people, and I get off when 

they look at me. That's why I've got a Watcher's pin. And that's also why you 

have one.''


The wind threatened to blow Toby's skirt across her busy stroking hands. 

She reached into the bag and took out some clothespins. ``I had a feeling this 

was going to happen,'' she said. Anili watched silently, her small hands 

barely moving as she pressed furtively into her pubic mound. Toby used a 

clothespin on either side to pin the front of her skirt back, keeping it folded across her belly and leaving her crotch free to the breeze.

``And...another thing that's fun to do with these is...'' Toby murmured. 

Anili's eyes got wide as dinner plates as Toby grasped a healthy flap of her 

labia majora and surrounding skin and hair, and snapped one of the clothespins 

over the trapped flesh. Toby made a tiny sound, then went on to apply one more 

clothespin on that side and two others correspondingly on the other side. The 

simple wooden pins looked extremely strange, protruding from the apex of 

Toby's long smooth thighs.

Anlili cringed. ``Doesn't that hurt? '' she asked timidly.

``Yeah!'' Toby affirmed, with a dirty grin. ``Not as much as I might like, but 

enough to keep my pussy paying attention (if that were needed!).'' The tall 

redhead reached down and, using the clothespins as handles, pulled her pussy 

lips wide apart. ``Ahhh! You have no idea how goood that cold breeze feels! 

Anlili, you really ought to try this; this is a sensation no woman should 

deny herself.''

Anili merely blushed and made no reply.

Toby looked fondly at the clothespins. ``If we were in a more secluded place, 

I'd put a bunch of these guys on my breasts--and yours too, sweetheart. But 

somebody somehow might see. Still'' she added, flicking the clothespins and 

enjoying the sensations transmitted to her cunt, ``this is pretty good; here 

I am in the middle of a great big city, holding my pussy open to God and 

traffic helicopters, and only you and me know about it. That's power!''


``Talk to me,'' said Toby, rubbing her inner lips with two fingers. ``Tell 

me some stuff.''

Anili, still not able to look at Toby's reflection in the mirror, was 

masturbating at her own pace and in her own way, pinching and squeezing her 

long, hooded clit and dipping a finger into her vagina for more juice. 

A thick, almost honeyed fluid seeped from her dark inner passages. 

She dabbled her fingertips in the lube and painted around her clit. 

``What...oooh! you want me to talk about?'' Anili gasped.

``Sex stuff!'' grunted Toby. ``How old were you when you first rubbed off?''

``Uh, uh, uh-leven!''

``Great! Did you have hair on your pussy then?''

``Yes. And little bre-tits, with great big brown nipples.'' Anili was getting 

into it, cupping her entire snatch with both hands and dragging the hot, moist 

flesh up and down her pubic bone.

Toby wet two fingers and rubbed all around the entrance to her cunt. ``Oh. Oh! 

What's the m-m-most t-times you ever came?''

``Ah! With a man, or by myself?''


Anili ground her ass into the cold stone bench and knocked her heels together 

a couple of times, just for the vibration. ``Once, with my husband, we took 

some XTC or something and did it -- FUCKED -- all night; I came about three 

times to his one...Oh, this feels...''


Toby stuck her tongue out about eight inches, or what felt like eight inches, 

because it felt so good to do so. The afternoon breeze played along her 

pointed pink tongue like a phantom's kiss. She reversed her large, powerful 

hand and stuck the thumb up her pussy as far as she could get it, while 

rubbing her clit with her wrist bone. ``WoW! How about by yourself...what's 

the most, and what's the BEST!?''

``Waaah...most and best, the same'' Anlili replied. She was panting like a 

distance runner. She held the upper part of her vulva open with one hand and 

rhythmically strummed and swirled all the tender parts inside with the other. 

``Sick in bed...thirteen...Mono...too weak to get up...started masturbating 

all day until my mom came home from work...jilled off six, eight, ten times a 

day for weeks...Oh, my GOD!...sorry...pussy got sore...HAND got sore...last 

day, did it THIRTEEN TIMES!!''

Toby groaned ``Thank you! For SHARING that! Anlili!'' She flung her legs as 

wide apart as they would go without cracking, and began a vertical rubbing 

motion directly on her clithood. ``It won't be long now!'' she warned. ``Look 

at me! Watch me in the mirror! LOOK AT MEEE! WATCH ME!!''

Anili, her own center a volcanic fire, lifted her shy eyes to the wall and 

looked at the reflection of her wildly masturbating new friend. ``I'm looking, 

Toby'' she whispered. ``I'm watching you love yourself. I'm watching!''

Toby groaned incoherently between her teeth. Never losing the clit-stroking 

rhythm of her right hand, she _pulled_ the clothespins from the rim of her 

labia, each one popping off with a snap! and taking a small souvenir of hair 

with it. This last sensation put Toby where she needed to be, and, with a 

startling arch of her long spine, she came. Anili watched Toby as her flying 

hands stilled, then grabbed and held, her head thrown back on her long, 

proud neck, her eyes fluttering upward, her mouth forming first a giant O and 

then an elastic, sloppy smile, her small breasts rising and falling over her 

long, muscular torso...


``Ah! Ah!'' Toby gasped, riding the downslope of her orgasm. She pinched and 

patted the soft flesh between her legs, too sensitive for further stroking. 

Toby looked at the reflection of Anlili's brown and gold womanhood in the 

small mirror. ``Now you! Now you come, Anlili!'' Toby demanded, in a breathy, 

liquid-sounding voice.

Anlili shifted her bottom, spread her legs a little wider, and went into what 

Toby liked to call her ``set.'' Toby's notion of a set was the physical and 

emotional state that a person enters when they know they are going to come, 

are getting ready to come, welcome the onset of the orgasm. Toby had noticed 

it in some conventional sexual partners, women more so than men. But it seemed 

to be really more noticeable in a sexual solo; the person, who is controlling 

everything, ``gets serious'', assumes the ``game face'', and so on. 

Anlili's set seemed to be that she grabbed her pubic pelt with her left hand, 

and dragged hair, skin, vulva and all northward, thus putting tension on all 

the magic bits and peeling even more hood back off her large, long, turgid 

button. At the same time, with the two middle fingers of her left hand she 

further parted her inner pussy lips. Anlili's right hand then dove into this 

widespread wetness and frigged vertically up and down her gleaming clit. 

Her hips shook from side to side on the bench and her head whipped around as 

if she were being slapped.

Toby, still milking out the contractions from her come, kept up a running fire 

of whispered encouragement and just plain smut. ``That's it! That's it! 

Stroke that little pussy! Rub that clit...rub it, you little boiling hot 

bitch! Sex maniac! Sleaze slut! Rub that pussy until it bursts into flame!''

..and on and on.

Anlili's hips and behind left the surface of the bench altogether. She grunted 

nonwords through clenched teeth. She took a fresh grip with her left hand and 

pulled _violently_ as if she were trying to rip her pussy right off her body. 

Her right hand flashed and whirled at the top of her cunt. Anlili's body began 

to flex in the middle. Her face turned bright red. A small string of drool 

escaped her mouth and ran down her chin. Her clit felt as if it were glowing 

fiery red and about to explode all over the park. She froze her hands. A spasm 

started somewhere deep between her legs and clenched everything from asshole 

to waist. Then another spasm. Then a BIGGER spasm. Then one BIGGER THAN THAT. 



``Woo. What happened?''

Toby looked down at the smaller woman, who was slumped back against the concrete bench. ``You came yourself unconscious. Again.''

Anlili looked around with a start. She didn't see anybody paying any 

particular attention to them, high up on their perch. She moved, then grabbed 

her skirt and held it away from her sopping delta. ``Oh God. What an 

unbelievable...thing. And what an unbelievable mess!''

``Here--take a couple of these diapers and wipe it up. You won't get any on 

your dress if you wipe all around everywhere very carefully.'' Toby and Anlili 

each used several diapers to clean themselves and their surroundings, and 

then carefully readjusted their clothing. Toby packed all the paraphenalia she 

had brought into a large bag, and they began the long climb down to the ground 

level of the park.

Anlili kept stealing side glances at the tall woman as they walked through 

the park and back toward the business district. Finally Anlili took a deep 

breath and said, ``Toby?''


``When will I see you again?''

``Well, Anlili, that depends.''

``On what?''

Toby turned and half-crouched so she could look directly into Anlili's eyes. 

``Um, how would you feel if you were tied to a chair, blindfolded, gagged, 

with one vibrator up your behind and another one in your cunt, and ropes tied 

all around your breasts so they stood out like captive balloons, and 

mousetraps snapped on each nipple, with lead weights attached, and maybe a 

few needles stuck into each aureola and pussy lip?''

Anlili actually turned pale for a second, her imagination stretched to its 

current limits. Then she flushed, and giggled. ``I'd...probably feel like 

coming my brains out.''

``I'll call you.''



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