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Archive-name: Slaves/tina.txt


Archive-title: Tina's Panty Slave

I never considered myself an especially aggressive woman, but in the past few

months I've discovered the joys of feminine domination by training my boyfriend

to be my own personal maidservant!

Ronnie is the most servile, most submissive maid a girl could want. No order is

too difficult; no whim too small for him to carry out immediately.  He hangs on

my every word, eager to obey my every command.  He is my utter slave and he

loves every second of it!

You see, Ronnie has a serious panty fetish, which I put to good use in

controlling him.  His lust for them seems to know no limit.

How desperately he craves perversion with my soiled panties. More than

anything else he loves to sniff and lick my secretions out of them.  It gets

him so excited... you should see it!

Ronnie will endure any humiliation; submit to any degradation as long as he gets

to lick my panties at the end of it.  I make him earn the privilege dearly,

believe me!

Ronnie wants to live with me and be my full-time maid, but I think having him

underfoot all the time would cramp my style.  After all, a girl has to have

some privacy! Instead, I have him come in three times a week to clean the

apartment and tend to any other chores I might have in mind for him.  Weekends

are reserved for entertaining.

On weeknights Ronnie appears at my door at the appointed time like clockwork.

Not too early, not too late... right on time.  Ronnie knows there are severe

punishments for keeping his Mistress waiting or surprising me when he's not

expected!  I've only had to correct him once.  Believe me, he was never late


The first thing I have Ronnie do is strip off his work clothes and kneel before

his Mistress so I can inspect the lingerie he's wearing underneath.  Whenever

he is out of my sight Ronnie has standing orders to wear panties, a garter belt

and stockings under his trousers.

I know wearing panties must make it difficult for Ronnie to concentrate on his

work.  He must get very excited as his cock slides back and forth inside his

silky panties, but that's just the way I want it.  It keeps his mind on his

Mistress when I'm not around to keep an eye on him.

I would make Ronnie wear a TV training bra too, but it be difficult for him to

deal normally with his clients with a pair of little titties peeking through his

custom-tailored shirts.  So in the interests of having him make more money to

spend on me I have made this small concession.

Having Ronnie wear lingerie under his clothes serves another important function:

it keeps him from getting ideas about screwing around with any of the beautiful

women he works with.

There are many gorgeous young women who would love to attach themselves to a

successful, rising executive like Ronnie.

Fortunately, I don't think there are many who'd get turned on if they knew that

underneath that pinstriped Brooks Brothers suit Ronnie was wearing lingerie

prettier and more expensive than theirs.  Besides, he's so perverted that I

dount having "Normal" sex with one of the office girls could satisfy him any


I have threatened to punish Ronnie unmercifully if I ever catch him without his

frillies on, but I doubt I'll ever have to.  For one thing I have long since

thrown out all his male underwear.  For another, he truly craves wearing ladies'


Once I'm satisfied that his little dainties are in order,  I thrust my spiked

heel in Ronnie's face and order him to suck on the heel.  This lets him know

right away who's in control.  He does so eagerly, lovingly moving my heel in and

out of his mouth like he's sucking a cock.

Ronnie is so into it that I have him suck the other heel and lick the soles

clean while he's at it.  Then I have him put a nice high gloss on my patent

leather tops with his tongue as he continues to grovel at my feet.

Once my shoes are gleaming I have Ronnie kneel at attention while I look at the

big erection tenting out the front of his panties.  I can't believe the little

worm gets so excited just by slurping a little leather.

Now, I raise my skirt and let him gaze longingly at the soft, feminine panties,

frilly garter belt and sheer seamed nylons I'm wearing underneath.  Staring

longingly at the object of his sick obsessions, I know Ronnie will do anything

to earn the privilege of masturbation with his Mistess' panties.

I command him to gently remove my panties, glowering and scolding him against

taking too long or fondling them without permission.  I know when he gets them

down about my knees he will get his first whiff of my womanhood, and it will

excite him terribly.

Sometimes when I really want to make him crazy I have him remove my panties with

his mouth. So much the better; slaves are more eager to serve when kept in a

state of prolonged sexual arousal.

Ronnie gently slides my panties down around my ankles and I step out of them.

Then I have him hand them to me and I place them to one side, within Ronnie's

field of vision to provide incentive for the sniveling slave to please his


Then, I snap my fingers and Ronnie has permission to service his Mistress orally.

He sucks and laps eagerly at my excited pussy as he slowly brings me to a sexual

frenzy with his loving mouth.  It took as lot of training to get Ronnie to learn

how to do it right, but it's worth is as he gives the best head I've ever had.

He is the only man I know who really knows how to do it right!

Ronnie is gentle and loving and endlessly attentive, though I would never, ever

tell him so.  It would be bad for discipline to have a slave with a swelled head!

As far as he's concerned he's a useless, clumsy little shit who can't do

anything right!  He has to make me cum to the point where I can hardly stand

to get credit for a merely "adequate" job.

I continue to straddle Ronnie's face as I use him for a human stool.  I roughly

grind my sex into his face and try to smother him with it.  It gives him

perspective on what it must be like to be a pair of his Mistress' panties he so

desperately craves.  Besides, he's supposed to be satisfying his Mistress, not


Ronnie wildly sucks and laps at my drooling slit until I'm teetering on the edge

of bliss.  He always seems to know instinctively when I'm about to let loose,

and he takes his finger, totally saturated with my juices, and slides it sharply

into my asshole.  Then he gently circles the inside of my sphincter and I

explode in a delicious climax!

My body goes limp with exhaustion from such intense pleasure.  After that, I

turn around and command Ronnie to clean my asshole.  He eagerly slips his tongue

between my buttocks and darts it in and out of me.  He licks my puckered

asshole until I can hear his tongue squeaking between the perfectly cleaned


By the huge hard-on in his panties I can see that Ronnie enjoys attending his

Mistress.  But no matter how incredibly hot he makes me or how excited he gets

he is NEVER, EVER allowed to fuck me.  I would never allow him to defile me with

that disgusting organ of his, though I'm sure he dreams about it.  Besides, it

wouldn't do at all to be screwing the domestic help!

When I really need to be fucked I have Ronnie service me with a nice, big dildo...

or I get a real man to do it!  I get a macho guy to plow my pussy while I make

Ronnie kneel at the foot of the bed and watch while I tell him what a sniveling

sissy he is.

Once Ronnie's oral servitude is finished, he once again kneels at my feet,

awaiting my orders.  I reach over to the table and pick up the panties I'd worn

to work today.

I hold them open between my hands and admire the expensive material and the

quality construction.  I wear only the most expensive premium lingerie. Being

involved with a fetishist has really raised my standards.  Besides,I make him

buy it for me!  My days of wearing $3.98 Rainbow Shop panties are over.

Meanwhile, Ronnie is already practically drooling and throbbing inside his own

pretty panties as I contemplate the ones in my hand.  Then, I wickedly dangle

them in his face, allowing the faintly damp crotch to drape over his flaring

nostrils so he can get a good whiff.

"Does Maid Ronnie want to lick Mistress' panties?  Well, do you?"

"Oh yesss Mistressssss," he hisses.  "Please Mistress, let me have your pretty

panties!  Please let me lick them! Please Mistress, I'll do anything!  Let me

lick the precious panties Mistress!  Please let me!"

But no matter how much he grovels or begs Ronnie knows full well there will be

no panty licking for him unless he obeys my orders to my complete satisfaction!

Panty privileges are only granted if and when he performs in the most exemplary


Now that he has finished groveling, I clap my hands in dismissal.  That means

Ronnie will retire to his room and put himself together while I go and slip into

something more comfortable.

Ronnie's room used to be a separate bedroom in my apartment but he has gradually

taken it over until now it's fully devoted to his female persona.

Ronnie has a closetful of lovely outfits: Maids uniforms, dresses and seperates

as well as an assortment of kinky costumes made of leather, rubber and PVC.  He

has a remarkable collection of erotic footwear surpassed only by my own.

But what's really remarkable is Ronnie's collection of lovely lingerie; a

wardrobe any two normal women would be proud to own. Ronnie has two dressers

for his lingerie: brassieres, camisoles, tap panties, slips, petticoats, garter

belts. stockings, anklets, and every conceivable item of feminine undergarment.

In addition, he has an expensive collection of foundations:  briefers, panty

girdles, waist cinchers, bustiers, corselettes and control panties.  Not to

mention a very expensive assortment of old-fashioned corsetry for the wasp-

waisted look.

Ronnie's foundations have deliberately been bought two sizes too small for him

for maximum effectiveness.  After all, his silly male physiology needs all the

help it can get to achieve a girlish figure! For this reason I buy him the

tightest-fitting foundations possible.

These garments won't fit him if he gains even a pound or two. I find it amusing

and ironic that Ronnie must keep on a strict diet in order to fit into slimming

undergarments designed for women who can't!

But the crowning glory of Ronnie's little retreat is his exquisite collection of

pretty panties.  He owns literally hundreds.  So many, in fact, that he has a

dresser devoted strictly to them.  It's a huge chest with a dozen drawers and

there still isn't room for them all!

Ronnie has panties of every description.  Briefs, bikinis, hi-cuts, hipsters,

light control, and thongs.  Each is adorned with expensive, elaborate lace or

extensive ruffles. They range in quality from off-the-rack brand names to

imported delicacies to custom-made frillies conceived by our own wicked


Lace, silk, nylon, spandex, rayon, leather, rubber, latex, PVC; Ronnie's panties

are made of every material except one: cotton.  More than anything Ronnie hates

cotton panties, probably because they remind him of those boring BVDs he had to

wear for so many years.

One drawer is completely devoted to big, frilly sissypants for his maids'

outfits.  Another for erotic specialty panties like crotchless or dildo pants.

I could go on for hours about Ronnie's panty collection.  It is truly

remarkable but once again, mine is even better!

Ronnie enters the center of his feminine world and takes off his worn lingerie.

He showers and removes all the stubble from his face and body with depilitories.

Then he dries off and gets into his lovely lingerie.

Ronnie takes much too long to decide what to wear, so I've adopted the practice

of laying out the outfit I want him to wear on his bed.  Besides saving time it

communicates to my slave what kind of mood his Mistress is in.

He takes the garter belt off the bed and fastens it around his waist.  Then he

slips gingerly into his seamed black fishnets, being careful not to get a pull

in them.  He picks up his maid's panties and fondles the deep white ruffles in

his fingers.  Then he remembers his Mistress is waiting and slips them on.

Next, Ronnie struggles to get into the stiff corset I've laid out for him.  He

looks so awkward and silly contorting himself to get it on.  Some days when I

need a good laugh I'll go in and watch him struggle with it.

The Merry Widow corset I have out for him today has push-up cups to enhance his

cleavage.  He slips in his breast prostheses, which are specially matched to

his skin tone.  When he gets him in place they are weighted and matched so

perfectly it is impossible for the untrained eye to tell they aren't his own.

Next comes the Maid's uniform.  He'll wear a black satin uniform that is

suitable for everyday use.  Naturally, he owns a dozen of them in different

styles as well as more elaborate white and pink ones for special occasions.

This particualar uniform is elaborately adorned with stiff white ruffles, big

puffy shoulders and sleeves that flare out into big white ruffles at the cuffs.

Ths skirt is very short, only to mid-thigh.  It's adorned with three tiers of

big white ruffles and a frilly white apron.

Under the miniskirt is made full with stiff white crinoline petticoats to hold

it out full.  The skirt is slit in the back to off the lovely white ruffles of

the sissypants on his behind.  Overall, the effect is that the skirt hides

nothing, as the petticoats hold the skirt out practically vertically.

Ronnie is now ready for his makeup and wig.  Though he has longish hair that can

be restyled for a feminine effect, lately I have taken to making Ronnie wear

big, elaborate wigs for a different look.

Ronnie then puts on his makeup.  Under my expert tutelege Ronnie has learned to

put his face on in a reasonable amount of time.  Overall, it takes Ronnie about

45 minutes to put himself together properly; better than most women!

Then, the final touch: a pair of towering six-inch black patent heels.  Ronnie

slips them on and teeters out the door, struggling to get his balance.

Ronnie gives himself one last look in the full-length mirror, clearly delighted

with himself.  The macho, hard-driving executive has been transformed into Fifi

the French Maid!  Painted, perfumed and corseted as he is, he is quite

convincing as a woman.

Once transformed, Ronnie returns and kneels at my feet, awaiting my further

orders.  As usual, he has a raging erection tenting out the front of his frilly


Now it's time for Ronnie to really get to work. He brings me a nice dry Martini,

just the way I like it.  Then he vacuums and dusts while I relax and watch the

soap operas he's taped for me on the VCR.  Hey, even career women need diversion.

Besides, it makes for "female bonding" at work.

I find soaps endlessly amusing because the heroines always seem to be whining

about problems with their men.  If they're not out screwing around they're too

busy working and backstabbing each other. The solution to me is clear. They

should do what I did - mold their men into obedient little sissies.

You have to understand the psychology of the situation. You take your man's

deepest, most secret sexual desire and us it to enslave him.  You'd be amazed

how many aggressive, macho guys secretly want to submit themselves to a dominant


You see, Ronnie is not an unwilling captive by any means.  He is a slave to his

fetishes, and I simply exploit these desires to ensure his obedience.  Dear

Reader, do you think Ronnie is humiliated by such unrelenting degradation?  He

loves every second of it!  He lives for it; would be hopelessly miserable

without it.

How grateful he is to his Mistress for allowing his heretofore secret fantasies

to come alive!  How well he loves to be permitted to mince around my apartment

in his high heels and satin lingerie.  How he craves punishment and degradation

at the hands of his Mistress!  How he longs to serve me in his frilly little

maid's uniform!

I think the world would be a much better place if all men were subjugated to

women.  They would be so busy serving their Mistresses and admiring how pretty

they are in the mirror that they would lose all interest in things like power

and money and warfare.

These thoughts amuse me as I watch Ronnie bend over to clean the cat litter.

His frilly panties are in full view as he shovels out the droppings.  I smile to

myself and know I've got it made.

You should see Ronnie at work; he's a completely different person there!  So

demanding... so in charge!  His underlings are positively terrified of him!  He

barks orders at them and they fall all over each other scurrying to carry them


He's positively unmerciful to his secretary!  The poor girl really has my

sympathy.  He screams at her when things go wrong, even when they're not her

fault.  I try to be sympathetic, though.  Sometimes I want to tell her the

secret to controlling him:  put a pair of your worn panties on his desk and

he'll do anything you want, dearie!

I wonder what they would all say if they could see their Boss groveling in his

little Maid's uniform. What would they think if they saw him whimpering at my

feet as my abject slave?

Sometimes I'm tempted to leave a few of my many revealing Polaroids and videos

around the office.  Whenever Ronnie displays any insolence I threaten him with

a mailing.  Sometimes a Mistress has to get tough to keep her slave in line.

Impulsive girl that I am, I change panties anytime I feel the urge.  I simply

take them off and toss them across the room.  Without a word Ronnie is off like

a shot after them, practically drooling.  He retrieves them and goes into my

room to fetch me a fresh pair.

Then, Ronnie will go to the laundry room to deposit my worn panties into the

hamper. I admonish the sniveling little worm not to sniff or fondle them, but I

know he will.  The perverted little darling simply can't help himself!

To be truthful, I don't mind because Ronnie's uncontrollable lust for my smelly

undies keeps him obedient to me.  When he's handling my soiled panties he can't

refrain from playing with himself. He's a compulsive masturbator; a real wanker.

Sometimes I peek and watch him bring himself off when he thinks I'm not looking.

Ronnie falls to his knees and holds my worn panties stretched out before his

face.  He's practically drooling as he holds the moist crotch to his face and

takes a long, loving sniff of my womanhood.

He has had a huge erection from the moment he picked the panties up, and now he

removes it from his frilly Maid's panties.  He looks so adorable kneeling there

in his frilly uniform with his big cock hanging out.

Then, Ronnie takes my panties and pulls them over his head, with the crotch

directly over his flaring nostrils.  He puts his hand around his cock and begins

slowly stroking back and forth.  He lets out a little moan as he slides his hand

gently over his cock.

Ronnie gradually begins pulling his prick faster and faster until he's jerking

off for all he's worth. "Mmmmm, panties..."  he'll whimper under his breath,

"panties... mmmmm, pannnntieeees...

pannnnteeeeeees!"  Even the word excites him as he repeats it like a mantra.

Then with a gasp, Ronnie explodes all over his hands, being very careful not to

get any telltale spots on his Mistress' expensive panties.  I must inspect the

worn undies in the hamper constantly and Ronnie will be a very sorry slave

indeed if I find any of his filthy semen on my panties.  He has his own frilly

undies for that!

I know some Mistresses employ chastity devices to prevent their slaves from

masturbating or even having an erection without permission.  I do in fact use

them selectively, but my philosophy is different from theirs.

I prefer to have the slave become so addicted to his lingerie orgasms he cannot

live without them.  And he knows full well his Mistress is the only one who will

allow him to indulge such disgusting desires!

Ronnie returns with my clean panties, trying not to look as if he's just jerked

off with my soiled panties.  If I'm in a good mood I don't even ask him what

took him so long when he returns.

When Ronnie thinks he's finished cleaning he returns and hands me my white

glove.  I try and catch him by running over surfaces I think I may have missed.

He will continue to clean until I am satisfied the apartment is positively


Besides cleaning my apartment and cooking me dinner, Ronnie's duties also

include doing my laundry.  Naturally, for a perverted little panty sniffer like

him, it is his favorite chore.  But as always he must earn his panty playtime.

I have a huge assortment of hand-washable cotton and silk outfits that I would

never own if I had to wash them myself.  But they're cool and comfortable during

the summer, and my slave washes them for me anyway, so why not?

Some of the other women at work have complimented me, saying that I must spend

all my free time doing hand washing.  I sweetly smile and tell them it's no

trouble at all.

Ronnie starts by sorting all the laundry.  He does all the machine washables

first and gets them out of the way.  Then he lovingly hand-washes my dresses and

lingerie.  My panties are in a seperate pile on the floor to give him extra


Ronnie lovingly launders my dresses and blouses, jealously holding them to his

chest to see how they'd look on him.  He does a marvelous job eliminating all

the stains and discolorations.  He really is a capable laundress.

Then, he washes my slips, petticoats, camis, teddies and all my unmentionables.

He is practically drooling as he fondles each lacy, delicate item with great

delight.  He holds them to his face and smells the perfume of his beloved

Mistress. He lets out a deep sigh.  Ah, such devotion!

Only when all the other laundry is folded and put away may Ronnie petition his

Mistress for permission to launder her panties.  He kneels before the huge pile

of worn panties on the floor. I then cuff his hands behind his back because the

little shit cannot be trusted not to play with himself.

I pick a pair of my panties off the pile and dangle them in his face.  I ask him

sneeringly, "Does Maid Ronnie want to wash Mistress' panties?"

"Yes, please Mistress,"  he whimpers. Faced with the object of his sick desires

his cock throbs in his black frillies.  He is panting; totally consumed by his

passion for panties! He's so pathetic looking as he kneels there blubbering in

his little Maid's uniform.  I snap a few Polaroids and throw them on the floor

in front of him so he can see how silly he looks.

But Ronnie could care less how degraded he is! He needs my panties, and he'll do

anything to get them. He kneels, eager to hear my command.

"Please Mistress," he whines.  "I've been a devoted little sissy slut Maid for

you.  I've cleaned your apartment, done all your laundry, cooked your dinner and

serviced your beautiful orifaces. Please Mistress, I beg you!  Let me lick your

panties! Please Mistress! Please..."

The soft-hearted Mistress is not unmoved by the pleas of her groveling slave.

But more often than not I deny Ronnie panty privileges.  Instead, I send him

home with a bad case of blue balls.  This way he can contemplate what he did

wrong as he masturbates at home.  Though Ronnie has strict orders not to touch

himself without permission, I'm not naive enough to think he doesn't.

I have literally hundreds of panties Ronnie bought me and even though I change

them several times a day it takes a few weeks before I run out completely.

Ronnie's anticipation grows as the pile of soiled panties grows higher every day.

Finally, I'm down to my last pair or two and I know it's time for Ronnie to wash

my undies.  Of course, this means he has to "pre-treat" each and every one with

his tongue.

This time I'm absolutely down to my last pair of panties and I decide to indulge

my little sissy maid.  Ronnie's been obedient and has performed somewhat

satifactorily.  After all, you cannot motivate a slave by punishment all the

time; you have to reward him occasionally.  And this is the greatest reward

Ronnie can imagine!

The ritual begins and I have Ronnie kneel at attention.  Then I will take pair

after pair of my soiled panties and place them over his face.

Ronnie licks up all my excretions with equal delight.  Pussy juices, piss, shit

streaks, even period stains are lovingly lapped up with enthusiasm and delight.

The filthier they are the better he likes them!

I can see the outline of his tongue begin lapping the panties just the way I've

taught him.  Ronnie begins licking my panties at the center of the crotch and

slowly works his tongue in a circular motion towards the edges.  He is so

excited and enthusiastic I sometimes think he'll wear the crotches out of my

panties with his tongue.

After placing two or three dozen of my panties over his face to lick, Ronnie is

so excited his body begins to convulse.  He trembles and strains at his handcuffs

as his poor, tortured member throbs back and forth inside his panties.  I know I

have excited my helpless sissy slave as much as I can.

Sometimes when Ronnie reaches this point he'll go off inside his panties without

ever having touched himself; just from squirming around inside his silky

frillies and the scent of my filthy worn undies is enough to make him come.

But this time I'm feeling generous and uncuff Ronnie's hands.

"They're all yours, you disgusting little panty sniffer. Go play with the pretty

panties if you must, but if you get one drop of your filthy scum on them I swear

I'll whip your teeny little peanut dick into chopmeat!"

"Oh, thank you, thank you Mistress," he whimpers as he throws himself bodily

onto the panty pile.  I've never seen a man more sexually excited than Ronnie is

in the panty pile.  He sniffs and fondles and masturbates wildly with my worn


He's so hot, totally lost in his sick fetish for my panties.  They are the

center of his sexual universe, along with his demanding Mistress, that is! I

really ought to videotape him sometime so I can let him see how silly and

disgusting he is.  Not that it would ever stop him from wanting my undies!

I smile to myself at my inventiveness.  Most women would look at such a pile of

their worn underwear and see a chore they'd have to perform.  Not me. I see the

key to my boyfriend's (if the sniveling sissy can be called that) abject

obedience.  This is what he needs; this is what he endures all the humiliation

and drudgery for - these infrequent, intimate moments with my worn underwear!

He humps and grinds and wanks and yanks until he is at the brink of orgasm.

Once again I hear the familiar whimpering.

"Pantieeessss... Pantieeeees...  Oooooh MISTRESSSSSS YESSSSSS! Mmmmmm...

Ohhh Mistresssss! Pantieeeees... Pannnnntiieeees! OH! PANNNNNNNNNTEEEEEEES!!!"

Knowing he is about to come, Ronnie tosses my panties to one side and blasts his

semen all over his own ruffled Maid's panties.  The white come contrasts against

the black material of his panties, and drips between the ruffles.

When he is finished coming I reassert myself. I have him remove my shoe and

thank his Mistress for granting him panty privileges. The next thing Ronnie must

do is take off his expensive Maid's panties and remove every last trace of his

filthy male juices from them with his tongue.  I make him lick up his own come

after every orgasm.  It gives the little darling an opportunity to develop a

taste for sperm.

He may now suck on my toes for a while and thank me for letting him have his

disgusting way with my lingerie.  He does so with the greatest relish. If I need

a pedicure and my toenails painted he does that too.  He has gotten quite

competent from all the practice he's given.

Some of my favorite activities with Ronnie involve our occasional shopping

sprees.  Every so often I become bored with my wardrobe and decide it's time to

buy some new clothes.

I have Ronnie fetch the car and meet me out in front of the building.  In

addition to being my maid and domestic slave, Ronnie is also my chauffeur.

We usually drive to Garden City or Saddle River where the luxury shopping is.

Fifth Avenue has so much traffic we rarely shop there.  We go to all the chic,

expensive stores.  Ronnie will always walk five paces in back of his Mistress

like a good servant should.

Many times we'll go on a lingerie hunt. I'll enter the many lingerie stores I

frequent and always get a big hello from the salesgirls. They know I'll always

make a nice purchase; I invariably walk out with a few hundred dollars'worth of


I walk through the racks and pick any item that may suit my fancy, handing them

to Ronnie as he follows me around.  He then dutifully brings them to the

cashier's counter for me.  I never have to carry anything.

I grab anything I like - after all, HE'S paying for it!  And what a lucky sissy

he is to be allowed the privilege of purchasing his Mistress' intimate apparel

for her.  I grab bras, bustiers, teddies, camisoles, slips and of course lots

and lots of panties.

Many times the propriatress will put aside specialty items they think I'll like.

As the "straight" world catches up with the fetish underground more PVC, leather

and rubber items are appearing on the mainstream lingerie market.

If we're buying lingerie for Ronnie I tell the saleladies in no uncertain terms

they are for him. Ronnie blushes and they cheerfully show him all the latest

styles in the larger sizes. "Oh, these will look LOVELY on you dear," they'll

coo as they hold a new teddy or custom corset up to Ronnie's chest to see how

they'll look.

When we are through shopping the salesgirls will ring up the total, and I always

am a little surprised at how much I spend on lingerie.  But Ronnie will

dutifully produce his Gold charge cards with nary a peep.  Truth is, he can well

afford it with the money he has!

One thing that used to annoy me immensely was how Ronnie would behave himself

when we went lingerie shopping. He would always get a big rod in his pants from

fondling all the lacy undies.

It made me furious!  I did not want these women to see that my slave's genitals

were not under my control at all times!  After all, I am a Mistress; a role

model for other women.  I have to set an example when it comes to handling men.

Eventually I solved the problem by designing a special chastity device for my

slave.  It is a modified pair of latex dildo pants with a hole and sheath in the

front.  I had the stock dildo removed and a larger one put in; about the size of

a real cock.  As his asshole stretches I can have larger ones installed.

The front of the latex panties has a tiny hole three-quarters of an inch in

diameter to put his cock through. Ronnie has to take a cold bath to make his

pecker small enough to fit through it. The hole leads his penis into a latex

sheath just big enough to fit his cock when it's that small.

When Ronnie gets excited while wearing the chastity panties his cock is

strangled at the base by the small hole, and contained by the latex sheath.  It

is very painful for him as the blood gorges his penis but has no room to

expand his tortured appendage.

Now when we go lingerie shopping I can watch Ronnie as he fondles the new undies

I'm buying with great delight. Suddenly he will grimace in pain, and I will

smile to myself in the knowledge that my slave's genitals are under control.

They are the property of his Mistress and he will do with them as he is told!

I used to allow Ronnie to accompany me on my shopping sprees in his male attire,

but under my stern tutelege he has become much more feminine and passable.

Recently I decided I would command Ronnie to shop with his Mistress in drag from

now on.

At first the little slut actually refused to go! I had to beat him unmercifully

with the bamboo cane to convince him going to the mall and possibly being "read"

was the least of the many unpleasant things that could happen to him if he

persisted in his blatant disobedience!

Having already prepared for Ronnie's first sojourn out of the closet, he went

into his room and found a red minidress, black fishnets and  a towering pair of

six-inch red patent heels.  To make the dressing more pleasant, I also laid out

a pair of deliciously sheer red lace panties, a red gaff, and a strapless red

lace bra complete with a new pair of breast forms.

Once Ronnie donned the garments I ordered him to my vanity table and personally

groomed his wig and did his makeup. I then allowed him to look in the mirror.

There before Ronnie in the mirror was a creature far more feminine and passable

than he'd ever have dreamed possible!

Truly, here was the woman who lived inside Ronnie; a painted slut in a red

minidress that barely covered his pantied ass.  He puckered his red lips and did

a slow, seductive turn for himself. I could see he was really taken with himself,

getting psyched up to go out as I knew he would!

Finally, I handed Ronnie the car keys and told him to fetch the car from the

parking garage.  Ronnie sighed deeply and ventured out into the apartment door

into hallway.  As he passed the threshold for the first time I giggled to myself

as I thought, "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for woman."

I took my sweet time getting ready to go out, wanting to make Ronnie sweat

downstairs.  When I reached the front door he was giggling with the doorman, who

obviously had no idea the pretty woman flashing her thighs at him was really my

boyfriend! Ronnie was eating it up and I had to curtly suggest he pull the car


I was going to parade him down Fifth Avenue but I decided to have him drive way

out to Kings Plaza, in Brooklyn way off the beaten path.  We'd been on lingerie

shopping sprees there before.

Ronnie was fine until we parked the car and got to the Mall entrance. Suddenly

he broke out into a cold sweat, terrified!  He began to panic, blubbering that

he wanted to go home.  He begged me to let him get back in the car; whimpered

that he was afraid that someone from work might see him there.

Finally I'd had enough of his sniveling.  I slapped him sharply across the face.

"Slut," I hissed at him through clenched teeth. "If you don't get in there right

now you can walk home, and you can consider yourself dismissed as my slave. That

means no more maid service, no more lingerie and no more panties, either."

Ronnie looked at me, dumbfounded. He knew what was on the line.  He opened the

door and entered the Mall.

I had Ronnie walk three steps in front of me as I coached him on his walking and

his demeanor. All eyes were upon him as he sashayed on the tettering spike heels,

trying vainly to keep his skirt down. He was clearly very uptight.

As luck would have it, no sooner did Ronnie turn the corner than two young girls

of perhaps nineteen or twenty happened by in the opposite direction.  I

recognized them as secretaries from his company, and so did Ronnie.  Ronnie

looked over his shoulder at me and held his breath.

Thw two girls looked Ronnie up and down, then made full eye contact with him.

For a moment I was afraid they'd "made" him.  Ronnie looked terrified; I thought

he might lose it and give himself away. Fortunately, he kept his cool.

They walked by without any recogintion as one gum-snapping bimbo said to the

other, "dressin' like dat inna Mall. Whatta hoo-ah!"  Ronnie smiled, the danger

was clearly past since these girls knew him pretty well at work.

Having passed that test, Ronnie became much more confident.  He sashayed and

wiggled his tight little butt for me, and even began enjoying the crude catcalls

of the guido boys hanging out at the Orange Julius.

We went into the lingerie shop, where the girls there were totally surprised but

delighted when I told them.  They could scarcely believe the girl with me had

been the gentleman who'd been with me the last time I was there.  Ronnie smiled

and even blushed a little as the salesgirls complimented him how pretty and

convincing he was.

As a reward to Ronnie for "breaking the barrier," I picked out lots of luscious

new lingerie for him!  I started fishing bras, panties, camisoles, teddies,

slips and garter belts off the racks and handed them to my little sissy.

After ringing up nearly $1000. worth of lacy unmentionables, we were ready to

leave.  One of the salesgirls approached me and told me she was training her

husband as a TV slave, and could I give her some pointers.  I took her number

and told her I'd invite her over to the apartment soon.

Ronnie was delighted with all the attention and compliments he received as I

marched him from store to store, buying him dresses, shoes, makeup and lots of

luscious undies.  By the end of the afternoon we could hardly fit all our

purchases into the car.  We'd gone through several thousand dollars, but it was

well worth it.  Ronnie now had a wardrobe for his new role as a woman in the

"outside world."

Weekends are always hectic around the apartment as I do a lot of entertaining.

I invited various friends and selective business associates to come for dinner

and merriment.  For most women this would be a bother but it's really very easy

whan you have a slave to do all the work!  This way I have time to be a gracious

hostess.  Usually I only invite my women friends to these affairs so we can have

female bonding and "girl talk."

Most of the times I have either "afternoon teas" with three or four close

friends or larger dinner parties of eight.  Naturally, Ronnie is expected to

make my guests feel right at home. He has intsructions that whenever a woman is

a guest in the apartment, he is to serve as her slave and obey her as he would

his Mistress.  That is, of course, unless our orders are conflicting.  He is to

extend himself completely for the pleasure and amusement of my guests!

I have an afternoon tea and sissy Ronnie greets the ladies at the door dressed

in his little black and white Daytime uniform. He greets the ladies with a

little curtsey and takes their coats. Then he will show them inside.

We relax and chat while Ronnie brings us finger sandwiches and tea.  It is so

pleasant and relaxing sitting around and catching up on the latest gossip while

Ronnie waits on us hand and foot.  When he is not actually getting things from

the kitchen Ronnie will kneel in the corner.  Usually he doesn't do this very

long as we keep him hopping.

Charlotte, Risa and Kimberly are having tea with me today. Charlotte is a

professional domintrix who was very helpful to me in training Ronnie.  When I

began I knew virtually nothing about it, though that seems so unlikely to me

now. Kimberly and Risa are clients of mine from work, Risa has visited us many

times but Kimberly is here for the first time.

Whenever I have new guests I enjoy showing how I have absolute power over my

slave.  I stand before my guests and Ronnie kneels before me.  "Lick my shoes

slave," I hiss at him and he eagerly begins lapping at the toe of my black

patent pumps.

Then when I get bored with that I turn around and order, "now slave, my ass

needs licking. Get to work!"  Ronnie quickly pulls down my panties.  He buries

his face between my buttocks and begins darting his tongue in and out of my

little pink hole.  Kimberly laughs, "So obedient, Nancy.  I wish I could control

my husband like that!"

"Wait," I smile.  "You haven't seen anything yet!" Then I dangle a nice damp

pair of panties in Ronnie's face as he kneels whimpering before me. "Does Ronnie

want to lick Mistress' filthy panties. Speak up slut, tell my friends how much

you want it!"

"Oh yes Mistress," he blubbers.  Ronnie knows this is his cue to recite.

"Yes Mistress, I want to lick your panties clean.  I want to lap your delicous

vaginal secretions and suck your luscious piss out of them.  I want to lick

every last bit of your lovely shit streaks and period stains out of them

Mistress!  I know I am just a perverted little sissy maid and completely

unworthy, but I beg Mistress to bestow the sublime privilege of laundering her

panties with my face!"

"Present your bottom for discipline, slut." Ronnie dutifully prostrates himself

and lifts his petticoats, exposing his frilly pantied ass to my guests and

myself. I choose a cane from the rack and begin whacking him across the

buttocks.  As the impact of each whack fills the room he replies with "thank you

Mistress I deserve another."  Charlotte and Risa laugh out loud, while Kimberly

can only sit there agape.

Later, Ronnie is kneeling in the corner, holding his skirts up high so we can

see his little ruffled panties. He is being punished for not bringing more

buscuits quickly enough. Charlotte claps her hands and says, "come here,


Ronnie comes before Charlotte and prostrates himself low to the ground. In his

best high-pitched voice he says, "yes, Mistress Charlotte, how may I serve you?"

"Ronnie, you may attend me now. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes, Mistress Charlotte. It is always enjoyable to serve you any way you

like, Mistress."

"Very well then, you may proceed."  Charlotte sits forward and spreads her knees

apart.  Then she says to Kimberly and Risa, "watch this."

Ronnie kneels down between Charlotte's knees and reaches up her skirt. Charlotte

picks herself up while Ronnie slides her panties off.  "Pay attention to me and

not the panties, you slut," she warns. Ronnie slides her panties past her ankles

and lovingly places them to one side.

Then without another word Ronnie puts his head under Charlotte's skirt and

buries it in her pussy.  We can hear the slurping noises of his eager tongue

while he begins pleasuring her. The other two women look on in shock and I

cannot supress a giggle. "See," says Charlotte. "Who needs vibrators when you

have a slave to give you head?"

Kimberly is still a little shocked but Risa lights up at the prospect.

"Charlotte, will he do anything he's told?  Will he lick my ass if I order him


"Honey," quips Charlotte, "he'll lick your ass and eat your shit too if he's

ordered to! He has no choice in the matter... he's a slave!"

Charlotte acts very calm and nonchalant as Ronnie continues sucking her pussy. I

know she's enjoying it, however, because beads of sweat are beginning to appear

at her temples. Finally, she begins breathing heavy...

She holds her breath for just a second and then releases herself with a big

heave. "Ahhhhh," she says. "I needed that."

Ronnie fetches a washcloth and cleans Charlotte up a little, then replaces her

panties.  Then he kneels before her.  "Slave Ronnie  hopes Mistress Charlotte

found her services satisfactory."

"Yes, merely adequate," she deadpans.  Which means he did an excellent job.  But

Mistress Charlotte knows well that it is never proper to compliment a slave too

much.  It gives them a swelled head.

"Very amusing," says Risa. "Excuse me, I have to pee."  Ronnie gets up off his

knees and heads for the bathroom, where he kneels beside the toilet.  This is a

regular part of Ronnie's duties. Whenever I have company all the toilet paper is

put away, as Ronnie her standing orders to attend to them with his tongue.

He kneels between their legs and stares intently as the guest relieves herself

on the bowl.  Then, he will lick them between their legs until they're clean.

If a guest so chooses, she may bypass the toilet altogether and use Ronnie to

releive herself. I have several friends who enjoy toilet games, especially when

Ronnie is the toilet!

Risa is especially into making Ronnie serve her in this manner.  Instead of

squatting on the toilet, she will straddle Ronnie's face and releieve herself

directly into his mouth. Ronnie has to swallow her hot, steaming nectar very

quickly to keep from gagging.

Ronnie knows he will be severely punished if he allows so much as a drop of

Risa's urine to foul my perfctly clean bathroom floor! I make Ronnie get on his

knees and scrub between the tiles with a timy wire brush so all the grout is

brilliant white.  He knows better than to allow any piss to stain it!

Risa uses "The Mask," a dastardly device that is locked behind Ronnie's head.

It is a wide funnel with a hose that runs into a mouthpiece, a dildo-shaped

gag with a hose through it. Risa uses it to ensure that Ronnie takes in every

drop of her hot, steaming piss. Let me tell you about the incident that prompted

Risa to devise it:

One night Risa was relieving herself into Ronnie's mouth when Ronnie began to

gag and coughed her piss all over the floor.  It was a disgraceful mess, and I

was furious!  I was so angry I couldn't think of a punishment severe enough for

the incompetent little slut!  Fortunately, Risa had a splendidly wicked idea.

Ronnie was ordered to strip off his uniform and lingerie.  He was then commanded

to don a pair of plain white cotton briefs, which for him is punishment in

itself.  He truly hates cotton panties! Then, his hands were cuffed behind his

back and he was led to the bathtub. Risa commanded him to prostrate himself face


Risa handed me the whip and I raised some pretty welts on his behind as he

remained prostrate in the tub.  Meanwhile, Risa was filling a huge enema bag

with scalding hot, soapy water. Then, she pulled the crotch of his panties to

one side and slid the enema nozzle up his ass.

It took quite some time but eventually Ronnie was able to take the contents of

the two-quart enema bag inside him.  Once he did, Risa shoved a huge butt plug

into him and told him not to move.

Suddenly the plug pops out of Ronnie's ass and he lets loose with a flood of

shit and enema juice, completely soaking his panties. It dribbles down his legs

and into the tub, where it runs until it reaches his face, still down against

the bottom of the tub.

Then, Risa orders Ronnie to remove his fouled panties and hand them to her.  She

holds them right up against his face and mocks, "So, you like to lick panties

clean, do you?  Well, let's see how you enjoy these!"

With that, Risa pulls them over his face and starts whipping Ronnie's cock while

he sucks his own shit out the filthy panties. I can hear him sobbing from the

stench and the humiliation while he slurps on them.  I take a few Polaroids for

later use; if he is insubordinate I can threaten him with this punishment again.

At another session I had two Mistresses over with their slaves. Mistress Denique

and Mistress Kay came over with their two favorite sissy maids and we decided to

have them play together for our amusement.  Denique's slave Sally was slender

and petite, while Kay's slave Georgette was tall and statuesque.

Both the sissy slaves were darling in their frilly black French Maid uniforms.

They were impeccably made up and coiffed; their nails polished to perfection.

Both wore panties that let rows and rows of white ruffles peek out from

underneath their petticoats.

Ronnie was instructed to wear his pink satin uniform for special occasions.  It

was also elaborately ruffled with a pair of frilly sissypants underneath.  His

hands were cuffed behind his backand he knelt before us, flanked on either side

by the other two sissy maids.

I stood up and walked over to Ronnie. "Now Darling, we have been training you in

total femininity, have we not?  ...And I daresay we've done quite a good job,

too. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Oh YES Mistress," replied Ronnie enthusiastically.  "I do so adore how Mistress

has made me into the sissy slut I am."

"Very good," I said.  "Tonight we are going to allow you the total feminine

experience of accomidating some real cock.  Sally and Georgette, drop your

panties and show Ronnie your little secrets."

The two maids stood up and obediently lowered their frilly undies around their

ankles, exposing their genitals which were bound with nasty-looking leather

chastity devices.  The dastardly retainer was padlocked, and the leather straps

that secured them dug painfully into the soft white flesh of the hapless sissies.

"As you can see, our two Darlings have been quite well bound indeed. They have

not been allowed so much as an erection in weeks. I do wonder what would happen

if we were to free them within such close proximity of a lovely, feminine

creature like yourself."

Mistress Kay and Mistress Denique took their keys and unlocked their slaves.

With their panties still around their ankles their penises jumped to erection as

if they had been inflated with helium!  "You may have your way with the little

slut girls, and you had better entertain us or it'll be lashes for all of you!"

The two maids were maddened with lust, and they threw themselves at Ronnie.

Georgette began greasing her huge rod with K-Y while Sally forced her gorged

member down Ronnie's throat.

Ronnie winced as Georgette pentrated her sphincter, but soon began undulating to

the rhythm of her fucking.  The many hours of training with dildoes had loosened

her up and prepared her for taking a real cock.

The three maids collapsed to the floor in a heap of pleasure, the two maids

using Ronnie for their pleasure at either end!  Mistress Kay videotaped while

Mistress Denique watched intently.

Ronnie was being used and penetrated so brutally, and I was thrilling to every

second of this, his ultimate humiliation.

Suddenly to my surprise, Ronnie began to speak. "Mmmmm, yess," he whimpered.

"Please!" he gasped, "fuck me! Fuck my face! Fuck my ass! Use me for your

pleasure. Mmm, I'm your slut! Fuck..."

With that, Sally shoved her cock back into Ronnie's mouth and began fucking it

with remnewed vigor.  Georgette rammed her dick in to the hilt, with Ronnie

gasping in equal parts pleasure and pain. The two maids rammed their dicks

inside my slave again and again and again until they collapsed spent, leaving

Ronnie in a heap on the floor with their semen oozing out his mouth and ass.

Then, I uncuffed Ronnie hands and ordered him to clean my shoes and thank me.

He crawled to me on all fours and began licking my shoes.  "Thank you Mistress,"

he whispered. "I am so happy to be used like the slut I am for your

entertainment. I live to serve you, Mistress."

Mistress Kay and Misress Denique could not help but look on approvingly at such

naked devotion.  At that moment I knew that Ronnie was utterly enslaved; that

his free will no longer existed.  At that moment I knew that his body and his

mind had been completely, willingly & utterly surrendered to me, his Mistress.


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