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Archive-name: Slaves/tickmist.txt

Archive-author: Lady Ashley

Archive-title: Tickling Mistress, The


     Lady Ashley carried David's naked, unconscious body into the bedroom and

flopped it onto the bed. Her strong fingers pushing against his pressure points

had put him out like a light. She raised David's arm in the air and let it go.

It flopped at his side like a wet rag. David was Lady Ashley's slave, and he

had displeased her by not having done the dishes by the time she had come home

from work. This was the third time this week this had happened so she was

compelled to render him unconscious and tie his wretched body naked to the big

four poster in the Master (Mistress) bedroom.


     She peeled back David's eyelids and then slapped him across the face.

"Wake up, you lazy bastard!" Lady Ashley snapped. This is the third time this

week you have failed to do the dishes and now you must be punished!" "Oh

please, Lady Ashley, I forgot about the dishes. I was so busy trying to clean

the rest of the house that I didn't have time to do them," David whined. "Shut

up!" she shouted. "You're just a lazy, good-for-nothing son-of-a-bitch and you

have to be taught a lesson!"


 Lady Ashley opened a drawer in the bedside table and pulled out a long

feathered plume, stroking it menacingly. "Please, Mistress," David exclaimed,

"please don't tickle me. You know I can't stand it when you tickle me." "Well,

that's just too bad, you disobedient twit," she said ignoring his pleas. "This

is what happens to slaves who disobey."


     She ran the feathered plum over David's stomach. He tried to stifle a

laugh, but it was no use. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh please, stop. I can't stand it," he managed to

say between giggles. But Lady Ashley paid him no mind and continued her

tickling. She ran the feather under David's arms, under his nose, and across

his forehead. 



M-m-mad-d-d-am H-h-hort-t-t-ense. Pleeeeeease!" She ran the feather back down

David's chest tracing circles as she went. David's laughter kept up.



anymore!" "Shut up, you wimp and take it like a man!" she snapped back. The

feather was crossing David's stomach now and inching its way to his lower body.

He bucked and jerked against the restraints of the ropes, his body all a-tingle

from the tickling his mistress was giving him. She ran the feather down his leg

tickling him inside his thighs. "AH AH AH AH AH AHAAAAAAAAA!" he exclaimed

breathlessly trying not to pass out.


 She ran the feather down David's ankles in titillating circular motions and

finally came to rest at David's feet. "Now for the grand finale," she said

slyly. "I know you just love it when I tickle your feet."


 "No please, not my feet, pleeeease! I promise I'll remember to do the dishes

tomorrow if you just don't tickle my feet." "Promises, promises," Lady Ashley

exclaimed, and she ran the dreaded plume over David's soles. He tried to jerk

his feet away but she had tied his ankles to tightly to allow that. David's

mind screamed inside his head. He was so out of breath he could barely laugh

out loud.


 "Ha...ha...ha," he laughed weakly. Lady Ashley intensified her tickling of

David's feet, running the feather over his toes and back down to his heels,

then in between his toes and over his insteps. 



wind. "Oh Lady Ashley, pleeease don't stop. I love it when you tickle my feet!"


 "Starting to enjoy it, are we?" his mistress cooed.


 "Oh yes pleeease, kind mistress," he cried eagerly.  "Well in that case, I

think I'll something different," and with that, Lady Ashley put down the

feather and raked her long red fingernails over David's toes.




Please--don't--stop--HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" "Well, I think you've had enough

punishment for today, young man," said the mistress. 


     "Just you remember the dishes tomorrow or else I'll have to punish you



Part 2


     David stood over the sink in Lady Ashley's kitchen doing the dishes. He

remembered his mistress's warning from the previous day and did not wish to

endure another tickling session. As he stood washing plate after plate, David's

mind drifted to his mistress's feet. David had never seen Madame Ashley's

feet--she wouldn't allow it. "She always wears the those blasted leather

boots," he thought. Oh, she would allow him to lick the heel of those boots as

an alternative to tickling him on days when she was feeling merciful, but once

when David had tried to remove her boots, Lady Ashley had jerked her foot away,

kicking David under chin in the process. "Don't you DARE EVER try that again!"

she had warned, "If you do, I'll tickle you for twenty-four hours straight! And

don't think for a moment that I'm joking!"


     Could it be that his mistress's feet were as ticklish as his? Where else

was she ticklish, he wondered. He had to find out.


     The sound of a key turning at the front door startled David out of his

reverie. Lady Ashley was home! "Good evening, Mistress," David called.


     Madame Ashley tossed her head disdainfully and strode to the kitchen. "I

see you remembered the dishes today," she said sharply. "Yes, Mistress." "I'm

going upstairs to lie down for a bit. And don't you dare even THINK about

disturbing me. Is that clear, slave?"


 "Yes, very clear, ma'am," David sighed, and he turned to finish the dishes. In

the distance he could hear the clump, clump, clump of Lady Ashley's black

leather boots on the stairs. He tried to visualize her feet encased in those

boots; feet he had never been allowed to see. And then he went back to doing

the dishes.


    * * * 


     When he had finished with the dishes, David went to his quarters in the

dungeon and sat on his cot. He daydreamed of turning the tables on Lady Ashley

and tickling her for a change. HE would tie HER to the four-poster for a change

and have his way with her. But he DARE not cross his mistress. Madame Ashley

could be very cruel and vindictive when crossed and David dare not risk it. But

still, the thought of his mistress lying asleep upstairs and totally unaware of

what he was thinking would not leave him. He had to at least get a look at Lady

Ashley's feet! The feet he longed to worship! The feet he longed to tickle! 


     David slowly crept upstairs to Lady Ashley's chambers. His mistress lie

asleep on her stomach on the four-poster bed. She was deep in slumber and David

could hear her snoring from the time he reached the first landing of the

stairwell. David surveyed his mistress in her black leather outfit, the

menacing leather blouse and those tight-fitting leather slacks. The leather

boots were still on her feet. David's heart trembled. Did he dare attempt to

remove those boots. He knew Madame Ashley would be furious when she awoke and

would subject him to another of her infamous tickling marathons. But David's

curiosity got the better of him and he slowly, gently attempted to remove the

boot from Lady Ashley's left foot.


     Madame Ashley emitted a broken snore and moved her left leg slightly. For

one frightening moment David thought he had awakened her, but his mistress only

stirred slightly, and the drone of her loud snoring continued. "She sure is a

sound sleeper," David thought, "thank God!" David slid the boot off the rest of

the way--and gazed down at the specter of Lady Ashley's shapely, left foot. He

noticed the sculptured shape, the long unpolished toenails. He dared to plant a

kiss upon her heel. Madame Ashley stirred slightly, but still slept. 


     He thought he'd chance the right boot now. Slowly, slowly, David removed

his mistress's other boot. Again Lady Ashley stirred in her sleep but did not

wake. David now survey his mistress's right foot, even more shapely than the

other. He planted a kiss to pay his homage. He gazed almost trance-like at

those gorgeous peds. He would gladly pay homage to them hourly if only Lady

Ashley would let him. But then his mind suddenly reverted to his original

intent. "I came to tickle Lady Ashley's feet, not to worship them," he thought



     David steeled his courage. There was no turning back now. Madame Ashley

was still deep in slumber snoring decibels. He slowly reached inside the beside

table drawer for the long feather. Stroking it in his hands. He sauntered

around to the foot of the bed where Lady Ashley's exposed bare feet were just

waiting for him. He ran the feather up the sole of her left foot slowly. Lady

Ashley moaned incoherently. David moved the feather slowly down Lady Ashley's

foot. She snickered in her sleep. David got a little bolder and stroked Madame

Ashley's foot up and down repeatedly with the feather. She was starting to

awaken from her slumber but was still not totally aware of what was happening.

David now started tickling her right foot with the feather. Lady Ashley was

fully awake now and furious. All of a sudden David realized that in his

enthusiasm he had forgotten to tie his mistress to the bedpost. Fear engulfed

him as Lady Ashley, fully conscious and in complete control of her faculties

lunged at her disobedient slave. David tried to run, but Lady Ashley was to

quick for him despite her size. She tackled him like Frig Perry going after

John Elway and had him on the floor helpless. Her fingers danced over his ribs.

"HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!" he cackled helplessly.


     "You disobedient little twit, I told you not to disturb me! This is what

happens to insubordinate slaves!" she bellowed tickling his sides with her

strong fingers.


     David was laughing uncontrollably. He knew that if he could get at his

mistress's feet he could take advantage of her. But how could he reach them

with her on top of him tickling him senseless. This was a good time to see if

Madame Ashley had any other ticklish spots, and so in desperation, with his

last ounce of strength, David reach out for his mistress's stomach and started

a tickling motion. Lady Ashley burst into gales of uncontrollable laughter. She

rolled over on her back and David was quickly on top of her. 



spite of herself, her laughter filling the house. David had her now. He reached

down and ran his fingers over his mistress's ticklish soles.

"HOHOHOAHAOHAOHOAHAAA!" she snickered, "You little twit, I'll get you for this!

I'm going to give you the tickling of you life when I get my hands on you! Now

stop it! Stop it now!" But David wouldn't stop. He tickled Madame Ashley's

soles, then her insteps, toes and heels. Madame Ashley was weak from

exhaustion. The one mighty mistress had been humbled by her slave. She heaved

broken gales of laughter, furious that her slave had discovered her weakness,

but to weak to fight back. David took Lady Ashley's left foot in his hand and

kissed it. "You have such beautiful feet, mistress. Why do you hide them in

those boots?" Lady Ashley uttered a few incoherent phrase on the order of "it's

not your place to ask, slave" as David continued kissing her foot. He kissed

the sole, the instep, the heel, and finally took her big toe into his mouth and

sucked it slowly. Lady Ashley moaned in pleasure in spite of herself, she was

still furious at David but for now was enjoying the homage he was paying to her

feet. Perhaps she would incorporate this into his punishment sessions from now

on. David sucked each one of his mistress's toes and then picked up her other

foot and gazed at it reverently.


 "Are you enjoying kissing my feet, slave?" she asked inquisitively. "Yes,

mistress," he replied. "It's a pleasure I've yearned for." "Well stop talking

about it tend to my other foot!" she snapped, slowly regaining her composure

and control. "Or would you rather suffer another tickling session under the

weight of the feather?" David took her right foot into his lips and kissed it

tenderly from toes to heel. Lady Ashley moaned in pleasure and the remnant of a

smile even crossed her face. "Suck my toes, slave," she cooed. "Let me see what

you're made of." David took his mistress's toes into his mouth and sucked

tenderly. "That's a good little slave," she cooed. "I'll let this be your

punishment for waking me. You be a good little slave and I might ALLOW you to

tickle me when I'm one of my more generous moods. But if you EVER try another

stunt like this, I'll subject you to the loooongest tickling session you've

ever had. Is that understood?"


"Yes mistress," he said, and he continued sucking her toes.


Part 3


     David sat in the living room reading the morning paper. Lady Ashley had

given him the day off from his usual household chores for good behavior and he

had taken the opportunity to catch up on the day's news and sports. All of a

sudden he heard a loud flap, flap, flap on the stairwell. He turned to see Lady

Ashley descending the stairs. David could hardly believe his eyes! Since she

had given HIM the day off, Lady Ashley had decided that SHE would take the day

off from wearing her usual leather outfit and dress casually for a change.

David observed her descending the stairs dressed in an oversized denim shirt

and jeans, but the sight of what she wore on her feet almost made David's eyes

bug out. On her feet Lady Ashley was wearing a pair of brown water buffalo

sandals. The sight of his mistress's willfully exposed feet brought a rush to

David's head. 


     "Good morning, slave," she demurred. 


     "Good morning, mistress," he replied. He was going to make a comment about

her feet, but decided to hold his tongue--not wanting to say anything that

MIGHT offend his mistress and cause her to cancel his day off. 


     "Since you admire my feet so much, I've decided to give you a little

treat. I'm going to be wearing these sandals all day long, so you may admire my

feet as much as you like today." 


     "Oh, THANK you, mistress!" he said scarcely believing his good fortune. 


     "But remember, dear slave", she cautioned, "my feet are sacred objects.

And sacred objects are meant to be worshipped. You may begin your worship NOW!"

and she raised one foot to David's lips for kissing. David kissed the toes of

Lady Ashley's outstretched sandaled foot. 


     "This position is uncomfortable for me!" she exclaimed. "I am the mistress

here! Get up and relinquish your seat!" 


     David slowly rose, laying aside his newspaper, and Lady Ashley displaced

him in the big easy chair. 


     "Now, slave," she bade, "kneel and continue your worship." 


     David knelt before his mistress and continued kissing her feet. The scent

of the water buffalo hide blended with the gamy aroma of Lady Ashley's feet was

intoxicating to him. Lady Ashley, for her part, leaned back in her chair and

enjoyed the sensations of her slave's lips upon her feet. "Remove my sandals,

slave," she said, "and lick the bottoms of my feet." David gently removed Lady

Ashley's sandals and proceeded to apply his tongue to her soles. He licked Lady

Ashley's soles from toes to heels and back again inhaling deeply of the bouquet

of luscious feminine feet and water buffalo hide. "Lick between my toes,

slave," she bade softly. "Make sure you get between each and every toe...that's

a good slave...mmmmmmmmmmmmm, you do that so nicely." She was caught up in the

ecstasy of David's gentle attentions to her feet. She sighed softly, and moaned

with pleasure. Her eyes rolled back and she stared vacantly at the ceiling.

David's tongue now moved to the tops of her feet and darted between each toe up

to his mistress's ankles. "Ooooh, David," she cooed, "you're doing such a good

job today." 


     "I'm glad you're pleased, mistress," he said. In all his years of service

to her, this was the first time Lady Ashley had ever called him by name. 


     "Place my sandals back on my feet, love," she cooed, "and come upstairs

with me."


Part 4


     They ascended the stairs together, David in his slippers and Lady Ashley

with her sandals going flap, flap, flap. Of course David stayed two steps below

his mistress out of respect. When they reached the top of the stairs, Lady

Ashley took her slave by the hand and led him into the Mistress Bedroom. David

was puzzled. "Lady Ashley, whatever can you be thinking?" he inquired. Lady

Ashley pushed him down onto the bed. "Don't ask questions! It's not your place

to question me!" she snapped. She reached inside the night stand beside the bed

and retrieved some silk scarves. She tied David's hand and feet to the big



     "Lady Ashley, have I done something to offend you?" David asked



     Lady Ashley slapped him across the face. "Stop asking me questions, or

I'll cancel your day off!" she snapped. "You've already spoiled the GOOD mood I

was in, so don't do ANYTHING else to upset me the rest of the day, do you

understand me? SLAVE!"


     "Yes, Mistress," he replied weakly.


     Lady Ashley pushed one sandaled foot into David's face tauntingly. "Do you

like my sandals?" she taunted.


     "Yes, Mistress," David said, his mouth watering. "They look so lovely on

your feet,"


     "And did you enjoy worshipping my feet this morning? Hmmmm?" she cooed



     "Yes, yes, Mistress," David replied breathlessly and he extended his

tongue to his Mistress's toe.


     Lady Ashley pulled her foot away abruptly. David's heart sank. Why was she

torturing him this way? Lady Ashley walked around the side of the bed, chin in

hand, surveying her captive slave. David's eyes never left her feet as she

walked to the foot of the bed. Lady Ashley stood at the foot of the bed, chin

in hand, cocking her head from side to side emitting an occasional "Hmmmm,

hmmmm." She stood looking at David for what seemed to him to be an eternity. A

broad smile crossed her face as she knelt and slowly removed the slipper from

David's left foot. David gulped. He knew the worst was coming. Lady Ashley held

David's foot in her hand and examined it from various angles, almost as if

seeing it for the first time. "My, my, what a pretty foot we have here!" she

exclaimed in mock astonishment and she stroked David's foot with one of her

long fingernails. David resigned himself to the fact that he was about to be

tickled. But his mistress DIDN'T tickle him; rather she mused, "I wonder if my

little slave likes to RECEIVE as well as give," and she took David's big toe

into her mouth and sucked it.


     "Since you did such a good job on my feet this morning," she explained,

"I've decided to return the favor--just to show you that I'm NOT the cold,

heartless bitch you think I am," and she continued her sucking. She darted her

tongue into and all around David's toe crevices, sucking his toes from the

biggest to the smallest. She stroked David's foot with her long fingernails;

not a torturing tickle-stroke but just enough to let him know that she could

still turn this reverse foot worship session into wholesale tickle-torture if

she decided to. David sighed in ecstasy. He could hardly believe it was real!

Here he was having his own foot serviced by his mistress! He wanted to pinch

himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming, but he couldn't with his hands tied to

the four-poster. Lady Ashley slowly removed David's other slipper. "Noooooow,"

she exclaimed, "let's see about this other foot. Hmmmm, it's just as pretty as

the other one! Let me taste the toes." She took David's right foot into her

mouth. "Mmmmm, very tasty," she exclaimed. "I didn't know you had such tasty

toes, slave."


     "Why thank you, Mistress. I'm pleased that you like them," David exclaimed



     "Yes, they're very strong and very shapely," she said stroking both his

feet with her long fingernails. She placed her fingers in David's toe crevices

and stroked his soles with her thumbnails. "Kootchy, kootchy," she cooed. David

started snickering. "Kootchy, kootchy," his mistress cooed again. David's

snickering turned to smirks. "Is mommy's widdle baby tickwish on his soles?

Hmmmmm?" she cooed teasingly. David couldn't hold back his laughter any longer.

Lady Ashley continued tickling his soles with her thumbnails, the rest of her

fingers firmly implanted in his toe crevices. All of a sudden, David realized

that Lady Ashley had suckered him. She had only pretended to be submissive, and

now she had him right where she wanted him--tied helplessly to the four-poster

bed. Lady Ashley smiled a sly smile. "Now I've got you, you miserable little

wimp! Did you honestly think I was going to turn submissive on you! NO WAY!"

She removed her fingers from his toe crevices and started tickling him full

force on the soles of his feet.


     "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" David laughed in spite of himself. "Lady

Ashley, you're cruel," he said between gales of laughter.


     "Oh, I'm a cold, heartless bitch," she admitted, "and you LOVE it." She

accelerated her tickling, moving to the tops of his feet and up his legs. "Such

a gullible little slave you are," she said tickling him inside his thighs and

on his flanks. She ripped open his shirt exposing his bare chest. Her eyes

widened and she thought to herself, "ALL MINE!" and her fingers danced over

David's stomach and chest. David was beside himself with laughter. The bed

shook as he bucked and ground against the weight of the scarves tied around his

hands and feet.


     "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, please, Lady Ashley, stop!" he said



     Lady Ashley paid him no mind. She started tickling his ears, eyelids, and

forehead. David was starting to lose consciousness. Lady Ashley danced her

fingernails back down David's upper torso. When she got to his belly, his body

went limp. A less sturdy bed than the four-poster would have collapsed under

David's sagging weight.


     Lady Ashley peeled back David's eyelid, kissed his forehead, and patted

him gently on the cheek. "Rest now, my love," she said gently.


To be continued...


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