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Archive-name: Slaves/theresa2.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Story of Theresa, The - 2



                           Part II

   Theresa clutched her knees to her chest and rocked slowly back

and forth as she sobbed. Her orgasm was over but her body was still

rocked by occasional tremors. Just remembering what had happened to

her minutes before was enough to make her body spasm and her teeth

chatter. Jimmy looked down at her the whole while, with a self-

satisfied grin on his face. He had set himself a goal earlier in

the day of merely fucking the shy girl. He hadn't had anything from

Cindy in a couple of days because of her period, and he thought

laying Theresa would be an interesting challenge. She was sooo prim

and proper. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. No wonder Cindy

despised her! Now that he'd stripped and spanked her and watched

her frig herself off with his finger in her asshole, and BEG for

more... he knew he had himself some Class A pussy any time he

wanted it, and any WAY he wanted it! Theresa seemed to thrive on

the helplessness... the humiliation. Well, he planned to see that

she got all that she could handle. It was a tough job, he

snickered, but SOMEBODY had to be responsible for spanking this hot


   "Come on" he said as he he grabbed her by the shoulders and

pulled her into a kneeling position. "Before I fuck you, I think

you should get a better look at my apartment. I think you should

walk around the place, check out every room, look in every corner

and make yourself feel at home... Oh, you know what would be really

fun? I think you should do it by crawling around on your hands and


   Theresa looked up at Jimmy for a moment but then immediately

leaned over and put her hands on the floor. She slowly began

crawling around the living room floor while Jimmy encouraged her

"That's right! Wiggle that little red ass for me ... ooohh yeah!

Wiggle that thing!" 

   Theresa was mortified but she was also getting hot again! It

seemed incredible but the more she degraded herself in front of

Jimmy, the hotter she got. Was there something wrong with her? Was

she a pervert or something? She didn't care. She wanted even more!

   "Now lower your head more. Get on your elbows and drag your

titties on the carpet as you crawl. Keep that ass up in the air and

wiggling for me..... yeah!... what a shot!" Jimmy had been sitting

in a chair watching her but now he got up and followed behind her,

fondling her ass as she crawled in this manner. The friction of her

nipples against the short coarse carpet, combined with his fingers

tickling her asshole made her stop and shiver every few feet.

, his hand came down hard on her ass, "Don't stop, keep


   In this manner Theresa made her slow shameful journey around the

entire apartment. At one point she rolled onto her side and curled

into a ball, moaning, her fingers rubbing frantically at her cunt

while her nipples tingled in torment from the friction of the

coarse carpet. 

   ... "Stop that!" He warned, as his hand came down and

again caught the meaty globe of her exposed asscheek. "Get back up

on your knees and arms. You can't touch yourself until I tell you

to." Whimpering, Theresa got back into position, her ass smarting

from this last blow to her disappearing dignity. God, she was hot!

The way he dominated her made her want to give herself up to him

totally, to do anything he wished. She knew she could refuse him

nothing. She wallowed in her own degradation, craving his next

demand upon her. She didn't have to wait long. 

   When she finally crawled back into the living room he told her

to straddle a low stool in front of the couch. With some rope and

a couple of old ties he bound her in place over the stool, her

hands on one side and her knees on the other. He spread her knees

as he bound them to the legs of the stool. This kept her ass wide

open and her puckered little anus on display. Her furry little

pussy peeked out at him from below her reddened ass. He crouched

there beside her for awhile, enjoying the view and teasing her rear

end with lightly moving fingers and soft pats. Theresa moaned and

moved her hips in circles as best she could in her confinement. 

   Suddenly the doorbell rang. "Who in the hell could that be?"

Jimmy asked, slightly amused.

   When he got up and began walking to the door Theresa wailed out

"No! you're not going to answer that, are you? You can't let

anybody SEE me like this! PLEASE!"

   Jimmy chuckled as he unlocked and opened the door about half

way. It was his roommate's younger brother Richie, and his friend


   "Is Teddy around?" Richie asked. "I wanted to know if I could

borrow his car tonight if he's not using it." 

   Richie had just gotten his license that summer. He and Steve

wanted to borrow the car to try and pick up some girls and have a

few laughs. Well, if it's laughs they were after...

   "Come on in!" Jimmy said as he swung the door wide. "Teddy won't

be home for another hour or so. You guys can wait here if you

want." The two boys walked into the apartment and when they saw the

naked girl tied like that over the stool they gasped. 

   "Oh, have you guys met Theresa Stahl?" Theresa sobbed a little

and wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

   "Theresa Stahl!" gasped Steve. That can't be Theresa, can it?"

The boys were greatly confused. They both knew Theresa's brother

and had been to the Stahl home many times. Theresa was a good

looking girl, but very shy and studious. They made little jokes

about her shyness, and her tits, but now they couldn't believe that

this white ass that was twisting in their faces belonged to


   "Sure it can!" laughed Jimmy. "Theresa, turn your face this way

so the guys can look at you. Hurry! You don't want me to have to

SPANK you again in front of the boys, do you?" Jimmy continued

chuckling as Theresa moved her head and stared at the stunned boys.

He was enjoying her shame immensely and his mind was reeling with

new ideas to further humiliate her. 

   "Come on in, don't be shy. She loves this. You won't believe it,

but having you boys see her like this is really turning her on,

isn't that right, Theresa?" Jimmy smiled at Theresa but she

sniffled and turned her head away in shame. . "I said,

isn't that RIGHT, Theresa? And don't turn your head away when we're

talking to you."

   "Theresa turned back to look at the boys and said, "Yes, that's


   "Let me introduce you boys to Theresa's ass" Jimmy said,

motioning towards the pink and white flesh in front of him. "You

guys should have been here about fifteen minutes ago! She took all

her clothes off and begged me to give her a spanking... so I did!

You can see how red her ass still is. After that she crawled around

on the floor for me, dragging her tits on the rug and begging me to

fuck her. I was just about to do that now when you guys showed up.

Would you like to feel her up a little?"

   Richie and Steve looked at each other and hesitated just a bit.

Though they'd never admit it, they were both still virgins and had

never seen a girl completely naked before, let alone touched one!

Richie was staring with interest at Theresa's asshole, which was

clearly visible since her asscheeks were spread so wide. It

appeared to be pulsing a bit and there was a little wetness around

it, like sweat. He couldn't believe that a girl, ANY girl, would

let herself be seen this way. This was the most shameful exposure

imaginable. A few inches below her asshole he saw what looked like

a small pouch hanging between her legs. A small pouch with a slit

in it! That must be her cunt! It had a little light hair around it

and dangled there so invitingly, he felt like he wanted to grab it.

His cock was hard as a rock and he had a tingling up and down it

and in his balls that he thought would drive him nuts if he didn't

jack off. The more he stared at Theresa the harder he got. Finally,

he moved closer to her and hesitantly placed one hand on her ass.

It felt so silky! It was also warm, probably from the recent

spanking she'd had. Slowly he began feeling up her ass and he even

got bold enough to let his right hand move over that little pouch

of hers and feel the slit!

   While he was doing this Steve moved over and crouched down to

look at Theresa's tits, which were hanging just over the far edge

of the stool. The nipples were long and looked like big pencil

erasers! He stared at her face for a minute and saw her lips

quivering from Richie's hands feeling up her ass. Steve reached

both hands under Theresa's chin and grabbed her tits. He began

massaging them and rubbing his fingers across the hard nipples.

Theresa began moaning and squirming now. This caused all three boys

to laugh and Jimmy taunted her saying "You like being our own

little playmate, don't you? Yes! I'm sure you do. Your pussy's all

wet! You can't hide that from us!" 

   Jimmy said "Watch this!" then stuck his two fingers into his

mouth to moisten them. He then crammed them into Theresa's

squirming cunt. She gasped and began rotating her hips faster and

faster. "What a hot bitch!" He pulled his fingers out and gave her

another hard slap, this time right on the center of her ass. All

three of them laughed again and continued tormenting her without

relief. They kept her at it for nearly an hour. Pulling her

nipples, tickling her asshole and cunt and slapping her now deeply

reddened asscheeks. Theresa began thrashing about. Thank God she

was tied in place or she could have hurt herself. She moaned and

begged and pleaded the boys to fuck her, and all they did was laugh

at her and continue the torment.

   All of a sudden they heard the sound of voices outside the door

and a key turning in the lock. Theresa was too far out of it to

notice but the boys looked up in time to see the door open and

Teddy walk in. That wouldn't have been too bad, except that he

wasn't alone. He had his girlfriend Tina with him, and Cindy. The

three newcomers stared in shock at the scene before them. Jimmy and

the two boys were fully dressed and hovering like vultures around

the nude body of a squirming young girl. And she certainly was

squirming! Her whole body was shivering. Her reddened ass was

making circles in the air. Her tongue was flicking from side to

side in her mouth, stopping only long enough for her to beg someone

to fuck her! There was something strangely familiar about the young

slut and when she thrashed her head sideways to expose her face

Cindy yelled out "THERESA!!" Theresa stopped moving instantly and

peered back at the trio standing by the door. As soon as she

recognized who they were she cried out "NO! Make them leave! I

don't want them to see me this way!"

   Jimmy nervously waited to see what Cindy would say. Thank God

the other boys were there so it wasn't just he and Theresa. He saw

anger flash in Cindy's eyes and then, to his surprise, she leaned

her head back and started laughing her heart out! "Theresa Stahl!

Well, well. Our stuck-up little bookworm isn't so stuck up after

all! Did you do this to her, Jimmy?"

   Jimmy tried to sound offhand as he said "Sure... the three of us

did. She was teasing us and when she stripped down and begged for

a spanking I thought it might be kind of fun to oblige her."

   Teddy and Tina just looked on, although Tina had a small smile

on her face and Teddy suddenly had a huge bulge in his pants. Tina

didn't have anything against Theresa, but the lusty sight of what

was going on started having an affect on her. She didn't know why,

but she was excited by the spectacle of a pretty young thing like

Theresa trussed up and spanked. Tina thought she'd hang around and

watch a little. From the look in his eyes she didn't think Teddy

would object.

   Cindy, on the other hand, made it clear that she wanted in on

the action immediately. She held herself in control but it was

obvious that her jealousy, combined with her natural meanness and

desire to humiliate this little stuck up bitch, made this a perfect

opportunity for her to do a little ass-kicking herself.

   "Don't let ME stop you boys", she said menacingly. "This little

bitch had us all fooled with her `butter wouldn't melt in her

mouth' act. If I had my way, I'd drag her down to the ballfield

just the way she is now and hang her by her feet and hands from the

little swing set so the local `tough guys' could get a real good

laugh at her, hanging there with a red ass and cream dripping out

of her cunt!"

   The sheer erotic vision of that threat had every prick in the

room hard as iron. Even Tina gasped out loud, but her smile still

gave away her innermost feelings. Theresa started to twist and cry.

Cindy answered this by walking over and quickly giving her a loud

and ringing slap on her twisting backside. "Stop that this instant,

you little slut!" Turning to Jimmy she smiled a wicked little

smile, one that Jimmy recognized from so many times in the past.

"You know, I kind of enjoy seeing her trussed up like this. From

the looks of her you boys must have been having quite a little

party with her... Say, that's an idea! I know that Meaghan and

Kathy would LOVE to see Theresa here squirming around like this.

I'm sure they could interest their boyfriends in coming over too.

Then there's Mike Whalen. He tried asking Miss Not-so-Fancy Pants

here for a date a couple of times and she wouldn't go out with him.

I can think of three or four others. Tell you what, I'll spring for

all the beer and chips myself. What do you say? About fifteen

people, tops. I'll start making the calls. Do you think you can

keep her `in the mood' for another half hour or so?"

   Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear. "I'm positive we can!" With

that Cindy went to the phone while the others clustered around to

watch Jimmy and the boys go back to work...

   "Oh! NO! PLEASE NO!" sobbed Theresa. "AHHHHHH! You can't let any

other people come over, please... please..." but it was too late.

Her fate was sealed. Jimmy bent over and whispered to her "Now, be

a good little girl. Remember the ballfield and the swing set...

She'll do it you know. You'd better get `in the mood' fast or

you'll be swinging in the breeze..."

   With that, Steve went back to work on her nipples and Jimmy

resumed fondling her open ass. Within seconds the poor tormented

girl was again writhing and moaning, this time to the laughter of

a small crowd. The sounds of light female laughter mixed in with

the boys made this doubly humiliating for her. 

   Suddenly Jimmy jumped up and said "I just got a GREAT idea! Wait

a minute..." and he rushed off into his bedroom. They heard him

digging through his things for a minute, then the sound of water

running. He returned with a big smile, and a water pistol. "Let's

have a little game while we wait!" He made a line on the carpet

with Theresa's discarded pantyhose and said, "Everybody gets five

shots. You score one point for each direct hit right on her

asshole!" Cindy heard his comments from the telephone and shouted

"All Right! I'm in!" Jimmy continued. "Like I said, one point for

each direct hit. At the end of each round the winner gets to give

her a spanking, as long as they want. Sound good to you?"

  "Great!" "I'm in" "Me too!" they all chimed. Steve kept working

on her tits as, one by one, they each crouched down at the line to

take their turn. Jimmy went first. He sighted down the barrel,

directly at the round little asshole that was about five feet away

from him and wiggling. He pulled the trigger... and scored a direct

hit! "That's one! he boasted" The sensation caused Theresa to suck

in air and moan loudly, to the delight of the crowd. Jimmy missed

on his second and third shots but scored again on his fourth and

missed his fifth. After this they each took their turn. Aiming at

her asshole was a good idea, as the natural wiggling made it a

perfect target. The other problem was that her pouting little cunt-

pouch a couple of inches below it distracted the boys somewhat.

Possibly for this reason the winner was Tina, with four out of five

perfect hits.

   "Go ahead Tina, you won. Do it! Do it!"

   Tina walked up to the shivering young girl. It was obvious that

she had been pitilessly held at the point of orgasm for a long

time. Her teeth were chattering and there was a small puddle of

cunt juice on the floor just under her swollen crotch. Tina slowly

let her hand trace along Theresa's entire body, surprised at how

hot this was making her. Finally she winked at the boys, lifted her

hand, and began spanking Theresa's ass with loud, ringing slaps.

"Oh yeah!" they all cheered. "Way to go, Tina!"

   Tina wailed Theresa's ass for a good five minutes, varying from

cheek to cheek and occasionally aiming for the exact center.

Theresa squirmed to try to get away and cried openly. The rest of

the room kept egging her on and taunting Theresa.

    Just as she was finishing they heard the doorbell ring. Cindy

went to answer it and there were Meaghan and her boyfriend, with

two cases of beer and some chips.

   "Come on it! Thanks for bringing the stuff. Let me introduce you

to our guest of honor!"

   Meaghan giggled when she saw Theresa and her boyfriend blushed

deeply. As they walked closer to get a good look at her some of the

others began arriving. Although they were all prepared for the

sight, each new person gasped when they first came in and saw

Theresa. By the time the last couple arrived, everyone was

relaxing, drinking beer, and munching. It was turning into a real

nice party, with the center of attraction receiving many pats,

pokes and little slaps from both boys and girls. A couple of the

girls brought cameras with them and snapped a few pictures of

Theresa's shame.

   Around 9:00 Jimmy told everybody to quiet down, he wanted to

show them a little trick he'd taught Theresa. He then bent over the

sobbing girl and untied her hands and knees from the little stool.

He then told her that he wanted her to crawl all around the room

again on her forearms and knees, dragging her titties on the carpet

and wiggling her ass like she'd done for him earlier that evening.

Theresa gasped and the crowd waited eagerly to see what would

happen next. Jimmy told her she'd better start now or she wouldn't

believe the things they would do to her, both here AND in the


   Biting her lower lip and with a face as scarlet as her ass,

Theresa got into the shameful position and began the most

humiliating journey of her life.

   The guests went wild! They laughed and pinched her ass as she

crawled by. More cameras flashed in the room. Theresa was crying as

she crawled but she kept her ass up as instructed. When Jimmy

yelled at her not to forget the wiggle there was a roar of laughter

in the room. When she finally headed back towards the stool she saw

Cindy sitting on the sofa with her long legs crossed and her short

skirt tucked back a bit. She had a very smug smile on her face as

she crooked her finger at Theresa and motioned for her to crawl

towards her. Theresa stopped at Cindy's feet and looked up past the

trim nylon-clad legs to the beaming face of her tormentor.

   "Sit up, Theresa. Stay on your knees but sit back on your heels

with your hands in your lap and look at me." Suddenly the room

became very quiet. "Spread your knees wider... that's a girl. Now,

you've been a very wicked little girl tonight, haven't you? After

all that teasing I'll bet you'd just love to cum, wouldn't you?...

well WOULDN'T YOU?" 

   Theresa jumped at the sharp tone and said "Y-YES Cindy".

   "Good! Well I'm going to let you cum, in front of all of our

friends here. But first, I think everybody would just LOVE to see

you play with yourself for awhile! Use your fingers and rub your

little clitty for the boys. Make those fingers blurr - but you'd

better not cum until I tell you!"

   The rest of the room looked on in fascination as the tormented

young girl began rubbing herself off. She started slowly, but she

was so hot by now that, in spite of herself, she quickly picked up

speed and began licking her lips. To further humiliate her, Cindy

made her apologize to the whole room for being such a stuck up

little snob. She had to tell them how much she enjoyed being their

entertainment and then beg them all to spank her if she ever forgot

her place in the future and began acting like a stuck-up little

smart-ass again. By now her fingers were flying and she was swaying

on her knees, nearing the orgasm she'd been kept so cruelly close

to all evening. Suddenly Cindy shouted "Stop it, Theresa! Stop it

Right Now!"

   Theresa whimpered in frustration as she stopped rubbing herself.

Her knees were vibrating and her hands were shaking. Cindy then

uncrossed her legs and patted them with her hand. With a smile she

indicated that Theresa was now to position herself across her lap.

Oh God! Was there no end to this humiliation? Cindy had a short

skirt on, but with it hiked back even more she flashed the full

length of her lovely long legs, silkily encased in nylon pantyhose.

With her knees still shaking, Theresa climbed up and managed to

drape herself across that lovely lap. The nylons felt tingly

against her naked skin as she adjusted herself over Cindy's thighs.

Theresa felt even more naked than ever as she felt Cindy's hands

come down to position her butt as a better target.

   Cindy casually played with Theresa's ass as they got settled.

She used her fingers to spread Theresa's asshole open then gently

patted and stroked the doomed flesh. 

   Finally she said, "Now I want you to turn your head so that

everybody can see your face as you're spanked. After each slap I

want you to say `Thank you, Cindy'. Don't forget now or you'll be

sorry..." Cindy gave her a sharp pinch and said "Don't look at me!

I said to keep your impertinent little face turned towards our

guests. I want you to see them laughing at you while you get your


   Theresa turned her head and saw that everyone's eyes in the room

were focused on her naked form, lying so obscenely across the lap

of the girl who had picked on her for most of her life, who always

seemed to get the better of her. She could tell from their eyes

when Cindy lifted her hand into the air. Suddenly she felt a hot

sting on her exposed asscheek and a loud slap sounded in the small

apartment. "Owwwwww!" She cried, twisting her hips just a bit, then

remembering, she said in a small voice "thank you Cindy...". She

barely got the words out of her mouth when a second stinging slap

came down on the exact same spot. "Owwwwwwww!!!!" she screeched.

That one REALLY hurt! Her reaction brought a few chuckles from the

boys and smiles from the girls. "thank you Cindy..." she remembered

to say.

   As the spanking continued she began sobbing her "thank you's"

while the laughter got more and more rowdy. Meaghan got off a

couple more snapshots while the boys tormented her with their rude


   "Wiggle that butt!" "Wow! I think she's getting off on this!"  

   "Why is the bad little girl crying? Awwww..." 

   In spite of the pain, Theresa began to notice how each hard slap

was causing her cunt to rub against Cindy's nylon-clad thighs. This

in turn was stimulating her already tormented and teased clit. She

had been held at the point of orgasm for so long that she was now

unable to stop her body from rubbing itself against the nylon

material, rubbing the sensitive little clit back and forth till she

felt herself close to the edge again!

   Oh no! She thought. Please God, don't let me cum like this!

Don't let me cum while being spanked across Cindy's lap! In front

of all the others! 

   As her body betrayed her, she looked at the laughing faces in

the room. The girls were clapping their hands in delight while the

boys were shouting rude encouragement to Cindy and making snide

remarks meant for Theresa's ears...

   "Look at her, she's gonna cum any minute! Cindy is really

wailing her ass, look at her go!" 

   "Y'know, I'd kinda like seeing her hanging by her hands and feet

at the ballfield. You think the boys that hang out there at night

might enjoy seeing her wide-open cunt on display?"  

   "Wait till I tell the guys about this, they won't believe it!

Hey Meaghan, can I have a set of those pictures when they're

developed?... Thanks!"

   "Wouldn't it be fun to make her walk all the way home like that?

I wonder what her Daddy would think of his little girl now?"

    As they hurled their remarks at Theresa, her traitorous body

kept rubbing her crotch madly against Cindy's thighs, keeping pace

with the stinging slaps of the spanking. Hours of being teased at

the edge made her gasp and rub herself off even harder, in spite of

the lewd spectacle she knew she was making of herself.

   All of a sudden she knew she was going to cum. She cried at the

shame of being spanked to orgasm by her enemy, at the same time her

body went stiff as a board. She held her breath and her whole body

trembled. Through her tears she could see everyone watching

intently as she yelled at the top of her lungs, then began jerking

all around Cindy's lap. Her orgasm was so intense that Cindy lost

her grip, allowing Theresa to fall off her knees to the floor,

where she continued thrashing around in front of the assembled

guests. The flash of Meaghan's camera added a surrealism to the

room; the voices became echoes and the faces blurrs as she

continued spasming and gasping for breath.

   When she finally came to her senses she found that her hands

were clamped tight over her pussy and her legs were drawn up into

the air, knees bent and spread wide, with her feet wiggling and

kicking. When her last spasm ended she lowered her legs and just

lay there, sobbing and thinking of the shameful specatacle she must

have presented for everyone's entertainment.

   "Damn! That was intense!" Jimmy said to Cindy, shaking his head

and chuckling in disbelief. "I had no idea she'd go this far. Can

you believe it, she actually tried teasing me and then asked if I

would take her to Laurie's party next Saturday? She must have

thought she could get even with you somehow by showing up with me

on her arm. Poooor Theresa. Looks like her little plan backfired!"

   Cindy's eyes flashed darkly for just a minute, then she smiled

smugly as she looked down at the naked girl on the carpet.

   "You know. That's not a bad idea! I think you SHOULD take her to

Laurie's party next Saturday! As a matter of fact we'll BOTH take

her. I'm sure she'll be the hit of the evening. Remind me to buy a

leash tomorrow..."

                                THE END


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