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Archive-name: Slaves/tender.txt

Archive-author: Warlock

Archive-title: Tender Wife, Tender Life?


My wife and I don't get out much.  We're usually hanging around

at home with the kids.  Although we have a large number of

friends, we usually don't entertain much.  Our personal pursuits

are private, and we don't want our friends to know what really

turns us on.

We used to be into wife-swapping, but that was years ago before

sexually transmitted diseases became deadly.  Now if you stick

something where it doesn't belong, it won't fall off if you're

unlucky. No, now you'll die!  So Beth and I got out of the

swinging scene at a good time.

We're still a horny couple, and we take our pleasure in each

other.  I'm into bondage and discipline, and Beth is my willing

slave.  Sound kinky?  Yep, real kinky.

Let me tell you about last night.  I had just gotten home from

work, and I was irritated at the traffic.  My wife met me at the

door with a smile, and welcomed me home.  The kids were playing

in the spare room, and wouldn't come out until dinnertime. 

"How's dinner coming?"

"It should be done in about 40 minutes."  she said.

"Then we have some time.  Come with me."  I marched her out to

the garage, picking up the video gear from a closet that we

passed.  She shed her apron and walked before me.  Her shapely

ass swiveled enticingly under the tight jeans that she wore.

After setting up the camcorder to catch all of the action, I

began by tying her hands together in front of her. I placed two

orange crates on the floor at her feet.  "Stand on these SLAVE." 

She obediently stepped up on the orange crates with little

hesitation.  I got another length of rope and attached it to her

bound wrists.  Then I pulled her wrists up over her head.  The

rope ran through a pulley attached to a rafter overhead, and I

tightened the rope,  pulling her wrists higher into the air.  The

boxes I had placed three feet apart, causing her legs to spread. 

I knelt in between the boxes, and nibbled at her snatch through

the material of the jeans.

I quickly fastened a cuff to either of her ankles, and attached a

rope to the right one.  I attached the other end of the rope to

the righthand wall of the garage.  Then I undid the zipper on her

jeans and swept her left foot off of the box.  I pulled both legs

down and removed the pants from the left leg.  I then placed her

foot back on the box.  I attached the left cuff, and removed the

right one.  Then the jeans could be taken off completely. 

Through all of this, Beth merely stood, although a wet spot was

visible in the crotch of her panties.

I pulled Beth's tank top up to expose her large breasts.  She

tapes in at slightly over 43 inches through the chest, and each

breast is easily the size of a sixteen-inch softball.  Her

nipples are dark brown, and are easily the size of champagne

corks when they are erect, with areolas two inches in diameter. 

She shook her body slightly and her tits swayed mightily.  I

loved those boobs; they were just the right size for breast


I walked over to my box of toys and selected the first torment of

the evening.  Spring-clamp clothespins were especially nasty when

applied to the nipples.  I selected two new ones.  She begged me

not to use them.  "Please don't put the clothespins on my nipples

Master.  It hurts sooooo much.  I'll do anything that you want,

but please, not the clothespins."

Her eyes pleaded with him, but he knew that she secretly wanted

the pins.  She begged him just to inflame his desire more.  "I'll

give her what she NEEDS!" he thought.  And he attached first one,

then the other to her erect nipples.

Her moans of pain were loud, and her gagged her quickly to

prevent the scream that he knew was building in her throat.  As

soon as the gag was in place, a muffled scream came forth,

unbidden, but not unexpected.  "I think that you're ready for the

next step SLAVE!"

I tore the panties off of her, exposing her shaved mound.  Beth

kept her snatch completely bald, except for a two-inch wide strip

that came nowhere near to covering anything pink.  This strip was

cut short, really just a reminder of pubic hair, a stubble in the

shape of a long, skinny rectangle.  Her pussy lips hung down over

an inch outside her cunt.  They were long like that due to years

of abuse by her Master.  As I watched, a single drop of vaginal

secretions formed on the outer folds of her snatch.

I retrieved a cat-o-nine-tails from the box of toys and

experimentally snapped it across her belly.  She yelped in pain

through the gag.  I switched it across her ass, and she leaned

back into it.  After ten strokes, more than enough to redden her

asscheeks, I switched hands and began to bring the cat down on

her unprotected pubes.  Now although a shriek of pain bubbled

forth, all but inaudible through the gag, she jerked her hips

forward, so as to intersect the flying cat's wicked thongs more

completely with her cunt.  She really got off on him beating her

pussy.  I gave her 30 strokes on the snatch, belly and thighs. 

When I rested for a moment, he could see her hips jerking and

twitching in near orgasm.  A sheen of sweat covered her chest and

back, and her breath came in great ragged gasps.

I turned my attention back to her breasts.  I grabbed the

clothespins and pulled up on them, stretching the teats away from

the rest of Beth's titflesh.  More moans from within the gagged

mouth, and she arched her back to limits the fiery bite of the

pins.  I deftly attached the pins to a thin y-shaped cord that

depended from another pulley set overhead.  I walked to the loose

end that hung down from the pulley, and selected a bag weighted

with 16 ounces of lead shot for tension.  When the weight of the

bag was hanging on the cord, her nipples were pulled fully an

inch further away from her boobs than before.  She thrust her

hips forward in a vain attempt to get some relief in the form of

orgasm.  I maliciously tugged on the weighted bag, and

contemplated adding another pound of lead.  She writhed in the

bonds, and I decided on the next step.

I walked back to her, and purposely slid the boxes another foot

further apart.  This caused her legs to spread even further

apart, and transferred more weight to her arms.  She sank a

little lower as the ropes tightened.  He nipples were lengthened

even more, as the cruel clothespins sank into her tender

titflesh.  The elongated teats were stretched to their limit as

the areolas were pulled away from the breast too.  I knew their

ability to take punishment, and briefly lifted the weighted bag

to allow a little respite from the torment.

I removed the boxed from under her feet entirely next.  She swung

slowly back and forth a few time.  The nipples were still grossly

distorted in their pinioned state, and I still toyed with the

tension on the rope.  I stood behind her, and checked my watch. 

Almost time for dinner; I'd better wind things up.

I walked to the wall and pulled the rope leading to her right leg

taut, until her leg was parallel to the floor.  Then I did the

same for the left leg.  Now she hung from the rafter, all of her

weight was on her arms held tightly overhead.  Her nipples were

stretched to the point where her softball-sized breasts were

visibly lifted by the tension on the cords.  Her back was arched

to minimize the pain she felt in her nips.  Sweat dribbled down

her cleavage into her pussy, and from there to leave a small

puddle on the ground below her snatch.  Juices from her hot quim

drooled down her labia and thighs.  She looked ready.

I selected a wheeled stool and adjusted it's height until it was

a few inches below her pussy.  Then I stripped down, and sat atop

the stool.  My tremendous erection waved slightly as it neared

the prize.  I plunged my prick into her hot snatch.  It was juicy

and she gripped my love muscle as soon as I was fully in her.  I

grasped her thighs and pumped her hips back in forth, literally

impaling my penis in her snatch repeatedly.  She panted through

the gag, and on the monitor I could see that the movement of her

hips was stretching her nipples even further.  I redoubled my

efforts, my brain short-circuited by the horny sight.

One of the clothespins sprung free at this point, and a full-

bodied scream shot up from the depths of her gag.  The tortured

flesh was red and compressed where the jaws of the pin had

crushed it.  In pulling it off, the nipple had been clamped

harder and more fully than ever before.  I continued to pump her

hips as he neared his orgasm.  Her eyes were closed, as the

remaining clothespin continued to bite into her nipple.

I came in great shuddering spasms, emptying my load into her with

tremendous heaves of my hips, and the other clothespin sprung

free.  She screamed again, as this one drew blood from her

mutilated teat.  A small drop of blood ran down her breast, and I

reached around in front of her to handle the globes roughly. 

"You know, everything was perfect up until you let the first

clothespin come off.  We're going to have to do the whole thing

over again."

But not now.  I released her legs from the cuffs, and then

lowered her to the floor.  As soon as I removed the gag from her

mouth, she thanked him for the session, and begged to serve him

with her ass after dinner.  I stopped the video camera, and began

to think about the next session.


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