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Archive-name: Slaves/taming.txt


Archive-title: Taming of a Husband, The

One Sunday night I was having dinner in a quiet restaurant with my fiance.  

She was wearing a thin white blouse, and I could just see her nipples 

underneath, as she wasn't wearing a bra.

All evening I had been getting glimpses of her long tan legs through the 

slit in the side of her skirt, and staring at her nipples during dinner 

was almost too much to bear.  She was from a very conservative family, and 

I had never seen her naked, or done anything more than kiss her.  I was 

pleading with her to let me make love to her before our marriage, which 

was still three months away.  She was getting quite worked up about it, 

and every time she shook her head no, her breasts jiggled back and forth.  

This only aroused me even more, and I had an erection that was trying to 

burst through my pants.

I just couldn't concentrate on arguing, and my cock was straining for 

release, so I excused myself, and got up to go to the men's room, with my 

hands in my pockets.

When I got there it was empty.  I unzipped my fly and let my cock spring 

out.  I heard the door swing open behind me, and I placed my hands in 

front of me to hide my erect prick, and kept looking straight ahead.  

There was a flash of light, and I turned my head, to see a gorgeous 

brunette standing beside me with a camera.  She gave me a wicked smile and 

said, "Wouldn't your girlfriend love to see that?" and patted the camera.  

Then she slipped a note into the front of my pants, and left the room 

abruptly, leaving me standing there, shocked.

I fumbled with my pants and pulled out the note.  My hands were shaking, 

and the note fell into the yellow puddle in the bottom of the urinal.  I 

grabbed it out quickly, and pushed it into one of my pockets.  I stuffed 

my now shriveled penis back into my pants, and went out.

On my way back to the table, I noticed the woman, sitting alone at a table 

a few feet behind where I had been sitting.  She was sipping a drink, and 

had left the camera sitting on the table in front of her. I tried not to 

look at her as I went by, and she gave no sign of recognition.

When I sat back down again, I was nervous and just wanted to get out of 

there.  I called for the check, and sat across from Elaine in an awkward 

silence.  The thought that, that woman was just a few feet behind me, 

watching, made my dick swell again.  As soon as the check arrived, I paid 

it and drove Elaine home.

I desperately wanted to know what was in that note, but trying to get home 

through traffic, as shook up as I was, took all of my attention. When I 

got home I took out the note.  It was wet and sticky, and I didn't think I 

could unfold it without it disintegrating into an unreadable soggy pulp.  

I put it on a radiator, and waited what seemed like hours for it to dry.

Finally, I pried it open and read it.  It said that if I valued my 

dignity, I should book a room at a local hotel at 9:30 Monday night, and 


I didn't get much sleep that night, and I didn't get much done at work on 

Monday, either.  I got to the hotel early, and paid $100 for a room.  I 

waited, and paced back and forth, by 11:00 nothing had happened.

At 11:30 the door swung open suddenly, and I jumped.  There she stood. Her 

legs were apart, and she placed her hands on her hips.  She was wearing 

thigh high leather boots, and a black leather miniskirt.  Her full breasts 

were straining the buttons of a sleeveless vest.  Her jet black hair fell 

about her shoulders, and she gave a commanding stare from her dark green 


"Is it true that your girlfriend is leaving you horny and not letting you 

get off?"

"I don't think it's any of your ..."

"Yes, or no!"


"She's quite pretty, is she a real blond?"


"Does she have a blonde pussy?"

"What ..?"

"Answer me!"

"I don't know,", I paused for a moment, then continued, "I've never seen 


"Let me tell you where you stand.  Do you want her to see that picture of 

you with your turgid little prick in your hands?"

"No!  She'd ..."

"All right.  So long as you please me, and do everything I say, she won't 

see it.  If you do especially well, I might even please you.  I see that 

you have a bulge in your pants again, wouldn't you like to get your rocks 


I looked down at the floor and quietly mumbled, "yes".

"Take off all your clothes!"

I started to unbutton my shirt.  "Faster!"  She clapped her hands.

My hands were fumbling as I tried to hurry, and two of the buttons popped 

off my shirt.  My pants caught about my ankles, and I fell over.  She just 

looked down at me with silent disapproval.  When I was completely naked, I 

stood up again.  As I looked at her standing there in front of me, my 

erection was the largest I had ever had.

"You have never seen your girlfriend's cunt.  Would you like to see mine?"

"Yes. Please."

She took the front edge of her skirt between her thumb and index finger, 

and slowly raised it up.  I gasped as I saw the light brown curls of her 

delectable mound exposed to my view.

"Now, lick me and fuck me with your tongue!"

I had never done anything like that to a woman before, but I rushed 

forward eagerly, and knelt before her.  I licked and sucked as best I 

could.  At that moment what I most desired, was to have my cock replace my 

tongue in her beautiful twat.  I didn't realize that I was humping my 

erection against her boot, until she grabbed my scrotum and squeezed it 

until I yelled.

"No!  Your girlfriend is right in not letting you fuck.  You are allowed 

to come as a reward.  You have to show you deserve it first."

I moved my cock away from her body, and redoubled my efforts with my 

tongue.  Eventually my mouth got tired, and I stopped.

"I didn't say you could stop!"

She grabbed my hair and pushed my face back into her crotch.  I started to 

speak, my voice muffled by her vulva.

"Please, don't I deserve ..."

"No talking!  Your body belongs to me.  You are not allowed to wear out 

your tongue with talk, when it should be serving me."

I kept pleasuring her until my mouth got numb.  When I could only rub my 

lips over her now dripping pussy, I fell back onto the floor, my stiff 

cock quivering straight up into the air.

She looked down at me and scowled.

"All right, I'm through with you for today.  If you can prove that you 

deserve to receive an ejaculation tomorrow, I may grant you one. Right now 

I will grant you one question.  Since you are not allowed to talk, I will 

pick the question.  What is my name?  To you it is just Mistress.  If you 

are required to address me in public, you may refer to me as "my Queen".

"Now, tomorrow you will come to this hotel again at 5:30, and wait in the 

lobby.  Sometime after that there will be an announcement that a young 

lady has lost her pet doggy.  It will only be made once, so don't miss it.  

When you hear that, you are to take the elevator to the top floor, and 

then the stairs up to the penthouse.  Since you aren't capable of 

undressing properly, you are to strip bare, out on the landing.  Then 

kneel on all fours and bark, until you are let in. If you fail to appear, 

naked and barking, immediately after the announcement, then your sweet 

girlfriend will receive a letter and a photo in the mail.  You are 


She spun about and strode from the room, leaving me lying there on the 

floor, exhausted, and frustrated.  Feeling exposed, and embarrassed, alone 

on my back with a hard on, I got up.

As I slipped on my shorts, they brushed against the head of my cock. That 

slight contact was all it took to send me over the brink of orgasm.  My 

semen spurted onto the carpet, and made wet stains on my shorts.  Somewhat 

dazed by the realization of the control this dominating woman was 

developing over me, I dressed and left, without cleaning up.

Tuesday, I remembered that I was supposed to be having dinner with Elaine 

and her parents.  When I called to say l couldn't come, Elaine was worried 

that I was upset from our argument on Sunday.  I assured her that I wasn't 

angry, and told her that I'd call on Wednesday.

I couldn't get away from work until five, and I didn't get to the hotel 

until almost six.  As I sat there I kept worrying that I had missed the 

announcement, and wondered if I should go on up, and plead forgiveness for 

being late.  A little after seven, however, the desk clerk made the 

announcement, and I hurried up with a feeling of relief.

When I got to the landing, I saw that there were several doors.  After a 

quick moment of fear, I decided that only one of them looked like it led 

to a place of residence.  I took off my clothes, and got on my hands and 

knees, and made quiet woofing noises.  I was afraid that if I was too 

loud, one of the maintenance staff might come by to investigate, and see 

me in my embarrassing position.  When the door in front of me stayed 

closed, I raised my voice a little.  Finally I barked as loud as I could 

and the door opened.

My Mistress stood in the doorway.  The first thing I saw was the black 

seamed stockings encasing her legs, at my eye level.  She had spike 

heeled, open toed sandals on her stockinged feet, with the straps winding 

up her silky calves.  At the top the stockings were fastened to a garter 

belt about her waist.  The wonderful crotch that my mouth was now so 

familiar with was encased in a pair of black lace bikini panties.  Looking 

up, I got my first partial view of her tits.  She had on a push up bra, 

with her nipples just peeking out above the cups.

"Well, so my little pet doggie has come back.  You were a bad doggie, to 

run away like that.  You should beg me to let you in."

"Please Mistress ..."

"No!  Like a dog."

I squatted up on my legs and raised my hands up to my chest.

"You can do better than that."

I let my tongue hang out, and panted, and I stared pleadingly up into her 

eyes from my spot out in the hall.

"Well, well, look at my doggie's penis", she said, waving a long finger at 

my swollen member.

"He must have run away to try and find a naughty bitch to take care of it 

for him.  You will have to be punished for that."

"Heel!" she said, and turned and led me into the middle of the room.

I started to stand up, but she yelled, "Down you mutt!".  "If you don't 

know your proper place, I shall have to teach it to you."  She got out 

some chains and cuffs, and bound my wrists to my ankles, to force me to 

remain on all fours.  Then she placed a collar around my neck, and snapped 

a leash onto it.

I saw her pick up a small box and press a button, then I noticed a video 

camera sitting on a tripod.

"Now, beg again for the camera"

She tugged on my leash, and made me face the camera and beg like I had out 

in the hall.  She zoomed in on my cock, just as a little drop of milky 

liquid formed at the tip.  I was really beginning to feel like my body, 

and my cock in particular, belonged to her, to play with as she saw fit.

Next she got out a short riding crop , and straddled my back, her warm, 

firm, buttocks pressing against my back through the thin fabric of her 

panties.  She rode me into the next room, to a table, lashing my thighs 

and exposed butt with her crop as we went.  Then she swung her leg over, 

and sitting side-saddle, using me as a chair, proceeded to eat dinner.

From my position beneath her, I couldn't see what she was eating, but I 

smelled steak.  My stomach growled.

"Mistress, please, I haven't eaten."

"Quiet!", she snapped.  Picking up her crop , she gave my balls a flick 

between my legs, making my cock jerk.

When she was finished eating, she arranged some cushions on the floor and 

slipped off her panties.  She arranged herself on her stomach, with her 

luscious ass pointed towards me.  My hunger started to give way to rising 


"My ass needs cleaning, if you eat it all up, I may let you eat something 


I scrambled over to her, and started licking up and down her crack, and 

all around her anus.  I jabbed my tongue inside as far as it would go.  I 

must have been pleasing her because she let out a slight sigh.

Without saying anything she rolled away from me and got up.  She scraped 

some scraps from her plate into a bowl, and put it on the floor.  The 

sight of the fat, and bones with bits of meat, was making my mouth water.  

She called me over to her, and freed my hands from my ankles, only to 

retie them behind my back.  Then she let me eat from my bowl.  As I ate 

she stood over me, lashing me with her riding crop  whenever something 

spilled onto her rug.  Eating made me even more thirsty than I had been 


"Mistress, please, I'm very thirsty."

"I see that you haven't eaten all of your scraps.  We can't have you 

suffering from a protein deficiency.  On your back!"

I rolled over, my hands pressing into my back.  She lightly ran the toe of 

her sandal up my prostate.  Then she placed the tip of her heel carefully 

on the head of my cock, and wiggled it.  I was getting very close to 

orgasm.  When she slid the top of her nylon covered foot up the underside 

of my prick, I came all over her toes, and the straps of her sandal.

She sat down in a chair, and swung her leg out towards me.  "Now, eat your 


I licked off the straps first, and then her foot and toes, stretching to 

reach the gobs in between them.  Eating my salty come made me even more 

thirsty.  I knew I would have to finish with her foot first, but as soon 

as I was done I begged her,

"Please Mistress, Water?"

"Now you want something to drink.  Water?  Wine?  Milk?"

She cupped one of her glorious, semi-naked breasts in one hand, and looked 

down at me.

"Anything.", I croaked.

She shoved my face against her pussy, and gripped my head between her 


"Very well, you have earned a drink.", she said kindly, and let flow a 

stream of pee into my mouth.  By that time I was so thirsty that I drank 

it gratefully.

"Now, to get back to your ejaculation.  You didn't have nearly enough 

sperm.  Have you been masturbating?"

"N-No, I ..."

"Lying will only make your punishment worse.  You know that you are only 

to come as a reward.  I didn't give you permission to come yesterday.  

This is a serious breach of discipline."

She untied my hands and threw a trenchcoat at me.

"Put this on!"

When I had it on, she told me to put my hands in the pockets.  I 

discovered that they had no linings.  My Mistress locked my hands together 

under the coat with a pair of handcuffs, then she tied my legs with a two 

foot cord so I could only take short steps.  The coat had a tie at the 

waist, and she tied one end of it snugly around my balls, leaving the 

other end hanging out.

I was worrying about what my punishment was going to be.  I suspected that 

we were going out in public.  Confirming my suspicions, she grabbed a 

large handbag and announced that we were going to my place.

She drove, ordering me to give her directions.  When we got out of the 

car, to my horror, we ran into a friend of mine.

"Who's your friend?", he asked.

"S-She's ..", I stammered.

My Mistress gave a sharp tug on my balls with the cord.

"My Queen.", I blurted.

"Well don't let Elaine know you've got another one.", he grinned and went 

on by.  It struck me then just how embarrassing it would have been if he 

knew that I was bound and naked under the coat.

When we got into my room, my Mistress freed my hands.

"Put all your underpants in a pile on the bed!", she commanded.

When I had done so, she reached into her handbag and pulled out a single 

pair of pink lace panties.

"A real man wouldn't come all by himself.  As punishment, you will not be 

allowed to wear men's underpants any more."

She held up the lace panties, I could see that they were several sizes too 

small for me.

"You will wear these instead.  If you soil them, you must come to me and 

beg for a clean pair.  If I find out that you have been wearing men's 

shorts, or try to wash these, or bring yourself off, remember that now, I 

also have the tape of my bad dog to show to your girlfriend.  You have my 

permission to fuck her if she allows you, but you must immediately come to 

me and give a detailed report of your performance afterwards.  Now hold 

out your arms."

I held my arms in front of me, and she scooped up the pile of undershorts 

on the bed and dropped them in my arms.  Then she grabbed the cord 

attached to my balls and led me back out to the car. Thankfully, no one 

saw us leaving, with me being led, and my arms full of underwear.

When we got back to her penthouse, my Mistress removed my coat, and left 

me tied to a stool to watch the tape of my performance earlier that 

evening, while she had a long bath.

When she came out, I saw her gloriously, completely, nude for the first 

time.  She came over and turned off the video tape and freed me from the 

stool.  I reached up to touch her firm smooth breast.  Before I could, she 

slapped my cock with the back of her hand.

"Your body belongs to me, not the other way around!  Since you still can't 

behave, I'll have to tie you up again."

My Mistress tied my hands behind my back, running the rope down the crack 

of my ass and tying the other end to my cock.  Then she tied my feet to my 

wrists, so I could only lie on the floor or kneel.

"Now, show your repentance by begging to please me."

"Please Mistress, let me lick you to orgasm.  You are so beautiful, I 

would do anything to please you.  Please, let me suck your beautiful 


"Breast sucking is for babies, not men.  No tits for you tonight. Lick my 

ass, and maybe I will allow you to please my pussy."

Bound as I was, I struggled awkwardly to service her behind with my 

tongue.  Eventually, she let me ply her pussy with my tongue, and I was in 

ecstasy.  I continued pleasuring her with my mouth all night, bringing her 

to orgasm several times.  When morning light began to shine in the window, 

I realized that I had to go to work.

"Please Mistress, may I go.  I have to go to work now."

"You must realize that your most important work is pleasing me."

"Oh yes, Mistress, but please, may I go."

"I suppose", she said.  She ran her hands over the breasts that I had been 

forbidden to touch, and pulled on her nipples.

"Would you like to touch my breasts first?"

"Oh yes please, Mistress!"

"Maybe another day.  For now, you can have some milk for breakfast."

She got some warm milk off the counter, and lay back and poured it into 

her vagina.  I lapped it up until it was gone, and then kept going until 

she had another orgasm.  Then she untied me and said I could go.

I got up and forced myself into the tight, pink panties, and put on the 

rest of my clothes.  I felt humiliated, with her watching me, and knowing 

that I would be going off to work without sleep, sweaty, and wearing her 

frilly panties under my rumpled clothes.

When I got home from work I was so tired that I just fell on the bed and 

went to sleep.  Not much later I was woken up by the phone ringing.  It 

was Elaine, wanting to know why I hadn't called yet.  I lied, and told her 

that I had been just about to pick up the phone when she called.  She said 

she was eager to see me, and asked me to come over to her place, which was 

something she had never done before. I readily agreed, and hurried over.

After a few minutes of small talk, she got to the point.

"I'm sorry about our argument on Sunday.  I've been thinking, and if it 

will please you, you can make love to me right now."

"Oh, Elaine, thank you, it means so much to me."  Then, with horror, I 

remembered that I was wearing my Mistress' panties.  I started thinking 

about how I could get them off without Elaine seeing them, and had second 

thoughts as I considered the prospect of making a detailed report to my 

Mistress.  Somehow, I knew she would be displeased if I had sex with 

Elaine for my pleasure.

"But I guess you were right, maybe we should wait.

"Then we're agreed, we'll wait."  She smiled, and carefully avoided 

looking at the bulge that my cock was now making in my pants.

Now that I had ruled out the possibility of getting my penis inside her, I 

thought I could still get something out of the situation.  I was yearning 

to see her naked body, and I desperately wanted to fondle her large tits, 

especially because my Mistress kept taunting me with hers.

"Maybe we could just cuddle.  I could kiss your breasts, and gently caress 


"No.  That would just lead to sex, and we've decided.  I think you'd 

better go now."  She got up and went into another room, closing the door 

behind her.  Seeing nothing else I could do, I left, feeling frustrated.

That night I dreamed about ramming my cock in Elaine's pussy.  I could 

hear the voice of my Mistress telling me that my cock had no right to be 

in a place as sanctified as a cunt.  Just as I was about to come, I heard 

my Mistress yell, "Stop!  I haven't given you permission!", and I woke up 

to find I was on the verge of an orgasm.  I froze with the thought of what 

my Mistress might do if I came, and only relaxed when my erection 

eventually subsided.  After that, I was afraid to go back to sleep, in 

case I didn't catch myself soon enough the next time.

Thursday I excruciated over whether or not to go see my Mistress.  If I 

went to her she might let me come.  I knew though, that I would have to 

undergo the humiliation of begging for clean panties.  I decided against 


By Friday I was desperate for sexual release, and I knew that changing my 

underpants couldn't wait any longer, so I went to my Mistress' penthouse 

and knocked on the door.  She answered the door dressed in a long robe, 

with her hair in a jaunty ponytail.

"You!  I didn't say you could knock.  And you have forgotten to take off 

your clothes.  Now I want you to try again.  This time, strip to your 

panties and lie on your stomach on the floor, like a worm.  Don't make 

many noises, There are repairmen next door working on the elevator.  When 

the door opens again, you may wriggle in."

She slammed the door, and I proceeded to do as she had directed.  I had to 

lie there for almost ten minutes, hoping that one of the repairmen 

wouldn't come by.  Then the door opened again.

"Wriggle!  Quickly!"

As I wriggled inside, the lace of my panties caught on the door sill, and 

there was a tearing sound.

"Stand up!

I stood up before her, and my erect cock pushed its way out the tear in my 

panties.  She tied my hands together, and attached them to a ring in the 

ceiling so that I was forced to stand on the tips of my toes, then stood 

back to look at me.

"What a dirty boy you are.  And look at your panties.  The nice pink all 

covered with black from the floor, and your ugly member poking out that 

gash in front.  And by the smell, you don't have good sanitary habits 

either.  It's a shame that's your only pair.  It would be awful if you had 

to wear those ones for the rest of the month.

"Please, Mistress, may I have a clean pair of panties.  I didn't mean to 

soil these ones.  I promise to keep sanitary if you give me a new pair, 

and I won't wait so long between begging to have my panties changed."

As I pleaded for new panties, she walked out of the room, and came back 

with a bottle of oil.  She grabbed the waist band of my bikinis and gave a 

tug, and the pants ripped the rest of the way.  They hung on my cock for a 

second before dropping to the floor.

"Oh dear, now you can't wear those.  I certainly won't let you put your 

clothes on directly against your tender skin, you would rub yourself raw.  

I guess if you can't acquire another pair somehow, you will have to stay 


As I continued to beg, she started rubbing the oil over my body.

"Mistress, I must have panties and wear clothes, so I can go to work, and 

to visit Elaine."

"Your job and friends are your concern, and are not to interfere with your 

service to your Mistress.  I will only grant you a pair of panties if you 

can convince me that you need them to use here, in my presence.

"Mistress, I need them for my modesty, and so that you can have relief 

from the sight of my ugly penis."

I kept begging as she finished oiling my body.  When she was done, she 

dropped a pair of pink panties at my feet.  Then she untied my hands, and 

I fell over after standing tiptoe for so long.

"Since you place such importance on your frilly underpants, there is a 

pair.  Put them on!"

My new panties were even smaller than my other ones.  When I drew them up, 

my cock wouldn't fit completely in them, and the elastic band pressed into 

it painfully.  I was about to complain that wearing these would cut off my 

circulation, and make my dick useless, afraid that she would just say that 

it was already useless, when my Mistress snapped an order.

"Bend over and grab your ankles!"

I complied, and she walked around behind me with her riding crop  in her 

hand.  I suddenly felt the handle of it pressed directly against my anus, 

surprisingly without the fabric of the panties intervening.

"You asshole, you have them on backwards.  Now fix it!"

I took them off, and noticed that they had a hole in the crotch.  They 

were still a snug fit, when I slipped them on again, sticking my cock and 

balls out the hole.

My Mistress laughed at me, and placed a collar around my neck, snapping a 

leash to it.  Then she had me lie on my back in front of an armchair.  

Spreading my legs, she tied one to each arm of the chair. She dropped her 

robe, and I could see that she was wearing nothing but leather panties 

with metal studs.  She sat on my chest, facing away from me, and proceeded 

to give me a lecture on cleanliness, punctuating her words by whipping my 

cock with her ponytail.  Then she got up and left the room, leaving me 

tied there.  I heard her saying something on the phone, and she came back 

a few minutes later.

When she sat down in the chair and placed her feet on my chest, I looked 

up into her eyes.  She caught my cock between two of her toes, and gave it 

a twist.

"A slave with proper humility, does not look his Mistress in the eye." I 

lowered my gaze to her perfect breasts, then kept it there as she 

proceeded to work some oil into them, making them glisten as she kneaded 

and pulled.  She allowed me the pleasure of caressing her feet with my 

hands, as I imagined the feel of her silky breasts.

After a while there was a knock on the door, and my Mistress got up. At 

first I was worried that she was going to answer the door, leaving me in 

plain view.  I felt considerable relief when she untied my legs so I could 

move out of the line of sight.  My relief was short lived, however.

"Open the door!"

I hesitated, but when my Mistress opened her mouth to speak again, I 

hurried over to the door and opened it.

I stood there, shocked, as Elaine entered the room, giving me an icy 


"Elaine, what ..."

"Mistress, you promised ..."

I looked anxiously back and forth between Elaine and my Mistress.

"I invited Elaine over to show her what kind of a man you really are. Sit 

down over there Elaine.  Now heel, slave!"

My Mistress pointed at the floor by her feet.  I gave a quick glance to my 

fiance, receiving an expressionless stare, before rushing to kneel at the 

feet of the woman who had dominated me.

"Now, slave, I have a special treat for you.  Don't you desire to suckle 

my breast like a baby?"

"Oh yes, Mistress!"

"I will allow you to touch me there, but you must pay for the pleasure by 

not being allowed to come.  Do you still wish it?"

"Yes Mistress, please."

She bent over me, bringing her glorious globes within my reach.  I did 

nothing until she said "You are permitted."  Then I tentatively reached 

out with one finger and slid it down the top of her breast and across her 

nipple.  I raised my mouth to kiss her rosy bud, but she pushed me to the 


"That was your touch.  Was it better than being permitted to jerk off?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I was reminded that Elaine was present, when she spoke.  "Very good," she 

said.  "I'm impressed."

My Mistress then told me to stand for inspection, with my hands on my 

head.  As Elaine ran her hands over my oiled body, my Mistress spoke, 

"From now on you are to call her Mistress Elaine, in public she is to be 

addressed as your Queen.  Is that understood?".

"Yes, Mistress."

Elaine ordered me to get down on all fours.

"Yes, Mistress."  I felt a stinging slap across my behind.  "Yes, Mistress 


She pushed my knees apart with her foot, exposing my cock and balls.

"Now, to show you who is going to be boss in our family, I am going to 

give you your real cock.  Reach back and spread your asscheeks."

"Yes, Mistress Elaine."

She got out a dildo and pushed it a couple of inches into my hole. "This 

is your pussy, and this is how we will fuck, with my cock in your cunt.  

Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress Elaine."

"You are to serve me the rest of your life.  Understood?"  She pushed the 

dildo in farther.

"Yes, Mistress Elaine."

"Beg me to fuck you!"

"Please Mistress Elaine, fuck my hole with your penis."  She began pushing 

the dildo in and out of my ass, then she pushed it all the way in and left 

it there.

"Would you like to lick my pussy?"

"Oh yes please, Mistress Elaine"

"But we can't have you seeing my nakedness, We're not even married yet."

"Please Mistress Elaine, let me pleasure you with my tongue."

My other Mistress blindfolded me, and then I was allowed to lick Elaine to 

several orgasms, while my behind was stuffed full by her dildo.

Elaine then put the trenchcoat on me, and led me out, assuring my other 

Mistress that she would return me for further training if I showed signs 

of not being fully tamed.

We are to be married in a few months.  Until then, I am to remain living 

where I am now, but every day I am to go directly to Elaine's after work.  

When I am there I must go naked, or wear what feminine things she chooses, 

and wait on her, hand and foot.  I must beg her to change my panties, that 

I wear under my regular clothes.  Until our wedding, I am not allowed to 

ejaculate, or view her body.  When I serve her with my tongue I must be 


My Mistress Elaine, says that on our wedding day, I will have my real 

penis fully inserted, and held in place by white lace panties.  My 

trousers will be tight, so that all the guests at the ceremony will be 

able to see the erection that I am bound to have due to my anticipation, 

and the pressure of her cock against my prostate.

On our wedding night, if I have obeyed all of Mistress Elaine's orders, 

she will let me see her naked, and allow me to kneel in front of her and 

masturbate to orgasm at the sight of her naked body. Needless to say, I am 

anxiously awaiting our marriage.  I can hardly wait to see the pussy that 

I love and go down on, which I know only by my tongue.

When I brought up the subject of having children, Elaine said that she 

would like having a cock inside her sometimes, and that she might allow me 

to watch as she let a man fuck her.

Once we are married, I must give up my job so that I can devote all of my 

time to my Mistress.  Elaine says that money will be no problem. She is a 

model, and makes enough money for essentials.  When she wants something 

outside our budget, she intends to raise money by selling my services to 

strangers.  She says we will need a lot of things just after we are 



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