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Archive-name: Slaves/tale.txt


Archive-title: Brenda and Becky

Brenda and Becky have started a house cleaning service.. they are both

young and very pretty.. but rather tall girls.. Brenda is 5'9" 145 blonde, 

blue eyes and Becky is 5'10" 150 brown hair and eyes.

They started cleaning my apartment several weeks ago and in the

process found some of my books on bondage and female

well as some of my notes from various telecomm companies

(conversations saved from online meetings).  They were real cool about

these things and didn't let me know they had found them until it was

too late...


The girls had decided that since I was in and out so much, I should

have a key made for them.. after some thought .. I said sure.. and I

did...the girls new my vacation was coming up and that I had planed on

staying around the house during this time... Saturday morning came and

I was awaken by Brenda and Becky just as they closed the handcuffs on

my hands..

"what are you two doing?"

"we know about your fantasies and decided you would spend your vacation as

our slave" the girls said.

and with that they through a robe on me and out the door we went...

when we got to the car... they opened the trunk and through me in...

there I lay in total darkness.. handcuffed and naked except for a robe..  

the car started and away they drove.. making several stops...

the last one lasting for about 2 hours before the trunk door opened...

we were at a house that looked to be very secluded..

the girls led me in and took me to the front room where I was

blindfolded..then led down some stairs... the handcuffs were replaced

with leather padded wrist cuffs... my arms stretched up and

connected... then I felt tension as

the cuffs stretched my body to the point that I was on my tip toes..

then the voices were gone... and there i stood (or I should say hung)

for what seemed to be hours..

I didn't hear anyone enter the room but was shocked when the feeling

of a sharp pain crossed my back.. I gasped from surprise and from 

the pain... loosing my footing and dangling by my wrists.. I felt yet

another lash across my back.. I tried to protest but the lashes just 

kept coming and I could hear a few snickers from the other side of 

the room.. after about 15 lashes... the tension on the wrist cuffs 

was released and I was pushed to my knees.. 

there I felt my hands being attached to a chastiy belt that was being 

placed around my waist.. my cock was put into a harness and a butt plug inserted in my anus.

Still blindfolded I could not see who was doing this but could sense 

more than just Brenda and Becky... then someone grabbed my head..

and as a lash went across my back.. I heard a strange female voice 

say  "open your mouth slave and pay homage to one of your new owners"

again another lash... I slowly opened my mouth..

moments passed and nothing... I kneeled there with mouth open.. not 

knowing what to expect... all my fantasies were of one woman having 

me in playful bondage for some good sex... i had never thought of 

other people or even a stranger using me.. yet here I was in the hands

of an unknown woman..  that is when I got a real shock...

with no notice at all.. a cock was inside my open mouth... a BIG cock

I tried to turn my head and move away...but the hands were holding my 

head so tight I could not even wiggle.. I felt the back of my virgin 

throat being pounded.. as I gagged... the deeper he pushed it.. and 

then the pain on my back started again... and i heard a male voice 

say... "whip him until he learns how to make me cum"

I heard another female say.. "may I help you, Sharon?"..

"yes my dear daughter, you may.. grab that cat-o-nine" 

daughter I thought... what happened to Brenda and Becky?... as the 

girls whipped my back side... the man fucked my mouth... deep and 

fast.. then for the first time... I tasted the juice... the juice that

when I had thought of it in reading others ideas had turned my 

inside... and yet I knew I was going to have to swallow it..

it seemed like he would never stop squirting his cum.. and as he did,

I heard the daughter say.. "swallow it my slave!  Swallow all of it or

spend the night in pain!"

as I slowly gulped... I was releived that this was finally over and 

started thinking about the females and what it was going to be like 

to lick on the daughter.. she sounded rather young..and that too was 

exciting... but then another surprise... another cock was forcing its 

way into my mouth.. what is going on here I wondered... 

as I listened to the sounds in the room.. i realized there was 

several other voices in the distant rooms... several male and female 

voices that I had not noticed before...

"you will all get a chance at him.. be patient" said on man

"yes.. and after that ... we will have some fun with seeing which 

one of you ladies can dish out some whippings.. maybe even a contest 

and the winner gets to use out little slave for a few days all to 

herself" said Sharon

4 cocks later.. and still no females... only a lash here and there 

while the men had their pleasure... then I was tied to a table, face 

up... I heard MTV and was left there for about 10 minutes.. when a 

woman came to me.. took off the blindfold and whispered in my ear..

"Brenda & Becky explained to me some of your fantasies.. My husband 

and I have played these games for years.. and our two daughters and 

their husbands also play now..and are swingers.. your in safe hands, 

but will be used fully before the night is over.. and will endure 

a good deal of pain.. but will not be harmed and I will monitor 

the activities to make sure your safe.. by the way.. you will be ours 

for a full week.. and I might ad.. we have your singed commitment."

"what signed commitment?"... she showed me a letter with my signature 

on it.. "I don't remember signing that!!"

"you didn't she said.. you signed a reciept.. or at least that is 

what you thought it was" as she grinned...

"now relax and enjoy.. or I should say endure.. you are about to 

experience your next torment"

and with that...she stood up and floped her self onto my face.

now you may be thinking.. sounds nice.. it would have been, except 

she was wearing panythose and a dress.. very nice dress..

come to think of it while she was talking to me I noticed everyone 

was dressed in semi-formal wear.. everyone.. there had to be at least 

20 people.. mostly couples it looked like..  

she sat there on my face.. her full weight.. no sex, no nothing but 

an occasional pinch on my nipple... she sat there for at least 15 

minutes.. then she got up... and it was only a few moments till a 

young looking (15ish) girl and another girl (mid 20s looking) came 

.. the youngest sat down on my face as if I was not there.. and the 

other sat down on my chest... they talked and wiggled.. when I tried 

to move my head... I felt a pin or something poked at my nipples.. 

it didn't take long to learn not to move...

she must have sat there 2 hours.. watching MTV, talking and moving..

only her weight on my face.. in her mini dress.. all I could feel was 

her pantyhose rubbing my face... and she did not lift any of her 

weight when she slid around.. my face was numb from the pain..

but all i could do was endure...

to be continued!!!


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