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Archive-name: Slaves/svalslav.txt


Archive-title: Sunnyvale slave

                        Chapter 1

The ad said:


    SWF SEEKING SWM OR SWM who likes to be controlled.  You should

    be 33-45 years old, athletic, successful, a nonsmoker, and

    willing to be tied down to a long term relationship.

    Call 408-555-1234.


So I called.  How could I refuse?

The message said:


    Thank you for responding to my ad.  Please relax and tell

    me about yourself.  Maybe describe yourself physically, and

    tell me why you responded to my ad.


So I said:


    I am 40, 5'10" and 160 lbs.  I have brown eyes and brown hair.

    I responded to your ad because I like to be tied down and tickled.

    My phone number is 408-555-6789


She called me!!  She told me that she was 35, 5'6" and 115 lbs.

Later we met.

    "Hi" "Hi" "I thought you said you were 40." "I did.  I also told

you that I look younger, but then you have heard that before." "Ya."

    She encouraged me to ask her questions, but she avoided answering

many of them.  She did give me this information:

    I have found that bondage usually leads to sexual intercourse.  I

would like a normal relationship too.  Some of the guys I have met

just want the bondage.  They already have a girlfriend, but she won't

give them what they need.  I can play the "normal" female role quite

well when we are in public.  But when we are alone together....  It

will be our little secret.  

    I enjoy controlling my slave.  When I put the cuffs, gag, and/or

chains on you, it is important that we both know that you CANNOT get

loose until I let you loose.  When I give you an order, I expect you

to obey it.  You have to want this.  Obviously I am not strong enough

to chain you, unless you let me.  Of course, once the chains are on,

then it's different.  One guy said he wanted to be tied with silk

threads.  What are the silk threads gunna do? He didn't have a clue!

    If you make too much noise, I will gag you so you cannot.  I don't

want to do anything that will permanently damage you physically. 

Well, your nipples might be sore the next day, but that's all.  I have

a slave, and right now he is in a particular place and in a particular

position and he will stay there until I tell him that he may move.  He

is alone, so he COULD get out, but I KNOW that he is there. 

            (She obviously enjoyed knowing this.)

    He freaked on me a while back.  But then he called me and told me

that he could not live without me, so I took him back for a while. 

One time he criticized the way I spent some money, so when we got home

I asked him if there was anything that he had said today that he would

like to retract.  He said, "I don't think so." So I said, "Come here."

I handcuffed his hands behind his back and I made him lie down on the

floor next to my bed.  I chained his ankles to one of the legs of my

bed, and then I chained the handcuffs to another leg of my bed.  I

took a nice big roll of money and stuck it into his mouth, and put

tape over his mouth to hold it there.  I told him to NEVER criticize

the way I spend money again, and I left him alone like that for two

hours.  I went out and got a copy of Variations.  He never did

criticize the way I spent money again. 


I noticed that she was looking at the bulge in my pants when she was

done describing the "punishment". 


Before she left, she told me that she would call me later, but then

she said that she MIGHT call me after she talked to all of the 35

other people that answered her ad. 


I waited a week, and then decided I wanted to try it, so I took all of

my clothes off.  I found a pad of 3" by 5" paper.  I took the

cardboard off the back and rolled it up.  I cheated by putting it in a

plastic sandwich bag before I put it in my mouth.  I put some duct

tape across my mouth and around the back of my head, and across my

mouth again.  I am not used to being gagged and this was somewhat

unpleasant, but I continued.  I got out my box of chains and locks.  I

locked one piece of chain to one leg of my bed, and I used another

chain to lock the handcuffs to another leg of my bed.  I tied the keys

to one end of a long shoe lace and I tied the other end to the chain

between the handcuffs.  I set a timer for 2 hours and turned it so I

could not see it.  I took off my glasses, and locked my ankles to the

chain.  I laid down and reached behind my back and locked the

handcuffs onto my wrists. 


I waited.  The gag was unpleasant and much spit collected in my mouth. 

I was able to swallow some, and some leaked out of my mouth.  (The

tape came loose from the skin below my mouth, but it still kept the

paper in my mouth.) I find bondage to actually be quite relaxing. 

Once I find the least uncomfortable position, I can just stop moving

and let the time pass.  I have few if any choices to make, so I can

stop thinking and doing.  After almost an hour, I discovered that if I

squinted, I could make out the time on my clock.  I tried to move

around and find a more comfortable position, but the chains were too

short.  The least uncomfortable position was the one I started in, and

I kept returning to it, even though it put a lot of pressure on my

left shoulder, and it got sore. 

    Finally the alarm sounded.  It was dark now.  I waited for it to

stop, one minute longer.  Then I started pulling on the shoelace to

get the keys.  I unlocked the handcuffs and I discovered that the

shoelace was too short to reach the lock at my ankles.  I had to untie

it from the handcuffs (which were still chained to the bed) to get the

keys to my ankles.  I was free. 


    I called her to leave a message telling her what I had done. 

About this time it finally dawned on me that this might have been

exactly what she wanted, a man who liked bondage enough to follow her

directions even tho he wasn't ordered to.  Later I went out to the

grocery store.  When I got home I saw that there was a message on my

answering machine.  I felt lots of fear in my stomach, because if

there were orders from her in that message, I would feel compelled to

follow them.  I almost wished that there were no orders there.  I put

the groceries away, and listened to the message.  It was blank. 


     The next day I discovered that sometimes when I move my right

arm, I feel a sudden pain in my right shoulder.  I enjoy this a lot. 

It's sort of like being with someone who will hit me at random times

for no reason at all.


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