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Archive-name: Slaves/suzy-bob.txt


Archive-title: Suzy and Bobby And Me

This one contains consensual domination and discipline of a male by two

females, one of whom is underage.  If you don't like the idea, don't

read the story.

    Last weekend me and my brother Bobby's girlfriend Suzy had a lot of

fun with him.  Mom and Dad were away somewhere for the weekend and Bobby

was supposed to be babysitting for me even though I don't think I need a

babysitter anymore because I'm ten years old now and Mom and Dad keep

saying that I'm a big girl now so why do they think I still need a

babysitter like I was still a little baby?  Anyway, Bobby had Suzy over

too, like she usually is whenever Mom and Dad are away, and Suzy was

acting like she was babysitting for both of us instead of just me and

Bobby was acting like it too, only on Saturday night when it was getting

near my bedtime they had some kind of fight -- a yelling fight I mean,

not a fighting fight, whenever they have fighting fights I can tell they

aren't really mad and besides Suzy always wins even though Bobby's a lot

bigger and stronger but he never really minds.

    Anyway, they had a big yelling fight and then she slapped him -- I

mean, she really hit him hard -- and then she said she was leaving and

that there were lots of boys his age -- he's sixteen -- that'd just love

to have her treat them like she treats him, and then Bobby started

crying, well, he'd actually been crying ever since right after she hit

him, but now it was sad crying instead of hurt crying, and he asked her

to please stay and said he was sorry and everything, and then he kneeled

down in front of her and said he'd do anything she wanted and please

stay, so she said okay.  He couldn't see her face because he was kissing

her feet or the floor or something, but I could and she was smiling and

she winked at me and I knew that she hadn't really been that mad.  It

felt kind of nice because I knew that she didn't want Bobby to know that

she'd tricked him and she was trusting me to keep it secret, so I did.

    She said that Bobby'd been a bad little boy and she was gonna punish

him and then he sort of shook a little like he was scared or cold or

something, but I don't think he really was because if he was I guess he

could have made her stop because it wasn't like she was Mom or Dad or

something.  Anyway, then she said that since I had to be there anyway

because Bobby was supposed to be taking care of me, I could help punish

him too if I wanted to.  I didn't understand what she meant at first,

but then she asked me if Bobby'd ever been mean to me and I said sure,

lot's of times and she asked me if I'd ever wanted to get even with him

and I said sure and then I understood that she was going to let me do

mean things to him, and it was okay because she was a grownup -- Suzy's

twenty, I think, or maybe twenty-one, something like that anyway -- and

she was the only real grownup there and she was saying it was okay, and

I started to laugh because Bobby'd done a _lot_ of mean things to me and

now I could get even.

    I asked Suzy if I could spank Bobby because that was the first thing

I thought of because I'd gotten spanked by Mommy just a while ago

because Bobby hid one of my dolls somewhere and wouldn't tell me where

it was and I got so mad I started screaming at him and Mommy said that

I'd just lost the doll myself and I shouldn't scream and make up stories

about Bobby and she wouldn't believe me or anything, so I wanted Bobby

to get spanked too because I had.  Suzy said that that was okay, but

that maybe because my hand was so small and I'm not very strong -- I am

too very strong, but only for a ten year old I guess, and Suzy was

talking about grownup strong like Mommy -- that maybe I should use a

strap on him instead, and I didn't know what she meant.  Then she told

Bobby to stand up and he did -- he was still crying and now he looked

kinda scared too because I don't think he liked it that I was going to

get to punish him -- and she took off his belt and then she swung it out

sideways and hit the side of the couch with it, real hard, and then I

understood than she meant I could spank Bobby like that instead of just

with my hand.

    That's when something really weird happened, because right then I

started feeling strange, I got that feeling you get in your stomach when

you're suddenly scared like I was when Mommy said I had to learn not to

tell lies and I all of a sudden realized that I was gonna get spanked,

only this didn't quite feel like that exactly, and I felt sort of like I

had to pee, only it didn't feel exactly like that either, and I could

feel my ears getting really red and I guess I didn't really notice it

right then, not until later when my face kinda started to hurt a little,

but I guess I was smiling real hard too.  Suzy must've seen some of this

because she started smiling at me different.  Before she'd just been

smiling because she was happy because she was going to punish Bobby,

which I guess she likes to do a lot, but now it felt like she was also

smiling at _me_ specially too.  That felt good, because I really like

Suzy.  Later, on Sunday night just before she left just before Mom and

Dad got back, she told me that she bet I'd grow up to be just like her

and I hope that I do because she's really neat.

    Anyway, she told Bobby to take off his clothes -- actually, she told

him to strip, which I didn't know that word meant that, but now I do --

and he said could she please not let me stay and watch and she slapped

him again and said maybe you don't get it, baby Bobby, but she's going

to do a lot more than watch, and then he started acting _real_ unhappy

but she just looked at him real mean and he took off his clothes like

she said.  I'd seen Bobby naked a couple of times, but not in a long

time, and he looked real silly standing there in the living room like

that naked with Suzy and me there with all our clothes on.  He's got a

_lot_ of hair on his legs and a lot more around his peepee and his thing

that hangs under it -- Suzy told me that a boy's peepee has a lot of

names but the one she likes is cock so that's what I'll call it too, and

that so do the hanging things but she calls it balls cause even though

it looks like a bag when you squeeze it you can feel two round things in

it, so I'll call it balls too.

    Anyway, his cock was real small and soft and I was surprised because

the last time I'd seen it was when I was six and I went into his room

and he was holding a magazine or something in one hand and his cock in

the other and it was real big and stiff then and I thought it was always

like that but Suzy explained to me later how sometimes cocks'll get big

and hard and then get small and soft or the other way around a lot of

times during the day, so I guess that this was one of the times it was

small and soft, maybe because he was so scared and crying and

everything.  There was a big drop of clear stuff sort of like thick

maple syrup without any color dripping from the end of his cock and I

thought he was peeing in the living room but when I said so Suzy told me

that sometimes when a cock gets big it gets some of that clear stuff in

it but it isn't pee and that sometimes when the cock gets soft real fast

right away afterwards the clear stuff drips out.

    I said it looked kinda funny and she said yes and then she put all

the clear stuff on her finger and held it up and Bobby without her even

telling him what to do licked it off her finger.  I said that that

looked sort of gross but she said it was okay for boys to eat their own

come -- that's what she called it, that's another word that I didn't

know it also meant that until Suzy told me -- and that all girls should

make their boyfriends do it because boys mostly hate to do it, so making

them do it reminds them who's in charge and also it's nice because it

lets the boys show the girls that they like them so much they'll even do

things they don't like for them.  Whenever I think about that now I get

that funny feeling again sort of, but not as much as I did that first

time I told you about.  Anyway, Bobby licked his come off her finger and

she told him that that was good but he was still a bad boy and he was

still going to get punished, but she'd be fair and she'd remember

afterwards that he'd been good now and I think he got a little happier

about that.  Back then I wasn't sure exactly what Suzy did with Bobby

when she thought he's been good but I could of bet that he liked it a

lot and now of course I do know some of what she does anyway and I

really know that he likes it a lot.

    Anyway, then Suzy said that it was time to start Bobby's punishment

and it was kind of funny because then his cock got hard real fast and I'd thought before

that it was soft maybe because he was gonna get spanked so I was

confused.  Suzy told me on Sunday -- that was the next day, all this

happened on Saturday -- that sometime when she was visiting again she'd

explain it all to me.  Anyway, his cock got hard and then she made him

stand next to this big armchair we have in the living room and lean over

the arm so the top of his chest just under the neck was resting on the

other arm of the chair and his cock and his balls were pressing on the

arm closest to him and his legs were sticking out nearly straight

because Bobby's real tall and he looked real silly, even sillier than if

Suzy'd made him lie down over my lap like when Mommy spanks me, though I

guess that would've been real silly too because Bobby's so much bigger

than me.

    Anyway, then Suzy told Bobby not to move or he'd really get it and

then she told me to try hitting the couch with Bobby's belt like I was

gonna hit him, only for practice.  When she saw that I was left-handed,

she told Bobby to get on the other side of the chair and he did, just

like he was before only the other way, and then I tried hitting the

couch.  I guess I was at first scared of ripping it or something --

actually, to tell the truth, I guess I was really more scared of missing

the couch or accidentally hitting myself or something and looking real

stupid -- and I hit it real soft, but then Suzy told me it was okay to

swing real hard because I wouldn't hurt the couch and even if I did

she'd make Bobby tell Mom and Dad it was his fault anyway, so I tried

hitting it real hard and when I'd done that for a while she told me to

go over to where Bobby still was.

    He was shaking a little again and I wasn't sure right then because I

couldn't really see it but I think his cock was small again, I really

can't wait until Suzy comes to visit again and explains all that to me

about how boys' cocks work.  Suzy told me to go ahead and I swung

Bobby's belt right at his ass, which I thought was a real dirty word for

a behind but Suzy told me that that's what grownups call it and it's

okay for me to call it that too as long as I only do it around her and

Bobby.  It was real easy to hit Bobby's ass because it was sort of

sticking up and because of Suzy making him move to that side of the

chair.  I swung it real hard and it made a loud noise when it hit him,

not like the noise it made on the couch, more like a spanking noise only

not quite the same and Suzy said _yes_ just like Bobby does sometimes

when he thinks something really good's happened like he did real quiet

so Mom wouldn't hear when she said I needed to learn not to tell lies

about Bobby and I was gonna get spanked.

    I guess I thought of that right then because I guess I kinda got mad

at Bobby on account of all the bad things he's done to me on account of

being my big brother, so I started trying to hit him real hard, as hard

as I could and as fast as I could, and I guess I hit him real hard a lot

of times because he started sort of crying and screaming at the same

time, and Suzy kept saying _yes_ like that like she was really happy

about all this.  It was a lot of fun and I felt even more like I kinda

needed to pee only I didn't and that felt nice once I stopped worrying

about wetting my pants.

    I guess I hit Bobby about maybe twenty or thirty times or something

like that before Suzy told me to stop.  His ass had a lot of red stripes

on it and so did the tops of his legs from where I'd swung kind of low

by accident.  I was breathing a lot like I was tired by I wasn't really

and I wanted to keep hitting him and when I said so Suzy said don't

worry, this is just a time out because he's making too much noise and

then she did something really weird, she reached up under her dress and

she pulled her underpants down and off of herself and they were white

like the ones I wear but bigger of course and then she told Bobby to

open his little baby mouth, that's what she called it, and she stuck her

underpants all the way in his mouth.  I thought that was kind of gross

but then I guessed that it was like when she'd made him lick his come

off of her finger so I guessed it wasn't really gross even though I

didn't really understand it.  Then she went to her backpack that she'd

brought with her and she took out something that was a big red ball, the

kind that's sort of hard but a lot softer than a baseball or something

because you can squeeze it a little.  This one had a hole or something

through it and a long piece of leather went through the hole like it was

a big bead and the leather had holes in it and a buckle like it was a

belt only a lot smaller.  Suzy pushed the ball most of the way into

Bobby's mouth so his mouth was open real wide and he was biting on the

ball and then she buckled the leather together tight in the back of his

head so the ball couldn't come out even if tried to push it out and then

I guessed that Bobby wasn't going to be so noisy anymore and it was real

funny and I laughed a lot and Suzy was smiling real hard too.

    After that, Suzy made Bobby stand straight up and she and I could

both see that his cock was big and hard again and sort of red or pink on

the bottom side because it'd been pressed down against the chair arm

that he'd been bent over and she smiled at him and giggled a little, not

like she'd caught him doing something wrong but like she'd caught him

doing something stupid or silly like playing with dolls or something and

then she pushed his cock straight down so it was pointing at the floor

and he made a noise like it hurt and I was scared that she'd broken it

or something but I guessed she knew what she was doing.  Anyway, then

she made him bend over the chair again just like he was before only now

his cock was sticking down towards the floor and I could see it between

his legs where they were spread a little and it looked real silly and I

could see it was dripping that clear stuff a little again.  I was kinda

worried that it might ruin the carpet, but I figured that if it did

Suzy'd make Bobby say it was his fault anyway so that was okay.

    Then Suzy said I could start hitting him again -- she said whipping

him so I guess that's what I was doing even though whenever Mom or Dad

ever said I was gonna get a whipping they meant spanking with a hand not

hitting with a belt like this -- only now that Bobby had all those red

stripes going sideways across his ass maybe I should start doing them

vertically.  I knew what vertically means, because I had vertical and

horizontal in spelling class last year and I remembered them because I

like v's and z's in words but I didn't know what she meant when she said

it like that so Suzy said here, I'll show you, and she took the belt and

stood mostly behind him and a little off to the other side from where

I'd been standing when I hit him because she's right-handed and then she

swung the belt up over her head and it's a good this we've got a real

high ceiling in the living room and she swung it down so just the end

part of it hit his ass, on the right side sort of, and it made a stripe

that went vertically instead of horizontally like the ones I'd made. 

Bobby really tried to yell when she hit him, I guess because she hit

harder than me or maybe it just hurts more when you start getting hit

again after it's stopped for awhile, but he didn't turn out to make

nearly as much noise as before because his mouth was full of Suzy's

underpants and the ball and everything so mostly he just made noises

through his nose.  Right then I thought that I could _really_ get even

with him if I wanted to by just holding his nose but I guess that would

been too mean even for him and besides Suzy probably wouldn't have let

me and even if she had this was before she tied him up on Sunday so I

guess he just would've pushed my hand away.  But thinking about doing it

to him made me feel real good in that funny way again.

    Anyway, Suzy said okay now you try it and she gave me the belt back

and I did.  It was a lot harder than before because when I was swinging

sideways it didn't matter too much whether I hit him with the end part

of the belt or the middle except that the end part made redder marks and

I guess it hurt him more too, but now I had to be careful because if I

swung from too close to him a lot of the belt would hit his back instead

of his ass and if I was too far away it wouldn't hit any of him at all

or else it'd just sort of scrape his legs which I guess kind of hurt him

but it wasn't what I was trying to do and I felt bad when I missed.  I

wasn't too good at it at first but after I guess about ten or fifteen

times I all of a sudden got how to do it and after that I only missed

where I was swinging at once or twice.  Once I missed everything, all of

him and the even the chair and I felt really stupid but Suzy said that's

okay everybody does that sometimes even her so I felt better.

    I guess I hit Bobby about twenty times good, not counting all the

times I sort of missed, and then Suzy said I'd better stop because if I

didn't I might really hurt him and make him start bleeding and

everything and she said we didn't want to do that because then we'd have

blood all over the living room and then she sort of real fake sweet like

asked Bobby that we didn't want that did we and he shook his head, but I

think she was just pretending that she only made me stop because of not

getting blood all over the living room.  I think she didn't really want

me to for real hurt him, which is okay because he isn't really that bad

a brother and I bet he's going to be a lot nicer brother from now on


    After Suzy made me stop hitting Bobby, and to tell the truth I was

getting real tired anyway so I couldn't have hit him much more anyway, I

thought that maybe Suzy was going to hit him too, maybe on the front or

somewhere that I hadn't hit him so that he wouldn't start bleeding, but

she said that he'd had enough for now and she made him stand up again. 

When she did his cock which was still hard or else hard again but I

think it was hard all the time popped up and stuck straight out and Suzy

and I both laughed because it looked silly because it was bouncing up

and down a little.  It was still dripping clear stuff and he looked

kinda like he was drooling only from his cock instead of from his mouth. 

Then Suzy said that she thought that because he'd taken his punishment

like a good little boy and hadn't tried too much to move away from the

belt of the chair and hadn't made too much noise that if he promised to

keep being a good boy then he'd deserve a reward and she asked him if he

promised and he nodded his head a real lot, so she said okay, boy,

here's your reward.  Then she told me to watch close because I'd want to

know how to do this someday and she sat down in the chair and reached up

with her right hand and took his cock in it and started sort of

squeezing and rubbing it, sort of like I think he was doing to himself

that time I saw him.  I don't know what she was doing but I was pretty

sure he liked it even though it was hard to tell because the ball in his

mouth was making his face look real weird and he'd been crying real hard

too.  Anyway, I thought that he'd been breathing real hard through his

nose when he was getting his whipping but now he was _really_ breathing

fast and hard and real soon, probably not more than may a minute I

think, he closed his eyes and started making real strange noises and to

shake all over real hard and then just when Suzy said something that

sounded like okay here it comes something _real_ weird happened.  A

whole lot of white sticky stuff came squirting out of the end of his

cock, real hard, and it probably would have squirted real far except

that just when it started Suzy reached up with her other hand and held

it so that all the white stuff went into her hand.  He squirted a lot of

white stuff before it finally stopped and even then Suzy was able to

squeeze some more out like his cock was a sponge except that it only had

that one hole in it at the end.

    I guess he finally ran out of the white stuff, or else there was

more but Suzy got tired of squeezing it out, I don't know which, but she

stopped and his cock was all small and soft again and his head was

hanging down and he was all sweaty and tired and still breathing hard

and I think that if Suzy hadn't right then told him to get down on his

knees on the floor in front of her he might have fallen down anyway

because he was real tired-looking.  Anyway, once he was down there Suzy

asked me if I'd please unbuckle the leather thing that she called a gag

but later she explained that the whole thing the ball and the leather

was the gag and that the leather was just part of it and that I should

call the leather the strap, anyway, I unbuckled it and then when Suzy

asked me to I took the ball out of Bobby's mouth and helped him push her

underpants out too.  I don't know why Bobby didn't just use his hands

then but I guess that maybe it's that Suzy'd put stuff in his mouth like

that before and she always wants him to wait for somebody else to take

it out instead of doing it himself, and he knew that and he wanted to

keep being good.

    While I was getting the stuff out of his mouth Suzy told me that the

white stuff was also called come and that it was a lot like the clear

stuff except that it came out a lot harder and that when it came out

like that the boy whose cock it was coming out of felt real good and her

making it come out of Bobby's like cock that had been Bobby's reward

wasn't that right Bobby boy, and Bobby just nodded his head.  I don't

know why having come come out like that -- I bet that's why they call it

come, y'know? -- feels so good for boys, but I sure believe Suzy that it

does because Bobby looked like he felt real good and happy, so since his

ass was still all red and I bet still hurting real bad too I guess that

means that having his come come like that must've felt real, _real_

good.  Then I asked Suzy if boys were supposed to lick up this kind of

come too just like the clear stuff and she said yup and held her hand up

in front of Bobby and he leaned forward and slurped it all up out of her

hand and swallowed it even though he looked like he didn't like very

much.  Suzy patted him on the head like he was a real little kid at

kindergarten or something and said see, he can be a real good boy when

he wants to.  Then she smiled at him real nice and said that's why I'm

going to keep him and she leaned over and kissed him on the forehead and

he looked like he was so happy that I don't understand why he was crying

a little too.

    Then Suzy told Bobby to thank me for punishing him because he'd been

a bad boy and he did even though I think it's kind of weird to thank

somebody for hurting you like that, and then she made him promise that

he'd be good to me from now on and he did and she told me to tell her if

he was ever bad to me again and then she giggled and said that it was

okay if I made up stuff about him being mean too and told it to her as

long as I didn't do it too often and I giggled too because it meant that

I could maybe push Bobby around now like he'd always pushed me around

and that felt real good.

    After that, Suzy looked at the clock and said that it was past my

bedtime so I went to bed and I was feeling so good that I didn't even

mind even though I usually hate going to bed on weekends because I know

that everybody else gets to stay up real late.  Anyway, Suzy told Bobby

to stay where he was and not to play with himself and to get his tongue

ready to go to work, I don't know what she meant by that last part, and

then she came upstairs with me and helped me get into my pajamas and

then she tucked me in and kissed me goodnight and I told her that she

was the best babysitter I ever had and she laughed and said that that's

just what Bobby always says too and that's when I remembered that she

used to be his babystitter before he got big and she was his girlfriend

and I wonder if she used to spank him and give him whippings and make

him come when she was his babysitter like she does now, and I bet she

did.  Suzy's a real neat person, and she let me play with Bobby on

Sunday too and we had a lot of fun tying him up and tickling him and

making him do stuff and stuff like that even though neither one of us

punished him again on account of how good he was all day on Sunday. 

When she left I told Suzy that I can't want until she can visit us again

and babysit for me again, and she said that she couldn't either and she

also couldn't wait until I got bigger, like twelve or thirteen, so that

she and I could _really_ play and have fun together.  I asked her what

kind of stuff we'd do together when I was bigger but she just smiled and

said I'd find out then.  Usually I hate it when people tell me things

like that but it's okay when Suzy does it.  I really like her a lot and

I can't wait until I'm bigger.


P.S.: The reason this looks so neat is because I made Bobby type it for

me and fix all the spelling and everything.  It's real fun being able to

make him do things for me.  The next time Suzy's over I'm going to ask

her to show me how to make his cock come so I can give him rewards when

he's good too.


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