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Archive-name: Slaves/summfunc.txt

Archive-author: Heidi

Archive-title: Another True Story


     "Anyone who has read the first story already knows what kind

of sex I like,  but if you didn't see it,  I like kinky sex, 

bondage and discipline. I love it,  and I find that it's the only

kind if sex that I really enjoy. I am also decidedly bisexual.  I

enjoy kinky sex with both sexes,  but mostly with men.  I was

told that their were several messages asking for more stories so

I will tell another one." 

     "My boyfriend likes to show me off,  and I like getting off

on it too. So one day he told me that a couple of old friends

were driving up from out of town.  He wanted to show me off,  I

agreed,  of course.  On the day that they were to arrive,  I

dressed up especially for the occasion.  I wanted to show off my

body.  I wore a leotard with nothing underneath,  and a

mini-skirt over that.  My boyfriend told me I looked terrific. 

He especially liked my mini-skirt;  it was so short that the

bottom curves of my ass showed from underneath.  It made me feel

very sexy.  So his friends arrived and we just took them around

town,  to all the record stores.  That night we went out for

dinner,  soon after the fun began.  I could see that his friends

kept taking peeks up my mini-skirt,  and I let them.  I knew I

could trust them,  my boyfriend wouldn't let them touch me.  But

I kept  letting them get peeks.  After dinner,  we went back to

my boyfriends house to watch a movie that they had rented.  Well, 

I really wasn't in the mood to watch a movie so I told my

boyfriend that I didn't want to sit through a movie.  Well I

guess he was feeling a little horny,  because that's when he

decided to pull out his handcuffs on me.  He immediately had my

hands secured behind my back.  He then told his friends that he

was going to have some fun with me and that he wanted them to

watch,  and maybe join in if  he felt like really punishing me. 

He pulled me over his lap,  so that my ass was sticking up in the

air,  brushed my mini-skirt aside,  and started spanking me at a

brisk pace.  I started yelling at him to stop,  even though I was

thoroughly enjoying it.  When I continued to yell,  he went to

his room for a moment,  and came out with a ball gag.  He had

never used one on me.  He said he was saving it for a special

occasion,  and this was good  enough.  He secured it,  so I could

no longer talk at all.  Then he pulled me over his lap again, 

and continued with his spanking.  After he thought I had had

enough,  he stopped.  His friends just watched us,  they seemed

hypnotized by the little show he had given them.  I was getting

hot. He then had me stand up,  he told his friends that he was

going to give them a guided tour of my body.  I was in no

position to refuse,  so I just stood there,  gagged,  and hands

restrained.  He started by rubbing my thighs and  ass.  I

couldn't help but to moan,  because it just felt so good.  Then

he  came up behind me and started rubbing on my now swelling

breasts....I could hardly stand as he did that.  His friends were

getting really horny watching this so he said he'd let me relieve

them.  He forced me onto my knees,  and had each of his friends

come up to me,  and have me give them blowjobs. After he took off

the gag he told me to start,  I was so horny that I  honored his

command immediately.  After I had relieved them all,  he untied

my hands and told me to undress.  I took off everything and put

it all aside then he put the handcuffs back on.  He then started

shamelessly shoving his fingers in and out of my pussy and

asshole.  I felt weak in the knees so he lead me to his bedroom

and tied my hands and feet to the bedpost,  face down. He then

undressed and entered me from behind,  within seconds I had an

orgasm that had been held from me for so long.  It was truly

rewarding.  After that we did watch the movie,  and then when my

boyfriend took my home,  he said that I had made him very proud, 

and he laid a beautiful kiss."  

     "And thus was the end of another day of being my boyfriends

total and complete sex slave." 



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