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Archive-name: Slaves/stryofg.txt


Archive-title: Story of "G", The

         "G" is a submissive who has  taken an  oath of slavery  to me,  her

        master.  She is tall and very slender with blonde hair that falls to

        her shoulders  Her legs  are long with a  lovely taper to the waist.

        Her breasts are pert with saucy red nipples.  She has a very sensual

        mouth  and  a  lovely  face.   She loves her status and finds unique

        pleasure  in  performing her duties as I assign them.   I realized a

        submissiveness  in "G" when I first met her.  I decided to train her

        as a sex slave and see just how submissive she was and  how far  she

        was willing to go.  Her first task was to pose as a slave before the

        camera.   I had her dress in garterbelt,  hose,  heels and a leather

        collar.   She readily accepted this  uniform  and was  a stimulating

        visual experience.   She  was  bound to  the bed and photographed in

        various  humiliating positions,  all of  which communicated her sub-

        missive nature and enjoyment of her status.

         It was during  this photo session  that I realized  that "G" was  a

        true submissive and was able to  satisfy my  dominate personality. I

        placed  my  slave in  several exposing  poses  and  ensured that her

        posture  and  position  displayed her sexuality and humility to full


         As  slave  "G"  passed her  first  test with  unique  enthusiasm  I

        decided to test  her level  of pain  endurance and  obedience.   She

        was bound to the bed, face down at wrists and ankles by white cords.

        She was instructed to  request  each stroke of the  whip, count it's

        number out loud, and thank her  master after  each stroke.  The whip

        strokes where light initially but  soon  progressed  to  forcefully,

        strategically placed, strokes of pain.  Could the slave  follow  in-

        structions and  yet maintain control over her feelings and emotions?

        Did  she have  the endurance that I  required?   Slave "G" performed

        remarkably well for  her first experience with discipline.   She was

        able to ask for and  tolerate several strokes of the  whip thus con-

        firming my  belief that she  truly accepted her status  as a  sexual


            During this discipline session I was stimulated by the sight of her

        naked  buttocks  squirming at  the  kiss of  each  whip stroke  and the

        resulting marks of discipline that were engraved upon her cheeks.  This

        visual conformation of her punishment session was also recorded on film

        so that the  session could  be recalled after  it faded  from my  mind.

        After reviewing the photographs that had been taken I decided to record

        the next session on videotape for a more realistic review and  critique

        of her  performance. I  set up  the equipment  in the  living room  and

        called my slave to position in front of the camera. I had her kneel  on

        the sofa, facing the wall with her ass toward the camera and bound  her

        wrists to fixtures spaced on the wall.  As I stood back to appraise  my

        slave's appearance I could see the  sexual excitement of the moment  in

        her posture and conduct.  Slave "G" was stimulated by the situation and

        was eager yet apprehensive of what was to follow.

            I probed her  body and  toyed with her  ass, cunt  and breasts  for

        several  minutes  and  took  her   to  the  brink  of  orgasm   several

        times only  to  stop  and  not  allow  her  sexual  relief.  Slave  "G"

        soon realized  the  total  control  that I  maintained  over  her.  Her

        twisting   and   quivering   body   only   served   to   amplify    the

        frustration  she   was  suffering   at  my   control.  Soon   she   was

        begging  for  relief  and  this  became  an  excellent  opportunity  to

        take my  slave  to  new  situations  and  experiences  that  she  would

        be required to endure as a sex slave.

            I gave slave  "G" several  strokes of  the whip  while fettered  to

        the wall  and then  released her  only to  bind her  to an  ottoman  in

        front of  the  camera. She  was  on her  belly  with her  wrists  bound

        behind her  back  and her  legs  spread wide.  I  used the  whip  again

        on her  ass  and left  the  marks of  slavery  engraved. She  was  told

        that she  would be  given to  others  to use  as they  saw fit  if  she

        did  not  perform  to  my  satisfaction.  The  video  camera   recorded

        the events  of  a new  slave  in training  and  her attempt  to  please

        her master.  Slave  "G" was  able  to  accept several  strokes  of  the

        whip and  count  each one  even  as her  ass  was rebounding  from  the

        pain.  At  the  conclusion  of   the  whip  session  I  was   extremely

        happy  that  slave  "G"  had  proved  herself  so  well  and  was  also

        sexually stimulated  by  the  realization  that I  now  owned  a  truly

        submissive sex  slave.  My  sexual  relief  was  also  a  test  for  my

        newly acquired  slave.  Was she  able  to  suck cock  while  bound  and

        without the  use of  her  hands ?  Could she  swallow  a full  load  of

        her  masters  cum  without  gagging  or  creating  a  mess?  Slave  "G"

        again responded  in  a truly  subservient  manner and  sucked  my  cock

        until I  shot my  load deep  into  her throat  . Despite  her  efforts,

        slave "G"  was  unable  to  swallow my  full  load  and  after  leaving

        my  cum  on  her   face  I  proceeded  to   punish  her  with   another

        whipping  and   realized  that   cock   sucking  would   require   more

        effective  training  before  I  was  satisfied  with  her  performance.

        The  video  tape  was  used  to  critique  her  performance  and  point

        out the areas that she needed to improve upon.

            My business  soon  required my  transfer  to another  part  of  the

        country and  it  became obvious  that  slave "G"  was  soon to  make  a

        lifelong  commitment  to  slavery   or  depart  her  masters   company.

        Being  a  true  submissive  and  having  found  a  new  lifestyle  that

        gave her  the  discipline  that  she longed  for,  slave  "G"  followed

        her  master  to   his  new  environment.   It  was  at   this  time   I

        realized  my   responsibility   as  a   master   and  that   my   newly

        acquired slave  would  need  a set  of  rules  to live  by  and  follow

        if I  was  to  continue  to  enjoy her  devotion  to  me.  I  developed

        the rules  for slavery  and had  slave  "G" read  them aloud.  She  was

        to  acknowledge   them  by   her  signature   to  a   slave  oath   and

        contract  thus  making  a  lifelong  commitment  to  her  master   that

        she  would  perform   her  duties  without   question  or   hesitation.

        Throughout  this  early  period  in  the  new  surroundings  slave  "G"

        was  frequently  tested  and  disciplined.  I  developed  new   bondage

        devices such as leather wrist handcuffs.

            I decided  to  train  slave  "G" to  become  accustomed  to  severe

        temperature changes  to  her body.  Slave  "G"  was bound  to  the  bed

        by her  wrists  and  ankles and  I  toyed  with her  cunt  and  nipples

        until she  was  begging  for  release  and  orgasm.  I  then  used  ice

        cubes rubbed  over  her  nipples  and  pussy  to  make  her  accustomed

        to the  cold.  The agony  of  this training  was  evident in  her  body

        manipulations  and  facial  expressions.  I  soon  placed  a  few   ice

        cubes in  her  cunt  and  allowed  her  to  melt  the  cubes  with  her

        natural body  heat.  I  also  desired to  train  slave  "G"  to  accept

        the discomfort  of  heat.  To  effect this  goal  I  used  two  methods

        of subjecting  slave  "G"  to  heat. The  first  and  most  erotic  was

        the use  of hot  wax dripped  from  a burning  candle. This  method  is

        very  effective  since  the  slave  is  allowed  to  watch  the  candle

        burn. I  would  drip  the  wax  on slave  "G"'s  breasts  and  ass  and

        would vary  the  distance  from  the skin  to  adjust  the  temperature

        from  stimulating  to  painful.  It  was  also  exciting  to  sit  back

        and gaze  upon the  splotches  of hardened  wax  stuck to  her  nipples

        and belly.  The  other  training  method I  employed  was  the  use  of

        Ben-Gay  ointment  on  slave  "G"'s  nipples,  ass,  and  crotch.  This

        method  is  an  extremely   effective  punishment  since  the   effects

        are  long  lasting  and  tortuous.  Ben-Gay  may  also  be  used  while

        you take  your  slave out  in  public but  do  not desire  to  cause  a

        public  spectacle.   With  slave   "G",  just   the  threat   of   such

        punishment  will  extract  a  most   humble  attitude  and  desire   to


            My next training session  with slave "G" was  designed to test  her

        desire  for   others  to   witness   her  status   and  to   test   her

        willingness  to  appear  in  public  as  a  slave.  I  had  slave   "G"

        dress in  her slave  outfit;  hose, heels,  and  garter belt  and  sent

        her to  the  corner  store  for  some  personal  items.  since  it  was

        cold and  snowing I  allowed  slave "G"  to wear  a  long coat  but  it

        could only have the top two buttons buttoned.

            This was not  a difficult test  but it did  prove embarrassing  for

        slave "G"  as  the  coat  fell  open and  exposed  her  bare  legs  and

        cunt as  she climbed  out of  the  car. Once  inside the  store,  slave

        "G" was  required  to  wait  in  line to  pay  for  the  purchases  and

        the mere  thought  of  her  nakedness under  the  coat  was  sufficient

        to cause  her  to  return  to  the car,  her  cunt  dripping  wet.  I'm

        sure the  men  in the  store  were able  to  identify the  sexual  odor

        that the  slave  was  giving  off.  When  slave  "G"  returned  to  the

        car she  had  difficulty  getting  in without  her  coat  falling  open

        and  displaying  her  cunt  to  those  parked  next  to  us.   Although

        embarrassed  due  to  her  exposure  slave  "  G"  was  willing  to  do

        what ever her master desired.

            The next project  I decided to  attempt was to  pierce slave  "G"'s

        nipples and  cunT.  I  felt  that  this  would  be  an  excellent  gift

        from my  slave  and  at  the  same time  serve  a  useful  purpose  and

        provide an  erotic  physical  adornment  to  her  body.  I  told  slave

        "G"  that  I  wanted  her  nipples  pierced  first,  then  when  I  was

        satisfied I  would  have her  cunt  done so  that  a small  gold  chain

        could be attached to any or all  of the piercings and I could lead  her

        by the chains. I decided that the  easiest method would be to use  self

        piercing earrings and  have slave "G"  wear them until  the tissue  was

        healed. I  took  slave  "G"  to  a local  jewelry  store  and  had  her

        purchase the  earrings  and  at  the same  time  I  instructed  her  to

        purchase a  gold  ankle  chain  with the  word  "SLAVE"  engraved  upon

        it. I  was sure  that  the combined  purchases  would cause  slave  "G"

        some  embarrassment.  The  clerk  at  the  store  asked  slave  "G"   a

        second  time  what  she  wanted  engraved  upon  the  ankle  chain  and

        then looked  at her  with the  knowledge  of slave  "G"'s status  as  a

        bondage sex  slave. When  slave  "G" returned  home  I had  her  change

        into her  slave  outfit  and  placed the  ankle  chain  upon  her  left

        ankle. She  was  instructed  that  it was  never  to  be  removed,  for

        it was  to  be  a  constant  reminder  of  her  slavery.  Next,  I  had

        slave "G"  place  the  earrings  upon  her  nipples  and  told  her  to

        look  at  her  self  in  the   mirror.  As  I  stood  behind  her   and

        commented on  the  erotic  nature  of  her  jewelry  I  also  felt  her

        cunt  and  noticed  that  the  ring  s  indeed  had  an  erotic  effect

        upon my  slave.  Unfortunately  the  rings  did  not  exert  sufficient

        pressure to  pierce  the nipples  and  I  was left  with  only  visions

        in  my  mind  of   my  slave  standing  before   me  with  gold   rings

        attached  to  her  nipples  and   a  thin  gold  chain  dangling   from

        them.  I  decided  to  use  this  failure  as  a  test  of  my  slave's

        devotion  to  her  lifestyle.  I  told  slave  "G"  that  she  was   to

        pierce her  own  nipples  as  an  act  of  love  and  devotion  to  her

        master.  She  accepted   this  task  and   collected  the  needle   and

        alcohol necessary  for the  task. At  this  time I  had to  depart  due

        to my  job but  told  slave "G"  that  I expected  to  come home  to  a

        slave with  pierced  nipples in  a  few  months. This  task  was  slave

        "G"'s downfall.  She  was  unable  to find  the  courage  necessary  to

        make this  total commitment  to her  master.  I guess  that I  will  be

        forced to  carry  out  the  piercing or  send  her  to  a  professional

        to have the task completed. I wonder if slave "G" is willing to undergo

        the pain and embarrassment of having another complete the task?

                                  *****THE END*****


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