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Archive-name: Slaves/sss-007.txt


Archive-title: Submissive Satin Slave - 7

                                   Chapter 7

As he looked under the sink for the whisk broom and dust pan Sally was

ecstatic, thrilled and aroused simultaneously with the knowledge that Janie

was now hers to do with as she pleased.  Her nipples were hard little points,

dying to be sucked.  And her clitoris was tingling as her pussy lubricated in

anticipation of things she would soon be experiencing as Janie's Dominate

Mistress.  But her new little he/she sex toy had so much to learn about being


"Yeah, legs are tough," she said to him.  "I'll help you this time.  But you'd

better pay close attention.  I can't keep treating you like a silly schoolgirl

entering puberty.  You have to learn to do these kinds of things for yourself.

It has to be done on a regular basis, Janie, if you expect to look pretty."

James's whole body felt strange and itchy as he brushed the dark hairs on the

floor into a big pile and put then in the waste basket.  He looked at Sally as

she leaned over to start his bath.  Her round ass was pointed at his face, her

firm buttocks parted slightly.  James could see the tight pucker of her cute

pink anus and directly below it the glisten lips of her pussy.  He had an

almost overpowering urge to lean up and lick both her sexy holes, but fought

his intense desires to do so.  He knew that to do something like that would

bring her angry wrath down on him.  He didn't want to risk that, having been

warned about touching her without her telling him he could.  He finished his

task and stood patiently, waiting for her to tell him to get in the tub.

Given the order, he stepped into the warm water and slowly sank down. Sitting

back he sighed, closing his eyes and rested his arms on the side on the side

of the tub.  He noticed the water suddenly smelled of lavender.  Looking up he

watched as Sally pouring something into the water as the tub continued to


"Bath oil," she said capping the bottle.  "It's helps to condition the skin."

Putting the oil away she handed him one of her pink razor and a bar of

feminine smelling soap.  "Here, get started on your chest."

James quickly lathered his chest and started to drag the razor down over it.

"NO, no, no," Sally said impatiently.  "If you want to be really smooth, you

have to go against the grain.  Like this."  She snatched the razor from his

hand and began to shave his chest, pulling the razor up toward his chin

instead of down toward his belly as he had been doing.

James leaned back and held his breath, not wanting to be cut as she drew the

sharp razor over his skin.

Sally deftly wielded the razor around his male nipples and shaved down to the

top of his belly.  She splashed water on his chest to rise the remaining soap

away, and rubbed her hand across his now smooth bare skin.

She muttered "Yes, that much better.  Now you do the rest and do it right!"

She commanded as she handed him back the razor.  Standing she turned and took

another pink razor from the medicine cabinet and set it on the side of the tub

saying.  "Once you're through shaving, go back over each area again using this

new razor.  I'm going to lie down, call me when you're finished."

Seeing his now truly bare chest she just had to cum but didn't want him to

know it.  'He's being so submissive, doing exactly what I tell him to do,' she

thought to herself as he began to shave himself.

James continued his assignment of denuding himself of his hair as Sally

departed to the bedroom where she threw herself on the bed and masturbated

furiously.  After three quick orgasms she felt like she had taken the edge off

her horniness and would be able to continue with Janie's first lesson in being

female.  But just the thoughts of future lessons were starting to turn her on

again.  This had to be the ultimate high she decided, having your very own

personal sex slave.

In the bathroom James's confidence grew as he shaved his belly and then around

the small patch of pubic hair Sally had left on him.  Finishing his underarms

and legs he let his hands wander over his slick smooth skin, shivering as he

did so.  Looking down he could see the head of his dick sticking out of the

murky water.  Picking up the new razor he began to lather his chest again with

the perfumed soap.  The shaving was much quicker this time and he was soon

finished, he thought.  Standing he rinsed his whole body with the hand held

shower but did not get out of the tub or let the water out. Instead he call


"Miss Sally, I'm finished. Do you want me to get out of the tub now, Ma'am?"

Sally was pleased when she heard him requesting permission and that he had

remember to call her Ma'am and Miss.  Rising from the bed she called out.

"NO!  Stay there, Janie, I want to inspect you."

James stood there meekly with his hands covering his crotch, waiting.  It

embarrassed him that he had become aroused at being made to shave his body

completely bare.

Entering the small room Sally smiled saying.  "You look much better now,

Janie.  Just think how your panties and hose will feel on your legs and

thighs?  Now, put your hands on top of your head and turn slowly around so I

check the rest of you."

James's face flushed scarlet as he brought his hands above his head.  He could

no longer hide his massive shaft and the small oval of short hair surrounding

it.  Or the now bald sack hanging below his stiff jutting organ.

Sally chuckled saying.  "I see that shaving isn't going to chore, is it Janie?

It's obvious that you seem to like doing it very very much."

James's now had his finger laced together and on top of his head.  Feeling

humiliated and ashamed he was unable to look at his wife.  Closing his eyes he

slowly turn as she had instructed.  When his back was to her he heard the

command "STOP!".

"Spread your legs and bend at the waist Janie," was her directive as she

moved closer and leaned over.  As he complied his buttocks parted slightly,

enough for her to see that he had shaved all of his scrotum but not his

asshole.  The crack that divided the twin cheeks of his muscular ass was lined

with fine almost invisible hairs.

James's eyes popped open with alarm and panic.  He had completely forgotten to

shave around his anus.  He knew that was exactly what she looking at now, his

hairy asshole.  He was paralyzed with apprehension and fear.  How would she

react?  What would she do?

"Now spread your legs and reach back with both hands and spread your cheeks

wide, honey," Sally was saying.

James couldn't detect if she was upset, angry, or pleased?  Hesitating he

shifted his feet in the water then slowly reached back and pried apart the

cheeks of his bottom.  He shivered when he felt her breath blowing across his

still damp anal opening.

Sally gazed at his hair ringed orifice for a moment.  She was trying to decide

if she should punish Janie for not shaving this most delicate part of the

anatomy.  Pursing her lip she again gently blew across his cute brown eye and

watched as it began to spasm.  Opening and closing involuntarily winking at


Reaching between his spread thighs she cupped his now hairless scrotum.  She

felt him jerk as his thighs started to close then suddenly spring outward.

She hefted the slick sack gently feeling the twin testicles through the loose

skin.  They were heavy and she knew they were full of semen ready to be

discharged in orgasmic bliss.  The power she now held was limitless, she felt.

'These are his jewels,' she thought.  'The symbols of his maleness, and I

Sally O'Brian own and control them.'

James's low moaning brought her back to reality.  She had absentmindedly

closed her fingers and was gently and rhythmically squeezing his nuts.  He was

close to cumming, droplets of pre-cum were floating in the bath water and he

was starting to pant.  Sally noted with satisfaction that he still gripped his

ass tightly holding himself open.  Not wanting to give him pleasure she

increased the pressure of her fingers just enough to cause him a to gasp in

pain.  Releasing his balls she decided on a course of action.  Physical pain

and punishments could come later, now she wanted to start on his mind and

his emotions.

Picking up the razor she pressed the blunt end of the handle against his

asshole a little.  She had no intention of penetrating his rectum, that would

special treat would be performed later.  She wanted to be the first to

deflower him anally.  But every since her talk with Brenda she had pictured

her husband dressed as Janie being fucked and made to suck another man.  She

also wanted to fuck another man, and the man she wanted to fuck was Brenda's

husband Charlie.  Brenda had said they have swapped, so just maybe now that

James was becoming Janie, possibly something could be arranged for their

mutual satisfaction.  Brenda had almost begged her to meet Janie.  Swapping

was something Sally now believed was conceivable and very probable.

James had released his butt cheeks and screeched out, rising up on his toes,

as Sally attempted to put something up his back-hole.  He loved worshiping her

bottom and wanted to fuck her butt in the worst way, but having her shoved

something up his own ass had never occurred to him.  Only homosexual males did

that and he didn't consider himself gay.  Yes, he did like wearing lingerie

and acting feminine was new and exciting but that wasn't the same thing as

being a homo.  Although he had sometimes wonder what other men's cum tasted

like.  Once he perform cunnilingus on Sally after they had fucked and had the

chance to taste his own emission.  He hadn't thrown up at the taste of his own

jism but perhaps that was because it was a combination of both their love

juices.  It had only happened that one time but it was enough to peak his

curiosity.  Did all men's semen taste like his or was there different textures

and flavor of cum?  He suddenly realized that his wife had stopped trying to

penetrate his colon and that he was no longer holding his ass open.  Looking

over his shoulder he saw Sally drawing back her hand ready to strike him.

WHAP!  Sally's open palm connected with his right buttock as she forcefully

commanded.  "Get back in position slut.  I didn't give you permission to move,

did I?"

James quickly obeyed, apologizing as he pulled his buttocks widely apart.

"No, Miss Sally.  I'm sorry, it's just that ...."

"Silence, Bitch!  I don't want to hear it," Sally snapped before he could

finish.  "You must be the dumbest cunt on earth, Janie.  If shaving get you so

excited that you forget to complete the job we'll just have to find another

method for keeping you smooth."  Sally dipped the razor in the water saying

"Now spread'em wide."

James held his breath as he pulled his cheeks outward, wondering how his wife

intended to keep him hairless.

As she worked Sally continued thinking and speaking out loud.  "Electrolysis

is one possibility, it permanent removes the hair but in your case the cost

would be prohibitive.  No!  I think Janie should try a depilatory cream, if

the hair grows back to quickly, I'll get a home waxing kit for my lazy little


Finishing she pinched the sensitive area between his asshole and his balls

saying. "There, you're all finished Janie.  Get out and dry off, and put you

clothes back on.  You won't need your hose, though.  Just the panties and bra.

I'm going to check on dinner.  I'll be right back."

James's now smooth skin tingled as he rubbed the soft warm towel over his

hairless body.  Quickly drying off he went into the bedroom to put his new,

sexy clothes back on.  His cock throbbed and he shivered with excitement when

he pulled the silky panties up his newly smooth legs.  He put his arms

through the straps of the bra and tried to reach back to hook it.

Sally giggled as she walked back into the room.  "I swear, Janie.  I don't

know about you.  You're one stupid slut.  A grown woman who doesn't even know

how to put a brassiere on!  Let me show you how to do that, properly.  I can

see you have a lot to learn about being female.  I guess I'll have to be your

big sister and teacher, won't I?   I'll teach you everything a girl needs to

know.  Things like how a woman takes care of herself, her body hygiene.

Choosing a hair style that will complement your features.  How to put on make-

up and knowing what perfumes work with you body chemistry.  Even what it takes

to look and be sexy."

"Yes, Ma'am," James meekly replied as he stood there.

Sally took the bra back off of him and turned it so that the cups were in the

back.  She hooked it, then spun it around his body so that the cups were now

covering his chest and males nipples.  She inserted the fake foam rubber tits

into each cup and held the straps out for him to put his arms through.

Adjusting the straps on his shoulders she asked.  "Do you want to try on the


James blushed and nodded yes.  He picked the flaming red garment up and pulled

it over his head, shivering as the silky material touched his sensitized skin.

He looked down at his feminized body.  Reaching between his thighs he snapped

the crotch of the teddy together, as he felt his dick tingled and swell.

Except for his massive hardon, he looked infinitely more feminine than he had

before he shaved.  The panties seem to cradle and caress his now hairless

balls and his legs were smooth from his ankles to his hips.

"You like that, don't you, Janie?"  Sally asked softly as she slid back onto

the bed among his new things.

James blushed and nodded as he mumbled "Yes, Ma'am."

"I glad dear.  I think you look very pretty and quite sexy in lingerie," she

smiled.  "Do you like to look pretty, Janie?"

"Yes, I do," James said softly.  He glanced at himself in the full length

mirror, and agreed with her.   He no longer looked silly but cute almost

girlish in the frilly garments and wig.

"You know, Janie, watching you shave and dress has turned me on.  I think I

need you to eat me to a good cum before dinner," Sally said as she spread her

thighs open, holding her arms out to him.  "Come lick my pussy, Janie!" she

said breathlessly.  "Come suck my cunt and make me cum!  Hurry now!"

James hastily crawled between her legs.  He looked hungrily at her open slit.

He could see drops of pussy juices clinging to the pubic hair lining her outer

labia lips.  The ruffled edges of her aroused and swollen inner lips

glistening in the dim light.

Sally reached down and spread her vagina lips open for him, exposing the

swollen clit jutting from it's protective hood at the top of her pink wet


James lowered his head, savoring the sexy, musky scent.  He extended his

tongue and flicked it against the engorged bud.  He felt Sally's hips jerk.

He pressed his mouth down on her hairy pubis and sucked her clit between his

teeth.  His teeth lightly grazed the sensitive organ before fluttering his

tongue rapidly over it's throbbing head.

Sally moaned raising her hips off the bed and pulling his head tighter against

her mound saying.  "Oh, yes, Janie! Ummm, that's good, Baby!  Now tongue fuck

me just like Brenda did this afternoon at work!"

James managed to raise his head and look up at her asking.  "Brenda did this

to you at work today?"

Sally forced his mouth back against her as she panted out. "Don't stop Janie.

Yeah, I was telling her about his week-end, and it made us both horny, so we

went to the rest room and ate each other."

James raised his head again and stared at his wife in disbelief.

"You told her about this week-end?  Everything?"

Sally smiled down at his wide eyes and whispered.  "Yes, every minute detail."

"Did you have to do that?  Can't we just keep this between us?" he whined.

Sally reached down and slapped his cheek and said.  "Shut up and eat my pussy,

Janie!  I told you,  I'll do what I want and tell who I want.  All little

Janie needs to worry about is keeping me happy here at home.  Now make me


"I didn't know you like to eat pussy."  James mumbled as she again forced his

mouth tight against her cunt.

"Neither did I, until today."  Sally said as she work her pussy against his

mouth.  "But I did.  And I'm going to do it again, with Brenda and other women

too.  Maybe I'll let you watch someday."

"I'd like that,"  James muttered as he used his fingers to spread her pussy

wider before plunging his tongue into the wet pinkness of her fuck hole.

"Brenda wants to meet Janie," Sally groaned as she wrapped her legs around his

back.  "And she'll probably bring Charile, her husband with her." She threw

the last part in to judge his reaction.  But she didn't see one.  It was


James's dick jumped and tingled at the thought of parading his new feminine

self in front of this couple.  Perhaps he would get to see the two women in

action.  This new revelation that Sally liked girls was exciting.  And he had

always had a fantasy of seeing his wife fucked by another man.  If he

consented to being seen as Janie maybe that fantasy would be a reality as well

as others.  Images were flashing inside his head as he performed his oral

ministration.  His pretty wife eating and tonguing Brenda's pussy while she

pinched her friends stiff nipples.  Then Sally was being fucked by Charlie and

she was crying out for him to do it hard and deeper.

Sally grabbing the back of his head brought him back to the present.  She was

forcing his face deeper into her pussy and was panting as she spoke to him.

"Charlie like to let little girls like you suck his dick.  Brenda says he

swings both ways and like to shoot his cum deep down the throats of submissive

pretty she/males."

That thought cooled James's enthusiasm, a little.  But Sally held his mouth

tight to her spasming pussy and bucked her hips up.  He knew she was about to

orgasm.  He felt her legs tense and he could feel her cunt contract around his

tongue.  He heard a low groan escape her clenched lips, then the flood of her

hot cum.  Her sweet tasting cream coated his tongue.  He gathered as much as

he could then quickly swallowed her flavorful juices before sealing his mouth

to her hole.   As she shudder and shook in climatic release he continued

drinking her nectar.

Sally wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled him on top of her.  "Fuck

me!" she gasped out.  "I need a dick in me!  Fuck me Janie!  Fuck me good!"

She unsnaped his teddy and pushed the front of his panties down.  She gripped

his hard cock and pulled it to her hot, soppy wet hole.  She wrapped her legs

around his panty-clad ass and pulled him down, driving her pussy up around his

hard cock as she did so.

"Oh, yeah, Janie, honey, fuck me!"  She panted as she slammed her pussy up to


James rammed his dick into her, bouncing his pubic bone hard against hers.  He

rubbed his smooth legs against her, his faked tits rubbing against hers.  As

he thrust frantically in and out of her, he felt his own hot cum begining to

course through his veins.  He grunted and held his dick deep in her as his

steaming, hot, white jism shot into her.

"Ohhh, yessss!" Sally moaned when she felt the hot liquid gushing in her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yessss, Janie, honey!  Ohhh, Janie, fuck meeee!" she screamed as

her orgasm began anew and peaked with his.

They collapsed at the same time, gasping for breath.  Holding each other tight

they basked in the afterglow of what was the most powerful cum either had ever

achieved.  After some moments Sally's breathing had returned to normal and she


"Oh, Janie, that was a great fuck!"

"Thank you," James panted as he lay on his wife unable to move.

"You need to go into he bathroom and clean yourself up.  Be careful not to get

cum on your new teddy and panties," Sally told him as she pushed him off her.

James rose unsteadily, his cock tingled as he held his slip and panties away

from his drenched and lathered tool.  He knew it would get hard again as soon

as he pulled his sexy panties back over it.  As he made his way carefully

toward the bathroom Sally called to him.

"Hurry back," she said.  "I want you to clean me up before I go eat my dinner.

Oh, and Janie, you won't need a wash cloth to clean my up.  Just your tongue,"

she winked and giggled as she reached down and pushed a finger inside her

cum filled cunt.

James hurriedly wiped himself clean so the wouldn't stain his pretty, silky,

new things, and headed for the bedroom to take care of his 'clean up order'

from his new wife/mistress.

After being satisfied yet again orally, Sally quickly showered and put on her

robe as her he/she husband set the dinner table for one.  She was satisfy

sexually for the moment and suddenly very famished.

James was hungry having skipped lunch but decided not to question why he was

instructed to set only one place setting.

Sitting down at the candle lit table Sally harshly called out.  "Janie come

here this instant."

James cautiously open the kitchen door and stuck his head out.

Sally turned and shrieked. "Here bitch, right beside me now!"

James hastily complied with the order and stood meekly beside her, not know

what he had done wrong.

Gesturing toward her plate she inquired angrily.  "What's this shit!"

"Ma'am I... errr... was ahhhh......" James started.

"SILENCE, BITCH!" Sally commanded as she slapped his ass hard with her open

palm.  "I was going to share my meal with you.  But because you're such a

stupid slut, who doesn't even know how to set a proper table, you will eat on

the floor like the dumb bitch you are.  Start a pot of oatmeal, it should be

cool enough for you to eat by the time you're finish serving.  Now bring the

salad while I arrange this setting properly."

James stood there shaking at the degrading and humiliating things his wife was

threatening him with.  Hadn't he obeyed and pleased her in every way since the

week-end.  He had worn her pantihose to work.  Let her shave off all his body

hair.  Being made to eat off the floor like a dog, could he endure the

embarrassment, the indignity, of doing such a thing.  Yet everything so far

had been so stimulating and exciting.  Did he want to revolt and put an end

this game?

As he stood there wavering trying to make up his mind Sally could see that

James was hesitating.  Biting her lip she decided that if he submitted without

a fuss that he would truly be her slave.  He would be her's to mold into

anything she desired.  Rubbing his buttocks thought the sheer garments she let

her hand dip between his legs to caress his still hard cock.  She then cruelly

pinched the tender inside of his thigh while telling him.

"Janie, I'm waiting!  Now hurry along and do as I say or you'll get no supper

at all."

"Ouch!" James gasp then quickly added.  "Yes Ma'am right away."

Sally enjoyed the meal as well as making her feminized husband wait on her.

She required him to kneel next to her chair when he was in the room.  And she

had him curtsey when he brought her different items of food from the kitchen.

She checked the condition of his dick periodically to see that he was stiff

and still turned on by what she was doing to him.

As he poured her after dinner coffee she announced.  "That was a excellent

meal Janie.  I'm very pleased with you culinary talents but you lack training

in other areas, which I will see that you get.  Now strip and get the pot of

oatmeal.  It's time to feed my little maid."

James blushed beet red.  His cock jerked inside his panties.  His hardon had

not diminished any in size, in fact it was bigger.  Now she would see just how

aroused all this was to him.  'Damn' he thought, 'Can I do it?'.

Sally took each article of clothing from him as he disrobed and placed it on

the table.  She smiled broadly as his dick sprang out hard as a rock when he

lowered his undies.   And she could not suppress the chuckling as he wiggled

his ass around as he knelt on all fours eating from the large pot.  Using her

bare foot she playfully kicked his butt said laughingly.

"After you finish washing the dishes and your face, Janie, report to the

bedroom, ok?"

James raised his face from the sticky gooey gruel but could not look up at his

wife as he muttered.  "Yes, Miss Sally."


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