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Archive-name: Slaves/sss-006.txt


Archive-title: Submissive Satin Slave - 6

                                   Chapter 6

"Honey, I'm home." Sally called as she walked into the apartment.  She heard

the shower running, so she went into the bedroom and began to arrange her

purchases on the bed.  Opening the bathroom door she could just make out

James's figure behind the steam and mist of the shower door.  Tapping on the

glass she called to him again.  "It's me, baby.  I see you got home pretty

early today.  Nothing happened at the office did it?"

James could tell that she was curious and was wanting to know if anyone saw

that he was wearing pantihose instead of boxer short.  He could not bring

himself to tell her that he was so frighten at being found wearing them that

he had spent the entire day inside his office.  He quickly replied to her

questions with a lie.

"No, nothing happened, darling.  I'll be right out, we can have a drink before

dinner if you like."

James had hurried home from work and quickly stripped off his clothes.  His

pubic region was coated with cum as were the pantihose he had worn.  He had

put the soiled garments in the clothes hamper and quickly started to shower.

He had wanted to wash himself and the sticky pantihose before Sally came home.

How could he explain to his wife that he had cum in his pant while looking at

and fantizing about sucking and fucking his secretary?  Or that the mere sigh

of her child like, shaved cunt had triggered his eruption of gooey spunk.  He

couldn't let her know.  He had to somehow wash those pantihose before Sally

found them.

'I will find a way!' he stated to himself as she stepped out of the shower.

Going to the dirty clothes hamper he opened it and quickly hid the soiled hose

at it's bottom.  Getting a fresh towel he dried himself with it before putting

it too in the hamper.

Sally had stripped down to her camisole and slip by the time James walked out

of the bathroom.  But she didn't take them off as she usually did.   Instead

she walked to him and kissed him, rubbing her silky slip against his semi-hard

dick.  As she frenched him she was grinding her pelvis hard against his hard-

on.  James was some what surprised by Sally actions, he had not expected

anything sexual tonight.  Especially since they had did so much over the week-


Breaking their kiss he noticed the things on the bed and asked.  "What's all


Putting her arm around his waist she led her naked husband toward the bed.

"I left work early too.  And I went shopping."  She said simply.  "I  picked

up a few things for Janie."

James stood there looking down at the array of things Sally had arranged on

the bed.  Several pairs of sexy bikini panties in various colors were lined up

across their pillows.  Next were at least a half dozen pairs of hose and a

powder blue garter belt.  Beside this was a least another dozen pairs of

pantihose.  A set of foam rubber falsies lay between two lacy brassieres, one

white the other black.  A green silk half slip and a red cami lay below the

bra's.  Draped over the foot of the bed was white transparent baby-doll

nightie and matching robe.  And beside the bed were a pair of patten leather

high heeled pumps and a box.  Inside the box was a styro-foam head with a

blond wig on it.

"Why?" he asked as his eyes darted over the sexy array of clothes once again.

"Because I thought Janie should have some nice things of her very own," Sally

said as she caressed and squeezed his naked buttocks.  "You don't mind, do


"Oh, no, I guess not." James said.  "I just didn't think we were going to get

this far into this thin ...."

Before he could finish Sally had move away and was sitting on the bench at her

make-up vanity and was looking over at her husband and saying.

"Well, I had fun this week-end.  And I thought you were having fun, too."

James turn and faced her.  "I did," he exclaimed.  "I just didn't think we

were going to make it a regular practice, that's all."

They were both feeling each other out.  Neither knew exactly how the other

felt about this new diversion they had stumbled on to.  And neither wanted to

admit just how much they had enjoyed their week-end activities.

Sally noticed that James's cock was now rock hard and was jutting from his

midsection.  He had gotten a hard-on from looking at the sexy things she had

brought home.  She smiled to herself.

Taking his hand she looked up into his eyes.  "Well, it'll be nice to have

your own things when we do decide to play that little game again.  Won't it?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess so," James muttered almost inaudibly.

"You want to try some of it on?"  Sally asked hopefully.

James desperately wanted to try it all on?  Even the wig, he wanted to see how

he would look if he were a woman.  But he did want her to know that.

"Sure.  Why not?" he shrugged, trying to sound aloof and casual, trying to

keep the excitement from his voice.  He turned and looked toward the bed and

asked "What's first." Not knowing really where to begin.

Sally was now beside him a pair of sexy pink bikini panties with lace around

the legs and waist was in her hands.

"I think these will look cute on you Janie, slip them on and let's see!" she

smiled broadly.

Sally noticed howt his hands shook as he took them from her and sat down to

put them on.  She saw a shiver run through his body when he pulled the sexy

panties up his hairy legs.

James quivered as he stood and pulled the luscious material upward between his

legs.  He couldn't control himself.  His massive hard-oh throbbed and jerked

inside it's satin confines.

Sally ripped open a package of pantihose and handed them to him.

Neither of them spoke as he sat back down on the edge of the bed and expertly

put the hose on.

"Hold you arms out," she said as she picked up the black bra up.

James let her slide the bra over his arms and hook it behind his back.  He

watched as she picked up the fake tits and inserted each of the foam rubber

falsies into the lacy cups of the brassiere.

"Now this," she said, handing him the green half slip.

James started to step into the garment but she stopped him saying.

"NO! NO!, Not like that Janie, dear.  Most females always put the delicate

things on over their heads.  That way you don't accidently ruin them if you're

happen to have your heels on.  Now let's put you pretty new things on

correctly, OK?"

James complied and almost sighed audibly as he pulled the silky garment over

his head.  Just the feel of it brushing his face was making his dick harder.

Adjusting the slip around his hips he was grateful that it cover his massive

erection.  He hoped Sally hadn't notice how tented out the crotch of the

bikini were in front, his huge shaft threatening to tear the sheer panties.

He still couldn't admit, even to her how turn-on he was at wearing women's


"Now sit over here,"  She said as she led him to her vanity.

James sat and watched in the mirror as she walked up behind him with the long

blond wig in her hand.  He didn't speak as she fitted the long natural looking

hair over his own.  She patted the soft curls into place, making sure all his

own light brown hair did not show.  James stared at his reflection in the

mirror the whole time.  With the wig on, the way hair framed his face, he was

astounded.  He looked almost female.

"Now the shoes," she said.  She turned to get the high heels from beside the

bed.  Turning back she smiled to herself again.  James had turned around and

had crossed his feet at the ankles with his knees pressed together like a

woman would do.  She knelt down and helped him get his feet into the shoes.

Standing she pulled him to his feet.

James almost fell when he first stood on the three inch high, spiked heels.

But Sally held his arm and helped him get his balance.  As he stood there

teetering and weaving ready to fall, Sally chucked.

"It takes a little practice, Janie, even for us real girls."  Sally giggled as

she helped him take his first few unsure steps.  Releasing her grip on his arm

she stepped away and watched.

"Take small steps," she encouraged him.

James tried a few faltering steps.  His ankles turned, but he didn't fall.

Sally immediately recognized the problem he was having and advised.  "Walk on

the balls of your feet, not your heels, Janie.  It may save you from a broken

ankle.  And swaying your hips a little it will help."

James walked slowly across the room and back, taking small mincing steps.  He

loved how he felt at that moment.  He loved how the soft slip caress his body,

when he moved.  The way the silky material brushed against ass.  And the sound

his thighs made when he walked.  He loved how the high heels felt on his feet,

and how they made his buttocks sway sexily when he walked.

"You'll soon be a natural in heels, Janie." Sally smiled.  "And you're very

pretty too, in your sexy new things."

James walked to the full length mirror and looked at himself.  He knew he

looked silly.  A tuff of dark chest hair was visible between the lacy cups of

the slip.  And the dark, course hairs on his legs were visible through the

sheer pantihose.  The shadow of a bread was plainly visible along his jaw

line.  But he felt great!  He felt pretty, even if he didn't look pretty!

Best of all thought was the feeling of being sexy!  He was excited sexually

but didn't want Sally to know it.  He started acting silly, to lighten the

moment and cover his true feelings from his wife.

""Yes, I am, aren't I?" he giggled.  "I'm as pretty as any girl I know!"  He

patted his curly wig and blew himself a kiss in the mirror.

"Don't get sassy, bitch."  Sally said, her voice suddenly harsh and forceful.

"I said 'little Janie was pretty, not beautiful.'  Someday, with enough

guidance Janie might possible be able to pass herself off as a real female but

certainly not today!"

Her tone made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.  He remembered how

she had acted all week-end.  Humiliating him, making him serve and service

her.  Continually telling him he was a second-class person because he was only

partially female.  Not a real woman, but only a panty-waisted, sissy wimpy


He had loved her and hated her at the same time.  But his cock had stayed hard

all week-end, too.  It was frighted and exciting all at the same time, as well

as embarrassing and humiliating.  He still couldn't admit even to himself that

submitting to her dominance was what he really wanted.  Subconsciously he

wanted to become his wife's sissy slave.  He wanted to become Janie so he

could serve and obey this new mistress he had found.

James immediately returned to the subservient role he had assumed all week-

end.  His cock was now threatening to erupt inside the bikini panties.  He was

trying to will himself to slacken his dick, to make it go flaccid but he

couldn't.  He knew Sally would be furious if he ejaculate in his new undies.

He was frighten and excited at what she might do if he did cum, soiling the

gifts she had bought him.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly as he bowed his head and look down at his feet.

"This may be easier than I though." Sally mused to herself as she looked at

him.  'He seem to be really liking this.  May be I really can turn him into

Janie my little sex toy.'

"It's okay, this time," she said, her voice softer.  "Now, why don't you go

make us some dinner.  I'll be in here relaxing and watching the early news.

Come call me when it ready. OK, darling?"

"Yes, ma'am," James replied quitely as he turned to leave the bedroom.

"Oh," Sally spoke as he reached the door.  "Bring me a drink before you get

started cooking.  A martini will be fine.  And you can have a glass of wine,

if you want."  Them added "Just a small glass, Janie."

"Yes, ma'am," he repeated as he gently closed the door and walked down the

hallway toward their bar.  He was walking easily in the high heels by the time

he returned with her drink.  It felt natural to have his heels elevated in the

sexy shoes.  And he was more sure of his feminine gate as he enter the


Sally was laying naked on the bad when he returned.  She had planned to leave

her sexy camisole, slip, and hose on as an enticement to get James to play

along with her.  But he had complied so readily with her demands and wished,

she decide to save them as a reward for later.  She might really need them

then as a inducement to get him to comply with what she had in mind.

James handed her the drink and stared down at her sexy naked body, envious of

her big, soft titties jutting from her chest, her wide womanly hips and

especially that furry little slit bisecting the mound between her sleek smooth

thighs.  He sat gently down on the edge of the bed, beside her feet and smiled

at her.  He reach up and put his hand on inside of her firm upper thigh and

let his fingers caress her satin smooth skin.

"Don't" she said harshly, grabbing his wrist forcefully and pulling it from

her from between her legs.  "Don't touch me unless I tell you to!" she barked


James jerked his hand back and stood up.  "I'm .... sor... sorrry," he

strutted out, almost near tears.

Sally spoke in a softer more gentle tone now as she looked deep into her

husbands dewy eyes.  "It's okay, this time.  I realize we are still learning

the rules.  But you must always remember, Janie, my body is mine, not yours.

I'll tell you when and where you can touch me.  And more importantly, Janie

dear, your body is mine, too.  It now belong to me.  To do with as I please,

to use for my pleasure, whatever and however I decide that might be.  Do you


She could see that he was starting to shake.  She knew this would be the first

real test of power she held over him.  Would he submit to what she was

demanding of him or was the game over with for good.  She was nervous, but

tried not to let it show as she waited for his answer.  He had closed his eyes

and his body shook with another slight trembling.

"I asked you a question, Janie!" she asked sharply.  Praying silently that he

would capitulate and surrender his manhood to her.

There was silence, the James quitely muttered "I understand," his eyes

downcast, his head bowed in submission to his wife and now new mistress.

"You understand what?" she asked demandingly.

She had won! and she was going to relish the days, weeks, months, even years

that lay ahead.  She decided to start Janie's training immediately by

subjecting her to a shave.  It would make Janie look and feel even more like a

female she thought.  And it would be a good first test to prove she was his

Mistress.  She would decide later how to punish her sex toy if he disobeyed

her.  Now right she wanted to hear from his own mouth that he was her.

She glared at him adding "And speak clearly, don't mumble.  Tell me what it is

that you understand, Janie?"

Not taking his eyes from the floor, James spoke in a low but distinctly clear

voice.  "I understand that I am not to touch you unless you tell me to, and

that I am here for you service and pleasure," he stated.

"Good!  Very good, Janie dear.  Those weren't my exact words but it's close

enough," Sally beamed.  "For being such a good girl and understanding what I

said, you may lick my pussy.  But just for a moment! I'm hungry and you must

make my dinner.  We can discuss discipline and punishments and the other rules

after I eaten, but right now I want you to have your reward.  Come Janie, kiss

and lick my cunt!"

"Thank you," James whispered as he sat down and moved between her now widely

spread legs.  He lowered his face to her crotch.  He knew she was aroused and

horny.  He could smell the strong pungent odor of her sex.

Sally reachd down with both hands and spread the outter lips of her vagina

open for him.  She could feel his hot breath on her now exposed clitoris. The

sensitive galn was now swollen and extended from it's proctive hood.  And she

watched with a sparkle in her eyes as Janie, her new submissive sissy slave,

extended his tongue ready to pay homage to her, his Dominate Mistress.

James put his tongue between the hot pink lips and licked up and down the

fragrant crack.  He started to lay down between her spread thighs so he could

drive his tongue into her hot wet hole, but she pushed his head abruptly away.

"That, enough for now Janie!," she gasped.  "You can have some more after

dinner perhaps.  If you serve me properly and the meal is delicious I may let

you make me cum.  Now hurry back to the kitchen and make sure you don't burn


James looked longingly at the wet, open slit, and inhaled the sexy, musky

odor, wanting to taste her sweet cream and to make her cum.  But he knew it

was not to be.  Slowly he got up and make his way toward the kitchen.

Sally was overjoyed at how things were going.  She was so excited she just had

to cum.  She began to play with her breasts, pinching and squeezing her

nipples with one hand while the other furiously manipulated her clitty.

Within minutes her body was rack with a gut wrenching orgasm.  As her climax

subsided she lay there complicating her next move.  She was new at this

dominance and submission thing.  She decided to play this new and exciting

game by ear until she could check out a few adult store and clubs in town.

In the kitchen James's cock throbbed in his new panties and hose.  He felt

sexy and feminine as he moved about the kitchen in his high heels.  He was

preparing Sally's favorite casserole to put in the oven.  It was almost ready

and he was hoping she would be pleased enough to allow him eat her again when

she tasted it.  Popping the dish in the oven, he set the timer.  After fixing

the salad and setting the table for one, he went back to check and see if

Sally needed another martini.

"Is dinner ready?" Sally asked when James walked into the room.

"I just put it in the oven," he told her.  "It'll take about forty five

minutes.  I thought I'd come see if you wanted anything.  How about another


"That's very thoughtful of you, dear," Sally smiled but then frowned saying.

Janie, honey, you're addressing me as if we were equals.  I'm a superior

female and you only a mere panty-waist of a sissy who must always treat their

better's with the proper respect they deserve.  You must address all females

as Ma'am or Miss and their given names, unless I tell you otherwise.  Do you

think you can remember that from now on, dear?  Now who am I, Janie?"

James quickly bowed his head and spoke softly. "You're Ma'am or Miss Sally and

I am to confer such titles to all women, unless you say otherwise."

"That's a good girl, Janie!"  Sally praised as she patted his thigh, then

brushed her hand over the bulge inside his panties.  "And to answer the

question you ask a moment ago.  'No, booze is not what I want.' If we've got

forty five minutes, I can think of something better to do.  Take your clothes


James's heart as well as his dick jumped.  He knew she was horny, but he

hadn't expected her to let him fuck her until bed time, and then only after he

had licked her to several orgasms.  If she did allowed him intercourse it

would probably be with her on top just like the week-end.  At that moment it

really did matter how they fuck, just as long as they did.  His dick ached and

he needed to cum.

He quickly pulled the slip over his head, unhooked the bra and let it fall to

the floor.  He pushed the panties and hose down his legs in one motion.

Hastily sitting on the end of the bed, he kicked the high heels off, his hose

and panties following.  He was crawling up the bed on all fours to lie beside


Sally jumped quickly off the bed and shouted angrily.  "What the fuck do you

think you're doing?"

Collapsing on the bed he slowly turned and faced her.  His voice was quivering

and shaky as he pleaded.  "I though this was what you wanted!"

He covered his eyes with his forearm as he waited to see what she would do?

She had mentioned disciple and punishments earlier and now he was suddenly

scared and frighten?  He could not tolerate pain and his mind was picturing

unthinkable tortures she could inflict on him.

"Well, it's not!" she spat.  "Have you forgotten already, that I'm the one who

decides when and where you are allowed to touch me, you stupid little cunt."

"No! Ma'am. I did forget," he began to plead.  "It's just that I though ...."

Before he could finished Sally decided that she should really establish

herself as Janie's Mistress so she began before he could say another word.

"You stupid little bitch.  You don't think, you obey!  l will do the thinking

for the both of us.  Do I make my clear?  Now answer me and don't forget the

titles of respect we just discussed?"

"Yes, Ma'am, it's clear,"  James responded meekly then added.  "It won't ever

happen again Miss Sally."  Choking back a sob he began to plead "Please!

Don't be angry with me!  I promise I'll do better, pleassseee don't beat me!"

Pulling him to a sitting position she sat down beside him and put her arms

around his waist hugging him.  "I'm not angry Janie, I'm not going to beat

you.  I'm just a little upset, that you forget the rules we discussed, so

soon.  You must remember always that I'm the true lady and you're not allowed

to touch without permission.  I will say when and how and you will obey.  Now

give me a kiss on the cheek to show me you're sorry.  I forgive you this time.

We'll pretend this never happened, OK?.  Now come on Janie, give me a kiss,

show me that you understand and will obey the rules."

James turned and quickly kissed her cheek.

"Good girl" Sally said as James again lowered his head.  Cupping his chin in

her palm she raised his head and stared into his teary eyes.  Using her thumb

she traced around his now damp lips saying.  "That's my good girl.  You

understand now don't you?  You're going to be my sweet obedient little girl

aren't you?."

James nodded his head up and down as she held his head in her tight grip.

"Good, that's good darling!  I'm very proud of you!  We'll talk about methods

of disciplining Janie for her mistakes and disobience later.  Right now,

though, I want you to go into the bathroom.  We're going to shave off all this

ugly hair." Reaching down she playfully tugged some of the strands of hair on

his hairy chest.  "Your legs and underarms need to be taken care of too.  We

can decide about your pubic hair after we see how the rest of you looks."

James's head snapped up and he looked at her with disbelief at what she had

just said.  He cried out, "You want me to shave my body?"

"Yes!"  Sally stated flatly.  "I shave my legs and underarms, it's one of the

things women do to look pretty.  You must start taking better care of

yourself, Janie, dear.  Girls can't be lazy and neglectful and expect to look

sexy and beautiful.  Now can they!.  Come on, now.  Let's go to the bathroom.

I'll help you this first time."

"But, Sally, honey, I don't think I want to go that far," He protested weakly

as she pulled him toward the bathroom.  "How will I change clothes at the club

after I play golf?"

"That will pose a problem I guess.  But it's your problem though not mine."

she said simply.  "You'll either have to tell them that you're a pussy whipped

panty-waist wimp named Janie, or you'll have to stop changing there.  Or

better yet just stop going there.  You're not a very good at the game anyway."

James wanted to protest more.  But Sally didn't give him a chance.  She got

out his electric razor out and put it's bread trimming attachment on.

"Now stand still and let me use this to get most of the hair off," she said.

"Then you can get in the tub and use a regular razor to make yourself really

smooth and sexy."

James was shaking his head no and backing up toward the door pleading.  "No!

NO! Pleaseee, Baby don't do this. Don't do this to me."  He reached for the


Sally spun him around pushing him hard against the door and slapped his face

with her open palm ordering harshly.  "Obey me bitch!  Now do as I say.  Stand

perfectly still or I whip your ass good."  She was somewhat surprised by her

own action, but determinded to see it through.  She would have what she

wanted, A SEX SLAVE, to use and abuse for her pleasure.  Or James would take

back control of their sex lives.

James was shocked but almost even more excited that he was during the week-

end.  Sally was being even more forceful and dominate than she was then.  His

cock jerked at the thoughts of having his buttocks thrashed and pre-cum was

starting to bubble from the slit in head of his dick.

He heard the buzz of the razor.  Looking down he watched as Sally ran the

razor across his chest.  Big clumps of his hairs were falling on the floor.

His skin tingled as the vibrating razor moved over him.  He raised his arms on

command so she could trim the dark tufts of hair under them.  His cock which

was now jutting out from his middle, jerked and bobbed up and down as she ran

the buzzing razor over his legs.  He was afraid he'd ejaculate and shoot his

load of cum on her pretty face when she started using the humming razor to

trim his thick, curly public patch.

Sally noted that his cock head was leaking pre-cum and smiled with

satisfaction that he was accepting and getting excited at what she was doing

to him.  She carefully used her thumb and forefinger to hold his hot steel rod

out of the way, as she trimmed his pubic hair into a small feminine oval.  She

left the dark hairs extremely short, they barely covered his pubic bone.

"You're looking better already, Janie," she smiled as she stood and turned the

razor off.  "Now clean up all that hair on the floor before you get in the

tub.  Do you want me to help you finish shaving?"

"I think you should," he replied as he looked down at almost denuded body and

the hair littering the floor.  "Especially my legs."


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