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Archive-name: Slaves/sss-005.txt


Archive-title: Submissive Satin Slave - 5

                                   Chapter 5

James felt extremely self-conscious when he walked into the office that Monday

morning.  He hoped and prayed no one could hear the soft rustle of the

pantihose he was wearing under his slacks.  He went quickly into his office

and closed the door.

He had may up his mind to stay inside his office all day to avoid any possible

detection.  He buzzed Kim, his private secretary, and had her cancel the sales

meeting he had scheduled for that afternoon.  He told her he would be working

on the sales reports and computer print-outs from last week most of the

morning and did not wished to be disturbed.

Kim sensual voice crackled over the intercom.  "Ok, boss but the latest print-

outs are still in data process.  I'll get them and your coffee right away."

He didn't know if he could hold his usual eight to ten cups of coffee without

relieving himself but he sure as hell was going to try.  As he adjusted his

semi-erect cock inside his pantihose, he silently cursed himself for being

such a heavy coffee drinker.  Sitting down at his desk he glanced through the

sales reports, wondering if he could make it until four without having to use

the rest room or pissing his pants.

Kim came in carrying a large stack of print-outs and his mug of coffee.  She

put the papers on his work table, and hurried over to him.  As she bent over

setting the mug on his desk, James felt his dick start to harden.  She was

wearing a white silk blouse with a plunging neck-line which showed her

cleavage of her ample bosom.  But it was her big nipples pressing against the

tight, sheer material that caused his cock to stand at attention.  It was

obvious that she was bra-less.

Kim definitely had a sexy body and knew how to show it off.  She was a

mediocre secretary but it wasn't her skill as a typist that got her the job.

That body was the main reason she was hired.  James had wanted to fuck her

since day one.  He hadn't really ever made a pass at her, but had made

suggestive remarks, hoping she'd make the first move.  She never had though.

He wanted her in the worst way but what would she think if she knew he was

wearing his wife's pantihose under his business suit?

As his cock throbbed inside the pantihose he started at her.  She had shoulder

length blond tresses and a pretty face.  Sexy green bed-room eyes and a

sensuous mouth with delicious pouty lips.  James could just picture those

sweet lips wrapped around his dick as she gave him a blow-job.  Her breasts

were prefect 36-B's and she had great looking thighs on top of long slender

legs.  Her hips were wide and sexy, setting her heart shaped ass to wiggling

seductively when she walked.  It was Kim's great looking ass that had started

him wanting to play with and screw Sally's cute butt.  Closing his eyes he

could feel the pre-cum starting to leak from the head of his dick, damping the

built in panties in the hose he was wearing.  Kim's voice brought him out of

his trance.  She was now standing in the doorway and speaking to him.

"If you don't need anything, I'm going to freshen up and go on break.  Shelly

baked me an angle food cake.  Would you like some?"

"No, you go on.  But don't you and Shelly eat too much," he kidded.  "I like

that sexy body of yours just the way it is.  Maybe I should take your's and

Shelly's measurements every week to see that you don't get fat."

Kim stuck her tongue out at him then quickly shut the door, adding.  "Just for

that I'm going to take thirty minutes instead of my usual fifteen."

As soon as the door closed, James leaned back and unbuckled his pants. Sliding

the zipper down, he lifted his hips lowering his slacks to mid thigh.  He had

to cum even if it meant a trip to the men's room.  He had to ejaculate if he

was to make it through the morning.  He pushed the hose down and hooked then

under his balls.  Wrapping his fingers around his throbbing shaft he slowly

jacked his hand up and down.  He groaned out loud when, after only stroking a

few moments, a thick stream of milky white cum shot out onto the carpet under

his desk.  Squeezing the last drops of sticky jism from his dick he began to

relax.  His chest still heaving from his orgasm, he pulled the sexy hose back

over his semi-hard dick and refasten his pants.

He immediately noticed that his cock was getting erect again and he hoped he

could sneak undetected into the men's john.  If he used a stall like he was

going to take a crap maybe no one would see that he was wearing women's

underwear.  At least that was what he kept telling himself.

By ten o'clock his need to urinate was becoming a crisis.  He was actually in

pain the need to relieve the pressure was so great.  He went to the men's

rooms but found it occupied by three of the guys from accounting.  He quickly

washed his hands and returned to his office.

At noon Kim stuck her head in the door an announced she was going to lunch.

This was his chance he thought.  Rising he locked the office door and looked

desperately around for something to piss in.  He searched the desk and found

nothing.  He consider his coffee mug but that would solve only half his

problem.  How would he get rid of the urine?  He began to frantically search

the file cabinets that lined one side of his office.  Slamming the last drawer

closed he cursed and then he spotted it!  Kim's fern, she had brought it in

months ago when she was in her ecologically phase.  Unziping his slacks he

hastily freed his aching dick and stood before the lush green plant.  He

sighed audibly as he carefully aimed his golden flow, soaking the soil in the

large planter the fern was in.  Five minutes later the door was unlocked and

he figured the afternoon would be a breeze.

At two Kim entered his office saying.  "These letters needs your signature, if

they are to make the three o'clock mail."

As he began to signed the correspondence, Kim leaned against the corner of his

desk.  Then picked up the print-outs and slid back to sit on his desk, saying.

"You sure are a glutton for punishment today, James.  Betty covered my desk

while I was at lunch and she said that you never left the office."

"No rest for the weary or the wicked," James quipped as he scribbled his name

on another letter.  Flipping to the next letter his paused and dropped his


The smell of her perfume was intoxicating, arousing his libido.  He could feel

his dick start to rise.  His hand was just inches from her clothed ass.  She

has such a slender waist and oh so sexy bottom he thought.  He glanced toward

her lap.  She had worn a short skirt today but no pantihose or stockings.  He

could see most of her bare thighs.  They were tan from the summer sun.  He

could just picture her sunbathing in the nude.  His cock was now fully erect.

He wanted to slide her over in front of where he sat, grab her knees and

spread her open on his desk.  In his mind he could see his head buried in her

crotch, eating her through her panties and making her cum.  Then ripping the

panties from her sexy hips, tonguing her from clit to asshole.  And as she

shakes and quiver in orgasm again he would drive his stiff tongue deep into

her fuck hole to gather her sweet cunt cream.  He could feel his nuts tighten

in their sack as his sperm churned in his testicles.

Folding the print-outs Kim hit him lightly on the shoulder with them and

chucked.  "Really James, weary maybe?   But certainly never wicked, depraved

or naughty!  I've always pictured you as a faithful husband.  Sally is such

beautiful woman.   I know that if she were my wife I'd never risk a quickie

and chance losing her.  I mean she has the most perfect body I've ever seen on

any female."  Realizing that she was confessing her lesbian desire for James's

wife she quick struck him again saying. "Mr. James R. O'Brian, wicked!  No


James had not been listen for he was picturing Kim down on her knees giving

him gread head.  Her lips and tongue were polishing the head of his cock as

she played with his balls.  Close to cumming he grabs her hair, holding her

head motionlessly as he fucks her mouth.  Driving his cock down her throat he

begins to shoot his load of cum.  Pulling back Kim opens her mouth wide as

spurt after spurt of his hot jism splatters her lips and tongue.  James feels

a wetness in the pantihose he is wearing, his cock is leaking pre-cum.

Flexing the fingers of his right hand her mutters. "Writer's cramp!" as he

rolls his chair back away from the desk.  He hoped to clear his mind of its

arousing images.  The sight he sees causes him anxiety and distress.

Kim had spread her knees and legs open.  He could see under her skirt clear to

her crotch.  She had NO PANTIES ON!   He could feel the sperm racing up

through the veins of his dick.  He was going to cum and nothing was going to

stop it.  Kim was not only panty-less she was hairless!  'Kim has a shave

twat!' he almost gasp out loud.  Her pubic mound look like that of a little

girl.  He could just make out the ruffled edges of her out labia as he

realized what was happening.  The first spurt of cum was flooding his


Panic stricken he pulled his chair as far under the desk as it would go.  His

ejaculation was so strong that it began to soak through the hose making a

obvious stain on his light gray slacks.  He held his breath and prayed that

Kim would not notice what was happening.  As the last trickle of semen dripped

form the head of his cock, he managed somehow to sign the last letter.

Expelling the trapped air in his lungs as a sigh, he handed Kim the letters.

She hopped down from the desk a gasp!  James froze horrified that she knew

what he had just done.  She was around the desk heading for the door in a

flash saying.  "Damn, I forgot to type the envelops for these."

As soon as the door closed James rolled back in the chair and look down at his

lap in disbelief.  He had cum in his pants!  His whole crotch felt wet and

sticky.  What was he going to do?  How could he leave, everyone would see!

Then an idea flashed.  He stood and removed his coat.  Draping it over his arm

he held it in front of his slacks.  "Yes! Yes!" he said out loud to himself.

He reached down and buzzed Kim on the intercom.

"Yes, Sir!" Kim answered.

"All this number crunching today has given me a splitting migraine.  I'm

leaving now, before my head falls off," he joked in his usual manner.

"OK, boss!  I hope you feel better,"  Kim replied.

James sighed again, relief that she had not noticed what had happen and that

everything appeared to seem normal.  Now all he had to do was get home and

shower and wash out these pantihose before Sally get's there.

In less than nine minutes he was safely in his car and headed home.  He had

about two hours he figure since Sally usually didn't get home until five

thirty or six.


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