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Archive-name: Slaves/sss-003.txt


Archive-title: Submissive Satin Slave - 3

                                   Chapter 3

"So how was you week-end?"

Sally and Brenda were sitting in the break room, taking over coffee.  It was

the first chance to sit and really talk on this busy Monday morning.  The

office was always a mad house on Monday's.

"So how was it?" Brenda ask again.

Sally took a sip of coffee and smiled.  "My weeek-end was very, very


"What did you do?  Fuck and suck non-stop since Friday?" Brenda inquired

raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah.  Pretty much.  I don't think I can tell you much about it, though,"

Sally said.  She knew she would eventually tell her friend all the details,

but she wanted to keep her guessing.

"What happend?" Brenda asked.  "Did you get kinky?"

"Yeah, we did," Sally smiled.  "Kinkier than we ever have."

"Uh, anyone in this story beside you and James?" Brenda inquired.

"No!" Sally said.  "Well, sort of," she admitted.  "Oh, I don't know if should

tell you.  I kind of promised that our new game would be a secret."

"Oh come on Sally!" Brenda said.  "You have to tell me now, I your best

friend.  Besides it bet you didn't do anything that Charlie and I haven't


"Didn't you tell me just last week that you and Charlie were in a sexual rut?"

Sally retorted.

"Well, it has been rather mundane lately.  But we've had our moments over the

years."  Brenda smiled.

"Like what?" Sally asked.

"Well, we got naked with another couple one time." Brenda said quietly.

"YOU!  You swapped partners?   You swing?"

" Shhh!" Brenda said.  "Not so loud?"

Leaning over she continued in a hushed tone.  "Well, we didn't start out to

swap.  We were at this couple house for dinner once and we were all pretty

drunk.  This other guy brought out a board game, where you roll dice and take

a card.  It was a sex game you took off articles of clothing."

"And you took all your clothes off in front of this other couple and Charlie?"

Sally asked, still unsure whether to belive her.  She couldn't imagine her

straight laced friend drunk and naked at a party.

"Yeah, I did," Brenda said proudly.  "As we played and would take something

off I began to get horny as hell.  We were all sort of watching each other and

trying not to stare.  When we were all naked we picked from a different stack

of cards and starting fooling around.  You know, kiss and touch each other.

It was long after that that we were fucking."

"Brenda, I can't believe you're telling me this!  Quick, tell me more, I'm

dying to know all the details." Sally ask hurriedly.

"You think you and James invented fucking and having fun?"  Brenda asked.

"No, I just sort of pictured you and Charlie doing it in the dark.  You know,

just straight sex, the missionary position, not kinky sex!" Sally said.

"Well, it's not always him on top and me on bottom, and it not always with the

lights off!" Brenda said.

"Well, come on! Tell Me what happened!"  Sally pleaded.

"Only if you promise to tell me about your week-end," Brenda said.

"I promise," Sally said solemnly.  "You have to tell me about this other guy

and the fucking.  Is he good looking and what about his equipment?"

"Rick is a dream boat, blond hair and baby blue eyes.  He's about six feet and

really built, there was not a ounce of fat anywhere on him.  His cock was

longer and thicker than Charlie's.  And he could really pound a pussy with

that fuck stick of his.  The fucking started when the gamed ended.  Charlie

was so drunk he could get it up.  I started whining about it and asked him to

eat me, so he did.  But I needed to be fucked, and I said so in a loud voice.

Well, Nancy that Rick's girlfriend, was sitting on his face.  She heard me

complaining, she reached back and held Rick's dick up and winked at me."

"What did Charlie do?" Sally asked.

"He looked at me, and I look at him, like I was asking him if it was all

right, and he just smiled and nodded.  So I crawled over and mounted Rick,

Nancy held his dick up so I could sit down on it.  It was the first time I

ever had anyone except Charlie inside me.  Rick's cock could touch places

inside my pussy that Charlie's never could." Brenda smiled.

"Was it exciting?" Sally asked.  She was sitting on the edge of her chair,

picturing the scene in her mind.  Her own pussy was tingling, and her cunt was

leaking cream.  Her panties were damp already and she was afraid she'd have a

wet spot on her skirt when she stood up.

"Was it ever!" Brenda said.  "I thought I was going to start cumming as soon

as I sat down on him.  And when Nancy reached out and started playing with my

tits and nipples.  I did start to cum, and kept cumming, and it didn't stop.

Not for a long time!"

"You let her play with your breasts?" Sally asked.

"UH, Huh.  and I play with hers.  And I let her kiss me." Brenda said.

"You kissed a woman?" Sally asked getting even more excited herself.  Her

nipples were now as hard as erasers and pushing against the cups of her bra.

"I did," Brenda smiled.  "And it was half bad.  Different than kissing a man

thought.  Nancy's lips were soft and I could taste her lipstick when we

french.  And before the night was over I even kiss her pussy, too, and let her

kiss mine."

Sally stared at her friend across the table.  She couldn't imagine Brenda

being so wild.  They had discussed their sex lifes before but this was

different.  Sally wasn't sure that she should believe Brenda's story or not.

"What did Charlie and Rick think about you and Nancy doing it toget... ahhh I

mean you and her having ... I don't know how to phrase it ... having lesbian

sex or something?"

"I Not a Lesbian, bi-sexaul perhaps but I like sucking and fuck and cocks like

any woman, Sally."  Brenda said.  "They both thought what Nancy and I did was

sexy.  And we convinced then to try it, too."

"They messed around with each other." Sally ask skeptically.  She was thinking

what it would be like to see James sucking another man's dick.  Would he do

it? And how would James react if the man want anal intercourse with him?

"Well, they played with each other cocks a little, and Charlie even sucked

Rick's dick a little bit, but not much," Brenda said.

"Did he like it?" Sally asked.

"Well, that night he acted like he didn't,  But later at home he confessed

that it kind of turned him on, and that he wouldn't mind doing it again."

Brenda said.

"Has he?  I mean fooled around with Rick again or some other man." Sally

whispered as she felt her pussy contract with excitement at the thoughts of

the two men fuck and sucking each other off.

"Yeah," Brenda shly admitted.  "We all made plans one night a couple of weeks

later.  I went to Rick and Nancy's house, and Rick cam back to our place to be

with Charlie," Brenda said.

"So you and Nancy fooled around again, too?"  Sally looked at her friend

closely and wondered what it would be like for her to feel her tongue and lips

paying homage to her now soaking quim.

Brenda smiled and nodded.  "We had a great time," she said.  "We've talked

about doing it again, but it's never worked out."

"How long ago was this?" Sally asked.  "Was this swapping and lesbian thing

done recently?"

"No it was several years ago," Brenda sighted. "Rick moved to the west coast

and Nancy found another guy and got married although we did manage to get

together a few times after Rick left."

"What about Rick and Charlie?  Did they have their fun that night?  Did they

do oral and anal sex together," Sally wanted all the details she could get.

"According to Charlie, they did," Brenda said.  "Charlie wasn't to open about

it, he did confess that he loved what they did together.  And I'm pretty sure

they together a few times before Rick moved."

"Doesn't that bother you," Sally asked.  "I mean, Charlie having sex with a

man.  And aren't you afraid that someday he'll decide he wants what he had

with Rick or some other guy on a more regular basis and leave you for a male?"

Brenda grinned and replied.  "Not really, Rick's no threat to me.  I mean, I

could lose Charlie to another woman, too, but I don't sit around worrying

about it.  I just try to make sure he's happy at home, and that he'll want to

keep comming home and cumming at home."  Brenda giggled at her little play on

words and so did Sally.

Sitting back Brenda ask "Now, it's your turn to tell me about you week-end and

this little secret game you are now playing."

Sally glanced at her watch.  "It's going to have to wait until lunch," she

smiled.  "It's time to get back to work."

Brenda took Sally arm and looked at the watch. "Well, damn!" she muttered.

Holding her friends hand in her's she continue "I knew I was talking too long!

Let's eat early, we can go to that little dinner in the lobby.  It's not

crowded at eleven and we can get a booth in the back.  That way you can tell

me all about Sally and James new secret game.  I'm just dying to hear all the

intimate details.  I hope it something really kinky."


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