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Archive-name: Slaves/sss-002.txt


Archive-title: Submissive Satin Slave - 2

                                   Chapter 2

James reached for a cigarette, the sound of the showered had awaken him.

Sally was getting ready for work.   He could see her silhouette through the

mist behind the glass shower door.

Taking a puff he reach down and stroked his dick.  It was hard.  Was it just a

morning hard on that would disappear when he pissed.  Or was it the result of

the dream he was just having?

In his dream he was caught wearing Sally's panties at work.  Sally was there,

joining in as his friends and co-workers ridiculed and humiliated him.  She

had called him Joan.  She had made him disrobe and introduced him to everyone

as her sissy slave.  She had made him watch while the "real men" he worked

with took turns fucking her on top of his desk.  The ladies on his staff

watched her have sex while they played with and tormented him.

The women patted and fondled the massive bulge in his panties taunting him

with remarks like. "This tiny little thing should be cut off, it spoil the

smooth lines that panties are suppose to have on a lady of quality.  You are a

lady of quality aren't you Joannie dear?" And "Is Mistress Sally going to

allow you have tits you worthless little slut?"   They were all telling his

wife that she deserved a real man and not a sissy who only wanted to wear her

panties.  They all laughed and giggled when someone said that Allison was

missing out on the party.  When Sally found out that Allison was only sixteen

she said that as soon as the child was over her summer cold she would make me

bring her home for a private fashion show.

Opening his eyes James watched as Sally came out of the bathroom.  Her titties

bounced and swayed as she moved around the room gathering the clothes she was

to wear.  His cock grew stiffer as she put on a lacy camisole and slip.  He

wanted to grab and fuck her as she sat on the edge of the bed to work her feet

into her tight, sheer pantihose.

Fully dress she leaned down and kissed him on the cheek saying "Get your butt

in gear mister.  It's almost seven thirty, you'll be late if you don't hurry.

Or are you going to work today?"

Aroused at having watched her dress he reached up and caressing her nylon

cover thigh saying.   "There no hurry, I decide to take the day off.  Why

don't you call your boss Steve and tell him you're sick?  We can play sexy

games all weekend if you want to?  You know I just love you in that sexy green

cami you just put on, it's one of my favorite."

Touching his cheek with her fingers she looked deep into his eyes then quickly

stood up.  "I love to hon, but Steve's out of town.  I have to run the office.

Call me this afternoon and I'll see if I can slip away, Ok!." She hurried from

the bedroom adding "There's coffee on the stove, and don't forget to call in."

Disappointed by her reply he muttered "damn it all!" and turned over and

drifted off to sleep.  His dreamed returned, again Sally was there

embarrassing and ridiculing him and fucking his friends and co-workers as he

was forced to watch.  This time he was dressed even more elaborately.  Besides

panties he wore a delicate black garter belt with stocking, high heels and

even a brassiere. The bra was made of silk decorated with tiny flowers

embroidered on the cups.

He awoke with another raging erection.  He rubbed his palm across his hard

cock and remember the early days of their marriage.  Back then, if he woke up

horny, he would push his hard stiff pole between Sally's legs.  This act was

made easy because she always slept naked with her back to him.  He would

gently rub his bulbous dick head up and down her slit until she sighed and

rolled onto her back.  She would still be asleep when he got on top of her and

penetrated her delicious little cunny, thrusting his cock deep into her.  Soon

she would be awake, her legs and arms wrapped around him, moaning for him to

fuck her harder and deeper.  He would shoot a load of cum into her, as her

pussy spasmed around his thick shaft milking every drop of spunk from his

balls.  They would snuggle together afterwards drifting back to sleep.

Lately, though, Sally had been sleeping in panties or that god awful flannel

gown that she like so much, instead of naked.  And when James would rub his

hard on against her, she would roll away groaning that she needed to sleep.

Feeling the need to urinate James sat up.  As he started to rise he noticed

the wadded-up pantihose that Sally had dropped to the floor the night before.

He picked the soiled hose up and rubbed then against his face.  He could feel

a slight dampness in the crotch.  He sniffed the wetness and could smell

Sally's musty scent that clung to the nylon material.

Without really knowing why, he turned the hose right-side out and bunched one

leg over his hand, like he had seen his wife do countless numbers of times,

and pushed his toes into the tight, silky material.  He worked the hose over

his foot and up his calf to his knee, the repeated the procedure with the

other leg.  He stood and pulled the hose up to the top of his thighs, his dick

tingled and twitched as he finished pulling the tight material upward cover

his ass and crotch.

He looked down at himself and giggled.  He looked silly, his muscular hairy

legs look out of place in the sheer, sexy hose.  And the bulge his erect cock

was making was definitely not something you would see in  real women's

panties.  He realized that Sally had been right, too.  He was turned on.  The

pantihose felt great!

Reaching over he pickup the slip his wife had left on the night stand and

pulled it over his head.  He shivered as the silky material caressed his hairy

chest and belly.  Standing he let the garment fall over his ass and thighs.

He giggled again as he looked down at the sagging cups on the slip.  He moved

to the mirror and studied his reflection.

He admitted to himself how silly his muscular, masculine framed looked in the

soft, lacy, sexy black slip.  But he could not deny how good the silky clothes

felt on his skin.  He loved the sound of his nylon clad thighs brushing

together as he walked and the way the slip caressed his hose covered thighs

and ass.  His cock was throbbing with arousal but yet he felt positively

feminine standing there admiring himself in the sexy slip and pantihose.

Reaching up with both hands he pulled the empty cups of the slip away from his

chest and wondered what it would be like to have breasts.  Pinching his male

nipples through the silk he decided to find out.  He went to the bureau and

opened the drawer where Sally kept her panties and bra's.  Taking a hand full

of her silky undies he stuffed both cups until they were fairly even.  He

pranced around, the panty-filled cups bounced slight caressing his hairy

chest.  His cock throbbed in the tight hose.

He sat down and crossed his legs at the knee, like a woman would.  The slip

rose to about mid-thigh, he fingered the lacy bottom as he stared at his nylon

covered toes.  His cock jerked with renewed excitement as he decide to see

what high heels were like.  He went to the closet and chose a pair of Sally's

high heels, a black patent leather pair with three inch heels.  Returning to

the bed he sat down and tried to squeeze his feet into the sexy shoes, but


Muttering shit he pushed the shoes under the bed and began to run his hand

over his legs and stomach, feeling the luxurious material covering his body.

He shivered when he press the silky nylon against the underside of his still

stiff shaft.  Laying back he moaned and humped his hips up, pressing his nylon

clad dick against his hand.  He slowly ran his hand up and down his shaft as

his balls tighten inside the silky confines of the panties.  Reaching inside

he worked the waist band under his nuts and wrapped his finger around his

throbbing cock.  He worked his clenched fist up and the hard pole.

He closed his eyes and imagined himself a pretty woman playing with her hot

cunt.  He imagined that his fingers were pulling apart pink pussy lips and he

was toying with a huge, swollen, sensitive clitoris.

James was now moving his hand faster up and down the hot shaft, letting the

tight ring of his thumb and forefinger slip over the engorged head of his

dick.  He could feel the cum welling up in his balls, preparing to gush

through his veins.   He gripped the shaft tighter and worked his hand up and

down in a furious motion.  Sitting up quickly he pointed his cock downward

toward the floor as he continued his pumping; wanting his load of sperm to

shoot on the floor and not his wife's cloths.  He watched as a thick stream of

white cum arc out onto the carpet between his feet.  A second and third

eruption of cum followed as he began to relax after climaxing.  He squeezed

his fingers tight, forcing the last bits of spunk up the big tube.

He wiped the final bubble of cum at the end of his dick with his palm and

pulled the pantihose back up.  He rubbed his hand across the front of the hose

and noticed that his just flaccid dick was beginning to stiffen again.

"What the HELL is THIS ?"

Sally's voice startled James.  She was leaning against the doorway with her

arms crossed.

"What are you doing home?" he asked, his face turning crimson as he realized

how he was dressed.  He avoided looking at her.

"I came home so we could play but I see you have a game you like to play in

secret when I'm away!" she said with a sly smile; as she pointed to the puddle

of cum with the toe of her shoe.

"I was just fooling around" James muttered angrily.  He stood and started to

pull the slip over his head.

"Don't," she said as she reached out to stop him from taking the slip off.

"Why not?"  he asked as he pulled away and pulled the slip over his head.  The

panties he had stuffed in the cups feel to the floor.

"Well, I'd say you liked it, for one thing." she smiled.  She pointed to his

rock hard cock still encased in the sheer hose.

"Oh, shut the fuck up!" he said almost angrily.  He hooked his fingers into he

waist band of the hose and started to push them down.

"No!  You shut up, bitch and listen!"

The harshness in her voice made James hesitate.  He stopped pushing the hose

down and looked at her. She picked the slip up and held it out to him as she

spoke harshly.

"Pull your hose back up and put this slip back on, Now!

"And if I don't?" James asked.  He noticed a slight quiver in his voice.

With the slip still in her hand she shoved him, making he stumble back a step.

"Don't cross me, bitch!" she snapped.  "You take this slip and cover your

naked tits before I slap the hell out of you!  Now put it on!"

Sally was as surprised by her behavior as he was.  She had never been the

dominate type, but she liked the feeling.  Her pussy was tingling and her

juices were starting to flow.  She could feel a dampness in her own pantihose.

James meekly took the slip from her and pulled it over his head.  He reached

down and pulled the hose back up, then smoothed the slip over his ass and

thighs.  He stood there looking at the floor, not at her.

"Now pick up your tits up and put them where they belong?"  Sally ordered.

James quickly scooped up the panties from the floor and began to fold then so

he could put them back in the drawer.

"Just what the fuck do you thing you're doing?" she asked sarcastically.

"I'm folding them so I can put the away!" he retorted angrily.

"I said put them where they belong, you stupid cunt?" she said.  "In your bra!

Titties belong in your brassiere you idiot bitch!"

James still didn't look at her as he stuffed the panties back into the cups

of the slip.  He manipulated then until the cups were evenly stuffed, the

stood quietly.  His eyes down cast awaiting Sally's next order.

They were both surprised by his submissive behavior, too.  And James was

doubly surprised that his cock was throbbing with excitement.

Sally reached out and squeezed his hard cock through the right, silky material

and smiled.

"I see you like this."

James kept his eyes glued to the floor.  His face burned with embarrassment

and humiliation.

"You do like it, don't you, Janie?" she asked.  She had put extra emphasis on

the feminine name.

"I asked you a question, Janie," she said when he didn't answer.  "And when I

ask you a question, I expect you to answer, bitch!"

He nodded.  "Yes," he said quietly.

"Oh, come on, Janie, dear." she chided him.  "You can do better than that."

"Yes, I like it," he whispered, his face burning red.

"Janie, honey, be proud of yourself.  Now, tell me how much you like what

we're doing," Sally said.

James looked up, meeting her stare for the first time since she had waled in

on him.

"I like what we're doing." he said evenly and with a steady voice.  "Are you

happy now?"

"Not quite," Sally smiled broadly.  "What is it you like?  And just how much

do you like it?"

James returned her steely glare, but looked away when he answered her.  He

looked down at his fee.  He looked at the sheer material stretched tightly

over his toes.

"I like wearing you clothes," he said quietly.  "I,  ... un, like it a lot."

"Not good enough, Janie," Sally said as she squeezed his hard cock again.

"Tell me again, and make it sound convincing and if you make me believe it.  I

may have a special treat for you."

James took a deep breath.  He enjoyed the feeling of her soft hand squeezing

his dick through the silky slip and hose.  He thought about the special treat

she would offer.  His cock throbbed ever harder.

"I love wearing you soft, sexy clothes," he whispered, still avoiding her

eyes.  "I love how they feel on my body, and how they make me feel.  I've had

a har-on ever since I put them on.  I jacked off before, and it still stayed

hard.  And I love the way your hand feels on my dick right now.  And I like it

when you call me Janie."  He said very faintly in soft tone.

Sally released her grip on his dick and patted the hard shaft softly saying.

"That was much better, Janie, honey." she smiled.  "Now, it wasn't so hard to

tell me how much you like wearing my pretty sexy things now was it?  Why don't

you go and fix me a drink?  And wait for me in there. I'll be right in, OK?"

James was surprised when she walked into the living room naked.  He had hoped

she would still be wearing the slip, camisole, and hose.   Her big tits

jiggled as she walked to the couch and sat down.  She picked up the drink and

took a sip.

"Ummm, that's good," she smiled.  "Now, Janie, since you were such a good girl

and did what I said, you may kiss and lick my feet.  And if you do that to my

liking, I might just let you lick my pussy.  I may even let you taste my sweet

nectar, I'll let you make me cum with your lips and tongue.  You have such a

pretty mouth with such kissabe pouty lips.  I just know they will feel just

great on my clit."

James's cock throbbed as he knelt before her.  Sally extended and raised her

right foot.  He reach out and gripped her slender ankle then lowered his face.

Extending his tongue he began licking the tips of her toes.  He ran this

tongue up and down her instep then licked between each toe.  He took her big

toe into his mouth and sucked it. like a woman sucking a cock.  Repeating the

process on her left foot he began to lick and kissing her calves.  He rubbed

his cheek on her soft skin, feeling the razor stubble on her long, sexy legs.

Sally sighed and spread the legs wider and scooted her ass toward the edge of

the couch.

"That's right Janie!" she whispered.  "Lick my legs! You're beginning to make

me hot darling!  I think I'll let you get me off!"

James licked up the insides of her silky thighs, swirling his tongue in

circles as he wormed his head upward.

Sally spread her thighs wide as she reached down and tugged on his ears.

James could see her juices clinging to the course pubic hairs lining her pussy

lips.  He could smell the strong, musky scent of her excited hole, her

clitoris was now erect and protruding at the top of her inter sex lips.

Sally raised her legs and put her feet on his shoulders.

"Lick my ass, Janie!" she moaned.  "Lick my ass before you lick my pussy?"

James lowered his head and shoved his tongue between her firm cheeks.  He

wiggle it in her crack between the snowy white moons of her buttocks. He

licked downward toward her puckered hole.  He swirled his tongue around her

anal opening, toying with the fine hairs ringing the tight orifice.  Drawing

back slightly he gently blew across her now moist asshole, she shivered as her

nether hole winked at him.  He pushed the pointed tip of his tongue against

her tight sphincter muscle.  He felt the strong ring of muscle relax, allowing

his tongue to dip inside, penetrating her bottom.

Sally's hips jerked up, forcing her musty ass against his face, as she moaned

in pleasure.

"Oh, yeah, Janie!  Lick that ass!  Umm, now lick my pussy like a good little

girl!  Make me cum, Janie, honey!  Make me cum! " she groaned.

James moaned as he kissed and licked her hot, wet cunt.  He licked her outer

and inter labia lips, tasting the salty, sexy flavor of the hot pussy juices.

Using his fingers he spread her pussy open and drove his tongue deep into her

slick hole.

"Ohhhh, Yesssss Janie!" Sally moaned as she grabbed his hair and pulled his

mouth hard again her pussy.  "Ohhhh Janieee, I'm almost there baby.  Suck my

clitty now, you sweet bitch."

James felt her tense.  He felt the gush of her hot cum flood his mouth.  She

had climaxed before he could carry out her order.  Her thighs now had his head

in a vise grip as she rocked through her orgasm.  As he drank the musky juice

of her cum, his cock throbbed and threatened to explode in his pantihose.  He

felt a dampness there as his dick leaked pre-cum into the nylon.


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