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Archive-name: Slaves/sss-001.txt


Archive-title: Submissive Satin Slave - 1

                                   Chapter 1

James loved sexy female underclothes.  As a youth, his favorite section of the

old Sears & Roebuck catalogue was the lingerie pages.  He spent many hours

locked in the bathroom jacking-off over the beautiful models.  They wore such

sexy pushup bras, garter belts, stockings, silky slips and tiny bikini

panties.  As he grew and matured so did his fetish for intimate female


He ran his hands over his wife's body, feeling the silky material covering her

soft skin.  He loved the erotic feel of her slip and hose against his naked

skin.  Pulling her tighter against himself he slowly ran his hand over her

firm ass.  He adored the way the tight pantihose held her round firm cheeks

tight.  He loved to rub the silky slip over her nylon cover buttocks.  He

began to rub his rock hard cock against the black lace trimmed slip.

Sally reached down to grip his now stiff shaft.  It pulsed and throbbed hotly

in her grip.  "Oh, James, you're leaking on my slip," she groaned pulling away

from his embrace.

"I'm sorry honey," he said "you're slip just feels sooo goood!  It gets me

excited and horny!"

"I'm going to take it off before you ruin it," she said.  She sat up and

pulled the sexy garment over her head.

James watched as her pale skin appeared.  He looked at her firm, flat belly

and marveled at how velvet smooth and soft her skin was.  He watched as her

titties giggled and shook when they popped free of the brassiere built into

the slip.  Her bosom was a perfect size 38-B without a hint of sag to them.

Sighing he watched as she folded the luxurious piece of lingerie and laid it

on the night stand next to the bed.

Running her hand though her long silky black tresses, she turned and saw the

disappointed look on James's face.  Snuggling her naked body next to his, she

asked, "Don't you like me naked honey ?"

"Of course I do, baby !,"  he told her.  "But I like your sexy underclothes,

too.  And you used to like to wear them for me.  You used to spent hours

prancing around and modeling your sexy little things for me."

"I still like to wear them for you, honey," she said trying to sooth his hurt


"Then why do you always hurry home and take them off?," he pleadingly asked.

"They're uncomfortable," she cooed as she ran her hand over his chest, "Being

a girl isn't easy you know.  Sometimes female clothing can be troublesome and

confining.  It's a relief to get out of them after a tough day at the office."

She had climbed on top of him and began to grind her pantihose covered pussy

down on his hard dick.  She was aroused by his erection and the caressing of

her nearly naked body.  She was now horny herself.

James could feel the heat coming from between her legs.  He could feel the

wet, silky nylon against his hard cock.  He opened his mouth accepting her

probing tongue.  They both moaned softly as she hunched her pussy hard against

his big dick.  She was hot and wanted to be satisfied.

Disappointed that she had removed her sexy black slip he wanted to leave her

wanting and horny.  Breaking their kiss he ask.  "Aren't you afraid I'll leak

on you hose?"

"I'll wash them," she mumbled as she drove her tongue back into his mouth.

Her passionate kiss was getting to him.  He gripped her nylon clad ass and he

hunched his dick up against her covered mound.

Continuing to french him Sally held her chest off his and let her tits dangle

so her stiff erect nipples brushed lightly against him.  She moved down and

lowered her mouth to his male nipple.  She sucked the hard bud into her mouth

and bit down gently.

James moaned, and his hips jerked upward as he rubbed his dick hard against

her damp crotch.

Sally kissed her way down his hairy chest and abdomen, flicking her tongue

against his hot sensitive skin.  She dipped her tongue into his belly button

as her chin bumped the now purple head of his throbbing hot prick.  Titling

her head she took the bulbous organ into her mouth.

She swirled her tongue around the silky skin as she lowered her head, taking

more of his hot shaft into her mouth.  Slowly she moved her head up and down,

letting her teeth lightly scrape along his rock hard shaft.  Gathering the

pre-cum leaking from the slit in his dick, she let the bulbous head slip from

between her lips.  She now licked up and down the veins running the length of

the big shaft.

She licked all the way down to his hairy balls, taking them into her mouth.

She sucked hard, even stretching the loose skin of the scrotal sac away from

his body.  She let the balls slip from her mouth.  Using one hand to lift them

out of the way she flicked her tongue against the sensitive area under them.

Wetting the index finger of her other hand she teased his anal opening,

tapping her finger against the hair ringed orifice.

James groaned out, his body shaking with lust, thinking she was going to

penetrate his puckered little hole.  His cock was twitching and throbbing as

it dribbled pre-cum against his stomach.  He thought if she fingered his ass

he would surly erupt.  He held his breath and waited, instead she pressed the

flat of her tongue against his swollen nuts and licked back up his steel hard


James groaned and hooked his hands under her arms and pulled her on top of

himself.  "Let me do you !," he panted as he rolled them over so that she was

on her back.

He had only recently starting performing anallingus on her.  At first she had

refused his attempts at ass play but had relented and accepted his tongue into

her rectum.  He was secretly hoping she would want to return this new and

exquisitely exhilarating variations in their foreplay.

"Ok," she gasped "let me got out of these hose so you can get to me!"

James stopped her as she hooked her fingers in the waist band of the pantihose

and started to pushing them down over her hips and ass.  "Let me do it !," he


Sally sighed and relaxed.

James moved down her sexy body.  He lowered his mouth to one of her firm

breasts and sucked her hard nipple between his teeth.  He felt her hose

encased pussy jerk up against his belly.  He moved to her other tit and began

kissing, licking, and sucking it as his hands caressed and kneaded both her

firm fleshy globes.

Her hand was at the back of his head as she urged him on. "Yes, baby squeezed

my boob's!  Suck my titties and bite my nipples.  OOOHHHH Yeeessss!," she

moaned pressing his head harder against her heaving chest.

He spent a few moments fondling her breasts then moved down her body.  He was

now licking and kissing her firm, flat stomach, moving down until his head was

poised over her nylon clad crotch.  He looked at the sexy sight.  He loved how

the sheer hosed mashed her thick, curly pubic hair against her skin.  He loved

how the seam of the hose pulled up into her slit, separating her pink, wet

vagina lips.  He could smell the hot, musky scent of horny pussy drifting up

to his face.

He lowered his mouth to her hose clad crotch.  He extended his tongue and

pushed it against the fabric at the top of her slit, where he knew her

sensitive, swollen clitoris was.  He felt her hips jerk.  He kissed up and

down her slit.  He could feel the wetness of her pussy as she rubbed her nylon

covered cunt against his lips.  He moved his tongue up and down her slit,

tasting the hot sweet juices that were now soaking the silky pantihose.

He put his hand on the backs of her hose covered thighs pushing her legs up,

exposing more of her crack.  He lowered his head farther down pushing

his tongue against her puckered asshole.  He could taste and smell the musky

scent of her sweat and natural juices between her firm round bottom cheeks.

Caressing and rubbing her buttocks thought the hose he realized that even

though he still adored garter belts and stockings, there was a sensually to

today's modern pantihose.  Kissing both of her cheeks he raised up and pushed

her legs to one side.

"Turn over !," he gasped.

Sally sighed and rolled onto her stomach.  She knew what he wanted.  She had

hoped he wouldn't want it tonight, though.  But she knew he would want to.

Lately he seemed to always wanted to kiss and lick her ass when she wore


She felt him move between her legs, his hands spread her thighs wider apart.

She felt his hot breath on her ass.  Then she felt his tongue against the top

of her ass crack.  Her hips jerked involuntarily, pushing her buttocks back

against his face.  She didn't really care to have her ass licked, tonight.

But the feel of his hot breath and tongue on her pantihose cover bottom did

turn her on.

James pushed his stiff tongue into her, forcing the silky nylon against her

sensitive skin.  She moaned and bowed her back, arching her ass up to his

mouth.  James licked the seam of the hose, tasting her musky sexy flavor.  His

tongue found her puckered anal opening and he pushed the tight nylon into her

tight little opening.

Again Sally moaned and pushed her butt back against his face.  James reached

up and hooked his fingers into the waist band of the hose.  Slowly he pulled

them down over her ass.  He pressed his tongue into the exposed crack at the

top of her ass.  He ran his tongue down the crevice as he pulled the hose

down, baring her pale white bottom.

Sally raised her hips to allow him to pull the hose off.  She hoped he would

take them all the way off.  But he didn't.  When her hose were midway down

her thighs, he put his hands on her firm ass cheeks and spread the twin globes

of her bottom apart.

James gazed down at her pretty pink puckered anus.  He lowered his mouth and

extended his tongue and flicked it against the small tight, nether hole.

Sally didn't want to like it, she had never really been very anal, but she

couldn't help herself.  His hot breath and now his tongue back there had

turned her on.  She was aroused and very hot sexually.  Her nipples were like

erasers extending stiff and erect from her areola's.  Her vulva was moist with

her slick secretions, both her outer and inner labia lips were gaping open and

glisten with her juices.  Her turgid clitoris tingled, as it protruded from

it's protective hood at the apex of her sex, begging to be touched and

caressed.  She moaned and pushed her ass back against his mouth.

James swirled his tongue around her puckered little hole, tasting her, teasing


"Oh, yeah," she groaned.  "Lick my ass!"

James put the tip of his tongue against the center of her tight little nether

hole and pushed it inside.  He put a hand between her firm thighs and rubbed a

finger up and down her open wet pussy lips.  He felt her hips jerk and her

asshole spasm around his tongue when his finger made contact with her

engorged, sensitive clit.  He pushed more of his tongue into her tight rear

hole as he shoved two fingers into her wet pussy.  He used his thumb to

massage and play with her clitoris as he wiggled his fingers in and out of her

hot box.  Her cunt contract on his fingers causing her sphincter muscle to

pull his tongue deeper into her rectum.

Sally hips undulated rhythmically.  She groaned and pulled her ass away from

his face.  She turned over and reached down pulling him up on top of her.  She

bent her knees, pulling her hose down with her feet, and kicking them off.

She then wrapped her legs around his hips and ass.

"Fuck me now!," she panted passionately.  "Put your dick in me!  Fuck me,


Digging his toes into the bed James used his arms to raise his body off hers.

His rock hard shaft was pointed at her distended swollen pink pussy lips.

Sally reached down and guided the bulbous head of this dick to her hot and

ready hole.  She slid the big cock tip up and down her wet slit.  Then humped

her hips up, nestling the head of his shaft between her swollen puffed out


"Now!," she whispered hotly.  "Fuck me now!"

James pushed forward, driving his big dick deep into her hot steamy hole.  Her

pussy felt like molten lava.  He could feel her juiced up cunt muscles

gripping his long cock, pulling him deeper into her.  She wrapped her arms

around his back and pulled him down on top of her.  She wiggled her upper

body, rubbing her stiff nipples against his hairy chest.

"Umm, baby, your dick feels really good!," she moaned as she worked her pussy

up against him.  "OH, yeah, fuck me!  Fuck me good!"

James raised up as he started to thrust in and out.  Her eyes were closed and

she was tossing her head from side to side as she moaned.  Looking down he

watched as her flat stomach muscles flex as she humped her pussy up to meet

his downward thrust.  He could now see his dick, glistening with her juices,

sliding in and out of her tight pussy.

"Oh, yeah, James!  Fuck Me, baby!  Fuck me really hard!   She groaned as she

slammed her cunt up against him.  It was a deep throaty sound he hadn't heard

since their first frantic fuck almost two years ago.  They had fuck like

rabbits on their third date and had been married just two weeks later.

James increased the length and speed of his strokes.  He pulled his thick

shaft back until only the head remained inside her, then slammed his hips

against her pubes, plunging his long, hard cock deep inside her.  He could

feel his cock head hitting her cervical opening at the back wall of pussy.

Panting he leaned down and kissed her then mumbled out.  "Yeah, baby!  Your

pussy so tight and sooo hooot!  I'm going to cum, baby!  I'm going to fill

your cunt with my hot sperm!  Ummmm, yeah, use those cunt muscles, milk my


"Yes, yes, yes," Sally moaned.  "Cum in me!  Fill my cunt with your jism.

Ohoooo come on, baby!  Make me cum with you!"

James tensed and held his dick deep inside her.  He shivered as the hot sperm

coursed through his dick and exploded out slit in his cockhead.  He moaned and

started to pump his hips again as his dick pumped shot after shot of creamy,

sticky white sperm into her.

"Ohhh, yesss, fill me with cum!," Sally cried when she felt the hot spunk

filling her fuck hole.  "Ohh, yes!  Yes, baby, I can feel you spurting inside

me!  Ohhhh, I'm going to cum with you!  I'm cumming!  I'm cummminnngggg!


Sally's pussy muscles gripped James's pulsing, throbbing dick, holding him in

her.  Her stomach muscles worked causing her belly and chest to heave with her

orgasm.  She suddenly when stiff concentrated to the intense pleasure

radiating out from her pussy, spreading throughout her body.

James rammed his still spurting cock in and out of her as he watched her

climax.  Her head thrashed from side to side and her titties bounced around

wildly.  Her nipples jutting upward in erection from their soft areola's.  He

could feel her fingernails digging into the cheeks of his ass.

The held each other tightly as their climax peaked.  Their sexual organs

vibrated. Both were groaning and moaning through clenched teeth as the

orgasmic peaks weakened.

James collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath.  Sally let her arms and

legs relax and lay spread eagle under him.  Her chest heaving as she fought to

breathe normally.

James could feel her erect nipples pressing into his chest.  He had always

loved the way her nipples stayed hard little pebbles after cumming.  The

feeling of her hard rubbery little buds poking him usually caused his cock to

begin to stiffen and swell within just a few minutes.

"Um, baby, roll off," Sally gasped.  "I can't catch my breath."

He rolled off and lay on his side beside her.  Her well fucked pussy made a

wet, sucking sound as his semi-hard dick slipped from her.  James looked at

his wife, a fine sheen of sweat coated her heaving chest and belly.  He saw

flecks of cum clinging to the fine hairs on her pubic mound and thigh from the

copious amount of spunk he had shot into her.  His milky white sperm was now

beginning to leak from her gaping and distended fuck hole.

"Whew!," she panted. "That was a fabulous fuck darling!"

"Uh, Huh," he smiled.

"You were really horny!," she said.  "I don't remember the last time your cock

was that hard!"

"You were pretty hot too!," he mused.  "It's been a long time since your pussy

got that juicy and wet without me even eating it.  Probably the last time you

dressed sexy for me."

Frowning she quipped, "Naked isn't sex, huh?"

"Naked is sexy, but partially dress is sexier," he shot back. "Admit it, you

get honier when you dress and act sexy, too.  Besides, I like the way your

underclothes and silky things feel against my bare skin."

"What's this sudden preoccupation with what I wear to bed?," she asked.

They were now both on their sides, facing each other as they spoke.  James

rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling.  "You used to spend hours

tempting me with your sexy underwear before we would fuck!  Back then you were

always hot like you were tonight," he sighed.

"Yeah, but those were just little games between lovers,"  Sally argued.

"We're married now.  Can't we just make love, like other couples do?"

"What other couples?,"  James asked angrily.

"Well, Brenda and me, my friend at work.  We talk about our sex lives

sometimes, when things are slow and no one is listening."  Sally sheepishly


"You tell her what we do in bed!," James asked sarcastically.

"Well, yeah sometimes!  She said she and her husband Charlie just get naked

and fuck.  They've been married over six years and they seem to have a great

sex life.  Brenda says they fuck almost every night."  Sally said defensively.

"Well, maybe she doesn't have any sexy underwear or maybe her husband just

doesn't appreciate intimate sexy feminine things."

"Yes, she does," Sally interjected.  "I've seen her in satin, silk  and lace

trimmed bikini panties in the ladies room.  She says her sexy underwear,

brassieres and things are to make her feel good during the day.  And Charlie's

job is to make her feel good at night."

"Didn't I make you feel good just now?," James asked.

"Yes, darling, but you make me feel good when I'm naked, too.  If I'm naked

when we make love, my expensive underwear doesn't get all messed up with your

gooey, sticky cum."

"But it makes me feel good when you dress sexy for me.  It's so hard to

explain.  It just feel so good when I rub against you.  It's so soft and silky

and feminine.  It really turns me on when you wear your sexy stuff," he


"Then maybe you should wear them," Sally smiled.  "A lot of men do, you know.

I've read articles about it."

"Some queers might do it but not real men," James snorted.  Besides panties on

me would just look silly not sexy or mysterious."  Reaching down he grasped

his now erect dick and ask.  "What about this!"

Replacing his hand with her she smiled and began to stroke his cock jacking

him off slowly as she whispered sensually.  "I bet it would get hard in an

instance inside my red satin panties.  You know the ones you got me for

Valentine's Day.  The ones with the white lace around the top and leg


Squeezing his pulsating shaft tighter she continued.  "The article I read said

they've done studies.  Experts have concluded from these studies that most of

the males who wear their wife's or girlfriend's slips, underwear or bras under

their business suits are straight not gay.  It said over seventy percent were

married men, some even with families.  Would you wear my red panties to work

tomorrow?  I bet it would turn you on!  Your cock I bet would get so hard you

probably erupt and shoot cum all over the inside of my pretty little panties."

Her green eyes sparkling at the thought of her husband ejaculating at work

while wearing her frilly undies.

"What?  You're crazy!  What if someone saw them?"

"Just who do you drop you pants for at work?" she asked with mock sarcasm.

"Kim that little slut secretary, of yours, I met at the company picnic?  Or

some of those other women who work in your building with you?"

"No one," he said defensively.

He couldn't confess to his wife that he had fantasized about other women.

Especially the newest girl the company had hired for the summer.  Allison had

just turned fifteen.  Oh, what a body she had and what sexy cloths she wore.

She gave him an erection every time she passed his office.

He quickly stammered, "I do use the men's room and someone might see!"

He was unable to look her in the eye.

"Is it a bet?," Sally asked hoping that he would say yes.

"No, it's not," he mumbled as he turned over to go to sleep.  "I'm not a

queer, I just like the feel of the stuff."

James really wanted to fuck again, but the conversation they were having was

disturbing.  Not because he was mad at her for thinking he'd like to wear her

panties.  But because he knew she was right.  He knew he would probably get a

massive hard on as soon he felt the silky material of her undies sliding up

his hairy legs.  He couldn't admit that he was scared but also excited by what

she was saying.


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