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Archive-name: Slaves/specnite.txt

Archive-author: Anonymous

Archive-title: A Special Night

                          The Phone Call

   Janette had a trying day at work.  She came home feeling frustrated

   and out of sorts but didn't know what to do about it.  She didn't

feel like cooking dinner for Allan, so she just sat on the sofa with a

drink and listlessly thumbed through a magazine.  Allan was due home in

a half hour and she would deal with dinner then.

   She was about through with the scotch and soda when the phone rang.

"Damn", she thought, "another stupid solicitor."  She answered the

phone in a gruff manner and was surprised to hear a mysterious,

commanding voice.

   "Take careful note of what I say, and follow my orders perfectly.

   When I hang up, go to the bedroom and remove all of your clothing.

Go to your lingerie drawer, select your most feminine undergarment and

put it on.  Select a pair of white ankle socks with a lacy ruffle and a

pair of red high heel shoes and put those on.  Go to the Special Drawer

and get a blindfold, a large dildo, leather wrist cuffs, a 12" chain

and two locks.  Insert the dildo and make sure it is firmly held in

place by the undergarment.  Go out to the sofa in the living room, sit

down and put on the blindfold.  Lock yourself in the wrist cuffs with

the 12" chain behind you.  Wait for further orders."  The mysterious

caller then hung up.

   By the time the phone call was over, Janettes's heart was beating

   harder and she felt dizzy and flushed.  She felt that she could not

resist the orders of the caller.  She lowered the phone onto its cradle

and dreamily went into the bedroom.  Slave Leia began to respond to the

Master's wishes.

   Leia went to her dresser and opened the drawer containing her finest

lingerie.  She knew just the item the Master had meant.  She withdrew

the satin and lace teddy and held the sensuous material to her hot

cheek.  She began to daydream a little but was snapped out of it by the

thought of what would happen if the Master found out she was not

obeying his orders to the letter.  She removed her blouse and skirt and

neatly hung them in the closet.  Although Leia had a lovely body, her

"work" undergarments did nothing to accentuate it.  She removed her

low-heeled shoes, panty-hose, bra and panties and shivered in the cool

afternoon air.  As her breasts hung free, she could feel her nipples

tingling.  But she had no time for marveling at the sensations - her

Master might be home any minute.

   Leia's thoughts were being more focused by the second.  She went

over to the bed and picked up the teddy.  This was a more old-fashioned

garment than the current, tight fitting, high-cut teddies you see

today.  It was made of smooth, white satin with fine red ribbon

threaded through the lace on the shoulder straps and bodice.  Another

red satin ribbon tied at the waist to help define Leia's delicate waist

and to highlight her breasts.  What made the garment special was the

the tap pant style legs.  They were like a very short skirt that would

caress her derriere as she walked yet would provide a little modesty by

virtue of the snap crotch.  She knew from past experience that the

Master enjoyed running his hands up, around and in the open legs,

making her tremble with an exposed, vulnerable feeling.  As he put on

the teddy, she began to experience that wonderful, submissive feeling

that came when she wore such clothing.

   She went to her stocking drawer and took out the ankle socks that

the Master had specified.  The delicate red ribbon in the lace

around the cuff matched the teddy perfectly.  She thought it strange

that the Master wanted ankle socks, since stockings seemed more

appropriate with high heels.  She put them on and went to the closet to

get her red heels.  They were normal dress pumps but she had found some

with 4" heels.  She put them on and turned to look at herself in the

bathroom mirror.  She was surprised to see what greeted her.  Just a

half hour ago she was a reasonably attractive college research

assistant and now she was transformed into a feminine, submissive

female.  The high heels gave her a saucy posture that drew attention to

and highlighted her lovely figure.  The ankle socks drew her eyes to

her delicate ankles and the swell of her calves.  The Master was clever

in selecting her costume.

   She realized that she was wasting time.  If the Master came home and

she wasn't ready, there would be punishments she would have to endure.

She went to the Special Drawer and retrieved the items the master

wanted.  The dildo always looked far too big for her to accept, but it

always seemed to be accommodated.  She carefully moved aside the crotch

of the teddy and slowly inserted the device.  By this time Leia had

been become very aroused and had no trouble inserting it almost all the

way.  She shivered with goose bumps since the dildo had not yet warmed

to her body temperature.  She knew that in a few minutes, the huge

member would work itself fully into her.  She stretched the teddy

crotch and fitted it into the notch the Master had cut into the bottom

of the dildo, insuring that it would not be forced out by her

involuntary muscle contractions.  She went out to the sofa as the

Master had ordered.  As she walked, she was very aware of the motion

her hips imparted to the dildo and it further intensified her arousal.

   When she got to the sofa, she carefully sat down, allowing the huge

device to shift appropriately.  She thought about turning on the stereo

to help pass the time once she was finished with her preparations, but

that was not part of the Master's orders.  She arranged the wrist

cuffs, locks and chain so she would not have too much trouble confining

herself once she was blindfolded.  Leia then put on the blindfold her

Master had made for her.  He was very concerned that it was completely

effective, so it had four adjusting straps.  The first fastened the

blindfold behind her head and she was careful to get the straps snug

enough.  She also had to be careful and not get her long hair caught in

the buckle.  Her Master insisted on her hair always being neat and

there were specific punishments that covered messy hair.  The second

strap went over her head and attached to the first strap, preventing

the blindfold from slipping down and admitting light from the top.  A

third, double strap went down both sides of her nose along her cheeks

and fastened underneath her chin, preventing the blindfold from moving

up and admitting light from the bottom.  The last strap connected to

the chin strap and fastened behind her neck, preventing the chin strap

from slipping forward and losing its effectiveness.  When Leia finished

adjusting all the straps and making sure her hair was still perfect,

she was in total darkness.

   Her last preparation was to chain her hands behind her back.  She

   knew this was necessary to prevent her from lifing the blindfold to

check the clock.  She would quickly lose track of the time when she was

blindfolded and her Master knew she couldn't be trusted to not peek.

The wrist cuffs were simple but effective devices.  Each was a simple

leather strap with a metal loop riveted to one end and 4 slots cut in

the other end.  She wrapped the first cuff around her right wrist and

inserted the loop in a slot that produced a secure fit.  Using a lock,

Leia then locked one end of the chain to the loop, securing the cuff at

the same time.  When she first had to do this blindfolded, she had lots

of trouble, but over the past few months had gotten very adept at it.

Locking the second cuff could be a little more difficult, since her

hands were now behind her back, but since the Master had specified a

12" chain, Leia had little trouble with her final task.

   Now all she had to do was wait.  In the darkness of the blindfold,

the sensations she was experiencing were enhanced to the point where

she could think of nothing else.  In a normal situation, she would have

been distinctly uncomfortable.  Her high heels imposed their will upon

her feet, forcing them into a high arch.  The dildo exerted a unique

pressure all its own, filling her with its unyielding shape.  With her

hands chained behind her back, she had to sit forward at a slight angle

that forced the base of the dildo to press on her clitoris.  Any

movement that she made, any squirming, rewarded her with a higher

plateau of arousal as the satin of her teddy caressed her erect

nipples.  The air in the house was still cool causing occasional

shivers to course through her.  After awhile, she could feel the straps

of her blindfold resisting the pulsing of her blood.  Time seemed to go

very slowly, making it seem like hours since her Master had imposed his

will on her.  The frustrations of her day seemed to recede into the

distant past.  Soon, she stopped noticing the coolness of the house as

her own sexual heat began to radiate from within her.  She was ready

for anything her Master wished to do to her.

   Although Leia felt that it was hours since the phone call, it was

only 30 minutes.  Shortly after Allan called, he left work and began

his 10 mile commute.  By the time he pulled into the drive-way, he had

mentally transformed himself from the mild-mannered aerospace engineer

to Leia's Master.  They had a very good marriage, living the ideal of a

modern day couple, sharing their lives equally with mutual respect.

However, every so often they felt the need to return to the ancient

biological roles of dominant male and submissive female.  This was

their secret life and it made dealing with the modern world much

easier.  There was no formal time they did this - they just seemed to

know when the other was ready for a special night at home.  Most times,

they both felt the need at the same time, as if they had a special

telepathic ability.  This was one of those days.

                         The Master

   When Allan quietly entered the house it was dark.  Leia had begun

her preparations at dusk and had not turned on any lights.  He could

see her nutes.  He could see her move a little every so often and could

tell she was deeply into her submissive role.  She would moan

sometimes, probably from the friction of the dildo on her clitoris.

The Master entered the room.

   "Are you ready to submit?"

   Leia almost fainted from the surprise of hearing her Master.  She

trembled and whispered a faint, "Yes, Master."


   Leia had to turn sideways to get enough leverage to rise on her high

heels.  As she did, the dildo shifted within her and she almost had an

orgasm.  The Master sensed this and noted that he must be careful to

avoid any early release of her aroused state.  As she stood, she had

trouble getting a sense of balance and the Master had to support her.

As he held her arms firmly in his hands, he pulled her toward him and

kissed her gently on her lips.  Her moaning prompted him to let her

lean on his chest while he ran his hands over the satin teddy she

wore.  She knew he would reach underneath and caress her smooth thighs

and bottom but he purposely withheld that pleasure - for the time


   "Present yourself to me in a proper slave posture."

   Leia stood as straight as she could, exaggerating the delightful

curve of the small of her back imposed by her high heels.  The Master

walked around, admiring the way her costume accentuated her charms.

While she maintained her position, he went into the bedroom and changed

into his grey velour robe.  When he returned, Leia was as he left her.

She knew there were punishments for breaking a slave posture before her

Master released her from it.

   "There will be three punishments tonight.  You have earned them by

failing to provide a proper breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important

meal of the day, and you have endangered your Master in your failing.

   Janette almost broke out laughing at the silliness of that

statement, but the slave Leia knew there would be serious repercussions

in such an act.  "Yes, Master.  I beg forgiveness, Master."

   "You may beg forgiveness when the punishments have been carried out."

   "Yes, Master."

   The Master went into the bedroom and opened the Special Drawer.  He

removed a black leather collar that matched the wrist cuffs Leia was

wearing.  He also retrieved the keys to the wrist cuff locks from their

hiding place.  He went back to Leia and removed the wrist cuffs she had

locked on herself.  She did not move her arms, since she was still in

the slave posture and it didn't matter whether she was bound or not,

she must not move.  The Master took her wrists and put them in the

small of her back so that they were parallel to each other.  He then

took one of the wrist cuffs and wrapped it around both wrists and put

the last slot over the metal loop.  The cuffs were designed to be big

enough to contain one or both wrists.  One end of the chain was locked

on the cuff, securing Leia's hands behind her back perfectly.  She

could move them up or down a little, but the width and tightness of the

cuff prevented her wrists from moving too much out of parallel.

   Leia was told to lift her head.  The Master then gently placed the

3" wide collar strap around her neck and fastened it with the loop

under her hair.  Leia shivered when the leather touched her neck.  She

was always fearful of anything around her throat, which made the collar

a powerful fetish for the Master.  Its width restricted her head

movements and she became very still so that she would not feel its

presence too much.  This was all in vain, since the Master then raised

the other end of the chain connected to her wrist cuff and locked it on

the collar loop.  The chain was just long enough to raise her wrists

above the parallel.  She would have to hold them in this position to

prevent pulling on the collar.  She also had to lean back a little for

prevent the cold chain from touching her exposed back.  The Master

enjoyed this position because Leia would invariably let the chain brush

against her which would cause her to jerk her hands down and pull on

the collar.  It would take her a few moments to regain control of

herself when this happened.  This was then a good time for the Master

to begin to caress her satin-covered body and probe beneath the legs of

her teddy.  Soon, Leia was begging the Master to stop.  She was ready

for her first punishment.

                       The Punishments

  The Master led Leia over to the banister for the stairway leading to

the basement.  The banister acts as a room divider and has 2" posts

supporting a 6" wide top railing.  Leia was told to kneel in front of

the banister.  With her wrists bound, the Master had to help her.  He

then helped her lie down on her stomach perpendicular to the banister

with her knees bent and her lower legs against one of the banister

uprights.  The Master went into the utility room to get some 1/4"

clothesline that he had recently washed in fabric softener.  Before he

applied the rope, he removed Leia's high heels and ankle socks. He then

began binding her legs to the upright, using 6 turns of the rope at her

knees, mid-calf and ankles.  Leia's feet were splayed to either side of

the post, which looked very untidy.  To remedy this, the Master took a

white shoelace and bound Leia's big toes together and then to the

post.  Since Leia is very ticklish, this caused her to do much


  "Now you're first punishment will begin".

  The Master had stopped at a craft store on the way home and had

purchased a large peacock feather.  He began gently caressing her

body with the feather.  Her upper arms, her back, her thighs, her

buttocks all received its attention.  The Master could tell that Leia

had guessed the true nature of her punishment because she began to beg

not to have her feet tickled.  As immobile as they were, she felt she

could not stand to be tickled there.  But Masters must be firm, and the

punishment was delivered.  Leia completely forgot about her sensitive

neck as she frantically tried to reach her feet with her hands to

protect them, but of course, her bondage was perfect.  Although the

Master only punished her for a few minutes, it seemed like an eternity

to Leia.  All her squirming caused the legs of her teddy to ride up on

her bottom and expose the lower half of her sensitive bottom cheeks.

The Master took this as a hint and began to spank Leia.  After each

slap, she would reflexively contract her buttocks which had the direct

result of causing her to clench on the dildo.  After 10 hits, the

Master could tell Leia was about to make herself come, so he ended the

first punishment and allowed Leia to regain her composure.

   After a period of rest, the Master unbound his slave's legs from

their post.  He gently helped her to the sofa where he removed her

dildo.  This naturally had to be done slowly and carefully, with much

twisting.  Her arms were left bound and her blindfold was not removed.

   "Please, Master, make me come now".

   "A slave does not determine her own destiny".

   "Yes, Master".

   The aroused slave was taken down to the basement for her next

punishment.  The Master had to carefully help her down the stairs since

she was still blindfolded and bound and a little wobbly.  She was taken

to the Master's workshop where her wrist cuff and collar were removed.

   "May a slave hug her Master?"


   Leia happily wrapped her arms around her Master and raised her lips

to be kissed.  The Master obliged her simple request and hugged her

tightly.  The Master could tell that Leia deeply desired to service

him, but knew that he must be firm in the punishments lest the slave

loose respect.  After an appropriate time, the Master signaled for the

hug to end.

   "Hold out your hands with your wrists together".

   "Yes, Master".

   The Master took the soft belt from his robe and proceeded to bind

his slave's wrists.  He wrapped the belt snuggly around her wrists four

times and then cinched the turns by taking two wraps perpendicular to

the first four.  This tightened the turns and left some space between

her wrists.  Even though the material was soft, Leia was firmly bound.

Next the Master took some 3/8" nylon rope and tied it to the belt

between her wrists.  The other end of the rope was passed through an

eyehook in the ceiling, pulled taught and fastened.  Leia's arms were

not stretched tightly, but she was very vulnerable and helpless.  With

her arms upraised, her breasts were cleanly defined by the smooth satin

of her teddy.  This position also exposed the lower parts of her bottom

to whatever ministrations the Master desired.

   "The slave was very noisy during her first punishment.  To prevent a

repetition of this behavior, the slave will be gagged during her second

punishment.  To prepare the slave for future service, a dildo gag will

be used".

   The dildo gag was custom made by the Master.  It had a wide leather

strap that could be secured behind the slave's head.  A 2" long piece

of dildo was affixed to the middle of the strap.  Once fastened on

Leia, she was effectively silenced, only able to moan incoherently.

The strap covered her lips and the dildo held her mouth open and kept

the strap from slipping up or down.  Leia didn't like this gag very

much because it made her jaws ache after awhile, but she new it was a

good stretching exercise that would pay off later when the Master

allowed her to service him.

   After securing the gag, the Master got a 2' by 4' piece of 3/4"

particle board that had metal loops attached to it at three places; one

at each end of the long dimension and one in the middle.  He moved the

slave back from under the ceiling hook and placed the board directly

under it.  Leia was then positioned on the board.  The Master took the

wrist cuffs and attached one to each of Leia's ankles.  The 12" chain

and another like it where connected to the cuffs with double ended snap


   "Spread your legs".

   Leia spread her legs a little more than a comfortable distance

apart.  >From experience, she knew what her Master desired.  The other

ends of the chains were then snuggly attached to the loops at the far

ends of the board.  Leia was now securely fastened in a position of

maximum accessibility.  To complete the preparations for the second

punishment, the Master pulled the overhead rope tight enough to cause

Leia to rise on her tip toes.  Her heels were no farther off the floor

than when she wore her high heel shoes, but of course, they weren't

supported.  Leia knew that she would soon tire of standing like this,

but could do nothing about it.

   The Master began to caress Leia everywhere.  He started at her bound

wrists and slowly and lovingly worked his way down her tightly

stretched body to the bottoms of her feet.  He could see her erect

nipples giving mute witness to the sensations she was experiencing.  He

carefully avoided her most sensitive area, saving that for later.  Leia

knew her punishment was to become aroused to the point where she would

shamelessly beg through her gag to be brought to climax.  Knowing this

only made it worse.  The Master loved to see how close he could get to

her sensitive labia without actually touching them.  This proved

difficult, as Leia would frantically try to position her love nest

where she thought he would go next.  But the Master was clever and

couldn't be tricked.

   When Leia was aroused to an almost climatic state, the Master

stopped and prepared himself for the culmination of this punishment.

Leia was moaning and writhing with her needs.  The Master was very

satisfied with his work so far; Leia's skin was flushed with a sex

blush like she never had had before.  To finish the punishment, the

Master got the electric hand massager and plugged it in.  When he

turned it on, Leia responded to the familiar sound with increased

moaning and writhing.  He then completely caressed her entire body with

the massager (except for the one important part) and brought her to a

frantic peak.  Being careful to not touch her clitoris, the Master

unsnapped the bottom of the teddy and viewed Leia swollen and shiny

labia.  He gently touched her clit with his vibrating fingers and

witnessed Leia spasmodically jerk as if an electric shock had gone

through her body.  he knew she could not hold out much longer and went

about fulfilling her.  As he rubbed her sex, he could see her take all

the weight off her feet so that she suspended herself completely by her

wrists.  He knew that under normal circumstances, this would cause her

great discomfort but now it magnified her pleasure tremendously.  As

she began to come, he buried his hand in her mound and literally

grabbed hold of her clitoris.  It was lucky that her feet were chained

to the board, for she went completely wild and out of control.  The

Master thought it was probably the longest Leia had ever orgasmed.

Soon she hung limp from her wrists with her head thrown back and began

sobbing.  The Master quickly unfastened her legs and lowered her gently

to the floor.  He removed her gag, untied her hands and covered her

with a soft down comforter so that she might rest and regain her


   "The slave has one more punishment".

   "Oh, Master. I am so tired".

   The Master knew that this would be the real punishment.  She must

come again.  As Leia rested, the Master prepared the last punishment.

He got a 2x4 that would reach between the floor board and the ceiling

hook.  There was a notch in the bottom that fit over the middle loop of

the floor board.  When the top was clamped to the ceiling hook, it made

a secure bondage post.  1/4" holes were drilled every 3" along the

post, allowing eyehooks to be positioned as the Master deemed fit.

   "The slave will remove her clothing and kneel against the bondage


   "Yes, Master.  Please help Leia, since she cannot see".

   The Master helped Leia out of the teddy and then positioned her on

her knees with her back to the post.  He crossed her wrists in front of

her and fastened the wrist cuff on them.  After securing an eyebolt

about 6" above her head, he fastened her bound wrists to it.  This

presented her body in a most attractive manner.  She still had a sheen

from the perspiration caused by her last punishment.  Her hair was damp

in places, but that was excusable.  The Master took some time out from

his work to gently pinch her nipples.  Leia moaned softly.  She was

beginning to get aroused again, against her will.

   "Cross your ankles behind the post".

   This forced the slave to spread her legs, opening her private region

to the whims of her Master.  He then took a short belt and a 2" ring,

put the ring on the belt and bound Leia's ankles with it.  She was now

firmly pinioned against the post.  To prevent any undue discomfort, the

Master had Leia raise each knee while he put a thick foam pad under

each one.

   "Thank you, Master".

   "Does the slave wish to be gagged?"

   "No, Master".

   To prevent the slave from hurting herself, the Master kindly, but

not gently, fastened two large belts around Leia's waist and above her

breasts.  When he pulled them tight, Leia moaned under the pressure of

their restraint.  She felt as if she was now part of the bondage post,

unable to move.  But the Master had further delights for her.  Another

eyebolt was fastened near the first and a longer chain was attached to

it with a snap hook.  The Master lifted Leia's ankles from the floor

and pulled them up until he could she her thigh muscles begin to

strain.  He connected the loose end of the chain to the ring on her

ankle strap with a snap hook, leaving her unable to move her legs and

caused her to strain forward against the waist strap.  As a crowning

touch, the Master took a long, silk scarf and wrapped it around the

post and across the helpless slave's mouth.  As long as she kept her

mouth closed, she would not be gagged, but this fastened her head

firmly to the post.  The only movement that was not restricted was the

helpless fluttering of her hands.

   The Master knew that Leia must be getting fatigued by now, so

decided to reward her with quick but complete orgasm.  Although Leia

could not tolerate much pain normally, she relished a certain amount

when she was coming.  With her breasts exposed and fully displayed by

this bondage position, he knew that nipple clamps would be perfect.  He

had some specially modified clothes pin that had small screws that

could adjust the clamping pressure.  Leia liked to use them on herself

sometimes so the pressure was currently just at her threshold of pain.

The Master adjusted the screws just a bit tighter so that she would get

the best orgasm possible.  He put them aside for the right moment.

   Leia seemed to be in a dreamy state, experiencing that floating

feeling she gets when she is totally bound and helpless.  The Master

could see she was completely relaxed and not supporting her self at

all.  She had relinquished control of her body to her bondage


   "Is the slave ready?"

   "Oh, yes, Master, please".

   Again the Master employed the massager to stimulate her body.  He

was careful to not cause any tickling that would disturb her almost

hypnotic state.  As he massaged her breasts, her nipples responded with

a life of their own.  She began to softly moan through the silk

covering her mouth.  He hips began to pulsate with a rising sexual

heat.  The Master lowered his hand to her sex and gently vibrated first

her labia, then her clitoris.  Soon her whole body began move as if

possessed by an outside force, straining against the tight bonds.  He

then gently bit her nipples, bring shivers of ecstasy to her body.  She

was beginning her final climb to an orgasmic height she rarely

reached.  The Master gently put a vibrating finger on each side of her

clitoris and pulled upward, engulfing her entire pelvic area in the

irresistible song of the vibrator.  As he expected, he could sense her

trying to exert some control over when she came.  This was not proper

for a slave, so he deemed it time to apply the nipple clamps.  As the

first one bit into her swollen left nipple, she began to loose her self

control and started to moan louder and louder.  When the second clamp

found its target, Leia let loose and was swallowed by the intense rush

of the most complete orgasm she had ever experienced.  Ever muscle in

her body was tense and trembling.  After 20 seconds of unrelenting

orgasm, Leia fainted.

   The Master quickly removed her bindings and gently laid her on the

floor with the comforter.  She quickly regained consciousness and said,

"Thank you, Master, your slave is very, very happy".


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