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Archive-name: Slaves/slvhubby.txt


Archive-title: Diaries and Fantasies of a Dominant Wife

                  and her Submissive Husband

                 (Dedicated to a New Friend)

"Come on, dear, hurry up and finish dressing, or we'll be late"

The husband hurriedly pulled the white silk, lace edged panties 

up around his waist, and, glancing at his wife, replied "Y-Y-es, 

yes, I'll be ready in a minute".

"Ok, but make it quick, He'll be waiting for us"

The woman was already dressed (with the help of her slave 

husband), in a simple cotton sundress.  Underneath, she wore only 

silk stockings supported by a lace garter.  She didn't normally 

dress this way, but tonight was special, tonight she was going to 

introduce her submissive husband to her lover, and experience a 

long lived fantasy; she was going to make him serve both of them!

The feeling of the cotton against her bare nipples, and the cool 

draft around her swollen pussy lips was making her hotter and 

wetter by the minute.  She knew that her nipples were visibly 

protruding through the material, and that in the right lighting, 

people would be able to see her long legs through the thin cotton 

of the dress without the normal slip.  The thought of her lover, 

as well as everyone else, seeing her this way was exciting beyond 


Her husband, as he covered the panties in more normal slacks and 

shirt, was lost in his own thoughts.  Already hard from the 

feeling of the silk against his cock and balls, he shivered from 

the realization that he, also, was about to realize a fantasy; 

one that he hadn't known he had until recently...

It had started months ago when, without consciously thinking 

about it, he had bought a strap on dildo for his wife.  He had 

always enjoyed watching her masturbate with a vibrator, and had 

justified the purchase of this new toy by telling her it was 

longer and thicker than the small vibrator he had given her 

previously.  Soon enough, she had persuaded him to let her 

violate his ass with it.  The sight of the huge phallus sticking 

out from her neatly trimmed bush, contrasted with her slim body 

and firm breasts was incredible.  Within seconds, she was hot and 

dripping wet, and he was on his knees, hands tied to the bed-

posts, begging her to enter his virgin ass.

As she entered him for the first time, and started pumping the 

rubber cock into his body, she was overwhelmed with the feeling 

of power it had given her.  For his part, the husband was lost in 

the raptures of the huge dildo rubbing up against his prostrate; 

he didn't even consider that he was starting on the long road to 

complete sexual submission to his wife.

As she looked down and watched the two-inch wide rubber dick 

stretching her husband's previously tight hole, the woman rotated 

her hips and rubbed her clit against the base of the dildo.  She 

couldn't believe how hot she was, shoving the ten inch monster in 

and out of her husband's body.  Within minutes, she was orgasming 

frantically, and the violent gyrations of her body sent her 

husband over the edge; his hot cum squirted endlessly out of his 

rod, without either of them even touching it!

Over time, at her suggestion, the couple experimented with more 

sexual acts which, although neither of them discussed it, were 

making the husband more and more submissive, and which increased 

her control over him.  She now had him laying down while she peed 

all over his chest, making him lick the last few drops off her 

wet pussy afterwards.  She held his penis while he peed, 

completely controlling the flow, sometimes to his discomfort, and 

had convinced him to jack off while she watched, catching the cum 

in his hand.  She then made him swallow it and lick his hand 

clean.  And, of course, she continued to "rape" his tight 

asshole, but she had begun to insist that he wear lingerie while 

she did it (after all, if he was going to be screwed like a 

woman, she should dress like one).

For quite a time now, the woman had been having an affair with 

another man.  While making love, and afterwards, while relaxing 

in the glow of recent orgasms, they had both talked about her 

husband.  Again without explicitly discussing slavery or 

submission, she had described to her lover how she would like to 

have him make love to her while her tied and bound husband was 

forced to watch.  She was overjoyed when her lover came up with 

the idea of making her husband help, positioning her lovers long 

cock at the entrance to her pussy.  They fantasized about having 

him jack her lover off, ejaculating all over her bush and swollen 

lips, and then making him lick up their mingled cum.  The woman 

came repeatedly as her lover licked the pink rosebud of her ass 

while she visualized squatting over her husbands face, squirting 

her lovers cream out of her pussy and into his mouth.  She went 

wild at the thought of forcing her husband to reach up and stroke 

the cock which he had just watched pump the hot load into her 


The husband, if he would admit it to himself, knew his wife was 

having an affair.  Once, she had come home late and, being horny 

he had quickly gotten her into bed.  Running his hands over her 

firm tits, he felt how hard her nipples were.  Moving lower, his 

fingers ran through the silky hair above her pussy and entered 

her body.  They were met by enormous heat, and she was wetter, 

many times wetter, than he could ever remember.  He mentioned it 

to her, but she simply pushed his head away from her breasts, and 

downwards.  He lowered his head between her legs and stared at 

her hot sex.  The lips were swollen and parted, and her entire 

crotch was wet from the liquid pouring out of her body.  It was 

white and thick, but without thinking he reached out with his 

tongue and started to lick and suck the stuff out of her writhing 

body.  He recognized the taste as similar to those times when, 

after he had pumped his hot load into her body, she had squatted 

over his face and forced him to take his cum back into his own 

body.  He was so turned on that he didn't say anything; he just 

kept savoring and swallowing the hot white fluid she was pumping 

into his mouth.  They had subsequently made love after which, 

incensed by the thought of what her husband had done, she had 

gone down on him, licking three peoples cum from his cock.

A few weeks ago, the wife had completely surprised her submissive 

husband.  Knowing that he was infatuated with the body of one of 

her girlfriends, she had relented and agreed to a threesome with 

her.  She had invited her friend over for dinner, and had allowed 

her husband to think he was seducing her.  She giggled to herself 

as she watched her husbands trembling hands reveal the body of 

her girlfriend, and had to admit that her friends body, while 

different to her own, was quite beautiful.

As they climbed into bed and lay down facing each other, the two 

women hesitantly looked at each other and then slowly kissed.  

Their tongues searched out each other's lips and licked, then 

alternately entered each others mouths, sucking hungrily.

While they explored each others breasts with their hands and 

mouths, the husband entered the girlfriend from behind.  Leaning 

back, the woman stared with lust as he pumped his hard cock in 

and out of her friends pussy.  She turned around so that she 

could get close and watch as the swollen lips stretched around 

her husband's rod, and slowly moved forward, reaching out her 

tongue and licking at her clit as he pushed forward, licking the 

crown of his cock as he pulled out.

She was startled to suddenly feel something enter her own pussy.  

It was both familiar and different, and she realized that her 

girlfriend was going down on her; she had had many men eat her 

before, but they way her friend was doing it was different, the 

softness of her lips and tongue was different.

Feeling and seeing the two women making love, and enjoying the 

previously forbidden body of another woman, the husband went 

wild, pumping his hips frantically.  Feeling her husband's 

increased rhythm, the wife grabbed her husbands nuts and 

squeezed, he immediately exploded, shooting his white hot juice 

into their new bed mate who, feeling his ejaculation scalding her 

insides, entered her own orgasm.  The wife licked and sucked at 

their joined bodies as her faced was soaked by the mixed come 

squeezing out between her girlfriends pussy lips.  They collapsed 

in a heap, numbed by the intensity of their respective orgasms.

What her husband did not know, was that his wife had already set 

up the situation with her girlfriend, and that it was all part of 

a plan; a plan which had ultimately led to tonight.  As she 

explained to her girlfriend how she was slowly turning her 

husband into a slave, and how she wanted to force him to serve 

both herself and her lover, the girlfriend's eyes had glazed 

over.  She explained that she intended to agree to a threesome 

with another woman, and then demand, in return, sex with her 

lover.  Her girlfriend excitedly agreed to be the "other woman", 

on one condition; she later wanted to witness the husband's 

subservience.  Although they had thought about it privately, 

neither had expected the pleasure they got from making love to 

each other; that was just an added bonus.

... And so the plan had worked well, and they were both dressed 

and walking out of the house to the car which would take them to 

the bar where the wife's lover was waiting.

As they drove, she reached into her husbands crotch, feeling his 

huge erection encased in silk and lace.  "Hmmm, I see you're 

looking forward to this, dear.  Does the thought of watching 

another man fuck me excite you?"

"U-u-ugh, yes, it does.  You know I love to see you screw 

yourself with a dildo, I think I'll love to see you take the real 

thing.  I just wish you hadn't made me wear your underwear, what 

will he think?"

"Oh, you know how much it turns me on, to see your tight ass in 

silk, like a little girl waiting to be screwed, and I don't think 

my lover will mind.  Just do it for me... be my little slave, we 

know you enjoy it".  In fact, I've already told him, she thought 

to herself, and I know for certain that he won't mind!

"Yes dear, whatever you want, if it turns you on, I'll do 

anything for you."

"Anything?", she echoed, "you promise?", she asked, the visions 

reeling through her mind.

They drove the rest of the short distance in silence, both 

thinking about what was to come.  In a few minutes, they arrived 

at the bar.  As he opened the car door for his wife, the man 

watched her climb out of the car; he could see the length of her 

nylon clad legs all the way to her naked pussy.  He looked up at 

her face and saw that she was smiling at him, following his stare 

between her legs.  "Just think how it will look in a few hours 

from now," she smirked, "after it's been royally screwed."

He followed her nervously into the club, and they walked up to 

the bar.  "Get us some drinks, dear" she ordered, and he turned 

to the bartender.

After receiving the two glasses, he turned around to find his 

wife in the arms of another man.  He looked into her face and 

their eyes met as she let him see her tongue stretching into her 

lovers mouth.  He glanced down and saw the man's hands on his 

wife's ass, feeling her tight cheeks naked beneath the thin 

cotton dress.

They broke the kiss, and turned to look at him.  "Pete, I'd like 

you to meet my husband, Michael."

"It's good to meet you, Mike, Susan has told me a lot about you!"

"Umm, Er, Yes, yes, it's nice to meet you" he stammered, as he 

shook Pete's hand and watched as Susan put her arm around her 

lover's waist and reached with her hand to stroke his crotch.

"Mike has been looking forward to tonight, haven't you dear?"  

Susan was enjoying the look of embarrassment on her husbands face 

and, staring straight into his eyes, continued "He says he wants 

to see you fuck me, and will do anything I want, isn't that 

right, Michael?"

"Y-y-yes", stammered Mike, trembling inside with the excitement 

of his public submission to he wife.  "I, er, I want Susan to be 


"Well, I'm sure that can be arranged" Pete smirked, staring at 

Susan's erect nipples and caressing her ass.  "Let's go and sit 


"Get a beer for Pete, dear, you're not being a very good host".

Mike ordered the beer and carried their drinks to the booth where 

they had seated themselves.  He sat down next to his wife, and 

looked down to see that her legs were slightly parted, and that 

under the table Pete was running his hand up Susan's legs, 

stroking the inside of her thigh.

Susan smiled at him and, pushing the table cloth away a little, 

said "look how hard his dick is, Mike, just think of that thing 

filling my little pussy."  She was really getting excited now, 

the combination of her sexy dress, her almost public 

exhibitionism, and the thought of her Pete kissing and touching 

her in front of Mike was almost to much to take; she could feel 

her juice leaking out of her pussy and wetting her thighs.  

Fortunately, she had lifted the back of her dress when she sat 

down, and so was soaking the cloth seat rather than the sundress, 

although by this point she almost didn't care.

As they finished their drinks, Pete suggested they go and dance; 

the music was fast and she gyrated around the floor, twirling 

enough for her dress to raise high up her legs, but not enough 

for people to realize she was naked underneath it, although they 

had certainly guessed that due to the way the lights behind the 

stage shone through the cotton.  The next number was slower, and 

she clung to Pete, letting her pubis rub against the length of 

his hard rod.  She glanced over to where her husband was sitting 

and, seeing that he was watching, pushed her tongue into Pete's 

ear.  He responded by sliding his hands down her back and onto 

her ass.  The touch of his fingers between her almost naked buns 

was electric.

The music ended and they walked back to the booth and again, 

Susan instructed Mike to buy more drinks.  As they waited, Susan 

leaned back into Pete's body and he draped his arm over her 

shoulder, occasionally stroking her nipple with his fingers.  

When the waitress returned, Mike paid, adding a two dollar tip.  

"Mike, give the poor girl more," Susan ordered, and then looking 

at the waitress, said "I apologize for my husband, dear, he 

sometimes forgets how to tip a girl!"

The waitress looked at Susan, still being fondled by Pete, and 

then stared at Mike.  Slowly a grin appeared on her face as she 

realized the situation, and she walked away smiling.  Mike was 

red with embarrassment, but under the table, his cock was 

stretching the lace panties to their limit.

As the trio finished their drinks, Pete looked at Mike and said 

"Well, Mike, Susan is getting me harder and hotter than hell, if 

we don't leave now I'm going to have to do her right here on the 


They got up and walked out of the club to Mike and Susan's car.  

Mike unlocked the passenger door and climbed in first.  As she 

did, Pete lifted her dress and stroked her naked ass, then 

climbed in beside her.  Mike walked around to the drivers side 

and got in.  By the time he drove out of the parking lot, Susan 

was sucking Pete's tongue, her legs spread as Pete raised her 

dress and massaged her engorged clit.

As they drove down the highway, Mike watched his wife unzip 

Pete's pants and pull out his hard rod.  Even in the darkness, he 

could see that it was huge, the head was two inches across.  

Susan bent down and swallowed it into her mouth, sucking noisily.  

"Oh, yeah, baby, suck me.  Suck my cock while Mike watches" 

groaned Pete.  Susan couldn't believe how good this was.  She had 

given Pete head many times, of course, but knowing that her 

husband was watching was so exciting she was going wild.  She had 

to keep reminding herself that this was real, not one of the 

fantasies she enjoyed so often, and this was only the beginning!

Within minutes, Pete was thrusting into her and, as she caressed 

his huge balls, shot a huge load of cream into her mouth.  She 

started to swallow, but then stopped, keeping most of the hot 

liquid in her mouth.  Eventually, Pete stopped squirting and she 

lifted up, turned around and looked at Mike, letting him see the 

come on her lips.  She had intended to just swallow it then, but 

they had reached a red light and Mike had to pull to a stop.  She 

leaned over to him and, without waiting, kissed him on the mouth.  

She forced his lips open with her tongue and pushed her lovers 

load into her husbands mouth, swirling it around.  "Did you like 

that," she asked breathlessly, as she broke the kiss, "Did you 

like the taste of Pete's juice?"

Mike started away from the intersection, his eyes on the road, 

"Y-y-yes, it was hot, I liked it."  He was still scared to admit, 

even to himself, how much he liked it.  He couldn't wait for them 

to get home, and privately hoped that his wife was going to do 

even more deviant and humiliating things with him.

Finally they arrived.  They walked into the house and, as they 

walked through the entrance hall, Susan instructed her husband to 

fix them all drinks and meet them in the master bedroom.  Mike 

went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of champagne.  taking 

it and three glasses, he walked to the bedroom to find Susan and 

Pete stretched out on the bed, naked, caressing each other.  For 

the first time, Mike saw Pete's body and realized just how big 

his cock was, much larger than his own.  He put the bottle and 

glasses down on the table, and started to pour.

"No, why don't you get comfortable first, dear, take off some of 

those clothes" instructed Susan.

This was the moment he had been dreading, but with a mixture of 

shame and excitement, Mike straightened up and started to remove 

his clothes.  Shirt, shoes, socks were soon gone, and finally he 

fumbled at the fly to his pants.  He tried to pull both the pants 

and the panties down at the same time, but Susan stopped him, 

"No, leave those on dear, I want to see you in them, I want you 

to show Pete your underwear".  Scarlet now, Mike dropped his 

pants and stood before them in the silk and lace.  "They're very 

pretty, Mike" smirked Pete, as he stroked Susan's pussy and clit.

"Okay, now pour Pete and I a drink, Mike, then fetch our ropes 

and come and lay down here next to me".

Pete did as he was ordered, laying on his back, his hardness 

testament to the thrill he was getting from his submission to his 

wife and her lover.

Susan took the ropes and, while Pete watched, tied Mikes legs and 

feet together, and then his wrists.  He was not attached to 

anything, but could not move easily.  "Now, you just lay there 

and watch" Susan said, reaching for Pete's cock, which had fully 

recovered from her earlier blow job.

They lay on the bed next to Mike, kissing noisily and playing 

with each others bodies.  Mike could actually hear Pete's fingers 

squishing in and out of his wife's pussy.  "Oooh, lover, you're 

so wet down there, so hot, but soon I'm going to make you even 

wetter, even hotter" Pete whispered into Susan's ear.

After several minutes of this, the couple moved and Susan got 

onto her hands and knees, with her legs straddling Mikes head.  

Pete climbed up behind her and rubbed the swollen head of his rod 

against her clit.  "Look at it Mike, LOOK AT HIS COCK, watch it 

fuck me, watch it fill me up" groaned Susan, already in the 

throws of several mini-orgasms.

Pete slowly pushed himself into his lovers body, and as Mike 

stared at the sight a few inches above his face, he watched 

Susan's lips stretch around the monster that was entering her 

body.  The heat and odor from their bodies was incredible.  He 

could see the juice leaking out from Susan's body, coating Pete's 

dick as it slid in and out; every time he pushed in, Pete's heavy 

balls rubbed over Mikes forehead.

"MMMmmmm, yessss, Pete, screw me, fuck me, show him how you fill 

me up, ohhhh, goodddd, harder, harder, harder".

The sight before him was too much and, as Susan watched from 

above, Mike strained against the ropes which were binding him and 

emptied his load into the silk panties.

But still the action didn't stop; Pete was thrusting in and out 

of his wife relentlessly, and as she moved with him, her nipples 

rubbed backward and forwards across Mikes stomach.  He could 

hardly believe it, but he was immediately getting hard again.  

Forgetting all thoughts of shame, he reached up with his mouth 

and licked at her pussy, feeling Pete's slippery rod gliding over 

his tongue as it entered his wife's body.

"Yes, yes, yes... that's it, lick us, lick my pussy, lick his 

cock, yes, slave, do it, do it, do it"

Susan was rapidly going out of her mind.  Her lover was filling 

her like never before, his cock seemed larger than it had ever 

been.  Below her, she stared at her husbands bound body, the 

ropes around his wrists, thighs, calves and ankles preventing any 

real movement.

Originally worried about how he would act, she had become more 

and more confidant as he had accepted all that she had done.  The 

kissing and dancing and caressing in the club, the blow job in 

the car, and his willingness to take Pete's load directly from 

her mouth.  His willingness to display himself in panties in 

front of them both, and then his sudden ejaculation as they 

screwed shamelessly inches above his face.  And now, just seconds 

later, he was already getting another hard-on.  There was no 

doubt, now, she could have and do anything, and her submissive 

slave husband would not just go along with it, but actually 

enjoyed it!

The thoughts and visions intoxicated her mind.  The feelings of 

Pete's rod in her pussy assaulted her physical senses.  She 

entered into an almost trance like state, juice literally pouring 

out of her already slick pussy.  Feeling her muscles clenching at 

his cock, his nuts scraping over Mikes forehead, and the tongue 

licking both him and his lover, Pete came for the second time 

that night, shooting another huge load, filling Susan's pussy.

Pete finally recovered and pulled out of Susan's body.  As he 

did, their mixed juices dripped off the head of his dick, and out 

of her pussy, to Mikes face, inches below.  Still lost in the 

heat of the moment, Susan sat up and then down on her husbands 

face.  She squeezed her inner muscles, literally squirting their 

come into her husbands mouth.  She felt him licking at her, and 

felt his mouth working to swallow all that she was pushing into 


"Drink it, Mike, drink our juice, swallow it all, oh god, I love 

you both!"

Pete had now moved around in front of Susan, also kneeling 

astride the tied and bound Mike.  He leaned forward to kiss her 

and, as he did, the head of his long rod fell on Mike's chest.

Without hesitating, without pausing the job of drinking from 

Susan's pussy, without even thinking, Mike reached up with his 

bound hands and started to stroke Pete's soft, wet, cock.

Looking down and seeing this, Susan finally could take no more 

and one final mind blowing orgasm shook her body.  She ground her 

cunt into Mikes face, and losing all control, emptied her bladder 

into his mouth and over his face.

The two lovers collapsed in a heap, leaving Mike, still bound and 

unable to move, with an aching hard on encased in soaking wet 

come filled panties, a stomach full of two loads of Pete's sperm, 

Susan's copious juices, and almost a glass full of her beautiful, 

hot pee.  He was in heaven!  He knew now that this was how he 

wanted his marriage to be, he wanted and needed his wife to 

control him, force him into the most deviant acts, force him to 

watch her with other men.  He knew that he would do absolutely 

anything she ordered.

Susan slowly awoke after passing out from the sheer intensity of 

the orgasm.  She glanced at Pete lying beside her, dozing, with 

an enormous grin on his face.  Turning over, she looked at Mike, 

her husband, still bound, still hard and face soaked in pee and 


"I love you, honey, I love you for letting me do this and for 

being my slave".  She leaned further and kissed his mouth, 

running her tongue around his lips, tasting herself and Pete on 

him.  She reached down and pulled her husbands cock and balls out 

of the panties.  She stroked up and down on his rod, lubricating 

it and her hand with the load he had already shot, and then 

reached up and stuck her fingers into his mouth. He sucked on 

them hungrily.

Moving closer, Susan lifted her leg over his bound body, and 

allowed Mike's hardness to rub against the outer lips of her 

pussy.  Slowly, she lowered herself onto his stiff rod, and then 

began moving up and down on it.

Pete, brought back to reality by the movement of the bed, moved 

behind Susan and spread the cheeks of her butt with his hands.  

He stared at the tight rosebud of her butthole, and at Mikes 

dick, disappearing into her body.  He reached down with two 

fingers and inserted them into her, alongside her husbands rod.  

Getting them coated in juice, he pulled them out and started to 

rub them into her ass.  He then brought his own, rapidly 

hardening tool into position, and slowly pushed into her dark 


Susan felt the two thick cocks sliding into her, separated only 

by a thin membrane, and started to rock back and forth on the two 

men; one her lover, one her husband and, now, submissive slave.

As she pushed back against them, she felt fuller than ever 

before.  From her waist down, all she could feel was the intense 

heat of the cocks in her body.  As she pulled forward, it was 

almost as though her insides were being gently sucked out, their 

cocks pulling the lips of her pussy and the ring of her asshole 

out with them.

"Ohhhh Godddd," she uttered, almost and animal growl, "screw me, 

both of you, it feels soooooo good. Just... don't... Stoppppp."

In and out, up and down her movements continued.  The filling and 

sucking of her bowels and vagina never stopping.  Slowly, the 

tempo reached a crescendo, and all three of them spasmed in 

orgasm, flooding each other with their juices.

The threesome collapsed, eyes glazed, panting with the exertion.  

Susan reached over and untied Mikes hands, but before either of 

them could undo the other knots, they had passed out.  When they 

woke, hours later, they found a note from Pete.... "thanks for 

the loving, Susan, and Mike, I'm going to enjoy more of your 

special kind of hospitality!  I took your car back to the club, 

I'll leave the keys under the passenger seat, see you later".

The couple read the note and, looking at her husband, Susan said 

"Yes, Mike, I think I'm going to enjoy it too!"

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Susan proudly demonstrates Mikes submission to Karen, her 

girlfriend and, of course, Pete returns for more!


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