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Archive-name: Slaves/slutmary.txt

Archive-author: Master Rueggan Desade

Archive-title: The Experience

    It was dumb I thought to my self. No one ever answers those adds 

in the swingers magazines let alone the ones asking for a "Female Sex 

Slave"...but I placed the add anyway. That was a month ago. It read 

like this:




    Well, I could have done with out the last sentence because I have 

gotten several answers to that add over the past month, and most have 

not been the most intellectual women on the face of the planet. Some 

were women looking for "something a little different" in there lives. 

Some were dominant women trying to pass themselves off as subs just to 

try to turn the tables on me in the middle of a session.And lets face 

it, some were just plain mal-adjusted nymphos. But she was different.

    She sat for the interview very confidant. She spoke good English, 

and seemed quite intelligent. Not that a submissive has to be dumber 

than a pull tab beer can, but lets face it again folks.... what I have 

seen in the past weeks didn't even have a total IQ that came close. 

There was no doubt that she was smart. She knew what she wanted, and I 

think that was what I liked about her. One of the things 

anyway.....and also because she was quite a sight. Not to tall, blonde 

hair about shoulder length, green eyes. She wore a very business like 

suit. Gray skirt with that sexy business like slit up the side and a 

gray jacket that was very form fitting..."must have been taylord"... I 

thought to myself. We sat and talked...or rather, I asked questions 

and she answered them. I could not help notice the ring on her finger. 

It was not a wedding ring because it was on the little finger. But it 

was very unusual. The ring was a  gold band of about 3/8 inch in 

width. and it sat tightly between the first and second knuckle of her 

little finger. 'Sat' was not the word for it....Fastened was really 

the word. There were no visible seems in the ring but it sat just snug 

enough that it could not be pulled off passed the first knuckle. It 

was as if it was "made to fit" right on her finger....molded around it 

almost... She must have noticed me looking at the ring allot, because 

all the while during the interview she was only speaking when she had 

to answer me, but she saw me looking at the ring and she opened those 

red lips as if to speak, but cut herself off when she saw me look at 

her to listen to what she would have said. She then asked me a strange 

question. She asked me if she could have permission to speak on her 

own. I had laid down no ground rules for the interview. She was free 

to say whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

"Why do you ask for permission to speak?" I asked back

"well" she said..."you are a master, are you not?"

"yes" I said..."have you had prior slave training?"

"yes I have" she said in a very matter of fact type of tone. "that is 

where I received the ring you keep looking at, and the rest of my 


"I noticed the ring"...I said..." but what do you mean by 'the rest of 

your treasures'?"

    She asked for permission to stand, and then rose. She placed her 

purse on the ground and proceeded to turn around, face me and start to 

undress. When her jacket was off I could clearly see the hard points 

where her nipples are and thought to myself...."she wares no 

bra...good". When she started to remove the white silk blouse I also 

noticed something else about her breasts. The nipples, as hard as they 

were,  they were also pierced. Pierced not once but twice. Once, then 

again 90 degrees off. The studs she kept in them looked like she had a 

small cross on the end of her nipples. She started to give me a little 

show by rubbing her chest with her hands and twisting those pierced 

nipples till her eyes closed in some kind of submissive erotic thought 

that only she knew and I hoped I would soon find out. She opened her 

eyes and started to slowly slide one hand then the other down her 

belly to remove her skirt. Watching all this was making my cock hard 

as a rock, and was sure it was showing through my jeans...sure because 

ever since she opened her eyes she was staring right at it. She turned 

around to show me her bare ass as she pulled the last piece of her 

business like manner from her body. I again saw the glint of gold that 

could be only one thing....Pierced pussy lips... Soon she was standing 

in front of me dressed only in her black stockings and high heels with 

the garter belt holding up the best looking pair of silk legs I have 

ever seen. The garter hugged her hips just right and the stockings 

didn't cut into the tops of her legs like the elastic kind do. She had 

class allright. Nothing but the best for this one I thought to 

myself... She sat back with her bare ass on the stool. When she hit 

the cold leather top she let out a sigh and got settled down. Once 

seated, she placed her feet up on the rungs of the stool and parted he 

legs for me to see. What a sight. There before my eyes was the 

cleanest shaved pussy I have ever seen. But not only was it was pierced. And not just pierced...but pierced 12 

times....6 on each side. And to top it off there was a seamless gold 

chain running criss-cross through the gold rings in her outer lips. 

There she was with her pussy all trussed up like a thanksgiving day 

turkey. The gold chain also held in place a small gold plate the 

covered her clit tightly so she could not make any contact with it. 

She could not get anything into her pussy very far, as she 

demonstrated to me by placing a finger into her cunt. Because of the 

chain her lips were so tight that she could only get her index finger 

in up to her second knuckle before the rings looked painfully tight.  

With a finger partway in her fuck hole, she was using the other hand 

to twist those pierced nipples tightly. Each time she twisted she  p4@0 

would suck air in through her teeth. Like it hurt, but also like she 

enjoyed...or needed it. I told her to stop because we had an interview 

to finish. Reluctantly she pulled the finger from her crotch and 

licked it off....running her tongue around her finger to get every 

drop from her hand. Again she sat. quiet. submissive. I knew this was 

the girl I was waiting for.

    I asked her to tell me what events led to her being the way she 

was. "what way?" she asked still licking the sticky cum from her long 

fingers. "trussed" I said...

    She began to tell me that her last master enjoyed her pussy so 

much that he didn't want to share it with anyone else. Since her 

slavly duties often included being with other men and woman her master 

used what he new best... jewelry... to make sure that his slaves pussy 

would stay his. when ever he wanted to fuck her he would cut the chain 

and release her lips to accept his cock. After, he would then fix the 

break in the chain and seal her back up until next time.... "How did 

he fix the break in the chain?" I asked fervently, wondering how he 

could have done such a perfect job that close to her pussy. "He would 

weld it" She replied..."He would strap me down to a table that he 

built for the occasion and place a shield under the chain so my pussy 

would not get damaged...that is also why I am very clean 

shaven....then he would use a small torch and weld the ends closed."

    I then asked the question that I am sure is on all your minds. 

"where is he now?"

    "I am not sure" she stated "one day I just woke up and found 

myself alone. chained to the head of our bed by my neck. I have never 

scene him since. I got free by calling one of the women he usually let 

me be with and she came and let me out."

    "Why not just cut the chain and set your self free?"

    "I am a submissive Sir desade, I promised myself that the only way 

I would ever remove these chains is to find another master to replace 

the one I lost."

    This slave had Indeed impressed me. Here she had the chance to 

free herself from the bonds that kept her just inches away from the 

brink of her sexual release, and she chose to stay devoted to what she 

believed in totally. She was indeed very strong willed and I was glad 

that I did not have to do the preliminary work. She must have been a 

very strong nut to crack in the beginning.

   "I see." I stated...."do you think that I am that master?".. She 

had started to play with her nipples again. all the while starring at 

the crotch of my jeans.

   "I see that you like the look of a hard cock. Do you like the taste 

of it as well?".... I stood and pulled off the jeans letting my 8 inch  p4@0 

cock loose from the tight space. She was instantly down on her knees 

in position one, with her legs wide apart and her ass touching the 

floor between her feet. She had reached up and cupped my balls with 

one hand and wrapped the other around the base of my shaft, stroking 

it slowly..all the while staring at it wildly...purring her pleas for 

me to let her suck my cock...

  "Well if you are to be tested then you must preform under some of 

the conditions that will be demanded of you." I walked over to the 

table back near the chair where I was conducting the interview and 

produced a roll of wide duct tape. Walking over to her and getting 

behind her I took her arms and pulled them tightly back. "Any woman 

can suck a cock good if she uses her will do it without 

yours..just to prove to me that you are good..." Placing her wrists 

together I started to wrap the tape around them tightly. I continued 

to wrap slowly up the length of her arms until I got to the midpoint 

between her shoulders and her elbows....I had her arms mummified in 

stiff silver duct tape with her elbows just about 6 inches apart 

behind her back....I usually like my slaves to ware a collar too but 

didn't have one handy so I used the remainder of the duct tape to wrap 

it around her neck, again making a wide stiff coating. It really did 

the trick too.... Kept her head dead straight, and didn't let her 

lower or raise her head an inch.... I looked back to admire my work 

and then decided to get back to the interview.

    "well slave" I growled..."are you ready to take your oral exam for 

this very prestigious position?" I am sure she would have shaken just 

her head, and that would have been proficient enough, but knowing that 

her neck was held tight she simply bowed her head to the floor and 

began to lick my feet. Her lips were working there way around my ankle 

and she was leaving a trail of tinny submissed love bites everywhere 

she licked. She then began her slow erotic, steady journey up my leg. 

Slowly making sure that her tongue caught every inch on the front part 

of my leg. She licked and licked until she was just at the top inner 

part of my thigh. there, with her nose parked softly under my warm, 

cum filled balls she lingered for a moment taking in a deep breath of 

my sex. "Mmmmmmmmm"..she cood..."I love the smell of a mans 

warm and musky..."...she nestled right where she was for a 

moment....and I really didn't mind... she was good and I already new 

it...she was the most erotic slave I have ever met. She really cared 

about the sensuality of the act she was performing, not just the 

completion of it to please her master at the moment. After rubbing her 

face on the under side of my balls and purring like a cat rubbing 

around your leg at dinner time she began her oral work. She slowly 

parted her rubyred lips and began to suck each one of my balls into 

her mouth. One at a time, running her tongue around each one. Then she 

took both of them in. Her head was straining to get under me to 

completely take my balls into her mouth so I obliged her position by 

raising my one leg up and resting it on the stool she used for the 

interview. She moaned in acceptance and took my balls fully into her 

mouth. She was remarkable. she had me ready to cum and she had not 

even set lips to my dick yet. It was then that I felt her tongue slip  p4@0 

out from between my balls and her lower lip and glaze my asshole. She 

then let my balls hang free and started to go to work on my dick. She 

simply opened her mouth and looked at me with those eyes that you 

could just look into forever. She wanted me to feed her my dick. There 

she was, kneeling with her arms pulled back making her breast with 

those pierced nipples jut out and her head held straight by her 

collar. She was looking up at me with little girl eyes and she had her 

tongue out to except my dick. I took hold of my member and pushed it 

into her mouth. That was all it took...She immediately closed her lips 

around it and began to suck. Her tongue was running right under the 

head of my dick, right where it is most sensitive and she new it. Her 

lips had a grip on me that I don't think I could break even if I had 

wanted to and she was hungrily sucking and makes soft cooing noises as 

she did so... I took my hands and wrapped them into the hair on the 

sides of her head to get a good grip. Her hair seemed to like being 

held for this kind of use and it was soft and silky. A pleasure to 

hold between my fingers. I began to push my cock deeper with each 

stroke and she didn't seem to mind in the least. In fact the deeper I 

pushed, the harder she sucked. her eyes were closed and her chin was 

stretched to the limits while she was trying to please me as best she 

could...and was she doing a bang up job....she must have felt the 

muscles in my cock start to tighten because she slowed the pace and 

began to suck harder than ever.... on the down stoke her tongue would 

leave her mouth and lick the underside of my balls. I was getting 

week-kneed and felt my cum start to slide up my dick quickly. She was 

now moving her head in circles with my cock in her mouth, her lips 

only going half way down my dick. She was definitely good and I knew 

that she was only halfway down so that she could taste the salty cum 

as it shot into her mouth. And shoot it did...Several large streams of 

cum exploded from the end of my tool and filled her mouth. She 

swallowed and was ready for another shot, which came soon after the 

first two. She sucked and sucked until there was no more cum dripping 

from my penis. She pulled off of my cock and extended her tongue to 

her chin to catch a small dribble of juice that she had apparently 

lost. Her eyes closed as she did so as if she was expecting a 

punishment for loosing some. Seemingly as a gesture of devotion once 

my dick was limp she again opened her mouth and took both my balls and 

my limp cock into her mouth. Her tongue was working around them 

cleaning the rest of the loose fuck juice that had escaped. All the 

while moaning and swallowing. Once she was done she once again nestled 

her head with her nose under my balls and was rubbing her head on my 

leg...purring slightly. She loved to suck dick and I was more than 

happy to oblige her. She Looked at me like she wanted to ask me a 

question. I granted her permission, telling her that the only time I 

wished her not to speak was when I set that as a rule. She agreed, 

said a meek "yes master desade"...and then asked..."did that earn me a 

good grade master?..."still licking her lips...

   "yes it did slave.....indeed it did..."

   "i think the interview is over now....there is no doubt of your 

devotion to me and your obvious need to belong to someone... What is 

your name slut?" I asked looking for her reaction to my new found  p4@0 

nick-name for her... coyly she looked up at me as best she could with 

the collar on her and said simply....

   "mary sir, SLUT mary." with that she bowed her head and was quiet. 

I told her that she would be staying with me now and to run home and 

start to pack her things. She asked me if I could grant her slut body 

one favor for the moment, and I asked what it was...She asked" since 

it is late master, and since I am very tired could I possibly spend 

the night here, next to you, in your bed, for the first and the last 

time until I take my lowly place at the foot of your bed 

master?"....well I thought nothing wrong in that so I said yes to her 

and began to remove the tape from around her neck....she let out a 

sigh , as if something was wrong...."what is the matter slut?"

   "well sir desade....sir, I was hoping to spend the night next to 

you while tied in this manner sir. Kind of to make me remember this 

night for the remainder of my services here?" was 

unusual....but I said yes to it because I really admired her for her 

devotion to the submissive lifestyle and knew that she really had her 

heart set on it. I told her to stand and reached out to grab her left 

nipple and use it to lead her up the stairs to my room...she closed 

her eyes again in erotic pain and started to walk the stairs to her 

destiny....with me....for as long as I wanted her.... I knew that I 

would soon be removing her gold chains.... but I would see how far she 

could go before she needed it...planning on using it to extract some 

promises from her.

    We reached my bedroom, I was tired and my new found slave girl was 

starting to get hot again from me leading her around by her nipples, 

so I let go and told her we should get some sleep, it was going to be 

a long next few days. We both had things to get ready and we were 

definitely bushed. I led her to the edge of the bed and helped her to 

get onto the mattress. Once on the bed she assumed a position that is 

very common for well trained slaves that are allowed in their masters 

or mistresses beds. Since her arms were tightly behind her back she 

laid on her stomach, her head turned away from my side of the bed and 

her legs slightly spread, as to allow me easy access if I felt the 

need during the night. She pulled her right knee up to her stomach and 

it gave me a perfect rear view of her strapped up pussy.... I would 

have fun with her another time...for now just looking at her was 

enough... her hair was laid out almost perfect over her back and she 

was already fast asleep. A small trickle of love was running from her 

laced hole and she was seemingly very excited. I got into bed along 

side her and fell asleep.


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