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Archive-name: Slaves/slphone.txt


Archive-title: Slave Phone Sex Story

Dearest MASTER:

I know you will enjoy the following account from my evening.  It

was not planned, but simply happened to come about.  I suppose it

was fate.  I am beginning to think like a true slut-slave.  I

happened upon an opportunity to be nasty and seized it.  I hope you

enjoy this and are pleased with your slave's performance.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was putting lotion on when

the phone rang.  It was about 6:30, an unusual time for anyone to

be calling me on a Saturday evening.  It startled me and I went

over to answer it; actually, I was hoping it would be you, my

MASTER, but not really expecting it to be.  I thought maybe a


Anyway, I answered it on the second ring and said, "Hello?"  The

reply was a male voice, one that I hadn't heard before, I thought. 

I only heard the tail end of the name he said and thought that he

had said my name.  "Hello?" I said again.  

"Gail?" he said.

"No, I think you have the wrong number," I answered.

"Oh, sorry."

"That's ok, bye," I said and hung up.  After I did, I realized that

I could have made an excellent opportunity to do a "slavely" deed

with that call.  I decided that if he called back, which is not

unusual with a wrong number, that I would try to "lure him in".  As

if on cue, two minutes later, the phone rang again.  I knew it

would be him, and waited until the second ring again to answer.  I

tried to make my voice a little softer and sexier than before. 

"Hello?" I said.

"Gail?" he said.

"No, you have the wrong number," I said once again.

"Sorry.  Did I just call there a minute ago?" he asked.

"Yes, but that's ok.  I know I'm not who you're looking for, but if

you've got a few minutes, I wouldn't mind talking to you," I said

as seductively as possible.

"What number is this?" he asked slowly.

"Well, if you don't remember, then I'm not going to tell you; at

least not right now.  Let's see what happens first," I said.

He was quiet at first, probably trying to decide what to do.  "Hey,

are you still there?" I asked.


"Yeah, I'm still here.  What do you want to talk about?" he


"Well, I don't know.  What are you doing?  Are you alone?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm alone.  I was just trying to reach a friend of mine," he


"Oh.  Well, I'm sure she's a good friend, but does she like to have

phone sex with you?" I had decided to go for it.  If he hung up or

got offended, then he wasn't going to play in the first place.  I

had nothing to lose; besides, if he was "up" for this, then my

aggressiveness would probably turn him on.  I was right on the

second account.

"Well, uh, why do you ask?" he said.  He was playing with me now. 

I think I startled him at first, but now he was going to test me to

see if I was serious.

"Well, I know most women like to "be" with a man, but not many want

to be nasty with him.  I like to be nasty.  I like to talk to guys

over the phone and get them off.  Have you ever had an obscene

phone call?" I said, rubbing my nipples.

"Nope, can't say that I have, really.  So, you do this often?" he


"Every once in a while.  When I get real horny or am feeling

particularly nasty and my MASTER isn't around to satisfy my needs,"

I said, throwing in the part about my MASTER, just for the hell of

it to see what his reaction would be.

"Your....master?  What the hell do you mean by that?" he said.

"Well, I don't want to go into it very deeply, but I have a MASTER. 

My lover is also my MASTER.  I am his slave.  I do whatever he

wishes me to do.  Either to him or for him.  He makes me do some

very nasty things sometimes.  In fact, he made me make my first

obscene phone call, but after that, I kinda picked up the habit

myself.  He likes for me to tell him about my little adventures. 

But, if you don't want me to tell him about us, then I won't. (I

was, of course, lying)  Enough about that, I want to get you off,

that is, if you want me to," I said.

"Yeah, sure.  I don't have a whole lotta time, though.  I'm

supposed to call this girl that I was trying to get ahold of when

I got you.  We're supposed to go out tonight.  Why don't you tell

me about what your master makes you do?" he said, obviously


"Well, if you really want me to, I will, but I'd rather concentrate

on you, especially since you don't have much time," I said.

"Well, what did you have in mind?" he asked.

"Oh, I thought maybe I'd talk dirty to you.  Tell you how much I

loved sucking cocks and swallowing cum.  Tell you how wet my pussy

is and how hard my nipples are just from talking to you.  How much

I would like to have your hard dick inside me, fucking me.  Sound

ok to you?"  I said, my voice soft and dripping with sex.

"Sounds real good so far," he said and I could tell he was not only

smiling, but hard, too.

"Is your dick hard?  I want it to be really hard.  Take it out and

stroke it for me, please?"  I said.

"Yeah, it's hard.  All I had to hear was how you like to give head

and swallow and how wet your little pussy is.  I like to eat pussy,

do you like to 69?"

"Ummmm, yes!  I love sucking on a hard cock while my little cunt

gets eaten!" I squealed.

"Man, baby, you're pretty dirty, aren't you?  Most girls don't talk

like that.  I think women hate the word "cunt"." 

"Well, it depends on how it's used, but I like to say it when I'm

horny.  It makes me feel even nastier, and I love feeling nasty."

"So, you and me, 69'ing, huh?  Tell me how you'd lick me."

"Oh...I'd take your cock in my hand and stroke it slowly, all the

way from the base to the head.  Then, I'd take it in my mouth and

suck on just the head at first.  I'd lick you and kiss you and even

bite you a little, just for fun.  Then, I'd slowly lower my mouth

down your dick, swallowing it inch by inch and teasing the shaft

with my tongue.  I can taste your pre-cum and lick you hungrily.

Are you harder?"  I said.

"Oh, yeah, baby, I'm REAL hard!  I like the way you suck.  In fact,

it probably won't take too much more to make me come.  Keep going,"

he said.  I could tell he was into it and his breathing was getting

harder and more ragged.

"Ok, sweetie.  I start stroking and sucking at the same time, my

mouth moving up and down on your dick.  You taste really good, I

love sucking your dick!  I start squeezing your balls and biting up

and down on your shaft.  I can feel you pulsing in my hand.  Are

you getting close?"

"Yeah....shit, I'm really gonna come..."

"Good!  I'm rubbing my clit.  It's so hard and wet!  I wish you

could suck it and make me come, too.  I'll try to make myself come

with you so we both can get off.  My nipples are real hard, too,

and my cunt is dripping wet.  Lick it up for me."

"Oh, baby, yeah, I'll lick your little pussy.  Suck my dick!"

"MMMMM, it tastes soooo good!  I want it inside me!  My head is

bouncing up and down on your dick, licking, sucking and waiting for

your sweet cum to flood my mouth!"

"Oh, God!  Here I come!  Swallow my come, bitch!"  He was groaning

and gasping, and I could faintly hear him stroking his dick.  I was

smiling, thinking about how much you'd love this and how much I'd

love to be sucking you.

"Yeah, baby, come down my throat!  I'll swallow every drop!  Oh,

I'm gonna come too!"  I was rubbing my clit and squeezing my tits

furiously.  I did come, about two seconds after he let go.  I

moaned and squealed and I'm quite sure he knew I wasn't faking it.

He was still gasping when I caught my breath.  "Hey, honey, are you

Ok?  I hope I didn't wear you out for your girlfriend."

"Yeah, I'm ok.  Great, actually.  I hope she's in the mood, 'cause

I am definitely ready to fuck after that!" he said


"Lucky girl.  I hope you get the right number this time, but if you

don't, then I guess I can get you off again," I teased him.

"Yeah, that reminds me, what did you say your number was?" he


"I didn't......bye, sweetie!" I said and hung up quietly.  I

thought that would leave him always wondering, unless, of course,

he actually did call me again accidentally.  I smiled to myself and

walked over to the VCR and put in the dirty movie I rented tonight. 

It's "Anal Analysis", I'll tell you how it was later.  Hope you

enjoyed this little unplanned escapade, I did.  Talk to you later,

I love you!!!!                       your slave


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