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Archive-name: Slaves/sfam.txt


Archive-title: Family of Slaves

                                   Chapter 1

This is the story of how my family is enslaved, dominated and controlled by my

biology father's older sister.  I will fully explain why I chose the phrase

biology father in more detail as I relate my incredible but true story of my

family.  Our life style may be strange, weird or even sick to some but it is

new and exciting to me, although at times painful.  I now know that mommy and

daddy have chosen to live this way.  They were Aunt Ella's slaves even before

Heather or I were even born.  It all started some fifteen years ago soon after

Grandma and Grandpa died in some terrible car accident.  I will reveal the

circumstance of their enslavement a little later.

As of this writing myself along with my mommy and daddy are Aunt Ella's

slaves.  Technically I am not yet her slave as I have not signed the papers

which will bind me for life to this woman.  Aunt Ella has confided to me that

someday my ten year old sister, Heather, will have to submit to her discipline

and domination.  The day that Heather becomes her slave we will truly be a

family of slaves.

I have agreed to freely signed a document, just like the ones I saw that bear

my parents names.  I have been told that I am not sufficiently trained to

fully understand what it is that I am committing myself to.  So I must wait

and it is so hard.  I long to call my Aunt; "Mistress" just as I've heard

mommy do so many times in the last few weeks.  I want to be her Slave, her

personal property just as mommy is.  I want to kiss and worship her body just

as I've seen mommy doing.

I have been given permission to copy the slave contract which I will be ask to

sign.  Aunt Ella has warned me again that I must not reveal our true names or

identify us in any way.  In return for this I must help her to punish daddy

for the first time when my story is completed and she has read it.  I have

witness mommy submission to her mistress but never daddy's.  Aunt Ella says I

must so that I will see how weak males are and how superior the female is.

She has also warned that if my spelling, punctuation, and grammar are not up

to my IQ level, I too will be whipped and punished.  She says I must use the

correct mixture of medical terminology along with the more sexually explicit

slang when I describe what she does to our bodies.  Since the welts on my

buttocks and thighs have not yet faded nor the searing pain of the kiss of the

razor strap from my most recent beating.  Let me state clearly that the names

you've read so far as well as all others in my little narrative are fictional


So here dear reader is the contract that the woman I worship, love and adore

is going to ask me to freely sign.  The contract that will make me her SLAVE


          THIS INDENTURE, Made the tenth day of December in the

          year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Two,

          BETWEEN Kimberly Louise Abbott, hereafter know as Slave or

          Slave Kim, and Ella Louise Abbott, hereafter known as

          Mistress Ella; WITNESSETH:

          That Slave, for and in consideration and in humble

          appreciation of such, care and attention as Mistress may

          choose to afford her, has given, granted, aliened, enfeoffed

          and conveyed, and these Presents does give, grant, enfeoff

          and convey unto Mistress:

          ALL of Slave's body, and each and every part thereof without

          reservation, every bit of her will as to all matters and

          things, and the entirety of her Soul.

          TOGETHER with, all and singular, every privilege, advantage

          and appurtenance to the same belonging or in anywise


          ALSO all the estate, right, title, property, claims, ego and

          id of Slave in, of and to the same and in, of and to every

          part and parcel thereof:

          TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, all and singular, the above-described

          body, will, Soul and premises, with all appurtenances thereof,

          unto Mistress and any of her assigns FOREVER.

          AND the said Slave does covenant, promise and agree:

          1 - She shall immediately, diligently and enthusiastically

              comply with and submit her full being to any and all

              directions or desires of Mistress or Her assigns which

              She or They express by word, signal, actions or any

              other means.

          2 - She shall at all times afford Mistress absolute respect.

              She shall address Her only as "Ma'am," "My Lady," "Mistress,"

              or other titles Mistress may so desire to be address by.

              She shall station herself in a physical position subordinate

              to Mistress whenever possible, and shall speak to or

              otherwise be a distraction to Mistress only when granted

              permission to do otherwise.

          3 - She shall constantly maintain her female body parts

              in such circumstances as will demonstrate and ensure

              that they are fully open to Mistress.  In particular,

              she shall never cross her legs, knees are to remain open

              at all times, thighs are required to be slightly parted

              allowing access to the body.  Slacks and shorts of any kind

              are strictly forbidden as are pantyhose in any form.  She

              shall cover no part of her body with apparel or material

              of any description except when the act of doing so and

              design of the item are expressly approved by Mistress,

              this includes brassieres, teddies as well as all items

              of clothing to be worn.

          4 - She shall preserve her female body parts for the exclusive

              use of Mistress and her assigns, which use shall be the sole

              source of her pleasures, and she shall engage in no self-

              gratification nor any physical contact with any other without

              explicit instructions be they human or animal females, or


          AND Slave does hereby irrevocably declare and acknowledge her

          everlasting unconditional dedication to serving Mistress to

          Her full satisfaction; AND she ashamedly confesses that prior

          indulgence of her untempered conduct by herself or others may

          have permitted her to become afflicted with inferior habits that

          may prove unsatisfactory to Mistress, from which imperfections

          she implores Mistress to free her by retraining with corporal

          punishment and discipline or any other means which Mistress,

          in Her unquestionable wisdom, deems effective toward directing

          her to her sole ambition and life-destiny of perfectly fulfilling

          every desire and whim that Mistress may have.

          IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Slave has hereunto set her hand with a free

          will to this document, and Mistress has designed to Seal these

          Presents by permanently affixing to the body Mistress's marks of

          ownership on the date first above written.


The date on the document is my birthday; I will be thirteen then.  I know it

is a lot of legalize there and I don't fully understand every single word but

I desperately want to sign it.  Aunt Ella and now even mommy are showing and

teaching me things I never dreamed of.  Mommy said Aunt Ella is teaching me

the same thing she taught her.  All I know is that just their touch now on my

naked body can make my inside melt.  I overheard Aunt Ella telling mommy

the other day, that I will be allowed to decide if I truly want to live a

submissive lesbian life style.  Before I really get into my story, let me tell

you a little about my life before my training as a slave started, OK.

I lived a typical childhood up until eight weeks ago.  I was spanked when I

misbehaved and was tucked into bed at night by my mommy or doting aunt.  We

that is my parents and my sister live on my Aunt's farm some thirty miles from

town.  Daddy works the farm and raises a few cows and pigs.  Mommy looks after

the rather huge old Victorian house that I look upon as our home.  Aunt Ella

has a job in town, she is the head nurse at the county hospital.  I loved the

way she looked in her nurse's uniform and even want to be a nurse myself.

Heather and I have bedrooms on the first floor while the adults sleep on the

second floor.  The only rooms in the old house that my sister and I were

forbidden to enter are the ones on the third floor.  They are always locked

and I remember us getting spanked a couple of times for trying to open the

little narrow decorative carved door that leads up to the third floor.  After

the second spanking we never tried again to go upstairs and settled for the

hay loft in the barn as our play house.

My mommy, who's given name is Judith, and my Aunt are both thirty years old.

They are the most beautify women I know.  In my eyes they are as pretty as any

movie or television stars in Hollywood.  I know their exact ages because just

two months ago we had a big birthday party for both of them in town.

We had dinner at the inn and there was a big cake and ice cream for desert.

Afterwards we all went and played miniature golf and then rode the bumper cars

in the park.  Daddy couldn't come because of some work he had to do.  When

Heather and I wanted to saved him a big piece of their birthday cake.  Aunt

Ella said.  "No, don't bother babies.  He's been getting a little fat here

lately and can only eat special meals that your mommy and I serve him."  Mommy

blushed red then lowered her head and giggled.  Aunt Ella cut us another piece

of cake, winked at mommy and remarked.  "Don't worry girls your daddy will get

his just deserts tonight."  Mommy took her hand and kissed it saying "Yes

Ella, our little Al is getting just what he needs.  If you like I can dress

him just as soon as the girls are in bed.  May I milk him tonight please

darling."  My Aunt smiled then kiss her cheek and said.  "Alright that will be

my present to you Judith.  You can choose to have him anway you want dear.  He

totaly yours tonight."

I used to think my daddy the most hansom man in the world.  But now I don't

how I feel about him.  Especially since Aunt Ella has shown me a rather

disturbing picture of him dressed like a girl.  Right now I so confused.  Aunt

Ella says that she will show me how lowly and disgusting the male of the

species can be.  Soon she says I will no longer look upon daddy as my father.

But only as an inferior male to be used, abused and enjoyed by superior

females.  She says daddy likes dress in women's clothing that it excites him.

Soon she says he will pledge is obedience to me just as he has to her and

mommy.  I though daddy a slave like mommy?  Maybe there is more than one kind

of slavery.  She said perhaps the next phase for daddy will be to emasculating

the little bitch.  I'll have to look that word up in the dictionary along with

many other that I have recently learned.  Aunt Ella has so many medical book

and others on all kinds of subjection, bondage, submission, and other things.

I am learning so much about sex and be female that I will not have to take the

sex and health class next year I bet.

Please forgive me dear reader but I'm getting ahead of myself. My story is

still unfolding so I not quite sure how it is all going to end but let me

start again.

Eight week ago I started my periods.  I felt bad all that particular day, not

really sick but kind of strange.  I didn't think much about it, school was

just out for the summer and I wanted to play.  At bath time I found my panties

stained with blood.  I though I had hurt myself while riding my bike.  Sitting

on the toilet I bent over looking at my slit.  I felt so proud my bald little

mound was just beginning to sprout a fine down of silky hairs.  I now know

that they are call Pubic Hairs.  Nothing appeared to be wrong.  Using my

fingers I spread my self open and a small trickle of blood began to ooze out.

Unable to stop the flow of dark red blood I screamed for mommy thinking I had

some internally injured.

Seeing my bloody fingers mommy rushed to me asking where I was hurt.  All I

could do was cry and point at my crotch as I sat on the toilet.  I just knew I

was going to die.  Kneeling down mommy spread my legs and took a washcloth and

wiped along my tiny slit.  Seeing the menstruation fluid leaking from the

small outer lips of my vagina, she hugged me.  Kissing my nose she said  "Calm

down now Kimmy, remember we talked about this last year.  You're not bleeding

from some cut or injury darling.  You're menstruating.  Your body is telling

you that you're no long mommy little baby girl but a healthy young maturing

woman.  Now hurry and get your bath I'll be right back, I have to tell Ella

the good news."

I felt really embarrassed and dumb.  I had forgotten our Mother and Daughter

talk it had been so long ago.  I faintly remembered mommy explaining something

about periods and menstruation and how my body would soon be going through

some amazing changes.  She mentioned something about wider hips and my breasts

growing fuller and larger.  We had read some about being an adolescent and a

teenager in health class at school.  That was just general stuff, nothing

really specific about blossoming in young womanhood.  We were supposed to

study human anatomy, sex and all that stuff next year.  I knew boys were

different than girls because when I stayed at my friend Amanda's house at

Halloween.  She had made her baby little brother pull down his pajamas and I

could see a little pink finger and a tiny sack between his legs.  She had

wanted me to touch his thing but I just couldn't.  I told her I was leaving if

she didn't stop.  I think Amanda was afraid I was going to tell on her because

she made me promise not to tell anyone what she had done to her little

brother.  I promised but said if she every did it again I would tell.

Filling the tub I removed the rest of my clothes and sat down in the warm

water. As I soaped the washcloth the door opened, It was Aunt Ella.

               * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                            Chapter 2 coming soon.


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