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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct14.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 14

	When you wake, you find yourself in your Master's

bed.  You are not bond.  Your Master lays beside you

still asleep.  You lay quietly looking, studying your

Master's body.  You do not touch him for you wish not

to wake him.  You can feel your pussy tingle as you

stare at him.  Finally you slide off the side of the

bed and head for the adjoining bathroom.  You take your

time relieving yourself then cleaning up a bit,

brushing your hair and washing your face.  While you

are cleaning yourself up, your Master enters the bath. 

He says nothing to you but merely relieves himself then

washes his face, heads back to the bedroom.  Once you

have finished you quietly go back to the bedroom and

slide back onto the bed next to your Master, who has

gone back to bed waiting for you.  He slowly reaches

for you and pulls you close to his chest.  Nothing is

said.  He rubs his soft, gentle hand over your back as

his other hand presses your face to his chest.  He

holds you tenderly for a very long time, without


	"Today we shall marry slave," he finally states to

you in a matter of fact manner.  "Then you shall be

given the right to be called Elizabeth again.  I have

picked what I wish you to wear.  The Judge will perform

two marriages for us.  First shall be the traditional,

second shall be the Master/Slave vows you must say. 

Then my dear slave, we shall have a honeymoon, going to

my house in the woods.  We shall make love and do

whatever your heart desires.  Today shall be your day

to make choices.  So you should begin thinking of your

wants and needs now."

	You glance up at your Master, pulling yourself

upward slightly so you can see his face easily. 

"Master I wish what you wish.  I am here to please you

and wish only to do this."

	Your Master reaches for you head and gently his

hand runs through your hair.  "I know slave, you have

proven this in the past weeks of your training. 

However, there are surely things you enjoy more than

others.  Of those, I wish you to make a choice."

	You bow your head, finally leaning back to your

Master's chest and merely whisper, "Yes Master."  You

lay there wrapped in his strong arms for a very long

time.  He makes no move to caress you or excite you. 

He simply embraces you in his arms lovingly. 

	"I'm hungry slave," your Master finally says, "how

about you?"

	"Yes Master," you respond, surprised at his

question for it has never been asked by him before of


	"Then let's go eat some breakfast slave.  After

which you shall begin the preparations for our

marriage."  He says, rises from the bed and tenderly

pulls at your arms until you are pulled from the bed. 

He leans down to you and kisses your lips softly, then

presses his tongue into your mouth giving you a longing

tongue kiss.  He withdraws after several minutes then

swats your bare bottom teasingly and says let's go. 

You quickly go to the door, open it, waiting for your

Master to exit first, then follow behind him down to

the kitchen.  Breakfast is already on the table.  The

Judge, who spent the night and his slave are seated at

the table eating.  The slave rises and kneels as soon

as your Master enters the room.  Your Master nods to

her, takes his seat, then she rises and sits back in

her chair.  You glance at your Master, questioning if

you are expected to do the same to the Judge, for he

has never instructed you to do this.  He nods at you

then at your chair and you slip onto the seat and do

not kneel before the Judge.  The Judge's slave is quite

lovely.  She is a natural blonde, with hair that is

straight and long, which comes to the middle of her

back.  She wears a wide belt around her waist, from the

center of the belt are three thin rope like strands. 

One strand is running through the center of the girl's

sex, pulled tightly over her opened pussy, rubbing her

clit each time she moves.  The other two ropes are

pressed on the outside lips of her pussy, pressing the

one over her clit deeper within her nether lips.  When

she rose to kneel to your Master you noted a small

dildo inserted inside her pussy.  It is not big enough

to bring satisfaction, but big enough to cause

excitement.  You can feel your pussy dripping with

excitement as you think of the constant pressure she is

receiving from her bonds.

	The Judge and your Master engage in small talk as

you eat breakfast.  When you are finished, your

Mistress appears in the doorway.  Your Master instructs

you to go with her and prepare for the day.  You

quickly rise and move to your Mistress.  She leads you

from the room to the second floor examination room.

	You go to the table, as you have many times,

without instructions, however your Mistress orders you

into the bathroom instead.  You quickly move to the

bathroom and take standing position.  She slowly

prepares the enema you know you are going to receive. 

Once it is ready she pulls a chair from the corner of

the bath and sits.  She orders you to lay across her

lap and spread your legs wide.  She has never given you

an enema in this fashion before, but you do as

instructed without question.  Slowly she runs her

fingers up and down your slit, pressing her fingers

into your wet pussy.  She reaches for the vaseline and

pushes her fingers into it then presses it slowly into

your anus.  Her fingers play deep within you, greasing

your hole thoroughly.  Finally she presses the enema

nozzle into you and releases the clip to the enema bag,

the water flows gently into you.  As it flows she plays

with your pussy, running her fingers into your dripping

hole, then to your clit.  She teases at your sensitive

flesh the entire time the enema flows into you.  When

the warm water empties from the bag she slowly pulls

the nozzle from you and replaces it with a butt plug. 

Keeping you across her lap she teases your clit more

and more, until you finally flood her hand with your

juices as your orgasm surges through your body.  

	She orders you to stand and go relieve yourself. 

While you do this, she runs water in the tub, testing

it with her hand periodically.  When you have finished

she nods to the tub, you need no further instructions,

you immediately slide into the warm  water.  Her hands

slowly cup the water in the tub and she drains it from

her hands onto your skin.  She then soaps you

completely, having you stand to do your pussy and

bottom, teasing your flesh as she does.  Once the bath

is completed she uses a douche to clean your nether

region.  She then orders you to the examination table.

	Quickly you go to the examination table, placing

your legs into the stirrups, your hands over your head, 

without instruction.  Your Mistress secures your hands,

legs and knees in the standard fashion then begins to

rub a nice smelling oil over your body.  Not ignoring

your spread open sex and ass crack.  When finished she

releases you, has you roll over on your stomach and

repeats the same process to your back.  She then orders

you back on your back.  Again you are spread open wide

and secured.  She goes to the cupboard across the room,

withdraws a tube of something and returns to you. 

Slowly she squeezes some of the cream from the tube

onto her fingers then massages it into your nipples. 

Your nipples get warmer and warmer as she massages. 

Once she has achieved the reaction she desires she

places decorated nipple clips to your two erect tits. 

The decoration on the clips is a sterling silver disk

with the word 'Master's' engraved on each.  She moves

to your spread legs, places some more cream on her

fingers then begins to rub it into your pussy region,

over your clit, over your inner lips, then down your

opened crack to your anus.  Your hips begin to thrust

upward as the cream heats your sensitive region.  She

squeezes more cream on her fingers and rubs more into

your delicate region, causing you to thrust your hips

upward again and again.  Once she is satisfied with the

effects, she places a small, thin butt plug into your

anus, then a thin dildo into your hot, dripping pussy. 

You are left for several minutes while she goes to wash

her hands.  Your excitement building through your body.

	When she returns, she releases you, orders you to

the center of the room in standing position. 

Immediately you take your place, hands behind head,

legs spread wide.  She places a wide, soft leather belt

around your waist, the buckle is sterling silver

bearing your Master's name.  It is tightened firmly

around your waist.  Your Mistress then attaches three

thin soft leather straps to the front of the belt,

pulls one through your pussy lips, pressing the dildo

and butt plug deeper within you.  She secures it

tightly to the back of the belt.  Then does the same

with the other leather strips, each going on the

outside of your pussy lips.  The way she secures them

is so tight it causes a great deal of pressure to your

sensitive region, yet an excitement courses through you

with the continuous pressure to your clit and anus. 

Another wide, soft leather strap is hooked over the top

of the three other leather straps then pressed between

your legs, pulled firmly and connected to the back of

the belt.  She then places a soft leather harness 

around your breasts.  The harness presses your breasts

upward and out at the same time.

	Your Mistress goes to the phone, calling someone

in the house, then returns to you, saying nothing, but

stands waiting.  A knock comes to the door, your

Mistress commands them to come in, and several young

slaves enter the room.  They begin to work with your

hair, which your Mistress had washed during your bath. 

Finally, after about two hours of preparation you are

finished then led down the stairs to the great room.

	When you enter, your Master stands at the other

side of the room with the Judge in front of him.  The

Judge's slave is kneeling beside the Judge.	 

	Your Mistress whispers into your ear to walk to

your Master.  You glance around the room as you begin

to walk towards the man you have fallen in love with

and love to call Master.  No one else is in the room,

save the slaves of the house, your Master, Mistress,

the Judge and his slave.  Your Master smiles at you as

he takes in the full effects of your body as you walk

to him.  He is dressed in a tuxedo, yet you know he

wears no underwear, so you will have access to him

quickly.  Finally you reach his side and the Judge

clears his throat and begins.

	The first ceremony is the standard words of any

marriage ceremony.  When it is completed the Judge nods

to your Master, who leans forward and lightly kisses

your lips.  He then stands back up fully and looks down

at you, nodding his head toward the floor.  You quickly

take the hint, kneeling beside your Master.  The Judge

clears his throat again and begins: "Slave Elizabeth,

you must agree with the words spoken here in order for

this marriage to be complete.  Repeat after me slave

Elizabeth, 'I, slave to my Master Nathaniel, do hereby

vow to be his wife, providing him pleasure for the

years to come, in whatever fashion he so desires.  I

promise to obey his every command, and in failing to do

so, promise to ask for the punishment I deserve from my

Master.  I also promise to receive any punishment,

regardless of its severity, my Master deems necessary. 

I promise to always be spread and ready for my Master

or anyone he decides who should take me, with my sex

always wet and warm for him."  You complete the

statement, the Judge having stopped periodically for

you to say the words.  He then turns slightly, facing

toward your Master.  Your Master places his hand to

your head.

	The Judge begins: "I, Master Nathaniel, take thee,

slave Elizabeth as my wife.  I shall love and provide

for you.  I shall discipline you when it is needed, as

well as when it brings me pleasure.  I shall permit you

to care for my desires and ensure you fulfillment of

your desire to be controlled, disciplined, loved and

used.  I shall, each day, bring you pleasure by using

your sex and body in a fashion I deem suited."

	Your Master having finished his statement, as you

look up to his face, your sex is flowing easily,

soaking the thin leather strips pressing into you and

the wider leather strap covering them.  Your Master,

pulling at the back of the leather belt around your

waist, pulls you from your knees to him.  He presses

his mouth to yours and kisses your deeply.  The Judge

then kisses you on the lips.  One slave comes forward

with a camera in hand, snaps several picture of you and

your Master, your husband.  Your Master nods to your

Mistress, she comes to you, taking your arm, then leads

you back upstairs.  The belt, nipple clips, dildos are

taken from you, everything is removed until you are

nude.  A dress is placed on you.  A sheer white, low

cut dress.  A garter belt is placed on you then you sit

to have sheer, white nylons placed on your legs.  A

pair of white heels are put on your feet, three and a

half inches high.  Your Mistress orders you to the

examination table, telling you to lean over it and pull

up your dress.  You do so.  She then places a thick

butt plug into your anus.  Once finished she has you

stand up, then kisses you sweetly and quickly, then

tells you to join your Master downstairs.  You quickly

go downstairs to your Master.

	Your Master has a small bag with him, which he

picks up then leads you out the door to the waiting

car.  The car is a Mercedes convertible with the top

down.  You are seated in the passenger seat, your

Master takes the driver's side.  Soon you are on the

open highway, making your way to his home in the woods. 

He looks over to you then orders you to remove your

dress.  Quickly you slide forward to pull the dress

from underneath your buttocks and slide it over your

head.  You immediately spread your legs wide on the

seat of the car.  Your flesh becomes covered with

goosebumps  as the wind slaps against your nude body. 

Your Master presses a button and the roof of the car

begins to rise.  He reaches to you with one hand, the

other on the wheel, then presses his fingers into your

dripping sex.  He smiles sweetly at you, then presses

his dripping fingers to your mouth.  You quickly suck

them clean, teasing them with your tongue.  He orders

you to tease your erect nipples, warning you not to

pinch them, but only tease them.  You begin to slowly

caress the nipples, teasing the flesh more and more. 

His hand moves to your wet, shaven pussy again and

begins to tease at the lips then the clit.  As he rubs

you to the edge, he orders you to pinch your nipples

hard.  You do as instructed, feeling yourself about to

burst with orgasm.  As you rise higher your Master

orders you to stop as he pulls his fingers from you. 

Reluctantly you pull your fingers from your breasts. 

He then looks down at his bulging pants, saying to you,

"I think I have something you must attend to."  

Quickly you lean to his lap, unzip his trousers and

pull his erect penis from them.  You begin by kissing

the head of his shaft, then slowly lick the shaft,

pressing into his trousers with your tongue to lick at

his swollen balls, then back up his shaft.  You slide

the head into your mouth, teasing it with your tongue,

he is moving now into you, pressing his hips forward. 

He is having some problems driving, but you are so

involved in satisfying him you do not notice.  You

continue to tease and lick his firm, erect member until

he explodes inside your mouth. 

	Your tongue laps at the cum, swallowing quickly so

as not to lose a single drop.  His member finally

becomes limp again, you wash the entire shaft with your

tongue, then place it back into his trousers.  He zips

them back up.  You resume your position in the seat on

the passenger side with legs spread wide.  Your Master

orders you to remove your garter belt and nylons then

place your hands behind your back and to sit in this

fashion until you arrive at the home, you do so without

hesitation.  The cars speeding past you take no notice

of your nude body, busy in their quest to get to their

destinations, however when you pass a group of semi-

trucks, they become active with the blasting of their

horns as you slowly pass each cab, with each trucker

gazing down into the car looking at your nude, exposed

body.  This experience is exciting you even more, as

your pussy drips it's juice onto the seat beneath you. 

Finally your Master turns the car off the highway to a

two lane highway, drives for another six miles then

turns off to a single lane, black top paved road. 

About two miles down this road you come to a gate, your

Master pushes a button inside the car, the gate opens,

you drive through, then the gate closes behind you. He

drives another three miles down the road before the

house comes to view.  The house is not huge, but large,

two story Old English Tudor home.  He stops the car

directly in front of the walk-way leading to the front


	You do not make a move, as your Master has not

instructed you do so.  He gets out of the car, comes to

your side, opens the door, then reaches down to you and

lifts you carefully from the seat of the car, carrying

you to the door.  He cradles you in his arms as one

hand fumbles with a set of keys and unlocks the door. 

He carries you into the foyer, sets you feet down to

the floor then kisses you deep and tenderly.  He looks

down at you and finally says, "I love you Elizabeth,"

then kisses you again.  When he withdraws you whisper

to him, as he holds your close to him, "I love you

Master Nathaniel, more than life itself."  He kisses

you again.

	He goes to the car and retrieves the small

suitcase and your dress, garter belt, shoes and nylons 

then comes back to you in the foyer.  You have taken

standing position while you wait for him.  He smiles

when he enters, seeing you standing there waiting for

him.  He slides the case down, lays your dress and

other items on top of it then moves to you, leaning

forward kisses you again.

	"Come, my wife and slave, we shall tour the

house."  	You move through the house, your Master

showing you each room.  Before taking you upstairs he

takes you to the playroom in the basement.  This

playroom is very different from the one at the house in

the city.  It has a thick, plush carpeting on the

floor, a large four post king size bed.  A couch, a

lounge chair on another wall.  There are three cabinets

with glass fronts housing the various tools of

pleasure/pain, such as whips, cane, paddles, etc.  You

are delighted with the room and wish to stay there, but

your Master says no, that the two of you shall retire

to the bedroom.  He moves through the door of the

playroom, heading back upstairs, you quickly follow

behind him.  

	Your Master shows you the guest rooms then finally

leads you into the Master suite.  Attached to the suite

is a living room, off this room is a jacuzzi and sauna,

then finally the bedroom.  The bed is on a platform,

raised approximately four inches above the floor level. 

The king size bed is a four poster bed with canopy and

draperies surrounding it.  Off the bedroom is another

room, obviously a playroom from the items on the

shelves there, then the Master's bath off to the right

and another bath off to the left.  Your Master tells

you this is your bath, you enter it to see a large tub,

big enough for two people.  Various items are there,

such as an enema bag, numerous bottles of lotion,

perfumes, and even bubble bath salts.  You are so gitty

with the thought of sharing your life with this man

now, that your enthusiasm has found its way to your

pussy and your juices flow onto your inner thigh.  Your

Master stands watching you as you look over the items

in the bath, eventually he reaches for you and pulls

you to him, kissing you tenderly.

	"Playroom slave, off the bedroom."  He says,

looking down at you.  Quickly you move to the playroom,

taking your standing position in the center of the

room.  Your Master goes into the bedroom, changes from

his tuxedo putting on only a robe.  He comes back to

you and slowly circles you, reaching out to touch your

wet pussy lips.  He pushes your forward slightly so you

are bending at the waist and slowly withdraws the butt plug you have held inside you.  "What is your desire

slave Elizabeth?  What pleasure do you ask of your


	You knew this time would come.  You had thought

about it since your Master told you that you would be

pleased in the fashion you desire.  "Master," you

finally say, "the most exciting and pleasant thing I've

had done to me since coming to you was the time you

gave me a bare bottom spanking over your knees.  I ask

you to do this, then slide your manhood into me then

spank me as you pump in and out.  If this pleases you

Master Nathaniel."  He smiles down at you then slowly

removes his robe, his member is already becoming firm

at your request.  He moves to the straight back chair

on the other side of the room, sits down then says

firmly and harshly to you, "Wife, slave Elizabeth,

across my knee.  I shall spank your bottom as one might

spank a child who has behaved badly.  Come now."  

	Quickly you move to your Master's lap, laying

across it awaiting the warming of your bare bottom. 

Your juices bubble out of you now with the excitement

racing through your body.  Slowly your Master rubs your

tender ass cheeks then pulls his hand back and firmly

administers a spank to your bare ass.  The spank is not

hard, but is soon followed by a series of harsh spanks,

three in all, then another soft, spank.  He continues

spanking at your cheeks until they turn to bright red. 

His member has grown under you, pressing into your

stomach as he spanks you soundly.  He stops now,

running his fingers into your slit then to your soaking

wet pussy, he plays at your clit then pulls his fingers

back and begins to spank you again.  Soon you shake

across his lap with orgasm.  He stops, waiting for you

to calm down then begins again.  The spanking and

teasing continues for nearly an hour.  Finally he tells

you to stand, your ass cheeks burning from his firm

hand slapping against them.  He pulls you up to him and

slides you onto his erect, hard cock.  You wrap your

feet around his waist and your hands around his neck. 

As he thrust his hips forward pushing his rigid member

deeper into you, he begins to slap at your red buttocks

and spanks you in earnest.  Within a few minutes you

reach orgasm again.  He continues to pull out slightly

from you then thrusts his hips forward again and again. 

Slapping your buttocks each time.  You reach your

eighth orgasm being spanked and entered in this


	Without pulling out of you he walks to the bedroom

and lays you back on the bed.  His member pushes

further inside you with his weight coming down on your

body.  Your burning ass cheeks touch the bed and you

jerk upward to him as they do.  Finally he pulls out of

you completely, orders you to roll over with buttocks

in the air.  You take the kneeling position with head

bent down resting on your hands.  You feel the head of

his rock hard member touch your puckered hole, then

with one quick movement he thrusts into you.  His body

pumps back and forth pushing his rod in and out of you

quickly.  His right hand reaches around in front of

you, you are waiting for him to tease your clit,

instead you feel his hand slap sharply onto your opened

sex.  With the three stinging slap you jerk and quiver

to orgasm, thrusting back onto his stiff member which

is still lodged deep within you bowel.  He continues to

spank your open pussy then withdraws from your anus. 

Slapping your still red buttocks as he does.  

	"On your back," he says to you.  You have not

completely recovered from your recent orgasms and do

not respond quickly.  The flat of his hand slaps

against your buttocks then down your crack to your open

pussy.  You move faster to position yourself on your

back.  He thrusts himself deep into your spread open

pussy and begins to pump in and out of you as if he

were possessed with thrusting into you as hard and fast

as he can.  You feel his member swell more within your

love canal then it begins to shot his cream deep within

you.  As he thrusts in and out of you he reaches for

your left nipple, pinches it very hard, causing you to

moan with the pain/pleasure it causes.  Your hips buck

upwards to take him deeper into you as his cream floods

your inner walls.  He pinches the right nipple in the

same manner then moves his hand to your clit and begins

to slap at it in time with his still hard member

slamming in and out of you.  Soon he stiffens, you feel

his entire load of cream blast into you, at the same

time you shake, jerk, then buck your hips upward to him

and climax at the same time.  He lays down, his member

still inside you, on top of you to rest.  Shortly his

limp member falls out of you and you again feel empty. 

His fingers move to your sex, slowly his pushes them

into you and you both sleep, his fingers staying deep

within you.

	When you wake you notice the shadows of the room

have changed and see that it is dusk outside now.  Your

Master is not on the bed with you any longer.  You hear

the jacuzzi running, so you stand and enter that room. 

Your Master is leaning back against the wall of the

jacuzzi he sits in with his eyes closed.  You walk over

to him, not saying anything, then kneel beside him with

legs spread wide.  Soon he looks up to see you there. 

Your sex open to him at eye level.  His hand presses

into your pussy and teases the flesh then he orders you

into the pool of swirling water.  Once in, he stands

behind you, tells you to spread your legs wide then

positions your open sex to the jetting water flow. 

Within a few minutes your sex is reacting wildly to the

pulsating water on the head of your clit.  Your Master

feels your body stiffen then turns you around, pulls

you up to him and thrusts his rigid cock into your

wanting pussy.   He carries you out of the spa to the

floor then tells you to ask for what you want.  You

scream, "Fuck me Master, fuck me hard and fast, please

Master."  He thrusts in and out of you until you

explode with orgasm.  He is still hard, but pulls out

of you then orders you to the playroom.

	You enter the room, taking your position in the

center with legs spread wide and hands behind your

head.  Your Master goes to the shelving, returning with

a pair of nipple clamps.  He teases your nipples until

they are firm then attaches the clips to your nipples. 

He then moves to the side of the room and unfastens a

hook which secures a board, when lowered it becomes a

table top, the legs are extended and snapped into

place.  Your Master says nothing but nods his head to

you and your quickly move to the table top.  He tells

you to slide down to the end, with your legs hanging

over the end.  You do so. He then goes to the shelving

retrieving something then picks up the chair he had sat

on earlier to spank you and places it down at the

bottom of the table.  He places leather straps around

your ankles, then secures them to ropes hanging from

the ceiling.  He then secures your hands above your

head, hooking them to a hook at the other end of the

table.  He drags his fingers across your body as he

walks back down to the end of the table to seat

himself.  Within moments you feel his breath against

your open sex.  Then his fingers spread the lips open

wide then you feel the sting of a small willow branch

against your clit.  You scream, pulling against your

bonds, then the willow branch strikes your pussy and

clit again.  Each time you yank against your bonds,

lunging your hips upward with each blow, your screams

turn to a howl with the pain coursing through your

nether region.  After a dozen whips to your open pussy

your Master stops then tells you, "This, my wife slave,

is the punishment you will receive when disobedient or

naughty.  As you enjoy the spankings to your ass this

will be your form of punishment.  A punishment should

feel like a punishment.  Giving instructional

correction and not pleasure."  He leans down to your

tear soaked cheek and kisses you softly.  "I'm sorry my

little puss to have to introduce you in such a harsh

manner.  But it is necessary for you to understand,

that notwithstanding our marriage, you are my slave and

must obey or suffer the consequences."

	"Yes my husband, my Master, I understand," you say

through sobs.  His hand moves over your face and

gently, tenderly wipes the tears from you.  He removes

the nipple clips from your breasts, teasing the

circulation back into the flesh.  He moves back down to

the chair at the foot of the table and seats himself. 

You brace by stiffening your body for another blow of

the willow switch, instead you feel the warmth of his

tongue on your pussy.  Slowly he licks and flutters his

tongue over your painful region, until the pain stops

and pleasure replaces it.  Your juices flow down

between your ass cheeks and his tongue follows the

juice, teasing your open anus.  He stops and releases

your bonds, pulls you down to the end of the table to

his opened arms.  He holds you tightly for several

minutes then pulls the chair out and away from the

wall.  He leads you to the chair, sits down and pulls

you over his knees and begins to slap at your buttocks. 

He administers forty spanks in quick fashion then pulls

you up to your feet.  He orders you down to kneeling

and bowing position.  Immediately you kneel, bow over

so your head is resting on your arms.  He thrusts his

rock hard cock into your dripping pussy from behind. 

His pelvis slapping into your burning ass cheeks each

time.  You are both consumed with orgasm, again and

again he pushes in an out of you until you both cum

again.  His member drained of his cream, he withdraws

from you then lays down on the floor next to you. 

Quickly you move into position over his limp member and

begin to suck and lick it clean.  His hand finds your

head and pets at your hair.  He then pulls you up to

his chest, presses your down to him and holds you close

to him.  

	You both drift off to sleep.  You glow inside with

the knowledge that this man, this Master loves you.  He

will tend to your every need, giving pleasure to your

body and releasing your inner self with discipline when

you do not behave properly.  You sleep with a smile on

your face, knowing for all of your life you shall be

owned and loved by this man, this seductive Master.


End of Seductive Master series.


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