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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct13.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 13

	Your Master stays with you for five minutes or so

while the other Masters and Mistresses return to the

great room to check on their slaves.  He comes to you,

bound on the table, leans down and softly kissed your

lips then your cheeks then your eyes.  Finally moving

his mouth back to yours and pressing his tongue deep

within you for a long, intense kiss.  He pulls back

from you and delicately touches your breasts then runs

his fingers down your sides to your hips.  You moan

with the anticipation of his fingers finding your well

worked hole.  He pulls his hands back, straightens up

to turn to your Mistress.  

	"Take her, clean her inside and out then return

her here,"  your Master commands your Mistress, then he

leaves the room.

	Your Mistress releases your bonds, helps you up,

telling you to quickly make your way to the examination

room on the second floor.  You can not move that

quickly but do manage, under your own power, to make it

up the two flights of stairs to the examination room. 

You immediately take your place on the table.  Your

Mistress prepares an enema, in no nonsense fashion she

administers it then slips a butt plug into you.  She

then helps you to the bathroom, removes the plug and

allows you to dispel the enema.  She draws a bath for

you as you are doing this; then helps you into the tub. 

She quickly rubs you down, while still in the tub, has

you stand, administering a douche to your pussy.  Once

completed she dries you off and allows you to fix your

hair as best you can.  Within fifteen minutes you are

returned to the playroom, ordered to kneeling position.

	You take your position, waiting for your Master

and his guests to return.  You kneel for nearly twenty

minutes waiting.  When the door opens, a slave is

pushed into the room by his Mistress, almost knocking

into you.  His Mistress slaps at his back when he

nearly hits you then orders him to strip.  Your Master

comes behind you, touches your shoulder softly and

tells you to move to the floor near his chair.  You

quickly rise, following your Master to the other side

of the room.

	The slave who was pushed into the room, now stands

in the center of the room without clothes.  His

Mistress has gone to the shelving on the playroom wall

and taken a few items from it, alone with a thin birch

rod.  She returns to the slave, walking slowly around

him.  You have kept your head down until this point,

but finally you sneak a glance at the Mistress.  It is

none other than the Mistress you feared earlier this


	"Well you little pussy licker, what have you say

for yourself?"  She questioned the young man in front

of her.  "Have you not been trained better?"  Her foot

tapping the floor waiting an answer.

	"Yes Mistress, I have been trained to do better

than what I have.  Please Mistress forgive me!" 	The

young man, about twenty three years old, pleaded.

	"Forgive you!  Forgive you!  I shall birch you. 

You have embarrassed me in front of my friends slave,

so you shall be punished in front of my friends."  She

reached down to his slightly hard cock and pulled on

it, "You think it important this is satisfied when you

have been ordered not to cum?"  As she spoke she pulled

on his cock and squeezed it tightly, his face grimaced

with the pain she was inflicting.

	"No Mistress, is not important unless you, my

Mistress approve it."  The young man responded

sheepishly with pain edging his voice.

	"We will see how you do when you can not cum,

inspite of the need."  His Mistress stated. "Now get

yourself hard.  If you cum you shall pay dearly you

little pervert."

	She stepped back from him, moving to the side so

all could see as he began to jerk himself into

hardness.  It was not long before his cock was hard and

erect.  Once it is, his Mistress walks over to him,

places a cock ring around his cock, then secures his

balls in a sack, lacing it tightly closed around them. 

He moans from the pressure she exerts when she tightens

the laces.  She places leather cuffs around his wrists,

hooking them together, then pulls the rope from the

ceiling to attach to the wrist cuffs.  Once this is

completed she places a spreader bar between his ankles,

spreading him quite wide, then lifts him slightly off

the floor so only his toes touch.  She stands back to

survey her handy work.

	Your Master reaches for you, his hand lightly

petting your hair.  Slowly he pulls your head towards

him, you glance up to his eyes, he nods down, you see

his member pressing hard on his trousers.  Slowly you

unzip his trouser, take his member from them, he wears

no underwear, and you begin to lick and suck his rigid

member.  Slowly you lick his shaft up and down, teasing

the head with your tongue.  He moves his hips slightly

forward, pushing his rigid cock into your throat.  He

pulls back slightly then leans over to you and

whispers, "I shall bring my hand to your head when I

wish your labor to bring me off.  Right now just hold

me in your mouth, teasing only the shaft and not the

head."  You can not respond, for his firm member is

still within your mouth, but you look into his eyes,

attempting to transmit the words you think, those

being, yes Master.

	The Mistress punishing her slave has gone back to

the shelving holding all the treasures of the playroom. 

She comes back to her slave, from behind him with a

dildo.  She has picked one which is particularly thick

and long.  This dildo is nearly three inches in

diameter and twelve inches long.  She holds it to the

slave's mouth, orders him to wet it, for that is the

only lubricant there shall be.  His tongue quickly runs

over the shaft of it, not wetting it much at all, then

his Mistress pulls it from him and returns behind him. 

She slowly, with one hand pulls at his buttocks,

spreading them slightly, with the other hand she shoves

the long thick dildo into his anus.  He screams at the

pain.  When his scream subsides she quickly pulls it

out completely then thrusts it back into him hard and

fast.  Again he screams and begins to plead with his

Mistress for mercy.  This only enrages her more, as she

pulls the dildo out again, thrusts it back in, then out

again then back in again.  Finally she leaves it

stuffed deep within him.

	She moves to the side of him with the birch rod in

hand.  She flexes it in the air and it snaps as she

whips her wrist.  "I shall use this on you slave, tell

me where, and if you are wrong I shall use it on your

entire body."

	"Mistress please," the young man pleaded.

	"All right slave, you did not tell me, so I will

choose.  First shall be the cock, then the buttocks,

with the dildo still inside."  His Mistress retorted

without compassion.

	"Please Mistress no, please," the slave pleaded.

	"Your pleading will do you no good slave.  The

punishment is decided.  I am going to gag your mouth so

I need not hear your pleas."  The Mistress said as she

walked to the shelving again and brought back a rubber

ball gag.  She did not have to command him to open his

mouth, he did so as soon as she placed the ball in

front of it.

	She stood to the side of the young slave with the

thin birch rod, pulling it back midway, then swinging

it forward landing it directly on the shaft of his

harden cock.  Without hesitation she brought it back

again and slapped at his cock.  She did this until she

had delivered ten strokes to his shaft, all with the

tip end of the thin birch rod.  He thrashed about

wildly and screamed through his ball gag with each

blow.  The head of his cock had pre-cum deposited on it

now, indicating he was surely in agony with the cock

ring so securely tight around his shaft and his balls

tightly laced inside their leather pouch.

	She lowered him from the ceiling now, took the

spreader bar off and unhooked his wrist cuffs.  She

said nothing, only pointed to the horse across the

room.  The young man walked, with great difficulty, but

managed to get to the horse.  He immediately lay across

it with the dildo sticking out slightly from his ass. 

His Mistress secured his legs and wrists to the

opposing legs of the horse, then took the precaution to

secure the strap around his waist holding him firmly in

the middle to the horse.  His Mistress then moved to

the side of him, pulling the birch rod back over her

shoulder landing the first blow on his upturned bare

ass.  The rod left a welt which was soon joined by

another laid right along side the first.  She continued

the birching until his entire buttocks were aflame with

welts from the rod.  Occasionally she stood behind him,

using the rod underhanded then landing it on his

leather encased balls.

	You have played with your Master's shaft the

entire time.  Your own pussy dripping your juices down

your leg now from the sounds you have been hearing. 

Your Master finally touches your head and pushes his

shaft into your mouth then pulls out.  You begin to

tease the head of his rigid member with your tongue,

curling it around and around.  Within a few minutes his

firm member begins to spasm then shoots its load of

cream into your throat.  As it does your Master pushes

in and out of your mouth, fucking your mouth

thoroughly.  His cum creams into your throat as you

swallow quickly to take all of him.  Soon, too soon for

you, he withdraws from your mouth and you hungrily

clean his member with your tongue.  He places his limp

member back into his trousers then leans forward,

telling you to look at the slave who is being punished.

	You look over to the horse and see the slave

spread eagle.  The dildo still forced within him, his

ass flaming red with welts from the birch rod.  His

Mistress finally unhooks him from the horse, helps him

stand, though in his condition now, a cock so rigid it

could drive nails yet restrained by the cock ring, he

cannot stand upright.  She leads him to the center of

the room, removes his gag, then asks, "Slave, have you

something to say now?"

	"Yes Mistress.  Mistress I am sorry I displeased

you and disobeyed your orders not to cum unless told. 

I am sorry also Mistress I embarrassed you before your

friends.  I am also sorry Mistress I forced you into

having to punish me."  The young slave said between

sobs as the tears streamed down his cheeks.

	"I should, slave, allow everyone here to beat your

ass and cock."  The Mistress said sternly.

	You, not knowingly react to her words, and your

Master touches your shoulder gently then rises. 

"Mistress Bonnie may I have a word with you in the

hall?"  Your Master questions.

	"Of course," Mistress Bonnie responds puzzled by

his request.  "Of course Master Nathaniel," she says,

turning on her heels to follow your Master to the hall.

	When they return, Mistress Bonnie takes her

position by her slave again and your Master comes back

and sits down next to you.  His hand touches your back

and slowly moves up and down your spine as Mistress

Bonnie begins to talk again.

	"As I said slave, I should permit everyone in here

to punish you.  However, I think, instead, I shall have

you wear the cock ring for another two hours, then you

will be permitted to bring yourself off in front of

everyone, unless someone desires to fuck a pathetic

slave such as yourself.  Until that time, you shall go

with Master Nathaniel's slave, which he has summoned,

to receive a thorough cleaning and treatment to your

burning ass."

	Just then the playroom door opens and in walks

your Mistress, not a slave, who comes to the center of

the room waiting for the young slave's Mistress to

finish with him.  Mistress Bonnie slowly withdraws the

dildo from his burning ass, as she does she spreads his

cheeks with her hand and he cries out with the pain of

her touch.  She hands the dildo to her slave and tells

him to clean it thoroughly when he gets upstairs to the

examination room.  She then whirls around on her heels

and tells your Mistress that once her slave is cleaned

and treated he is to stand in the corner of the great

hall so all can see his reddened ass.  As an after

thought she calls out that his cock ring is to stay on

for two more hours then he is to be sent back here to

the playroom when the time is up and she shall remove

it herself.

	Finally it is over, you think to yourself.  You

knew she was stern but you had not realized how severe

she could be.

	Your Master stands now, moves to Mistress Bonnie

and closes his arms around her gently, tenderly pulling

her to his chest.  She relaxes into him and he stands

holding her for several minutes while she calms herself

down and regains control.  Your Master is talking

softly in a whispered hush as he holds her, she is

responding only by shaking her head.

	"Slave, center, kneeling," he says to you as he

releases his arms from Mistress Bonnie.  You rise

immediately, quickly moving to the center of the room

and kneel.  You thought for a moment the rest of the

Masters and Mistresses would not be using you.  You

dreamed it would be your Master only after this harsh

disciplining episode.  But this only confirms that you

are not to think, only do as your Master commands.

	Mistress Bonnie looks at your Master, as if

reading each others mind, he nods his head to her.  She

walks over to you and kneels down in front of you.  She

reaches out to you and you withdraw slightly as her

hands find your breasts.  You now have great fear of

this woman, for you have seen her anger.  Surprisingly

her touch to your breasts is soft and loving.  She

gingerly plays with your nipples then leans forward to

lick, her tongue teasing the tips then her lips

brushing against them in a tender kiss.  Finally she

pulls the entire nipple into her mouth then sucks on it

gently, teasing it with her tongue.  She moves to the

other breasts and does the same.  She finally moves her

fingers down to your spread opened sex and fingers you

lightly.  You are still very wet and it does not take

much for her to finger you closer to orgasm.  As she

does, she continues to alternate between your breasts,

sucking, teasing with her tongue.  Finally she pulls

away from your breasts then lays down on the floor on

her back, sliding herself under your spread legs. 

Slowly she pulls herself upward to your spread pussy

and begins to flutter her tongue inside you.  Her

fingers find your clit and she strokes the head softly

over and over again.  Her tongue now planted deep

within your canal wall is flicking inside you, your

clit is hard and erect, when suddenly she thrusts her

tongue in and out of you and you shake, pressing into

her face harder with an orgasm that rushes through your


	She does not stop.  She continues to bring you

from one orgasm to another to another until you have

had no less than seven.  Finally she licks and sucks

your tunnel then withdraws from between your spread

legs.  You lean forward with your head on the floor,

ass in the air trying to regain some strength and

composure.  No one bothers you for a long time.

	You dose off to sleep for a short time.  Finally

your Master touches you gently, pulling you carefully

upward so you are sitting on your heels.  When he sees

you have recovered fully, he orders you to standing

position, you quickly rise, spreading your legs wide,

hands behind your head.  Your Master takes a spreader

bar, attaches wide, heavy leather cuffs to your ankles

then secures the spreader bar to the cuffs.  In the

center of this spreader bar is a large hook.  Your

Master pulls the rope from the ceiling, hooks it to the

hook in the center of the spreader bar then slowly you

are pulled upward by your feet toward the ceiling. 

Your Master stands behind you holding your back, giving

you support and keeping you from hitting your head to

the floor.  Once you are secured upside down from the

ceiling a cradle like piece of furnishing is brought

over to you and your shoulders rest on the cradle, with

your head pressed through the opening in the center. 

Your Master reaches under the cradle and ties a

blindfold over your eyes.

	Someone begins to play and pinch your nipples,

then sucks on them, taking as much of your breast into

his or her mouth as possible.  While sucking on one

breast the other is being played with and pinched. 

Then the person alternates to the other breast and

teasing the one that was just sucked.

	As you hang there upside down, your legs spread

and pussy open, someone begins to drop warm oil into

your slit, with a drop of warm oil caressing inside

your open, wanting hole.  While the warm oil is being

dripped into your opening, your breast being teased,

sucked and pinched, someone else's hand finds your clit

and slowly, teasingly rubs and pinches it.  Your body

shakes with the excitement of all the attention to your

most sensitive parts.  To add to all of this, someone

pushes a long, thin dildo into your ass.  Your moans

escape your lips continuously now.  The dildo pressed

into your anus is turned on and the vibration brings

your higher and higher.  None of the activities cease,

but instead another aspect is added, that being someone

slapping your buttocks with their open hand.  The slaps

are not severe or harsh, more of a lovingly gentle

patting, interspersed, infrequently, with a sharp spank

to your buttocks.  You quake with orgasm, then again,

as the action does not stop.  Over and over again you

shake and jerk with the warm rush catapulting through

your body, finding its release through your hot,

sopping pussy.  You trumpet your pleasure with each

orgasm by moaning loudly then shuddering uncontrollably

with each one.  Finally, after a what seems forever to

you, but is actually only twenty or thirty minutes, it

stops.  You are pulled from the cradle, then lowered to

floor.  Your body limp and exhausted.  Someone pulls

the vibrating dildo from your anus, then someone else

lifts you from the floor, after removing the spreader

bar and leather cuffs around your ankles, places you on

the table.  Your hands are released.  Then someone

straddles your limp body as it lay on the table, hands

pull at your blindfold, removing it.  Your Master

slowly moves into your well worked pussy and begins to

slowly pump in and out of you.  Despite your exhaustion

you respond to him lovingly, as your pussy tightens

around his rigid member.  Your hands reach up to him,

enclosing him in your arms.  He leans downward to your

breasts.  Slowly he pushes into you then slides easily

out then back in, his tongue reaches for your right

nipple and begins to tease the flesh then sucks hard on

the erect nipple.  His head moves to the left nipple

and repeats the same action.  Finally he begins to

thrust deep within you, filling your canal with his

stiff, hard cock.  Your love channel being filled and

satisfied the only way you had silently pleaded for all

through the night.  His speed increases as does the

forcefulness in which he reams your canal.  He speaks

to you in the midst of this, "What do you want slave,

tell your Master what you want, do not beg."

	"Master fuck me," you whisper back to him, "Fuck

me hard and fast, harder and faster."

	With that he thrusts faster and harder into you

for several minutes, his cock spasms and you explode

with an orgasm as you feel his cream flood your

insides.  He continues to plunge in and out of you for

several more minutes, pumping all his cream deep into

you, bringing you from orgasm to another.  Finally his

member is spent, he withdraws, laying partially on you

and on your side.  Suddenly the room explodes with

applause.  Your vision is cloudy from exhaustion, but

you glance around the table to see the faces of the

Mistresses and Masters gazing at you and your Master.

	You fall quickly to sleep.  You awaken briefly

when your Master pulls himself from your side and gets

off the table.  You scan the room quickly through sleep

filled eyes and see the young male slave with the cock

ring standing in the center of the room, your eyes

close and sleep encompasses you.

	While you sleep the young male slave is taken to

the center of the room.  He is obviously in great pain

with his still rigid cock trapped within the ring and

balls encased in a tight leather sack.  His Mistress

orders him to bring anyone in the room to orgasm, then,

she promises he shall be given relief.  Slowly he moves

to each Master and Mistress asking if they desire his

tongue, cock or ass.  When he gets to the first

Mistress she orders him to lick her ass and fuck her

puckered hole with his tongue.  She leans forward,

bracing herself on a chair in front of her, pulls her

cheeks open waiting.  He quickly moves his tongue to

her ass cheeks licking, kissing, licking some more.  He

moves his tongue to her puckered hole, licks and kisses

her, then licks some more then presses his tongue

quickly into her.  His hands are free and he moves them

to the front of her and begins rubbing her dripping

pussy then her clit.  His tongue jets in and out of her

anus, then he pushes deep into her and flicks his

tongue quickly inside her.  She suddenly shakes with

orgasm, pushing her ass further back to his face to

take more of his tongue, he thrusts it in again as deep

as he can, she bucks her hips against him once more

then slowly stands back up straight.

Everyone else is tired and too tired to take the

offer of the young man, except for one Master.  He

orders the slave to the horse and has him lay over it,

tells him to spread his ass cheeks wide.  The Master

pulls out his large, thick cock, places some warm oil

over it, then dips his fingers into the warm oil and

pushes them into the young man's anus.  The Master

lubricates his anus thoroughly then pounds his thick

cock into the young man, causing him to gasp as it

enters deep into his sore butt hole.  The Master

thrusts hard and fast and quickly achieves his goal,

then withdraws and shots his cum over the young slaves

back.  The slave lays there while his Mistress cleans

his back off with a towel then she orders him to the

center of the room.

	"What have you to tell your Mistress slave?", she

asks firmly, as she walks around his spread body.

	"Mistress, I have been terribly naughty tonight

and disobedient.  I deserved all you have done and more

Mistress.  I am ashamed, Mistress, that I was unruly

and insubordinate.  Please Mistress, please forgive


	His Mistress says nothing, but lovingly touches

his bottom, then moves to the front of him and slowly

removes his cock ring.  The agony that crossed his face

is now beginning to leave.  Slowly she removes the

leather sack from his balls.  She gently, tenderly rubs

his cock and balls then orders him down to the floor. 

Once there, she spreads her legs over him and slowly

slides down to his rock hard cock.  With a smooth,

experienced action she begins to slide up and down his

rigid cock.  Within moments he explodes inside her.  He

pumps his hips upward, bucking against her cunt, then

roughly fingers her clit until she bucks and thrusts

onto him again with orgasm.  She holds his limp member

deep within her muscle tight walls for several minutes,

savoring the feel of his cock filling her, then finally

pulls off him and lays on top of him.  He softly kisses

her face until she takes him in her mouth and tongue

kisses him deeply.

	Continued - Seduct14.txt The Final chapter. 


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