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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct12.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 12

	The weekend comes and the party is upon you.  Your

Master has chosen the clothes you are to wear.  He has

picked out a sheer silk dress, pink in color, a wire

push up bra that covers only your lower portion of your

breasts, thus showing your hard nipples through the

sheer material.  Your nipples have been erect and hard

since you came here, now is no exception.  You are to

wear a pink garter belt and sheer white seamed nylons

with four and one half inch pink heels.  The only

jewelry to be worn is the silver collar with your

Master's name on it.  You prepare in the normal

fashion, cleaning yourself inside and out, your

Mistress checks on you to insure you do a good and

proper job.  Once cleaned your hair is attended to by

other female slaves of your Master's.  Once your hair

is completed your Mistress instructs you to douche and

you are given the items to use.  A sweet smelling

liquid is used to douche yourself.  Your Mistress then

applies a fragrance of perfume to your nipples, around

your shaved pussy lips and finally to your neck.  You

dress and join your Master in his bedroom.

	He looks very elegant; dressed in a black tuxedo

with black patent leather shoes.  When he sees you, his

eyes fix on your body, he slowly walks toward you and

pulls you to him.  He gently, tenderly gives you a

longing kiss.  Whispering in your ear he tells you how

lovely you look.  His hand reaches under your sheer

dress, he presses his fingers onto your shaved pussy

then slowly moves them between the outer lips then

finally inside.  You are wet, as you are to be, always

ready for your Master.  But just seeing him, it seems

now, makes you wet and ready.  Slowly he fingers your

love canal and brings you more and more delight and

desire, then pulls his fingers from you and presses the

wet fingers to your mouth.  You open and suck his

fingers, eyes closed, envisioning them to be his rock

hard cock.  Finally he withdraws his fingers and tells

you it is time to join the party.

	As you walk down the hall to the staircase, your

Master informs you this is not the same type of party

where you were chosen by him.  But instead it is a

party of Masters, Mistresses, and their slaves.  You

are to be presented to them for display as well as

showing you off in how well you have learned.  

	"If a Master or Mistress wishes to have pleasure

with you, providing I grant this, it shall happen there

before all if I so desire.  Many things may happen

little puss." He says tenderly as he touches your chin

	to pull your face up to meet his eyes.  "Regardless of

what may happen you are to behave in the manner in

which you have been trained and act as if it were I

doing whatever is done.  Do you understand little


	"Yes Master, I will do all I can to please you

Master," you respond with some self assurance.

	"Very good little puss.  Once this night is past,

the judge, who will be here at the party, shall perform

our marriage in the morning.  Would this be alright

with you little puss?" You Master asked with honest

caring to your response.

	"Yes Master, oh yes Master this would make me a

very happy slave," you answer with excitement coursing

through you.  The thought of being owned by your Master

and being married to him as well is almost overpowering

to your thoughts.

	"My dear, you will not be called slave after that. 

You shall gain the title of your name when this takes

place.  Though you shall still be my slave, you shall

be treated with some respect as my wife.  Now, no

further conversation, we must join the others."

	You say nothing and follow your Master down the

stairs to the great room.  Your heart is fluttering

with excitement about his announcement as well as the

evenings activities.

	Once inside the great room your Master tells you

to circulate and meet the guests.  He reminds you that

you are a slave and to be respectful to all, especially

the Masters and Mistresses.  You head off without him

meeting others.  When you meet the judge, who is to

marry you in the morning, he reaches out and teases

your nipples through your sheer dress.  You stand, red

faced as he does this, but do not object in any way. 

Each Master and Mistress who comes to meet the new

slave, you, touches you in some way.  Whether it be

your pussy or your nipples or your buttocks, you do not

respond unkindly to their touch.

	At one point a Master Charles has ordered you to

the playroom.  You hurry through the crowd to find your

Master to ask if this meets with his approval.  Your

Master becomes almost enraged with the suggestion and

tells the other Master this is totally unacceptable

behavior on his part.  You feel protected by your

Master as you stand behind him listening to him talk to

Master Charles.

	As the evening progresses your Master walks over

to you, standing behind you, reaches over your

shoulders and teases at your nipples.  As he does this

he whispers to you to remove your dress.  You hesitate

at his request, when he says it again he reminds you of

the severity a punishment might bring.  Slowly,

standing there before nearly fifty people you hardly

know, you begin to remove your dress.  A maid, in apron

	and a little white maid hat only, takes the dress from

your hands.  Your Master plays more earnestly with your

nipples now.  Though they are already erect and hard

his touch brings them out further until they extend

nearly a full inch.  He whispers in your ear, "Take off

the bra slave."  You reach behind you and quickly undo

the bra.  By now everyone in the room is watching you. 

Your Master guides you to the center of the room to

guarantee all in the room can see you.  He plays with

your rock hard nipples a little long then slides his

hand from over your shoulders down your side to your

shaved pussy mound.  Slowly his fingers caress the

outer lips and the surrounding area.  You are now

leaning back into your Master's chest enjoying his

touch.  He does not press his fingers inward, but

merely teases the flesh on the outside lips and

surrounding area.  Finally he withdraws his fingers

from your body and announces to all in the room, "My

slave awaits your attentions Masters and Mistresses. 

She shall do as instructed and shall obey."

	Slowly the Masters and Mistresses begin to come

toward you.  Each staring at your lovely, wanting body. 

The first to reach you and touch you is a man in his

late forties.  He reaches for your erect nipples,

pushing one hand into his pocket pulls out a set of

ragged teeth nipple clips and slowly applies them to

the tips of each nipple.  He then continues to play

with your nipples, using the clips to heighten the

sensation you feel.

	Someone from behind you orders you to take

standing position, quickly you place your hands behind

your head and spread your legs wide.  A hand reaches

from behind you to your nether region and slowly

fingers you from your outer pussy lips back to your

buttocks.  You pussy is dripping juices on the hand of

this person as they pull it over your outer lips.  

	"We shall adjourn to the playroom now Masters and

Mistresses.  Your slaves, if well trained, will remain

in their positions here while we are in the playroom." 

Your Master announces, then touches your arm and nods

his head in the direction of the playroom.  You

immediately head towards the room you have learned to

enjoy and yet caused you much anxiety.  But this is

part of your excitement, the anxiety and the

anticipation of what might take place in this room. 

Your juices are flowing easily now as you walk down the

stairs to the door.  As soon as you enter you take

standing position in the center of the room, waiting

for your next command.  Slowly the dozen Masters and

Mistresses enter, leaving their slaves in kneeling

position in the great room.  As each does they circle

you then move to the side of the room and stare at your

lovely, ready and waiting body.

	Your Master finally enters, coming up behind you

he takes the garter belt from you then slowly he rolls

the nylons down your legs.  You raise your foot as he

pulls your heels off one at a time then removes the

nylons completely.  You are totally nude now before all

the invited Masters and Mistresses.  Your Master orders

you to kneel with legs spread wide.  He then goes to

the judge asking a request and the judge announces he

wishes to see you masturbate and bring yourself to the

edge, but not cum.  Your Master turns and looks at you

and you immediately move your hands from behind you to

your pussy and slowly begin to play with your pussy.  

	Your Master watches very closely now and when he

sees you moving your hips forward and your head going

back as you near orgasm he orders you to stop.  You do

so without further instruction.  Your pussy juices

dripping down the inside of your legs now, you can feel

the burning deep within you, the desire pitted within

your hot canal for your Master's hard member to be

thrust within you.

	Your Master picks the next person, a Mistress, who

announces she wishes you to lick and suck her

completely.  Your Master looks at you, you have already

started to move toward the woman and quickly kneel

before her.  She sits on a chair provided by another

person, pulls her skirt up high, spreads her legs and

you see her opened shaved pussy waiting for your

talents.  You push your head between her legs and begin

to tease the flesh of her outer pussy lips.   Slowly

you thrust your tongue between the lips and tease at

the inner lips.  Ever so slowly you begin to move your

tongue into her canal and then out again.  Her hips

begin to move forward slightly to meet your tongue as

you pull it away.  You slide your tongue up her slit

until you find her clit and begin to tease the flesh

all the way around the clit then finally lash your

tongue directly over it.  Then move your tongue to the

side it of again then back to the head.  You continue

this action until she pulls your head deep into her

crotch, then you thrust your tongue in and out of her

pussy quickly, curling your tongue so the end is almost

pointed causing her to jerk and push you deeper into

her.  Finally she shakes and your tongue feels the flow

of her juices as she reaches orgasm.  You quickly lick

at her clit bringing her to another orgasm, then

another then you suck at her canal until her juices

stop their flow.  She releases your head and looks up

at your Master in a very approving manner.

	You quickly return to the middle of the room and

take kneeling position again awaiting your next

command.  The Mistress's juices still on your


	Your Master chooses two people this time.  It is

obvious he knows these people well or he could not

	have chosen two.  One announces he wishes you to take

his member in your mouth and give him the best licking

he has ever had.  The second announces he wishes to use

a single strand whip on your ass as you suck the other. 

Your Master comes to you and removes the nipple clamps

you have worn for so long, slowly he rubs your nipples

then nods his head in the direction of the man you are

to suck.  You quickly move to this man, as you do your

Master retrieves a single strand leather whip from the

playroom wall, hands it to the other man and then your

Master returns to his seat.  You quickly unzip the

man's trouser's, reach in and carefully pull his semi

hard member out and begin to tease the head with your

tongue.  Slowly your tongue snakes its way down his

shaft, you turn your head slowly and lick at his balls

through the opening of his trousers.  Then move your

tongue back up to the head, licking and kissing the

shaft as you go.  The man behind you begins to slap at

your buttocks and thighs, occasionally placing the tip

of the whip strand between your legs and touching your

spread open pussy.  You respond when the whip slaps at

your sex by jerking forward and taking the head of the

other man's cock fully into your mouth now.  It is

difficult for you to concentrate on what you are doing

now, for the single strand whip is causing a great deal

of pain, as the man behind relentlessly slaps it down

on some part of you body.  You reason the whip will

stop when the man in your mouth cums so you quickly

begin to tease his firm cock faster and faster.  Paying

close attention to the head then teasing down the

shaft.  Suddenly the cock springs deeper into your

throat as it becomes erect and hard.  The man now

begins to thrust it in and out of your mouth.  Each

time he pulls it out to your lips your tongue follows

it to tease the head.  Finally he thrusts it deep

within your throat and you feel his cum explode at the

back of your throat.  Quickly you swallow, he pulls out

a bit, as he does you suck and lick him some more until

finally he is completely limp within your mouth.  He

pulls out, leans back and sits down in his chair again,

the man behind swings the whip one final time hitting

directly on your pussy, a slight scream escapes your

lips when the force of the blow is felt and you fall

forward with your head to the floor.

	Your Master comes to you, places his hand on your

back, softly he says, center, kneeling position slave. 

You rise moving to the center of the room and kneel as



	The next person your Master picks is a Mistress. 

She wants to have you tied and secured in the center of

the room.  She will bring you to the edge of orgasm

then leaving you, then repeat the process.  Your Master

turns to you and merely says standing position.  You

immediately stand.  The Mistress moves toward you,

	after taking several leather thongs hanging on the wall

of the playroom, she secures your hands then hooks them

in the rope overhead.  She retrieves a spreader bar,

secures it to your ankles and spreads your very wide,

so wide it is painful.  You are then pulled upward to

the ceiling.  As this Mistress does this, another

Mistress announces to your Master she wishes you in

this position also, but will bring you to orgasm with

the flat of her hand on your buttocks.  Your Master

agrees and tells her she may have her turn when the

first Mistress is finished.

	Slowly the Mistress, who has prepared you in this

bond fashion, begins to run her long fingers over your

body.  She plays teasingly around your nipples, not

touching the nipple itself then moves her fingers

slowly down you stomach to your shaved mound.  Her

fingers dart in and out of your flooding pussy then she

drags the wet fingers over your body again.  She

continues this for several minutes then kneels before

you and presses her tongue to your sex.  She licks and

flicks at your clit, hard and fast she lashes her

tongue against your erect clit.  As you near the edge

she pulls away from you.  Your hips are attempting to

thrust forward in hopes to catch her tongue again and

bring you satisfaction.  You only feel more frustration

as a result.  You can feel the warmth of your juices

gliding down your legs.  The burning of your pussy is

consuming you now, you can feel it through your entire

body.  But you are not fulfilled, instead you are left

for a few moments.  You begin to recover from your

desires and the Mistress begins again.  Slowly she

presses her long fingers over your wanting, aching body

then into your sex.  Her fingers are so long they are

almost like having a penis inside you except the

thickness is missing.  She once again brings you to the

edge then leaves you quivering and bucking your hips

outward for release.  This continues for another

fifteen minutes.  You are totally consumed within the

passions of desire to be satisfied and yet you are left

for nearly ten minutes before the next Mistress takes

control of you. 

	During this time you have performed admirably, for

you have not been gagged, yet beyond several moans you

have made no pleas nor any other verbal desires.  The

Mistress to take her turn with you does not gag you

either, yet she reminds you not to scream or the gag

will be placed in your mouth.  Your Master simply

shakes his head up and down in a knowing manner,

agreeing with the words of the Mistress.

	Oddly, this is the only person in the room you do

not like the looks of.  She is good looking, but her

eyes express a sternness which makes you feel most

uncomfortable and you actually have a fear of her.

	As she approaches you, your eyes fix on your

Master's.  He looks at you with a loving kindness you

have grown to recognize and your body feels a

tenderness flow through you as his eyes caress the very

depths of your being.  Your fear of this Mistress seems

to wane as you become transfixed on your Master's face. 

With a suddenness the Mistress slaps her flat, strong

hand at your buttocks.  You jerk forward with a start

for you were ill prepared for the beginning of this,

yet manage to maintain silence.  She continues the

punishment of your buttocks slapping your white creamy

skin to a pink.  Your Master rises, moves in front of

you and quickly presses his firm, strong fingers in

your soaking pussy.  He quickly plunges two fingers

into your inner depths as the Mistress continues to

slap at your now redden buttocks.  Abruptly you quake

with orgasm.  Your Master removes his fingers, the

Mistress strikes at your buttocks again and again

bringing you to another orgasm then another quickly in


	Your Master makes a motion with his hand,

indicating to the Mistress she is to stop.  She does

and you are lowered, then removed from your bonds. 

Your Master orders you to kneeling position, leaving

you to rest in the center of the playroom.  The Masters

and Mistresses in the room engage in chit chat for

twenty minutes or so then their attentions are brought

back to you.

	The next Master to have his pleasure with you

requests to have you secured to the table with your

legs spread wide.  He wishes to tease you, bringing you

to the edge then thrust deep within your anus.  Your

Master agrees, turns to you and nods.  You need no

instructions, you rise and go to the table.  Laying

flat on your back you slide to the end so your buttocks

hang over slightly.  Your feet are fixed on the

stirrups at the end of the table, strapped into them.

The stirrups are spread very wide opening you

completely to this Master's desires.  He moves to the

side of the table and begins to tease your flesh around

your neck, just below your sterling silver collar.  He

feather touches you causing you to feel a slight chill,

reacting by getting goosebumps.  He moves his fingers

down your body slowly, his hands are soft and large. 

When he reaches your nipples he slowly circles his

fingertips around the areola, first to your left breast

then your right.  Slowly tweaking the flesh until he

finally encases the nipples of both breast between his

forefinger and thumb on each hand.  Slowly he increases

the pressure to each nipple, as he does so, he pulled

them upward, distending them from your breasts.  A moan

escapes your lips from the pressure he creates to your

sensitive breasts.

	He prolongs the pinching of each nipple for nearly

a minute then moves his hands down under your breasts,

cupping them in his palm.  As if holding an egg in his

hand he increases the pressure to each breast until he

has embraced each breast within his hand, tightening

his firm, large hands around the entire mound.  He

moves his fingers back to the nipples then pinches each

hard, twisting them right then left, then right again. 

He continues his play for a minute and a half then

releases you completely.  You moan as he twists your

tender nipples as the pleasure/pain seers through your

body finding your pussy.  The heat is building again

within you and your desires are burning once again. 

His fingers move slowly, lightly down your stomach to

your pubic mound.  He draws his fingers lightly toward

your nether lips, when he does you lift your hips

slightly.  He pulls back and begins to drag his fingers

lightly down your flesh again from just below your

breasts, as if drawing an invisible line on your skin

down to your shaved pubic mound again.  He does this

ten times, his fingers make their way to your nether

lips.  He tenderly rubs the outer lips then runs his

fingers up the inside of your thighs.  You are lifting

your hips up off the table now, trying to seize his

fingers to pull them inside you.  Each time he

withdraws his fingers and moves them to your inside

thighs.  Finally he moves his lingering fingers into

the inside of your slit, slowly he drags them over your

hole, not entering, then touches your clit then back

down to your hole.  Your juices are flowing easily now

and have run from your canal down to your tender ass

pucker.  You can feel your juices spreading on your

bottom.  He keeps this up for some time until you are

right at the edge of explosion then he stops.  He waits

several minutes watching you carefully, staring into

your wide open pussy, then just as you come down from

the edge he begins again.  Teasing you back to the edge

once more.  Your hips are bucking upward now, the

burning desire in the pit of your stomach for your

orgasm is overpowering.  You know not to beg but you

want it so badly now you can hardly stand it.  Finally

he says to you, "What do you want cunt?"  You look at

your Master, he gives an approving nod of his head and

your respond quickly, "Fuck me sir, hard and fast."  He

positions himself so he can enter your ass.  No

lubrication is needed as your juices have flooded your

puckered hole.  He thrust hard and fast into you,

hitting the bottom of your ass flesh with his pelvis. 

He thrusts so hard in an out of you it feels as though

you are being whipped by his pelvis.  He slows now,

taking long strokes in and out of you.  He tells you to

request your desires.  You ask him to  fuck you hard

and fast and add if it pleases him, he might tease your

	clit while he fucks your ass.  He thrust hard into you,

you are so near the edge now, you pull against your

bonds.  You know it will do no good, but you still pull

against them, this excites you even more.  Finally his

fingers reach for your clit, he massages it roughly

then pinches it hard, when he does you are dynamited

into a tremendous orgasm causing your body to shake,

jerk, and quiver for several seconds.  He pulls his

fingers away then thrust quickly in and out of you

again and again.  He feels like a battering ram

slamming into your puckered hole.  You feel his cock

stiffen then begin to shot his cream into you, as it

does he quickly reaches for your clit again and pinches

the erect member very hard.  You jerk so hard you

strain savagely against your bonds.  He continues to

pinch you bringing you to another orgasm as he rams

into you again shooting the last of his cream into your

bowel.  You lay back in an exhausted state, his member

still stuffed into your hole.  Every nerve within your

body is feeling the sensation of this experience and

you tingle from head to toe.  As he pulls out of you it

excites you all over again.

	You are left to rest for an hour, as the Masters

and Mistresses leave the room to go and check on their

slaves and refresh themselves with drinks.  

	Continued Seduct13.txt  


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