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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct11.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 11

	The next few days of your training are spent with

your Master exclusively.  You are fitted for a sterling

silver collar bearing his name and are to wear it at

all times.  Though it is not his custom to have his

slaves live with him, he has chosen to change this

custom with you and you alone.  You have reaped highest

honors from him in this regard.  It is assumed you have

brought him much pleasure or you would have been

trained, released to live in your old apartment and

visited your Master upon request.  You are now truly

owned by him.  All that you do is either approved by

him, caused by him or monitored by him.

	The morning comes and you are released from your

bounds.  Yes, your Master binds you at night, so he

might have his pleasure with you.  There are times when

this does not occur but not frequently.  Your first

duty is to clean yourself, asking permission always to

touch the body your Master now owns.  You are to clean

yourself inside and out each morning prior to

breakfast.  This morning, rather than join your

Mistress you are instructed by your Master to clean

then meet him in the library after you have eaten

breakfast.  You are to wear nothing, save the silver


	You reach the library door and knock, as you have

been instructed to do.

	"Come in slave," your Master responds.

	You enter, head down, move to the side of his desk

and wait instructions.

	"Kneeling position, legs spread wide slave.  You

shall sit there while I go through my day."  Are the

orders given by your Master.

	You kneel, spread your legs as wide as possible,

place your hands behind your back, causing your breasts

to protrude further.  Your Master takes no notice of

you, and returns to his work on his desk.  

	As you kneel beside your Master you come to know

this man you have so easily learned to call Master.  He

is a keen business investor.  He does not work at an

office, but runs all of his business from his home.  He

is as dominating and in control in business as with

you, his slave.  His strength is admired, not just by

you, but by all who come in contact with him.  He is

decisive and knows what he wants.

	He has many slaves, both business and otherwise. 

But none had gained the honor of living in his home

before.  They come when he calls, otherwise he

maintains them in a life style of graceful living and

they do as they please when not required to meet his

demands.  You do not have this choice, nor shall you

ever have it.  You are his and his alone, to have at

all times, whenever the desire comes to him.  He has

made it clear to you, he shall bind you whenever he

desires, he shall punish you whenever he feels the

need to do so and shall have you in whatever fashion he

wishes.  You are his and his alone.  He will give you

to others whether you agree or not and if you disagree

he shall punish you for such disagreement.  All that

you are now is what he is and wants you to be.  Your

spirit is not broken, only taken and turned around to

serve your Master.  Your desire is to always be open to

him, ready for him, in any way he wishes.

	As he works, he stops on occasion and rubs your

breasts, gently, tenderly he plays with the nipples. 

Then finally pinches each hard, causing a moan to

escape your lips.  Your pussy is dripping and ready for

him.  But much to your despair he returns to his work. 

	As the morning grinds on, your knees hurt from

kneeling all this time, but your Master has not said

for you to rise.  You are displayed to all that enter

the library, those doing business with your Master, as

well as the servants caring for your Master's needs.  

	This morning a total of four people have visited

your Master.  Three men and one woman.  Each man

requested the right to touch you, your Master grants

this.  The first man to visit reaches for your nipples

and plays with them gently, then moves his hands down

your stomach area and finally presses his fingers into

your shaved pussy lips.  Slowly he moves his fingers in

and out of you, you moan with the pleasure he is

creating, and as you do your Master demands him to

stop.  The second man makes the same request and is

granted access to your body.  He pinches, and pulls at

your nipples, causing more pleasure to you, then moves

his fingers down to your stiffen clit and rubs it back

and forth.  Your hips begin to move back and forth to

meet his fingers, a moan comes upward from your hot,

dripping pussy and your Master again orders the man to

stop.  The third man to visit your Master makes the

same request and once again your Master grants him

access to you.  He rubs and pulls at your nipples, then

pinches both very hard, you moan and gasp at the

pleasure of this pain.  His fingers travel down your

sides and rather than entering your dripping pussy, he

slides his hands behind you and presses two fingers

into you anus.  He slides his other hand back to your

pussy and thrusts two fingers deep into you.  He begins

working his fingers in an out of your pussy and anus,

you all but fall to the side with the pleasure, as you

feel an orgasm reaching.  Then with a suddenness your

Master stops the man and you are left wanting, burning

with desire to be filled.  The woman pays little, or no

attention to you.  She merely comments on how lovely a

slave you are and continues with her business with your


	Your desires are kept on the edge by your Master

throughout the morning.  For when no visitor is present

to touch you, he does so.  He presses his fingers into

your dripping pussy and thrusts them in and out of you

while his thumb rubs your clit.  Bringing you to the

edge of orgasm then he pulls away, leaving you craving

for fulfillment.  At one point you even beg him to

enter you and the only response given is a look of

total dissatisfaction for such a request.

	"Time slave, you may rise now," your Master

states, as he reaches down to help you stand.  "You may

use the bathroom then down to the playroom."  He

continues as he walks out the door of the library.  

	You hurry to the bathroom then quickly move down

the stairs to the playroom.  You have no idea what is

come now, but hope it shall end with him entering you

and satisfying your need.  You go to the center of the

room and assume the standing position while waiting for

your Master.  When he does enter he has changed from

his dress suit to a robe.

	"Kneel slave," he orders. You do so immediately. 

"Slave you begged to be satisfied this morning.  You

are not to beg, ever.  You know your Master knows what

is best for you at all times, or at least you are

suppose to know this.  Since you showed this morning

that this lesson has not been learned well we shall

correct that now.  Before we begin however, you will

tell me the rules of my house.  Any errors shall meet

with punishment in addition to what is already decided. 

Now begin slave."

	Sheepishly you begin to recite the rules, only

this time the passion and admiration and love you feel

for your Master is behind the rules.  He does not stop

you in your recital.  Finally, after ten minutes of

talking you have stated the final rule, you fall silent

and drop your head again.

	"There were only two errors slave.  You mixed up

two of the rules, putting one before the other when in

fact they are reversed.  This will bring punishment

slave, but not as severe as it might have been.  Now

stand, place your hands in front of you and prepare for


	You place your hands in front of you and your

Master places leather cuffs around your wrists.  Once

snapping them together by the hook and eye, he pulls

your arms upward, over your head, attaches a chain from

the ceiling to your wrist cuffs then with a pulley

pulls you upward so you are now standing on tip toe.

	Your Master now places a spreader bar between your

legs at the ankles, secures it tightly with leather

cuffs then spreads it as wide as your legs will permit. 

He retrieves a soft rubber ball gag from the shelves of

discipline items and you open your mouth wide to

receive it.  He then takes a blindfold and places it

over your eyes.  You are now filled with anticipation

of what is to happen next.  You are thrilled and afraid

all at the same time.  Your pussy is dripping even more

now and you can feel the moisture of your juices

running down the inside of your leg.  You can hear your

Master moving about the room but do not know what he is

about to do to you, if anything.  This causes you to

have an involuntary cold chill run through you.  A

chill from excitement as well as fear.  Apprehension is

now your companion along with the desire to be


	Suddenly a stinging slap of leather strikes your

left breast, hitting the tip of the nipple.  You snap

back at the immediate shock of pain rushing through

your body, as much as is possible considering your

restrained position.  Again the leather strikes out and

lands harshly on your left breast, then before you can

recover from this another lashing hits your right

breast.  After six more lashes strike firmly on your

nipples it becomes silent, except for your whimpering

through the ball gag pressed into your mouth.  You are

perspiring now, and your juices are running down your

leg more than ever.  You can feel the need burning deep

within you to be taken, but that is not what is to

happen, at least not yet.  You are left restrained for

sometime before anything else happens.

	After about five minutes, you feel the moisture of

a tongue to your left nipple.  Slowly it teases the

flesh, then the mouth covers the breast and sucks at

you, next the teeth find the tip end and gently,

tenderly nip at the tip.  Your Master moves from one

breast to the other, you are twisting and trying to

rotate your hips to find satisfaction, as you begin all

the action of your hips, Master stops and you are left,

hanging, still not satisfied.

	Your frustration building, you are left in agony

for another five to ten minutes.  Time is impossible to

judge for you now.  Finally you hear something being

rolled across the floor and placed near you.  The next

sensation you feel is a sudden stream of air forcefully

hitting your clit.  Your Master has taken a air hose,

the type they use in the dentist office, and is

applying it to your clit.  The first reaction is a

shiver and chill to run through you, but after applying

the rush of air to your clit several times you are

nearly ready to jump out of your skin for the desire of

an orgasm.  As your body wrenches and yanks against its

restraints the air blowing on your clit is taken away. 

You are again left hanging, waiting to achieve the

orgasm you so desperately need.

	Another few minutes pass.  Your mind is racing

with thoughts of what your Master will do next.  You

know what you wish he would do, you wish he would enter

you and fuck you hard and fast.  But you know, deep

down this will not happen, not until he is fully

satisfied you have learned your lessons.  Suddenly a

sharp sting hits your bare ass.  Before you recoil from

the blow another strikes you, harder than the first. 

Then another and another.  Your Master continues

bringing the wooden paddle down firmly on your bared

buttocks.  Your bottom turns from creamy white to hot

pink quickly from the forcefulness of the blows.  You

realize this spanking is not a spanking for arousal but

a paddling for punishment as the paddle cracks again

against your ass.  When your bared ass turns to a rich

red color your Master stops.  Before you realize he has

stopped you feel a large dildo pushed forcefully into

your open pussy and the vibration of it begins.  Your

body spasms with orgasm almost immediately, then again

and again you come.  You are left hanging with this

huge dildo pushed into you, vibrating away, for at

least fifteen minutes, bringing you from one orgasm to

another.  Your moans of pleasure are co-mingled with

your whimpering tones of exhaustion and pain.

	Finally your Master removes the dildo.  You are

empty and yet feel no real satisfaction.  You all but

pass out, tittering on the borderline of consciousness. 

After a long time, you have no idea how long, for time

has lost all meaning now, you feel your Master untying

the blindfold from your eyes.  You keep your eyes

closed then blink and start becoming adjusted to the

light once again.  Then the soft ball gag is removed

from your mouth.  He lowers the chain now and your feet

become firmly planted on the floor.  Slowly he pulls

your hands down and releases them.  He then takes the

spreader bar and releases it and removes it from your

ankles.  He helps you move about the room a little,

getting accustom to walking again and getting

circulation back into your legs and body.

  	He says nothing, but points to the floor, you

immediately kneel before him, head bowed.

	"Slave, who is your Master?"

	"You sir, you are my Master."

	"Slave, who knows what is best for you?"

	"You sir, my Master."

	"Slave, have you learned not to make requests of

your Master but to take what he knows is best for you?"

	"Yes Master," you answer timidly.  You feel like a

small child being chastised by a parent for bad

behavior.  Your buttocks touch your heels as you kneel

back on your legs and you can feel the pain that was

inflicted by the paddle .  A reminder of your lesson


	Your Master now moves toward you.  He reaches down

to your arms, which are placed behind your head and

pulls you upward towards him.  He presses you into his

body and holds you tightly with his firm, strong arms

wrapped around you.  His robe opens slightly now and

his cock stands erect.  He slowly presses himself to

you and pulls you upward until you are impaled upon his

rigid cock, your legs wrap around his waist, clinging

to him tightly.  Slowly, with him inside you, he moves

to the table across the room and presses you onto it. 

You let out a slight groan as your still reddish, pink

buttocks touch the table top.  Without pulling out of

you he is suddenly on the table over you.  Slowly he

pumps in and out of your still wet pussy.  His fingers

find your breasts and he begins to caress them with

tenderness, you murmur again for you now feel the pain

of the spanking your nipples had received.  His fingers

are gentle and he does not pinch you but merely teases

the flesh.  You can feel the rush of warmth careen

through your body now.  His pumping is still slow and

gentle.  You wish he would speed up and thrust into you

hard and fast, but say nothing, having learned your

most painful lesson.  His fingers slide down your body,

gently petting your flesh.  When he reaches your hips

he slides his fingers behind your back then moves his

hands under your smarting buttocks.  His fingers

tenderly kneed your fleshy mounds.  Finally a hand

presses in between your asscheeks and moves into your

back passage.  As his finger thrusts into you his

movement begins to increase and he is pushing harder

and faster into your pussy.  Your hands reach for him

to pull him to your chest and he slowly leans more into

you.  Now his action is a forceful thrust as he pounds

his rigid cock in and out of you.  Within moments you

feel it swell within you and your pussy involuntarily

tightens around his cock to hold it within you as he

explodes with his creamy fluid spreading inside you.

You flow with your own orgasm when you feel his cock

spasm again within you.  His finger pressed in your

anus is pushing in and out of you hard and fast again,

as you feel him cum yet another time within your walls

of pleasure.  Wave after wave of orgasms rush through

your body with each pump of his cock.  Finally he stops

and withdraws his limp member from you.  You are

satisfied for the first time today and wish you could

start all over again.  He lays gently beside you and

pulls you onto your side facing him.  His arms reach

around you and holds you tightly to his now naked body

and you both drift off to sleep with your lips touching

each others.

	You do not know if it is his movement that awakens

you but when you open your eyes he is not on the table

next to you any longer.  Suddenly from behind you, you

feel his hands on your shoulder, pressing you over onto

your stomach.  You roll over without a verbal command.

He begins rubbing warm oil over your bruised buttocks. 

It feels soothing to the painful well spanked


	"Slave, we shall have a party soon, this weekend. 

You shall attend with me and I shall expect you to

perform as a good, well trained slave.  If you should

embarrass me and perform in any way indicating you are

not well trained, then you shall experience discipline

and training immediately."  He continued massaging oil

over your body as he talked.

	"Now slave, upstairs clean yourself, you may touch

the body I own, then join your Master for dinner."

	Without hesitation you rose and headed upstairs to

clean yourself and prepare for dinner.

Continued Seduct12.txt


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