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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct10.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 10

	"Well slave, have you finished your review of the

past few days?"  Your Master's voice interrupts your

thoughts now.

	"Yes Master," you respond timidly.

	"Very good," he says to you as he circles your

standing position body.  "Then the question comes to

mind slave, how many orgasms have you had in the these

three days?"

	My gosh, you think to yourself, how many indeed. 

You had no idea how many.  You wondered if he knew how

many you had experienced.  How could he, you thought,

he wasn't even there when some of them occurred. 

Finally, after a long silence you spoke up, "Master, I

believe I have had no less than one hundred and fifty

in the last three days."

	Your Master did not respond to this, but merely

began circling your body again.  He walked around you

looking you up and down slowly.  You were becoming

quite nervous by this action and felt certain you had

not responded correctly.  "Very good little puss," he

finally said, "there is truly no way for you recall all

you have had.  Now," he continued, standing in front of

you with his hands behind his back and his body weight

pressing on his heels, lifting his toes up slightly off

the carpeting, "have you learned the rules?"

	"Yes Master, I have." you respond somewhat

proudly.  Perhaps a little too proudly.

	"Well, so you feel you know them, then recite them

to me and tell me the meaning of each.  I shall keep

track of what you say and you will receive five spanks

for every one you say incorrectly.  Is this clear?"

	"Yes Master," you sheepishly respond.  You begin

reciting the rules and telling your Master what each

means to you.  After you have gotten through only the

first three he stops you.

	"Well little puss, it seems you have not learned

them yet, nor have you learned their true meaning.  We

shall take action now to correct your failure and

insure it does not happen again.  Assume the kneeling

position, then place your head down on your hands and

bring your ass up into the air."

	You quickly obey, without question.  You have come

to learn your Master knows what is best for you.  You

only wished he would spank you with his opened hand,

the pleasure of his flesh to yours was so much great

than his spanking your with a paddle or some other

instrument.  You braced yourself for his first move. 

It came quickly and firmly, a sudden sharp slap to your

sit spot with a riding crop .  Again and again the crop came down across your bare ass.  Finally your Master

stops and asks, "How many is that slave?"

	'How many? How many?', you think to yourself. 

'How the heck would I know how many, you didn't say to

count.'  "I do not know Master, I did not count."

	"You did not count?  Is that not one of the rules


	A sudden panic flashes through your thoughts, of

course it is one of the rules.  How stupid of you. 

"Yes Master," you remorsefully answer.

	"Then we shall begin again slave, until you have

learned to count."  Your Masters hand rises and the crop falls again on your buttocks firmly and harshly. 

You count as the slaps come crashing onto your bare-

bottom.  Your count now reaches thirty and you are

crying as would a small child, your ass is burning from

the heat the crop has placed on it.  Your Master

finally drops the crop to the floor, and without asking

you the count, he kneels behind you.  Slowly he presses

his fingers into your cunt and moves them back and

forth into your wet, dripping hole.  Then he slowly

slides his harden prick into your pussy from the rear

and begins to pump in and out of you.  He pulls out

completely now and you can feel the head of his firm,

hard cock pressing to the opening of your ass.  With a

suddenness he presses forward, his hips slapping

against your burning buttocks he drives himself into

your anus.  At first there is a slight pain but not

unbearable.  He begins to move in and out of your anus

and each time he thrusts back into you his hips slap

your ass and his balls slap against your pussy.  His

fingers find your left nipple and begin to pinch it

ever so lightly, then firmer and firmer until the

pinching becomes hard.  His other hand finds your clit

and he rubs it feverishly, almost causing pain to the

head of it.  You can feel his hard cock swelling deep

within your bowel now, and know it will not be long

before he explodes within you.  His thrusts become more

frantic and forceful, so forceful he is almost pushing

you off balance.  You can feel the sensation of the

orgasm building within you and like branches of a tree

the warmth floods outward from your inner most pleasure

center.  You moan with the fulfillment covering your

body, your Master's cream flooding your bowel now and

you explode with orgasm at the same time.  Your bodies

wrench again and again against each other as you both

experience the pleasure of your first anal sex.  You

are forced down to the floor, flat now by your Master's

weight when he lays completely on top of your back. 

You both lay this way for a good five minutes.  

	Finally your Master rises and as he does he

quickly slaps your ass lightly and orders you up.  You

stand and take standing position pose.  Your Master

circles your body again, slowly then moves back to his

desk and pushes a buzzer.  Suddenly through the door

comes your Mistress.

	"Take her.  Insure she learns the rules and punish

her harshly for not having done so."  Your Master


	Without further word you are pulled by the arm out

of the room by your Mistress.  She leads you down the

stairs to the playroom.  Once inside she forces a ball

gag into your mouth then orders you to the strange

device in the corner.  This device you saw the first

night you were here.  It has a small, for lack of

better description, table and beneath this table is a

place to kneel.  You are laid out over the table and

told to kneel on the well padded board beneath the

table.  You take this position, thus causing your

buttocks to extend high into the air.  You can feel the

fear well up in you and tears begin to roll down your

cheeks.  You don't know if you are crying because of

what is to happen or because your Master took you then

washed you aside as if he had no pleasure in the


	Your Mistress hooks leather straps about your

wrists and legs, tightens them snugly.  Your legs are

spread wide on the kneeling board and your pussy and

ass cheeks are open.  Another strap is placed over your

back and secures you firmly to the table.  The board

standing next to the table and kneeling board is now

swung on a pivot behind you.  Your Mistress position it

and adjusts it, ensuring it is lines up perfectly with

your exposed ass.  Once this is completed she moves to

the controls on the side of it and adjusts them.

	"This is a spanking machine.  It will administer a

spanking at whatever strength it is set.  Each spank

will be the same.  It will also administer as many

spanks as it is set to administer.  I have set it, on a

scale of one to ten, at six and shall adjust it higher

if this does not bring the desired results.  It will

administer forty spanks at that same rate.  For

disobedience, failure to learn the rules and general

cunt behavior this will be your punishment."

	Punishment, you think, how awful.  This is so

dehumanizing.  Not even to receive the punishment from

your Mistress but rather from a machine.  You begin to

weep harder now, and you have not had a single spank

yet.  You feel totally humiliated now and realize you

are truly going to be punished, with no thought of

pleasure.  The feeling overwhelms you now, as you

perceive your current position to be that of a

misbehaved child in an attempt to teach you a lesson. 

Suddenly the paddle hits your bottom, firm, but not

terribly hard.  The next slap is the same, just as

promised and the one to follow is equally the same.  It

is giving the desired result, for by the seventeenth

slap of the paddle you are crying almost unmanageably.

The tears easily flow down your cheeks now.  You do not

know if it is the pain or the absolute impersonal way

in which it is being inflicted that caused the

uncontrolled flow of tears.  What you do know is you

never intend doing anything which causes your Master to

punish you in this manner again.  

	Onward drones the paddle , never increasing in

speed or intensity, never relaxing and decreasing the

force of the blows, until all forty spanks have been

given to your hot, fired bottom.  Finally it stops. 

You are still in tears and feel no excitement from this


	Your Mistress takes the straps from your legs,

back and wrists then helps you up from your kneeling

position.  The ball gag is slowly removed and your

tears and racking pain find sounds to them now.  You

cry forcefully for a short time until your cries become

just a whimper.  Your Mistress has said nothing during

this time, but stands by you and watches.

	"Now slave, upstairs to the main foyer.  You shall

stand in the corner there, be on display for all that

enter the house.  You will stand with your nose firmly

against the corner wall so anyone who enters may see

you were properly punished for your deplorable conduct

by your reddened bare-bottom.  Now move, upstairs. 

After a sufficient period of time the remaining portion

of your punishment will be administered."

	You begin to walk slowly, having some difficulty

walking from the pain in your ass, out of the playroom

to the stairs.  Once you get to the main foyer you go

to the corner opposite the front door and take the

position your Mistress has ordered.   You are still

crying, though quietly.  As you stand there, face

toward the corner, you hear people coming and going

from the house.  You can feel their stares on your

backside and your humiliation grows, and you begin

crying again.  Two hours later your Mistress taps you

on the shoulder and orders you upstairs to the

examination room.  You obey without a word.

	Once in the examination room your Mistress orders

you onto the table, face down instead of face up.  You

are certain you shall suffer another harsh punishment

to your already burning ass, but you timidly do as you

are told.  Once in position, much to your surprise,

your Mistress begins to squeeze a tube of oil on your

burning buttocks.  She slowly, lightly strokes the

burning area with the oil and you begin to feel some

relief from the pain.

	Ever so gently she rubs you.  Moving her fingers

in a soothing, tender manner over your asscheeks and

then down your legs and back up to your back ending at

your shoulders.  When your entire body is saturated

with oil on the backside, your Mistress takes warm

towels and lays them over your body, from your

shoulders down to your ankles.  The warmth of the

towels and the oil soaking into your skin lulls you

into a twilight sleep stage.  In the distance of your

mind, you hear the door open and close, then silence

covers the room with only your breathing to be heard.

	You are awaken by a firm hand resting on your

back.  Slowly the towels are removed.  You do not turn

your head, for you know it does not matter who is

touching you, for whatever your Master has ordered is

what shall be.  The hand finishes removing the towels

and slowly the fingers begin to massage your back.  The

fingers are not those of your Mistress, you know this,

for you have become very accustom to her's and can tell

them when she touches you.  Slowly the fingers caress

your skin from your shoulders down to your ankle and

then back up.  You can feel the warmth increasing in

your pussy now with the tenderness of this caress. 

Suddenly you feel lips pressed to your back, near the

shoulder blades, and can feel the gentle, light kisses. 

You are certain it is your Master.  Finally he bends

down and kisses your face softly and whispers, "Turn

over little puss, put your feet in the stirrups."

	Without a word of protest you roll over and you

find your ass cheeks are not burning any longer.  You

slide gently down to the stirrups and place your feet

into them.  You watch as your Master retrieves the

enema tube from the counter and spreads K-Y jelly over

the end.  He slowly inserts it into your anus then

begins filling your bowel with warm water.  Gently the

water fills you, first one bag, then another and

finally a third.  You can feel the discomfort of the

water pressing into you and your stomach seems to be

puffed out from it.  Your Master inserts a small butt plug then assists you from the table and takes you to

the bathroom.  As he helps you to sit, he pulls you

close to him and kisses your mouth with a long, tender

kiss.  Your discomfort seems to disappear now with his

arms press gently around you.

	When you are finished, your Master leads you out

of the examination room and down the hall to a room you

have yet to see.  As he leads you in, you see a

jacuzzi, workout equipment, and a small pool.  He leads

you, without a word to the jacuzzi and helps you into

it.  "Sit little puss," he says quietly and softly. 

You sit.  Your Master sits next to you and slowly he

bends his head to your breasts and kisses your breasts

tenderly.  Lingering on your nipple with his lips, then

moving to the other breast and doing the same.  Your

nipples are hard and erect and your can feel the surge

of yearning throb through you body.  His lips open,

taking one nipple into his mouth, he begins to suck and

lick the tip.  As he works on your right nipple he

moves his right hand down into the water and presses

his fingers into your slit.  Slowly his fingers spread

your pussy lips open and he slides them easily into

you, then pulls out, finds your clit and begins to

warmly, tenderly rub it.  He moves his head to your

left breast and begins the same action, sucking and

licking your nipple.  Carefully, with his fingers still

press your clit, his lifts you upward until you are

seated on the side of jacuzzi with only your legs still

in the water.  He moves his head to your oozing pussy

and begins to slowly tongue your inner lips, his finger

never leaving  your clit.  You arch your back to meet

his mouth and moan with the pleasure that spreads

through your body.  Gingerly he injects his tongue into

your now dripping pussy hole.  Methodically he moves

his tongue in and out of you, then slides his tongue

down your inner thigh then back up the inner thigh of

the other leg.  Then, lifting you slightly, his tongue

finds your puckered ass hole and presses into you

gently, flicking at your insides.  His tongue moves

back to your pussy, you are arching your hips upward

more now, for his fingers still rub your clit, and you

are nearing orgasm.  He thrusts his tongue into your

gushing pussy now and his fingers move frantically over

your clit, a moan is released from your inner depths as

you explode with your juices flowing into your Master's

mouth.  He licks quickly and continues to massage your

swollen clit.  Finally he rises and pulls himself in

position over you and thrusts his rock hard cock into

your dripping pussy.  His hands reach up to find your

breasts and he cups each then moves to your nipples and

pinches both of them quite hard, you arch upward from

the pleasure of this pressure to your tits.  He is

thrusting in and out of your hot pussy, faster and

harder now.  One hand stays on your breasts,

alternating between the two, the other hand slides

under your buttocks and presses in between your

asscheeks, finds your anus and presses deeply into it. 

His finger in your ass meets the rhythm of his hard

cock in your pussy, and you explode again with another

deep recessed orgasm.  Your Master still has not cum.  

	Gently he pulls his finger from your anus, then he

pulls his rock hard cock from your dripping pussy.  He

guides you over until you are face down, you pull your

knees upward, so your ass is sticking high in the air

and your asscheeks are open to him.  He slowly pushes

his cock into your anus and he begins thrusting in and

out of you.  His right hand seeks out your clit again

and begins rubbing it hard and fast. His left hand

finds your love canal and he presses three fingers into

you deeply.  He establishes the rhythm of all three

now, his fingers on your clit, with his fingers in your

pussy, and his firm cock in your anus.  He begins to

thrust harder and harder, faster and faster.  You

scream when you release your juices and feel his hard

cock spasm inside you and squirt his cum into your ass. 

Before he has finished coming he withdraws and slams

his still firm cock into your pussy, replacing his

fingers, and rubs your clit harder and faster.  Another

wave of orgasm rushes through your now sweating body,

as you moan with the pleasure of his cock squirting

into your hot, dripping pussy.  Finally, after three or

four spasms of his dicks spraying your insides with the

warmth of his cream, he withdraws.  He lays down on his

back behind you.  You immediately move to him and begin

to clean his limp member.  Licking it up and down its

shaft, down to his spent balls and back up to the head. 

He moans when you begin and shifts his hips upward

slightly to press his cock deeper into your mouth. You

accept it openly and suck and lick the shaft.  You

continue this action for some time, no words are said,

only the sounds of your licking and the jacuzzi can be

heard.  His cock begins to get firm again.  He has now

sat up on one elbow, watching you work your mouth on


	His cock hard and firm again, he pulls you by the

hair gently up and off of him, then pulls you to his

face.  Your eyes meet his and you become lost in the

depth of his eyes and feel as though you are pulled

into him.  Into his inner most being, his soul.  This

is what you have wanted all along.  To be his,

completely, enjoined with him.  To do all and anything

for him.  To see his face and feel wet and hot and

ready to cum just by his look.  He holds you before his

face now, staring deep into your eyes, seeing, you

know, your inner most desires, dreams and fantasies. 

He has been making them all come true.  The craving for

him is now so great you can no longer contain yourself

and throw yourself to his lips, pressing yours firmly

to his.  He parts his lips and slowly pushes his tongue

into your mouth.  He pulls you slowly up to cover his

body and as he does you ease your pussy over his now

hard cock.  Slowly he thrusts his hips upward, driving

his penis deeper into you, all the time probing your

mouth with his tongue.  His arms reach behind you and

carefully he slaps your ass, as he thrusts into you

again.  You move, with your knees pressed on either

side of his body pulling yourself up then pressing

down.  His hands slap at your ass firmer now with no

rest between slaps.  As if warm oil were poured over

your body from the top of your head down to your feet

the same warmth rushes to your pussy and you explode

with an orgasm as he releases his cum into your hot


	You lay, with his member still pressed inside you,

onto his chest, his fingers gently teasing your nipples

between your pressed bodies.  His hands move to your

back and he gently, tenderly strokes up and down your

back, then wraps his arms around you and holds you into

him firmly.

	A long silence follows.  Your Master finally

speaks softly, almost in a whisper, "Little puss, you

have made me very happy."  He then pulls you tighter to

his firm, muscular body.

	You lay your head firmly into his chest and

realize for the first time what the passion is behind

the rules of your Master.  You have felt it, but until

now, could not put it into words.  If he were to ask

you now, you could tell him.  You would tell him that

the passion is to serve him, and always be ready for

him to enter you.  You would tell him, in return he

fulfills your deepest fantasies, desires, those things

you have housed in your inner most recesses, telling no

one of them.  Yet somehow he knew, he knew what you

wanted, needed and burned within to have.  So far he

had given you all you desired and more.  To be totally

and completely his and submissive to him.  To be owned.

Continued Seduct11.txt


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