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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct09.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 09

	When you wake, your Master is still sleeping, but

now lays next to you.  You study his firm, muscular

body.  His face shows great strength.  His dark brown

hair is messed up a bit but otherwise lays perfectly at

all times.  He is ruggedly handsome, not a pretty boy

type.  His eyes, the most captivating of any you have

seen, are without doubt the most attractive feature. 

Though his nose is a perfect shape and his chin is firm

and distinct.  You gaze further down his body to his

uncovered chest and watch him breath, his chest raising

and lowing in a perfect rhythm.  You look further down

his body and note his cock is erect and firm.  You move

to his cock and begin to slowly encircle it with your

tongue.  No words are said, but he gently rubs his hand

over your hair, as if petting a puppy.  You continue to

circle his firm organ with your tongue, making the

licks longer and more sensuous than before.  As his

cock becomes firmer still, he raises up on one elbow

and smiles sweetly at you.  Before you realize what he

is doing, your Master rolls you over on your back and

enters your dripping pussy.  He is just as gentle as he

was in bed last night, only his action is faster.  He

presses into you with a fast thrust giving you great

pleasure at the friction building between your two body

parts.  He builds his rhythm until you are nearing

orgasm then stops and pulls out.  Once out, he pulls

your legs up and lays them over his shoulders, one on

either side, then enters you again.  With one hand

balancing his body, his other seeks your sore, bruised

buttocks and slides his fingers in between the cheeks. 

He withdraws, slowly, pulling his fingers through your

slit back to your filled pussy.  He rubs your clit

firmly for a moment, driving you closer and closer to

the edge then pulls his fingers back and slowly slides

them between your  ass cheeks again.  Slowly they enter

your puckered hole and he slides his finger in and out

of you.  He establishes the rhythm of his finger and

then in the same timing slides his hard, firm cock in

and out of you.  As you both reach the point of climax,

he thrusts two fingers into your puckered ass full

length.  You scream with the pleasure of this

experience and a second orgasm whirls through your


	He lays there on top of you for a few moments and

then withdraws.  He leans forward and kisses your cheek

softly then moves his mouth to yours and kisses you


	"Little puss, you have done very well in the last

few days.  Today will not be so harsh for you.  I hope,

for your benefit you have been learning the rules and

will be prepared to recite them in the next few days. 

But to recite them is not the main concern here, but to

know what each means and the passion behind them."

	Finally you feel the need to speak.  You are

so filled with desire and passion for this man. 

"Master, my I speak?", you ask sheepishly.

"Yes little puss, you may," he says tenderly.

"Master, it is only my desire to please you and stay

with you forever.  I have never felt so filled within

every part of being.  My needs, both physically and

psychologically have been fueled and stimulated more in

these last few days than ever before in life.  I would

never do anything, Master, to cause this pleasure to

stop.  I will always be here to please and satisfy you,

if you so desire."

	Your Master leans down, smiles slightly, then

kisses you gently on the lips.  He holds you quietly in

his arms for a very long time, saying nothing.

	"Ok, little puss, go clean yourself.  You may

touch your body.  Your day will be spent with your

Mistress, as I have the need to work.  Now off you go,

and I shall join you soon."

	You rise and go into the bath and begin preparing

for another day.  When your Master joins you he takes

the cloth from your hands, as the two of you stand in

the shower and he washes you thoroughly.  You want to

stay with him there, forever, and truly do not want to

spend the day with your Mistress.  The punishments she

could inflict did not bother you, it was the

sensuousness you desired, that only your Master had

given.  You would take, you think to yourself, fifty

punishment segments as last nights to have the day with

him.  But it was not to be.

 	Your Master finishes dressing, you stand in the

center of the room in position watching him dress. 

Finally a knock comes to the door and your Master opens

it.  It is your Mistress, she says nothing but stands

looking, first at your Master then at you.  You Master

steps aside and permits her entrance.

	"Come along slave, we have much to do this

morning," she commands you.  You immediately follow her

out the door, without another word or look from your

Master.  You are slightly disheartened by this, but you

seem to understand your station and maintain it.  

	Your Mistress ushers you to the examination room.

You know what is to come.  The dreaded enema and beyond

that you are not certain.

	"On the table slave." You Mistress orders. "In


	You immediately move to the table and gently climb

on to it.  Your body is sore from the previous days'

activities.  Your buttocks are still pink and in some

places bruised.  Your nipples are firm and sore from

the nipple clips.  You notice even your jaw is sore

from the tongue action you have had in the last few

days.  More than you had ever had in the past.  You

gingerly lay down on the examination table, place your

feet in the stirrups and wait.  Your Mistress moves to

the counter and retrieves a bottle of baby oil.  She

does not restrain you but instead moves to your aching

body and begins a gentle, sensuous oil massage.  The

baby oil had been heated to make it warm and the

feeling makes you relax even more.  Your thoughts drift

back over the last few days and find yourself becoming

excited even now.


	"On your stomach slave," your Mistress orders. 

You roll over, carefully with legs pressed together in

between the stirrups.

	Your Mistress begins applying the warm oil to your

back now and you feel your body relax even more.

Finally when she has finished massaging every

portion of your body she orders you back over on your

back and begins the enema.  When this is completed and

you have finished in the bathroom she tells you to get

back on the table again.  You obey, placing your feet

in the stirrups quickly without having to be told. 

Your Mistress then retrieves two rings from the counter

and moves to your side.  These rings are about inch

wide and are made of a leather with a felt lining.  She

secures each ring around the base of your breasts then

goes back to the counter and gets two clamps.  These

clamps are not what you are used to, they are circular

clamps and have pieces within the clamp that enclose

the nipple.  As the screw is tightened the clamps

inside tighten evenly around the nipples.  Your

Mistress gently plays with each nipple then attaches

the clamps to each and tightens until you moan with the

pleasure of the pressure.

	Your Mistress now moves back to the counterand

gets a wide leather belt and comes back and orders you

to lift your middle up a bit and she slides the belt

underneath your back and then closes it around the

front on your stomach.  A leather strap hangs down from

the center of the belt and your Mistress lays this up

between your breasts, out of the way.  She then goes

back to the counter and gets a small but thick dildo. 

She moves back to your spread pussy and begins to

slowly finger your clit.  Your hips begin to move

upward in response to her fingers.  When she feels you

are wet enough she slides the dildo into your open

pussy.  This dildo is about three inches long but is

about four inches thick.  It spreads your pussy open

wide but does not enter enough of you to give you any

satisfaction.  The strap laying between your breasts is

now pulled down and placed over the end of the dildo to

hold it in place.  The two ends of the strap wrap

around your legs at the very top of your thighs rather

than being presses through your legs and into your ass


	You are quite excited by all of this now and can

feel your pleasures increasing, but when you move your

hips you find you can not receive pleasure from the

short dildo pressed into your hot, burning pussy.  

Your Mistress now puts more oil on her fingers and

presses them deep into your opened ass pucker and

gently moves her fingers in and out of you until you

are completely lubricated.  You know what purpose this

serves and know you shall be sitting on you chair of

honor soon.  But some how today you do not mind this

for now you want your Master deep within you whether it

be from the rear or the pussy, you don't care anymore.

	"Up slave," your Mistress orders.  "Downstairs for

breakfast and on your throne.  Your little ass hole

will be expanded more today by a large dildo."

	You get up and move downstairs as ordered.  You

soon discover you are in a constant state of arousal

and yet there is no means for you to satisfy these

desires unless you touch yourself.  Your nipples are

firm, but not harshly pinched in a constant pressure

and your pussy is getting some friction from the dildo

in it but not enough to cause an orgasm.  You know what

will happen if you touch yourself but the desire it

almost overwhelming.  Some how you manage to get to the

throne chair and take your place without assistance. 

The dildo used today is much larger than yesterday's

and upon initial entry there is some minor pain, but

not enough to make you stop.

	You sit the next two and one half hours on your

throne, the building desire of wanting to climax almost

causes you to jerk and shudder uncontrollably now.  You

would love to find anything that would make you cum,

save your hands.  Just as you are tempted to reach down

and touch yourself your Mistress returns to the room.

	"Up slave.  To the playroom, now."  You pull

yourself off the throne and slowly walk down to the

playroom.  Once inside your Mistress takes your hands

and ties them together in front of you.  She then takes

a hook and places it into the cuffs holding your hands

and suddenly you are pulled upward from the floor, so

you are now on tip toe.  Once this is done, your

Mistress takes a spreader bar and places it between

your legs, first one at your ankles then one at your

knees, holding you open wide.  She removes the clamps

from your nipples and then the rings from around your

breasts and begins to slowly rub them to bring all the

circulation back into both nipples and breasts. 

Finally she unsnaps the leather straps around your

upper thigh and slowly withdraws the dildo from your

hot, dripping pussy, unhooks the belt around your waist

and lays it down.  She then goes to the shelving of

toys and comes back with a ball gag.  Without being

told, you open your mouth to accept the gag, and your

Mistress presses it in carefully.  Her manner today is

almost tenderness with you and you are somewhat

surprised at this.  Next she goes back to the shelf and

comes back with a blindfold in hand, secures it around

your eyes.  You are now hanging blindfolded, muted,

spread wide open and totally accessible.  

	You note your hearing is almost acute now, as is

the feelings your body is experiencing.  You are so

excited now you want to cum and can feel the thunder of

an orgasm course through your body.  You hear the door

to playroom open, you don't know if your Mistress is

leaving or someone else is coming in, but you are even

more excited now.  Suddenly you feel a gentle caress on

your nipples, softly they are fingered at the very tip,

then pinched lightly, then released, then pinched

again.  You try to move your hips back and forth but

find you can not.  The spreader bars have been secured

to floor at the side of you now holding all movement to

a minimum.  While the fingers tease your firm, erect

nipples, more fingers touch your still sore ass and

probe the your anus.  Still more fingers begin to probe

your pussy and rub your clit quickly, teasing the your

pussy lips then back to your firm clit.  As you begin

to feel the sensation of the orgasm move through your

body all the hands are pulled from you.  You are left

hanging there waiting, wanting more, you moan several

times as to prompt further action and yet none comes. 

You are frustrated and your body is perspiring now.

	You are left in this condition until it begins to

subside some then something is placed over your head

and down around your ears.  You listen intently now

trying to hear any noise, but hear nothing.

	With a suddenness your Master's voice is piped

into your ears.  You now release what has been placed

over your head is a set of headphones and your Master's

voice is being sent through them.  You are captivated

by his voice as he speak to you via the headphones.  He

continues to talk to you about sexual pleasure, the

fine line between pain and pleasure.  He tells you of

the desires he has for you and what he would like to do

to you to cause you all the pain and pleasure you

desire and need.  As his voice goes on about the

details of his intents for you the hands come back to

your body once again.  Slowly, deliberately your

nipples are pinched, then licked, then sucked; then

pinched again and the process begins again.  Your

buttocks are slapped lightly with an open hand and

fingers enter your anus.  Your pussy is entered by

three fingers now and your clit is teased as the

fingers begin a slow finger fuck.  You are being

stimulated from every part of your body and the

sensation is magnified by your blindfold and your

Master's voice.  Suddenly your body jerks with the

orgasm, again and again, as wave after wave floods your

body.  The action does not stop but instead increases

in speed and another wave of orgasms progresses through

your body until you are exhausted from the overpowering

pleasure of them.  The headphones are removed from your

head now and you hang there, perspiring, exhausted and

totally satisfied.  

	You hear the playroom door open again, then your

blindfold is removed.  Slowly your Mistress releases

you from your bonds, then helps you to the table.  You

lay down, legs spread wide, hands behind your head. 

Your Mistress says nothing, but moves across the room

and sits, sleep overtakes your exhausted body.


Continued Seduct10.txt


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