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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct08.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 08

	Three hours has past and your Mistress comes in to

awaken you.  You feel well rested, yet when you start

to rise you can feel the painful reminder still on your

pinkish bottom.

	"You may use the bathroom slave," your Mistress

states.  "Then down the hall to the examination room

for your enema."  You heart sinks, not again you think. 

But you know better than to protest and obey in


	"On the table, feet in the stirrups slave." Your

Mistress orders and you again obey in silence.  Your

hands reach above your head after positioning your legs

in the wide spread stirrups.  Your Mistress then straps

your ankles, and legs just above the knees to the

stirrups, then attaches the straps to your hands above

your head.  You have not quite become accustomed to

being totally exposed in this manner to another woman,

and it causes you a great deal of embarrassment.

	Your Mistress takes an enema bag and fills it with

warm water, after inserting the tube into your rather

sore anus, slowly she releases the water into you.  She

repeats this three more times, until you feel as though

your stomach will burst from the pressure caused by the

water in your bowel.  When your Mistress has completed

flushing you with water, she places a well lubricated

butt plug into your anus and leaves the room without a

word.  She is gone for what seems like an hour to you,

yet it is actually only about ten minutes.  The

pressure is so great within you now that you can hardly

wait until she returns and releases you.

	Finally the door opens and your Mistress enters. 

She removes the straps holding you and helps you into

the bath and has you sit and removes the butt plug. 

You relieve yourself, dispensing the water for what

seems like five minutes.  When you are finished, you

expect to be told to take a shower, but instead your

Mistress orders you back to the examination table and

to take your same position.

	Once there your Mistress again refastens the

leather straps to your legs, ankles and wrists.  She

goes back and gets the enema bag once again, inserts

the tubing into your opened anus and begins releasing

more warm water into you.  You wish to protest this

second washing, but knew what will happen if you do, so

you keep quiet.  

	After one bag, your Mistress stops and removes the

tube and inserts a butt plug again.  Slowly her fingers

move up your slit to your wide opened vagina and moves

her fingers lightly over the opening.  You are somewhat

surprised, because you now, for the first time, can

feel you are very moist.  You are not wet really, but

very nearly so.  She moves her fingers to your now

swelling clit and slowly teases it, rubbing slowly and

firmly.  You begin to arch your hips upward in response

to your Mistress's fingers.  She does not thwart your

motion, but instead increases the speed of her fingers. 

The sensation of your excitement is a new one for you,

with the water locked within your bowel and causing a

pressure from behind.  As you reach higher and higher

in your excitement, a moan escapes your lips, then

another and another.  Finally you are reaching the

climax point and an orgasm is about to explode within

you.  Your Mistress pulls her fingers from you and

leaves you in this most frustrating condition.  She

walks along the side of the table and moves her fingers

slowly up your wanting body until they settle on your

extended nipples.  Slowly, softly she moves her fingers

over the very tips of each nipple and continues this

action as you continue to lift your hips upward and the

moaning comes from you move frequently and louder now. 

Suddenly your Mistress pinches each nipple very hard

and you explode with an extremely strong orgasm.  She

strokes your breasts slowly again, softly until the

depressed nipples seem to come back to life and become

hard and erect again.  Your pussy twitching in

excitement to the further stimulation.  Your Mistress

moves her fingers back to your clit and begins teasing

it again, just as you are about to explode with another

orgasm your Mistress pulls her fingers from you and

stand watching you in your frustration.  Your hips

thrashing about and arching upward for satisifaction.  

	"Please Mistress, please," you whisper quietly.

	"You were not told to speak slave!" She retorts


	She then releases you from your bonds and helps

you up and walks you to the bathroom again.  Once

seated she removes the butt plug and allows you to

relieve yourself once more.  When finished, she pulls

you up, orders you into the shower, turns it on and the

cold water strikes your body harshly.  Though the cold

water does relieve your sexual excitement.  Once she

has soaped your entire body she rinses you off and

orders you from the shower.

	She takes a large towel and slowly pats your skin

until dry.  The action is so sensuous that it begins to

excite you again.  She orders you back to the table and

into position, you quickly follow her instructions.

	Once spread wide on the table with feet in the

stirrups again, your Mistress restrains you once again. 

She then takes a bottle of oil from the counter and

walks to the end of the table.  Slowly she begins

massaging the oil into your open pussy, across your

clit and over your anus.  This further excites you, but

you are sure you will not be satisfied so you attempt

not to react.  She moves to your breasts and places oil

on her fingers and gently massages the nipples of each

breasts.  They stand out, glistening in the light with

the oil rubbed into them.

	Your Mistress goes back to the counter and picks

up a tube of K-Y Jelly.  Your hopes dashed now for some

release to your sexually frustrated state, for you know

she is preparing your the upcoming events of the

evening.  She moves back to your spread open legs and

squeezes some K-Y jelly on her fingers then slowly

begins spreading it around your small, pink, puckered

hole.  She removes her hand and places more K-Y on her

fingers then moves back to your opening and presses her

fingers deep within you.  Having completed this, she

unhooks your restraints and orders you back to the

bedroom.  You immediately move down the hall to the


		"Go into the bathroom slave and comb your

hair and touch up your make-up.  It is almost time for

you to join your Master and his guests."  You do as you

are told, dreading the events before you.  When

finished, your Mistress takes you by the hand, secures

both hands behind you and leads you downstairs to the

formal dining room.

	Once inside, the guests all turn to look at you as

you enter.  You become red faced with shame and

humiliation from the stares you are now receiving.  You

wish you could withdraw and hide, even back to the

examination room, just anyplace to hide.  Then you see,

next to your Master's chair, your chair with the throne

dildo extended through it.

	"Come little pus, you will sit in your place of

honor.", your Master says.  You slowly walk down,

passing the guests, to your Master's side.  Your

Mistress aids you in sitting on the well lubricated

dildo.  Your legs are strapped to the legs of the chair

and a strap is placed over your thighs to hold your

bottom securely to the seat of the chair with the dildo

pushed into your ass.  You want to hide you are so

embarrassed, for all the guests have watched your

Mistress help you seat yourself on this butt intruder. 

You can feel your face flush with color and have

dropped your head to hide your eyes, trying to avoid

the eyes of the guests.

	"This, ladies and gentlemen, is my newest slave. 

She has a virgin ass and must sit on this device in an

attempt to spread her sphincter muscles so she might

accommodate me."  You drop your head even further down

now.  The dildo pressing into you is very

uncomfortable, as is the hard seat your well spanked

bottom touches.

	"You will be permitted, my guests, to touch this

little puss tonight, but first, let us enjoy our meal. 

You, little puss, will be permitted to eat and feed

yourself, however if your table manners are not

exquisite you will be rebound and forced fed, is this


	"Yes Master," your lips some how quiver out the

words.  You want to cry, you are so embarrassed.  You

look about the room and note that there are three men

and three ladies who are now seating themselves at the

table.  They all continue to look at you, examining

your nude body.  You wonder how many desire to laugh

openly at your predicament of being strapped onto a

hard, plastic cock forced up your ass.  You wish you

could crawl under the table, but know you can not, and

try to bear the degradation of your situation.

	Some how, despite your Master's fingers probing

your well moistened pussy periodically through dinner,

you manage to make it through this ordeal without error

or incident.  Dinner takes well over two hours and now

everyone is leisurely sipping at an after dinner drink. 

You however, sit quietly, for you are not permitted any

alcohol.  Finally your Master says, "I think it time to

adjourn for this evening's entertainment."  He reaches

over to the straps covering your thighs and releases

it, then the two secured to your ankles and orders you

to stand.  You slowly push yourself upward and off your

dildo, your anus is sore now, but much to your excited

body you can see the wet spot on the chair left by your

dripping pussy juices.

	"You have left a wet spot slave.", your Master

announces loudly.  You turn bright red from the

disgrace you now feel.  "Clean it slave!," your Master

orders sternly, and after some dealay says, "with your

tongue."  You are now truly mortified and wish you

could crawl under the chair more than anything.  All

the eyes in the room are watching you, and all are

gleaming with a slight smirk on their faces.  You kneel

down to the seat of the chair and carefully begin

licking your own juices from it.  You continue licking

until your Master says, "You may stop slave.  Now down

to the playroom!"  

	The playroom? You question within yourself.  Then

it hits you like a ton of bricks, YOU ARE THE


embarrassed.  You want to plead with your Master, beg

him to do anything to you but this, but you hold your

tongue and slowly, cautiously walk down to the

playroom, with all the guests and your Master following

behind you.

	"Kneeling position slave," your Master orders. 

You move to the center of the playroom and kneel, with

hands firmly behind your head.  Your body is trembling

now, as if chilled, but is not cold that makes you

tremble.  All the guests begin slowly removing their

clothing and when stripped down to only their

underwear, circle around your kneeling body.  They part

enough in front of you for your Master to stand

directly before you.

	"Tonight slave, you shall entertain my guests in

whatever manner they desire, as long as it meets with

my approval.  I only request," he continues in a softer

manner now when addressing the guests, "that you do not

penetrate her anus with anything other than your

fingers.  She has been given two thorough enemas and is

clean.  How would you like to proceed ladies and

gentlemen on this little cunt?"

	You are so humiliated.  You want to slump forward

and hide your face to the floor, but somehow you

maintain the position of kneeling.  You hear someone

suggest that they start with a firm thrashing then

continue after that.  Your Master says, "I agree. As I 

understand it, this little cunt spoke when not

permitted to beg to be brought to orgasm earlier this

evening.  I think a good thrashing is in order."

	Someone grabs your left arm and pulls it down and

holds it in front of you, then does the same with your

right arm.  Someone else straps leather cuffs to your

wrists and secures your wrists tightly together.  A

thumb and finger go to your nose and pinch it tightly

closed and you quickly open your mouth to breathe, when

you do so a soft rubber ball is pressed firmly into

your mouth then strapped behind you head.  Next you are

pulled up from your knees to your feet from behind and

pushed toward the padded horse.  You are afraid of what

is going to be  done to you, yet your pussy is dripping

its juices down to the inside of your legs now.  You

are strapped firmly over the horse, your legs spread

wide and leather straps placed around your ankles then

hooked to the legs of the horse.  From the other two

legs, light weighted chains are stretched to your wrist

and secured to the hooks on the leather cuffs.  

	"One more thing," you hear your Master say, "you

may not mark her in any way which might yield a

permanent scar or disfigurement."  You feel some relief

now from the ordeal you are about to be put through. 

"Now," your Master continues, "how severe a punishment

must be agreed upon before we begin.  The cunt was a

very defiant slave today and her punishment must be

firm but not over-bearing."  You can hear the

discussion now between all of them regarding the number

of swats you should receive by the various instruments

of discipline.  Finally your Master says, "Then it is

agreed, each shall administer fifteen spanks with their

chosen instrument."

	You brace yourself for the first series of spanks. 

It is a man who is the first to start and he has chosen

a rather light weight, leather covered paddle .  He

begins.  The pain is not severe but firm.  You are

excited by this spanking and rising to an orgasm by it.

The next person, a woman, has chosen a leather strap. 

You think to yourself, it figures, women are extremely

harsh when given the opportunity to punish one of their

same sex.  They seem to possess more ruthlessness than

any man in this situation.  The strap smacks smartly on

your upturned ass and you wiggle and squirm from the

sting it leaves.  Before you can even compose yourself

from the first slap the second is given, then the third

and so on.  Quickly the woman is finished and next

another man stands behind you.  Each, as they come in

turn, are taking the instrument of their choice and

showing it to you.  Tears are in your eyes now, after

the uncharitable spanks of the woman, and you try to

see through the tears.  This man holds a thick, wooden paddle .  The blows hit your burning ass quickly and it

is over before you even realize it.  Each taking their

turn at your flaming red buttocks now, each stroke

against your ass causing more and more excitement, and

more and more tears.  The line between pain and

pleasure still not drawn for you and you explode with

orgasm as the last of the guests spank you.  

	Your Master walks to you next.  He holds in front

of your eyes his opened hand.  You feel some relief,

but not a lot, for you remember all too well the sting

of his hand from earlier today.  He begins, firmly, but

not severely, and as his hand slaps, before pulling it

back he rubs and squeezes your throbbing cheeks, it is

a sensuous move on his part and yet thrusts the pain of

the spankings administered earlier all through your

body.  By the time he has reached the agreed fifteen,

your body is quivering in excitement again, and before

satisfaction can be gained by your begging pussy it is


	You are finally released from your position, not

given the opportunity to climax as was given to you

last night.  You are pulled to a chair in the center of

the room and one of the women abruptly thrusts you hard

into the chair.  The scream, unlike the others you have

released through your gagged mouth thus far, is quite

audible and long lasting.

	You legs are spread wide and secured firmly, one

to one leg of the chair and one to the other leg.  The

chair is exceptionally wide and thus spreads you open

wide.  Your hands are then secured to the arms, first

at the wrists then at the forearm.  Another strap is

slid under your breasts and your back is pressed firmly

to the back of the chair.  

	The pressure to your seething buttocks is suddenly

eased.  You can feel the bottom of the chair is now

open, as if on hinges, giving access to your burning

ass again.  The tears continue to stream down your


	A maid slave enters the playroom carrying a tray

of drinks for the guests and the Master.  You recognize

her as a maid from the scant uniform she wears.  Her

uniform consists of leather cuffs with lace surrounding

them, a leather collar around her neck, also with lace

on it, and a black and white leather strap around her

waist.  She serves the drinks then leaves promptly,

almost hurriedly as if in fear that she might be taken

for the evenings entertainment as well.  Now, the

guests and your Master completely ignore you.  They

drink their drinks slowly and engage in small talk. 

You are regaining some self-control now over your

whimpering and yet your pussy is dripping with your

juices from the excitement of the activities.

	Having finished their drinks their attentions now

turn back to you.  You are frightened for you do not

know what is happen next, and yet that fear adds to

your excitement.  One of the women reaches over the

back of the chair and begins to circle her long nailed

fingers around your nipples, they become firm and

extended almost immediately.  A blindfold is pressed

over your eyes now and the sensation of not being able

to see what happens next is escalating the pleasure

being given your nipples.  Fingers probe your pussy

now, finding your clit and begin to laboriously stroke

the firm, erect tip of it.  You can feel your pleasure

being increased more and more, pulling you to a higher

level than you have experienced yet.  Just as you are

about to cum the hands are withdrawn from your

disheartened body and you are left searing with desire. 

You wiggle as much as possible, almost involuntarily,

trying to find satisfaction, but it is not to be found.

You settle down slightly and listen carefully now, but

hear nothing.  You do not know if you are alone or if

the guests and Your Master are still there with you,

watching your torture.

	Finally after a long period of time, which you

have trouble gauging because of the blindfold and

silence, someone touches your nipples again.  You

twitch at the touch.  It is soft and gentle on your

still firm nipples.  Another finger finds your clit

again and begins to rub it back and forth and up and

down.  Something presses, from beneath the chair, to

your flooding pussy and is then pushed deep into you. 

You pull your hips forward slightly, restrained by the

strap surrounding your chest below your breast line. 

It is pushed in and out of your hot pussy, slowly at

first then faster.  You are teased again to the height

of orgasm and again, just as relief is about to come,

all the action stops.

	You are left alone again, in your total, all

consuming frustration, as a loud moan escapes your

gagged mouth.  You are wiggling your hips about now

more rapidly than before in an attempt to quench your

pussy's thirst, but to no avail.

	 Again and again this is done to you, until your

pussy is all but screaming to be filled and fucked hard

and fast.  You are finally released from the bonds and

taken, still blindfolded, to the table and lifted up

and laid down on your back.  Your burning ass cheeks

touch the table top and you quiver more, and your

overly excited body responds by breaking out into a

cold chill covering you from head to foot.  Your legs

are spread wide and cuffed to the table, as are your

arms.  Fingers reach for your overstimulated nipples

and begins to pinch them lightly.  You feel someone

pressing in between your legs and a cock is suddenly

thrust into your face by the man straddling your chest

above your breasts.  Fingers find the strap at the back

of your head and you hear your Master for the first

time in a long time say softly, "No noise slave, not a

sound.  Use your mouth for what it does best."  And the

rubber ball is removed completely from your mouth and

quickly replaced with a firm cock.  As you begin to

circle your tongue around the shaft of the cock, the

person pinching your nipples increases the pressure of

the pinch and you moan through the cock in your mouth. 

Suddenly you feel a tongue licking at your hardened,

over excited clit and it begins to suck and lick then

nibble on the head.  You thrust your hips higher now

into the air and soon the cock explodes in your mouth

at the same time you explode with a shuddering orgasm,

stronger than anything you had experienced before. 

Your entire body wrenches with the release of the

orgasm and each muscle shudders from its over

stimulated condition.

	The cock in your mouth is now replaced by another

cock and you again begin to lick the shaft and head. 

Another tongue finds your still harden clit and begins

sucking, licking and nibbling on it.  The pressure to

your nipples is back to a soft, gentle caress.  As the

cock begins to swell in your mouth and you are reaching

upward with your hips the pinching to your nipples

increases and soon you feel the cock explode deep

within your throat, swallowing quickly you take as much

cum as you can and then explode from the stimulation of

your pussy.  Your body shakes even more violently with

this orgasm as you are brought higher and higher to


	After another cock in your mouth and another mind

shattering orgasm you are allowed to rest.  Finally you

feel the head of a cock at the opening of your over

lubricated pussy and a hot pussy pressed to your lips. 

Fingers are stimulating your nipples again, as the cock

begins to slowly move in and out of you.  You begin to

lick the hot, wet pussy and find the clit of the woman

straddling you and work it back and forth and around. 

Just as you are about ready to cum you thrust your

blindfolded head upward and bite lightly the clit of

the woman.  Her pussy explodes in your mouth as you

lick and swallow her juices.  Again this is repeated

until all three ladies have been satisfied.  You have

had no less than nine orgasms since this began and yet

the cock within you has not released its cum.  The

rhythm of it continues inside you then a hand reaches

for your clit and rubs it firmly.  The speed of the

cock is now thrusting in and out of you hard and fast.

	"What do you want slave?"

	"Fuck me Master, fuck me hard and fast, please

Master fuck me hard and fast."

	A moan, almost scream finds your throat and you

explode at the same time as the cock spasms within you. 

Again and again it spasms, shooting its cum deep within

you, and each time you cum.

	Finally the cock is withdrawn.  There is silence

in the room again.  You can smell the odor of sex,  co-

mingled with it is the smell of freshly lit cigarettes. 

You lay there exhausted, sore, and yet satisfied.  

	After a long silence, you hear someone move close

to the table, then feel fingers touching your cheek

softly.  "You did well little puss," you hear your

Master say quietly.  "I shall see our guests out and

will return to you soon."  Then he leans down and

kisses you tenderly on the mouth, pressing his lips

firmly to yours.  You can feel a warmth rush through

you again from his touch and voice and you once more

become excited, despite your exhausted state.

	You Master leaves the table side, you feel him

move away from you.  You can not hear him move around

the room but within a few moments a hand is at your

pussy again and a dildo is inserted.  Then an over

stuffed pillow is pressed under you hips and raises

your buttocks off the table as it is slid more toward

the top of your hips.  Next a small dildo is inserted

in your anus.  You wiggle at the sensation when they

are both turned on at a very low setting.

	"I shall be back soon little puss," your Master

says, as he walks away from the table and you hear the

door of the playroom opening and then close.

	Silence, except for the hum of the vibrators

inside you, now fills the room. And before your

Master's return you are brought to orgasm again and

again by the ever present hard fake cocks pressed in

your openings.

	When your Master returns he removes the vibrators

slowly, and you can hear them being shut off.  He

unties your feet, then your hands, then removes the

blindfold from your tear stained face.

	He helps you to sit up and then brings a glass of

cool water to your lips and aids you in the drinking. 

When you have finished the full glass he helps you off

the table with his firm, muscular arms and then holds

you closely to his nude body.  He says nothing, but

merely holds you in his protected grasp for several


	"Ok little puss, upstairs, fourth bedroom on the

left," he commands and you quickly move through the

door of playroom and up the stairs, then the second

flight and to the bedroom.  Your Master is close behind


	When you are at the door of the fourth bedroom,

the rush of fatigue covers your body like a wave from

the ocean and you all but fall to your knees.  Your

Master reaches down and grasps your arm and helps you

into the room.  You quickly survey the room you have

just entered and can see from the luxuries of its

apportionments that it must be your Master's suite.

	He leads, all but carrying you, to the bed and

gently lays you down.  You immediately spread your legs

wide for him, for you can see his cock is hard and firm

again.  He smiles at your response to his need and

mounts you slowly and tenderly.  His movements are

tender and caressing as he rocks back and forth within

you slowly withdrawing and then pressing his hard cock

back into you.  Your back begins to arch as you feel

his member grow inside you and become rock hard and

with a delicate thrusting you both cum at the same

time.  Your Master lays on top of you, his member still

within you, slowly withdrawing on its own as it becomes

totally limp and you both fall asleep in this fashion.

Continued Seduct09.txt


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