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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct07.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 07

	As you stand, before your Master, reviewing the

events of the last few days, your body reacts to the

thrilling pleasures it has experienced from the hand of

your well experienced Master and Mistress.  You reflect

now on the time spent in the library, your crimson

colored ass exposed to all who enter the room.  You

sink into deeper thought to recall every detail of the


	Your Master leaves you to your Mistress's hand,

while he dresses in preparation of his meeting.  Your

Mistress takes you and leads you down the hall to the

library.  Once inside, she leads you to a corner

opposite the door.  You suddenly realize the first

thing anyone who enters will see is your reddened

bottom.  You flush with redness from your


	"Stand in this corner slave.  Hands at your side. 

Do not turn around unless ordered by your Master.  Do

not move, regardless of what may happen, unless given

permission from your Master.  And above all, do not

speak, unless specifically asked a question by your

Master.  Do you understand slave?"

	"Yes Mistress." you answer, and a sudden slap

comes firmly down on your redden buttocks.

	"You were told not to speak unless your Master

asks you a question.  Now remember that slave."

	You wait, with face pressed into the corner.  Your

pussy still not having relief from the near orgasm your

Master brought you to, is now releasing its juices and

they are running down the inside of your slightly

spread legs.  You hear the door open behind you, then

close, and your heart pounds in your head, as you feel

the rush of blood come to your face.  You do not know

who has entered the room.  It could be your Master. 

But then again, it could be a guest of his.  You remain

standing with your face pressed forward to the corner. 

You are longing to sneak a peek at who is in the room,

but you dare not, in fear of the reprisal for such an


	Again the door opens and closes.  You hear someone

move across the room and sit behind you.  This same

action is repeated five more times before your Master

enters the room and speaks.

	"Good afternoon all.  Are we ready to begin?"

	"Yes," you hear another man's voice,"but first

Nathaniel, could you explain about this lovely miss in

the corner?"

	"I should be happy to Tom", your Master says. 

"This is my newest little puss slave.  She failed to

behave properly this morning.  As you can see from her

reddened buttocks, she was swiftly punished for her

behavior and ordered to the corner to the display


	"May I ask," you are mortified now for the voice

you hear is that of a woman, "what she did Nathaniel to

warrant a sound spanking?"

	"Of course," your Master says, much to your

embarrassment, "my dear Grace.  This little puss

continues to touch herself.  A feeble attempt to bring

herself satisfaction, she moves her fingers to her

dripping pussy and tries to bring herself to orgasm.  I

say feeble, dear Grace, for we all know, only a Master

or Mistress can give total satisfaction to a puss."

	You knew it would come to this.  You knew, deep

within yourself, that your Master would explain the

reason for you punishment.  You wanted to find a rock

to crawl under you felt such indignity now.  Your body

trembles at the thought of all these unknown, faceless

people looking at your redden ass and your juices

running down the inside of your opened legs.  This is

worse than any whipping or spanking.  This is a

humiliation you shall not forget.  Yet the excitement

of it all is racing through your body and courses

through your veins.  You can feel your heart beating

faster and faster and your pussy juice flowing harder

than before.

	"May I examine her thrashed buttocks Nathaniel?",

you recognize the voice as that of Grace.  You pray

your Master will say no.  You hope your body is only

for the touch of your Master and Mistress.  You heart

sinks when you hear him speak, saying "of course you

may dear Grace, as may you all."  You wanted to run, as

fast as you can, to get away from this demoralizing

action about to take place.  But alas, you know you

will not run.  You know, somewhere deep within you,

this is the treatment you have craved and longed for.

Suddenly you feel a hand touch your tender ass.  You

wrench upward slightly when it does.  The hand moves

firmly over you ass and down between your ass cheeks. 

You can tell from the touch it is a woman's hand, and

assume it belongs to the one called Grace.  Her fingers

move over your anus and play teasingly at the ring. 

You jerk again, for the area is tender from the dildo

it experienced this morning.  She moves her fingers

deeper down your slit till they rest upon your opened

hole of your pussy.  The lips of which are opened wide

because of your spread legs.  She slowly thrusts her

fingers into your opening then pulls them out again. 

She repeats the action several times and you can feel

yourself becoming more and more excited.  Your stomach

muscles ripple with the excitement and you are burning

deep within your womb to be satisfied.  Your desire to

reach for your pussy is so strong, yet your resist,

still feeling the harshness of the spanking you

received not more than twenty minutes ago.  Her fingers

move in and out of you faster now, until you feel you

are on the edge of an explosive orgasm.  Yet, as you

reach the pinnacle of pleasure she withdraws her

fingers and leaves you stand in total discontentment.

	One by one the faceless people of the room touch

you in various areas of your body.  Each bringing you

closely to orgasm, each leaving you as you react and

reach the edge.  One man slaps lightly at your still

burning ass, as his fingers slide in front of you and

rubs your clit.  You don't think you can stand it any

longer, you are thrusting your hips forward now, ever

so slightly, for you are restraining them as much as

you can because you were told not to move.  As you

reach the height of your near explosive orgasm, the

stimulation is stopped again, leaving you in such

frustration that tears flow down your cheeks.

	You can hear laughter when the fingers are pulled

from you.  Someone, a male voice says, 'She is a hot

puss isn't she Nathaniel.'  More of a statement of fact

rather than a question.  They leave you in your now

very uncomfortable position and begin to attend to the

business they had come to discuss.  The meeting goes on

for nearly an hour and half and as each faceless person

leaves the room, they walk first to you and lightly

spank at your bottom once then walk out.  Silence

settles round you now, and you can not even hear your

Master in the room.  Suddenly you hear a chair roll on

a plastic sheeting, the type that covers the floor to

protect the carpeting.

	"Well little puss," you hear your Master's say, as

he reaches out and touches your shoulder. "You may turn

around now."  You do so quickly. "You were very good

little puss, taking your punishment so bravely.  Come

to your Master's arms and be held."  You need no

further encouragement, and all but fall into his opened

arms and rest your head to his suited chest.   He holds

you tenderly for a very long time in silence.  His

hands rubbing, caressing your body tenderly.  You feel

the warmth of his touch and the firmness of his body

pressed to yours and the sensation of being wrapped

within a cocoon, safe, warm, protected envelopes you as

you burrow your head even more into him.  His lips

brush your head, then his fingers find your chin and

brings your face to his.  He gently, tenderly kisses

you, his tongue slowly moving into your mouth.  His

kiss lingers, his tongue teasing yours, for a long

time, then he forces his tongue deep within your mouth

and holds you firmly to him.  You want this man, this

Master, with every fiber of your being.  But all too

soon he pulls back from you and orders you upstairs to

the bedroom you used last night.

	Once upstairs to the bedroom, you walk inside to

find your Mistress waiting.

	"Slave, standing position." She orders, and you

immediately assume the position.  "Slave you will

shower, wash your hair, and shave your legs and

underarm, put on a scant amount of makeup and dry your

hair.  Of course you may touch yourself, but you may

not masturbate.  You shall then return to the bedroom

and we will prepare you for this evening.  You have one

hour slave to do these things.  You may also relieve

yourself if you desire and a cold glass of iced tea is

waiting you in the bath."  She turns and walks out,

leaving you, for the first time today, totally alone

for one full hour.  

	You do all you have been instructed and when you

hear the door open to the bedroom you are just

finishing the light touch of color to your lips.  You

have stood before the mirror and examined your flaming

red ass cheeks.  They still hurt when you sit down, you

quickly found out when you went to sit down before the

mirror to dry your hair.

	"Kneeling position slave," you hear your Mistress

call out to you from the adjoining bedroom.  You

quickly move into the room and kneel, with your legs

spread wide, your hands behind your head and you head

bowed slightly.

	"Very good slave.  You are learning quickly. 

Though you have much to learn.  Tonight slave, you

shall have dinner with your Master and I.  Joining us

will be a few guests.  You shall, however, wear nothing

and you will be seated on your honorable throne."

	Your mind rushes with the indignity of such a

thing.  Again being displayed before strangers, your

nudity open to their eyes and your pussy spread wide

open while sitting on a dildo stuck into your anus.

	"I shall prepare you here slave, placing K-Y jelly

on your delicate anal hole.  Then you shall walk

downstairs to the dining room, where your Master will

be waiting with guests and you shall, at his or my

instruction go directly to your throne and be seated. 

If you hesitate or need help in pressing the small

dildo into your ass or in any way embarrass your Master

or I you shall be taken over his or my knee and paddled

right then and there.  You will then receive not less

than ten spanks from each person in the room for your

bad behavior and embarrassment caused them.  Now slave,

you will rise, get into bed and rest before this

evening's entertainment."

	Without a word you do as instructed.  Your bottom

touches the bed and you are painfully reminded of

punishment for disobedience.  You roll on to your side

and sleep conquers you quickly, albeit the thoughts

dashing through your mind.

Continued Seduct08.txt


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