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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct06.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 06

	As you stand, submissively before your Master,

reflecting on the prior days, your clipped nipples

respond to the sensation of the clips and stirs a

warmth through your nether region.  You continue to

ponder the events, they now somehow seemed so long ago.

	Your mind quickly pushes past the total discomfort

of the enema you experienced.  Then you recall the

gentle, almost tender massage your Mistress gave you

during the shower following the enema.  

	Having relieved yourself of the three bags of

water your Mistress filled you with, she then orders

you into the shower.  Your hands are free, but you feel

no need to run, nor desire.  Gently, she begins to

massage your body with a washcloth filled with soap. 

When she reaches your well strapped pussy region, she

gingerly touches you, moving her fingers lightly,

tenderly over the lips.  The sensation returns to your

pussy, your clit and the entire tender area, for this

region felt somewhat numb from the harsh spanking it

had just received.  Your Mistress removes the washcloth

from her hand and with compassionate, satin fingers

strokes the soap within your slit.  You legs are spread

wide already, but you attempt to spread them even more,

and the only restraint is the size of the shower

itself.  Your Mistress responds to your attempt to

spread wider for her, by gently, carefully moving her

silky fingers deeper into you.  You feel the burning

desire, deep within your womb for the fulfillment of

your now opened, well lubricated pussy to be filled

with the hardness of your Master's manliness.  Your

Mistress continues to move her fingers in and out of

your flowing pussy, when you realized she had pressed

four fingers deep within you.  Her thumb searched for

your clit and gently rubs it.  Within a few moments you

were in the throws of another orgasm.  As the waves of

pleasure rushes through your body, you reach to the

walls of the shower to hold yourself steady.  When you

are finished, and begin climbing down from the orgasmic

high your Mistress picks up the washcloth and finishes

washing you.

	You are then taken downstairs, unbound, but still

nude, for breakfast.  You walk into the breakfast room,

which is nothing more than a sun porch directly by the

kitchen and wait for your Mistress to instruct you. 

You take notice of a chair on the other side of the

room.  It strikes you odd, for in the center of the

chair is what appears to be a dildo extended upwards

from the bottom.  A shiver runs through you when your

realize what its purpose is.  Your Mistress moves over

to the chair, pulls a tube of K-Y jelly from a pocket

in the smock she wears and spreads it completely around

the one and one half in thick dildo.

	"Come slave, your seat of honor awaits," she says

to you.  You sheepishly and with great apprehension

move to the chair.  Your ass cheeks and sphincter

reflexes involuntarily as you walk in anticipation of

what is come.  As you slowly walk towards the chair you

hear something behind you and glance back over your

shoulder.  Much to your humiliation and mortification

are two other people.  One dressed as a maid and the

other obviously the gardener judging from his

appearance.  Your entire body feels the warmth of a

blush as it covers you.  Your head drops in utter

despair for your situation and indignity you are now

suffering in front of strangers.  You have become

accustomed to your Mistress and Master, but these

people.  Your brain contemplates the ability of

retreating, withdrawing from your agreement with your

Master, but your heart, your inner being knows you will

not.  You have finally achieved the security you have

always desired.  The fulfilling inner joy of peace,

knowing you are cared for, taken care of and when

behaving properly given all the things your heart and

fantasy dreams could desire.  Why even the spankings

and harsh treatment of your pussy from the strapping

this morning made you feel the release of tension from

your being, as well as the long need you have had for

punishment for failure to live up to your own

potential.  You knew these were some of many reasons

you enjoyed the spankings, the punishment.  Though

these thoughts raged through your mind, it did not

alter the embarrassment you were experiencing at this


	Once you reached the chair, your Mistress stopped

you in front of it, "Standing position slave, legs

spread very wide."  You immediately placed your hands

behind your head, interlacing the fingers of each hand

and spread your legs a good two and half to three feet


	"Now slave, bend forward.  You may use your hands

on your ankles if you need steady yourself."  You want

to bend completely over and crawl away, for the maid

and gardener still stood watching the activities of you

and your Mistress.  You bend forward then quickly bring

your hands from behind your head and brace yourself on

your ankles.  You can feel the air caress your anus and

opened pussy.  

	Slowly your Mistress places K-Y jelly on her

fingers and begins to circle the outer ring of your

anus.  Your muscles tighten at the touch.  "You will

feel much pain if you do not relax slave, so relax."

	You know from the experience of having a small

butt plug inserted that this is true.  But this dildo

forced through the seat of the chair is not a small

butt plug.  It is about five inches long as well as an

inch and a half thick.  You try to relax, to focus your

attentions on other things, then you feel your

Mistress's fingers enter you rear hole.  Slowly she

moves her fingers around inside you, lubricating you


	"Standing position slave," she commands.  You

immediately stand up and bring your hands back to

behind your head.  Your face is flushed red from

leaning forward, which does a nice job of hiding the

red caused by your blushing.  Slowly your Mistress

maneuvers you to the seat of the chair and the waiting

dildo.  She gently, but firmly pushes down on your

shoulders and you, with great reluctance bend your

knees and move to a sitting position.  The plastic head

of the dildo begins to slowly press at your anus and

you react by tightening your sphincter muscle once

again.  Without a word your Mistress pulls you back up

and draws you near her.  She cradles you in her arms,

with the tenderness of a mother holding her child.  She

holds you closely to her well endowed breasts and

gently begins talking to you in a whispering voice. 

	"You must relax," as she speaks her hands that are

wrapped around your naked body begin to rub you gently. 

One hand to your back, the other moving to your

buttocks and soothingly rubbing your round, firm

derriere.  You feel yourself relax in her strong arms. 

When she moves her hands back and simply holds you

talking quietly, "If you do not relax you could hurt

yourself.  We don't want that dear.  Now you must trust

me and just relax."

	When she releases her grasp on you, it becomes

clear the entire time she talked to you she was moving

you over the dildo and finally on to it, so it now

pressed gently inside your anus.  There was no pain, oh

perhaps a little, but very minor.  It felt huge inside

you but not totally uncomfortable.

	"Now lift your legs up from the floor and let your

body weight lower you the rest of the way."  Your

Mistress states.  You comply, lifting your legs up and

feeling the dildo move deeper within your bowel, until

you feel your asscheeks firmly on the seat of the chair

and the intruder hard and erect within you.

	Your Mistress turns around and motions for the

other two people watching this entire ordeal to come

into the breakfast room now.  They move in, one on

either side of your chair and suddenly lift the chair

by the seat and move it closer to the table.  When they

have completed this task they bow their heads and ask,

"May we go back to work now Mistress?"  She grants them

permission to do so and orders the maid to bring

breakfast for the two of you.

	"Now little slave, you shall sit upon your throne

for at least two hours this morning and then return to

it tonight for another two.  In a few days the small

dildo will be replaced with a larger one and we will

continue using larger ones until your Master is

satisfied. Good," she interrupts herself as the maid

slave brings two plates of scrambled eggs with fruit on

the side, to the table, places them before your

Mistress. "Now, lets see, where was I, oh yes, your

Master will test your progress for anal penetration

periodically and we will continue to treat the area

until he is totally happy."  The maid slave brings in

coffee now for the two of you and bows her head,

walking backwards from the room and leaves you and your

Mistress in private to eat.

	"When the two hours have passed slave," your

Mistress continues as she eats her breakfast, and you

eat yours, "we shall permit you the right to relieve

yourself then you shall retire to the playroom."

	The playroom, the thought rushes through your

brain, oh good, as you begin wondering what excitements

await you in a short period of time.

	Thirty minutes having passed, as you sit on your

dildo throne, and your anus feels as though a huge rod

is pushed into it.  Your ass is becoming numb from

sitting so perfectly still.  The discomfort is becoming

an irritant rather than a pleasure even with the

thought of your Master entering you.

	Your Mistress finishes her second cup of coffee

then rises and moves to your chair.  She kneels down to

the side of you and orders you to lift your legs.  You

obey instantly, and she slides the chair around to face

her.  Now fully in front of you, your legs spread wide,

in the proper position of a slave, she moves her

fingers to your pussy and presses into their soft pedal

folds.  She slowly moves her fingers around, you can

feel your juices begin to flow at her first touch.  She

increases the speed, only slightly and you can feel the

furor of her actions rush through your body.  She

suddenly withdraws her fingers and moves to under the

chair.  You jump slightly when the dildo pushed deep

within you begins to vibrate.  Her fingers move back to

your warm pussy and begin to rub your outer lips and

teasingly slips inside then out again.  This continues

and you can feel yourself nearing orgasm, though as it

begins to streak through your body, all the action

stops abruptly.  You are in total frustration and start

to move your unbound hands to your clit to satisfy

yourself.  With a sudden realization of the pussy

whipping you received earlier you pull your hands back

and place them behind your head, an attempt to cover

your original intent.  Your Mistress seems to have

bought this move for she says nothing regarding it.

	The next hour and a half is spent bringing you to

the very edge of orgasm then denying you the

opportunity for release.  Finally, your Mistress

presses her fingers deep within you while her thumb

reaches your clit and works it around feverishly, then

the dildo in your anus is started again and the

vibration raises you higher to orgasm.  Suddenly the

dildo is moving in and out of your anus and thrusting

back and forth and you explode in an even higher orgasm

than the others you had felt since being here.

	"Now slave," your Mistress sternly says, once you

have recovered from the orgasm, "to the bathroom,

relieve yourself, then to the playroom for your next

lesson."  You pull yourself off the plastic cock

slowly, then walk down the hall to the bathroom.  You

use the facilities then immediately make your way to

the door to the basement leading to the playroom.  Your

Mistress in attendance all the while.

	Upon entering the playroom you see your Master. 

Your heart skips a beat and you wish you could rush to

him and throw your arms around his neck and thank him

for the pleasures he is teaching you.  But you know if

you do so you will not be received in the same manner

in which you feel and thus you restrain yourself from

this outward display of gratitude and love.  Yes love,

for now you feel a strong bond of love for your Master

and Mistress.  For all the doors of pleasure they have

opened to you thus far.

	"Standing position slave," your Mistress orders,

once you are in the playroom and close to the center of

it.  You assume your position immediately, with head

bowed as your Master and Mistress discuss you and your


	"She did well on the dildo chair Master

Nathaniel", your Mistress reported.  "She stayed the

entire two hours and responded well to the thrusting of

the small dildo in and out of her anus.  She did

however, when being teased, attempt to reach for her

pussy to satisfy her need, but quickly pulled her arms

back and placed them behind her head."

	Damn, you think to yourself, she did notice.  Your

heart sinks at the thought of this, for you are certain

you will be punished.  You can only pray it will not be

another whipping to your tender, sensitive pussy.

	"Thank you Mistress, I will continue her training

this afternoon, you may go now," your Master states

firmly.  Your Mistress leaves the room, closing the

door tightly behind her.  "So little puss, you like to

masturbate and satisfy your needs!  We shall continue

to work on this desire and correct this wrong

behavior."  Your Master walks to the wall shelving

holding the various instruments used for punishment and

walks back with a simple flat, wooden hairbrush.  He

reaches down, unties his robe, hangs it on a hook, then

stands before you nude.  His firm body ripples when he

bends his knees slightly and grasps firmly your right

arm, pulling it from the clasped fingers of your left

hand he leads you across the room to a chair.  He sits

and pats his knees, "Lay across my knees little pus for

your correction."  You can feel the excitement rising

in you as well as the humiliation and shame.  You feel

like a small child now, about to be paddled for bad

behavior.  You know your chastiser is puritanical about

proper conduct and will rigidly administer the

punishment to correct such behavior.  Slowly, with

trepidation you lay across the knees of your Master,

your pussy slowly oozing its juices down to your inner


	Unknown to you, your Master is aware that a bare

bottom spanking across his knees is one of the most

sensuous actions a Master can have with a slave, next

to pressing his hard cock into all her openings.  He

slowly positions you over his knees, so your bare

bottom is in direct line to his right arm.  He tells

you to keep your legs spread wide and says you are not

to move.  "If you move," he warns, "we shall begin

again.  Each time you move, we start over, do you

understand little puss?"

	"Yes Master," you say, now in a little girl voice.

	"Very good little puss.  As the lessons of this

morning did not seem to sink in properly we will

administer no less than forty spanks.  They shall be

placed firmly on the sit spot of your bared bottom with

the hard, wooden hairbrush.  After each spank you will

state to your Master, 'thank you Master, I behaved

badly and deserve more', until we reach the agreed

forty spanks.  When the forty have been delivered, I

shall begin again with my opened hand, giving you

another forty.  Again, little puss, you must not move

or the action will start all over from one.  Is this


	"Yes Master," you say in the most timid voice,

which even surprises you, for you have not heard this

tone from yourself since you were a child receiving a

sound spanking from your father.  Your inner thigh area

quivers with the anticipation of the first blow and you

brace yourself for the sharpness of it.  Deep within

you, you desire this more than anything.  It satisfies

some need buried, and hidden within and is almost as

exhilarating as feeling your Master's hard cock inside

you.  The first spank comes down on your sit spot,

firmly but not harshly.  You immediately respond with,

"Thank you Master, I behaved badly and deserve more."

	"I shall oblige you then little puss," your Master

responds as he brings the hairbrush down almost in the

same spot with a bit more force.  Again your repeat

your recital of words, believing them even more with

each spank imparted on your firm, round, bare bottom.

	By the time your Master has reached thirty, the

spanks are hard, almost severe, being delivered with a

firm, burning sting to your unprotected ass.  You are

in tears now, but still have not moved nor have you

forgotten to thank your Master for doing his duty in

correcting you.  When the fortieth spank is executed

your Master drops the hairbrush to the floor.  His hand

moves tenderly to your burning ass and caresses the

glowing surface of your sit spot.  Maintaining an even

pressure and caress to your bare, throbbing ass. 

Slowly his fingers move down to your opened legs and

presses ever gently into your open, sopping pussy.  He

tenderly, with fingers that feel almost like feathers

moves over your pussy, finding your clit and fondles it

ever so carefully and gingerly.  His hand now moves

back to your ass and rubs a little firmer on the tender


	"Now little puss, we will continue.  You do

remember what you are to say, do you not?"

	"Yes Master," you answer, just as timidly as


	"Very good!  We shall begin."  And with that your

Master's hand firmly and smartly strikes your sit spot

again.  You let out a yelp and the tears begin to flow

again down your cheeks.  Again you do not forget your

ordered statement, "Thank you Master, I have behaved

badly and deserve more."  With that, your Master brings

his hand firmly down again, giving you only enough time

to respond, then again and again.  You can feel the

heat from your ass all the way to your pussy.  You note

that your pussy is pressed directly into his knee now,

as he has readjusted your position some to ensure it

is.  You also note that your Master's cock is firm

under your stomach.  The feeling of his firm cock

excites you even more and your pussy is flowing as

easily as the river Nile.

	As each spank is unyieldingly given, you can feel

your pussy become more and more excited.  Finally, near

the thirty fourth spank you burst with a surging

orgasm, your body jerks and shudders from the force of

it, yet somehow you remain firmly across your Master's

lap.  He delays the spanks now, spacing them apart

more, and when each is given your can feel the force of

yet another explosive orgasm rushing through you.  When

he reaches forty, you feel the frustration of needing

to cum, yet are not relieved.  Your Master stops

spanking you and orders you up to standing position. 

You reluctantly do as you are told.

	"Now little puss, do you think you have learned

your lesson?"

	"Yes Master," you sheepishly say, with head bowed.

	"I should hope so little puss.  If not, there will

be further punishment.  But I am certain there will be

anyway, for you have a long way to go before you have

learned all the proper training of a slave."

	Your Master walks around you as he speaks.  His

voice never louder than a soft, almost whisper. 

Occasionally you see his face out of the corner of your

eye and the desire to throw your arms around him is so

great it is almost overwhelming.

	"Now little puss, you have failed another time. 

You are to be, at all times, aware of your Master's

needs and desires, and here I stand with a cock that is

rock hard and in need of satisfying and you have made

no attempt to correct this problem for your Master."

	Immediately you drop to your knees and begin to

tongue the shaft of your Master's cock.  Slowly, gently

you swirl your tongue around the shaft, reaching the

head, you flick your tongue lightly over it.  Your

Master now reaches down and pulls your head back

gently, you understand the action and open your mouth

wide to accept him inside.  He moves slowly in and out

of your mouth, your tongue moving around and around the

shaft of his hard cock as he does.  His speed increases

and your tongue increases with him, until finally you

feel the spasm of his cock in your mouth, he presses it

deep into your throat.  You swallow hard and fast to

take all of his creamy juices and you feel his cock

spasm again and more washes down your throat.  Before

withdrawing from your mouth, he has spent his cum at

least three times into your opened throat.  As he

withdraws his limp member from you, your tongue goes to

work again to ensure it is free of cum.

	As if this had no effect on him whatsoever, your

Master goes and retrieves his robe from the hook.  You

have returned to standing position and await his


	"Little puss, as part of your punishment, you

shall stand in the corner, hands down to your sides,

upstairs in the library, while I conduct business with

some associates.  You shall stand there nude, with your

well spanked, red bottom facing out to the room, so all

will know you behaved badly and that your Master was

not remiss in delivering the proper correction.  Now

upstairs little puss, quickly."

	You quickly move through the playroom to the door,

opening it, you step aside to let your Master exit then

quickly move behind him up the stairs.  You can already

feel the embarrassment of your position.  Your nude

body being exposed to strangers.  Your Master telling

them of your behavior and perhaps even what you did

that was so wrong which warranted the spanking.  You

can feel your pussy throbbing with excitement, and your

clit reacting again with anticipation of what is come. 

A full completion of punishment.  First the soundness

of the spanking, unyielding, despite your cries, your

orgasm, and moans then the humiliation and

embarrassment of exposing your behavior and punishment

of such to others.  Up until two days ago you would not

have dreamed all your secret fantasies would be

fulfilled.  But they so needed fulfilling.  Like a

woman out on the desert without water for several days,

the thirst for your fantasies to be filled was finally

being quenched.

Continued Seduct07.txt



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