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Archive-name: Slaves/seduct05.txt

Archive-author: Ca.H.

Archive-title: Seductive Master, The - 05

	"Your training is coming along nicely, little

puss," your Master states to you.  You are pleased and

delighted that your Master is happy with your progress.

	"Your training will, of course, continue. 

Sometimes at my hand and at other times at the hand of

your Mistress.  When have learned the ultimate lessons

of being a slave your shall move from the training

level and be given more freedom.  But not until you

have achieved the levels and depths of understanding I

demand from my slaves."

	You stand, naked before your Master, with hands

bound behind your head.  Your Master had ordered you

take the standing position and you obeyed.  Once your

hands were placed behind your head your Master securely

bound them together.  Of course you could pull them

over your head and move them to the front of you, but

knew it would bring a wrath of punishment either from

your Master or your Mistress, so they remained where

your Master had bound them.  You nipples extended and

somewhat in pain at this moment, for the clips had been

placed on them sometime earlier.  You had progressed to

the third level of clips, the pain caused by the first

clips was now like a tickle to your experienced


	Master Nathaniel moves in front of your

submissively turned down face, "I want you, little

puss, to review the last few days since your training

began and then I shall ask you a question.  You may

take as long as you like going over the events of the

days past." 

	He steps closer to you and reaches for your

clipped nipples and gently runs his fingers over the

clips.  This causes some more pressure to be added to

the clips and an increase in the pain.  Yet pain and

pleasure have become almost inseparable to you now. 

Determining the difference is somewhat difficult for

they seem to have formed a bond and become one over the

past few days.  

	You begin to reflect back to those prior events

and the vision of what had happened create a hunger

deep within your stomach which moves directly to your

pussy, causing it stir with excitement.  After the

first night, when examined by a strange man, the

doctor, then the strange woman, your Mistress shaving

your pussy and playing with your delicate nether lips,

then being administered an enema.  Then removed from

the examination room to the playroom in the basement,

being spanked severely and brought to the first all

consuming orgasm you had ever had, not once but twice. 

Your thoughts are heating your pussy now.  After that

first wonderful night in the playroom, Dana walked you

back upstairs and bathed you.  Instructing you at that

time that you were not to touch yourself under any

circumstances, unless given specific permission, nor

could you masturbate.  If you did, you would be

punished in the most severe manner.  You remember

thinking at the time that tonight's spankings were so

severe that what could be more severe.  You did not

know at that time you would learn what was more severe

and yet what would bring you to one of the elevated

climaxes of your young life.

	When Dana has completed the bath she had you lay

face down on the bed and applied some soothing cream to

your still inflamed buttocks.  Even this caused you to

become aroused.  Yet Dana did not touch your pussy nor

did she make a move towards your tender hole of your

ass.  She merely, systematically rubbed the various

areas of your backside, covering your shoulders down to

you upturned feet.  You felt the light finger touch of

your long time friend rubbing your nude aching body and

could not help the prodding of excitement your pussy

felt from her fingers.  You wanted to, no you yearned

to reach down to your pussy and sooth it and bring it

back to another climatic high, but remembering Dana's

instruction you resisted the urge and remained quiet on

the bed.

	When Dana had finished the delicate cream massage

to your back she softly, but firmly ordered you to you

turn over.  You did so without reservations.  She began

the same laborious massage to the front of you.  As she

did, she instructed you in what was expected of you as

a slave to the Master Nathaniel.

	"You are to always be ready.  Regardless of the

circumstances.  Your pussy, you will learn, will flow

easily and joyously when in his presence or in the

presence of your Mistress.  Soon you will discover that

just hearing the Master's or the Mistress's voice will

cause your juices to flow with ease.  He will satisfy

your needs, either with his own body or in some other

manner.  The other ways, you will find to be most

erotic as well."

	As Dana spoke, her fingers, as though controlled

by her conjuring up past memories, find your nipples

and slowly, methodically caress the very tips, causing

a stirring deep within your being.  You are becoming so

hot now with desire that your body is all but aching

from the need and your hips slowly move upward in an

attempt to grasp the thin air.  Dana suddenly realizes

she is bringing to this level and removes her hand


	"I was not to get you excited.  I was instructed

to massage your body and soothe it with the cream but

not get you excited from the action.  I don't really

know how I couldn't but that was as it was to be." Dana

rose from the bed now, sat the container of cream on

the night stand and continued talking, now slowly with

deliberateness of her words.  "You shall not be bound

to the bed tonight slave.  You will have the freedom

tonight to sleep unincumbered as well as the freedom to

move about the room and use the bath when necessary. 

Master Nathaniel does not hasten his activities in the

training of a new slave.  But rather does this in a

slow, lingering, enjoyable process.  But do not, slave,

expect to experience such leniency in the future."  

	Then, much to your surprise, Dana leaves the room

abruptly without a further word.  You lay back down on

the bed and your hand, as if with a mind of its own,

reaches to your breasts and gently touches the nipples. 

As your left hand kneads the erect nipples your right

hand slides down your body to your shaven pussy,

pressing your fingers into the slit and gently begins

rubbing.  You jerk yourself back, pulling your hands

from your body, as you recall Dana's instructions not

to touch yourself.  It was too late, but you decided it

did not matter for you were alone in a bedroom.  Soon

sleep encases you and you dream of all that has

happened to you since the beginning of your journey


	You are awakened by the harsh reality of a

forceful arm on yours, pulling you upward from the bed. 

Your head and brain still filled with sleep, you are

unable to determine if it is morning or the middle of

the night.  With a strength of a man, your Mistress

pulls your arms upward and drags you to the edge of the

bed.  Your legs hang over the side and your Mistress,

pressing your face into her stomach region, leans

forward and behind you and pulls your arms back,

securing them firmly with leather cuffs.  She then

backs away from you and pulls on your nipples, firmly,

extending them from your well rounded mounds.  As she

pulls, she increases the pressure of her fingers until

the nipples are pinches quite hard.  You are now fully


	"So, you like touching yourself do you slave?"

	You do not respond.  You fear if you answer yes it

will bring a fast and quick punishment to you.  You

fear if you do not respond, this too will bring

punishment.  And if you do respond by saying no, you

will be surely punished for lying. 	Mistress

reaches the nipples again and repeats the question,

holding tightly to each nipple.  "Do you like touching

yourself slave?"

	"Yes Mistress," you whisper through the pain in

your throat wishing to scream rather than speak an

audible word.  

	"Were you not told slave not to touch yourself?" 

The pressure to your nipples is reestablished with each

question, then released when you answer.

	"Yes Mistress," you have now dropped your head in

shame for the wrong you have done.  You become totally

conscious now that your bedroom was indeed not that


	"And you touched yourself during the night, did

you not slave?" Pinching harder still, causing you to

gasp from the pain in your nipples.

	"Yeeeeessss Mistress, I'm sorry Mistress," you

squirm on the edge of the bed as the pressure to your

nipples continues.   "I will not do it again Mistress,

please, I will not."

	"I shall see to that slave.  You shall be bound to

keep you from such an act." Your Mistress stated, as

she slowly released the pressure to your nipples.  "You

must learn your body is not yours any longer and

belongs completely and totally to your Master and me. 

It is for our touch, not yours.  Now rise and go

relieve yourself and will shall begin the preparations

for your day."

	You obey without hesitation.  You crave to touch

your nipples, to rub them and remove the pain that

still lingers on the tips, but with hands bound behind

you this is not possible.  You enter the bathroom and

sit, only to see your Mistress walking in behind you. 

Your face turns bright red again, and you drop your

eyes to the floor before you, knowing a request for

some privacy would merely bring an inflamed Mistress

towards you.  You remain silent and complete your

business and your Mistress then orders you to stand in

the shower.  Once inside, she removes your binds from

your wrists and turns the water on full.  It is cold at

first and makes you wiggle in an attempt to get out of

the cold jet.  Your Mistress grabs your arm and pulls

you back in front of it and holds you there. She soaps

you up thoroughly then lets the water beat against your

skin until you are completely rinsed.  Then she orders

you from the shower stall and takes a towel and drys

you.  She replaces the leather cuffs to your wrists and

presses your arms back then secures the cuffs again

behind you.

	"Down the hall slave, to the examining room."

She orders, and you move quickly from the room to the

hallway.  Walking a few steps before your Mistress you

arrive at the examining room ahead of her.  "Open the

door slave!"  How, you think, then turn around facing

your Mistress, grip the handle of the door and slowly

turn until it clicks open.

	"On the table slave.  On your back with legs in

the stirrups."  You obey again, but dread this most

vulnerable position.  Your Master's hand, you had

discovered last night is much more soothing and gentle

than your Mistress's.  Just prior to your laying on the

table your Mistress unclips your hands and tells you to

stretch them to the top of the table as soon as your

feet are in position in the stirrups.  Once completed,

your hands, knees, and feet are securely to the table

and stirrups, as they were the night before.  Your

Mistress then presses the stirrups open even more until

your pussy lips are spread wide and gaping open. 

Mistress then places a leather strap, brought from

either side of the table, around your hips, thus

preventing you from rotating them upward.

	"You like to touch your tits slave?"

	"Yes Mistress," you whisper timidly.

	"Then we shall give you a false lover to touch

your nipples so the sensation does not leave you for a

long time to come."  Your Mistress says and then moves

to the counter opposite the table and comes back with

two clips.  She reaches down and gently strokes the

nipples until they are firm and erect then places one

clip on each nipple.  You scream from the pain the

clips are yielding to your breasts and your Mistress

merely moves back to the counter returning with a soft,

rubber ball gag.  She quickly pushes it into your mouth

when you are about to release yet another scream, then

secures it tightly behind your head.  You continue to

moan and react to the pinching clips of your nipples

when finally you realize they are not that harsh, not

any harsher than your Mistress pinching the tips of

each nipple, as a matter of fact, they are less harsh

than this.  You begin to relax and let the sensation of

the constant pressure to your sensitive nipples bring

you to a new wave of excitement.

	"You like to touch your pussy slave?"

	You can not answer now, with the gag pressed deep

into your mouth, but manage to lift your head slightly

and shake it up and down.  Fear suddenly runs rampant

in your body when you think of clips, as those on your

nipples, secured to your pouting pussy lips, or your

clit, my gawd your clit.  You thrash your head back and

forth in a panic, hoping, above all hope to figure a

way out from your current predicament.  Your mind is

racing with thoughts and ideas of how to make free then

the reality of the situation, comes thundering into

your brain, you can not get free.  You must take

whatever punishment your Mistress administers.

	"I see you have thought of the clips attached to

your soft, pliable pussy lips," your Mistress says as

she reaches to the wide opened hole of your pussy and

fingers you lightly.  "Or perhaps to this firm clit of

yours," she continues as she moves her fingers up to

the clit and applies a gentle but firm caress to the

tip of your clit.  You try to pivot your hips to move

from her teasing, tormenting fingers, but the leather

strap secured about your hips prevents such action.

	"We shall not place clips on these most sensitive

regions, at least not yet slave.  But they shall be

punished.  For you will, after today, I promise be

convinced that your body is no longer yours but your

Master's and mine.  We shall be the ones to touch you,

caress you, bring you to heights of pleasure."  Your

Mistress stops talking, removes her fingers from your

opened sex and walks back to the counter.  Your body is

relieved of the tension it felt and you relax with your

weight back to the table top, making no attempt to get


	When your Mistress returns she carries with her a

small leather strap.  The strap is flexible and she

swings it about over your face.  It is about six inches

in length with a handle giving it another four inches. 

After swinging it above your face she moves to the end

of the table to your wide spread legs.  A rush of

horror fills your body when you comprehend what the

leather strap use will be.  Despite your fear and

anxiety your pussy is flowing without restriction

letting your hot juices creep down your opened crack

and finally down to the table top.  Your Mistress

positions herself before your opened regions and swings

her arm back, with the leather strap acting as an

extension to her firm hand.  One crashing blow after

another slaps down upon your opened pussy lips, above

them, below them finally your tender, virgin anus, then

finally finding the erect nub of your clit.  You jerk

and thrust your hips upwards as much as permitted with

the restraints to this area and scream through the ball

gag.  The tears stream down your face now and you are

certain the pain will cause you to black out.  

	Odd, you note, in the midst of this pussy lashing,

your nipples do not hurt any longer from their

entrapped fake lovers clasp.  The pain inflicted on

your wide open, vulnerable pussy and sex canal has

released the pain from your nipples.  Your Mistress

dispenses three more harsh strapping to your opened sex

then stops.  Her fingers move to the tip of your clit

and begins to move harshly over it,and around it.  With

a suddenness, with no warning to yourself, you spasm in

a overpowering orgasm.  Your body wretches forward, as

much as possible, then shudders and quakes in an

uncontrollable response to the zenith of your climax. 

Your head falls back onto the table top and darkness

fills your eyes and senses as you sink into an orgasmic


	When you come to, some hour and half later, your

condition has changed only slightly.  You still remain

in your most vulnerable openness, with legs spread wide

on the stirrups and hands above your head.  But now,

the ball gag and leather strap pressing your hips

tightly to the table top have been removed.  Your

Master is now in the room and stands talking with your

Mistress.  You can not truly make out what they are

saying, as you come to, but hear them speak of the

slave, and assume they are speaking of you.

	"Well little puss," your Master says when he sees

your eyes open, "have you learned who owns this body of


	"Yes Master, you, Master and Mistress own this


	"Very good little puss.  As long as you remember

this fact, then an episode such as this will not have

to be repeated."  He turns back to your Mistress now,

"Give her an enema, feed her some breakfast then

prepare her for anal penetration.  I want her virgin

ass opened and stretched so it might accept me."

	You hear this and tears slowly fill your eyes. 

Not from the thought of your Master's sex inside your

virgin ass, but from the thought of the enema, which

you dearly dislike, almost hate.

Continued Seduct06.txt


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